OK – so maybe we were a little ambitious, and didn’t realize how hard this would be…..

Does it look like we’re at step 2.9? Or maybe 2.8? Still, we’re on the right track! Notice how much the Demonocrats were able to DELAY the progress! And we have to remember….


Yes, my HERO MLKJ had his own derivatives – actually a couple – they’re worth looking for.

AND those Demonocrats are really good at delaying and denying justice.

Although we did get a BIG TEDDY BEAR to go along with our TRUMPY BEAR!

So I already got started on WHAT HAPPENED in 2Q19 in the open thread…..

The Most Absurd And Shocking Things Said By Ocasio-Cortez In 2019


YEAH. R-R-R-I-I-I-I-G-T………

No – I want to talk about US.

I want to talk about THIS PLACE. The HISTORY we’ve been through – TOGETHER.

OH – I could keep going on FOREVER, but you get the message.


So now I’m going to get SMART and LAZY and ask YOU ALL….

What were the big things that WE THE PEOPLE accomplished here this year? How have we been part of the winning? How do YOU fell like we’ve been doing?

YOU TELL ME – I’m listening!


Go on – tell me what you think. I’m listening. 2019?

PS – A TOAST to you all. May you have a most excellent 2020!

211 thoughts on “2Q19

  1. The fact that I was able to find this site and survive wolfs vetting process. You made for a wonderful 2019!!!

    Happy New Year Everyone.

    I hope in 2020 I can make it to a Trump rally.

    That last pic wow 4 more years baby!!!!

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    1. You think you had it hard with the vetting – I had to submit 3 blood samples, a financial and social philosophy statement with footnotes, a 6 generation genealogy and much more.

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            1. The former for sure. My Grandfather’s father and all his brothers, joined the Civil war at Bethlehem Church in GA and fought in the Battle of Atlanta. My Great Grandfather was wounded at the battle of Good Hope church.

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  2. Well, first off we love you… and your opening is fantastic…

    Joyful and tearful………………

    Thank you for this sanctuary… it means everything to me. Only place I can discuss politics and truly express myself, as like most, family is asleep.

    More later… for now… you just proved again what a wonderful human being you are!

    Happy New Year Wolfie… to you and yours.

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  3. Much love to you, Wolf, and Happy New Year.

    I think we are doing great! I have personally seen many people waking up to some of the reality you and I and others here know. WE are red-pilled, like Neo and Orpheus, but others can’t always just swallow it on the first try. But the things I find here to share with others is making a real difference! We are WINNING!

    I want to thank ALL here who have contributed to an excellent year of learning, fellowship, and joy!

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          1. Love and hugs back, Marica, and happy 2020 to you. Hey, Marica, wonder if you could post a link to your blog here. I might Try to visit it once in a while.

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              1. Love your Place, Marica. I had a nice look around. You really know how to have fun, and in a good way. Very inspiring over there at your blog.

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              2. AwwwThanks sweet Zoe!! We are a simple sattelite OF this GREAT SITE…Mash Unit in the Big Storm that is upon us! Established to help heal and console …I miss being here as much as I’d like….But…As the Great Awakening explodes…….Who knows where we are called?

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    1. Yeah, that was a big deal.

      I know there are a lot of people out there who feel like they need the op confirmed openly, in words, by people under POTUS, but they don’t get how this stuff works.

      CIC Trump may be the ONLY person who can “un-deny” it, and my recommendation at least at the moment would be adamantly NO and NEVER.

      If you believe in Q, you need to be willing to suffer the denial of the deniable op. If you attach to it, it’s YOUR CHOICE. You may get your proof, but it will be YOUR PROOF, not for those who don’t want to believe.

      This is actually very beautiful stuff, and very deep metaphysics, but for the practical world, simply accept what proofs Q gives. Don’t demand that anybody but Q or Q+/POTUS prove it, and even then, I say don’t demand POTUS prove it – that puts him in a bind.

