Dear KMAG: 20191209 Open Topic

This Merry Warrior Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.


Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Audiomachine, titled ‘Voyage of Dreams’:

And this from Elephant Music, titled ‘Against the Clock’:


We don’t know yet what today’s events will bring…at least, not at the time of this posting. We don’t know if the IG Report will cause splodey heads…or be a big yawn.

Either way, I see this release as a long awaited hurdle to get through.

So many things have been put off until “after the IG Report is released”…so now perhaps we will see some DeClass and see some bigger dominoes start to fall.

Let the dominoes start falling!

Meanwhile, my fellow cultists…let’s be merry warriors and point & laugh at the ongoing clown show that the Dems are putting on.

And Enjoy the Show.


379 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191209 Open Topic

  1. Love the OPENING Wheatie… !!!!!!!!!!!

    Is that Jon Voight in the vid at the end ?

    Lots of little surprises in this edition… you always find the neatest, bestest stuff !

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      1. My son works in downtown Seattle and lives in South Seattle. He can’t stand Seattle but that’s where the good job is. I suggested that he move to Kitsap County and take the ferry to work. He’s considering it.

        I don’t think anybody likes Seattle any more. Tolerate it, mostly.

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          1. So sad…used to be one of my favorite cities. Has so much going for it in the way of natural beauty and location. The Communists destroy everything they get their hold on.

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            1. We used to like to go down to the waterfront, lots of interesting and quirky shops, but that was a long time ago. Now I don’t even want to go to the zoo, and it’s a good zoo too, at least it still was the last time I went a few years ago.

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    1. I don’t feel sorry for them at all…..
      Was talking with my daughter today, and she was talking about some “friends” who have small children. The problem is that they haul their children everywhere, at all hours of the night and of course they get cranky cause they’re tired, and don’t discipline them appropriately when they mis-behave because putting a child in time out for hitting people is “bad”, but if the child hits someone, and gives kisses, that makes it okay. These sound like people that still haven’t grown up to me, just like the above woman sounds like a 13 year old.

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      1. Something many congress critters are bereft of….

        Someone wrote

        “And it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she wins. Seattle has gone full potato.”…

        Full potato. Someone’s read James Thurber’s comment “Damn the potatoes, full speed ahead!!!”…

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        1. It’s possible. It could also be that she is (1) organically nuts, or (2) artificially nuts. There are reasons for the DS to make her wacky.

          But this may be part of the Democrat “Chewbacca defense” – same as the photos of Swalwell and Jayapal. They’re hitting us with GARBAGE to keep us off the IG report.

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          1. I’m suspicious because they timed the premiere of that Sharon Tate film by Quentin Tarantino with the El Paso/Dayton false flags for maximum trauma. Well, guess what is released on DVD this Tuesday (December 10)? The same film!

            Also, Charles Manson died shortly after Q’s arrival. I always suspected that was the result of someone cleaning up a loose end from the 60’s era MKULTRA/spook agency programs.

            Anyways, the main point I’m trying to make is that there’s also some sort of Deep State fuckery afoot whenever Charles Manson is invoked. Filing this weird tweet away in “future proves past” folder.

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            1. I think you’re right. BTW, I think that MW is likely an MK. She fits right in with Manson (ironically), Jim Jones, Raniere, etc. CIA loves those charismatic controlled leaders.

              Oh, this is making sense now.

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        1. “What the heck is she talking about?”


          She’s just reminding everyone of her professional credentials again… it’s already been at least 20 minutes since the last time she made an ass out of herself.

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  2. I’m trying to put together a timeline of notable events this week. What am I missing?

    12/9 – IG report

    12/10 – Youtube Purge

    12/12 – Sandy Hook anniversary, 6666 days after 9/11. Be extra vigilant for false flags.

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    1. Whoa. 12/12…

      6+6/6+6, 6666 days after 9/11… lotta illumi numbers there…
      There symbols will be their downfall…

      There was an outfit not far from here that took over a shopping center, and celebrated 666 days in business. That REALLY irritated me, and got worse when all of the stars in their “holiday” decorations were inverted, i.e. horns of horus on the top. Well, the owner of that shopping center owns a large apparel and white goods chain, which (since that celebration) has been faced with SEVERE financial problems, and may have to close shop.

