Dear KAG!: 20191212 Open Thread

 This Night before Daughn Thursday 20191212 Open Thread is Open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG! You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

However, we have a new policy. Starting 20191110. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. We have a new board – actually a new SITE – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation. NOT HERE. This board will remain a REFUGE for those who need civility, either some or all of the time.

They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.


Also remember Wheatie’s Rules: •1.No food fights. •2.No running with scissors. •3.If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone

As I sit here writing this post still feeling the afterglow of last nights Rally in Hershey, Pa. The Stupid and Ill Advised IMPEACHMENTSHAM WILL FAIL!


Finally maybe you Qtreepers will remember this and be Encouraged Our President Trump Will NOT FAIL!

3 Years ago now and the moment I knew THIS MAN IS WHAT WE NEED!

Well the Horowitz report to the Senate is done but Bull Durham and AG Barr are not.

MAGA on please

661 thoughts on “Dear KAG!: 20191212 Open Thread

  1. LP, LP, LP!!! and Wolfie, and others

    Turtle on Hannity, squarely, firmly BACKING POTUS!!!

    Senate has to take up case, after 1st of year, will stay on it until finished. Roberts is judge, no hearsay. Dems will present their case, then turn over to POTUS’ lawyers. They will decide if any witnesses will be called. Mitch will be working w/lawyers and will take all cues from them – he said it twice. If they know they have enough votes to end it, IT WILL BE UP TO THE PRESIDENT’S LAWYERS TO DECIDE. POTUS IN CONTROL.


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    1. I had just written this when I saw your post:
      Mitch McConnell was on Hannity, and he put to rest the rideiculous theory (by someone not on this site, that I won’t name) that I saw posted here the other day — that he hates Pres. Trump. McConnell was talking about how his book, The Long Game, that was publishedt three years ago,, is now coming out in paperback, and Pres. Trump wrote the foreward. It’s about the importance of the judges. McConnell seems very proud of the work he has done and said he would defninitely replace RBG if she retires next year. He said the most important thing he has done is not allowing O to appoint another SCOTUS justice.

      I repeat: McConnell not only doesn’t hate Pres. Trump, but he seems very proud of his role to MAGA.

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          1. LOLOL, I admit I got it kinda mixed up, but it still works!! 😂

            I hated seeing everyone stressed out Tuesday over that bad article. Now that we got everything cleared up, time to MAGA ON!!! 😍😍😍

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      1. Yes TheseTruths… Mitch has been aiding Maga… without Maga judges, we would not be able to sentence criminals. Additionally, Mitch has been building his legacy.

        Now tell me, WHAT person would impair their legacy by back-stabbing the president?

        He has every right to be proud of his role.

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      2. Hannity expressed amazement that Zerobama left all those judicial vacancies. Turtle responded with the biggest smile of gloating I’ve ever seen from him, saying, know why he left all those vacancies? because I was in charge of the Senate for the last two years of his term.

        He was so proud of himself for single-handedly frustrating Zero’s ability to fill those vacancies. I’m surprised he didn’t just jump up and dance a jig around the desk.

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    2. Roberts is both corrupt and conflicted.

      Roberts oversees and apparently literally appointed the corrupt FISA judges.

      The corruption of the FISA court is CENTRAL to the entire coup.

      It’s not even a LITTLE BIT possible that Roberts doesn’t need to recuse himself — and if he won’t, then he must be recused.

      This is a clown-car farce already.

      The last thing our country needs is Roberts pretending to preside over trial about a coup that he facilitated, if not outright participated in.

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        1. “He was ‘announcing his pronouns’.”


          The answer to any and all such insanity is to ask ‘why’, and then FORCE the issue to conclusion.

          I would ask him WHY he felt the need to ‘announce his pronouns’, and WTF does that even mean? Then I would mock and humiliate him until he answered.

          And then I would mock and humiliate his answer.

          And I WOULD NOT STOP until he slithered away in a cloud of shame.

          Because THAT is how you deal with this idiocy.


          “This is what our leftist overlords have demanded that we do now.”


          WTF are they to demand anything?

          They’re NOBODY.

          First off, I didn’t get the memo — and I’m pretty sure there’s a good freakin’ reason for that, because whoever tried to deliver a memo like that would get it shoved up their %#@.

          Rhetorically speaking, of course.