      There are many very cool ways that the whole thing breaks forward, and some of the best are where the MSM is the one that has to reverse course and try to prove that Q is real.

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      1. I believe that if enough believe in something then it attains reality. Like those who have died are kept alive in the memories of those who knew them.
        So glad to have found you all. It’s hard for us to live in ordinary worlds where the msm spews poison and the norm Ives walk around oblivious.
        Thankyou all for putting up with my technical ineptitude and lack of social graces. Not just the language but the pasting of stuff on the wrong threads.

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        1. Hey now, low-tech here, nothing wrong with that ! We love all your wonderful commentary and the news you bring. And we’re praying for you and all of Ozzyland… these fires are horrific. Stay safe Ozzy, we need all hands on deck for 2020 and beyond! Happy New Year to you and yours.

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      2. What I think is that if Q were harmful to PDJT’s objectives, we’d have heard about it from PDJT.

        HOWEVER…Q not being harmful to PDJT’s objectives does NOT mean that everything Q says is true.

        Q could be useful (to PDJT) DISINFORMATION, and the depth of that disinformation can’t be assessed, almost by definition.

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  4. Well, the Lord is good. He brought me through another year, and it has been richer having become acquainted with you all, and thank you, Steve in CO for teaching me about just how amazing the stars are. What a Creator we have. Psalm 8 is beautiful. Thank you, Wolfie, for sharing so much good info with us. Happy New Year to all on q-tree. By the way, I signed up for a WordPress account, but I wish I had not. Prior to that, I could comment on Last Refuge, now I cannot as am unable to sign in. WordPress tried to advise me, but I guess I’m a poor pupil. I only signed up so that I could get onto one Jane Austen blog, and I’ve been unable to sign up for that, naturally. WordPress suggested I get a new password, but I had so much trouble with the one I have, I’m not messing with it. Glad I can still comment Here.

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  5. Thank you for providing such a knowledgeable port in the storm. You never make anyone feel unwanted and have even provided a special room for those who wander but are not lost. Such a vast array of knowledge.
    I do not watch television but my taller half does. He constantly challenges me to a duel of news. I win most ever time and when he thinks he has won I hit him with Fleps News. I tell him “ we are the news” now.
    Happy New Year to Wolf and all QTreepers. God bless all.

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  6. BTW Wolf I love the tribute to PHC!

    He gave so much of himself for so many people, but I’m also amazed by how much he contributed to the Wolf den, both directly and indirectly… truly amazing and very blessed

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    1. Yes………….I appreciated it so much and was touched by it as was phoenixRising.

      Thank you Wolfie, and thank you michael for noticing and commenting.

      Spending my days and nights with PHC this last year was a blessing I still can’t quite believe. He was an extraordinary human being and knowing him was an honor I’ll cherish forever.

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    2. Thanks, Michael! We carry on in his name!

      I wish that I could have done more for Patrick here on this blog, but as it worked out, I think the best thing that could have happened did happen – that he first had his own blog, and then Marica’s place, and that people from here went THERE to help him.

      The ladies from here who tended to Patrick elsewhere are true saints. But so were those who stayed here and helped this place continue in their absence, which did hit us hard. In the end, with God’s help, it all worked out.

      My thanks to you all for helping to make Patrick’s passing peaceful and graceful.

      Rest easy, Easy Rider! You ride with the Wolf pack now!

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      1. Oh Wolfie. Tears are running down my cheeks. Please know I never intended to leave here. I didn’t expect PHC would live more than a few weeks when he started his own blog.

        And I never expected to be needed around the clock. I thought I’d still be here a lot. I never expected any of it to work out the way it did. As much as I loved being with PHC and would do it all again, I missed you all so much. This is home.

        And none of us had time to worry about the impact it had on you here, and I’m so sorry for that. Still, the love and laughter and prayers helped him manage his pain and gave him an extra 4.5 months with a pretty decent quality of life for the most part.

