News Roundup! PDJT Delivers Remarks At Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, PDJT Speech & Signing Of 2020 NDAA, U.S. Sanctions Put A Stop To the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Brexit Is Going To Happen, God Bless Secretary Carson & Alveda King, Brad Parscale Launches Democrats For Trump, Florida Is Trending Red, Judicial Armada Update As We Closeout 2019, PDJT Tweeted Videos For Us To Watch, Dan Bongino Podcast, Great Video Tweeted By PDJT…..

Yesterday our President spoke at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips.

On Friday night our President delivered remarks at Joint Base Andrews and signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020.  Included in the bill are twelve weeks of paid parental leave, initiation funds for the United States Space Force and Southern border wall funding.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter video clips.

Our President absolutely loves the men and women that have and are currently serving in our military.

Germany and Russia both got screwed by these sanctions! Our President warned Angela Merkel. She acted like she didn’t care. She can now go pound sand!

From the article linked above:

U.S. sanctions have temporarily stopped the construction of a pipeline that is set to increase the flow of natural gas directly from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

The sanctions would target all businesses and individuals participating in the construction of the pipeline and would effectively cut off those companies from doing business in the U.S. or with U.S.-linked companies. Washington has long opposed the project on grounds that it would increase Germany’s and Europe’s dependence on Russian energy and boost revenues for the Kremlin.

Allseas Group SA, the Swiss-based contractor that is building the pipeline on behalf of a consortium headed by the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom, said it would suspend activities on Saturday, hours after President Trump signed a bill that included a provision to unleash sanctions targeting any entities working on the subsea link.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said in parliament last week that she would raise the sanctions with Mr. Trump as the pipeline was of strategic importance for Germany and Europe.

“The federal government rejects such extraterritorial sanctions that affect German and European companies and interfere in our internal affairs,” a spokeswoman for Ms. Merkel said in a statement issued in reaction to the stoppage of the work on the pipeline.

Angela has other problems on her hands. Brexit is going to happen and there is absolutely nothing she and the European Union can do to stop it.

From the article linked above:

Boris Johnson insisted that Britain would not follow any EU rules after Brexit as he set up a showdown with Brussels over a trade deal.

The Prime Minister made clear that he would pursue a hard Brexit by saying there would be “no alignment” between the two sides, defying the EU’s claim that it was a “must” for any future relationship.

On a historic day for Britain’s relationship with the rest of Europe, the Brexit “divorce” Bill sailed through the Commons with a majority of 124 on Friday, and will become law on Jan 9, enabling a Jan 31 exit and for trade negotiations to begin in earnest.

I always admired Secretary Carson! What he did with his tweets makes me love the man.

God bless Evangelist Alveda King!

Our President and Brad Parscale are not going to leave a single voter behind!

From the article linked above:

The Trump reelection campaign is betting that “disaffected Democrats” have had enough of radical progressivism, launching the “Democrats for Trump” coalition on Thursday.

“From the sham impeachment to the outright embrace of socialism, the Democrat party of today is unrecognizable and leaving moderate Democrats behind,” said President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, in a statement. “For Democrats who feel abandoned by the socialist radicalization of their party, there is room for you on Team Trump and we welcome you to join the movement and a President that are putting America first.”

The campaign said its new coalition is for moderate liberals who want to work with Trump-led conservatives on lowering prescription drug costs, passing strong trade deals and fixing America’s infrastructure.

“President Trump speaks for a generation of Democrats who feel abandoned by today’s partisan tactics,” said Tony Mace, Cibola County, New Mexico, sheriff, in a statement from the campaign. “Coastal elitists and left-wing radicals have seized the Democrat Party.”

Florida is turning more and more RED with each passing day!

From the article linked above:

Despite much-publicized efforts by the Florida Democratic Party and its allies, state data shows Republicans in the swing state are far outpacing Democrats when it comes to the raw number of registered voters.

