Watching the Watters: WHAT IS QANON?

Well, it had to happen. SOMEBODY had to ask the right questions, and actually come CLOSE to getting the right answers.

Q already put this in some degree of context for us, BEFORE THE SHOW.

Jesse Watters Will Cover Qanon
7 Dec 2019 – 3:25:21 PM📁
While a biased POV shelters/protects the host, the overall discussion [eyes on] generates awareness.

Q Post 3665

So what do you all think?

I challenge every person here to give a BETTER explanation of QAnon than this professor. ONE COMMENT – as big as you want, but keep your “submission” as a single comment. You can include memes, images, tweets, videos, links – WHATEVER.

GO FOR IT! Let’s see stuff that CHANGES MINDS!!!


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140 thoughts on “Watching the Watters: WHAT IS QANON?

  1. Of course, a more natural flow would be a post to discuss the parameters of a successful Q presentation, with a bunch of give-and-take and brainstorming. The “describe Q in one post” would be part B.

    Nobody is going to want to put an outline up and then go, “d’oh! Of course I should have discussed…..”

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      1. 1. What is reporting?
        a. Media model: I’m Dan Rather of CBS News, and I’m here to tell you that George W. Bush’s tenure at the Texas Air National Guard was scandalous.
        i. Why should I trust you?
        ii. Why should I trust your organization?
        iii. What is the provenance of your information?
        iv. Is it accurate?
        v. Does the information you reveal actually support the conclusions you draw?
        b. Propaganda model: (insert any agency press briefing here)
        i. Is the spokesperson fully informed? Does he/she speak for the agency?
        ii. Is the agency reporting facts, chaff, or spin? (e.g. if DoD were to say, “we’re invading the Nazis in Trieste” right before the Normandy invasion, that would be legitimate chaff, even though it involves lying to Americans)
        iii. Is it verifiable?
        c. Citizen reporting model: (insert black ops guy with El Paso patsy photo)
        i. Were you there?
        ii. Did you report what you saw?
        d. (closely related to c) Palivision: (death of Mohammed Al Dura)
        i. Were you there?
        ii. Was this staged?
        iii. Did this actually happen?
        e. Q
        i. Q is anonymous, has no organization, and does little to no original reporting
        ii. Q links present to past, past to future.
        iii. Q’s explicit message is that veracity of all reporting is questionable — thus, all other forms of reporting will attempt to eliminate Q.

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      2. 2. Who is Q?
        3. Who is Q’s intended audience?
        a. internal
        b. external — normies
        c. external — coupists
        4. What are Q’s communication channels?
        a. Security
        b. Authenticity — fake Q’s
        5. What is the intended result from Q’s communications?
        a. internal
        b. external — normies
        c. external — coupists
        i. induce panic and opportunities for mistakes
        6. What is the content of Q drops?
        a. rallying the troops, disparaging the enemy
        b. interpretations
        i. validity
        c. predictions
        i. validity
        d. refocus
        7. Unhinged reaction to Q
        a. cyber
        b. media
        c. politicians

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          1. cthulhu,

            Word Unimpressed ‘corrects’ spacing to ONE space no matter how many you put in.

            I have found this to work:

            Using periods instead of spaces to indent or to line-up columns in a table.

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  2. Wolfie!…Me and Sylvia…Just got off the phone…We wanna bring US….All…Together!!!!!…Again!…For…THE GREAT AWAKENING!!! WWG1WGA!!!! Help!….We da weirdo site…and… will ALL WAYS…Be us..We..Miss you ALL!
    Tell us…How…we can..HELP!

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      1. We’re UP Wolfie………………..and we’re ready. I refused to get, or at least stay, discouraged.

        We’ve waited for the IG Report for a long damned time, but face it……….events have overtaken this report. Now that it is finally being released, the story has moved well past it. At one time the IG Report was going to be a big deal and it still is important, but we know so much more now. On to Durham……..

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        1. I disagree! That is Eeyore juice! Dig into this report! It is STUNNING. It’s the DETAILS that are going to give us huge weapons here!

          We need to be talking about this report for the next YEAR and burying the Dems.

