Dear KMAG: 20191213 Open Thread

Welcome to the OPEN THREAD! Ouch, it is Friday the 13th, but that’s okay. As we continue through Justice is Coming December, with the Decorations UP, Presents Wrapped, This weekend is Party TIME. Gents, it time to polish up your shoes and find the festive tie. Ladies, drag out the sequins and your Cinderella slippers. (Special tribute for ARMY at the bottom)

Last night was the Congressional Christmas Ball at the White House. Guess Nadler’s invitation was lost in the mail. Melania stole the show and looked like a Snow Queen. President was full of vim and vigor.

This Justice Is Coming December open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world.

Please feel free to comment. We have a new policy, starting 20191110. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

We have a new board – actually a new SITE – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation. NOT HERE. This board will remain a REFUGE for those who need civility, either some or all of the time.

Please keep the President, his family and team in your thoughts and prayers. If you run into the President, SPEAK THE FIVE WORDS BOLDLY. “I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!



Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Get your jingle going. It’s time to play. Be happy. It’s Christmas! You can’t sit still to this song. Let’s dance around the tree!

Have to share this story: Twitter Girlfriend’s daughter enlisted in the ARMY. Overprotective Mom has been a nervous wreck throughout basic training. Finally, graduation day arrived. She and husband went to “Family Day”, hoping her “baby” survived. Mom even packed a little first aid kit to doctor bumps and scrapes, and brought with her the daughter’s favorite snacks…… the ones she used to pack in her lunch for school. Everyone was situated in the grandstands when the ceremony began………

Well…….You HAVE to see the video ——– make grown men puff up their chest and cry at the same time. ARMY laid down smoke on the whole Parade Ground. From out of the smoke…….. came FIVE BATTALIONS………

Dear Lord, I’m crying like a baby while writing, heart bursting with pride!!!!!! They’re not babies anymore. Go ARMY!!!!!!! Pride of the USA!

Merry Christmas to all those who serve, and cannot come home for Christmas. We love you.

Congratulations to PM Boris Johnson and all our cousins in the UK!

737 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191213 Open Thread

      1. In the NHS, psychologists are NOT permitted to prescribe drugs. Patients must be referred to an MD (either an internist or a psychiatrist) for examination and getting prescriptions.
        There are At LEAST 5 states that permit psychologists to prescribe drugs for behavioral issues (which MAY OR MAY NOT include gender identification issues):
        New Mexico
        AND, psychologists mat prescribe drugs for NATIVE AMERICANS on their reservations through the Indian Health Service.
        Now — with NO disrespect to licensed, practicing psychologists — there is a WORLD of difference between the training that an MD/psychiatrist, and a psychologist, receives.

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        1. Thanks for that info CV………. I had no idea a psychologist anywhere in US could write scripts… agree with you about the difference between. Most psychologists will tell you what you have stated.

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      It’s PROGRAMMING. I have been coming to the conclusion that what we are dealing with are software metastable states, having some average congruence with hardware, but not definitively.

      Translation – you can TURN PEOPLE toward TRANS, to varying degrees, and it will hold for varying periods of time, depending on hardware, firmware, and previously installed software.

      Pencilneck is (IMO) determined to rework and suppress “normal” human sexuality as a population control in order to continue to exert planetary control. Psychological manipulations to force gay and trans at all levels are being pushed using mass media, medicine, religion, anti-religion, culture, cultural icons, control of science, etc.

      I believe the abnormal brain function is not purely organic in all individuals. It should be possible to burn in new firmware using advanced techniques, many of which we’re not even aware of, provided there is social psychology present to support the outcome and stabilize it.

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      1. There’s lots we don’t know Wolfie.

        Cabal objective is to make females more masculine, more aggressive, and to make males into Soy Boys, more passive. Resulting in less attraction between the two and therefore less reproduction, fewer children.

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        1. ^^^^^ AND a more needy immature group that is confused, needs constant reaffirmation..cult-like because they are so “unique”. It’s almost akin to creating a group of people whose only purpose to proselytize for creating more of them.. They’re manufacturing mentally ill humans

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          1. Might as well throw this in too…the manufacture of mentally ill is on display in every big DemCom city with the drug addicts . The addicts of these cities are so brain blown that I sincerely doubt that no drug program could ever help them.
            Forget the junkies of yesteryear. What I see on these twitter accts is disturbed unstable individuals . Zombies

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        2. Yup. I think the goal would then be artificial reproduction. Basically, “tanks” (term for lab-grown people in “Space: Above and Beyond”) would become the norm. That accelerates the manipulation of humanity toward whatever end product they have in mind. They can accelerate the manipulation of the gene pool at that point.

