20191211: Horowitz Testimony in Senate, live thread.

Are you ready? No rest for the weary! MOAR coffee after a knockout MAGA Rally in PA last night (thank you to all who contributed). Make sure to take your Winnimins this morning. We still have more testimony in the House today and BREXIT votes tomorrow!!!!!!!! How does Flep keep up?

Today is the day Horowitz testifies in the Senate Judiciary Committee with Lindsey Graham presiding. This will be a great chance for us at QTree, and the public in general, to compare and contrast Nadler in the House, with how Senator Graham runs a Judiciary Committee.

We might need to reference the OIG Report during the testimony today, here is the link: https://www.justice.gov/storage/120919-examination.pdf

Let’s take a look at who is on the Judiciary Committee to get an idea of what to expect.

  • Republicans
  • Lindsey Graham – Ranking Chair
  • Chuck Grassley – Pro Tempore member of the Senate- Papa is VERY angry with James Comey.
  • John Cornyn-Texas (Beto is NOT running against him)
  • Mike Lee-Utah (brilliant, but recent love affair with tech companies)
  • Ted Cruz – Texas (can’t wait – he overperforms in this setting)
  • Ben Sasse – Nebraska (meh)
  • Josh Hawley- Missouri (rising star)
  • Thom Tillis – North Carolina (recently had his “Come to Jesus moment”)
  • Joni Ernst – Iowa (fickle, concubine for the US Chamber of Commerce)
  • Mike Crapo – Idaho (also Chair of Foreign Affairs Comm – watch him)
  • John Kennedy (The Oxford Scholar with the razor wit)
  • Marsha Blackburn (perennial favorite)
  • The Democrats
  • Diane Feinstein – Minority Chair (too old but guided by powerful staff)
  • Patrick Leahy – Vermont (Fed Judge Beryl Howell, the one who wore Mao uniforms to Congress, was his staffer who helped write the Patriot Act – she was the one who ruled Trump Admin to turn over the Grand Jury testimony to Nadler, immediately overruled)
  • Dick Durbin, Illinois
  • Sheldon Whitehouse, CT, (TDS is strong with this one, expect fireworks)
  • Amy Klobuchar, MN (running for President and lagging in polls)
  • Chris Koons, Delaware (loves Biden, misses Jeff Flake)
  • Dick Blumenthal, CT (deeply involved in Ukraine fiasco, taken money, watch him for cues)
  • Maizo Hirono, Hawaii (hasn’t been in press lately, misses the spotlight)
  • Cory Booker, NJ (running for Senator and needs to fundraise, expect drama unrelated to subject matter but for effect)
  • Kamala Harris (running for VEEP stakes)

It would be foolish for us to ignore the Bill Barr interviews from yesterday, in the context of Horowitz Testimony today. Seems as though Bill Barr put his thumb on the scale and gave the Republicans a magical blueprint for testimony today. Let’s see if they take heed.

Here are the interviews, one more time:

Note how Barr talks specifically about the timeline, and how the investigations continued into the Presidency of Trump under a false premise. Barr explicitly states these investigations should have never gone forward, and probably should have never started (flimsy, a suggestion of a suggestion from a 28yr old campaign volunteer in a bar – when everyone in the WORLD was talking about who had Hillary’s emails). Barr eviscerates Brennan and Comey. He defends the President and leaves his interviewers ……………. shocked and blubbering.

While Barr and Durham, plot and plan the rollout, grooming their proverbial “staches”……

The Dems are once again………..

They can’t beat this guy……… OUR GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

506 thoughts on “20191211: Horowitz Testimony in Senate, live thread.

  1. Alrighty… while we are paused waiting for Horowitz to return, here’s something to think about. (or NOT, as you like)

    Full moon tomorrow, the last one of the year… on 12/12 at 12:12 a.m. ET (That’s tonight)

    Kew drop #1543

    Q Poem on D’s (Dark to Light)
    18 Jun 2018 – 2:43:38 AM
    Morning sun brings heat.
    Full moon coming.
    Undiscovered stars learned.
    Missions forward.

    Line after “Morning Sun brings heat’

    “Full moon coming”

    From the Farmer’s Almanac:

    ” The next full moon will occur on December 12th at 12:12 AM ET, and is known as the Cold Moon or Long Nights Moon. This full moon is distinctive for its high trajectory across the sky, causing it to sit above the horizon for a longer period of time.”