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          1. Okay, Wolfie. I didn’t intend to sound dismissive of the IG Report, that’s for sure! I really meant that I am sure those people we originally wanted to see brought to justice will be. But for me, I’m now expecting even MOWER and I believe it will come. It is ALL going to come out, eventually. It has to.

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              1. 🤣🤣🤣 No, no, no……… Eeyore juice! I’ma trusting the plan! And I am NOT dissatisfied with the IG Report. It’s can only do so much/go so far. It’s limited in scope. But it’s going to be a really good tool to take us on to the next level!

                And I am determined to enjoy this journey! Each Viva la Resistance no-name lawyer who falls is going to be cause for celebration for me and whet my appetite for the big wigs!

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  3. I’ve grown quite fond of our septendecimal friend…I’ll go with simplicity…

    And to accompany that image…I always imagine to myself that our VSGPDJT was referring to the Deep State when he made this glorious comment (metaphorically of course).

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    1. Smiley! I hadn’t seen that before. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for a very long time. Midway through the video I took a deep breath and snapped out of it. Through all of the waiting for indictments, waiting for perp walks, just waiting, even though I know it’s happening, the biggest thing has already happened and that’s TRUMP!

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      1. So true, Holley. We can’t be so obsessed with a preferred outcome that we miss this Ahhh-mazing journey happening right now, every day. Civilizations have come, gone, and revived. We are in the midst of something historic, and THAT feeds my appreciation daily.

        God Bless President Trump and his Army of Qs 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  4. Q is a person or group that communicates directly with the people to bypass the filters of other news mediums. Q has the highest levels of insider information regarding the president and the government. Because Q can’t divulge secrets, he drops cryptic hints and makes predictions. That said, not everything Q says can be taken verbatim because he is also watched by the Deep State, and some Q drops are made to throw them off.

    Q followers are by no means limited to Trump supporters. Q is a worldwide phenomenon because citizens of other countries also understand the need for direct communication with the people and the need to drain the swamp. They are watching to see what happens in this effort to clean out corruption in America and other countries — because what has happened in America has been done with the cooperation of others like those in Five Eyes. People all over the world are aware of the malfeasance involving money, human trafficking, drugs, bribery, blackmail, etc. They have experienced oppression in multiple ways.

    Since Q says “no outside communications,” none of the people who claim to have talked with Q have actually done so.

    Sometimes Q has an uncanny level of predictive accuracy, as in the recent [D6] drop.

    Pres. Trump is inextricably tied to Q. His goals for the country are what is being reported on by Q. If Q were harmful instead of beneficial, or if Q were not real, Pres. Trump could have said so at any time over the past couple of years. The fake news media is going out of its way to discredit Q, which would be unnecessary if Q were a LARP (live action role play; a hoax) or if Q were not a way for us to hear directly from those who are trying to restore America. Because Q stands for truth and justice, it is a threat to those who want to maintain the corrupt status quo.

    There are many Q proofs, some more believable than others. Those who follow Q have a much more optimistic view of the future than those who do not. Q provides hope that something is being done and someone is fighting for us and with us.

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    1. Concise and complete! Excellent!

      Personally, I thought QDrop #309 on 9 December 2017 was a mind-blower! That post contained only one word—


      Now what date is IG report to be released? That’s right—two years to the day on 9 December 2019—Justice.

      Q talks about the importance of timing—so does President Trump. Hmmm…….

      Q !ITPb.qbhqo Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 571cae No.60244 📁
      Dec 9 2017 13:28:04 (EST)

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      1. Yeah, that’s good stuff.

        Now correlate with the AMA question of “How do you know the future?” and the answer – “Control.” So who can control dates enforced by the AG of the United States of America two years later? One person. POTUS.


        Yet one more Q proof.

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      1. I watch Watter’s several times. What struck me that the interview was rehearse and used to prep viewers what is to come on Monday and thereafter.
        Who is Q? It can be anyone who has access to POTUS or Inteligent operates. People or person who are committed to the US and its survival a white hat pushing against the communists.
        Is Q POTUS? not sure it would be a person or persons I think to keep Q away for protection of POTUS.

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    1. “10 % of the US population = over 32 million ppl.”