Between January and September 2019 — the latest month for which data is available — Republicans registered a net 23,084 new voters in the state, compared to 10,731 Democrats, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

That’s more than a two-to-one net advantage for Republicans.

As of today, our President has has 187 Federal Judges confirmed. The transformation of our Appellate Courts has been amazing!

There is more judges that will be confirmed in 2020. Here is a breakdown of what is left:

  • US Court of Appeals – 1 vacancy / 1 nominee pending
  • US District Courts – 80 vacancies / 42 nominees pending
  • US Court of International Trade – 2 vacancies / 1 nominee pending
  • US Court of Federal Claims – 8 vacancies / 7 nominees pending
  • TOTAL – 91 vacancies / 51 nominees pending

Our President tweeted the following videos for us to watch.

Excellent podcast with Dan Bongino and Representative Devin Nunes.

My take away from the interview was that the 702s and unmasking will be a big part of what US Attorney John Durham will be bringing indictments on. I think that is why we are seeing stories on Admiral Mike Rodgers.

Here is a Christmas gift to put in your stocking.

Another absolutely amazing video!

93 thoughts on “News Roundup! PDJT Delivers Remarks At Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, PDJT Speech & Signing Of 2020 NDAA, U.S. Sanctions Put A Stop To the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, Brexit Is Going To Happen, God Bless Secretary Carson & Alveda King, Brad Parscale Launches Democrats For Trump, Florida Is Trending Red, Judicial Armada Update As We Closeout 2019, PDJT Tweeted Videos For Us To Watch, Dan Bongino Podcast, Great Video Tweeted By PDJT…..

    1. That meme has gotten me so many likes from so many at FB, but it has also gotten me called some weird names too..
      One of my favorite memes right now..

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  1. RE: Chancellor Angela Merkel said in parliament last week that she would raise the sanctions with Mr. Trump as the pipeline was of strategic importance for Germany and Europe.

    POTUS response (Pending):
    “No need to raise the sanctions with me, Angela – I’ll planning to do it myself.”

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  2. Thanks as always, Flep! The Bongino/Nunes interview was fun. You could tell they like each other.

    I hadn’t seen the President’s tweets. All fab, as usual. And journos losing jobs made me smile. There is justice in this tired world.

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  3. “JUST PASSED: Conservative MPs just voted to pass our Brexit Deal and get Brexit done on 31st January 2020.”


    Don’t ANYONE be surprised when January 31st comes and goes without Brexit.

    Every delay is begging the enemy to find a new way to obstruct and prevent.

    Like I said when Brexit originally passed, lo those many YEARS ago, the way to do it then — as NOW — is to take the EU contract and walk down to the Thames river.

    Have a big procession if you want. Make sure the TV cameras are all there.

    Announce that England’s membership in the EU is over.

    Light the EU contract on fire, and throw it in the Thames.

    Then go back to work.

    It’s OVER.

    Simple as that.

    That’s all they EVER needed to do.

    Because THAT would create the reality and replace the never-ending continuation narrative.

    And everyone would have no choice but to align with the new DE FACTO reality.

    This game of continually extending it out another 30, 60, 90 days, etc., is like sticking your chin out and telling Mike Tyson ‘go ahead, take one more shot, make it your best shot, go on… swing at me… hard as you can… I’m waiting here like this for the next 30 days, so go on, knock me out”.

    That is what EVERY delay is really doing.

    Light that EU contract on fire, and say ‘that’s all, folks!‘.

    If they were serious, that’s all they have to do.

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    1. Scott, you and I are kindred souls, I just know it.

      We are light it on fire, burn down the house, cut its ugly head off, kind of people. No diplomacy here, screw it.

      Sadly for people like us, I think the world expects diplomacy. It sucks.

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      1. Our diplomacy:

        “Sir, would you please place your neck on that beautiful stump? It’s only for a minute and then you’ll be free.”

        “Thank you.”