      He should have picked a better day to celebrate, and a better master to thank…

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    1. Oh, yeah, we REALLY need more cultural diversity here. Ummm, let’s see….. Koreans, Check. Japanese, check. Chinese, check. Indians, check. Native American Indians, check. Mexican/ Americans, check. Russian Americans, check. Check. Africans and African Americans, check. Filipinos, check. Mooslems, check. Buddhists, check. Sikh temple, check. Mormons, various Christian denominations, Catholics, Jews, Check. Oh, and various caucasian ethnicities, in other words, Americans of various European descent. I’m sure I’ve left somebody out …..

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      1. I’m sick of it as well. I know a place that used to bring them in and these people would not known English and be put into the worst parts of the city. The little kids would say ‘I hate the police’ because of what they saw/heard at home. THATS not good!!!

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  3. This guy was with a tour group on the island, just before the eruption.

    His amateur videos have gone viral since he posted them.

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    1. I remember seeing videos that showed what looked like choppers…hovering over the concert grounds, with what looked like shots being fired from them.

      It was dark, though.
      But then other videos had the sound of choppers overhead.


      It certainly looks like the same guy.

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        1. Yep.
          I remember it too.

          And Pres Trump said something about having “been betrayed”.

          Which I thought was curious.

          His trip to KSA had been in May, about 4 months earlier.

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    2. You know what’s weird as hell. There was a civilian report that the windows shot out at the Bellagio AFTER the attack on the concert were done by a couple of Middle Eastern males in a very fancy sports car.

      I don’t know. Something very weird going on.

      SA was definitely connected to Vegas. My theory has more recently been that Paddock was tricked into a gun sale and his customers (now thinking the Saudis) betrayed him and used him as the leave-behind perp for a clean getaway.

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        1. Yep.
          The whole Paddock story line has always seemed…manufactured.

          His room looked staged.
          His body looked staged.
          There was not enough brass lying around the windows…never was.

          Where did those photos of Paddock’s body come from?
          This was never explained.

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          1. Yup, yup, yup, yup.

            And they played it PITCH PERFECT to fool the Saudis. They made it look like Trump was covering up to them – made it look like DS was covering up to us. What he was really doing was preparing for a stealth war to take out the top of the Saudi government.

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          2. Paddock was 65 ish…not in buff way he was running from room to room,firing like Rambo, stuff all over the floor, no gloves, no ear protection, no way out,seemed like he had on slippers(can’t remeber) but his clothes were thin..who plans a rough shoot out wearing cheezy sweat pants,. guns are hot. a hundred other things.No way. He was a patsy

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            1. Exactly. But if some rich Saudi royals promised that old dude some BIG BUCKS for “off paper” gun sales that would set him up to retire with his FBI informant girlfriend in the Philipines or Australia – that old dude is not just gonna want it – he’s gonna fall for it. And with INSIDE HELP to make sure he gets the guns up to his room…..

              Oh, this all makes sense now.

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          3. You know, this really fits with how fast we shut down information on both second shooter, shots fired in other casinos, and more. It explains why the FBI *LIED* about the acoustics. Oh, it explains stuff I can’t even talk about (unrelated) – that’s how powerful this is.

            It explains why the grisly ambulance-chasing national security GHOULS like Chertoff with their fucking SCANNERS got so much tailwind right away.

            Don’t blame Saudi! No! Don’t blame PC globalist ridiculous policies! Don’t blame coddling of venomous MUZZ and their treachery! NOOOOO! Blame AMERICANS!

            So what this did is put ALL of them in the same direction. The patriots needed to quiet things to go after Saudi. The treasonous Democrat CRAP needed cover and blame it on white males, so just go along with it and hope for their gun control.

            Oh, fuck these people. I will be blunt. If this IG report is a white-wash of Comey, or just some bullshit pass-along so they can stall and impeach Trump, then I hope patriots just put the jets in the air and just bomb the shit out of all of these deep-state fuckers to hell and back.


            Good Grief, this pisses me off.

            It really WAS the fucking Saudis.

