Dear KMAG: 20191207 Open Topic


Welcome! The door is open, come on inside!


This Back to the Fortress Q Tree Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Colossal Trailer Music, titled ‘Destination Jupiter’:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header and First Image: Is an enormous Tree standing alone in a clearing with a giant door built into the base of the trunk. A lone figure is approaching the doorway. There are patches of moss and small leafy branches emerging up and down the gnarled trunk.

Second Image: Is an interior room with vaulted ceilings and arched throughways. There is a sturdy-looking couch with throw pillows and nearby armchairs. Behind the couch is a table and chairs…and there are additional seating groups in the adjacent spaces.

Third Image: President Trump is walking outdoors and giving a short wave, with his arm out shoulder high. He has a solemn look of resolve on his face.


One of my personal favorites:


During the Christmas season, one of the food traditions of our family has always been the Pecan Log. It is still a guilty pleasure of ours, to this day:

Yes, I know…it’s full of all those things we’re supposed to deny ourselves.

Sorry, not sorry.

So…what is your Favorite Guilty Pleasure during the Holidays?





I love this new video from Julian’s Rum! Can’t stop watching it:



599 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191207 Open Topic

  1. Don Jr puts it in perspective…

    71,000 jobs lost in Canada would be like 700,000 lost in the US.

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        1. pgroup
          No more US dynasties.
          The dems if they have their way will establish a dynasty. Clintons would have loved their daughter to be in future politics that is why we need to make Clintons responsible for what they have done.
          People are looking for Micheal to run for office ?
          I am not for dynasties but I rather have a Trump dynasty than a Clinton or Obama or Pelosi or any of the other left wing nuts.

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  2. Ohhh such a magnificent tree Wheatie… love it…

    Isn’t Julian’s vid stunning! Have watched several times, gives me goosebumps…

    The D5 avalanche Kew promised last year started yesterday 12/5… we are going to get so much winnin’ every day we won’t be able to handle it…

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    1. Wheatie what a mysterious tree we are entering today. I hope full of surprises?
      Maybe the tree is a fore shadow for what is to come on Monday?
      Am doing my wash today to make free time and also do other chores so not to be bound by them.
      During event I choses a book to read on Gratitude and it is timely specially for Monday.
      Gratitude keeps me centered and keeps my spirit up regardless what happens.
      I like to express my gratitude to all who are offering their gifts just to many to single out because I am afraid I could offend by leaving anyone out. You are all special people.
      Then the Wolf I am grateful that made this Q Tree possible.

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      1. Correction: Advent not event but then Advent is an event 🙂
        I do not know why the spellcheck has its own mind ? 😦


  3. .
    What a crock!

    I guess those ‘scientists’ aren’t keeping up with current events.

    All indicators are pointing to a long Solar Minimum period…which would mean, mini Ice Age.

    Glaciers will grow and sea levels would likely go down a bit, as more of the earth’s moisture ends up in layers of ice & snow in the northern latitudes.

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    1. In the mountains of San Bernardino, we had a big big snow drop. The week of Thanksgiving storms brought HALF THE ENTIRE SEASON AVERAGE. Something like 58 inches, breaking the last record from 50 years ago that was around 35 inches. We have been getting really good rain and snow already, considering the fires we had had.
      I also still cant change homeowners insurance bc no one will cover or its much higher. NY based underwriters using some new computers to determine risk, but the aholes wont use their eyes. The state insurance commissioner finally put a 1 year moratorium on cancelling/dropping homeowners from their policies and cherry picking coverage. Its 3 years too late but these risks are bc of the utilities and failed govt not nature . I was also warned that if I did change companies, they could drop us after 3 months or so and our old company probably wouldnt take us back. Corrupt bastids.

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  4. Wheatie….I just finished packing my annual Xmas box of goodies to send out on Monday to my Japanese friends. And, ironically, there are some pecan candy rolls in it! (Also moon pies, fruit cake and candy canes)…typical Xmas treats for them to sample.
    So, it was a pleasant surprise to see them featured in your article tonight! No coincidences!

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      1. In general, I’ve learned the Japanese don’t share our sweet tooth gene (perhaps accounting for the size difference!). Their idea of candy is made from a red bean acquired taste.
        One of the best items I can send in the Xmas box….gnocchis!

