Off the Record Interviews with Bernie Staffers, Project Veritas.

James O’Keefe, III and Project Veritas went undercover into the Bernie campaign and the results are worse than we feared. Radical communists talking about confrontation with the police and “burning Milwaukee down” if Bernie’s candidacy is rejected as before.

Here is the first full length video from Project Veritas.

Don’t worry though, they’re righteous. Everyone who doesn’t think as they do will be placed into “nice” Soviet-style Gulags, with conjugal visits, for re-education. Those Gulags weren’t so bad. Amazing ignorance. Guessing they never read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Whaddaya think?

I was a kid growing up in the burbs of Chicago in ’68, (this kid/adult can’t even remember the correct year of the protest, thinks it was in ’78 not ’68), but I still recall Dad railing about the open warfare on the streets of Chicago during the convention of ’68.

Does anyone here still remember the march over the bridge in Milwaukee in the same summer? Similar outcomes. And Milwaukee, with their socialist bent, is a tinderbox for this kind of activity.

They’re radical and scary. Do not look away.

Milwaukee in the summer is a gorgeous city. Everyone is outside and the weather is clear, less humid, perfect for outdoor sports, bistros, beach, or boating on the lake. No, might be a good idea to stay away from Milwaukee during this convention…… bad karma.

Reaction to the Project Veritas videos has been swift, and James O’Keefe, III, promises there is much more to come.

120 thoughts on “Off the Record Interviews with Bernie Staffers, Project Veritas.

  1. You guys WILL NOT BELIEVE what just happened to me!!!!!!

    I saw this video in the comments over on Flep’s post, so I went to Twitter to get the embed code to put it out on Facebook.

    I got the embed the first time, and went to post it. You know what it posted? A BERNIE SANDERS campaign advertisement!

    Second time, it was the page from Veritas to give your email address to be notified of the video.

    THE VIDEO ITSELF WOULD NOT POST FROM THE TWITTER EMBED CODE!!!!! Twitter is manipulating their embed codes.

    This shit is getting REAL, people.

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      The thing is, this kind of code is too easy to bust in court. So I’m thinking that Twitter must have decided to SETTLE CASES, while continuing to misbehave.

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      1. Well, I found a bit. This guy doesn’t just pop right up in any of the easy places.

        If I’m right about who he is, I think he comes from a troubled family. I don’t want to be too specific and dox the wrong people, but if we find out he is from Michigan, there is tragedy in the family. This guy may not be all there. The DUIs and this family story (if it’s his) would explain a lot. What it doesn’t explain is why this guy was allowed to work on a political campaign.

        I will keep digging and let you know if I positively identify him as the man above. I’m about 85% sure as of now.

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          1. Ok! Got my confirmation in the latest Veritas video. I’ve got the right guy. He spoke about being in Ann Arbor, MI for an event where Antifa protested. That is the area where he and his family are from. What I posted is accurate.

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      2. More. This thread is interesting. If accurate, Jurek worked for the SEIU. And he was from Michigan.

        This man is listed as an associated person to Kyle Jurek of Michigan. I believe he is probably his father:

        He died in 2016, when he was hit by a car while riding a bike. Autopsy showed there may have been heroin in his system:

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        1. Jurek worked for SEIU?

          SEIU are known as the “purple people beaters” since their goons were sent out to beat up Tea Party People.

          Jurek sure does seem to have a thing for violence.
          So he would’ve fit right in with the SEIU goons.

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          1. Yes. I’ve had – and friends of mine have also had – NUMEROUS run-ins with “union thugs” of various kinds. In fact, there were union thugs involved in both the CA3 scandal AND an even bigger one that involves CHYYYNNAA.

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          1. I got pretty far back with the family if he is the Michigan SEIU guy. They are Polish and some are Russian, of course.

            That guy worked for the SEIU. That would probably be the work experience that got him into the job with Sanders campaign. Wasn’t the SEIU somehow tied up in the Las Vegas massacre? Do I have that right?

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            1. Yes.

              Paddock the patsy’s girlfriend, is SEIU.

              The security guard guy who was shot in the leg and ended up on the Ellen Degenerate show…is SEIU.

              And the SEIU is everywhere in Las Vegas.