        I’m still floundering trying to find my way again. But I hope to spend a lot more time here in 2020.

        Thank you for keeping this refuge going, and GROWING while we’ve been with PHC, so that it is still here and better than ever for us to come home to. And thank you Wolfie for honoring PHC.


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        1. You chose well, Sylvia! You chose well! ❤

          You did the RIGHT THING, and I KNEW YOU WOULD.

          I always trusted that you would come back, too. No worries!

          When I say – IN GOD WE TRUST – I MEAN IT!!! 😀

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          1. Thank you, Wolfie. You are very dear to me. I will never forget you greeting me like a long lost friend when I dropped in here Nov 11, 2018. You were so kind to welcome those of us who arrived, stunned and lost, on your doorstep.

            We have work to do at Marica’s site as well. We still have some very sick patriots who need prayer and encouragement and I will do as the Holy Spirit leads, of course. But these situations are different and I’m not on call 24/7 like I was with PHC, so I’ll be here more and more.

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  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR❗️ 🐐 🎉🥂🥓🍾🇺🇸

    🏇 I can not believe this year sped by so fast.

    For next year I am promising to dig a bit deeper into all the judges who are getting removed. My curiosity bump is itching madly on that topic.

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    1. Happy New Year, God Bless, and best wishes for much SUCCESS in your quest! Every bit of success that you have will undoubtedly have massive feedback if we help here. In the same but opposite sense that we are removing corrupt judges, I am certain that the judge killed when Gabby Giffords was shot, was a good one, and critical to SOME BIG CRIME of the HOLDER CABAL. May we learn the truth there, too!!!

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        1. I have always believed that the judge was the primary target, just like when they tried to take out Reagan but got Brady. Brady and Giffords were thus exploitation of innocent bystanders harmed in targeted assassinations using MK actors with messed up minds – perfect tools.

          This is one of the reasons that the Pelosi Mobocrats are fighting so hard, and took out the Gambino boss who I believe was a material witness to both Reagan and CA3, which happened at the same time using MK tech. If the public knew that these were cold abuses of casualties in CABAL MURDERS, they would reject the gun control messages which the communists psychologically attached to their own CRIMES.

          I am starting to think that Hinckley (friend of the Bush family) may have been used not so much BY Bush, as being used by globalist and Soviet elements in CIA (what I call KGB-CIA) to FALSELY IMPLICATE Bush, and to keep him IN LINE. Criminals often do this to KEEP THEIR PARTNERS OR ASSOCIATES LOYAL. There was much of this kind of psychology used in CA3.

          Message to Reagan – we are on you, even if you live, and you can’t prove it. Message to Bush – we can frame you for it. Keep your mouth shut. Do as you’re told.

          Very evil.

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          1. Very interesting that you brought this up, Wolfie. I was thinking just the other day about the Hinckley – Reagan attempt and realized it was exactly as you describe it – a masked assassination just like JFK. Even ‘mental illness’ is compromised & used by the cabal.

            What the heck are parents doing – allowing their offspring to be sacrificed AND in some cases contributing their children to ‘the cause’. It is sick.

            The threats and blackmail are insidious when our investigation and justice systems are embedded with enemies. Where can anyone turn to escape once they are ensnared?

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            1. A huge part of the problem is the human way of looking at reality, which we have been TRAINED TO DO by the FAKE NEWS.

              Fake News creates a baseline of suppositions we use in our daily lives – what I call “Fake Normal”, which is extremely insidious.

              One of the most insidious aspects of fake normal is the idea that people are either sane or insane, and that we listen to one and not the other.

              What this does is empower whoever decides what is sane and what is not, which is a FALSE DECISION. There are large regions where the decision is not possible. The smarter answer is to listen and carefully discern individual truths or falsehoods.

              By creating a false boundary across an infinite number of dimensions, all kinds of shenanigans are possible in terms of making people listen to lies and not listen to truths.