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    1. nah…taking the tight tin foil hat position on this one. they used ruthie’s name to further the illusion she isn’t incapacitated at this point. put her name on a high profile case (esp with POTUS’s name on it) and they buy themselves more time…

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  6. While watching Columbus, OH media on the “nuclear disaster psy-op” (more coming), I found this information on a *potential* active shooter stopped.

    Note that the target is in BALTIMORE, OHIO – not “the” Baltimore.

    Columbus man accused of planning attack on Baltimore, Ohio business arrested


    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Columbus man is facing multiple charges after police in Baltimore, Ohio say he was planning an attack using firearms and a vehicle.

    Sean A. Brandt, 20, was arrested by members of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Task Force and the Columbus Police SWAT Team, a release from the Baltimore Police Department said.

    On Thursday, Baltimore police received information that a potential active shooter situation may occur at a local business.


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        1. Yep. The eyes. The soulless eyes, with an infinitude of deserted wasteland behind them.

          Not unlike Scieno eyes, for those who know them (“Got your TR’s in?” will trigger them every time) (ooooopppps, RESTIM!!! Watch out for Xenu, and don’t step on those clams…)… That stare, without blinking..

          There has to be some kind of processing behind that… at least in Scieno’s case, it was hours about hours of TR drills in the “comms course”, which they give to “fresh meat” (suckers lured in from off the street, or with the “Personality Test”); the more advanced course, a year or two (and lotsa $$$$) later, goes much deeper… LRH was connected to Jack Parsons of JPL (originally Jack Parson’s Labs) who was connected to Aleister Crowley and a demonic host of others… wonder where today’s crazies’ interest in NASA comes from?

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      1. We don’t have to know the answer yet to say that something is WRONG. And this is WRONG.

        THIS is one of the greatest information weapons that we’ve obtained by no longer listening to the fake news. The ability to say “Something’s wrong – we don’t have to decide WHY it’s that way – we just know it’s wrong.”

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  7. In my humble opinion, if a foreign country sends one of their military to the US for special military training, they should appropriately vet them first. And they should be held to strict liability for any failures in that vetting.

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    1. Both countries were supposed to have vetted the trainees at Pensacola NAS. Somebody definitely missed something. Rick Scott said he’s meeting with Esper and Pompeo next week for answers, new plans. He definitely called it an act of terrorism.

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    2. Worse indication is the three who were filming.
      One errant guy slipping through the cracks is one thing, FOUR of them with the same “perspective” is an enormous problem…..
      Why the heck is TRAINING foreign nationals/allies a tax burden to the USA.
      Heck no.
      Make THEM pay for it.
      And yeah, let a small passel of elderly black grandmas (they’re the most gifted at ferreting out a liar) do the vetting!!!!!!!!

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      1. 100% vetting must be extreme.

        No consolation, but rather sure Saudi’s are paying for the training,room, board, class rooms, AC use / maintenance, separate classes from US military…

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      2. Heck, we don’t even vet presidential candidates, why bother vetting some pilot? /s

        zero was a foreigner and became president… NO vetting

        Look at all the dual citizens running for president… and congress… no vetting there either /s

        Did we vet Omar ? LMAO here

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    1. And that’s why I always cut six-pack loops, and the plastic strapping tape they use to hold cartons (e.g. cases of paper) shut. Even if it doesn’t end up out in the open, it can still be a problem (and I’m not a tree-hugger, but those beer things can be a mess for overly-adventurous house pets too)…

      Now, if only they took as much care for young and unborn children…

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  8. This is sick! This had to be intentional…nobody uses a razor blade like that to prepare food in a deli…and something that big doesn’t just “slip” into a sandwich. They better nail the S.O.B. who committed this evil crime.

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      1. Right, it was intentional…

        Do employers VET their workers ? NO… they might run a screen test for drugs through the local Sheriff’s office… otherwise,NADA……………………..

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    1. Flag at half staff until sunset.

      When Grandsons eat breakfast we’ll discuss significance of December 7th.

      Latest, Midway movie was quite good I think and worth watching. In addition to the Midway Battle itself, historical context and moar.

