Radium Rod

Well, I was right. I didn’t want to believe it, but I was right.

That DAMN Deep State. Or “DS” as I like to call them.

You see, thanks to WHEATIE WARRIOR…..

LINK: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/01/10/dear-kmag-20200110-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-360654

And Sharyl Attkisson…..

And FBI White Hats…..

I now know the truth.


You mean all that stuff I was sayin’ ’bout “Radium Rod” and DOJ/FBI hanky-panky was RIGHT???!!!

Following that tweet up on Sharyl’s timeline is the best way to see this.

Here is a 1-2-3 thread…..

So what’s next? Well, somebody asked.

And people ARE starting to take notice!!!

Above link echoed here: https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/rod-rosenstein-led-operation-to-spy-on-sharyl-attkisson-developing/

Some of this stuff is just frigging explosive. The ties to CROWDSTRIKE (click the link) – this is just mindboggling. It’s as if DOJ was a Democrat Hillary Reelection Operation.

I’ll let Sharyl finish her part of this….

Now – I’m somewhat in the same boat as Sharyl. I don’t want to just come out and say that Radium Rod is a black hat, without knowing more, but DAYUM.

This would certainly explain WHY the FBI was trying to SET ME UP even during Whitaker, and why the CRAP didn’t stop until Rosey was GONE and BARR was SWORN IN.

And yes – it is entirely possible that White Hat Rosey could have been playing Black Hat to bag the bad guys, because Occam’s Razor gives WRONG ANSWERS when all the FACTS are not in evidence, or when there is DECEPTION involved.

But nevertheless, it looks like RADIUM ROD has some EXPLAINING to do.


Warning sign : nuclear danger

59 thoughts on “Radium Rod

      1. Wray also has top Atlanta law firm connections. He married on of the Howell Mill Road Howells – whose family owned the Atlanta newspaper and lives in the family home on Peachtree. Whether Wray is patriot or swamp rat remains to be seen. He’s former DOJ top award winner, top white collar crime lawyer, etc. Capable of cleaning up stuff, but will he?

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        1. Is that Howells of Thurston Howell,III from Gilligan’s Island fame?
          Which brings to mind the most discussed question/decision at that time;
          Ginger or Mary Ann? I still can’t decide to this day!

          Oh the good ole days, I always wanted to attend Wossamotta U!
          I was so disappointed when Mom told me it didn’t exist, but I still have my sweatshirt!

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  1. Yes, he does.

    The weird part is how he went out, with all appearances being that Barr and others thought he was just great. That gives me pause.

    I have to wonder just how hands-on some of these task forces are, and how much is/was/can be done by a lone operator embedded within them. How much can a bad apple get away with without getting caught? And if it is found out later, and they are disciplined, forcibly retired, or even fired, would we even know?

    I think, for certain, there is too much concern with covering the reputation of “muh institution” going on at ALL levels.

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    1. Yes. Government is simply WRONG in short-cutting internal justice under the excuse of preventing “institutional damage”. This is, in fact, creating MORE damage. Covering up the infections is just leading to SEPTIC SHOCK.

      The concept of WOUND IRRIGATION needs to be applied to DOJ and other damaged institutions. No more papering over. No more stitching up septic wounds. CLEAN IT OUT. DRAIN THE WOUND to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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      1. At this point I have nothing but CONTEMPT and DISTRUST for the government. I wouldn’t pee on a federal employee if he was on fire!

        I am sure I am not the only one whose view of our government has done a radical 180.

        At this point only DRASTIC CHANGE could partly change my views.

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        1. Agreed! At this point I am withholding my consent to be governed by these jerk offs until we see their corrupt institutions cleaned up. I refuse to recognize a two tiered justice system as legitimate. I am no longer willing to blindly trust that everything is working out behind the scenes. We want public results now, or else burn it all down and start from scratch.

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          1. It is well known that JE Hoover refused to acknowledge that La Cosa Nostra even existed let alone do anything about it.
            It was HIS institution. He built it.

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              1. Agree.
                Then there’s Allen Dulles under whose direction the C_A gave us MK mind control and other unimaginable mischief including his participation in the farce of the Warren Commission & the overthrow of foreign governments (such as Iran).

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        2. Gail, I’m so damned mad I can hardly restrain from cussing and throwing stuff.

          If we don’t see some forward movement on justice soon I don’t know what I’ll do.

          If the corruption is too big to fight, then it’s every man for himself. The ramifications for good people everywhere (knowing how they have been spying and collecting evidence on everyone) are catastrophic.

          I shudder to think about it.

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      2. Once the corruption is exposed, officially…and indictments happen…then there will probably be a flood of cases filed seeking to overturn convictions that the corruptocrats worked on.

        That seems inevitable.

        So I’m thinking that this is the reason why they are taking so long.

