2020 Meme War Thread

With Wolfie’s permission, and in preparation for the election season of 2020, I present to you the first annual MEME WAR THREAD.

Post what you have, no bag limit, awards for best MEMES in class (cookies/apple pie/prime rib/aged bourbon/bacon).

This way others can copy and share.

Special divisions/ideas to get you started:

  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Shifty Schiff
  • Nadler
  • Any member of “The Squad”
  • The media
  • Ben Garrison and Al Branco have their own class – we love them one in a million
  • QAnon
  • Snowflakes and communists
  • Foreign leaders
  • Putin has his own class
  • Xi has his own class
  • Subject/issue memes are great as well: Among them are immigration, schools, 2nd Amendment, healthcare, energy independence etc.
  • AND our Economy
  • Please add more as needed……… the sky is the limit for great memes.

HAVE FUN and post away!!!!!!!!!! DROP YOUR MOABs HERE!!!!!!!!!!

690 thoughts on “2020 Meme War Thread

  1. President Trump thanking keyboard warriors.

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    1. Cuomo’s death order for the elderly.

      I saved it:

      Q saved a cleaner copy:


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  2. Kathy Griffin confirms she is asking Jim Acosta to assault/harm/kill the President

    Brendan Thomas Carr is an American lawyer who currently serves as a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.

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  3. Elect third world Somalia BECOME third World Somalia!
    (This is why Muslims were NOT allowed to run for public office up until recently.


  4. Paid by Soros agitators.
    The docs are related to the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore in April 2015. They show how paid rioters are informed and organized. H/T ForGodandCountry

    The above relates to an old name….



    1. Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Retweets List of Supplies For “Comrades” Who Are Rioting in Minneapolis


      JoeBiden’s staff is donating to a fund that pays bail for people rioting in Minneapolis.
      This is CONDONING & FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING mayhem that’s destroying businesses & ruining people’s life work.

      The city is burning & Biden staff are funding it.


  5. This is what could happen if you are stupid enough to stop for violent protestors.

    Uncut L.A. Riot Footage of truck driver Reginald Denny Beating / Looting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM8Y6uPH-R4&feature=emb_logo

    Taken place at the intersection of 71st and Normandie, semi-truck driver Reginald Denny is beaten without reason for an insufferable amount of time. Date of the incident is 4/29/1992.

    “….Reggie is a close family friend to us and when this happened my parents were terrified, the only thing he remembers is sitting in the truck listening to country music and getting pulled out and almost killed, this is why he has short hair now so people can’t pull him out of his car….”


  6. List of killed and injured Law Officers

    Saved as: *https://web.archive.org/web/20200607003414/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EZjXQ9RWkAEjDCr.jpg


  7. Trump and Church burning which offends you?

    List of cities rioting

    Letter from DC Mayor to gov. requesting removal of National guard

    Platforms censor Americans while promoting CCP propaganda


  8. getting my looter stand up

    what to expect under democrat control

    Cuomo brothers fake new gov,

    Black lives matters we hunt whites


  9. Dowd letter to Bush & Mad dog Mattis

    Persons subject to Military Code of Justice

    Contempt toward officers


  10. The bigger question is why are they mimicking the pose of the cop that killed George Floyd AND kneeling for the EXACT same amount of time.

    Also the cloth they are wearing is from a tribe that sold slaves to the Europeans during the slave trade. They are using the Kente fabric as a prop. Kente is the royal cloth worn by Ashanti kings, queens and nobility in Ghana. They were Slave owners and traders.

    Are Democrats making fools of the Blacks.


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