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        1. Actually, she should not be in office. That’s the same scenario we saw with Andrew McCabe’s wife, who was running for office, and also took the same amount of money, $700,000, from Hil de beast… directly or indirectly, I don’t recall. In fact the DoJ just this week charged a couple of people with taking donations from foreign entities.

          Maybe DoJ will get around to Blondie here… they have a long list of grifter/congress critters and other elected officials to work through.

          As for the shamimpeachment… her vote doesn’t count because the hearing doesn’t count.

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          1. You’re right ! having a lot of pain today… making me cranky… I need to get offline 😉

            I’m ready to drag Nanzi by her hair back to the streets of San Fran

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              1. Yes Pat… we got a Rally comin’ up… actually I took link for ‘our girl’ (Q drops) over to Marica’s and your wonder friend Blue has written the best post… on Beauty and Joy… kicked my butt right back to ‘center’ … pain is still there, but attitude is adjusted!

                We must all be kind to each other in the days, weeks and even months ahead. Even when we disagree, we must be kind. Esp to the peeps who are just waking up, LOVE is what will win this Spiritual War…

                And you Pat, you always bring the funny, and we laugh and get the endorphins going… you are so good for us… 😉

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  9. Pecan LOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, omgosh, manna from heaven.
    Remember the stops at Stuckey’s????????? on road trips with mom and dad? Yeah, I always headed straight for the Pecan Logs.

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    1. Like these:

      or these:

      or these 🙂

      We used to drive from CA to WV almost every year in the 1950s and 1960s, and we’d always stop a few times at Stuckey’s or Nickerson Farms, and even once in a while at Howard Johnson’s… Ahhh, the memories:

      They still have stores, and sell online. See’s Candies also have great Pecan Rolls and Frosted Cashew Brittle… Great, I’m gaining weight just thinking about it 😀

      It’s interesting what principles the founder (W.S. Stuckey) espoused:

      “If unthinking, you render a disservice to a neighbor, all is not lost. You can see him again soon and make amends. But should a traveler on a road trip leave one of our shoppes with a feeling of dissatisfaction, then we can indeed despair. The traveler is gone. With him has gone his respect for you, for the company you represent — and it is not likely that any of us ever again will see him in order to make things right.”

      And the pic that goes with that:

      W.S. Stuckey, Sr. discusses the upcoming 25th anniversary with his brother Frank
      in the Eastman, Georgia, store in 1962.

      They also have a guestbook, which is a great read (memories… when everyone used to travel across country in the good old days):

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        1. Yep. Those were the days 😦

          But it reads like the Stuckey family is going to expand and put Stuckey’s back on the map, as it were. And the Nickersons, of Nickerson Farms, seem to want to do the same thing… who knows, with gas prices going down, maybe people will “Discover America” (remember that?) again…

          Nickerson Farms had real live beehives attached to their stores/restaurants, so you could have real, fresh honey with your breakfast waffles/toast/whatever. One time we pulled in, looking for a space, and only one was open. We soon found out why. There was a hole in the wall facing the space, and in and out flew the bees, not taking any notice of us (but we certainly noticed THEM 🙂 ,,,

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            1. You, too, pat – a break in the snow for now – but, hey – everyone likes a White Christmas!

              Problem is: we will have this white ground cover until the end of April – * Sigh * Good for the water table, tho’ – so who is complaining? I am – not ready for this!!!

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        1. Good Saturday Morning duchess ☀️

          FYI – I thought you would want to know. I’m making a lot of good progress, and if I keep it up, I “may” get to go home next weekend. Fingers crossed and continue the 🙏.

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          1. Happy Saturday, Weep! Hugs!

            Oh, yes – I am so happy, Weep – it has been such a long time since I have heard ‘good news’ from you – feels so goooood!!!

            Yippie Yay! * Dancing Away *! * Perpetually Smiling – I am * * So Happy *!!!

            Thank You, Jesus!!!

            Next weekend? Well, that means a * Party * – and lots of * Memes * –

            Marica – Please plan a party for next weekend to welcome Weep home – Mkay?

            Have a Blessed Day, Weep! Think * Happy Thoughts * – * Keep Positive * – Mkay?