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            1. There are warring factions within KSA…just like there are here in our own country.

              Prince MBS has had his hands full fighting the bad guys within the royal family…and their toadies…just like our President has had his hands full with battling the DS here.

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              1. Yup. Sure looks easier now, but I remember Vegas. It looked bad back then. We weren’t even out of Trump’s first year, and these evil bastards did THAT to Trump supporters, as “psychology”.

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        1. the thing that bothers me about Pensacola is that the shooter had to know that it probably wouldn’t be a massive mass shooting. No way that he could logically expect to accumulate a huge casualty score before being killed himself.
          Not that any terrorist is rational but it seems almost like a fail or was it a purely ideological “statement” or a squirrel..look here and waste your time on me while something bigger is in the works?

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          1. Answered my own question. Shooter dead. What if he was a WITNESS on Vegas? MK him and groom him to take him out. Gave him the big pep talk – lots of pictures – yeah – do this, bro – big hero to allah….

            And then he’s GONE.

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        1. Oh, SA is a minefield of bad ****. It’s way worse than a cell. The whole place is filled with America-haters. MBS is the closest thing to a clean that they have. And I suspect he’s pretty rough on those who mess with him. He apparently was quite willing to go along with bringing back Khashoggi DEAD OR ALIVE.

          Trump and Wray had to keep it zipped until we could have a MILITARY RESPONSE.

          Now does Huma and Lindy at the funeral make sense? Holy crap. They would have controlled our next President. Instead, now it’s the other way around.

          Good grief, those Saudis are tricky.

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          1. It’s not funny but damn..they’re all so conniving. Snakes. They’ll kill you, me, their mama, their wiives,kids…it’s no wonder they’ve been killing each other for centuries. Why the hell do we try to deal with them or worse yet why have we linked arms with them…they cannot be trusted. Simple as that

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      1. I never bought the “gun sale gone wrong” or “failed Saudi assassination” theories because they

        1) Don’t explain 4chan “-john’s” warning three weeks in advance.

        2) The stock dumps of MGM executives around 9/11/17.

        3) Occult symbolism surrounding the attack.

        Insider Trading and Financial Anomalies Surrounding the Las Vegas Attack

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        1. Oh, I’m sure it was coordinated, and there were people who HELPED and were in the know.

          Remember – Cankles had HUMA right next to her. The Saudis felt CHEATED by their MUTUAL loss to Trump in 2016.

          The second team of shooters that was spotted in videos moving where people were running out – at the perfect distance specified by Health Ranger for the second position – THOSE were probably Saudis, IMO.

          And of course the SAUDIS would make money on the operation. Them and their FRIENDS who HELPED. Or look at it as the Saudis being the helpers. Works either way.

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            1. YUP. AND logic. I’ll bet multiple players monetized. Multiple players wanted better power positioning, too.

              Complex events are not like single chess moves – they’re like a burst of moves – like a rapid burst of piece exchanges.

              EVERYBODY tries to monetize on them.

              That’s why Vegas was not much different from 9/11. But this time (Vegas) the Saudis didn’t want to take too much heat publicly – because they feared exactly what happened.

              Yup. I think we had an AXIS OF CORRUPTION AND POWER that just did this stuff. Same as Kennedy.

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              1. maybe the terror events are all disguised as religious extremeism but in reality it’s much more’s acts of war and leverage. In the EU no matter what heinous things they’ve done it’s done nothing but gain the muslims more privledge..not less but more.

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              2. The Satanists are using Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims and anybody against religious Jews – real or fake – to keep the Jews terrified and super-defensive – meanwhile anything which SHOULD be coming back at the satanists is redirected at Jews in general with the antisemitism blame game.

                It’s a hell of a racket. They’re CRIMINALS.

                And THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED.

                And that’s not even counting “unworldly” stuff.

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          1. Prince Alwaleed and his branch of the royals, for one.

            He has hated PTrump for years.
            I dunno why…but apparently there is a history there.

            Prince Alwaleed, being an owner of Vegas properties, would probably have contacts with the SEIU.
            That would give him some willing foot soldiers.