        [swoosh sound; thunk of axe hitting stump]

        [mutters to himself] “Another prisoner set free.”

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    1. That is strange–not too many are getting licenses any more..I have a General Class license from the 90s, but don’t use it that much.
      So why the license or questions about it?

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  4. Thanks Felice for FIGHTING!!!

    The FIGHT you put in EVERY DAY!!!

    People are waking up and seeing it

    You are part of it – getting the message out to the people

    You are the news now!

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    1. The truth, which can only be spoken of by a person of color! I pray the scales will be removed from more and more eyes, and the truth exposed by those with the courage to speak the truth!!!

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    1. Viet Nam and Korea were politician-based ‘wars’ too.

      We were there when ‘North Korea aka China’ bomb attacked our military base where my Army pilot Dad was teaching the South Koreans how to fly.

      It was frightening – I remember the black out curtains, the noise of the bombs and the fear when the women and children were evacuated in the dark of the night into a hold of a guano ship and taken to Japan, then on to San Francisco and then home on a train to Georgia.

      If not for Truman stopping and firing MacArthur, Korea would not have been divided today.

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      1. “If not for Truman stopping and firing MacArthur, Korea would not have been divided today.”

        Not sure I understand what you are saying here – what was MacArthur planning to do – cannot recall – help, please.

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        1. MacArthur was on his way to the Yalu river (border between China and North Korea) when Truman stopped him and had him hold up at the 38th Parallel. Best General ever and that includes WWII.

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        2. Mac was kept from doing what was necessary to defeat North Korean, thus keeping the Korean Peninsula divided.

          Same with Viet Nam—military kept from doing what was necessary to defeat North Vietnam—all part of the globalist plan!

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      2. Ha! This must be why I saw you (i think it was you) quote or mention T.R. Fehrenbach 🙂
        Had to be a very scary time, often thought about what it might of been like.

        In a nut shell: The North Korean surprise attack forced South Korean and American forces all the way down to the tip of the South Korean peninsula where American forces were asking for another Dunkirk so they could escape and MacArthur said “No. A soldiers job is to fight and if need be die” at which time American forces dug in and held at the Nakasong River in what was called the Pusan Perimeter, until MacArthur struck at Inchon cutting their forces in half and pushed the North Korean’s almost to the Yalu river until the Chinese entered the war with largest ever undetected infiltration of an army and forced the Americans back to Seoul where in MacArthur then again turned it around forcing the North Koreans and Chinese back toward China and he was so close to doing it if Truman hadn’t stopped him. At that point Americans ceased to fight wars to their conclusion. Well, at least till Trump showed up 🙂

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        1. MacArthur wanted to take N Korea and reunite the Koreas – but Truman would not allow our troops to cross a certain parallel. I think the sorry UN was somewhere in the mix.



    December 22, 2019
    by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins

    The Laodicean Liberals over at Christianity Today have decided that President Trump must be removed from office, and on December 19th published an editorial calling for his removal. Christianity Today is yet another group with ties to George Soros and have published numerous articles promoting his immigration policies. A little-known group called the Evangelical Immigration Table is a George Soros front organization of the National Immigration Forum and is ultimately traced directly back to Soros’ Open Societies Foundation. So now that the impeachment plan by the Democrats has all but failed, you are going to start to hear just about every Laodicean Liberal evangelical begin to do the bidding of George Soros, who funds them all, and come against President Trump.

    Christianity Today is yet another group with ties to George Soros and have published numerous articles promoting his immigration policies.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. I wonder if they will learn to code? (ps I so love seeing your avatar as I have 2 Umbrellas, & had 2 more I lost (borna virus) also Mollucan (same horrible disease). The 2 I have are about 28 & 42. all rescues)

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  6. i find the perspectives fascinating on Adm Rogers…The left is playing it off like he’s being investigated bu Durham, the right is saying he’s working WITH Durham. The intercept’s source? 4 people associated with Rogers told them.
    So did the white hats leak this to tighten the screws on the coup participants? or did the black hats leak this to see if they could wrangle any news from Rogers (aye or nay) that he’s cooperating?
    I love your news reports Flep!!!!!! we are lucky to have you here!!