    December is 12th month… so we have: 12/12 at 12:12 am ET … that’s 4 12’s. 4×12 = 48 and 4+8 = 12

    I don’t know if KEW is pointing to anything, but I’m marking my calendar for 12/12 !

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  2. Klobuchar asks H a pointed question about Manafort, and gets the answer she wants.
    MSM will twist this to validate Manafort conviction but does not absolve Mueller conviction of Manafort.

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  3. H – loves Whistleblowers and wants them all protected.
    This is a love fest
    Looks strange and rehearsed.
    Easy give and take, H gives quick and easy answers to Dems and Repubs have to pull his teeth.

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  4. Klobuchar is effectively repeating what Biased FBI people have claimed about urgency to open an investigation and commit necessary resources to “run to ground” what was going on.
    THEN asks H if he agrees with the statement of Barr?
    Shame on her.

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  5. Graham interupts
    People wearing a wire talked to Popadop
    H – freaks out because “wire” requires a warrant, and they could do anything they wanted wit supervisory approval.

    Popadop, when questioned, talking to someone wearing a wire, who he DID NOT KNOW was wearing a wire, said the following:
    No, we don’t want to work with Russia cuz that would be treason!

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  6. Ben Sasse
    Going after Bruce Ohr, who basically oversees all the law enforcement agencies in America.
    This is good.

    Went back after Chris Steele.
    Went to original source. learned Steele was lying and exaggerating
    Steele was cut off because FBI learned Steele went to Mother Jones (David Corn)
    Bruce Ohr, who had no responsibility in this area, decided to insert himself
    And who is his wife?????????????????

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    1. Hmmm. David Corn.


      Comey + Corn?

      Cornfused… interesting how the TLAs are using media for sources to what THEY should be investigating. Mockingbird is making birds, but the canaries are dying left and right… And Swallowell isn’t helping any…

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    2. The organizational firewalls are becoming obvious. Preistap has plausible deniability from McCabe, Baker, and the Xfire team, Bruce Ohr provides plausible deniability to the DOJ and higher ups.
      Remember Steele asking Ohr if the “firewalls” will hold?

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  7. Sasse reveals he has had long standing argument with security hawk Mike Lee,
    Sasse admits he has claimed something like this could NEVER happen at the FBI in the FISC
    and here we are.
    He talks about the high approval rating of FISC 98%
    But, as Sasse says, that’s because of the high level of professionalism of the FBI attys
    But they were NOT

    Sasse says, Russia is clunky in their attempts
    China is far more sophisticated
    If the FBI is this bad, we have REAL problems.
    If this is what happens, probably the second or third most important investigation of the FBI, and this kind of incompetence is so prevalent……. then what the heck happens during a normal FISA process.

    Sasse is sounding alarm. He’s right.

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    1. I was surprisingly impressed with Sasse. He WAS a fool to argue w/Lee that this couldn’t happen. There’s a humongous problem with 97% of DC voting for and contributing to Dems. All those DEM bureaucrats ARE political, it’s their way of life. Everything they do is DEM tainted, how can Repubs ever trust them, especially now in this climate?? How do we resolve this?? Move them? Swap them out??

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    OIG has instituted a whole audit of HOW the FBI/DOJ handles FISA warrants and further definition of Woods Procedure.
    Because of SYSTEMIC FAILURE of FISA procedure.
    And more on the Defensive Briefing – more guidelines and rules – not cool what they did to trump team.

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  9. Coons is up.

    Did you find anything which disagrees with russia hacking the DNC.
    They had nothing to do with that investigation
    Coons – unprecedented and broad attack……..
    “Russia if you’re listening……….. ” back to Trump inferring that “JOKE” was an invitation.

    Bill Preistep approved opening the investigation.
    Did you find any evidence motivated by bias? NO
    He was not part of the email chain.

    Did your investigation find any evidence that President Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower
    He’s wording the question correctly.

    Who appointed Director Wray – Trump
    And did he agree with everything you wrote – he did.

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    1. Coons questioning of H on matters which he did not review at all…….. and H’s response of “NO” is designed to get it on video.
      This is the sole purpose of the Media.
      To feed the narrative that Trump is crazy to claim his wires were tapped at Trump Tower.
      To feed the narrative that Trump is LYING when he claims the FBI was biased.
      It’s a pure propaganda word game.

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    1. Steele only had one source, who had hearsay stories……………..and Steele exaggerated and lied about that hearsay ——- and the FBI knew it.