            Love you…Big Hugs!!! God loves you!!!

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            1. party is already in the works… know Marica, she’s on top of these things 😉 I won’t know anything until midweek, next week…..and I don’t want to get “ahead of my skis”…..I’ll end up disappointed.

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          2. Dear Weeper, You are strong in the Lord and the power of His might. You’ve got Jesus’ Resurrection Power on the inside of you!! GO WEEP GO!!! 🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♂️😍🤸‍♂️🦋🦋🦋 💞💞

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  10. Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War

    Civil war becomes likelier with every passing day.

    With the failure of the doddering Mueller’s Democrat-inspired coup attempt, the disaster of Schiff’s impeachment hoax, and Nadler’s Wednesday hearing comprised of angry leftist academics, the country has learned a valuable lesson; the Democrats will never accept Trump as the duly elected president — no matter how much of a landslide he wins by in 2020. And as Michael Walsh has pointed out. “They never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.”

    Unbridled hatred will do that.

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    1. Well now, isn’t that optimistic ! If the DIMs lose the House (which they should), they won’t have a pulpit to scream from. Of course the slimemedia will still be lying, but we won’t be paying any attention.

      America is rushing to Trump Rallies… not a ‘civil’ war …

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        1. I have my eyes on their coffee (erm, covfefe) mugs… a little pricey, but the memories are worth it… and the log rolls…. oooohhhhh, the log rolls… somehow none of the other log rolls out there, many of them excellent in their own right, never match the taste and quality of Stuckeys’…

          Also need to find a good recipe for Hickory Farms’ Cheese Log (or Cheese Ball)….

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        1. where we used to live, there was a Russell Stover OUTLET…you could buy the leftover seasonal things at 1/3 the price and there was a section of “irregulars” for 1/2 the price. (sometimes it was just the chocolate didn’t coat the nuts completely or something like that, so visually they were not perfect, but half the price?) and they made the best jelly beans!

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          1. In CA and I think PA (or wherever the other factory is located), JellyBelly have factory shops (and tours, etc.), Among other things you can get are “Jelly Flops”, JellyBellys where the coating didn’t go on right, or stuck together, or whatever. Tastes just the same, sometime looks interesting when a couple or three are stuck together, but they’re FAR cheaper that what you’d ever get in the store. PLUS, they sell large packages of non-flop (i.e. unblemished) JellyBellys at great prices too…

            For folks in CA, See’s Candies has great Pecan (and other) Log Rolls. I think they also have a “scratch and dent” department, too…

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              1. Love the memes. Certainly stopped scrolling;-)

                AND, YES, I passed the test, and saw the guns. Just didn’t see the guns first.

                The perfect wrap up meme, me thinks.

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          1. (mistletoe pic) Dinner at FG&C’s 🙂
            (JUST KIDDING!!!)

            Cybertruck looks like a cross between a Delorean and Origami. And I think MuskRAT doesn’t realize that trucks are meant for hauling things, not just hauling… Where’s the cargo area on that monstrosity? What little there is is probably taken up by Lithium-fire extinguishing equipment, with a little space left over to hold the virtue signals…

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              1. Looks like the Monolith from 2001…. with a libtard monkey riding it…

                Dorknot pic is classic, too. Everytime I see one of those I want to snip it off… or maybe glue it together, and let them do the work (for once) 🙂

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              2. Dodge RAM… would love to have one, but probably would have to sell the house to pay for the Diesel (hmmmm…. wonder if my wife would notice 😀 )… Gallagher had a comedy routine about them, where he talked about them being named “Dodge”, and if you didn’t get the point and move away, they had “RAM” on the side… their early ads (1994?) spoke of “stump-pulling power”….heyyyy, that’s good enough for me 🙂 And the way that the bed was designed… not like these dorknot-decorated SJW wusses who’ve probably never hauled anything in their perpetually-dependent lives…

                I guess I’m old-fashioned, but if you can’t lay a 4×8 sheet of plywood or paneling down FLAT in the bed, it ain’t a truck (or, like our firetruck-red 1963 ford country sedan, a station wagon)…

                Musk is like so many of his SJW-snowflake fellow travelers (heyyy, maybe they could ALL travel to Mars and take the DEMONicRATS and RINOs with them…I can dream) have no clue of how the REAL WORLD works when commercial ventures must be self-sustaining (rather than relying on other-peoples’-money). Heyyyy Elon, geddit, SUSTAINABLE. Able to support oneself on one’s OWN efforts…

                I used to be product owner of a manufacturing application that allowed inventory locations to GO NEGATIVE!!!!!