              This was an extremely powerful realization. Breaking out of many LIES was only possible for me thanks to QAnon.

              I was saved from a really nasty setup by listening to a nominally crazy person. That lesson sat there for a long time, not really making sense, until I figured out WHY – which didn’t happen until Q taught me to RETHINK much of what I had been TRAINED TO THINK.

              Q is a mass factory for this, and they are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF IT:

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          2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Roll

            Known as very conservative and was a lifelong Republican. Yeah, I’ve always believed from the beginning that he was the target especially since his death was virtually ignored in favor of an astronaut using his severely brain-damaged wife as a prop for political advancement.

            Little factoid: Gabby Giffords lived with her husband near the Houston Space Center, not in Arizona where she was elected. It is a matter of local knowledge that at the time of the shooting a serious effort was underway to oust her from her seat in Congress because she did not live in the state.

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            1. If Gabby Giffords had died, would her replacement have been elected or appointed? Also, would the Dems have likely retained the seat? Lastly, would there have been any other reasons to kill her?

              I didn’t realize that she is related to Hollywood royalty.

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            1. It’s very MAFIA to freeze people by such manipulations. That is why I think the mafia is behind the death of Sal Cincinelli via first manipulating his sister into a leverage operation through a relationship with a player, then manipulating him into suicide, with him being MKed at the same time as Scaramucci, when they were speakers together at a conference.

              Mafia and MK is all tying together.

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              1. I had wondered if Scaramucci had been MKed, because there were a couple of other cases of “sudden, odd TDS” like that.

                Then, when I did a deep dive on Sal Cincinelli, looking for any signs of possible MK-induced mental states prior to his suicide, I found that he had been an invited speaker at that conference. When I saw Scaramucci in the same list of speakers – BOOM – it all made sense. The timeline was perfect.

                The holy grail – working mind alteration, unknown to the subject, and unknown to the public.

                And kept that way, thanks to fake news, and fake publishing like Kinzer’s book.

                I need to do another post on Gottlieb’s stuff. I believe that I’ve figured out his interests in LSD. I think that some LSD patients enter states of extreme suggestibility, and this would be tied directly to Gottlieb’s target of mental CONTROL.

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    2. Gail, you do such incredible research! Thank you.

      How about watching the newly appointed judges to ensure they actually are Constitutionally conservative? Perhaps we each could pick a couple and follow their arcs…

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  8. I feel as though this site is like a neighborhood family restaurant/pub (with a lovely old-fashion bar that looks surprisingly like a treehouse) where neighbors are given a friendly greeting as they gather for fellowship and current happenings. The TV in the bar (tuned in to OANN, of course), elicits a lot of comments as the daily news unfolds. I hear it’s very crowded on POTUS rally nights.
    The friendly owner-bartender (whose name happens to be Wolf, coincidentally), keeps a watchful eye that the sometimes spirited exchange of opinions doesn’t get out of control. But even the most shy are encouraged to participate without fear of being censored.
    Among the regulars that belly up to the bar, there’s a fair amount of good-natured teasing ,but underneath you can easily observe a real sense of a caring community. And when you enter this neighborhood sanctuary…it feels like home.

    Liked by 19 people

    1. Hilarious that you posted this right now, Teagan! I was going to warn my fellow barroom buddies QTreepers not to drink too much before they make that FINAL HOUR DONATION TO TRUMP AND THE GOP.

      One drink too many, and you might start hitting all those “add ons” for Turtle, McCarthy, and the House and Senate funds!!! 😉


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      1. I never got into Cheers because of living overseas at the time of the series …Steinfeld, as well. Maybe that’s why I don’t watch TV now…just got out of the habit. I totally missed the big British hits as well as the more recent Game of Thrones everyone talked about. I keep saying some day I’ll do an all-day binge watching and catch up.
        Seriously, Cheers?

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    2. Teagan, that’s exactly how I feel…couldn’t have said it better.
      I rarely comment here, but am a daily lurker, pretty much as I would be in a gathering you describe it has indeed become here.

