20191209: House Judiciary Presents “Evidence”? Live testimony thread.

It’s going to be a wild day…… Gird your loins and sharpen your nails.

Or……grab a cup of coffee and some Christmas cookies, keep your blood pressure stable, and hang out with QTree tomorrow.

Although you could print it out and burn it to keep warm, the PDF from the Dems Report “Constitutional Grounds for Impeachment” is found here: https://media.giphy.com/media/t4wfJ082RWlig/giphy.gif

Yes, the Dems did dump thousands of pages of “evidence” Saturday afternoon, for a Monday morning hearing. Yes, The Repubs asked for the “evidence” for over 25days and the Dems ignored them. Every possible dirty trick is being employed. Minority Leader Collins asked for a delay to review the material and Nadler refused. We’re careening towards impeachment and the brakes have failed…..

So, make sure to bring your Narwhal to work in the morning…..

Again, let’s see what happens.

One thing is sure, that “storm” thingy the Anons were talking about????

Yeah, the STORM is here.

348 thoughts on “20191209: House Judiciary Presents “Evidence”? Live testimony thread.

  1. OKAY …………….. y’all getting the message yet? slime media, CIA controlled… CIA a tool of the Cabal… will show you lies and disinformation wrt POTUS… will show you NOTHING wrt Biden/DIM crimes…

    and you’re still watching slime media ? why?

    ANYTHING of any importance coming from the sllllllllllliiiimmmy media will get tweeted… or communicated in some other manner… unplug, save $$ and stress…

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  2. Mr. Goldman, did anyone DIE in Ukraine because the President paused aid? (NO)
    Mr. Goldman, over and over you contend the only reason the President paused aid was because it would help him politically in 2020. How do you know this to be true? (reading his mind)
    In your report you contend 17 intel agencies proved Russia was involved in meddling in 2016, how do you know this to be true? (mueller report) How does Mueller know this to be true? (they don’t)
    Mr. Goldman, who creates “official US foreign policy”? (The President)
    Is the President somehow, mystically magically, required to explain his decision to the Washington Post, or low level bureaucrats far down in the chain? (no – they’re not)
    Does the President of the USA answer to Fiona Hill on foreign policy? (no)
    Does the President of the USA answer to Vindman on foreign policy? (no)
    Did Vindman create the talking points for the President’s Ukraine call? (yes)
    Is the President of the USA required to ONLY DISCUSS points raised by bureaucrats, when he is on the phone with foreign leaders? (of course not)
    Would it be an impeachable offense if the President strayed from talking points developed by bureaucrats? (no)
    Does the President of the USA answer to Taylor on foreign policy? (no)
    Were any of the above three involved in the development of the President’s policy towards Ukraine and his concerns about corruption? (no)
    Did the President DEMAND Zelinsky appear on CNN? (no)
    Did the President demand Zelinsky be PUBLIC and transparent about investigations in Ukraine? (yes)

    How does one conduct a scheme, or a conspiracy in public, in broad daylight? (can’t wait to hear that answer)

    Mr. Goldman, you contend Ukraine would be under duress, almost a hostage situation, because they depend on USA aid. Since we are the largest and wealthiest country in the world, do you also contend the President of the USA is abusing their power to influence various countries? (the logic is tortured)

    Mr. Goldman, do you contend the American taxpayer just give away money to corrupt countries and expect nothing in return? (can’t wait for that answer)

    Who leaked the information to Natasha Bertrand? (Schiff and staff)
    Who leaked the metadata from your investigation? (We won’t say—– cuz, I’m a Democrat and I’m special)

    Mr. Goldman, you maintain the only reason President Trump released the aid because the President “got caught”. I there any other reason?
    You sure????
    You’re under oath.
    Could it be it was part of normal review process, and the deadline to notify Congress , should the Administration determine aid should be withheld because of corruption concerns, was in fact, September 15th?
    Which means the President was following a timeline established by law, and in fact, the President was performing his due diligence with US Taxpayer dollars.
    Release on September 11th, prior to September 15th, which would have been the cutoff day if he wanted to inform Congress of a LEGAL rescission process.

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  3. Congresswoman Garcia is a former Judge from Texas. She has been all over the cable news channels, espousing her bonafides as a former judge, “invoking authority”.
    For the Legislative Branch, and only ONE house, to steamroll the Exec and Judiciary, is just plain wrong and an abuse of power.

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  4. This may be somewhere in the posts above, if so, I missed it. BOMBSHELL of sorts. Me thinks.

    D-Rat lawyer confirms too Slow Joe demand the Ukraine prosecutor be fire WAS, Quid Pro Quo…

    Collins nailed it! Goldman was squirming;-)


    The Democrat’s lead impeachment lawyer Daniel Goldman today admitted under oath that former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden was engaged in a “quid pro quo” having threatened to withhold $1bn in loan guarantees in exchange for the firing of a Ukrainian state prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter Biden’s company.

    Grilled by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) on Biden’s bragging over the Burisma affair, Daniel Goldman was asked: “Did [Biden] ask for something, request something, and hold something of value?” The definition of a quid pro quo.

    Goldman replied: “He did,” before attempting to move the conversation onto the testimony of George Kent.


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  5. UKRAINE CORRUPTION on Impeachment Committee!

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