Iranian Missile Attack Thread

I will fill in details as I can. Let the THREAD RESPONSE BEGIN.


375 thoughts on “Iranian Missile Attack Thread

  1. PTrump, team and DOD know the accuracy of Iran’s best missiles (and all the others, too). They’ll know if very accurate missiles blew up some pitcher’s mounds, 50 yard lines, center circles of soccer fields and old man Mohammad’s north forty camel pasture. We don’t know these things.

    We also don’t know the depths of duplicity or secret agreements that may occur during events such as these.

    Best thing to do?
    1. Pray
    2. Trust PTrump

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    1. I do 72 hour smell test on almost all the news I see in this case I will do 24 hours because President Trump is going to address the nation.
      Trump,Q and Flep that’s the news and of course all the commenters here,we are the news.

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        1. Dunno what evil is being ginned up by Iran and their proxies.

          Today, appears to be purely for Iranian internal bravado.

          Perhaps all Iran can do is “terrorist” stuff, as opposed to overt military action.

          Terrorist stuff in In Iraq, countries hosting American military and or support America. If nothing else, new Qud commander needs to demonstrate his brilliance to validate his stature, at others expense.

          AND, IF Iran can do so, terrorist crap here is USA. MCM would melt all over it with D-Rats incorrectly deploring bad guy, President Trump. NOT hammering Iran.

          But, I do believe a real possibility, Iranian in States will do something here in USA. Probably a shooting of sorts in the name of allah. MCM will lap that crap up also.

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    1. I bellieve it Wheatie… they desperately needed a face-saving op… reports gathered by Thomas Wictor claim the fired into open fields a few times…

      Give it 24 hrs. and see…

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  4. Here’s the Man of the Hour – and Man of the Century!

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  5. When Iran fired off those missiles at our bases…how did they know that they wouldn’t be killing anybody?

    They couldn’t know that.
    Not beforehand.

    There was a guy on Fox saying that “Iranian missiles are notoriously inaccurate.”

    If they had killed some of our people…would they be apologizing?

    Would they be saying…’Ooops, we didn’t mean to kill anyone. We were just firing off missiles to save face.’…?

    Sorry, I’m just having trouble with buying the “We missed on purpose” thing that is being circulated.

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    1. Well, I just saw this on Twitter:

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      1. Yes…I’ve seen that too.

        If our bases were “emptied” before the missiles hit…how do we know that it wasn’t based on our own intel?

        So to deprive us of being able to say ‘We knew you were going to do that, so we evac’d our people ahead of time’…Iran is pushing the line that they told us about the attack in advance.

        I dunno.
        I’m still having trouble with the claim that Iran ‘warned us’ in advance of firing those missiles.

        They are deceivers.
        They hate us and want to kill us.

        Sounds to me like they are trying to save face for not accomplishing anything with their missile attack.

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        1. The Iranian Islamists are extremely tricky and deceitful. They helped their Democrat and Soviet allies sucker Reagan into Iran-Contra (and I’m sure the human lawnbag Stefan Halper helped with that one).

          The Iranians will primrose-path ANY AND ALL secret negotiations to ultimately SCREW the other side.

          LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES. And when they tell the truth, it is in furtherance of some lie or another – probably BOTH.

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            1. Well, perhaps, but I don’t think this guy designed Iran-Contra, which shows that they tend to have a surplus of sneaky bastards! 😀

              Soleimani seems to have been more of a military tactician than a spymaster.

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        2. It could definitely be them trying to save face for failing. It could be anything. Who knows? I am viewing EVERYTHING right now with Suspicious Cat Side-Eye™, and the 48-Hour Rule™ firmly in mind.

          I also really want to hear what the President has to say.

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        1. Weeks ago. Oil field shit from drones over head.

          Today. We don’t know how close the Iranian missile impact spots were to valued targets…Americans, Iraqi’s, fuel storage, ordnance, aircraft,.. OR perfect bullseyes on open fields – buffer zones.

          We simply know very, very little.

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    2. It’a possible that the orders for make-believe strikes come from within the US and caution must be exercised to watch that some actual strikes are not made within the US.

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  6. So if they hurt/killed an American, unleash the 52.

    If not, then
    Miss Lindsey says Bye oilfields so does Ollie North. Ollie said add the launch sites too. Knock the snot out of em, then ask if they wanna talk. 😃

    Doing nothing is NOT an option. That’s seen as weakness and essentially saying OK to the strikes.

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  7. I posted this in the daily thread but thought it might be relevant here since it involves Iran.

    “BREAKING – Ukrainian Boeing 737 carrying 180 people crashes near Tehran airport moments after take-off”

    The plane had “technical problems,” and no word on casualities yet.

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  8. Info on that plane crash:

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    1. Denninger is thinking that it’s IFF failure. Iran’s anti-aircraft thought it wasn’t a scheduled passenger plane out of their airport and shot it down. Somewhat problematic for the Mullahs, if accurate.

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    1. I did Tucker for about 20 minutes. Then I was done. Holy shit we need a channel that just takes comments from folks that work in the trades. We would get more sensible responses.

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      1. Tucker seems to be terrified his kid will go to war. Eye Roll. As if. We don’t have a draft. Duh. Not likely to, either. I like Tucker, but he has lost all sense of proportion when it comes to foreign policy. Nothing less than hiding under the bed from the boogeyman seems to be acceptable to him.

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        1. Hes very panicky on this. That retired general he has on there seems a bit paranoid about the outcomes of this all. Lil too much shooting from the bush era hip and not enough TRUMP trust and mojo.

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  9. Ok this was posted by a lady over on FB…I think she said it very well.

    “What’s happening in the world today is real. Living as a military wife for 12 years, this shit is scary. I have friends overseas serving. Some on standby not knowing what will happen. And I know people who just received word they have to deploy within days. The United States did NOT attack first. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was attacked. Our President did not start a war, he just isn’t afraid to fight for our country. The mission that killed Soleimani was ordered by our President and completed by our military. Soleimani was a top Iranian general who was considered one of the most revered military leaders in the Islamic Republic and is responsible for many, many American deaths.
    Do not post jokes about our President. Do not make light of this situation. Pray for our military men and women who are fighting for all of us!”

    However I would not have known about the above post if my daughter had not texted me the following scalding message. Turns out my 90 year old aunt had re-posted the FB post.

    “Also I got distracted by Kathy’s propaganda claiming trumps actions are justified and we should not make fun of our president. Are people buying this shit?”

    About 20 minutes later she did send a text stating that she did not mean it for me…For now I will just ignore it, but what little bit was left of our relationship just got blasted.

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  11. Please know that the World watches intently. POTUS (and Family) battles not only for the US but he represents the last bastion of freedom to the World at large. He is God’s man for these times. Biblical Scholars do note however that there is no mention of North American involvement in events described as the end of the Age, or, the end of the time of Man. This specifically refers to the gathering of forces in the Valley which hosts the final Battle of Armageddon. It’s probably not an oversight or a typo…..Suggest putting God back on the throne of each of our lives.

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