20191211: Horowitz Testimony in Senate, live thread.

Are you ready? No rest for the weary! MOAR coffee after a knockout MAGA Rally in PA last night (thank you to all who contributed). Make sure to take your Winnimins this morning. We still have more testimony in the House today and BREXIT votes tomorrow!!!!!!!! How does Flep keep up?

Today is the day Horowitz testifies in the Senate Judiciary Committee with Lindsey Graham presiding. This will be a great chance for us at QTree, and the public in general, to compare and contrast Nadler in the House, with how Senator Graham runs a Judiciary Committee.

We might need to reference the OIG Report during the testimony today, here is the link: https://www.justice.gov/storage/120919-examination.pdf

Let’s take a look at who is on the Judiciary Committee to get an idea of what to expect.

  • Republicans
  • Lindsey Graham – Ranking Chair
  • Chuck Grassley – Pro Tempore member of the Senate- Papa is VERY angry with James Comey.
  • John Cornyn-Texas (Beto is NOT running against him)
  • Mike Lee-Utah (brilliant, but recent love affair with tech companies)
  • Ted Cruz – Texas (can’t wait – he overperforms in this setting)
  • Ben Sasse – Nebraska (meh)
  • Josh Hawley- Missouri (rising star)
  • Thom Tillis – North Carolina (recently had his “Come to Jesus moment”)
  • Joni Ernst – Iowa (fickle, concubine for the US Chamber of Commerce)
  • Mike Crapo – Idaho (also Chair of Foreign Affairs Comm – watch him)
  • John Kennedy (The Oxford Scholar with the razor wit)
  • Marsha Blackburn (perennial favorite)
  • The Democrats
  • Diane Feinstein – Minority Chair (too old but guided by powerful staff)
  • Patrick Leahy – Vermont (Fed Judge Beryl Howell, the one who wore Mao uniforms to Congress, was his staffer who helped write the Patriot Act – she was the one who ruled Trump Admin to turn over the Grand Jury testimony to Nadler, immediately overruled)
  • Dick Durbin, Illinois
  • Sheldon Whitehouse, CT, (TDS is strong with this one, expect fireworks)
  • Amy Klobuchar, MN (running for President and lagging in polls)
  • Chris Koons, Delaware (loves Biden, misses Jeff Flake)
  • Dick Blumenthal, CT (deeply involved in Ukraine fiasco, taken money, watch him for cues)
  • Maizo Hirono, Hawaii (hasn’t been in press lately, misses the spotlight)
  • Cory Booker, NJ (running for Senator and needs to fundraise, expect drama unrelated to subject matter but for effect)
  • Kamala Harris (running for VEEP stakes)

It would be foolish for us to ignore the Bill Barr interviews from yesterday, in the context of Horowitz Testimony today. Seems as though Bill Barr put his thumb on the scale and gave the Republicans a magical blueprint for testimony today. Let’s see if they take heed.

Here are the interviews, one more time:

Note how Barr talks specifically about the timeline, and how the investigations continued into the Presidency of Trump under a false premise. Barr explicitly states these investigations should have never gone forward, and probably should have never started (flimsy, a suggestion of a suggestion from a 28yr old campaign volunteer in a bar – when everyone in the WORLD was talking about who had Hillary’s emails). Barr eviscerates Brennan and Comey. He defends the President and leaves his interviewers ……………. shocked and blubbering.

While Barr and Durham, plot and plan the rollout, grooming their proverbial “staches”……

The Dems are once again………..

They can’t beat this guy……… OUR GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

506 thoughts on “20191211: Horowitz Testimony in Senate, live thread.

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  2. Grassley – how many people in FBI knew Fusion was working for DNC
    H – page 258 forward many people knew, Dep Director levels knew — at Justice very few people knew, Ohr was passing info to FBI directly
    but FBI was NOT passing info back to DOJ
    therefore, people at DOJ did not know the source for intel was from their colleague Bruce Ohr.

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  3. Horowitz – 797 IG Reports under his purview
    How many times has the Atty General disagreed with you
    H – none
    Leahy – instead, he went to the television cameras

    leahy – and you found pro trump text messages
    (I’ve seen one that they found)
    being stressed

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  4. Ooooooooo, this is interesting
    Leahy talking about the leak from SDNY to Rudy Giuliani about the Weiner laptop
    How interesting
    Still ongoing investigation
    Proving to be very hard to prove the communication between the two

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  6. This is painful.