      Yet I feel as if I know many of you to an extent, and exchanges here are so human, so “regular” as a good friend states it, that just lurking gives me hope… when all around us there are so many emphasizing our worst characteristics as fallen folk.
      This little haven is such a blessing.

      Best wishes for a terrific 2020 to each and every one of you.

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  9. A wonderful collection of memorable meme-and-theme pics!

    Thank you for providing a true place of refuge. Because we are free to believe that Q is a real force that is helping Pres. Trump, then we have hope that many do not, and we know things before many others are aware of them. This site has some of the most insightful posters on the internet, as well as those who bring news from far and wide, keeping us all informed. The expert, in-depth analysis by Wolf and others helps us to gain and spread knowledge. Thank you, and Happy New Year to all!

    Liked by 15 people

            1. Some are arson or carelessness but with prolonged drought, extreme heat 112 F , strong winds and the fires growth till it creates its own weather they are unstoppable . Fires saved many Houses and got people out but it’s sizes and ferocity and the leading edge of ember storm starting fires ahead …….
              Really it’s just a get the fuck out situation

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    1. Thank you for helping to keep it real here! Your constant and effective service in this regard is noted and appreciated, even though I don’t often [OK – more honest – never] choose to mention it in the heat of discussion, as doing so might mess with the mojo of the moment. Instead, I take a moment to do so now.

      Cheers, God Bless, and an Excellent 2020! ❤

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    1. Yup. That was FAST! And yet – doesn’t it seem like this site got “closed off” from CTH a LONG time ago – way further back than November 2018?

      Kinda wild. We’re YOUNG. But it feels like we’ve been around a lot longer.

      Happy New Year, Rodney! 😀

      God Bless and AMEN!!!

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      1. Were in for a rockin 2020 in the QTREE, fasten your seatbelts and hang on because we’re going to Trump Speed….
        God bless you and yours Wolf

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  10. Well, we all managed to stay on the roller coaster, so there’s that 🥰

    What a great stream of memory images, Wolf. You are an EXCEPTIONAL host, and I am so grateful to all my Qper buddies. Yesterday & today were perfect examples of someone, in this case Daughn, raising an issue and Wolfie, Gail and others discussing and pondering to figure out what is behind the China-Uigher (sp?) agenda.

    I love the research, the analysis, and the chuckles we share daily. I wouldn’t want to be climbing any tree but The Q.

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    1. We really ARE the NEWS now. Together with the SMALL number of REAL journalists out there, WE are searching for the truth. And TOGETHER, we will find it.

      The world is becoming very complex, and MANY of those who hold KEY INFORMATION try to trick the rest of us in one way or another.

      They have manipulated the OLD NEWS into passivity – herd-like – begging for treats, and abandonment of its MISSION to question what government is doing.

      2020 is going to be a good year. WELCOME IT!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!


    Yep, 2019 went by so fast it’s kind of a blur now.
    I know I will reflect back on all the big things that happened over the year…but the one that comes to mind right now, was…the Wall.


    Thank you, Wolf, for creating this haven of sanity for us.
    It’s been a true refuge at a crucial time, when we would have been adrift in a sea of madness.

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    1. You are most welcome, Wheatie! Thank you for being here and being our Wheatie Warrior!

      Have an excellent and Happy 2020!!! ❤

      I agree – the WALL was huge. Remember when that was ALL that the Democrats and the Fake News Media were talking about and fighting over? It was all about the Wall. Ridiculous. And POTUS beat the hell out of them on it. He made them look like corrupt PHONIES, until all they could do was THE NEXT diversion.

      Ukraine. Oh, how foolish.

      Never try to impeach a VSG on a *perfect* call, when the guy being protected is dirty as dirt itself!!!

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  12. Wolf, thank you for this site! It has given me so much comfort. And, it has spurred me to follow up on things that have bothered or intrigued me.

