20191209: House Judiciary Presents “Evidence”? Live testimony thread.

It’s going to be a wild day…… Gird your loins and sharpen your nails.

Or……grab a cup of coffee and some Christmas cookies, keep your blood pressure stable, and hang out with QTree tomorrow.

Although you could print it out and burn it to keep warm, the PDF from the Dems Report “Constitutional Grounds for Impeachment” is found here: https://media.giphy.com/media/t4wfJ082RWlig/giphy.gif

Yes, the Dems did dump thousands of pages of “evidence” Saturday afternoon, for a Monday morning hearing. Yes, The Repubs asked for the “evidence” for over 25days and the Dems ignored them. Every possible dirty trick is being employed. Minority Leader Collins asked for a delay to review the material and Nadler refused. We’re careening towards impeachment and the brakes have failed…..

So, make sure to bring your Narwhal to work in the morning…..

Again, let’s see what happens.

One thing is sure, that “storm” thingy the Anons were talking about????

Yeah, the STORM is here.

348 thoughts on “20191209: House Judiciary Presents “Evidence”? Live testimony thread.

  1. Gonna start this sucker off right – by ROASTING A DEAD EEYORE on SOMEBODY’s doorstep! 😉

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  2. For everybody who’s getting a “Soviet shiver” from this whole weird impeachment saga, with wooden-boy Pencilneck stiffly “doing the Brezhnev” at each of his little hearings, THIS Epoch Times article by Diana West will let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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        1. I’m actually a bit gobsmacked that so many people are now unafraid to use the words, “communist” and “Soviet”.

          You are a trend-setter, Wolfie!

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          1. Probably just a very early adopter, but who knows. I know I wasn’t the only person to see it coming.

            Yeah, it’s kinda weird to see other people doing it now, but the fact is, it would have happened no matter what. Multi-discovery is now the NORM.

            There was a time, though, when Diana West was probably almost ALONE, and that is scary AF.

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            1. Even though the commies have cloaked themselves under the banner of ‘Progressives’…they are still commies.

              But it’s been just like the proverbial ‘Emperor Has No Clothes’…

              Few people have had the courage to point and say…”that’s just Communism by another name!”

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    1. Friggin’ Commies are like cockroaches in an abandoned Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Baltimore…we’ll never get rid of them. Thank you, American universities, for continuing to promote this evil crap.

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    1. One funny thing about that is that nasty-looking black stuff out of a tube isn’t always bad.

      For some reason, I became prone to boils and carbuncles around fifth grade. It may have been some rogue strain of staphylococcus infesting Southern California or whatever. My dad worked for the City of Los Angeles, so we had Kaiser. You show up with a Kaiser card, and they take your blood pressure, weigh you, take your temperature, collect your fingerprints, measure your height, and drop you into an evaluation room where you’ll meet a physician you’ve never seen before and will never see again. On one occasion, I got someone who was probably a veteran of the Korean War.

      Mind you, on previous visits I’d had boils lanced and passed-out halfway home. And this guy tells me: “you go to the pharmacy. There’s this stuff — it’s not on the shelves, but it’s non-prescription, called ichthammol. Ask for it, and they’ll sell it to you. Looks and smells like tar. Slap some on your boil with a light bandage, then apply hot compresses like they’ve been telling you. It’ll stain clothing and skin.”

      My dad, who had taken me to this appointment (mind you, I was probably about 12) took me out of the place with a grim look. I asked him what was going on, and he muttered something about “horse liniment”. But we stopped at a pharmacy on the way home and got a tube of this gunk.

      Now, mind you, for years and years I’d gone through the drill. Three hot compresses and you might start seeing the infection start forming a head, if you’re lucky. By contrast, the second hot compress with the black goo and half of the pus was in the bandage. Third application, and the infected area was drained and fallen into itself, and I had a small dark stain where it had been that lasted about five years.

      Ichthammol is one of those Victorian medical treatments like “mustard plasters”. Modern medicine tends to blow them off…..even if they work. It’s a “drawing salve” and will draw all sorts of things out of you — including boils, carbuncles, and even splinters. It’s like witch-doctor stuff, but it works. I hear that it works to draw out venom from certain stings, as well.