    Do the Dems realize that not just their performance in the show is destroying them, but the reality that their Senators are so blasted old, they can’t even be clearly understood when speaking into a sound system. These people (Leahy and Feinstein) are simply too old to be there.

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    1. Good observation.
      Like anyone believes Feinstein’s hair color is still black.
      I earned my gray streak. And Big T looks handsome now that he has salt and pepper in his hair.

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  7. Thank you, Daughn for providing threads, adding great info (loved your rundown on Judiciary Cmte) and working tirelessly to bring us live updates (and all you others willing to watch the bastards).

    Stay healthy, everybody!!!! We need you all in Fighting Form 💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    1. I’m giggling.
      Mom was fierce on a typewriter – 120wpm easily and always made good money with her skill.
      She was convinced I needed to learn to type, cuz that was a woman’s job.
      She gave me her old powder blue Smith Corona typewriter, and I learned to type……….. during the Watergate hearings.
      No kidding.

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      1. My Mom was so fast she had to slow down or the keys would get tangled. (Well over 120 WPM too)

        I resisted learning to type. I sure wish I had listened to Mom and taken typing.

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        1. Strange, because I somehow, casually mentioned, I knew how to type, A&P Grocery stores (first cashier job at 15) decided to teach me a 10 key adding machine.

          SUPER valuable skill I still use today. Thanks mom!

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        2. We send our kids to Junior College in summer before High School to learn how to type. This came handy in College when others struggled to write papers with two fingers. My daughter send her daughter for typing also before High School even though it was a far drive.

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        3. Typewriter layout was changed because with the original keys coming up to hit the paper though the ribbon very fast typewriters would jam different letters together. It was redesigned to SLOW them down


      2. Yep. Learning on a manual (those were the days) I think makes for better and faster typists. And the IBM Selectric helped, too… indestructible (although I tried – there wasn’t any intent, though 🙂 )….

        Some laptop keyboards, though….yuck… no decent feedback at all… oddly enough, gamers are influencing keyswitches in a positive way (as opposed to the games themselves)…

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          1. Yep. Then again there’s things like French or Dutch or even UK keyboards… I used to travel around Europe, and US keyboards were kinda rare… AZERTY drove me up the wall… (Ironically I have one, because my son needed one for French classes, and “escaping” the various characters or remapping the keyboard just didn’t work)…

            Kind of like driving a stick shift or a new/different bike… (worst thing – reverse with no lockout…lookout) looks familiar, but still not the same…

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      1. My mom, wicked when it came to shorthand.
        Wish I would have learned.
        I picked up a few words without realizing it and incorporated them into my note-taking.
        Fast forward a couple decades.
        I got a message from a vendor in China….. who could not understand my handwriting.
        I stopped then and thought.
        Yeah, those Navajo code talkers had the right idea.
        Use a hidden language.

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        1. My husband takes mind mapping it is fast and beautiful and I have no clue what the notes are about.
          He bought me a book how to do it but I never devoted time to learn t because it never spoke to me.

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  8. Biggest takeaway from this morning.

    Horowitz is claiming Preistep did not have bias when he opened CrossFire Hurricane, and there is practically no threshold for him to open an investigation. He could do it on a whim. (being corrected by Wray)

    Preistep was NOT in the text message chain with Strzok and Page and their bias.

    See the difference?
    Horowitz is NOT CLAIMING there was no political bias at FBI.

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    1. Preistep was brought in Dec 21 2015 so he was NOT ‘In the loop’ This gave him ‘plausible deniability’. He would have been fed the information from below and would NOT be directly involved in gathering or verifying the information.

      FBI Director James Comey has named E.W. “Bill” Priestap as the assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) in Washington, DC, the agency announced December 21. Priestap most recently served as the deputy assistant director of the Intelligence Operations Branch in the Directorate of Intelligence at FBIHQ….


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  9. Cornyn ———– Was it spying
    H – I’m going to stick to the terms we use at FBI
    Cornyn – You don’t like the vernacular

    It’s freakin’ spying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can call it a damn mailbox if you want to but it’s spying.

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  10. Cornyn is talking about the intel briefing in August, to also set up Flynn for further interviews. (Which they did)

    Now talking about Mike Flynn
    Page 352 — the agent prepared himself going through MOCK BRIEFINGS wit Page Strzok
    OMG – total setup
    I bet Sydney powell is laying in the middle of the floor.
    Complete vindication of Flynn

    Flynn was a target, not told he was a target
    not told of his Miranda rights.

