20191210: Hershey, PA. KAG Rally Thread.

Pack an overnight bag and let’s make a run to Hershey, PA!

We’ve been to Hershey before. Remember? Well, since 2016, PA has changed a little bit!

“Pennsylvania is booming thanks to President Trump and jobs are coming back to the state,” said Michael Glassner, Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.. “Since President Trump’s election, Pennsylvania has added 157,800 new jobs, including 2,900 manufacturing jobs. President Trump is delivering on his promises, and he looks forward to celebrating those successes with the great men and women of Pennsylvania.”


This will be the president’s 35th visit to Pennsylvania since announcing his candidacy during the 2016 election. He visited the state 19 times as a Republican candidate, once as a president-elect and 14 times as a sitting president.


Trump’s visit with Pence on Tuesday is the first time the president and vice president have appeared together in Hershey since they came for the “Thank You” tour on Dec. 15, 2016. On that trip, he said, “In four years, we’re going to win Pennsylvania by even more.”

He won Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes in 2016, thanks in part to thousands of first-time voters in southcentral Pennsylvania.  Analysts say he will need those voters again if he wants to hold on to swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida. 

Trump has drawn some of his largest crowds at Giant Center, which seats more than 10,000 people and has standing room for supporters on the floor. His campaign has previously estimated 13,000 attendees at his Hershey rallies. 


You can register for tickets here.

While we’re in Hershey, PA, take another evening to explore Hershey Park. It’s a resort and Amusement Park which has been open since 1907. The Christmas light spectacular on Candy Lane is perfect for the kids, with real reindeer, tons of Christmas lights, several worthy roller coasters and vast rides, and of course, your favorite Christmas treats!

Hershey Park has two hotels, the Lodge and Hershey Hotel. There’s a water park and the place is YUGE!!!! Looks like fun to me, and with MORE people working, more families can afford to go and take the kids!

We’ll see you tonight in Pennsylvania!!!!!!!!!

Is Michael bringing the snacks?

692 thoughts on “20191210: Hershey, PA. KAG Rally Thread.

  1. Brad Parscale lays down the facts.

    Can’t wait for Parscale’s computer analysis of the crowd!

    Bet there were a lot of ex-Democrats there tonight!

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  2. Marica and Daughn (and others)….
    Thanks for the Play-by-play.
    Wheatie… Thanks for the follow-ups.
    All other Q Treepers…. Thanks for the comments…
    And last but NOT least…
    Thanks to Wolf…. for hosting this site 🙂

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    1. This Shampeachment = Election Tampering.

      I keep waiting for one of our warriors, like Gaetz or Nunes, to make this point.

      Hopefully they will soon.

      It’s Election Tampering!

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