      About 13 million people watched the 1st day of the impeachment circus across all major networks combined and the ratings declined from there.

      Is this confirmation—dare I say a PROOF—of Q’s claim that We the People are the news now?

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  5. I’ve followed Q since November of 2017 and I am constantly amazed by what people THINK Q means or has communicated.
    I never had the impression that the sole purpose of Q was bringing attention to “satanic pedophiles” who would then be moved to Gitmo for hanging.
    For instance, a few off the cuff references to a growing list of pending indictments turned into (for a few people) an obsession with the count, which would eventually lead to mass arrests. This led to false hopes. No.

    Almost immediately, a group of Anons did a small study, just taking the state of Colorado as a subset, and clearly illustrated the “pending” also included things like speeding tickets. It was a rabbit hole but NOT a rabbit hole disproving Q, only disproving the assumption of “some” people who thought they knew what Q was referencing. Many of the “some” were also those who sought financial gain by “explaining Q/decoding Q” to a larger audience, only to be proven wrong, time and again.

    For me, the benefit of Q has been a broadening of my overall information/reading/sources. For instance, prior to Q, I never paid much attention to specific journalists. I now follow Haberman of NYTimes, Isikoff at Yahoo, and Ken Dilanian at WaPost to read and compare the bias and overall information. Additionally, Q exposed many to outlets like “Wired”, which I had never followed prior to Q. NOW, I also look to foreign press and often use a translator to escape the eggshell of American media.

    The greatest benefit of Q has been the teaching of “how to open source information”, how to dig for answers. Yes, all governments keep secrets and they should. Yet, if 95% of the information is available via open source, then we merely need to be pointed in the right direction to uncover the truth. In this effort, Q has been masterful to teach MILLIONS of people how to become better citizens, which can only lead to more responsible politicians and governments.

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    1. Huge AMEN.

      Your point about the difference between what Q says and what the SUM of his “followers” says is crucial. The enemy works hard to disrupt LOGICAL THINKING with tasty mental ant poison, then attached to the Q movement.

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  6. The Professor was attempting to pigeonhole (ISOLATE) the Q movement into RIDICULE so that it can be more easily blown off or MARGINALIZED. In context:”Q conspiracy theorists believe that satanic pedophile cults rule the World!”

    Always remember Deep State playbook never changes—ISOLATE, RIDICULE, MARGINALIZE.

    I thought Jesse Watters handled that excellently by adding additional context. Jesse also acknowledged that 10% of the population is not an insignificant number that find Q to be a good thing. BRAVO Jesse!

    The Professor admits that the Q following spans all parties proving that it is NOT a “far-right conspiracy theory”.

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  7. The “professor” made enough grammar errors, mentally, I went “CLICK.”

    He also left a whole lot out.

    So, elevator pitch. Let’s see:

    “Q is a military intelligence person or group posting information crumbs on a public chat board using the Socratic method of proof and reasoning to get the public to understand that the mainstream media is lying to them in order to manipulate public opinion. Q uses images, video, and other media to demonstrate to the public, and the enemy that the surveillance apparatus the deep state set up on all of us is now in their hands. Q’s plan was carefully laid out prior to the Trump presidency, and is currently being executed by a group of actors now in high up positions in government who are busy draining the swamp and saving humanity from the fate the deep state had planned for us.”

    How’s that?

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          1. Self-control is one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Christ control and self-control are the opposite of addiction.

            The world, leftists, ungodly don’t understand that self-control and Christ control are true freedom.

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        1. P0rn is slavery two ways and levels:
          – addiction is slavery
          – trafficking is slavery

          Socialist Democrats don’t want to talk about that kind of slavery – the trafficking of drugs, p0rn and peopel that is going on today around the world..

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  8. Q was the awakening of hope…the acknowledgment that we had a champion fighting for us…that we could reverse the despair we’d been feeling during the Obama years. Electing Donald Trump was the first step, but Q was that flickering light in the darkness that pointed out that all was not lost–it was going to be a fight, no doubt…but with Q dropping the breadcrumbs, a battered, tired nation could find it’s way again, and not by giving us the answers plainly…but by teaching us to research, dispute and fight too.
    Q is a warrior who enabled regular people to be warriors too.