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  11. Cornyn, – why can’t we see this as an attempt to bait the president with providing incriminating evidence against himself

    H – Well, I suppose you could see it that way

    Are you guys seeing this??????????
    Holy smokes.

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    1. I believe Horowitz is a disgrace, and at best he’ll enjoy those cocktail party invites, but he’ll never have the respect or regard that upholding and PROTECTING the Constitution would have afforded him.

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  12. Dick Durbin
    Anyone think it’s odd we have two Dicks on the dems side?
    Dick Durbin and Dick Blumenthal.
    Of course, I’m not inferring anything…….. no disrespect intended…. no, of course not.

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  13. Dick Durbin cautioning the public to be careful what we wish for.
    Goes back to recall the Comey announcement of re-opening of Hillary investigation was serious and detrimental to her election.
    If we make it public – it becomes a problem.
    Durbin is here conflating WARNING THE CAMPAIGN, with a public statement that the campaign is under suspicion of working with a bunch of russians.
    It’s two different things.
    And if we really wanted to preserve the sanctity of an election process, then the FBI should have said something to the campaign……….. if they REALLLLLLLLLLLLLy expected the Russians were interfering in any significant way.
    THAT fact, remains unproven, as far as I am concerned.

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  14. The dossier had not impact on the initiation of the investigation.
    They did not have it at that point
    (bull crap – they had parts of it)
    MSM will seize on this point and spin it.

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  15. Mike Lee is up
    Those who claim this report exonerates the FBI are crazy.
    Yet stunningly, James Comey, takes to the Wa Post for an editorial which claims the report claims he was legal and good.

    What report is he reading. Stunning he would come to that conclusion.
    Scathing indictment of the FBI and those involved.
    Supposed to be utmost professionals
    Understood to be good.
    The behavior outlined in your report is so negligent and reckless it calls into question the legitimacy of the entire FISA program
    Tis REALLY pushes us over the edge.

    The report concludes, did not provide documentary or testimonial evidence of bias
    yet we have “serious performance failures ” for which “there was no satisfactory explanation”
    Which is what Comey seized upon.
    This is what comey considers protecting the American people.

    The people should be terrified by this report.
    Hand picked staff on Crossfire Hurricane.
    Presidential campaign
    supposed to be the best of the best
    highest character and professionalism, committed to protecting American civil liberties.

    We cannot be secure unless our privacy is secure.

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  16. Two choices
    1. The used the powers of government to wage war on a political opponent
    2. They too incompetent and still waged war on a rival political opponent.

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  17. They made their bias clear, and went after him.
    I believe it’s long standing abuse of FISA
    not treemendous surprise
    Madison in Federalist 61 – we are not angels and we don’t have angels to govern us.
    Need Substantive limitations like the 4th amendment to restrict the government.

    FISA teams up with Leahy, believes these programs are prone to abuse.
    Surprises me that it took this long for an official to get caught.

    Render all other citizens ineligible to review their work.
    It will happen
    It will never NOT happen.
    Scares me to death.

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  18. Lee – Goes to decision to open investigation
    Poses the question……….. what about LACK OF EVIDENCE, is that not bias?
    H – goes to lack of satisfactory explanation, gross incompetence, I had no ability to reach a conclusion.
    Does NOT conclude there is no bias, I only had what I had.

    Sheldon Whitehouse —- counters, but Mr. H, you did make a conclusion on the bias, failure of manager and supervisors, you do make a finding, a failure of management and supervision, and line people,
    You did make a finding that it was no DeepState conspiracy or bias.

    H —- Failure is from top to bottom.

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  19. Whitehouse – Did Durham have access to the report as you went
    No – did not give it to him, he was not on the list
    he got in November, mid November

    Are you familiar with what he is undertaking
    Durham notes he does not agree
    What info do you think he has
    H – I have no idea

    Wray’s letter – We provided all info to the OIG, timely manner, authorized purpose for the investigation
    Whitehouse is trying to imagine……… where does the evidence exist that Durham could have access that we don’t knkow about

    HEY WHITEHOUSE ______________ call the CIA!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. Whitehouse i struggling to explain that H had enough evidence to reach a conclusion about predication, and that MORE evidence would not change H’ conclusion.
    Well, that’s just stupid logic.
    Of course new evidence could change a conclusion.

