20191211: Horowitz Testimony in Senate, live thread.

Are you ready? No rest for the weary! MOAR coffee after a knockout MAGA Rally in PA last night (thank you to all who contributed). Make sure to take your Winnimins this morning. We still have more testimony in the House today and BREXIT votes tomorrow!!!!!!!! How does Flep keep up? Today is the day … Continue reading 20191211: Horowitz Testimony in Senate, live thread.

Dear KAG: 20191211 Open Thread

https://youtu.be/4X7S0tx1YLM Welcome the Deck the Halls open thread. For those NOT following any sort of Liturgical Calendar, you might be done. Well, the rest of us will be doing it this week. How about some inspirational tunes. https://youtu.be/ppYGHqxwCuk Yes, given the solar minimum we are experiencing, a sable under the tree would be nice. Although, … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20191211 Open Thread