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    1. ^^^ Yep.

      There was certainly a well grounded feeling of despair during ALL of hussein’s years. But for me, also, baby bush years were problematic. Certainly the second four years, a certain unease things in America just were not right. The Middle East in its entirety. The wars. The economy. America’s standing in the world.

      Q has also shown folks that banding loosely together, we could pursue truths through the shrouds of lies and deceit strewn about by politicos, MCM, COC, Globalists, deep state… The latter schmucks exposed for 100% NOT having America’s best interests.
      – ^^^ Prior to President Trump AND Q bolstering the message, I, PERHAPS MANY OR MOST really had not realized how badly Republicans and Democrats alike, along with MCM, COC, Globalists and deep state were leading America into oblivion. Rights disappearing along with America’s wealth…standard and quality of life, living.

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      1. Meant to include…

        The pedo thing, absolutely repulsive, violate human rights… being exposed along with everything else that is destroying America, is but a subset of all the problems. Has to be addressed. IS being addressed by President Trump and his team. Rightfully part of the Q narrative.

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      2. I am admittedly NOT the sharpest knife in the …. Tree 🙂
        But I DID…. get “Red Pilled” on 9-11-01……
        I saw the towers fall….
        I heard the “Official” story….
        Tower #7 falling on itself like a controlled demolition without being hit by a plane?
        BBC claiming that it fell… and it being clearly standing behind the “reporter”?
        That event sealed the deal.
        Much followup research only CONFIRMED my position.

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  9. In a nutshell, I think it is important, perhaps more important, to note not who or what Q started off as—but what Q has become.

    We the People ARE Q! We are the news—making arguments about whether or not Q is real irrelevant.

    I think we spend way too much time trying to prove the legitimacy of Q. I suggest using a bit of psychological jujitsu and not accepting the premises of twitter trolls—we too often get caught up in their mud-slinging spin machines.

    Yes, I do at times confront the trolls—not trying to convince them that they are wrong—but often rebounding off of their hate with information, data, or food for thought to be consumed by that 3rd party that might be watching/reading/listening. Personally, I do not believe it is a good idea to block all trolls (unless they stalk) because that creates our own echo-chamber.

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  10. Q opened my eyes to the evil deeds of people I would have never thought of as evil ,he lifted the veil of deceit that makes up the media. I’ve learned to search and read and dig . I was so mad at myself for being duped for years by the likes of the Bushes, then Q made it possible for me to understand really understand that the whole was duped not just a little old lady from Podunk Oregon.

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  11. What we know as fact…

    Q is military intelligence…the only intelligence community that Obama couldn’t subvert.

    Q is a counter-intelligence operation whose purpose is to inform and create an army of online researchers, posters, and political activists who fight back against media propaganda and the left’s online activists.

    My speculation…

    Q is most likely being run by Gen. Flynn and his bestie Adm. Rogers.

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    1. Gen. Flynn is also my top pick…he knows about the Obama dirt like no other. That is why Obama “warned” President Trump about Gen. Flynn. They tried to get Adm. Rogers fired.

      Over 200 Generals and Admirals endorsed Trump’s presidency—any of them and more could be Q-Team members. Over 200—let that sink in. That is why I believe military leaders are behind the fight for our Constitutional Republic—even BEFORE President Trump announced his candidacy.

      Of course, it is only speculation.

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  12. The natural order of life is to move in a healthward direction (light).

    The natural order of death is to move in a disabling direction (dark).

    Q information helps us personally, America and the world to move from Dark > Light.

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  13. When I first started reading Q I dismissed the “red shoes” and white rabbit aspect of the drops as well as much of the symbolism. In fact, I wondered why Q would go to the trouble of including those when they seemed more personal than political.

    I now understand—we needed to have our eyes open to the breadth and depth of what we are up against. It takes time to come to grips with it.

    My recent foray into the motivations and founding principles of globalists and their organizations has led to a dawning sense of horror. The motivation and my ability to research and uncover the truth of things might never have been realized without the encouragement of Q.

    When Q speaks of “saving humanity” I believe it is more than a figurative phrase.