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  7. Wheatie posted this important segment by Tucker Carlson. I don’t know if a lot of people saw it, but Tucker calls out these FAKE CONSERVATIVE non-profit Think Tanks in Washington – AFP, AEI, Heritage Foundation, American Conservative Union, CEI, etc. for being in on Google’s take to silence conservative voices.

    It’s disgusting and more people need to know where these supposedly “conservative” non-profits really get their bread buttered – from GOOGLE and BIG TECH LOBBYISTS!

    And we wonder why conservatives are ineffective and always on the defensive? It’s a great fundraising gag.

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    1. Dr. Sebastian Gorka @ 13 minutes say there were MORE THAN 50 LIES, OMISSIONS and other No-nos in the Horrowitz report.

      Also do not miss Yuan’s (sp) comments on Hong Kong & Dr Gorka’s comments on the history of his father @ 17 minutes.

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  8. Remember Jack Burkman, who was investigating Seth Rich, and was almost shot on the street in an ambush, then later was shot by an assistant he hired who lured him to a parking garage with a promise of Seth documents, and all the while it turned out the neighbor he hired as an assistant just happened to be the wife of an FBI agent who was stealing his emails and passing them to her husband? Here is an update linked in this tweet, and notice no mention of Seth Rich in the article, which was his real focus:

    This is terrifying. How many times has this happened w/o the bad actors getting caught?

    — Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) December 21, 2019

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  9. I though this was interesting – A Freeper notes that Netflix is doing a documentary on how FBI was using Serial Killer Henry Lee Lucas to close old unsolved murders, by having him confess to them, and when a Texas prosecutor pointed out Lucas could not have committed many of these crimes, they launched a Trump-type-conspiracy against him, complete with fake dossier they shipped to a local reporter, whose reports they then used to launch a criminal case against the prosecutor. Interesting in that you have what appeared to be a Cabal wet-works guy in Lucas, who along with fellow Serial Killer friend Otis Toole (who probably killed John Walsh’s son) claimed to have been a part of a murderous Satanic death cult that trained him and other serial killers, (Manson and Son of Sam both also identified this cult as their leadership organization, which told them who to kill), and which also had him kidnap children and deliver them to Mexico, for creation of child pornography and ritual sacrifice. The cult essentially sounds like a covert intelligence wet work operation, being run under the cover of a religious/satanic cult:

    Lucas claimed that he was trained by a nationwide satanic cult in a mobile paramilitary training camp in the Florida Everglades…. Henry further claimed the leaders of the camp were so impressed with his handling of a knife that he was allowed to serve as an instructor. Following his training, Henry claimed that he served the cult in various ways, including as a contract killer and as an abductor of children , whom he delivered to a ranch in Mexico near Juarez. Once there, they were used in the production of child pornography and for ritual sacrifices.”

    Some of the crimes, he said, were committed under orders from the Satanic cult, the Hand of Death, who recruited them to help out with the human sacrifices. “They take a live girl and put her on the table and split her open and take all of her organs out,” he told police, adding that sometimes they would take the entrails and put them in a pot and cooked ’em. The Hand of Death has also been mentioned by Charles Manson and New York’s infamous Son of Sam as the true masterminds behind their crimes…

    Police would later search vast areas of the Florida everglades by boat and helicopter for evidence of the cult’s existence but none would be found. Lucas explained this away by telling police that the cult was a nationwide conspiracy involving, not only senior police, but also politicians. “They were probably tipped off that you were lookin’ for ‘em,” he explained.

    Sounds crazy, unless you know what is out there, in which case it is perfectly plausible.

