The Collapse of the Obama-Holder Racial Division Plot Approaches the Crump Radius

How a Lawsuit REVERSING the Holder-Created and Media-Assisted Trayvon Narrative Promises To Destroy the BGI, the Fake News, and the Obama Legacy in the Collapse of an Architecture of LIES, While Freeing Black America from Addiction to Democrat Socialist Victim Psychology

Don’t look now, but the very case that turned The Conservative Treehouse into a POWERHOUSE is about to heat up again – but this time in REVERSE.

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the 2012 fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, is suing Martin’s family and Florida prosecutors, claiming that they engineered false evidence in the homicide trial.  

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Polk County Circuit Court seeks $100 million in civil damages for defamation, abuse of civil process and conspiracy. 

It alleges that the prosecution’s key witness in Zimmerman’s 2013 murder trial, Rachel Jeantel, was an imposter coached by the family and their lawyers. 

The lead defendant in the suit is Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother. Fulton became a nationally-acclaimed advocate for social justice and reducing gun violence in the wake of her son’s death, and is now running for a seat on the Miami-Dade County Commission. 

The second defendant is the family’s attorney, Ben Crump. He is accused of defamation and attempting to ‘deprive Zimmerman of his constitutional and other legal rights’. 

The lawsuit also names Harper Collins, accusing the publisher of defaming Zimmerman by publishing Crump’s book, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People, ‘with actual malice knowing the untruth or at a minimum a reckless disregard for the truth’.

Again, I URGE YOU to read the original article, preferably after I explain a few things.


There are many people on our side, fresh from looking at Trump’s AMAZING black voter poll numbers, who are going to avert their eyes, wring their hands, and go “WHY NOW? CAN’T THIS ALL JUST GO AWAY?”

Hey – you wanted justice – HERE IT IS.

To everybody, I echo Sundance’s famous words.

Don’t look away.

The TRUTH itself and those who seek it – ALL OF IT – have no agenda other than TRUTH.

Many of us here came together back in the 2012-2014 time-frame PRECISELY because the ONLY place we could find truth about the Trayvon Martin case WAS Sundance’s site,

One of the things which utterly horrified me about the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case, during the “even more radical” second Obama term, was the way that the “mainstream” media completely abandoned its normal due diligence to find ALL of the truth. Sure, before Trayvon, they often HID the truth, or put the truth at the end of the article, or just downplayed it by a mention, but SOMEBODY always bothered to report the last uncomfortable fact.

But not in this case.

Naturally, in such a prominent case, we wanted to know more about the parties involved from social media. Hey – social media SOLVES CASES. The MEDIA is normally quite hungry for such information, and quite “liberal” in putting it back out for OUR consumption.

But in the Trayvon Martin case?


As things advanced in the case, I kept looking for new information on Trayvon’s ACTUAL behavior as evidenced by social media. NOTHING. Sorry – no way a kid Trayvon’s age wasn’t all over social media.

And then a gal named Dixie on an old Tea Party social networking site introduced me to a BLOG that actually had ANSWERS.

I would give you links to the articles Sundance wrote on this case, but they go into the HUNDREDS AND BEYOND. If you simply go to CTH and search on “Trayvon” in the search widget, you will get TWENTY PAGES of headlines and excerpts for JUST the articles with the word “Trayvon” in the title.

That’s right. ONLY if they have “Trayvon” in the title. Around 200 articles.

Here is the OLDEST one I could find – where Sundance was very sorry for Trayvon’s family and friends, but is already suspicious, based on the involvement of Al Sharpton.


But that TWENTY pages of headlines were just the ones where the word TRAYVON was in the title. Many others just had the word “Zimmerman”, or one of the other players.

The total number of pages of headlines for articles MENTIONING Trayvon Martin anywhere is 131. That is 130 pages of 10 headlines each plus 2, for a total of 1302 articles mentioning Trayvon Martin.

So if I have not convinced you that SUNDANCE knows this subject – wellllllll – there ain’t no convincing.

So what is new NOW?


The complaint alleges that the Sanford Police Department thoroughly investigated the February 2012 shooting and closed the case as self-defense the following month.  