            There were witness accounts…of a woman who walked through the concert crowd saying:
            “You’re all gonna die.”

            This could’ve been a maid who knew what was about to happen.

            I remember one of the witnesses who heard her saying that, remarked on how the woman was saying it in a ‘sneering’ way…
            Not like she was trying to warn them.

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            1. Yup. Unions.

              Yes, wheatie – this is exactly why this kind of thinking solved CA3 for me. Until I realized that IC-level stuff was involved AT THE TOP, it didn’t make SENSE. But once you get IC in the game, then THEY can rally both the MOB and UNIONS and LEFTISTS and everybody else they need to do the parts they need, and it’s all compartmentalized. THAT is why these complex conspiracies get pulled off.


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          2. I’m sure the Saudis were involved in some capacity given that they co-owned the top floors of Mandalay Bay at the time. I just don’t think they would tip off their marks–either double cross gun sales or assassination attempts–with suspicious behavior like stock behavior. And none of it explains the occult symbolism and numerology. Why even bother with the symbolism for gun sales or assassinations?

            911*, Purple Revolution colors, Shiva symbolism (three parallel lines), a “Harvest” of white country music fans, all in front of a pyramid, two towers, and Satanic hand signs.

            * 9/11/01
            9/1 10/1

            They really wanted that 9/11 connection.

            All this for gun sales or assassinations?

            Nope, I don’t buy it.

            They wanted a sacrifice.

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            1. Bonus: Stephen PADDOCK (allegedly) shot up Las Vegas exactly 1 month, 19 days (911 in reverse) after James FIELDS (allegedly) ran someone over in the other shitshow in Charlottesville. Paddock. Fields. I’ve long wondered if the original Las Vegas plan was supposed to connect the two events via ANTIFA.

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            2. The swamp appears to be a myriad of evil..they all have their own affiliation and devotion to their own brand of satanic stuff…some, it’s money, some it’s deviant sex, etc but they all work together and are unified in the ultimate common goal of dominance. It’s late and that doesn’t exactly sound like sense but I think they all have a place at the table each bringing bits and pieces of their nasty shit along with them

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            3. No – you aren’t getting me about the gun sales thing. I have extensive explanations of this in prior posts.

              It’s a MINOR part, but it’s an IMPORTANT part. It’s not a purpose – it’s a tiny part – the COVER to REEL IN THE PATSY. Paddock needed to be given a REASON to bring all the guns, which were not a true and “good” gun sale collection like a REAL pro sale (legal or illegal). Nor were they a good set of guns for the operation that took place from that room. But they WERE a good set for a STORY that I would use to reel him in.

              That story is simply “we want to buy your guns off paper – bring them all and we will give you big bucks”.

              He fell for it like a ROCK.

              You have to reel in the patsy. They TESTED Paddock on it, too, with the other “guns into the casino” trips. And then they had him come early to make sure he brought the goods.

              Top planning is Hillary and her crew. THAT is where the occult enters – AT THE TOP. She has to show power to keep power, etc., etc. – all the stuff you’re saying.

              So this is like a junior 9/11 from Cankles and the Cabal to “get Trump” plus gun control, etc.

              But they NEED that patsy. That is where they lure in Paddock, offering him top cash for HIS guns, in the casino, hush, hush, just help us out here, we’re just poor rich Saudis, come up to our floor with your GUNS in OUR casino.

              I believe that Paddock was ambushed at the sale, held captive while the op went down, executed and left behind.

              Saudi pros in the room. Saudi pros at the second location. Saudis maybe even in the air, or FILMING with the choppers, which is what I would do if I was them.

              Bet Cankles and the others would want those films? And that’s why the Saudis in the room are not shooting at their own helicopters.

              THEIR military (faction, team) provided the muscle. THEIR military had all the planning – all the data they needed from OUR people who wanted it done.

              AND logic. I think all these people who saw Trump as a problem wanted him FINISHED one way or another.

              And our patriots struck back in Saudi soon afterwards.

              The gun sale is ONE SMALL LIE TO A SUCKER.

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              1. You mention Hillary…

                Why all the purple for her concession speech?

                Purple is the signature color of the SEIU:

                The Purple People Beaters who have beaten up tea party people:


                They are everywhere.