              Personally, I think there were SEIU operatives that knew in advance that that shooting-op was in the works…and maybe were facilitating it.

              There were reports from people at the concert who told about a woman who went through the crowd saying…”You’re all gonna die.”…in a sneering way.
              It’s not like she was warning them.
              She was saying it in a sneering sort of way.

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            2. Yes – they are deeply tied to all the casinos, and there was employee and union weirdness with Mandalay Bay’s immediately prior hiring and placement of failing security guard Jose Campos, who then disappeared, and showed up with his union people, later to appear on Ellen.

              Campos seems like a confluence of both union thuggery and cartel aspects.

              Nasty stuff.

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              1. I’m beginning to think that families whose first American immigrants were from the Russian/German/Eastern Europe “area” of the world generally have a Marxist worldview that precipitates down through the generations like a genetic defect. Marxism is heritable.

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  2. Thats terrifyingly…..expected. They are communists. Maybe AOC is the dumb starter pack but these guys are vying for the revolution…except when it comes down to it, they’ll be disappearing into gulags too, except it wont be peachy or socialist rosy.

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    1. Does anyone know if these are high-level staffers or who they are exactly? I know Bernie is a commie. Just wonder if they really represent his own notions. Probably they do.

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      1. Kyle Jurek was a top tier organizer according to Bernie’s campaign staff. I posted the tweet above.
        Today, the campaign is desperate for distance and to discredit Kyle.

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    1. Yeah.
      It’s bad.
      I remember when we did the report post on Zack Exely, the guy behind electing AOC in Socialist Dems. It was a deep dive into the ideology and their conventions, where they speak openly of revolution and anarchy.
      Bizarre stuff.

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      1. Daughn, I remember 1968 – one of the scariest times of my life. Had a greater impact on me than Kennedy’s assassination. Our country was destroying itself, and I could NOT understand that!

        Rhetorical Q’s:
        Who’s funding the Bernie crowd? There’s obviously some level of funding we haven’t been able to dry up, but I suspect the ‘create chaos’ money will be used no matter what happens at the convention.

        What options will POTUS have to stop domestic terrorism or support law enforcement? This isn’t 2016 with Obama/Lynch ginning for riots, but the visuals of stopping rioters is never good for LEO & President.

        Hillary mentioned ‘adult education camps’ last go-’round, and Bill thought Detroit would be a great place to settle ALL 3rd World refugees. They. Never. Stop.

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        1. No doubt Satan Soros is there, lurking in the background, behind a shadowy network of “Open” organizations. He is a conduit to/from the pit of Hell, and needs to be dealt with, perhaps by sending him for a “vacation” at Vlad’s HotSprings and Rock Crushing Spa, along with his five, equally-evil progeny…

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      2. You all should have seen Wright’s church creed in 2008 before it got whitewashed. It was some very scary stuff. Although it was later found that Obama did not attend as much as he said, I do believe that Obama did believe in what Wright’s anti-America attitudes.

        Sadly that was before I realized how quickly truths can disappeared from the Internet. It was also before I knew that much about screen shots too.

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        1. I was surprised how things disappear as well and unprepared.
          I recall the big article drops on Clinton Admin, reducing the number of weather stations worldwide from 26K to 6K.
          They left the country of Paraguay with only two official weather stations.
          And in some places, like Atlanta, the weather station was attached to a concrete parking garage, which heats up horribly in the summer.

          Of course, that skewed temp results.
          And…… as we all know, garbage in = garbage out.
          It why they used the mid-1990s as benchmark for weather result calculations and kept saying “worst in past decade”, the worst in 12yrs, then worst in 17yrs.
          The climate scientists had to get that 1996 yr into their calculations.

          I reposted and sent that article out dozens of times (the one about the weather stations), and did so for years.
          Now, it has disappeared from the internet completely.

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          1. I have several hundred pages of internet sites and my posts between 3 lap tops. Some if the internet articles on the older laptop word have disappeared. Thankfully I did include my words with the post so I get the gist of what was in the article. I need to take the time to get all my words in the cloud so I can access them from one puter.

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          2. On temperatures….

            There are 69 posts by ChiefIO starting here that go into detail on the ramifications of the station dropout by country.