One week later, the suit claims, Crump produced a recording of ‘Diamond Eugene’, who he said was Martin’s 16-year-old girlfriend who was on the phone with the victims minutes before the confrontation with Zimmerman.  

Two days after that, 18-year-old Jeantel, Eugene’s half sister, appeared before the court and ‘provided false statements to incriminate Zimmerman based on coaching from others’. 

The suit alleges that Martin’s cell phone records prove Jeantel was not on the phone with him before the altercation, and that she ‘lied repeatedly to cause Zimmerman’s arrest and to try to send him to prison for life’. 

It charges that Eugene was Martin’s real girlfriend and did speak with him prior to the shooting, but that Eugene asked Jeantel to pretend to be her so that she didn’t have to testify.   

Klayman said several defendants in the suit ‘have been proven to know about the switch to the imposter witness’ – including Fulton, Crump and Florida prosecutors Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy, Angela Corey.  

The attorney said the allegations did not emerge at the trial and that ‘the fraud was perpetuated on the court’.

‘It was a complete travesty of justice which destroyed my client’s life,’ Klayman said. ‘People are destroyed and smeared and they have to start fighting back.’ 

Klayman said the allegations in the new lawsuit are based on shocking evidence exposed in a book and documentary by film director Joel Gilbert, called The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America.

The film was scheduled to debut at the Coral Gables Art Cinema on Thursday following a press conference about the lawsuit, but the theater posted on Twitter on Wednesday that it ‘was not aware of all of the details surrounding this event and has made a decision to cancel it’.

Klayman later announced that he was searching for a new venue for the screening. 


Go HERE for the full story on the film and the HOAX:


Now, if you read the Daily Mail article, you will find that it even offers a PDF of the complaint, so it is good journalism. HOWEVER, you will also note that the article has to go through all sorts of PC motions to frame the Crump BGI (Black Grievance Industry) as heroic, all the former plaintiffs, now defendants as being of sterling character, and Klayman being a nearly disbarred ogre (they’re a bit light on details there, interestingly, but not surprisingly).


Get your popcorn. While Crump seems to have been a blind squirrel finding a good nut with his last case (the “wrong apartment” shooting), he looks to be headed for a fall here. And it could not happen to a more deserving scoundrel.

You want details on that? Start here:


Dig into this, and you will find a world of PLAYERS, SLACKERS, and HUSTLERS.

So – why do I relish this potentially very divisive case – this raising of the dead that everybody wants to go away? Ironically, because getting rid of the DEMOCRAT HOAX INDUSTRY is something that needed to be done right after Tawana Brawley, but never HAS been done. We CANNOT destroy the Democrat Plantation without tearing down their big cotton gin called BGI.

Now that #BLEXIT is here, it’s time. REAL civil rights needs REAL causes and – when it goes to court – REAL cases. These FAKE HOAX CASES need to be a thing of the past, and if the FAKE NEWS won’t put a STOP to them, then it’s UP TO US.

Part of getting rid of the VICTIM mentality is getting rid of Democrat socialist social justice hoaxing. It’s bad enough to play victim on weak cases where criminal behavior comes to a bad end, but it’s even worse when there are LIES and HOAXING involved.


And this is ALL on the DEMOCRATS watch, if not THEIR DOING.

It is well past time to end ALL of these lies, because TRUE equality will never happen for black America while the LURE of LIES and EASY MONEY is used to keep a significant part of America on the Democrat Plantation through institutional DISHONESTY, PRETENSE OF IGNORANCE, and FALSE RACIAL RIGHTEOUSNESS when caught. Time to make Ben Crump stick to REAL cases. Black America deserves no less.

REAL victims. REAL cases. REAL causes.

REAL jobs. REAL voices. REAL power.

No more lies. No more propaganda. No more hoaxes.

No more Trayvons. No more Mike Browns. No more Jussies.



142 thoughts on “The Collapse of the Obama-Holder Racial Division Plot Approaches the Crump Radius

  1. A thousand Amens, Wolfmoon!

    I’ve always said his speech on non-violent resistance, March 17, 1966 at SMU, sealed the fate of MLK – and the hucksters, hoaxers and haters of his own race turned against him.