                I called the “developer” (and I use the term loosely) in India to ask where are the burn marks for when the location goes negative???!!!??? And then, had he ever WORKED in a manufacturing environment or a REAL WAREHOUSE (not a classroom) where inventory was REAL???


                Case closed.

                And no one wonders about the crap that passes for software nowadays…….

                An auditor (at least from the financial side of “the ledger”, as it were) would have an apoplectic fit… guess the MuskRAT has never been audited…

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              3. well the larger truck really is a necessity…we have a heat pump for back up heat (and air conditioning in the summer) but we try to use the wood stove for the larger part of our heat. (that’s why we bought a large wooded parcel…) so firewood is a constant in our lives…and if we’re not cutting down our own, we’re clearing it out of our driveway or buying some from the Amish around here…so we’re always hauling something…
                I love Gallagher! We went to see him once–took our rain gear…funny guy…interesting gimmick.
                Musk seems very eccentric and really not too concerned about money …

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    1. Thanks Duchess. No matter what else is going on in the world, it’s always a pleasure to see our beautiful First Lady and the work she is involved with. We are so lucky to have her.

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    1. Duchess, thank you so much for this post. Love her skirt.

      Most of all, love the smiling faces… POTUS doesn’t look one bit worried about the traitor DIMs…

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      1. I love that SKIRT, too, pr – if anyone can find a closer view – or fashion article – it would be great – someone mentioned we do not get much news about what she is doing – so I searched for something – anything – and found this –

        Yes – love those smiling faces – PT is definitely confident he has boxed them in – or rather – they have exposed themselves – so he is not interrupting the enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves – the American people are wise to their SCAM – and they do not like it one bit! * Giggle *

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            1. No, not new… been around since the beginning of the Admin I think… I used to leave link to it but then stopped… maybe we should do that ?

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              1. Maybe, we should devote a post to FLOTUS and her fashion and activities – she definitely gets very little Press – so proud of her – and how she represents our country – dumb magazines and online reporters are missing a windfall in sales –

                She is the perfect companion for our President – and perfect FLOTUS, too!!!

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              2. That would be great, pr – FLOTUS is faithfully serving the American people – and few know about it! She does not tweet frequently – prolly because she is so busy!

                That one before her – not a day went by when we did not hear some dumb thing he was doing – and the clothes were just plain ugly – no wonder we have transgenders in women’s sports – we know where did it start – Let them have their own sports events – and let their fans attend – leave real women alone!!!

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    1. I get so very angry when she keeps saying that no one is above the law.

      Isn’t creating sanctuary cities for ILLEGALS putting certain people above the law?

      Why doesn’t someone ask her this? They all ignore this contradiction!


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    2. Thanks for posting, pat! She also touts the Constitution – but, does not understand anything it says!!!

      The woman has definitely come unhinged – makes less sense as the days go by – methinks they had better be careful – if it goes to the Senate – they all go down in front of God and everybody!!!

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      1. I like the idea of no embalming wrapped in simple cloth, placed in a rapid composting coffin and buried in an area grown to look forested. I saw it several years ago and it seems the most respectful way all things considered.

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    1. I do not believe this for one nano-second – Judaism isn’t a pedophile, cannibalistic, barbarian religion.

      This is all more in tune with communism and Islam than Judaism.

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    2. What does Judaism have to do with MOSSAD ?

      MOSSAD is an intelligence agency.

      Is the CIA a Christian organization ?

      Do you reject the Black Ops of the CIA because you consider America to be a Christian nation?

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      1. Exactly, you beat me to it phoenix! I’m sure the Mossad has the same inherent institutional rot just like our CIA….Im sure that are behind the take down of Bibi.

        …..and Q said, saving Israel for last, could this be the link?