    I feel like I know so much more about how fooled we’ve been. I question everything now, and as a consequence I’ve gained some insight and dare I say, wisdom.

    Thank you everyone, and may 2020 be a year of incredible illumination.

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  13. NOTE – this comment got thrown to the bottom, but rather than delete it, I am leaving a copy of it here, where it appears more clearly.

    The CABAL hates this message.


    A huge part of the problem is the human way of looking at reality, which we have been TRAINED TO DO by the FAKE NEWS.

    Fake News creates a baseline of suppositions we use in our daily lives – what I call “Fake Normal”, which is extremely insidious.

    One of the most insidious aspects of fake normal is the idea that people are either sane or insane, and that we listen to one and not the other.

    What this does is empower whoever decides what is sane and what is not, which is a FALSE DECISION. There are large regions where the decision is not possible. The smarter answer is to listen and carefully discern individual truths or falsehoods.

    By creating a false boundary across an infinite number of dimensions, all kinds of shenanigans are possible in terms of making people listen to lies and not listen to truths.

    This was an extremely powerful realization. Breaking out of many LIES was only possible for me thanks to QAnon.

    I was saved from a really nasty setup by listening to a nominally crazy person. That lesson sat there for a long time, not really making sense, until I figured out WHY – which didn’t happen until Q taught me to RETHINK much of what I had been TRAINED TO THINK.

    Q is a mass factory for this, and they are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF IT:

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  14. Absolutely Wolfie… I like to call it “out of the mouths of babes” … by “it” I mean ‘truth’ …………………

    Sometime ago on my journey we call ‘life’ I discovered that I wasn’t really listening to other people, I was looking at them, and attending somewhat, but merely ‘being there’ and when I began being ‘really PRESENT’ I would often hear something important, that pertained actually to ME, to some dilemma with which I was struggling. In time I came to believe it was Spirit speaking, and it would happen with something I heard or read in a book. Thus, I began to trust more in what I thought might be true.

    My first real test of this was in 2001 after 9/11 and I could not accept the official story… my own digging would not allow it. Of course, my family and friends did not share my view, not even Hubby. Then came the war drums for the attack on Iraq. I couldn’t accept that… my late father called and we happened to talk about politics (we had never before disagreed on anything that I could recall, he was my go-to person in the family) and he commented “Bush will go down in history as the greatest president ever.” Well, I lost it, and I replied, “I don’t think so, in fact I think he will go down as at least one of the worst.” My father promptly hung up on me! We didn’t speak for six months… and it was at least two years before he came to agree with me.

    Point I am attempting to make here is that we have to trust our own thinking more than that of those paid to tell us otherwise, and sometimes even more than that of those whose opinion and agreement we value so highly. It is not easy, but necessary if we are going to destroy FAKE NEWS…

    I agree with you about Q……………………………… and why the concept is being attacked. Bottom line with Q is that we are encouraged, no not simply ‘encouraged’, we are INSTRUCTED constantly to THINK FOR OURSELVES… to dig for info, to move past the stories we have been living with…

    We will lose friends, family members… but we have no choice.

    Genealogy was a passion of mine for several decades, until I learned that it was never-ending, yes, even addictive at times… so I gave every scrap of my notes,etc to a sibling who is content to be addicted! One thing I learned with regard to my ancestors… they were often on different sides… particularly on my father’s side. During both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. They moved through those times somehow without estrangement, often living within a few miles of each other.

    None of us here is in perfect alignment with the views of another, whether it be religious or political. The greatest challenge for me in life has not been to listen to opposing views calmly, but to be able in return to express my own contrasting view, without having the other turn on me with anger. We see this in extreme form from the left, with regard to who sits in the Oval Office and his supporters, and we condemn it with all our might. But we fail to recognize that it sometimes happens here on this site.