    Particularly this part:
    “Somehow, we’ve lived with it at its best and been able to look into the face of our most violent opponent and say we will match your capacity to inflict suffering with our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force. Do to us what you will and we will still love you. We cannot in all good conscience obey your unjust laws because non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good so throw us in jail and we will still love you. Threaten our children and bomb our churches and our homes and, as difficult as it is, we will still love you. Send your hooded perpetrators of violence into our communities at the midnight hour and drag us out on some wayside road and beat us and leave us half dead and we will still love you. But be assured we will wear you down with all the lashings that we suffer. One day we will win our freedom. We will not only win freedom for ourselves, we will so appeal to your heart and your conscience that we will win you in the process. And our victory will be a double victory.

    This is what the non-violent method says at its best. It has brought us a long, long way and it will help those of us who have been on the oppressed end of the old order to go into the new order with the right attitude. Not with bitterness, not with the desire to retaliate, not with the desire to get even with those inflicted injustice upon us all of these years, but with a desire to forgive and forget and move on to a moral balance. We will not seek to substitute one tyranny for another, thereby subverting justice. We will not seek to rise from a position of disadvantage to one of advantage. ”

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    1. WOW – that is PROOF of something I have always believed – that the Soviets and their “helpers” here in America HAD TO KILL Martin Luther King, Jr.

      We will not seek to rise from a position of disadvantage to one of advantage.

      That is IT right there. THAT right there was a SHOWSTOPPER for the SOVIET PLAN.

      They HAD to kill him. So they did.

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    2. Also note that this policy does not work so well with Chinese or Muslims because their social “morality” doesn’t recognize the wrongness of what they do when they oppress, imprison, torture, rape, harvest organs from, murder, etc.

      For the Muslims, this is because their religious documents and their Imams preaching tells all Muslims that it is not wrong but actually “good” to do all those things to non-believers. For the Chinese it is because no pervasively Atheist society can maintain any kind of moral code other than “might makes right” since there is no Deity that can hold those with the “might” accountable for their actions when they abuse their power and oppress others.

      For this non-violent method to “work” you have to have a society where there is at least a basic level of virtue that is commonly recognized from top to bottom of the society, so that even when the rulers are unjust, everyone at least recognizes that they are unjust, even if they can’t/won’t do anything about it at that moment.

      This is why, for example, the non-violent policy worked for the early Christians against Rome. Even though the Roman state was pagan and sometimes virulently anti-christian, never-the-less, there was still a common, basic level of virtue that was recognized throughout society, such that everyone could recognize when it was being violated, even if they didn’t want to (or couldn’t) do anything to stop the injustice.

      It’s also why, for example, the non-violent policy worked for Gandhi vs. the British Empire.

      Similarly, for MLK, he benefited from, and built upon, the existing 1950’s era commonly-accepted moral framework in American culture and society, which, even though it would be increasingly undercut in this country during the next decade, never-the-less was formative of the conscience of most Americans at the time he was speaking.

      Notably, that commonly-accepted 1950’s era moral framework is no longer accepted or acknowledged by most of those who have any kind of power in our American society today. In this respect we are getting closer and closer to the situation which prevails in Muslim-dominated societies and in China today.

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      1. Great comments. The historical context necessary for non-violent reformation to work is too easily glossed over. I learned this from my mother’s insight into Hitler’s Germany. The pacifist martyrs were swept into permanent silence without even history to remember them effectively.

        The founding of America, and our back-to-back insistence on the FIRST *AND* SECOND Amendments, shows that we understood this line and how the power of arms is needed to defend it, long before Mao saw the power and HIS need to grab it from the PEOPLE.

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        1. Yes, as I outlined in another comment, while Meekness is a virtue, so also is Fortitude, and so is Prudence which helps us determine which of the other two is better in a specific situation. And as you point out, Knowledge of history (e.g. Hitler’s Germany) is also important as well as the Wisdom to draw appropriate insight from that historical data that we can apply to our specific situations.

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      2. True….yet, the ruthless cultures/ideologies have to keep their people in by force/fence/pain of death when the Christian/moral/civilized/humane option is presented. GOD created us for Love, Truth, Life – which is the nature of Himself! His goodness draws people…with hope for peace and freedom.

