SpyGate Book Sneak Peek

If you’re a fast reader, you have THREE DAYS to check out an author copy of an e-book/paperback on SPYGATE, free of charge, before deciding if you want to buy it.


This book is the work of this site’s frequent denizen, prognosticatasaurusrex, or P-rex as I call him for short.

Here is his message, LINK HERE: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/01/05/dear-kmag-20200105-open-topic/comment-page-2/#comment-355751

Ok everyone, as promised, I am posting my book in its ENTIRITY on my blog for three days only. I welcome comments, suggestions, critiques, etc/. I feel NOW is the time that we should be spreading the word. It is why I am doing this.

All I ask is that you NOT copy it. If you like it, spread the link, if you LOVE it either buy it or spread the book link which I will post on top of the article.

There you have it. ENJOY!!!


Check out my book! -P.S.Rex

39 thoughts on “SpyGate Book Sneak Peek

  1. Thank you for posting this, Wolfie. I also received it and have started reading, though have not yet gotten far. Appreciate P.Rex so much, especially learning about the servers and the Ukraine connections, Etc. Also posting something else here for your consideration and that of our wise q-tree members. Hillary Clinton’s super secret email @fb.com found – American Intelligence Media


    Zoe, I had to delete all the text because too much of it was proprietary facebook code and not actual text. If you copy again and “paste as plain text” it might work, but I can’t let all that facebook code print – it’s just pages and pages of the stuff! -wolf

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    1. Thank you, Wolfmoon. Totally understand and did not realize that would happen and will have to learn How to copy it to plain text. Apologies. Have been reading P.Rex’s book–appreciate him so much. So glad you posted about the book.

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        1. Nor’Easter, thank you for doing that for me and for benefit of all. Just saw this–had a long sleep as did not sleep much last night. Thanks again.

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          1. You’re very welcome Zoe!
            And it’s good to “see” you!

            PS: I’d like to extend an invitation to Maricas Place.

            Link (there is also a link on the side bar of The Q- Tree):


            There is a daily thread there, and I believe that you probably know most of the people there already.
            My observation is that there is generally somebody there between 7 AM and sometime after midnight (sometimes it goes all night!)
            I am positive that they would love to see you there!
            Drop by when you have a chance!


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  2. Can’t read right now – but much prefer the Red cover to the Black one. The subtitle needs to be a little bit bigger though.

    Am sure it’s a good book from reading Rex’s comments on WQTH and am so glad someone has written about Øbama’s spying. Will try to read when things calm down on my end.

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      1. There is also an option for large print. It is also available in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and I think even Farsi…too late for Solemani though. Thanks so much for the whole article, I am so flattered, I thought you would only post the link. I appreciate it greatly, I hope you and others enjoy! For some reason, the kindle version has a black cover, while the paperback as intended has a red cover. FYI Mrs Rex designed the cover!

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            1. I do use screen readers. I appreciate the info as am always wanting to learn about free ones. Still, much pleasanter to listen to a book read by a human rather than synthetic speech. Also, then one can download a book and onto a portable reading device. I don’t use a smart phone.

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              1. Thank you for that explanation (I know so little about tech in general).
                Are you capable of “seeing” images (do you have something that gives a description of the images)?
                In other words, posters frequently post images and memes. Can your tech interpret them into a form which you can understand?


  3. P-Rex – Thank You!

    Through Chapter 10. Great read. Easy read. Confirms much I/we know, AND much I either forgot or didn’t know.

    Lurk here awhile, then pick up with CH 11.

    Fully anticipate completing the read within the three days.

    That said, just ordered paperback from Amazon.

    Fully appreciate your skills assembling this book AND making it available to QTree folks for three days.

    ALWAYS, look forward to your posts P-Rex;-)

    (Posted in two threads)

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    1. YW Kal, I hope you enjoy it!. While I have not checked, all of my research should be linked via hyperlink to articles that prove my suppositions and theories. I believe there are @ 200. They are all referenced in the index works cited. Notice I did not just use fox or conservative sites, I used numerous left wing publications OWN articles like Huff Post, Politico, The Hill, WAPO, and even the NY Times!

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