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  21. Whitehouse – At the time of the briefing, what info did the FBI have as to how FAR the Russians had penetrated the Trump campaign
    OMG – it never penetrated the Trump campaign
    WH – did they know about the Trump Tower meeting?
    They had investigations into Carter Page and Flynn

    WH is trying to justify the FBI being really scared about the Trump camp and the spying they MIGHT have been doing…….. when they were not doing anything at all.

    Was it appropriate for FBI to be there.
    For intel purposes? Led to a big debate among FBI professionals and they did not notify the DOJ.
    H – raises serious policy questions.
    H – for the purposes of protecting campaigns and allowing transfer of power.
    Sheldon’s logic is tortured.
    Because there might come a time, hypothetically, where something happens in a defensive briefing with new administration, where a potential FBI official might notice something ………… fishy.

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    1. Wet Horse is desperately trying to establish a predicate that just isn’t there. He belongs on a third-rated detective show… maybe he’ll end up in one on NetFlix… hmmm. NetFakes…

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  22. Ted Cruz
    here we go

    Stunning indictment of the FBI/DOJ of abuse of power
    have many honorable professionals
    Makes me angry
    we expect law enforcement to be non-biased.
    Press has focused on your finding of non-bias
    much more here and we should focus on more
    Graham interrupts
    G to H – do you agree H?
    H – My job is to report and you can debate, I agree. Dear lord, he is a swamp guy.

    Deeply troubling
    17 errors, not typos, big stuff

    Steele Dossier – FISC was not informed of bogus nature
    January March and May the PRIMARY “subsource” for Steele was interviewed by FBI
    Steele misstated and exaggerated, particularly the sexual stuff, were comments made over beers

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    1. Dear Heaven, I think about all the crap the media laid on Melania, assuming her husband was in a Ritz Carlton with a bunch of Russian hookers peeing on a bed.
      It was all bullshit.
      AND THE FBI KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. Cruz now talking about Klinesmith altering email to fraudulently make it appear that Carter Page was not a friend of the government.
    He was a source for CIA
    changed email to claim he was unknown and NOT A SOURCE
    Was it an intentional effort to deceive the court?
    We turned it over to the DOJ for referral.

    Cruz, most effective oppo research in history.
    Whole thing funded by DNC.
    Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS, feeding info into the FBI, without telling a single person at DOJ he was working against Trump.

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  24. Horowitz is outright lying, IMO.

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  25. So they didn’t send spies into the campaign, but they sent confidential human source to go and record people involved in Trump camp, both before and after they were involved in campaign, and recorded high level trump officials who were not subject of the investigation.

    And NO ONE AT DOJ knew about it.
    Not Jason Bourne, this is Beavis and Butthead.

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  26. Klobuchar
    Important to tell the men and women of the FBI that there are people up here (on the Hill) that there are people who understand you were merely doing your job.
    Unanimous that Russia invaded our democracy
    4 girls in Alabama????
    Quoting Dan Coats – we like him, Russia has been emboldened to do this again
    Not Ukraine
    It was Russia
    Referencing Fiona Hill
    Anyone repeating the lie it was Ukraine is peddling Russian propaganda.

    Whoa is she way off.
    Now she wants to take action.
    More money to secure elections – paper ballots (can we have voter ID??????????? )
    Honest Ads Act – wants paid political ads to be monitored??????

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          1. Yep. The DEMONicRATS create a “problem”, which generates money for them as a side-effect, then yells, lies, and screams for a “solution”, paid for (again) by our ever-dwindling money, which, after the problem is miraculously solved (with ever-growing maintenance fees), mysteriously returns an ever.increasing slush fund to the DEMONicRATS who created the (non) problem in the first place.

            Prine example: the Gorel-Bull warming scam, aka CAGW, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is keeping St. Greta the (greenmail) Greenhearted fed, clothed, warmed, and worshipped by the Sheeple of the Church of GAIA… Snippy Longstocking indeed… (sorry, just frazzled about rates going up yet again, thanks to the likes of her and her ilk)…

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  27. OOoooooooooo juicy tidbit
    Klobuchar questions whether Russia interfered.
    H responds – no, we referenced Mueller’s report

    BUT Mueller report blindly accepts the Joint Assessment report which relied upon Crowdstrike, who was forced to retract their foundational premise in May of 2017.

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