        Barr has even said that we shouldn’t think that the actions of a few means the ‘institution’ is corrupt as a whole.

        But I agree…it’s got to be cleaned out!

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  2. Boy, I was way wrong on RR. He is black hat, no doubt. I do not even buy Smith’s characterization of RR as an intimidated bureaucrat. I fell in love with the great memo he wrote on Comey, and I can see now that the memo distorted my thinking.

    Once in a while you will hear a cop say: tell the absolute truth all the time so you can lie when you need to. I wonder if RR was one of those types.

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    1. Ya. RR is black hat, through and through. Wray is also.

      Too much institutional protection going on to yield another bottom line. It’s a cancer in the DOJ, FIB, IC… Holder, LL, Yates, Priestap, Baker…Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Wray, RR, Strokz, Page…Brennan, Clapper,…ValJar…on to politicos…Feinstein, Nanzi, Schumer, NoNads, Schitty…

      The cure is being developed by Barr and Durham, under the supervision of President Trump. All cures take time…painful to wait for the cure…facts and hard evidence lined up. Necessary.

      I surely don’t understand why this takes so damn long. After all, FIB can open investigations on rumors. DOJ & FIB can be “legally” heavy handed when they want. Why not get heavy handed to fix all of of this criminal behavior.

      We’ll get some, maybe numerous indictments. Gotta have another four years with President Trump. AND, critical, a non politician is ready in 2024.

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      1. I once read about a case where a prosecutor was taking bribes to throw cases. One guy in one office. The office found out about it and it was a YEAR before they could indict him and fire him, because they needed to get their ducks in a row, as well as investigate others involved, none of whom were unsophisticated.

        I cannot imagine handling the corruption we have found out about, it is so widespread. If we know anything, we know it is massive.

        Totally agree, four more years needed, and the right person in 2024.

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  3. I’m going to stash my depression about RR away for now. Disappointed of course, but still have to wait and see if he can bury the truth or if POTUS pulls the threads that unravel the entire corrupt web.

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  4. RR, Mueller’s appointing official. AND, Mueller’s supervisor for nearly the entire SC sham.

    EVERYTHING SC did was targeted at President Trump. WITH NO HARD INTELLIGENCE TO SUPPORT IT. WTF?

    YET, there IS glaring evidence of criminal behavior by DOJ, FIB and IC officials… DNC… RR pursue or direct this be pursued?

    For me, shallow thinker that I am, there is NO defense of RR. 100% coup participant. Knowingly, Willingly. CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL.
    Massive Corrupt Actions of Mueller Gang Slowly Coming to Light After Release of IG Report

    The Mueller team filed the fourth and final FISA Application for Carter Page that included the 17 significant inaccuracies and omissions identified by IG Horowitz:


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  5. Still just watching the show.

    I have no real regard for Sharyl Attkisson as I have issues with the way she shot the initial videos of the mouse moving on her computer screen. You never saw her hands and the screen in the same shot. Sorry, but something about that never sat right. “I’m not touching. I’m not touching.” And it was done while she was online, not in the middle of the night?????

    The thing about being undercover is that lines are crossed all the time. I’m not coming down on either side, I’m just saying that as I believe “THE PLAN” has been rolling for at least 15 years in one way or another, there are too many possibilities still on the table to make a black or white call.

    Just about all the players involved on the white hat side have varying shades of gray. No one is pure. Don’t forget that. We have nothing more than an accusation to go on when it comes to this. When the evidence is produced, then a judgement can be made.

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    1. I don’t know anything about the case, but I am reluctant to jump into either camp at this point.
      Did they give Rod a great send off to build his reputation as a “good guy” so that when he does reveal all he will be listened to and believed? or did they send him off with a great send off hoping to fool him into believing he was in the clear and they were clueless about his actions to trap him further?

      we’ll know when we know…

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  6. I hope I get to eat crow re: RR, but I have and continue to believe he is Cabal/DS through and through, along with his wife.

    Speaking of, let’s not forget who that is…Lisa Barsoomian…a lawyer who “has represented the CIA, FBI, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, James Comey, and other federal agencies multiple times.“

    In the meantime, I will firmly stand side-by-side with Jim Jordan, who had this exchange with RR….

    Also from Wikipedia….

    Eleven House GOP members filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein on July 25, 2018, alleging he has stonewalled document requests from Congress and he mishandled the 2016 election investigation. Rosenstein has denied the allegations.[59][60] No such impeachment was brought to the floor, with Ryan and Meadows backing down.[61] Subsequently, it was revealed that Devin Nunes wanted to impeach Rosenstein, but was concerned that attempting to do so would delay the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.[62]


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    1. What is with the nervous fingering with his right hand? What is with the eye expression similar to Struck-stroke’s infamous demonic eye look? Noticed it twice when he looked to the side and was angry. (or was he just thinking of his wife at that time? Haha)

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  7. “2-…such as in my case. There are six ways from Sunday that @TheJusticeDept can make sure the proof is never seen by a jury. On the other hand, it’s worth the fight because at least we are bringing important information to light about the illegal government abuses that I believe”


    If that is true, then it is NOT a ‘Justice Department’, it is a wholly corrupt cover-up and CYA department, which in turn means it is a ROGUE agency.