            Above is a graphic representation of the station drop out problem from diggingintheclay by Verity Jones (check out the posts on either side for a lot more information)

            And as usual I have LOTS more in my notes. Thankfully I kept a LOT of notes after we learned the Cabal scrubbed the internet during the ‘Farm Wars’

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          3. Have a look at and . The first one appears to be archived, but the sad story it tells of just how bad our data is anymore is all but tragic.

            BUT, there are many efforts underway to recover/reinstate data that was deleted, altered, or invented (“hide the decline”). One person used to comment/blog as Heidi D. Klein 🙂

   (Pierre Gosselin, with Kenneth Richard and Kirye as frequent co-authors) is an excellent source for truthful climate data/science from both the English-speaking and German-speaking (excellently translated by Pierre) world of science.

            The depth and breadth of lying and subterfuge in the so-called “scientific community” is breathtaking, having had centuries of ever-increasing obfuscation and downright trickery. Snake Oil science and Medicine Shows galore…

            N.B. Chiefio has a lot of deep dives into weather and other scientific matters, as well as a lot of computer and computer security “geekness”. Well worth a look. He’s at

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    1. Re Brooke Adams and StudentActionUS:
      StudentActionUS is part of PEOPLE’S ACTION, which is tied into:
      STATE VOICES, which has the sub-group:
      VOCAL-NY, which gets funding from

      StudentActionUS along with ALL of the ogther groups listed above, are under the OPEN SOCIETY umbrella.
      They are ALL based in the principles of Communism.
      BROOKE ADAMS and StudentActionUS are tied into BERNIE SANDERS through the StudentActionUS main group, PEOPLE’S ACTION.
      This is ANOTHER example of how George Soros is funding the destruction of the United States FROM WITHIN, according to his stated vow to destroy this country. You have to peel back the layers of groups, sub-groups, affiliates, etc., to get to Open Society.

      I am morally certain that Bernie Sanders knows where the funding streams for his campaign are from.

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          1. Ugh ugh ugh WHY aren’t we taxpayers revolting?? L’il ole me not paying my taxes would eventually get jailed, but a WHOLE (ok half) a country refusing to pay our taxes??

            Why won’t we do that ?!?!

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        1. Probably because of the Øbozo Lois Lerner Marxist Imperialist Palpatined IRS. I’d like to see the current IRS pull the authorization(s), etc. for these Marxist misanthropic maniacs…

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  3. Besides the fact of this — which is horrifying to me — there is other fallout. I can’t wait to hear what the other Dem candidates will say (and any Dem, really). Will Pelosi defend *muh precious Constitution*? Pres. Trump will have a field day, but on his own time, when he thinks best. I expect the media to cover it up, play it down, and deny its importance. Some Americans are waking up, though some people in other countries are more aware than Dems here.

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  5. Left is desperate to discredit…….

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  6. Daughn, I’m constantly amazed at how many things we have in common during our younger years. I, too grew up in the suburbs outside of Chicago, and the summer of ’68 was my first memory of really being frightened. So many chaotic events…MLK assassinated, RKF assassinated, Pueblo incident…riots in Chicago at the convention. To this 10 yr old girl, the world had become dangerous.

    My father worked downtown and took the train from the suburbs to the city, and walked several miles a day to and from businesses or trains. He found himself caught up in the middle of the riots, a white man, in a business suit, walking alone, unarmed.

    Suddenly, a taxi cab screeched up to him, and the driver ordered my father to get in the car so he could get him out of the area. Without hesitation, my father did just that.

    The driver was a black man who my father credited with saving his life. They didn’t judge each other based on their skin colors…they were just two decent human beings doing what decent human beings do. Let’s hope there’s a lot more of people like my father and the taxi driver in Milwaukee than what these bernie scum want to do.

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    1. Katie!
      I grew up in Glen Ellyn, right outside the Morton Arboretum. How about you?
      You’re right.
      First time I saw my dad react that way. Of course, he talked about it for years…. but a scary time.

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      1. Romeoville. We used to go to the Morton Arboretum for a “summer vacation” adventure. 🙂 We were easily amused and very grateful for the smallest treats. Wouldn’t change my childhood for anything.