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          1. I still believe that the rise of drag queen culture is primarily to desensitize kids to weird men that sort of resemble woman but..possibly, unbeknownst to themselves, the tv drag queens are so exaggerated that look like AI. They don’t look like regular women. They definitely don’t look like men.

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            1. Good thinking.

              There is some kind of extreme manipulation of humanity going on. The core Democrats are like the biggest group of useful idiots to fall for it. They’re completely malleable to propaganda at this point. They could be convinced to do almost anything – which is rather scary, actually.

              There is a huge agenda that requires DRIVING as Q puts it. The Fake News drives us according to an agenda. The ULTIMATE agenda is the key to discern.

              Basically Dark or Light, IMO.

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  1. She’s a disgrace. This article made me want to chew nails.

    Pelosi Meets With Islamist Groups About Overturning ‘Muslim Ban,’ Impeaching Trump
    The meeting between Pelosi and the Muslim Advocates-led group represents yet more evidence of the alignment of Islamists as full members of the leftist political resistance to Trump.

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      1. Shows to go ya that electing any muslim to office in the USA has swift consequences and is ALWAYS solely concerned with international type issues..they do not care about any citizen other than their fellow islamists…IMHO

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    1. I am chewin on railroad spikes, nails are ok for chewin on when ya step in something in the yard that’s smellie, railroad spikes are for that about to blow anger.

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    2. Nancy Pelosi is acting like a SHADOW PRESIDENT. Been doing that for awhile now. Getting bolder since NOBODY has stopped her. She’s also hand-in-glove with the radical Muslims in Congress.

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  2. Does everyone understand what just happened in Britain??

    Do everyone realize that it was a MASSIVE LANDSLIDE victory for conservatives/Brexit and an equally HUMILIATING and decisively UNSPINABLE historic loss for UK progressives??

    THIS is what is going to happen here in Nov. 2020….

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      1. I can’t see him taking DC, which typically votes 90% democrat. (We should never have given that place electoral votes.)

        But I could at least imagine him taking everywhere else. Reagan came very close in 1984; he lost Minnesota and DC, and Minnesota was a thin margin. Nixon took everything but Massachusetts and DC in 1972 (plus one faithless elector in Virginia). [But how the mighty fall–he was forced to resign less than two years later.]

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        1. Nixon resigned on the advice (and lie) of Poppy Bush… who told him that the Articles of Impeachment were solid, and there were votes in the House for them. (LIES)

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          1. I like the idea, but I have one nagging worry: that a bunch of Red areas in “flyover country” will end up becoming blue. It’s uncomfortably like salting flyover country with Muslim refugee communities. (An important difference being that I do not think Mulvaney is doing damage deliberately.)

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              1. That’s encouraging! But, I suspect simply holding the job will eventually give whoever has it a “big state government-is-the-solution” mindset. Power corrupts. Still it’s an improvement over the present situation.

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        1. After everything that has happened….after all these years…..and Sundance has NOTHING to say about the Horowitz report o his testimony before the SJC???

          Yeah, somethings up. You can’t fart in an elevator like this and not go unnoticed….which is what it SEEMS like is happening in this case.

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      1. Patience…heard this was a movie…enjoy the show…moar popcorn please;-)

        AG Barr and Bull Durham are just getting warmed up.

        Whether it all comes out with lawyers defending President Trump OR supporting Durham led indictments, it will all come out.

        Me thinks a real life script would be…2020 starts with a BANG!
        1. Indictments.
        2. Declas and release docs / text exposing the entire farce.
        3. President Trump lawyers uses ALL docs, text to bury them all…bite me, where’s Hunter, Yates, Brennan, Comey, LL, Comey, McCabe, Page, Strokz, Podesta’s, hildabeast, slick willy, AND hussein.

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  3. ————————————————————

    Wyatt is being attacked by Trump Supporters… see his Twitter stream…

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    1. I don’t know who Wyatt is but I am VERY leery of anyone who claims to be “spiritual” out of one side of their mouth but the Bible was written by “the Cabal” in order to enslave mankind out of the other side…like Wyatt just did.