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    1. As I do every Dec. 7th, today is the day I remember that if you mess with the He-bull of the pasture you’re gonna get it’s horns.

      “In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.”
      – Marshall Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto

      The most famous quote attributed to him has no official record, unlike the one above and others…

      “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

      Yamamoto attended Harvard, was fluent in English (both spoken and written), served two (2) posting as the Naval attaché in Washington D.C. and had toured the breadth and depth of America while here.

      He also said…

      “Anyone who has seen the auto factories in Detroit and the oil fields in Texas knows that Japan lacks the national power for a naval race with America.”

      Yamamoto was killed after US Naval intelligence intercepted Japanese communications in advance of a flight he took from Rabaul to an island near Bougainville in the Solomon Islands on April 18, 1943. A specially selected group of 16 pilots from 3 different units were assigned to fly their long-range P-38 “Lightning” fighters to intercept Yamamoto’s flight and shoot his transport down…which they did successfully. Yamamoto had been urged to cancel the trip by his staff for fear of being ambushed, but he was determined to go anyway. His body was recovered by a Japanese search and rescue team, and his autopsy revealed he had died from two bullet wounds from an American .50 cal machine gun…one hit his left shoulder and one had entered under his left jaw and exited above his right eye. His death was a crushing blow to Japanese moral and he was given a state funeral in Tokyo.

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      1. Nanzi is pretty good at following directions… that is, she does what she is told to do by her ‘puppeteers’

        correct me if I’m wrong Wolfie (or anyone), but she’s terrible at debate, or discussion of any kind…

        she’s Mafia… she TELLS others what they are going to do.

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    1. Does it look like this 🙂 ?

      (Fritz!Box from AVM… actually a really good router/switch/just-about-everything) …
      Dodgy internet is just as bad as dodgy power… and, at least over here, it the power goes out, so does the net…
      (just gotta love those windmills….grrrrrr). The original Fritz! mascot was a little mouse that looked a lot like Chuck-E-Cheese… back in the days of ISDN and dialup networks…


        1. Read “Soul of A New Machine”, by Tracy Kidder. Great book about the computing biz ca. 1979, and a source of inspiration for me, at least, when the industry looked bleak.

          Complete with cheapskate engineers. The book is available online, and is a great read (along with others by Tracy Kidder, in particular “House”):

          A few miles north of the junction of Route 495 and the Massachusetts Turnpike, off an access road, sits a two-story brick building, surrounded by parking lots. A sign warns against leaving a car there without authority. The building itself looks like a fort. It has narrow windows, an American flag on a pole out front, a dish antenna on a latticed tower. Mounted on several corners of the roofs, and slowly turning, are little TV cameras.

          This is Building 14A/B—14B was fastened seamlessly to 14A. Some employees call the place “Webo,” but most refer to it as “Westborough,” after the name of the town inside whose borders the building happens to exist. “Westborough” is worldwide headquarters of the Data General Corporation.
          Driving up to the building one day with one of the company’s public relations
          men, I asked, “Who was the architect?”

          “We didn’t have one!” cried the beaming press agent.

          Company engineers helped to design Westborough, and they made it functional and cheap. One contractor who did some work for Data General was quoted in Fortune as saying, “What they call tough auditing, we call thievery.” However they accomplished it, Westborough cost only about nineteen dollars a square foot at a time when the average commercial building in Massachusetts was going for something like thirty-four dollars a foot. But looks do matter here. The company designed Westborough not just for the sake of thriftiness, but also to make plain to investors and financial analysts that Data General really is a thrifty outfit. “There’s no reason in our business to have an ostentatious display,” a company analyst for investor relations explained. “In fact, it’s detrimental.”


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  15. Texas City To Allow Relatives of Aborted Babies to Sue for Wrongful Death!

    In the latest abortion-related news, the town of Westbrook, Texas, has declared itself a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. The initiative, founded by the East Texas Chapter of Right to Life, allows any relatives to sue abortion clinics (or anyone else responsible for the abortion, including parents) for wrongful death.

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  16. More on WBTW and restraining order. Article definitely links to court document, however Kolfage tweets that WBTW has been removed from original lawsuit and TRO doesn’t apply to them. Situation still unclear??

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