    Lucas also said he delivered the poison to Jim Jones that was used to kill his cult, itself rumored to have been an MK Ultra experiment. His death penalty was the only one ever commuted by George W. Bush, which is strange by itself, given he was probably the most evil character to happen across Bush’s desk. And once he was caught, he and those FBI agents were essentially covering up various unsolved murders, which for all we know were being done by Cabal agents and MK windup toys all over the nation.

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  10. Matt Bevin, just having pardoned 428 people, including some violent offenders, wrongly claims he was right to pardon the rapist of a 9 year old girl because she did not have visible physical trauma to her genitals. My guess is he pardoned all of those scumbags to bury a few pardons which he didn’t want anybody looking to closely at. No wonder he lost.

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  11. Liked by 3 people

  12. BOMBSHELL: The Russian owned company Paul Pelosi was a board member of appears to be DIRECTLY connected to Russian government. The Ana Shell company SOFTAN PTE. LTD. has the EXACT same office number as Gazprom, the state-owned Russian oil and gas company. @HowleyReporter

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  13. Daily Mail looks back at all the facts which make General Patton’s death look like an assassination, and they point the finger at Bill Donovan and the CIA. From the article :

    General Patton was left paralyzed from neck down after his Cadillac collided with a parked military truck at slow speed, he died in the hospital 12 days later. All reports pertaining to the accident have mysteriously vanished from the National Archives and the Library of Congress, main figures and witnesses were never seen or heard from publicly after the incident. Circumstantial evidence points to an assassination plot led by the former director of the Office of Strategic Services (a precursor to the CIA); his name was General ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan. An ex- special ops WWII spy named Douglas Bazata confessed that he was ordered to kill Patton and make it look like an accident; Patton was poisoned in the hospital after he survived the crash… The two other passengers in the vehicle were unharmed except General Patton… Patton was swiftly taken to an Army hospital 20 miles away where he made rapid strides in recovery over the course of 12 days. His presiding physician had given him the medical clearance to make the gruelling trans-Atlantic flight back home when suddenly on December 21, 1945, the indestructible general who revelled in his nickname ‘Old Blood and Guts’ was pronounced dead. No autopsy was ever performed. All the reports and investigations into the accident have mysteriously disappeared. In 1979, an American spy with a sterling reputation named Douglas Bazata claimed that he was ordered by the Office of Strategic Services (a precursor to the CIA) to kill Patton and make his murder look like an accident… a number of independent sources with circumstantial evidence have come forward to corroborate various parts of Bazata’s story…

    Fighters will have trouble with the patience required when warring in the intelligence realm. Driven to act, they can have trouble staying under cover, and letting their enemies enjoy short term victories. They also will have trouble operating from an upfront warrior’s perspective, because it is tough for them to understand just how much everything that guides their behavior will be absent in that of their enemy’s. Patton made the big mistake of writing a letter to a friend saying when the war was finally concluded and he got stateside, he was going to move into the political realm, and try to effect change there. He failed to operate under an assumption his enemies were reading his correspondence, that he needed them to think they were going to win, and that they would never have met him head on. If I had to guess, that letter is what sealed his fate.

    Story also points out the truck which rammed Patton’s vehicle was parked by the side of the road waiting for him, started driving as he approached, and turned into him at the last moment. When you encounter intel, the first thing you get conditioned to, is timing coincidences like vehicles and people who begin moving/arriving/acting when you do. If I had been his driver, I’d have instantly thought either potential head on collision or more likely, ambush by the truck blocking my path, the moment that truck began moving just as I did. That would instantly trigger high-amygdala. And I will bet if his driver had been surveillance aware, he would have seen something on the way there – a guy on the corner eyeing them with a radio bulging under his jacket, a car arriving at an intersection just as he came up on it – something, and maybe several somethings. These lessons will be important to somebody here someday.