    I thought about the mindset of people dedicated to establishing a world government (which they will run) and saving the planet.

    What do they think is the biggest threat to the planet? People?

    For those at the helm…how would you run the world and control it? Wouldn’t you need a small population of compliant (stupid) and easily manipulated people to run your errands?

    This makes the idea of toxic water, the pervasive use of chemicals in our food and medicines, and the dearth of remedies for disease and aging somewhat suspicious,

    And then, it seems very convenient to allow and even facilitate the importation of hostile populations of individuals programmed from youth to hate and destroy those who fo not submit to them……probably saves on the cost of armies.

    The lack of wisdom displayed by people on our side turning on one another because of Q is mind boggling. I remain incredulous that this has occurred and hurt so many of us.

    We need all hands on deck to help the President and his people. The ability to come together and pool our resources on behalf of the President is more important than ever as we deal with the impeachment and 2020.

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    1. Great points!

      An important principle in Q world is to understand that a favorite trick of the enemy is to get us pursuing what cannot be solved in an effective timeframe, rather than what can. The proper order of battle is taught by Q if we listen. But for us all to listen, communications must be initiated effectively. Q did this – and to me it was an early convincer.

      Stated another way, military effectiveness is convincing of military origin.

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  14. What you all already said.
    Q is the stone in the pond and the info is the ripple.
    We are all riding each wave as the stone gets bigger and the ripples go farther out. Eventually itll reach shore and thats Justice day.

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  15. The awakening was already underway on a number of fronts when this ‘entity’ known as Q entered the field to reinforce what many had begun to realize……….we were being misled.
    In addition, this Q provided a map of sorts to help those hungry for truth search that which was right before our eyes.
    The efforts to infiltrate, discredit, and diminish this so-called C/T are proof positive of the effectiveness of Q.

    That many/some MAGA supporters dismiss the Q phenomime is like removing an arrow from your quiver.

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  16. I revert to Scott’s argument, posted here and OT many times;

    If Q is NOT connected to Trump, then Trump would have HAD TO shut Q down.

    There is no defense against this argument. The RISK of having a “rogue” element influencing 32 MILLION PEOPLE (and of course Trump would know this number) would be outrageous. It could NEVER be allowed to continue.

    Whomever Q is, one person, many people, Q is ultimately controlled by PDJT. There is NO OTHER POSSIBILITY.

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    1. Perfect opportunity for clarification from the President, even if he were the blinded or oblivious dupe some on our side seem to think he is, was the Q baby.

      If there were even the remote possibility that he missed the reference to Q rather than endorsed it, it seems to me that Don Jr or Eric could have been counted on to step in after the fact and straighten us all out.

      Didn’t happen.

      Closing one’s eyes to this seems to me to be remaining willfully blind. I have never been able to understand why.

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  17. I’m at the current end of comments…all filled with insight and thoughtful personal analysis. I would venture to guess, like LM, we’ve all changed our minds (perhaps more than once) about the entire concept of Q. And, that is undoubtedly one of the goals.
    Indisputably, most of us are better equipped to research, to question and to focus on MAGA because of Q. I personally, have no desire to learn who the posting Q really is …. I’d rather think Q is all of us. (However, I look forward to any and all Q posts and hope they never cease!)

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    1. Appreciation time……
      Wolf… For having this site, and adding IMPORTANT content.
      Flep…. for the DAILY… NEWS…. roundups!
      ALL of the “Authors” appointed by Wolf for their insights…
      And….. Each and EVERY commenter and CONTRIBUTOR here.
      My Deepest THANKS to each of you!
      WE…. are the news now.

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        1. I only Golf in 4 man/Woman scrambles (Not often)…
          Because I only contribute a very few good shots for the team….
          But occasionally, my 300 yard Drives go as “Hoped”……
          Or my 30 foot putt actually goes in the cup.

          I like to surround myself with “Players” (YOU Folks)…..
          That are VERY GOOD.

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  18. Q is the restoration of the American Experiment to its original promise in this modern world. Giving us the tools and the clues to help cut out the rot from this lone tree of Liberty

    ….and giving the rest of the world the blue print to plant their own tree, once the weeds, rocks and salt that is the cabal are removed from the soil that is mankind.