      For old-school maladies, sometimes old-school treatments are best.

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  3. It’s biblical (King James version)…
    Luke 12:
    35 Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning;
    36 And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately.

    I Peter 1:
    13 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

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      1. Thank you for that. I probably should have known it was from the Bible. I’ve only ever heard it used in comedy type sketches/movies. Good to know the origins of the phrase.

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  4. Not sure who I agree with. If Schiffty gets sanctioned, we don’t want to go down with him. But if we don’t do that, then the Senate trial better find another way to put that RAT in jail.

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    1. Since, supposedly Schiffty, as a Congress Critter, is “allowed” to get those records – despite being unethical – I’d like to think there are crimes that the DOJ is looking into regarding pencil-neck Schifty which will find him indicted. Still, Schiffty looks like he violated the protections meant for American citizens. Be interesting to see what develops.

      Every Supreme Court Justice sitting up there in that august body must realize the potential for harm to the stability of this country, let alone the threat to our Constitutional foundation if this is allowed to stand. And everyone of them must be thinking about their own personal data being accessed…

      Didn’t POTUS call Schiffty crooked, among other interesting names? I bet they have the goods on him – on Nervous Nancy too.

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      1. Most GOP senators are corrupt….especially Graham (who was besties with McStain).

      2. Follow the money…..people simply don’t spend $25+ million dollars to win a job that pays $174,000 a year. So why do they do it?

      3. Because Senators control “foreign aid” $$. They get a kickback from the countries they give aid to. This is what the Clinton Foundation and McCain Institute were for….a way to receive these “pay-for-play” funds “legally”.


      Sundance spells it out succinctly…

      “These (latest) comments by Senator Lindsey Graham are very self serving. Why?… Because Senator Graham participated in the exploitation of Ukraine for his own benefit. In essence Graham is fearful that too much inquiry into what took place with Ukraine in 2014 through 2016 will expose his own participation and effort with former Ambassador Marie Yovanovich (and John McCain).

      Graham is attempting to end the impeachment effort because the underlying discoveries have the potential to expose the network of congressional influence agents, John McCain and Graham himself included, during any witness testimony.”

      Don’t think so??

      Check out this cozy little power trio in Ukraine in Dec. 2016…

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      1. Oh lookie there…..that’s corrupt as hell and disgraced Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch…the slimy bitch who testified for the Schiff show in DC….sitting with Graham and his bestie McStain.

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      2. I agree, but then part of me says what game are they playing? The impeachment would take them all down because the corruption would be fully exposed.

        Truly, if I was in their shoes I would have resigned from Congress long ago, got my affairs in order and looked for a way to get a deal.

        These insane members are like a bunch of jabbering monkeys. Lindsay is playing a high-wire game.

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  5. I admit I like to read fiction, but not going to read that mess put out by the Democrats. but thanks for the thread…looking forward to the dissection coming.
    I am bastardizing the phrase but…Impeach in haste…repent in leisure…seems to apply.

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    1. We’ve already been told.

      The corrupt RINOs in the Senate, ESPECIALLY the corrupt Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham, will allow House Democrats to impeach Trump but NOT allow a trial in the Senate….which would clear PDJT’s name and expose the farce…

      ….because a Senate trial would very likely uncover Senate GOP corruption…

      ….which is why precisely why Adam Schittheels feels safe to subpoena AT&T for other congressmen’s phone records (for example).

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      1. I think you’re fight. Graham not getting out front and center and stating what would happen if it comes to his committee and threatening to expose all of them – means he worries about his own exposure. Can’t have that – in the meantime, he enables them to damage DJT with this. The Dems will spend the next year saying the President was “impeached” but the GOP Senate “protected” him.

        The Dem crazies will buy it.

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        1. But our President will trump them all. He holds the keys. The backroom dealing that must be going on is no doubt epic.

          Which chess pieces will remain standing is President Trump’s decision.

          I trust Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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            1. There isn’t any other plausible option. That old Nixon adage…the coverup is worse than the crime…applies. Although in this situation, that may not be strictly applicable. However, if Obama pardoned many for their crimes before he left office, we may have to get them on crimes after he left office.