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          1. No. The closest adventure was a short trip to Lake Geneva, with cousins and siblings and parents and aunts and uncles all crammed into one little house for the weekend. I caught my first – and only – fish on that lake, with LOTS of help from my dad. Good times…

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    2. What is it about 1968???????!!!!!!

      Over here, the greens and the other radicals (just about everyone but the AfD) got their start as the ’68ers. Seems that that year was the (dark)genesis of some VERY rotten radicalization, worldwide.

      I have to wonder who/what was behind that (aside from Satan, of course). Someone posted a while back (not sure if here, the “other plaice”, or perhaps elsewhere, “the plan” to destroy American society gradually, by taking over the different institutions and destroying others (like the family). I didn’t realize the movement was worldwide, but looking at the news anymore (both fake and honest), there must be a level of coordination a few steps above any public figures, i.e. Soros et. al. are third-level or lower…

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      1. I think this tweet is what you are looking for:

        It is the start of a long thread.

        After I post this I might just sit back and read it all day long. This is so epic .

        SO EPIC

        Anon translated leaked cabal doc from 1985 from French to English- An old French periodical called “Murmures d’Irem”, volume 7.

        This may very well be the find of all finds.

        If real it explains a lot. It also dove tails with QAnons 16 year plan to destroy the USA.

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    1. Lol do these guys have anything between their ears.
      They do not even know their own history, living in their own bubble.

      These are the type of dupes who have been used through history as pawns. Like the Antifa duschbags.
      One proper punch back and they all run to Mama.

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      1. Not to underestimate the significance/implications of this video, but it was hard not to laugh at this nitwit Jurek. I do not for a second doubt his violent intentions and totalitarian goals, but Jurek is not a very bright person.

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      2. Do these guys have anything between their ears?….ROT!
        Can you imagine what fuels their hate on a daily basis…it’s very frightening because rules, laws, reason, education…nothing will change their minds or character. Rotten to the core.

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  7. Grew up outside Ann Arbor in the sixties, home of the University of Michigan. This looks like a repeat of that time for sure Daughn. Probably a lot of the same people trying again along with their kids and grandkids this time around.

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      1. There was a price on his head and the DNC was NOT doing well in the polling. Having the guy connect Obama to Ayers ,an Ayers that wanted to kill off 10% of the US population, was NOT a good ‘Look’ going into the 2014 election and more important the ALL IMPORTANT ELECTION of HILLARY.

        Remember they had George Zimmerman acquitted on June 03, 2013 with a lot of stinky info coming out. In 2014, the Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and won control of the Senate in the largest Senate gain for either party since the 1980. This effectively nullified the DNC for the next two years. (Appointment of judges.)

        On top of that was Hillary Clinton who did her paper on Bill Ayers and was an admirer of his. Hillary already had the 2012 Benghazi attack dogging her. “In December 2012, near the end of Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, a nonprofit group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, filed a FOIA request seeking records about her email. CREW received a response in May 2013: “no records responsive to your request were located. Emails sent to Clinton’s private address were first discovered in March 2013,” — WIKI

        So yeah, I would certainly not rule out the Cabal getting rid of the ‘Larry Grathwohl problem’

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    1. It’s even better……..
      Project Veritas trending
      and “Gulags” trending,
      knocked the Dem Debate off the trending list….
      ….. on the night of the Dem Debate.

      And it’s not like Bernie is the only Communist on the stage.

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        1. Zoe, text of the tweet from TrumpIsMine :

          Sanderista ☭
          · 2h
          Replying to @JamesOKeefeIII @BernieSanders
          Targeting a private citizen and his views. What about “mah free speech?” Fascists exposing themselves as usual.

          johny Wozniak
          Make Gulags Great Again #MGGA make it trend! Make sure you hashtag.

          a meme follows titled “Bernie” Make Gulags Great Again
          Shows directing a line of workers sitting on rocks driving railroad spikes into the ground

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  8. Splendid. Getting the real scoop on these guys is the first step in bringing them down. Communists and the Left (but I repeat myself) cannot survive being exposed and in the open like this. Rational Americans won’t put up with it for five minutes. The Dems are bleeding voters, and Bernie as their nominee is their nightmare come true.