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  19. Just left this in the Daily thread. Worth sharing here.

    December 8, 2019 at 12:19

    Regular folks like my hubby and I, have recognized the sense, logic, information vehicle, etc. that Q appears to provide. We had no knowledge of it, in fact, became more acquainted here, where Q posts were posted and discussed.

    I’ve seen enough confirmation, and CLUES, that indicate whatever Q is – it’s not false – too many confirmed and proven instances shown. I’ve seen POTUS make that “Q” sign, more than once. And those in the know – POTUS – have that enigmatic look at times… about Q.

    Another point to make is that regardless of whether Q is from POTUS or someone else, (I believe he has a hand in it) Q has done more to spread the news, keep people informed and actually unify #MAGA supporters – something that our side hasn’t had before. A common language and source of information does wonders for getting the word out.

    Unseen, very logical and smart, has a good thread on the situation.

    There’s more, so click on any tweet. But I particularly like the last in the series – open-minded people (therefore, I consider them smart folks) think the way Unseen concludes.

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    1. Great thread by Unseen. All great businessmen/warriors have a Plan that gets adjusted constantly to conditions on the ground. All the infighting started by elements like SD is ‘scratch my head’ questionable.

      I don’t comprehend Q’s messages. I don’t think ordinary citizens like me need to, because we have the Wolfie’s and Praying Medics to do it for us.

      My two biggest takeaways from following Q:
      1. Optimism that we have not yet lost our country. We are on the precipice, but Trump is a mighty force against all enemies, domestic & foreign.
      2. How intricately related our enemies are. Whether it is banking, politics, media, foreign govts, pedophilia, NGOs, PACs or tax-exempt churches & think tanks, THE SAME NAMES KEEP CROPPING UP … from familial generation to generation.

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    1. A heck of a lot of them!!! Remember those people stood in line for HOURS if not for days. Don’t you think the conversation turned to the latest Q drops and to what the Autists had just ferreted out?

      After all it would be something you could easily discuss with like minded strangers.

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  20. I never heard of Q or understood what Q was until I came to this blog. On the old tree, I kept thinking “Q from STTNG?’

    But I find it just gripping. Almost like reading a spy novel unfold in front of our eyes.

    And knowing that someone like Trump and Q can link so many people around the world is amazing. They want globalism but I don’t think they expected this.

    Kept clam and Q (MAG) on!

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    1. What if our Q decided to make that his moniker BECAUSE of Q-STTNG?

      Implying powers that transcend time & space?

      Sort of like a GEOTUS?

      Always showing up at inopportune times (from the pov of Picard [metaphor for deepstate])?

      Always causing Picard (through painful choices) to do what Q says is the right thing?

      Always advancing Q’s agenda no matter what Picard (deepstate) thinks or does?

      Very fond of metaphors for current events (remember the shooting war as a metaphor for the Q continuum struggle)?

      full disclosure: I have always believed our Q was patterned on Star Trek’s Q.

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      1. I know what you’re saying, Pgroup…but the similarities are only up to a point.

        The ‘Q’ character on Star Trek was flawed.
        He was a tyrant that displayed a petulant tendency to toy with mere mortals, while cloaking himself in a self-aggrandizing sense of morality…as though he was doing it ‘for our own good’.

        The Start Trek ‘Q’ was all-seeing, though.
        So in this I can see the similarity in the way that Q seems to have an overview of world events that is from a higher altitude than ours.

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  21. From my point of view, Q-Anon had several goals.

    #1. The Major Goal was to KEEP the momentum once President Trump was elected.
    ……If we are to reclaim our Republic we could not just elect President Trump and go back to sleep. We MUST remain AWAKE and active. This is especially true since impeachment and imprisonment under false charges & or assassination was planned for President Trump and his family. Remember what the Cabal did to the Tzar of Russia and his family in retaliation for interfering with their plans for the USA 160 years ago. President Trump’s popularity + our awareness that our ‘leaders’ will KILL to advance their agenda serves as protection for President Trump and his family. WE will no longer swallow their FAKE scenarios.