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      1. And Steeles source was Russian. Russians fed false information to to a political FBI informant, that the FBI ran with. In Jan. 2016, the FBI knew the information was false. When was the counterintelligence in


  10. Blumenthal is all for the media
    Any evidence that FBI tapped phones at Trump Tower? No
    Any evidence that FBI entrapped anyone on the Trump team? NO
    Because the FBI calls it “confidential human sources” and they’re allowed to do it with supervisory approval, whereas a wiretap requires a separate warrant.
    And a SPY requires DOJ approval, which they did not seek nor get.

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    1. All semantics.
      MSM gets to deny and call Trump and his supporters crazy for their assumptions because we don’t use bad words….
      We call it “mailbox” or “confidential human source” when we spy on someone……….. ILLEGALLY to get around the 4th amendment.

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    1. I mean, seriously, what kind of lovers are these that the sweet nothings whispered are all about a presidential election. Did they turn on C-SPAN when they were alone in a hotel room?

      Something is wacko with the idea of those two as lovers.

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      1. Thought that for a while, but Page just admitted it last week. They’re both pretty whacko, remember the demon’s testimony?? I wanna know more about the Strzok restraining order POTUS talked about last night.😜

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              1. He’s being asked his OPINION over and over, by the DIMs. And he is stating an opinion contrary to not only Barr and Durham, but to POTUS and millions of Americans, including myself … either he is being threatened OR he’s incompetent OR
                ……….. I can’t think of another reason.


      1. I still believe that Horowitz is lying because he references “their” regarding the FISC warrants – and his entire assignment was to investigate the FBI/DOJ and their FISC warrant. It’s not just about Priestap, and his opening the investigation. It’s about those FISC warrants.

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  13. “SPYING” – requires DOJ approval. “Confidential Human Source” only requires supervisory permission
    “WIRETAP” – requires a warrant, but surveillance does not.
    This is all about getting around the 4th amendment in a counter-intel investigation.

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  14. Interesting tidbit.
    Horowitz is forbidden from examining any attorney in their professional capacity as a lawyer.
    Pending legislation to address that point.
    WTheck is an Inspector General to do if he cannot examine any lawyer?

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  15. Explained better here and in a different way.
    Joni is mad because only one criminal referral. Bad actors and no criminal referral.
    Horowitz rephrases what he said earlier.
    Paraphrasing – “We took the whole report and referred it back to FBI/DOJ for decisions from line agents all the way to the top – the whole chain”
    Bad behavior.
    We could not determine motive (Bias) because the answers we received were unsatisfactory.

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  16. Seems like Horowitz talks out of one side of his mouth to the Dems and the other side to the Reps…..to either placate and/or to not take accountability.

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  17. WHAT did she just say????????
    Kamala says Horowitz has the DUTY to investigate the conduct of the Atty General.
    Undermining the Intel community
    Shame on her.
    And look at Harris and Horowitz………. Horowitz is loving the idea.

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  18. Kamala is pushing —- ANYTHING from Ukraine is BAD.
    Stay away
    Giuliani is bad.
    If it could be perceived as good for the President, stay away from it.

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  19. She’s poking to see if any of the IG’s in other departments are investigating the President’s phone call “which was clearly for the purposes of the President’s reelection effort”.
    She’s pushing.
    Kamala is now pushing Sheldon Adelson who wanted legal online gambling and Trump liking the idea. Wants another investigation.

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    1. Sounds like the Dems have been requesting investigations into every move Barr and Rudy are making, real and imagined. She just said Barr met with Ukrainians. Barr just told us yesterday that he hasn’t touched or even thought about anything Ukraine. SHES A LIAR!!

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  20. Excellent cross from Senator Crapo

    Not telling us there is no bias in the conduct of the teams.
    Three teams, hand picked, going to the very top of the leadership in FBI.
    Referred the cases, all of them, to the AG for determination
    Horowitz minces words and indicates it would be highly improbable for all these mistakes to be made with NO BIAS.
    Dem narrative of “no bias at FBI” is false.

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      1. Please don’t apologize. Comey versus CoRNey has us all fascinated.
        Wasn’t it also David CORN —– who was the “journalist” for Mother Jones?

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        1. There is something to this:

          Was Q teaching us how the DS cloaks their names from certain documents to possible get around FOIA requests? (Actual names are not “searchable” in the report)

          After the Comey/Corney discovery (above) anons have now found:
          Podesta/Poclesta and

          See Molly’s comment above.

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