    2. I’d argue that “turn the other cheek” is a more modern interpretation of Jesus, i.e. subverted. Bible Jesus threw the moneylenders out of the temple, said pedos should be tossed in a lake with a millstone hung around their necks, and insulted a Caananite woman.

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    1. Gabriel’s as pinko as they come… SPD’ler (Die Linke are farther left, with the Greens sort of tied with them). The entire German political spectrum, with the exception of the AfD, are far left. The FDP (often termed “Die Freimaurer Partei) are a smidgen left of center, wannabe populiasts, I suppose, and the AfD are where the CDU/CSU used to be 20-30 years ago, when Kohl was Kanzler.

      Time to clean house. The judiciary over here is also clogged up with libturd snowflakes. What few laws really have teeth, they decline to enforce (which leads to violent, murderous Mozzies going to the psycho wards instead of jail: only to escape and do it all over again)… grrrr…..

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  4. SD on twitter banging on Barr again, protecting institution, Rosenstein & Wray.

    Sidney Powell follows, and occasionally comments, OT. Wrote License to Lie about unscrupulous DOJ.

    Just …. interesting…. 🤔🤔🤔

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    1. There is absolutely ZERO reason to conclude Barr is Deep State. You have to be deep into narrative engineering, a total cynic, or a conspiracy theorist to reach a conclusion like that in the total absence of any facts. Humility. Don’t trust your pride to be “right”.

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        1. He just took a big hit on McConnell this week saying that he would backstab POTUS. McConnell on Hannity last night just tore him a new one. IMO

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          1. We have been following the granular details for years, events unfolding following a predictable pattern we discerned and reported early on, that has become so clearly visible that it is now transparently obvious even to the pundits who chose or preferred to ignore it.

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    2. The RR and Wray angle will play out. Would be happy if they are good guys. Hard to buy it, at this point.

      BUT, AG Barr IS delivering unambiguous signals the bad guys WILL pay for the attempted coup. Never have I seen An AG be so direct AND politically incorrect when talking about bad actors in the FIB, DOJ, IC and private folks.

      Some dude lacks a whole lot of credibility AND smells of chronic Eeyore Derangement Syndrome.

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      1. Yes!

        Gen Flynn is definitely Not Anti-Q.

        Q is pro NSA…pro Admiral Rogers, who was head of the NSA and tried to stop the coup-plotters, by blocking their illegal use of NSA data.

        Admiral Rogers and Gen Flynn are old friends.

        So I would think that Sydney Powell is Not Ant-Q, too.

        Perhaps she is unaware of the Q-hating that has gone on at the CTH, I dunno.
        Perhaps she hasn’t noticed the depressing Eeyore-ism that has been going on there, over the past year.

        I’ve noticed her occasionallty tweeting out a link to articles at the CTH.
        She is directing people to a den of despair now…and she may not realize it.

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        1. She’s also a very busy woman…to say the least…I doubt she is following very closely the day to day pearl clutching going on over there…or the twitter feuds that SD so often involves himself in.

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  5. Putting this up for mainly Wolf’s input. Trying to sketch out characteristics of the treehouse into a standard model…

    Treehouse Model
    – Fearless Citizen Journalism – Be Andrew Brietbart, You are the news now
    – Fearless sharing of opinions and analysis
    – Regular Open Threads (daily cadence) for maximum engagement
    – Free Speech comments (within certain limits)
    – High Interaction
    – No social media dependency (other than a wordpress/gravatar account) – does not depend on Twitter or Facebook to drive traffic or views
    – Limited risk of social media deplatforming (shadowbans, deboost)
    – Extreme Vetting
    – Comment Moderation & Free Speech in Balance – Clear and communicated guidelines
    – Constructive comments rather than argument
    – Recruiting multiple volunteer posters
    – Posts are less focused on polished essays. More emphasis on content and analysis
    – Personal, as opposed to depersonalized, written in third party, or edited. Editor and poster are usually same person and engaged in comments
    – General interest posts that feel more like a family or fellowship, making space for religion, national celebration, remembrance, etc.
    – – Holiday posts – Thanksgiving, July 4th, Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas
    – – Prayer posts, Prayer Wall
    – – Recipe posts that feel like a potluck party (Leftists hate potlucks)
    – – Memorial posts – Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Memorial Day, Veterans day

    Are there other key elements I’m missing or need to consider?