                The Mandalay security guy, Campos…he’s probably SEIU.

                You can bet that Paddock’s girlfriend is SEIU.
                She had a casino employee card.

                I still think that some SEIU people played a role in the Vegas massacre.

                They hate PDJT because they don’t want the border closed.

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              2. Exactly. SEIU was the eyes and ears of the Saudi military actors in Mandalay Bay, but they never really knew who they were working for, except maybe “Cartel Campos”, who was ADDED IN by the dirty SEIU and management.

                This is JUST LIKE CA3 where the IC had UNION people taking care of small jobs on the ground.

                Let’s assume our Brennanoids were running Vegas. They have SEIU tasked with whatever information, hacks, data, etc. They CONTROL the ground with SEIU. Make them add in operative Campos. They are also going to bring in Ellen later. They’re also working with – DRUMROLL – Saudi factions – BECAUSE BRENNAN.

                Making sense?

                They are also keeping tabs on Paddock b/c he’s an FBI informant, so they have total NSA on him. And who knows – maybe he has a CIA hat, too, but in any case, the Brennanoids have the drop on Patsy Boy.

                Oh, just think how this looks from THEIR point of view. They are gonna screw Trump so bad here!

                Once you see the Vegas operation from IC command and control, using ALL these compartmentalized people, it’s a DREAM JOB. And they get to use all this occult symbolism that makes their “masters” happy. Gotta PLEASE THE BOSS.

                Just like 9/11.

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              3. I can buy that a gun sale was used to lure a patsy. I just don’t think it was the primary cause of the attack like a lot of other theories would have us believe. Deep State would rather have us all believing that some bad gun deal led to a mass shooting than believe that multiple state actors were involved.

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              4. I remember those early “gun sale” theories and I just couldn’t buy them. The thing that always bothered me was that his collection was really wrong for a professional gun dealer – just terrible. And why would an AMATEUR gun sale even bother going into a casino?

                SO – I threw that all out. But I kept the idea of a sale of some kind, because it was weird that he brought a lot of guns that he didn’t need and would not be terribly useful. I just needed a theory that could use them. And the patsy theory, to me, really works with a sale to the Saudis. The Saudis weaponize the “we’re just rich, stupid people with LOTS OF MONEY and we don’t know what we’re doing – come make a lot of money on us” schtick very well, and they do it ALL THE TIME.

                I think that the number of guns Paddock brought prompted those gun sale theories. They just needed a fuller context to explain most of the story, so the gun sale itself didn’t have to.

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    3. In this series of videos…this is the 1st one of 3…it shows the ‘cleanup’ going on, in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting.


      What struck me as interesting, is the fact that the cleanup crew is scouring the whole area for bullets.

      And they are going way outside the ‘arc’ of where bullets could have come from the Mandalay windows.

      If there was only “one shooter” who was firing from the Mandalay…then why were they cleaning the whole concert grounds for spent rounds?

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      1. wow, never saw that one before. At the time I was harping on the shells at the church nearby. Why would there be shells there? Why did they cordon it off some amount of time if there was only one shooter at the hotel?

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        1. Here are the other two videos.

          They’re kind of boring…but you get to see the scope of the area that they are scouring for bullets.

          A lot of the vids that I had bookmarked, vids about the shooting, have been scrubbed from Youtube.

          They missed these.
          Probably because these are obscure and do not talk about what is being shown here.

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      2. I just hope the real story comes out some day…I don’t know a single person who actually believes the “official” account of what happened. None of it makes any sense.

        Jesus Campos “the hero” one and only interview was on a daytime comedy show with a blonde version of Rachel Maddow as host…complete with little cardboard charts and a pointer.

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    4. Wonder how long before TW pulls this one down?

      Sent this link to a 2A blog here in NV. Many a folks there never, ever bought into the official Paddock BS story line.

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  4. I posted this over at Flep’s News Roundup but I’m gonna post it here, too, because this interview is really good. All of these people need to go to jail for life!

    I typically don’t buy books on politics…I get my information here and from a few other places but I’m considering picking up Gregg Jarrett’s new book Witchhunt…he seems to have really good sources.