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        1. Yes, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that there is something in all humans that was put there by God that is by design going to draw us to him if we don’t suppress it. This is one reason why in real battleground parts of the globe like Africa or parts of Asia where Christianity is really battling the Muslim culture on a fairly even footing culturally (if not on an even foot politically or militarily) Christianity is winning, at least in terms of # of converts. However it is also true that in most of these battleground areas, the Muslim culture has not ‘yet’ become completely dominant, and thus many Africans or Asians are still raised with more native virtue (similar to the pagans of Rome and pre-Christian Europe) prior to being indoctrinated and having that native virtue repressed by the imposition of Muslim-style “morality”.

          I don’t know as much as I’d like about the growth of Christianity under Chinese Marxist/atheistic rule at least partly because it’s difficult to get hard data out of China, but I’ve heard things that are quite positive about explosive growth even there, even in spite of the length of time that Christians have been oppressed and persecuted in China. And of course there has been an incredible turn around for Christianity in the nations which came out from under the former Soviet Union, and even in Russia itself, so we shouldn’t discount the idea that, as our Lord predicted, in the end, the meek shall inherit the earth. But I’ve also heard it said that that statement needs to be put in the context primarily of meekness towards God, and for his sake towards our neighbor made in God’s image, so meekness still needs to be balanced, in prudence, with fortitude in opposing those great evils which violently oppress the poor, the widow, and the fatherless, and which seek to violently eliminate and repress, like the extreme forms of Socialist-Marxist and Muslim culture, that native virtue which would otherwise prepare for and draw all humans away from those twisted forms of “morality” and towards the light of Christ and his moral teaching.

          But in any case good comment!

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  2. Larry Klayman is the attorney?

    OH BOY!!! They are in for a WORLD OF HURT! And it is about time.

    Zimmerman has been punished enough. Those rats do not deserve the $$$ and fame they got because they raised a STRAIGHT UP CRIMINAL who got what he deserved. The ONLY reason that case came to trial was because Obama NEEDED it to energize the Black Vote. PERIOD! Obama and Eric Holder are as much to blame as everyone else.

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    1. And RADICAL HOLDER helped set it up with his “Promise Program” – his PROPAGANDA FARMS – his taking over of discipline in schools, turning it off, and turning schools into ENABLERS OF CRIME AND REVOLUTION.

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        1. Me too! And I learned over there to despise Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, and even neocons and waffly PC Republicans like I used to be! Add ME in there for good measure. I nuke my own old positions all the time, and I’m very good at it, b/c I know the lay of the land.

          And yet I’ve enthusiastically supported Mitch and Rob – who have learned to understand Trump’s approach – in every election since.

          But I haven’t supported the people who very intentionally oppose and pretend not to get what’s going on – meaning people like Bill Kristolmeth.

          Or the people like the Dems who WANT this nation to become like CHYYYNNAA.

          Under Obama, a lot of really bad stuff had to be tolerated by the political class – EXACTLY AS THE SOVIETS PLANNED.

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      1. And what was the “promise” of the Promise Program?

        That 14 youngsters would be killed in order to keep youthful criminals from being accountable for their crimes.

        Reminds me of the song Excitable Boy (written by my late friend LeRoy Marinell):

        … dug up her grave and made a cage of her bones
        he’s just an excitable boy

        Well, in 2012, Broward County excitable boy got excited and then got executed. I have no tears but this lawsuit brings a twinkle to my eye and a slight smile to my lips.

        Go get ’em, Larry. Show them what a legal system beatdown feels like.

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        1. Your missing the number here (17) with another significant one (14) is extremely instructive on why this was, IMO, a planned move by the other side.

          17 killed in mass shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida

          But it was ON February 14. VALENTINES DAY.

          Very intentionally.

          They USE our emotions.

          Logical thinking. Now REQUIRED to BEAT THEM BACK.

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    2. Agree. From the beginning of that case knew that it was a Obama- Holder plan. 2012, Obama had been weakened, they had to find a way to gin up the Black voter base who might be too complacent come November. The incident happened in February, took about 5 weeks, and then all of a sudden it burst onto the National News’ scene. As it got uglier and uglier, pushed by the MSM, it became clear what the purpose of it was… Obama had his AG on the lookout for a case that they could fire up the race card, and Holder found it in the Zimmerman story.