              Often, the desperate are lawless.

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              1. My hubby made an excellent, succinct bullet point the other day, goes with what you’re saying.

                “If people are acting irrationally, they’re acting out of fear.”

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          1. Yes, he should be removed (any PR excuse can be made regarding “conflict of interest”) and Grassley placed. First step.
            Second step, I suspect he may end up retiring from politics if the evidence gets too overwhelming against him. Heck, he apparently loves the cameras so could follow in the footsteps of so many others and work for a network.
            If we are lucky…there may be several vacancies in the MSM.

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  7. One thing to remember, Miss Lindsey said he’s giving control of Judiciary back to Grassley in January. How does this play into a Senate trial?? Is he protecting himself or faking out the Dems with his current rhetoric? Why be telling everyone what he’s gonna do if he won’t even be in charge?? 🤔🤔 Grassley can be a bulldog AND he’s piZZed that he hasn’t received answers from requests he submitted to DOJ/F_B over 2 years ago.

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    1. yeah…if he’s not gonna be in charge…maybe’s he’s hoping they got so much going on, they focus on that and forget it’s Grassley who will be calling the shots. I didn’t remember January tho–I thought it was after the next election–so YAY on that point.

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    2. Grassley doesn’t get it until the “next Congress” – 2021.

      I knew right then that Graham has worries. It may be that Grassley cannot serve in that capacity because it would be a consecutive term – GOP has different rules on how they seat their committee chairs.

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        1. Oh, I agree. It’s possible that McConnell can “change” rules like the Dems do, but he tends to do things as regular points of order, and not mess with the system – until pushed – as he did with confirming SCOTUS justices with simple majority. Graham will resist stepping down until something too big overwhelms his ability to keep the chairmanship – IMO. 🙂

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  8. General comment: don’t fall for the players looking like they are working against each other. Nothing is as it seems.

    Enjoy the show.

    People, this is all a charade on the GOP side. Anything you previously knew or thought about the swamp creatures in the Senate needs to be tossed. The “mark my words” stance is contrary to the way Q laid it all out. We don’t know who has flipped, what blackmail has been lifted, or anything else that lived in the shadows. We don’t know who was on the planning and execution team BEFORE the 2016 election. We don’t know what “parts” and “roles” people are playing.

    Looking at this from a performance perspective, we haven’t seen the script or the score. We’re supposed to watch it unfold, not make predictions based on previously held convictions that might not even be accurate reflections of reality.

    I just don’t agree that the Senate is going to kill this charade. I have my doubts it gets that far. However, there are any number of things that can happen. Just don’t get too invested in any one avenue of action.

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      1. Not really, thanks for asking. Although, I think I caught a second bug which is what I’m dealing with now. It’s pretty much in the head and dripping which is giving me the cough, etc. Had to resort to Vicks on the feet and covered with socks last night. Now Mom has it. I think I know what escalated it, though.

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    1. DP I have been siting the concern within myself that the Senate could set POTUS up.
      That might be my distrust against government that is dishonest. Funny how bringing experiences told within family in early age still reside within. I hope Senate does the right thing for POTUS and America.

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    2. “Nothing is as it seems. Enjoy the show.” Best advice we’re gonna get!

      We are woefully ill-prepared to realistically discuss most of the events of the day. It might be interesting to do so, but thinking we’ve got a good handle on it is delusional.

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  9. Well, here we sit on the “Horns of a GRAND Dilemma”
    It’s brilliant, really.
    And it guarantees President Trump will get out of the Senate, safely.
    Do you see it?

    We all know the expression, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”
    Well, the President has corralled Swamp members/horses at the water’s edge.
    Right now, they are deciding whether to drink the water of President Trump…….. or perish…….

    It all makes sense now. The thing President Trump is the BEST at doing…… is grabbing the “gun” of his opponent, and turning the “weapon” back on his opponent. The President was wronged. He was innocent and Mueller/Weissman surely would have brought charges if they found a scintilla of wrongdoing (yet, they did not).