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    1. Don’t know if it’s worthy of mention, but I believe the comment moderation should be described as limiting personal attacks on commenters, promoting civility, but not limiting topics or content of comments.

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      1. Yes! EXACTLY. Important that people can talk very speculatively without fear, or uphold minority viewpoints in “current America”, ranging from reality of demons/Satan to UFOs to government conspiracies, COUGH, COUGH, COUGH, not that the latter could possibly exist. 😉

        People just have to disagree nicely, or ignore what they cannot disagree with nicely.

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        1. Well…there is no ignoring that the purge happened.

          It was a pivotal moment.
          It is a “key element” that needs to be considered.

          Q represents Hope that things are being done and that things are not as bleak as they appear at times.

          Sundance banned all mention of Q…and banned people for simply talking about Q on this site.

          One big difference between the QTree and the CTH, is that here at the QTree you can disagree with the board owner and not get banned.

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          1. Wow. Just wow!!

            I also would like to point out that every time I read the name SD it reminds me of that show ‘Alias’ Where Sydney thought she was working for the good guys in SD-6 only to learn it was the bad guys.

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    2. Great job, Michael!,!

      Not sure these are relevant or already inferred above:
      This site also offers Daily News Roundup post a la Flep.
      Posters are diligent about citing credible sources.
      24 or 48 hour rule prevents needless Eeyorism.

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    3. I think you have most of the model.

      Guerrilla pop-up citizen analysis and research group as a lifestyle.

      Note also good community mix from young to boomer to elderly.


      The unusual security model is key, in my opinion, to prevent subversion.

      – BO and authors should have security awareness if not training and experience

      – Personal information about participants (email, etc.) is ONLY held by the BO and platform

      – Platform modifications are forbidden to limit state-level hacks to PLATFORM ONLY

      – Monetization is forbidden to limit leverage, compromise, loss of anonymity

      – Communications default to PUBLIC at nearly 100%

      – Only private communications (PMs) are ON THE PLATFORM

      – BO defaults to answering PMs publicly

      – BO avoids PMs to the point of RARITY to prevent social hacks

      – Problematic PMs are PUBLISHED to disable social hacks and leverage ploys

      – NO email communications or any other leakable back-channel

      – BO maintains high personal security to avoid IRL attacks

      – All possible attacks on group or participants are published openly as a deterrent

      – Survival plans for deplatforming, including reconstitution by anonymous volunteers

      – Site destruction and reconstitution are retained as a strategic option


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      1. I’m sure these many points can be summarized, but I wanted to get the details out there, since they are not *entirely* understood by everybody, even though I have articulated all of these points here and there in various places.

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    1. “Every Jewish school and synagogue needs security now! ”


      No, they don’t.

      The answer to every problem is NOT to turn America into a POLICE STATE.

      Who — precisely AND exclusively — is attacking the Jews, and EVERYBODY else in America?

      It begins with “m”, ends with “ie” and has “uzz” in the middle.

      muzzies are committing NINETY-NINE PERCENT of ALL terrorism in the WORLD.

      THINK about that.

      The answer to that problem is NOT to turn the entire PLANET into a lockdown maximum security facility!

      The ANSWER to the problem presented by islam is to OUTLAW islam.

      It is INSANE to alter the entire structure of our country, sacrifice our freedom and live in a POLICE STATE just so we can have ‘islam’ in America!

      Where’s the cost / benefit analysis to THAT?!?

      STOP the INSANITY.

      OUTLAW islam.

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  6. hahahah if any were here last night and saw the dumb campaign dance vids…ok..this is the guy from the Bloomberg team…lol..he got fired but in true crybaby SJW fashion is crying about it on twitter.
    The replies are great

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        1. “Why?”


          Democrats take dancing very seriously.

          It’s well known within Democrat circles.

          It goes way back to a song by Men Without Hats song that embodied a whole generation of NPC Leftists — it became their anthem.

          It both predates and anticipates the entire concept of ‘safe spaces’.

          It’s called “Safety Dance”.