      They went onto Michael Brown, “Hands up, don’t shoot” – as their second effort, and then they had that single cigarette obese guy who died in the “choke-hold” in NYC. All were intended to fan the flames.

      I never had any doubt about Zimmerman’s innocence – someone pounding your head on concrete is intending to kill you. Martin thought he had a weak Hispanic guy to take down, never realizing George carried a gun.

      Wolfie’s right – time to expose the complicit, criminal behavior of the MSM who transforms lies into news’ stories, not truth.

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      1. AMEN! You bring it back like it was yesterday. OBAMA the RACE HUSTLER, with his trusty criminal sidekick, Eric Holder. Re-election needed. Issues needed. TIME TO REAP.

        But don’t do SANDY HOOK until after he’s elected.


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        1. I followed that story independently. Didn’t find CTH until 2016 and the election. Because I like detective stories, it caught my attention from the beginning, and as I had written about Barack Obama as a racist, unfortunately, the article is lost when the Unified Patriots site upgraded, but I had him nailed from the first, starting with “the police acted stupidly” when he black professor friend got arrested at Harvard. The police were in the right, but that incident and what Obama said was the 1st big reveal of what was to come in his administration. Holder was like a twin to Obama – seething racists. The funny thing, I believe Holder really hates whites, but Barack doesn’t. He doesn’t like blacks, at least poor ones. He just uses them.

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      2. Remember – ABC altered a video to make Zimmerman look guilty/bad. There were lots of fake engineered narratives along the way with all of these race hate fueling endeavors.

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        1. YES!!! And THEY were not the only ones. The SOVIET MEDIA and the PC-bound prosecutors (who end up holding the BAG – see Duke case and Nifong) are BOTH involved in SELLING THE OBAMA-DESIRED NARRATIVE!

          “We must PLEASE THE KING!!!”

          Now check THIS out. Proof of prosecutorial misconduct ALREADY.

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  3. Remember, by the time we got to Mike Brown and Hands Up Don’t Shoot – ISIS claimed to be in on it and we learned that the Ferguson market had an Islamist terror sponsoring owner – communist newspapers were found in a suspicious truck, and Black Muslims like Shahid were creating false narratives on the ground before the body was cold.

    Soon after, there was the flag stomping inspired by the black muslims and another case where Sharpton tried to start a big stink, both in Valdosta GA, but both failed due to the lack of community support and financial backing – Sharpton won’t work anywhere without a lot of Benjamins!

    Then came the Charleston church shooting (with the shooter behaving like an MK automaton) and the people prayed and no riots occurred.

    Charlottesville came along and their little stage play was so obviously false, it didn’t achieve the desired result, even with a casualty.

    People really prefer MLK and GOD’s love your enemies, real justice over social justice which is another kind of injustice, and unity over continually fake narrative fueled division.

    Sharpton’s day is over. His hoaxing and huckstering have been exposed.

    Øbominable’s day is over too. His chickens have come home to roost and he is about to get his just desserts…real justice.

    There remains an Islamist, Marxist, Black Supremacist collaborative faction among some blacks, but the new young kids like Candace, CJ and Terrence, and real pastors and wise conservatives like Diamond and Silk want no part of that violent, greedy, godless, enslaving culture!

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    1. When the Chicago PD would not back up the Jussie Smollett red diaper hoax – THAT was the real wrench in the gears of the BGI. Soros and Kim Foxx and Kamala Harris and Corey Booker all came CRASHING into a wall of TRUTH.

      I’m still suspicious that the lady cop who walked into the wrong apartment was some kind of MK victim, but without any evidence of an induction, it’s impossible to tell from just a simple case of stupid, mistaken action. So barring new evidence that it was a CIA-assisted blood hoax, we have to posit negligence and the PD did the right thing in not defending it.

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        1. Exactly – it’s the same computer – same programming framework – just not the same origin of the programming. People will jump to the closest “acceptable/believable” explanation if they have to give one. But listening to (actually reading) the statements from the gal, I just have to wonder. She sounds like she simply can’t understand what happened to her – like the LOGIC is wrong, and she KNOWS there is an error in it all – and THAT sounds very familiar to me. But I had the luxury of taking a very long time to figure out what happened. I was extremely lucky in that respect.