          They would literally never hear the end of it. If they tried to break off the argument and walk away, I would follow them, out to their car if necessary. Then I would follow them on foot as they drove out of the parking lot, mocking and and belittling that $#@ktard every step of the way.

          And I would want as MANY other people as POSSIBLE to SEE me do it, because THAT emboldens others to do the same.

          I do realize that the insane Left is ‘doing things’ all the time, but I don’t pay any attention to it, on purpose.

          That’s the first critical step in avoiding getting caught up in any of the insanity.

          I don’t recognize it.

          So if I am ever personally confronted by it, I have no tactical retreat strategy, which only leaves confrontation.

          And &^%$ like this NEEDS to be confronted.


            1. “Feel better?”


              Not yet! 😁


              “Personally, I think Sam Kinison had the right idea:”


              That is a one million percent better response than anything a typical Republican would do.

              If every patriot responded like THAT to every insane utterance by the Left, there wouldn’t be any Left left.

              Instead, for all intents and purposes, it’s the Left who screams like Kinison, and look how far it has taken them.

              That’s why they do it.

              Because intimidation works.

              It always has.

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      1. If he was the true believer he pretends to be, he would go sacrifice himself to Moloch in shame and humiliation.

        And videotape it, as a service to the world.

        You see that hate in his eyes?

        Right back at you, you filthy piece of ^&^%$.


  2. OMG! They’re calling for a Mueller investigation into BoJo’s win! Simpson needs to be under a Russian jail.

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    1. There was an investigation into Russian interference even before the election. Boris Johnson did not release the report, because the sitting Prime Minister (Boris) has several weeks to be able to review reports of that nature.

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    1. Oops, 1st part of tweet

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    1. 😬😖

      Feral youths…programmed by the lies of the evil Enemedia and the Demonicrats.

      This is what Mad Maxine told them to do!

      I wouldn’t blame the parents if they sued the school for letting this happen.
      That may be their only way to get some justice for this.

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    2. I spent a LONG time at midnight Christmas service praying for everyone who was affected by being a PDJT supporter. I could not mention all by name, but prayed for all in physical danger as well as those who were in danger of losing their employment.

      May the good Lord bless them all.

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  4. Hmmm…Kellyanne on Ingraham, don’t just take the win, get a full exoneraton. Ed Henry was just saying President’s advisors want to call a slew of witnesses.

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    1. It’s a shame that so many of our good guys were still tied up over at Congress in the Shampeachment markup meeting.

      I don’t think they got to go to this ‘Congressional Ball’.

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    1. Is the whole House of Representatives really, finally going to vote to impeach our President for the crimes of the Democrat Party and the Øbama Biden Clinton administration?

      Or is just the HJC voting?

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  5. This is encouraging.

    Fingers crossed. 🤞😔😏

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    1. “Fingers crossed.”



      Don’t we NEED impeachment?

      If there is no impeachment, then there is no trial in the Senate.

      If there is no trial in the Senate, then there is no opportunity to expose the entire filthy corrupt Cabal while the WHOLE WORLD is watching.

      If the dems chicken out, then DJT has to tell Republicans to provide as many votes for impeachment as necessary.

      The dems started this, so the Repubs need to see it through to conclusion and make them PAY every inch of the way, all the way to complete and total annihilation.

      And that does NOT include letting them get away this this 3-year long FARCE only to start up a new one tomorrow.

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      1. No…we don’t “need” impeachment in order to expose the criminal crapweasel Cabal.

        The exposure will happen as they are prosecuted.

        I do not want our President to go down in history as having been ‘impeached’.

        If it happens…of course we will fight it in every way that we can, to expose it for the sham that it is.
        It would be better, though, if it failed in the House vote.

        It’s being done to Interfere With the Election!
        It is Election Tampering, bigtime.

        If it passes in the House…then every slimeball on the Left will add the word “impeached” to Pres Trump’
        s name, whenever they say it.
        This is Why they are doing it.

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          1. But it WON’T be any part of his legacy, that’s blaming the VICTIM!

            If we CRUSH the Left, annihilate the Fake News (put them all in prison and shut down their corrupt racketeering enterprises) and the disembowel the democrat party, WHO is going to be ‘writing’ his ‘legacy’ anyway?

            Nobody who is going to be against DJT, that’s for sure.

            We are so close to victory… but nobody on our side will ever go for the throat. Our side always lets the devil get away, to come back stronger and more deadly the next time.

