2020 Meme War Thread

With Wolfie’s permission, and in preparation for the election season of 2020, I present to you the first annual MEME WAR THREAD.

Post what you have, no bag limit, awards for best MEMES in class (cookies/apple pie/prime rib/aged bourbon/bacon).

This way others can copy and share.

Special divisions/ideas to get you started:

  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Shifty Schiff
  • Nadler
  • Any member of “The Squad”
  • The media
  • Ben Garrison and Al Branco have their own class – we love them one in a million
  • QAnon
  • Snowflakes and communists
  • Foreign leaders
  • Putin has his own class
  • Xi has his own class
  • Subject/issue memes are great as well: Among them are immigration, schools, 2nd Amendment, healthcare, energy independence etc.
  • AND our Economy
  • Please add more as needed……… the sky is the limit for great memes.

HAVE FUN and post away!!!!!!!!!! DROP YOUR MOABs HERE!!!!!!!!!!

452 thoughts on “2020 Meme War Thread

    1. “In his book “The Grand Jihad,” McCarthy argues that our government has cooperated with Islamists who have spawned Islamic enclaves in our midst. Their goal has been to gradually foist sharia law and Islamic ideology on unwitting Americans.

      If Obama was part of an attempted takeover of the U.S. government by Islamic sympathizers, that action could technically be called an insurgency. An insurgency is normally carried out by anti-government forces, not government employees.

      In this case, the insurgency was facilitated by government employees with the objective of secretly subverting control of our government and handing the power off to people outside of our country.

      Q provided the definition of insurgency from a document created by the Obama administration. The document was written to address insurgencies overseas. All the while, Obama concealed the insurgency he was facilitating in the U.S. on behalf of Arab nations.

      The executive summary is enlightening. While describing overseas insurgencies, it also describes perfectly what the Obama administration was secretly doing to subvert our national sovereignty.” – Praying Medic



    1. That is not true – the VP must be qualified to be POTUS – Øbominable is no longer qualified (not that he ever was) according to the US Constitution – having served his double term.


  1. Ammunition- Obama and swine flu

    Do not forget that Obama let in the top three out of four killers with his Dreamers and other illegals.
    Media buries the truth about illegal immigrants bringing wave of hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV to America


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