          We can only solve problems with what we know – with the tools we have – with the pieces that are known to us. Someday, I hope, there will be true and complete revelation.

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      1. In other words, conditioning is conditioning, whether imposed by a group or by life, relationships and events, it’s the same stuff.

        Conditioning is powerful – powerful enough to produce LBGTxyz disorientations and psychosis.

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        1. This is why TRAINING is so important. Training is one of the best forms of conditioning. Much training is not physical – it’s MENTAL.

          For instance, we actually SELF-TRAIN against suicide, every time we object to it – every time we say “he/she should not have done it” – every time we say it is NOT CONDONED.

          Every time we stand against it, we TRAIN, and we are then not subject to any order that would threaten it. Every time we trust in GOD, and the idea that there is forgiveness, we TRAIN against suicide.

          Naturally the DEMs try to soften our objections to suicide, like everything else. Like LGBTxyz.

          The problem is that MK amounts to surreptitious training. Not all individuals are as susceptible to it as others. But – rather remarkably – people can be trained without knowing it, in a strong and unconscious way, just like they can be trained surreptitiously by advertising, fake news, fake entertainment, and all the rest.

          Interesting universe.

          I heard something very remarkable. I didn’t believe it then, but I believe it now. I had heard that there is some politician’s SON who was TURNED GAY by some kind of MK process, along with other forms of influence. He was not “naturally gay” in any way, nor was it really a choice in his case, but supposedly he was targeted and turned as an intelligence operation.

          If you ever run into the details, even if you don’t believe them, I’d love to have a link.

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          1. Sounds like the politician’s son succumbed to propaganda and peer pressure.

            Studying psychology and social work at FSU, plus dealing with my daughter’s neurological disease, I learned about neural plasticity: the fact that our brains are being continually positively and negatively changed throughout our lives, chemically, structurally and functionally, by environment, actions, events, medication, diet, relationship dynamics and beliefs, both false beliefs and/or true beliefs, as well as by health/heredity/genetics. For example a blind person who reads braille has a change in the size of certain brain structures over time. A person who witnesses violent abuse as a child has a high incidence of developing psychosis or sociopathy. Depression has been linked to cognitive dissonance and false beliefs. LBGT ideation is correlated with certain family dynamics, and leads to lots of negative outcomes.

            We are so blessed to have a President whose humanity is intact and who possesses an amazing level of leadership, business, strategic experience/capability – and integrity, patriotism, focus, commitment and courage!

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            1. Yes – that plasticity is there for a reason, too. Actually, likely multiple reasons.

              Sexual imprinting to determine development is key. This is why ABUSING IT works. The viral nature of homosexuality and pedophilia works for this exact reason.

              Now take it bigger. There are forces that want to change humanity – likely for different reasons – some MORE aligned with God’s purposes – others less so – none being ideal, nor fully Godly. They will use every tool they have.

              They have some amazing tools. EVEN THE GOOD GUYS. So be careful not to restrict yourself to what FAKE EDUCATION taught you, and to what FAKE NEWS has limited you, and what FAKE ENTERTAINMENT has enforced.

              We need to break out of the dictated, controlling, pseudo-realities of FAKE SCIENCE and FAKE RELIGION. Be ready to not just learn more, but to CREATE and DISCOVER more understanding. I think Q and others will lead us toward greater understanding, if we’re ready.

              We need to be ready to accept that the “good guys” who are not in it for themselves are still fighting with earthly means – just as we are fighting with worldly politics in the interests of non-worldly ideals.

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          2. Part of the LBGT activist strategy was to use empirically-proven educational heuristics to foment their theories/constructs/stories. They invented ‘orientation’ ‘sexual identity’ ‘gender theory’ to get their ideas into the public consciousness and to make people believe their lies.

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          3. “Naturally the DEMs try to soften our objections to suicide“
            When I read this I immediately thought of the ‘81 movie “Whose Life Is It Anyway?” and was reminded once again of Hollywood and Media’s facility for “planting” ideas. There isn’t much separation between planting and Training…is there?