    #2. TEACH us how to research and connect dots so the Fake News can no longer brain wash us.

    #3. Let us know that things were happening behind the scenes so that Fake News and Eeeyores could not sow despair.

    #4. Prepare us for just how ugly things are behind the false front painted by the Fake News.

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    1. The gaslighting that has been going on about Q, is similar to the gaslighting that went on with the term “birthers”.

      The cabal puppetmasters have been desperate to establish the narrative that Q is a “conspiracy theory”.
      They want people to be afraid of talking about it.

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      1. One of the things I’m going to start responding to people with, is as follows:

        “Show me the Q post that said that. You won’t be able to, because it’s not there. This is just a criminal Democrat alibi – nothing more. It’s propaganda to stall for time. THEY ARE GOING DOWN. DON’T GO WITH THEM.”

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        1. That’s right!
          The Q detracters like to use false generalizations to mischaracterize Q and what Q has said.

          They rely on people not being knowledgeable about what Q has really been saying.

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  22. I have watched Jesse Watters for years now…and even though he puts forth a goofy sort of persona, he is most definitely Not a goof.

    Quite the contrary, really.
    Jesse started out doing his little segments where he would go out and ask a Question of people on the street.
    These were aired on O’Reilly’s show.

    These little segments are a brilliant way of illustrating how stupid some people are…namely leftist people.
    Jesse doesn’t say anything negative about these people.
    He just smiles.

    He doesn’t have to say anything negative about them…they expose their own stupidity for all to see…and often with an air of indifference to their own ignorance.

    I also have noticed that Jesse walks a fine line with ‘compliance’ with the Fox-approved info level that is dictated by his bosses.
    He was slapped on the head and taken off the air, a while back, for saying something that was forbidden.

    So…with all this in mind, I watched his segment on Q.
    To me, it looked like he was doing a similar sort of thing that he has done with his people-on-the-street segments.

    He let this Joseph Ucsinski guy blather on with his idiotic ‘approved’ talking points.
    But the questions that Jesse asked him served to give the audience a better understanding of what Q and the Q movement is all about.

    Like Q said…the segment generates a greater awareness.

    What is Q?

    I think that Q has been a brilliant way of letting us know that there are good men working behind the scenes to right wrongs and bring justice to the evil ones who seek to enslave us.

    Look at ‘where’ Q chose to speak to us.
    The autists at 4chan, then 8chan, had already made a name for themselves, for being phenomenal researchers and investigators.
    They can spot a fake a mile away.

    I think it was Notable that Q chose that site to post on.

    As others have mentioned…Q gives us hope that things are being done, even though it looks like nothing is happening on the surface.
    Q asks questions and gives us clues, so that we can come to our own conclusions.

    Personally, I think that Q has been a brilliant way for our VSG President to let us know what is going on…without doing it himself, officially.

    Liked by 10 people

      1. I guess in the midst of all of this, I’m looking for a boilerplate, sans emotion, sans sentiment, just the facts at 40,000 feet. I’m thinking of the people in my circles who are going to resist redpilling. Platitudes are useless when it comes to that, IMO. I’ve written too many mission statements, grant applications, boilerplates and elevator pitches (90 seconds or less) to believe that you’ll be able to hold attention any longer with those who don’t know the details.

        Normies have zero idea what 8chan is/was.

        Normies don’t get that military intelligence was the only part of government not infiltrated.

        Normies don’t know that the deep state wants to kill them.

        Give them a taste, and get them to ask for the granular details.

        Liked by 6 people

      2. Oh, I also used to assist in speech writing for non-profits. Facts HAVE to be easily understood, digested and something everyone can related to.

        I mean, when the boss at the food bank heard me say a six pack of beer is cheaper than a can of powdered baby formula, that became a feature in her speeches.

        Liked by 7 people

    1. Wheatie darlin’, brilliant as always!

      I agree with you completely about Jesse Watters. I was impressed by his handling of the Professor. No one could say the Professor was in the tank for Q. Quite the opposite. He intended to paint Q as a loon. But Jesse’s thoughtful questioning brought out important things that made Q look interesting and powerfully important. It was really well done.

      Jesse Watters is no light weight, that’s for sure.

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