    The truck had been strangely stolen, driven miles into this remote area, and some of the guys in it disappeared after the accident. A Special Operations assassin for the OSS at the time says he was ordered to use a gun which fired rocks at high velocity, that would be mistaken for debris at a crash site, at Patton’s neck as his car slowed before the collision, and that was what paralyzed him. Another soldier, who had been accompanying Patton, told his wife afterward he wasn’t going to make it to his birthday, then began seizing during sex and bleeding through his orifices before dying while waiting for a strangely delayed ambulance. No autopsy for him either. Also, from Free Republic’s comments:

    One day a report came through his section that Patton had been murdered because he was digging into thefts of the Reischbank gold in which high ranking US Army officers were implicated. Patton was seen as expendable because he was in ill favor with his superiors and Soviet friendly politicians in Washington.

    Notably, the theft of the Reischbank gold remains officially unsolved, but key records are said to have been destroyed, lost, or to remain classified. Yet it seems to have been an inside job, with considerable sums of foreign currency and gold going missing after entering US Army custody.

    Cabal has been very busy for a long time. Imagine what society might have looked like, had they not been working 24/7 to kill every great man who aspired to honestly lead his people.

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    1. My late father, a WWII Army vet, was part of that forced march that Gen. PATTON got together, in defiance of orders not to do so, which arrived at Bastogne just before Christmas Eve 1944 and rescued our men who were besieged by the Wehrmacht and about ready to die. This became The Battle of the Bulge.
      My father clearly remembered going to Mass on Christmas Eve in the freezing cold and snow outside of Bastogne. He said his entire unit was at Mass — including the Protestants and Jews in the unit — and even a couple of atheists. Every single man took Communion.
      My father said to his dying day that Gen. Patton was deliberately killed in revenge for his defying orders.

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  14. More from anonymous conservative
    Interesting list of donations by Jeffrey Epstein, which may work like a list of people he compromised, ranked by power and compromization level. Top of the list is Eliot Spitzer, but also a number of Republicans, from Old Senator Al D’Amato, to George H. W. “David Cop-A-Feel” Bush. Schumer too, as well as Bob Dole.

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    U.S. Gives Haiti $21 Million to Bear “Socio-Political Impasse” After Billions in Aid Vanish

    It appears that no amount of documented fraud, waste or corruption in Haiti will deter the U.S. government from sending the poverty-stricken Caribbean island huge sums of money. After the 2010 earthquake Congress approved billions of dollars to help the country bounce back but that never materialized, and no one really knows what happened to the money. A costly initiative to build housing failed miserably after the U.S. spent $90 million and tens of thousands of Haitians remain homeless nearly a decade later. The Clinton Foundation and Clinton Bush Haiti Fund also came up with some $88 million for earthquake recovery but Haiti remains a disaster, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

    Before the tremor a federal audit revealed that hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars were wasted on reckless Haitian projects with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clinton-backed power and port venture is the biggest and most expensive failure mentioned in the probe, which was ordered by a Florida congresswoman who at the time confirmed a “troubling lack of progress and accountability” in Haiti reconstruction projects. A decade later many Haitians still live in deplorable, shanty town tent cities and a never-ending epidemic of cholera keeps claiming lives. Where did all that American aid go? Why doesn’t the government have a process in place to assure resources are properly used to help Haitians?

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  16. As this article’s title says “time to home school”
    It also points out that the only perspective is the ones from Clinton supporters, and none from the viewpoint of Trump people. says

    Looks like FB is really being biased This not the first time I have seen this on an article posted. I found the first one that shows the true story which does not really contradict the first. U-Tree you all are soon to be our only source of real truthful news) First is the article FB is tagging…Coppied the FB tag is any of the monitors want me to try it on the test page to see it.

    .New High School Textbook Describes Trump as Mentally Ill, Supporters as Racist
    By Todd Starnes – April 23, 2019

    Related Articles
    False: The textbook did not state as facts Trump was mentally ill and supporters were racists.
    Did a high school history textbook describe President Don


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