    Democrat convention will be a shitstorm like we haven’t seen in a long time. Of course, I’m thinking ’68 Chicago. The Left always does the same thing over and over but it’s a different era now. Back then the press praised them as college students protesting the evil ‘establishment.’ Today we know they were, and are, the useful idiots of the Soros-financed radicals. It won’t turn out well for them.

    O’Keefe and Project Veritas are heroesl

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    1. Didn’t “Wall Street” basically say that if Bolshevik Bernie or Fauxcahontas Liarwatha were the DEMONicRAT candidate, they’d “sit this one out”, i.e. drop backing for the DEMONicRAT party/candidate?

      Could be an interesting debate tonight. Or not…

      But I’ve got MUCH better things to follow, like the RALLY. MAGA!!!

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    1. Thanks for that link. Diana West was very interesting. She hit the nail on the head. It really is Totalitarians vs FREE Citizens.

      When you think about it, it doesn’t matter if it is Communists, Progressives, Fabians, or Muslims the goal is the same. The enslavement of the people.

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  9. Concerned Virginian says:

    “…I am morally certain that Bernie Sanders knows where the funding streams for his campaign are from.”

    Remember that Bernie spent his Honeymoon in the SOVIET UNION…

    Here is another Soviet Agent we DO KNOW about.
    I. F. Stone (wiki)

    I. F. Stone (Isidor Feinstein Stone, December 24, 1907 – June 18, 1989) was a politically progressive American investigative journalist, writer, and author.[1][2]

    He is best remembered for I. F. Stone’s Weekly (1953–71), a newsletter ranked 16th among the top hundred works of journalism in the U.S., in the twentieth century, by the New York University journalism department, in 1999; and second place among print journalism publications….

    Progressive?? Yeah Right! He was a PAID SOVIET UNION JOURNALIST!

    Hubby knew his niece and she said he was devastated when the Soviet Union disintegrated because THERE WENT HIS PAY CHECK! (She was disgusted with his moaning and crying woe is me.)

    His code name was ‘Pancake’ according to Alexander Vassiliev
    SEE — Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America (2009) by Klehr, Haynes, and Alexander Vassiliev

    WIKI of course says “…that the FBI never identified BLIN as being I. F. Stone, and, instead, suspected Ernest K. Lindley…”

    I think I rather believe Stone’s niece!

    However I would not be at all surprised to find Bernie was yet another PAID SOVIET UNION Agent. We are all well aware the guy was allergic to work!

    If you look at Bernie’s WIKI there is NOTHING there that supports his $$$ ability $$$ to go to college in Chicago in 1964 after his father died in NYC or his ability to do all the activism he was involved in during his early life.

    According to Wiki he came from a dirt poor family so, without hard work on his part, his BIO STINKS of Red Diapers…

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  10. What are the odds of having a communist debate on the same night as the President’s rally on the same day of PV beginning their dump of the Bernie campaign, all in the same city????

    Prolly just one of those coincidences, huh? 😉

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    1. iirc the last Trump Rally was held the night of DIM debate … is that right?

      And iirc Veritas’ last expose’ was tied to some significant event?

      James is a Trump supporter…

      Ms. Katie… I love your framing “a communist debate’ !

      And you know as well as I do that these events are all… just coincidental 😉

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  11. So we have Soros controlling Bernie’s campaign (all others also, in some manner or another)

    Veritas’ vid seems more affirmation of reason Nanzi’s holding on to Articles of Impeachment is to sabotage Bernie’s momentum towards #1 in Iowa…

    Question: Does it seem appropriate (legal under the Constitution) that senators running against President Trump do not recuse themselves from the Senate trial (if there is one)?

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  12. What happens if they “steal” the election from PDJT?

    What happens if Donald Trump is re-elected?

    Whatever the case, it will be civil unrest! Be prepared!

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    1. From comment section; NOTE I, pR, have not checked the veracity of any of these comments…

      Jurek deleted his Facebook earlier. Now he just deleted his Twitter.
      Note: He also got out of jail yesterday for his 2nd DUI and possession of drugs/paraphernalia.
      Bernie Sanders campaign is absolutely riddled with dozens of guys just like Jurek.
      I’m looking into federal law that would possibly regulate something like this. If your party advocates for the destruction of the United States, for example, it would be banned. Something like that. Out of the endless pages of federal laws, there has to be something like that somewhere.