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    2. And the one notable way for young black athletes to succeed beyond all expectations…professional football… has been sacrificed with the “hands up” and kneeling fiascos. It has effectively destroyed that sports…perhaps to the good, time will tell…but it was set into motion deliberately.
      Much like blacks killing blacks in Chicago…the uneducated, Plantation black community are simply fodder for the HOAX. Does anyone honestly think Obama gives a damn about the well-being of the black population?

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      1. Obama’s Soviet training was some of the best in the business. His AGE was perfect, too. He came to college age AFTER the 60’s riots and other radicalism was fading, but the 70’s had institutionalized much of it as liberal dogma, as the 80’s were beginning. The SOVIETS were renewing their push on campuses – largely unopposed. Obama was HEAVILY trained in the new socialist thinking being introduced on campuses.

        Obama was a SOVIET TOOL. Say it over and over and over because it is KEY to solving much of history.

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  4. I just finished reading Sidney Powell’s book Licensed to Lie. A great book! This sounds like the same tactic the prosecution used in the Enron and Merrill Lynch cases and now the Flynn case. Not turning over Brady material to the defense. Would make sense with Holder as AG, seeing how he and Andrew Weissman were all players in Enron, Merrill Lynch and Flynn. And now the collusion with Russia hoax.

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    1. Yup. The absolute WORST travesty in our country is the corruption in the FBI, DOJ and court systems. Whatever happens at those levels trickles down to local municipalities, as we’ve seen in Chicago, Broward County, etc.

      When no one can trust our legal system, what is there left to count on?

      The timing is ripe to clean it all up, and you rightfully point to the BGI as an entity whose usefulness has expired.

      I don’t know enough about Klayman, but I pray this lawsuit has legs, and that the Smollet case is proceeding to its rightful conclusion. An aside …. note the # of years between the Martin ‘event’ and this civil case being filed. It points once more to slow moving wheels of justice (necessary?) and our need for patience in letting the Coup – Deep State justice play out. I pray we aren’t waiting in vain.

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      1. The passage of so much time was because they first had to discover that there was a criminal conspiracy and then they had to do sufficient detective work to identify the participants (criminals). A basic fraud conspiracy is what was operating, and it worked. Just remember that a properly executed fraud conspiracy never gets seen for what it is.

        Usually a guy in Z-mann’s position just goes away and licks his wounds, relieved that he got away with his life reasonably intact. Rarely does an exonerated defendant decide to balance the scales by going after his persecutors/tormentors.

        Get ’em. Use the legal system to beat ’em until they cry uncle, and then beat ’em some more. They will always get off easy no matter how much pain is inflicted on them.

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        1. Damn straight! I keep thinking of the number of innocent defendants who have been bankrupted financially and emotionally by our politically corrupt prosecutorial divisions. It sickens me that the only recourse is to throw oneself into MOAR stressful litigation.

          Even if someone is funding Klayman’s attorney fees, this has to be stressful and fraught with risk for Zimmerman.

          Pray for their strength and power of righteousness.

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  5. That is when I met you Wolf. The great thing about it was that SD lived there so he could chase things down directly. His best moments on that site.

    GZ has done some odd things since then but it is hard to find fault with him since the professional Black agitators tried to destroy his life.

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    1. Yup! Those were the days!

      Zimmerman is not necessarily my favorite person, but the more I researched about what he did that night, the less fault I could find with him. He wanted to keep his eye on Trayvon, as a neighborhood watch guy, and he was right to do so.

      You are quite right – the LEFT was willing to destroy Zimmerman to advance an agenda on a dead kid and a HOAX.

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  6. I’m right there with you on this Wolf!

    It is way past time for the “victim culture” that has been sold to black America as their only “ticket out” to come to an end. No matter how painful it is.

    There will be spasms of outrage from the race-baiters who rely on the victimhood of others for their very existence, but we must hold this line. You are so right that black people will never be “free” until it ends. And even if many of them are so brainwashed they can’t see it yet, we have to see it for them, and hold this line.

    I love ALL Americans, and I want everyone to have EQUAL opportunity and treatment under the law, without regard for race, etc. The manipulation of the law here could not be more clear. It is our best chance for people to finally GET IT.