            Our side has no killer instinct at all.

            Our side doesn’t even have basic self-preservation instinct.

            We kneel well though…

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          1. Which of those do they not use anyway, already?

            How can we live in fear of what they MIGHT do, when they’re ALREADY doing it?!?

            And if we DESTROY them — and I don’t mean like some after school special, I mean DESTROY them as in put them OUT of business and IN prison — then WHO exactly is going to be saying nasty things about him, and how will they get that ‘narrative’ out?

            When CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fraud News, etc., no longer exist because they have all been exposed and prosecuted as corrupt criminal enterprises, and when 99% of the professional Democraps and 75% of the professional Republipigs are in PRISON, then WHO is exactly is going to be badmouthing President Trump or his ‘legacy’?

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        1. “No…we don’t “need” impeachment in order to expose the criminal crapweasel Cabal.”


          I thought that was the whole plan…

          What else is EVER going to bring it to a head?


          “The exposure will happen as they are prosecuted.”




          “I do not want our President to go down in history as having been ‘impeached’.”



          It will be a badge of HONOR before it’s all done. We’ll break their front teeth out shoving it down their throat.


          “If it happens…of course we will fight it in every way that we can, to expose it for the sham that it is.”


          We won’t even have to, there’s no ‘there’ there. The whole point of getting the Senate trial is so DJT can TURN the TABLES, and use the worldwide spotlight to shine a trillion megawatt light in every cockroach nest in D.C. — and everywhere it leads.


          “It would be better, though, if it failed in the House vote.”


          How? Why?

          The battlefield has been prepared, the infantry and artillery is all in place, the enemy has committed himself and is exposed on every flank… how do we let him escape now… and WHEN will we EVER have a better opportunity to BURY him?


          “It’s being done to Interfere With the Election!
          It is Election Tampering, bigtime.”


          And if DJT gets his day in court (i.e., Senate trial), if he turns the tables on them, there won’t BE any Democrat party left by November 2020.


          “If it passes in the House…then every slimeball on the Left will add the word “impeached” to Pres Trumps name, whenever they say it. This is Why they are doing it.’”


          And why wouldn’t they do that anyway… regardless?

          They’re going to.

          Reality doesn’t matter at ALL to the Left, everything is NARRATIVE, and narrative has NOTHING to do with reality. So whether Trump is impeached or not, they’re going to use the narrative just the same.

          Why do we EVER care what the Left might do, why do we let that determine our actions, when we already know they’re going to do it anyway?

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          1. Pandora has had a little taste of freedom, she ain’t gonna climb back into that box. What they have started will be completed. Even though I don’t want “impeached” to be part of his legacy, you are right about PDJT wearing it as a badge of honor.

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            1. President Trump OWNS the down side!

              They KNOW if it goes to a Senate Trial President Trump and his lawyers will STOMP THEM INTO THE MANURE FILLED SWAMPY MUCK!

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          2. Scott, while I don’t disagree with what you’re saying…I still think it would be better if they Fail to impeach him.

            You said:

            “Reality doesn’t matter at ALL to the Left, everything is NARRATIVE, and narrative has NOTHING to do with reality. So whether Trump is impeached or not, they’re going to use the narrative just the same.”

            This is true…but without an official ‘Impeachment’ in the House, they will only be able to say that they “tried”.

            Do you have complete faith in the Senate Republicans?

            Complete faith that they will fight the way we want them to?

            I am hoping for the best, of course…if it does go to the Senate.

            But I have to admit that I have some fears that they will let us down.
            It’s a battle that I would prefer we didn’t have to fight.

            So that’s why I think it would be better if the Dems don’t get their ‘win’ on the Shampeachment.

            Even though it is a total farce and a sham…if it happens, it weakens our President in the eyes of our enemies.
            They will call him the “Impeached President” in their propaganda against him, and us.

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  6. Melania is gorgeous and Karen Pence looks absolutely stunning!!!! Karen has definitely grown into her role. I am so proud of her. Indiana is as midwestern as it gets, and she was thrust into the middle of the Swamp and a lot of mud slung at Pence, as well as a lot of accusations from pro-Trumpers that Pence would undermine POTUS.

    Karen has to be aware of all that shit, but through it all she has carved her own role, and even updated her looks in a very flattering way. Bless her 💖

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