    Why were we ever worried at all? Of course, President Trump would never walk into a situation where he didn’t “set the table” beforehand. Of course, Trump would have an ace up his sleeve. Of course, Trump makes his opponents bargain with themselves. Ahhhh, the power of an innocent man, with clear vision and good information, knows no limits.

    Astonishing to think I was worried about the trustworthiness of the Senate… yeah, I thought the RINOS might betray him. Admit it, we’ve all had doubts. Gheez, I have to stop being so naive, thinking things are the way I want them to be (honorable men and women), rather than accept the cold reality of the way things ARE (they’re all treacherous hyenas).
    The Repubs in the Senate cannot escape.
    Ooohhh gosh!!! And THAT’s why President Trump didn’t DECLASS everything. There’s another ace for President Trump.
    It makes sense now.

    If the Senate does not immediately (as quickly as possible) shut down the Impeachment charade, the President has the ability to expose the Republicans who are compromised……. either via trial or via Twitter.
    Of COURSE, the Senators know all about the corruption in the Senate.
    There’s no way in hell McCain, Graham, Murphy, Ron Johnson, Klobuchar, ………all those Senators can make trips to the Ukraine………. they know all about it.
    Those same Republicans will be desperate and ensure the President stays quiet, ……… or else 20-30 Republicans are ruined…. and they would be among the highest ranking Republicans.

    I’m laughing.
    And even if the Repubs skate out of PUBLIC trouble during impeachment trial in the Senate, President Trump still has the information, hold the cards, turns the Senate into his rubber stamp. Future compliance is guaranteed, either through good will and admiration of an excellent President, or sheer terror from their own guilt.
    Fear or respect.
    Drink the water……. or perish.
    Trump wins, the people win, …… or they are shamed/ruined and die.

    Damn……. yeah, that’s the President I want working for me, for my country.

    Wow, the scope of it all is washing over me…. It would take an incredible amount of patience, biting of my own tongue…… to allow this kind of a plan to play out without showing my cards. I couldn’t do it. I would blow it. I would speak too soon. Imagine the control President Trump has….. to be able to follow through. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

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    1. Daughn excellent post !
      “Astonishing to think I was worried about the trustworthiness of the Senate… yeah, I thought the RINOS might betray him.”
      I shared your worry and your whole post has settled me. Thank you for your vision. Sometimes we get to close and do not see the trees for the forest.
      I need another cup of coffee 🙂

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    1. Deplorable Patriot
      Who are today’s victims and are we starting with 45 minutes of pontificating BS again?
      You are sounding like my husband 🙂
      He is so fed up that he does not want to hear or see anything and off he went to a Ministerial meeting.

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  10. ‘Courts Take Months And Months’: Nadler Admits He’ll Keep Impeachment Out Of Court For The Sake Of Speed

    House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler admitted Sunday that the main reason House Democrats have been keeping impeachment-related issues out of the courts is that it would take too long.

    Nadler spoke with CNN’s Dana Bash, who was guest-hosting “State of the Union” for Jake Tapper, about the most recent developments in the ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.


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  11. Collins is right. If they’re already writing articles of impeachment, then why are we here?
    Why are we presenting evidence AFTER the decision to “convict”?

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  12. None of this makes sense.
    Opposing counsel claims the President went outside of his purview, creating “Abuse of Power”.
    If the President is allowed to investigate corruption, in fact would be negligent if he did not, then it’s not outside of purview……. and too bad it might involve someone the Dems care about.
    There was an ongoing investigation ALREADY…….. which is why President Trump suggested the Ukrainians talk to AG Barr.

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    1. It makes perfect sense to me. The professional foreign policy apparatus is ticked off that they were kicked out of the situation room. So, they’re claiming that Trump’s foreign policy is all about getting him re-elected.

      Well, duh.

      Trump doing his job is all about getting re-elected because he kept his promises.

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  13. If Trump was actually looking to benefit himself………… he would have dispatched personal atty and cohorts to dig up info on Biden………AND KEEP IT PRIVATE…… to use it for the election.
    He wouldn’t ask Zelensky to make it public.

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    1. Would have taken too much time for a trial in Ukraine. No way Trump (with a nefarious motive) could guarantee the info would come out by the time of the election.


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