20200114: KAG/MAGA Rally Thread, Milwaukee!

“It’s cooler near the lake.”, is the motto for Milwaukee. Wanna go to a MAGA Rally in Milwaukee? President Trump is going to need all our help in this state, tough crowd. We could stay a while. Gosh, we could eat our way across the Midwest, from Toledo to Milwaukee. The food is wonderful.

This time, our Master Troll President is hosting a Rally on the same night as the boring Dem Debates. Great strategy.

  • Local Scoop and topics we’re likely to hear about:
  • A Federal Judge just ordered 209K voters removed from Wisconsin registered voter list.
  • The Dem Legislature ordered no local funding of police protection for Presidential Candidates one day before the President arrives in Milwaukee. (This is a recurring objection which is pure propaganda. It stems from the highly misleading “survey” released before the Greensboro Rally, which suggests President Trump doesn’t pay his bills for local police. Designed to cleave LEO support for the President. Recall the report was far more damning to Hillary/Obama/Bernie and there is no vehicle for Secret Service to pay local police.) Objection/issue started primarily from a local police chief in Tuscon (?) where interstates were blocked by protesters and an approx 500K bill was presented to Trump campaign. Local sheriff made a big stink about it but the problem was caused by him.
  • Operation Relentless Pursuit, announced by AG Bill Barr, is a federal operation to flood the zone in high crime cities……. like Milwaukee. (+ Kansas City, Memphis, Cleveland, Baltimore… 7 cities in total but Milwaukee is one of them.)
  • And a local crime which is being used for politics of the worst kind. Clifton Blackwell allegedly threw acid in Mahud Villalaz’s face after telling the U.S. citizen to go back to his country. Of course, the left is blaming President Trump.
  • FoxConn manufacturing facility. Is it a go or not? I’m still not sure.
  • The Dem Convention will be held in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee has a STRONG German and Polish influence. It’s the land of great cheeses, beer (Pabst + Miller + Sprecher ) great meats and especially brats, Milwaukee Tools, and Harley Davidson. A city with a highly skilled labor force which leans Democrat…. even Socialist. Milwaukee elected three mayors who ran on the ticket of the Socialist Party: Emil Seidel (1910–1912), Daniel Hoan (1916–1940), and Frank Zeidler (1948–1960). Often referred to as “Sewer Socialists“, the Milwaukee Socialists were characterized by their practical approach to government and labor.

We’ll see you at the rally!

413 thoughts on “20200114: KAG/MAGA Rally Thread, Milwaukee!

  1. Hello, everybody!
    Just noticed in my comments, etc., above that my brain was going too fast for my fingers — mea culpa!
    Watch over the next while, that “comparisons” between Harry and Meghan / Wallis and Edward, will start to surface (sounds sort of like a Neil Simon play, no?
    But I bet if these “comparisons” are written, they WON’T mention what I’ve posted on this blog — because I’ve heard the real “backstory” to the Wallis and Edward situation.
    Also, not to start a “pity party”, I’m just starting to wrap my head around the diagnosis I got this afternoon — Osteoporosis.

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    1. Concerned Virginian,
      Sorry to hear about the osteoporosis but at least now they can do something about it.


      For what it is worth, studies decades ago in horses showed that ‘concussion’ aka exercise helped build bone.

      It is the reason I break my young horses to harness and drive them for a year or two before saddle breaking them. The exercise without the weight on the back builds bone and muscle. The type of ground is very important though. Firm soil is the best, pavement without rubber pads plus shoes is bad and concrete is the worse. I never could understand why anyone would want to run on a paved road or a concrete side walk (SHUDDER)

      Principles of Bone Development in Horses

      Sometimes the horse literature is a lot more informative because of the horse racing industry drives the research instead of the pharmaceutical industry.

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  2. Daughn, and everyone who participated, thanks again for a terrific rally thread. Rather be here than anywhere else for a rally! You do such a fun thing with the information about the rally locations………..I just love it! Smoochas!

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      1. Just taking one for the team 🙂

        About the Peach Mint …..
        If the RINO’s won’t dismiss without “witnesses”…..

        After the Dims “prosecute”….

        Trump Calls: Giuliani >>> Expose Bidens, Kerry’s, Romney’s, Pelosi’s and others involved.
        Call AG Barr >>> Declass and EXPOSE EVERYTHING on Live YV.

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        1. OMG, He came home and fluffed in front of the mirror like a 16yr old girl.
          I gave him grief.
          Bottom line, I like it……. but it looks exactly the same to me (don’t tell him, though).


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