Dear KAG: 20191211 Open Thread

Welcome the Deck the Halls open thread. For those NOT following any sort of Liturgical Calendar, you might be done. Well, the rest of us will be doing it this week. How about some inspirational tunes.

Yes, given the solar minimum we are experiencing, a sable under the tree would be nice. Although, I’d like my convertible to be a candy apple red 1961 Corvette with a white swoosh.

But I digress, we need tunes.

My favorite…..

Okay, so here’s the deal. This is the open thread. This is where we all come to get the news that other Q tree inhabitants think is worth knowing and sharing. Please, post links to any “news” stories quoted, and ask for help if you are stumped as to how to do that. We’re a friendly lot. Someone will be with you shortly, and there is no reason to have to press one for English.

Free speech, and the open exchange and hashing out of ideas is not only allowed, but encouraged. If we all don’t use it, we’re going to lose it. There are, however, limits to civility, and those limits are strictly observed here. We are all on the same team. No personal threats, baiting, name calling and other behavior your mother and grandmother told you not to do while calling you by your full name is allowed. Otherwise, we’d end up looking like the other side.

There is absolutely no reason for infighting to result in burning down the tree, house up in the branches and all. Yes, it can be rough to temper speech. However, those who would like to slog it out from the comfort of the seat behind your keyboard, Wolf has provided a venue known as the UTree. Please, take it there.

And now for some house keeping:

There are a few rules here in the branches of the Q Tree. Our host, Wolfm00n, outlined them in a post on New Years Day. Please, review these rules from time to time, maybe while waiting in line with the kids to see Santa. After all, the line does go all the way to Terre Haute.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Steve suggests – to be accurate – no shooting at the nuclear weapons, but to be safe about it, don’t event point firearms toward them. I, Deplorable Patriot, bossy chick that I am, request no teasing the animals, pets and wildlife alike. FG&C asks that you wash your hands and take some vitamin C. Daughn suggests you whip the sugar with the shortning (butter) before adding the flour.

Teasing and trolling the lefties and their bastions, on the other hand is a moral imperative. This Christmas list is from last year, but deserves a second look.


In the eternal fight against the forces of evil and darkness, unceasing prayer is always needed.

From today’s Lectionary, Isaiah 40:25-31.

To whom can you liken me as an equal?
says the Holy One.
Lift up your eyes on high
and see who has created these things:
He leads out their army and numbers them,
calling them all by name.
By his great might and the strength of his power
not one of them is missing!
Why, O Jacob, do you say,
and declare, O Israel,
“My way is hidden from the LORD,
and my right is disregarded by my God”?

Do you not know
or have you not heard?
The LORD is the eternal God,
creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint nor grow weary,
and his knowledge is beyond scrutiny.
He gives strength to the fainting;
for the weak he makes vigor abound.
Though young men faint and grow weary,
and youths stagger and fall,
They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength,
they will soar as with eagles’ wings;
They will run and not grow weary,
walk and not grow faint.

And today’s Gospel reflects the piece I memorized for a music jury once:

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

And now, on to the day’s news…..

627 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20191211 Open Thread

  1. This is another first-hand report on one of China’s ‘ghost cities’.

    At 4:27 he shows that a food shop has ‘photos’ of food in their display counter, instead of real food.

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        1. Well, they created make-work jobs for construction workers.

          It also allowed the high-ups to refer to a “construction boom” that was going on.
          But in fact, it was a false narrative…because it was a staged, fake construction boom.

          So I’m thinking it was done for propaganda.
          To lure foreign investors into putting factories near those fake cities.

          Thing is…it is taking too long and the fake cities are falling apart before they can lure in investors.

          Also, Trump winning in 2016 has put a damper on their plans.

          I saw a little blurb today about a Euro Bank that is set to loan the ChiComs a huge amount of money.
          Are they insane?
          Maybe they think that Trump is going to be impeached and things will go back to normal, I dunno.


          1. oh wow, that made me think of something I think Daughn said or something that I read that some of the companies being traded on the exchange are empty shells. They’re fake. Fake products. Fake numbers. The address of the companies are empty buildings

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            1. Yep, I remember that too.
              It was Daughn.

              Lots of fakery, all for propaganda…to lure in foreign investors.

              The ChiComs like that foreign money pouring in, creating Jobs there.

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    1. Well, sure. If the Repubs are making points, it’s political and banned. If the DemonRats are making points, it’s vital information that must be given widest possible dissemination.

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      1. Only know a little bit. There’s 3 factions and none of them have a majority so 2 of them needed to team up to form the government. Bibi and number 2 couldn’t agree to co-govern together, the terms, who would go first, etc. Neither Bibi nor number 2 would ever join with #3 who I think is pro-Palestinian. So if they can’t form a government by the deadline, they start over and have another election. With indictments hanging over his head, he may not win enough votes next time. I think that was his problem with the last election. They’re trying to smear him just like they smear POTUS.

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    1. Here is where I unnecessarily remind everyone of how I feel … and long have felt…about the leftist media.

      Please, by all means, go after the Clintons, Comeys, Holders, Brennans, Clappers, etc.

      I want the jobs, livelihoods, reputations, and credibility of the leftist media writ large to be incinerated and cremated like the filthy, rotting, virulent, diseased-ridden corpse it is.

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      1. AG Barr indirectly agrees with me…

        “I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press.”
        – AG Bill Barr during NBC interview following release of Horowitz report

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        1. …..trajectory of this evil can be tracked back much longer than 3 years. God is using DJT to place a target on his back for those who have been corrupted to be revealed at this time. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

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      1. Given the way this all seems to go, I wonder if they are getting ahead of election tampering stories due to come out against them. You know, like CHEATING given the lack of paper ballots and public viewing while the votes are counted.

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  2. Sundance thanks AG Bill Barr after throwing shade at him all year.

    Part of me wants to shake SD’s hand for all the sunlight and exposure he has provided for so long now, but another part of me wants to take that same hand and….stick it in my pocket as SD reaches to shake it.

    SD calls us the “Trusty Plan” group.

    There’s a steaming plate of crow waiting for Sundance to come pick it up.

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