    My challenge for this new decade, this new year, is to drop a seed or two about the possibility that some facet of life might be different than we have been seeing, without taking any hostile, aggressive response personally… to be able to express my own thoughts without feeling personally attacked. This site is too important to me to ever leave because of a difference of opinion, and I trust if ever I appear hostile or aggressive toward another’s opinion, that you guys will call me out.

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      1. Happy New Year to you Zoe… hope Wolfie and others are able to help with your WP problems. They helped me a lot.

        Love having you here too!

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            1. Yes, it is — just very intense.

              I had no idea a year ago that the Brexit situation would get so out of control. We missed three deadlines!

              While I was really apprehensive about Boris’s call for an election last autumn, I couldn’t be happier with the landmark result. We dodged a bullet.

              Still, we really do need to exit on January 31. I predict choppy waters ahead, churned by Labour, the media and possibly the courts.

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              1. Yes, indeed.

                So many Britons have been calling the Labour Party Communists and Marxists! You can’t imagine how relieved we all were on Election Night to see the exit poll. Of course, a number of us, myself included, did an all-nighter. I went to bed at 5 a.m. Fortunately, the coverage I watched on ITV was much more balanced than on the BBC, Sky or Channel 4.

                Everyone on Channel 4 wore purple, by the way, which I thought was interesting (shades of 2016).

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  15. Oh Wolfie!!!!!!!!!!! What a Fantastic——-Year in Pictures!!!!!!!!! So many memories——Not enough time!!!! Just want to give you and Mrs. Wolfie…An enormous HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where would all of us be…..If you had not answered that call!!! I’m sure, I would simply be a twitter nerd or sumtin……I bow my head……..and give God the glory….That He brought us together….Through the kindness, brilliance and love of…..dearest Wolfm00n! THANK YOU!💖💖💖💖💖
    And to All the wonderful Authors and posters here!!!!! May 2020…………….Be bigger and brighter and CLEARER (hint–2020)…..Than any year EVER Witnessed….
    MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. sorry I missed this post before now… great site Wolf!!

    i was reading an article on the Fellowship of the Minds blog–they said WP messed with their site (and it was years ago)–didn’t allow it to migrate to another site initially–I don’t remember all the details. when he found the new site (or created it) all his previous posts had to be reloaded post by post–and he was talking about years of posts! some posts (like the one about pictures and birth certificates of Obama’s children) were gone forever, but luckily others had saved that post and he was able to repost it that way.
    I would hate for you to lose these posts and I hope you tech-y people have that figured out and covered!!

    thanks for taking me in when OT found me lacking…I am thrilled to be here!!

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      1. one of the things I like the most is, we’re not sheep here…we don’t feign adoration for you or the other authors–you guys stimulate the conversation, present different viewpoints, and we talk it thru, pulling, tweaking, whatever we need and then we agree or not—it’s not set up to be a wolf fan club–altho I can see where that has evolved to some extent but not in a unflattering way. you don’t demand or expect it.
        the authors here are like the best teachers i had in college–they present facts, the roadmap to the fork in the road, but then stop and let you choose the path…

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        1. Thanks, Pat! I do try to annoy people just enough by being real, in every possible way, that everybody has a reason not to corner me onto a pedestal! 😀

          Only one pedestal here that has anybody on it – the one TRUMP is now occupying with his TWEET GUN that makes the media scream to get him off of it! 😉

          Liked by 2 people

  17. Happy New Year, Wolf!

    I hope that the good Lord blesses you and yours abundantly in 2020!

    Thank you for being so actively involved in this site and for giving us a true refuge. We have such a wonderful, enthusiastic community here. It is a real blessing.

    Liked by 3 people

        1. I had no problem with that post, but happy to remove any spurious ones if caught immediately! If people comment, they stay up.

          [Note to THE WORLD that this courtesy does NOT extend to “accidentally on purpose” posts used for leftist screenshots, nor to private posts which create ethical problems. Any post which I feel is incriminating or needs to be kept in sunlight automatically GOES UP and/or STAYS UP.]

          Liked by 2 people

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