    Dan Bongino interviews Gregg Jarrett:

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              1. Oh, dear – icy – is it cold? maybe – you need a grass spreader with ice pellets to secure the driveway – adrenaline subside yet – you got a powerful shot!

                Sending Comfort Angels to you! God Bless You!!!

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              2. our driveway goes all downhill…but we sit on a mountain–not at the top…so as snow melts it runs downhill, right? well it seeps through the hill behind the house onto the driveway and all the way down…and because it’s nearing winter…the sun doesn’t rise too far over the mountain behind the house. so there’s not enough strong sun during the daytime to DRY up the water–then it refreezes overnight. we’d need a salt truck running up and down the driveway daily to fix this mess. Once the temps get into the 20’s constantly, it freezes hard and a little snow on top provides traction somewhat but this seesawing in temps makes it slick and dangerous.

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              3. Oh, my – then he needs to put chains on his vehicle – to grab on the way down – that is horrifying, pat – guess he needs to put it in neutral and coast down the driveway!

                Pray…Pray…Pray his way down the driveway – and you pray, too!

                Sending Steering Angels to help hubby! – in the name of Jesus – I pray for both of you – Amen

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              4. thank you Duchess..
                every morning I pray like crazy watching him from the windows…
                once you’re down the driveway and cross the stream, the roads are fine…it’s like 2 different worlds…

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              5. we discussed that…putting chains on the jeep and transferring cars at the bottom–not sure chains are legal in Pa or NY…he had to use both vehicles last year because of the stream crossing–long story–so we left one vehicle on each side of the stream and made a plank bridge to walk across…the joys of living in the boonies…

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              6. Interesting…well then – I recommend SAND – it might get a bit muddy – but, at least you won’t slide down the driveway – then, again – what do I know? Just guessing out loud here.

                Please…Please…Please – do not lose your sense of humor – Thanks!

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              7. the driveway is almost a half mile long…how do you think we could spread that? lol
                I appreciate ALL OF YOUR IDEAS Duchess!! sigh, maybe there will be that one great idea we haven’t though of that will help!!

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              8. Dump Truck at the top – rolls right down the hill – lol

                Ideas? I am just plain ‘goofy’, pat – and you know full well – I do not know about what I am talking – are you having fun yet?

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              9. I do not, either – I have (3) yards of mulch and (3) yards of top soil delivered in the Spring to fortify trees and gardens – it does not even fill a small dump truck – and I know the cost – I cannot image what a full large size dump truck of sand would cost – lol

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              10. we looked into radiant heat for just the top portions of the driveway when we first built 13 yrs ago…$68K was the price we were quoted! Maybe I will suggest we search for a beater we can fit with chains to do the driveway two step when we need…

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            1. I saw your discussion w/ Duchess on ice issues & had a couple of thoughts to share (there wasn’t a reply button there…).

              My husband & son have both bought “snow chains” online, based on tire size, that are easy to put on & take off (you don’t have to move the vehicle), so they can use them on unplowed “2-track” back woods roads for hunting season & they seem to work great.

              My grandpa used to attach some type of ice walking device on the outside of galoshes (don’t know what it was called, but small metal w/ spikes–like cleats on sports shoes) that let him walk easier on ice…

              Mountain climbers use something on their boots/shoes, called Crampons, I believe, to navigate on ice…

              Perhaps one or more of these ideas might help you &/or your husband get around more safely during winter. Also, kitty litter can work as an alternate to sand for gaining some traction, my daughter carries some & a shovel in her pickup during snow season. Blessings

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              1. thanks for the ideas!
                my son is an ice climber and he gave hubby a pair of crampons and he’s got those in his truck if he has to cross the stream on foot…
                we’ve been discussing our situation her for years…if there’s only a few inches of snow on the steep driveway, he rarely plows as the snow provides some traction. it’s the thick wet heavy snows that are the problem. and our foot of snow was preceded by about an inch of ice…so plowing the snow exposed the ice. then driving on it to and from work, makes it worse.
                additionally, the seesawing temps are really not helping either…it melts during the day..runs down the driveway and refreezes overnight…sigh.
                it’s really beautiful where we live, but every rose has its thorn…
                again thanks for the suggestions!