    Which everybody already knows — same as the IRS, the EPA, the C_A, the FIB, the DoS, the TSA, ATF, etc.

    If there is any government department or agency that is NOT corrupt, which agency would that be?

    So what is our recourse?

    A) Sharyl Atkisson continues to put together an airtight case against the government

    B) whether the Department of Corruption ever lets the information to be seen by a jury is irrelevant, because of course they won’t; it’s like asking Mike Brown to turn himself in after robbing a convenience store, or asking Trayvon Martin to turn himself in after casing peoples’ houses on a rainy night. It’s not ever going to happen.

    C) When Sharyl Atkisson’s case is COMPLETE, present the case to the PUBLIC, and then WE can hold President Trump accountable.

    DJT is the chief executive, and the Department of Corruption is under HIS authority.

    We can’t do anything to the Department of Corruption directly.

    Our pressure point is Donald J. Trump.

    So make the case, and then We the People hold DJT accountable for dropping the hammer on the thugocracy of the DOJ, which no doubt he’s WAITING for us to do!

    If we give him the public excuse to blow it up, he will.

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      1. Patriots at Trump rallies should be holding up signs saying:

        “Drain the Swamp?


        But don’t forget to DRAIN the DOJ and FIB and C_A!!!”


        “Save us from the ROGUE Departments of Government —

        DOJ – FIB – IRS – TSA – ATF – EPA – ALL of them!”


        “President Trump, if you WON’T save us from our ROGUE government,
        then give us the green light to SAVE OURSELVES.

        The ONLY thing preventing us is the THREAT of prosecution
        by the VERY SAME CORRUPT agencies.”

        Put the onus on POTUS to ADDRESS the subject publicly, and don’t let up.

        The border was his main issue in 2016.

        Let the insanely corrupt and treasonous government — the very same corrupt government that has engaged in a 3+ year long COUP attempt against POTUS — be his main issue in 2020.

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        1. If POTUS pre-emptively granted pardon and amnesty to anyone who confronted and directly engaged the corrupt bureaucracy, they would all flee.

          Think about it.

          The ONLY reason the corrupt agencies of government are able to OPPRESS is because of the threat of RUINATION against anyone who stands up to them.

          If the president gives amnesty and pardon to anyone who stands up to them, suddenly their power to threaten VANISHES, and they are NAKED before their enemies.

          And their enemies, those whom they have abused, mercilessly and relentlessly, would DEVOUR them, and they know it.

          Which is why they would run.

          Who is going to come to their defense?

          Whoever comes to mind would be running for the very same reasons.

          Take away the threat of punishment for throwing off the shackles of our oppression, and our oppressors run for their lives.

          It really is and has always been that simple.

          When George was the oppressor, we had to give ourselves permission to throw him out.

          Today our oppressor is our OWN corrupt and rogue agencies of government, and the president is the only person in a position of lawful authority to grant us ‘permission.

          Regardless of who is ultimately controlling the rogue elements of our government — Soros, ‘Deep State’, ‘Cabal’, Rothschild, whomever — it is their HENCHMEN in government who do the actual physical and psychological work of oppression.

          If the president removes their ‘protection’, their ability to threaten US with prosecution and financial ruination, they’re finished.

          That’s why I have said many times, all DJT has to do is say the word.

          Give us the green light.

          Declare open season on the BUREAUCRATIC STATE, and the BUREAUCRATIC STATE ends before midnight.


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  8. It’s as if DOJ was a Democrat Hillary Reelection Operation.

    It was, boss.

    HusseinO weaponized and politicized every govt agency…and ran them like the mob.
    There was rot from the top, throughout.
    Low level employees knew to keep their mouths shut, or fear for their lives.

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  9. I am still undecided here.
    I have suspicions about Rod, but then I partner them with what I want to believe about Barr. Would Barr, who by now has to be up to speed on his predecessor, turn a blind eye to this OR is this the purview of Durham now? Is the DOJ stonewalling about Rod’s involvement because there are larger picture concerns here?
    dunno…there are too darn many players in the government and government has few angels.

    (btw–I LOVE our Wheatie Warrior–she is FIERCE!)


  10. Unfortunately, when the smoke clears—accountability and justice will have to come at the hands of patriots! The corruption within government is too embedded, and will not seek measures to heal itself—rather, it will do what is necessary to protect and preserve itself!

    Too many f*cking corrupt lawyers—anti-Constitutional pricks!

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