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      1. Paging Big T. and ristvan here… Maybe Popehat or Volokh Conspiracy has something about this… but they tend to lean left (despite Eugene being an HP3000 genius…. sigh…).

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          1. (Imagine Zero Mostel uttering these words, like he did in Fiddler oh so many years ago)…

            [BERNYE, spoken]
            A Communist on the roof. Sounds crazy, no? But in our little village of Deepestatevka, you might say every one of us is a communist on the roof, trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple scam without breaking his neck. It isn’t easy. You may ask, why do we stay up there if it’s so dangerous? We stay because Deepestatevka is our home… And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you
            In one word… sedition!

            Sedition! Sedition!
            Sedition! Sedition!

            [BERNYE, spoken]
            Because of our sedition, we’ve kept our balance for many, many years. Here in Deepestatevka we have sedition for everything… how to eat, how to sleep, even, how to wear clothes. For instance, we always keep our lies covered and always wear a little Hijab… This shows our constant devotion to $oro$. You may ask, how did this sedition start? I’ll tell you – I don’t know. But it’s sedition… Because of our sedition, everyone knows who he is and what $oro$ expects him to do.

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  13. Do believe that we on here realize that if the Democrats steal 2020, America as we know it will be destroyed and gone

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      1. Yep. He has quite a bit of interesting info in a lot of threads over there.

        The Presiding Judge’s name sounds familiar: Brian K. Epps. I wonder how he will be “disposed” towards the case (which sounds a tad, erm, Mafiosi in terms of description, though that would fit, considering)…

        Add this to Berniegate, the debate (that no one watched?), the Rally, and everything else going on…

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        1. Ha. From DDG, NYT article (behind a paywall, but enough shows):

          Jun 8, 2017Magistrate Judge Brian K. Epps of United States District Court cited the “strong” weight of evidence against Ms. Winner — including a recorded confession to the F.B.I. — and other factors …

          So, he was the judge on that case… hmmm… then again, if this is a crazy case, he’ll likely toss it, which makes sense (and he’ll probably wonder why he gets all the nutcakes)…

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  14. FYI —-
    Husband has a habit of reading me news info he finds interesting so we discuss.
    A few days ago, I recall he mentioned a little tidbit which is relevant.

    He found it interesting, after a few years of silence, that the FBI was bringing a case against Bernie’s wife. Remember the college scandal?
    Think the DNC/DOJ was keeping that one in their pocket for just such an occasion as 2020 presidential election cycle?

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    1. This all seems almost too easy, all at once….is it being set up for old Bernie to take the fall (again) and let the “real” communist/progressive/liberal get through?

      You know that warning about something that is too good to be true…..

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      1. I think Bernie is as true a communist/progressive/liberal as there is. I think the problem is that they don’t think he is electable. It needs to be someone who seems less radical but really isn’t. But who would that be? Klobichar? Does anyone want to listen to her voice for four years? Warren is as radical as they come, and ditto on who wants to see/hear her for extended periods of time. IMO Biden looks the least “communist crazy” of any of them, while appearing truly loony and planting doubts about his ability to handle the job.

        So if they are setting up Bernie for a fall again, I don’t know who they think is going to save them.

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  15. Remember that time that PDJT had to cancel his rally in Chicago at the last minute…because leftist thugs showed up and started beating on the Trump supporters?
    I think that was in 2016.

    That was attributed to “Bernie supporters”.

    But…I wondered at the time if it was just being blamed on ‘Bernie supporters’ by the Hillary wing of D-party.
    As a way of making Bernie look bad.

    Then, there was the guy who shot Steve Scalise…and others.
    That guy was called a ‘Bernie supporter’.
    But I wondered if he really was, or if there was more to the story.

    Now there’s this guy, Kyle Jurek…who is so rabid and vile that he is scary.
    And he is definitely a part of the Bernie campaign…no doubt about it.

    So I guess the Bernie camp is a hotbed of depraved commies who want to follow the commie playbook to the letter.

    Funny how his name sounds like ‘jerk’.

    Kudos to James O’Keefe and his team, for fearlessly going undercover to expose this!

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