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              2. we have swales along the driveway to divert running/melting water but when hubby plows the driveway, the plowed snow covers them.
                last night we discussed an old pickup truck we can outfit with a salt spreader…

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  5. Update…death toll has risen to 5, with several still missing.

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      1. But, but, but isn’t ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’, scrawled on the wall in blood-red, a prime example of spontaneous indigenous art, to be preserved and treasured by future generations?

        And now it’s covered? Oh, the humanity!!!

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  6. quid pro quo

    Obama gave Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Commoncore text and Pearson gave Obama a $65 million dollar book deal in return.

    Quid Pro Quo.

    Media silent…
    Pearson Publishing was paid for Commoncore but Penguin Random House Publishing did the Obama book deal. But there is commonality with the two:

    From Wiki:
    Penguin Random House was formed on July 1, 2013, upon the completion of a £2.4 billion transaction between Bertelsmann and Pearson to merge their respective trade publishing companies, Random House and Penguin Group. Bertelsmann and Pearson, the parent companies, owning 53% and 47%, respectively.

    In July 2017, Pearson agreed to sell a 22% stake in the business to Bertelsmann, thereby retaining a 25% holding.

    Quid Pro Quo

    Same as Obama’s stance on net net-neutrality benefited Netflix, now Netflix hires Obamas to produce their “Higher Ground” shows to the tune of millions.

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        1. I was…but it keeps coming back.
          Need more sleep, but I hate being a bed creature.
          There is so much happening, I don’t want to miss anything!

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  7. Wow.
    From a former Democrat.👇

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  8. how much of a bugger does Mitch wanna be? he could (if he had to) arrest Warren and Sanders to compel them to return to Senate (from the campaign trail and possible Iowa caucuses) for the impeachment trial in the Senate…LOL
    Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other Senate Democrats running for president might find themselves pulled off the campaign trail for the trial of President Trump, or face arrest, a former Senate parliamentarian told The Post.

    Should Democrats in the House of Representatives formally impeach the president — something that is widely expected by the end of the year — a January Senate trial is almost certain. The president’s fate would then be decided by a vote of 100 senators, with a two-thirds majority required for his removal.

    The timing, however, couldn’t be worse for many of the party’s leading lights, who could be compelled to come off the campaign trail to sit for weeks just before voting begins.

    “The senate collectively has the power to compel the attendance of absent senators and the Senate collectively acts by its majority and Mitch McConnell is the majority leader. So he has the ability,” former Senate parliamentarian Alan Frumin said. “If push comes to shove, compelling means arresting. ”

    It could even mean sending the chamber’s Sergeant at Arms to Iowa to collect truant senators if need be, said Frumin, who spent 19 years in the position and is one of the foremost experts in the rules and procedures of the body.

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    1. When one considers that they won’t arrest anyone, even for treason, it seems highly unlikely that anyone will be arrested from being late for work.

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  9. POTUS is up and at em this morning!!!

    Back by popular demand 😂

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  10. This is from August, but the message is still worth reading.

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            1. GA/FL…I like the one of TR also…think it’s good.
              but the Franklin wins in composition also…maybe he is improving?
              Ben looks like a real person…someone to talk with.
              so nice it is.

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              1. The Ben Franklin portrait has been used to illustrate his famous answer to a woman who asked what kind of government was the new country America going to have, “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.”

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  11. Ollie North on F&F – It’s Radical Islamic Terror

    Guy wasn’t allowed to buy guy because he had a hunting licence (story circulating), it’s because he was given special privileges as an “Official” from a foreign country

    Why are we allowing guns to be sold to Foreigners?? WTF would they need them??? Pistol for hunting?? BS!! How can we possibly check their backgrounds?? Only Americans should be allowed to buy guns, PERIOD!!

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  12. Liked by 4 people

  13. Today is ‘Worldwide Anti-Corruption Day’.


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  14. Uh-oh….

    Prince Andrew’s live interview bombed and got him banned from Royal Family duties and Buckingham Palace.

    Maybe Maxwell’s interview will get them both jailed.

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