          And they can dance if they want to… 🤣

          Just look at the words… this is how seriously Democrats take dancing:

          We can dance if we want to
          We can leave your friends behind
          ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
          Well, they’re no friends of mine


          It’s not gay at all… No matter how obviously gay it might seem… 😂

          Absolutely no more gay today than it was when it came out in the 1980s… which — I remember — was pretty gay… really gay…

          Liked by 2 people

          1. That is what the 1980s did to music.

            We were listening to Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, the Who, Pink Floyd… and then garbage like Safety Dance would come on…

            In 1971, Don McLean sang a great old song about the day the music died.

            The 1980s poured gasoline on the grave, and set it on fire!

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            1. As far as I’m concerned it was…

              It’s more gay than a pride parade in San Francisco, lol!

              Try to find a single masculine element (including the lead singer and EVERY movement he makes) in that entire song.

              Go ahead… I dare ya! 😁

              Liked by 2 people

              1. I’ll take your word for it, Scott.

                I just thought it was a goofy little song.

                But my husband says that I don’t have very good gaydar about things like this.

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              2. “But my husband says that I don’t have very good gaydar about things like this.”


                There’s an easy test for those who are ever unsure in a given situation.

                Just ask yourself, “Would Clint Eastwood ever do this?”

                If the answer is “No”, then there’s about a 95% chance that whatever the ‘thing’ in question is, it’s gay… or at least so far away from masculine that it might as well be. 😁

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              3. Well wheatie, if you go into a bar and there are two girls dancing (or two boys) and you didn’t get spidey tingles ahead of time …

                your gaydar is broken.

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  7. Hannity showed a clip of Schiff on The Late Show. Schiff said all his usual lies, but in the midst of it he said, “…why don’t you wait until the president cheats again in the next election.” I’ve read that Schiff can’t be held accountable for things he says on the floor of Congress, but I’m wondering if he could be sued for this lie that besmirches Pres. Trump’s character. I really hope so. In addition, this is election tampering.

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  8. It’s been a news avalanche for the last 2 days, not unexpected however! Been doing some Christmas baking, and looking at things here in between times. The opening post today brought memories back from our son when he graduated from boot camp in San Diego as I know it did for anyone who had a child graduate from boot camp from any of the armed services. It’s just the BEST ever!

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      1. No, but I picked sand cherries with my grandmother in Texas when I was a teen, and I think they are really a small wild plum, about cherry size, yellow in color and they grew on bushes by the roadside. We made jam with them which was very tasty.

        I have a wild plum tree, it looks like an offspring of the mostly ornamental japanese plum trees as the leaves are reddish – greenish and it has brick red colored small plums, a bit bigger than cherries. I’m in the PNW, where all sorts of berries grow voluntarily as well as many kinds are cultivated. This year my plum tree and fig tree ripened at the same time so I made a batch of plum – fig jam. I’m going to break it out for Christmas.

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        1. ‘Course I think my taste buds have dulled significantly since childhood, but the wild berry jams and jellies Ma used to make . . . I just can’t find those tastes any more.

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          1. Commercial jam has watered down fruit and usually uses corn syrup and sometimes high fructose corn syrup all of which dilutes the fruit flavor, and sometimes uses under ripe fruit which doesn’t have all the flavor of fully ripe fruit. One thing I really miss are tree ripened peaches and apricots. My Texan grandmother had peach and apricot trees in her back yard. The commercial orchards always pick them before they are ripe; I can understand why as they don’t travel well if they are ripe. I just rarely buy them, I got spoiled!

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    1. I would love for all that hidden crap to be blown out into the open . . . but I’m totally ignorant of the effectiveness of Trump’s strategy that is holding back on that. Prosecutions . . . yes . . . but, other reasons, too???

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    2. Thanks for the headsup, FG&C…but I’d rather not go there.

      I thought that Pres Trump already declassified all that FISA stuff last spring…

      He then left it up to AG Barr as to When to release it to the public.

      This makes sense, really…because PDJT can then step back and maintain a distance between himself and the DOJ.
      This way, the Dems can’t accuse Pres Trump of ‘telling the AG what to do’.

      I was surprised that Sen Kennedy didn’t know about this.

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  9. AG Barr is definitely over the target.

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      1. He keeps it in a pit, in his basement, and teaches it to respond to the expression “It puts the lotion on its skin“.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that… !

        If it’s sick, twisted and deranged, there’s a 99% it’s democrat and/or islam related.


        It’s practically a truism.


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