    I think this case is a hill to die on.

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  7. I haven’t done a good job in my mind connecting things back to the Trayvon situation – frankly for my part I had pretty well completely tuned out the news by that point.

    On December 14, 2012 I posted something along the lines of “Turn off the news – there’s nothing to see today.”

    But people DIDN’T. Instead they stayed glued to their sets. Damage was being inflicted upon their SOULS but nevermind that, we needed to urgently discover the latest fragment of info that was being released… a willing media training the public to hunger for ever small morsel of meat that they would dangle out there…

    July 2016 was another shocker, because knowledge of the events didn’t come from media sources, but from social media reports, people saying “whoa I don’t know what’s happening, but something HUGE is going down in downtown”… a family friend of mine had been laid off from the DART police force only a week before, talk about a blessing in disguise.

    I remember the dark cloud that seemed to hang over things in late 2016, something I could only describe as a cloud of spiritual darkness, like the demonic had camped around and staked out positions everywhere it could grab a foothold…

    Along those lines, years ago I remember being woken up one morning by an urgent phone call, that I needed to get up urgently and turn on the TV, telling me that airplanes were crashing into WTC and the Pentagon. Half asleep, I told my friend on the phone that it was just the tango’s at it again, and that I was going back to sleep. My friend was dumbfounded at my response. Those who trust in the Lord have a power and confidence that the world does not comprehend.

    The reality is real but the media is a movie.

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    1. Wolf, Elijah Cummings snuck out far too easily. I think everyone stopped looking at what he was up to.

      I still think that President Trump calling him out in the waning days of July, and Baltimore, and Al Sharpton, was no coincidence.

      President Trump knew and prevented more needless violence.

      He prevented another round of race wars. Sharpton was humiliated in the process.

      Why did Cummings “exit stage left” so suddenly? When we were just starting to get more insight into what he and BGI were up to?

      I’m afraid that the Cummings mess just slipped though the attention hole of citizen journalists.

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    2. Reposting from July 30/31st daily thread… Sharing the full article since the original site is offline…

      Police brutality is a blue-state problem
      Hip Hip Republican
      Published on January 22nd, 2016

      When will #BlackLivesMatter develop the courage to take on a real opponent?

      In December, a Grand Jury in Cleveland followed a prosecutor’s recommendation and declined to indict the officer who killed twelve-year-old Tamir Rice. More than a year after the incident that officer, Timothy Loehmann, remains at work drawing a salary from taxpayers. Cleveland’s District Attorney, Mayor, and Police Chief are all Democrats. The Police Chief, Calvin Williams, is black.

      Last summer in the Dallas suburb of McKinney, a white police officer was recorded pulling his gun on black teenagers at a pool party. At one point the officer wrestled a 14-year-old girl to the ground with no provocation. The officer’s actions were denounced by McKinney’s Police Chief the very next day. Three days later the officer stepped down. He no longer wears a badge or collects a taxpayer-funded salary. McKinney’s civic leadership is white and Republican.

      There is a missing element in public efforts to end the culture of police brutality against black Americans. More than racism is at work in this problem. Black Lives Matter has displayed the courage to challenge the structural racism that subjects black and other minorities to humiliating and occasionally lethal mistreatment by public servants. Yet, neither BLM nor any other major force on the left has mustered the courage to tackle the rest of the problem. As a consequence, their efforts to date have generated nothing but heat.


      Police brutality as a structural issue grows from two sources: racism and an absence of accountability. Red states are rich with racism, but the relative weakness of their public employee unions leaves open a potential path to accountability. For all the racism that plagues Southern states, police there are less likely to mistreat black citizens and far more likely to face discipline when they do.

      Our largest, oldest urban areas have a long history of entrenched union power. No force at the state or local level possesses the political muscle to hold police (or educators) accountable for any failure to serve the public interest. That fact is reflected in the quality of their public institutions like police and schools.

      This is a very simple problem. When a public servant in a place like Oklahoma or Texas abuses the public trust, elected officials there possess the authority to discipline them. In Northern states where government employees are insulated by the overwhelming political influence of their unions, no one has the power to subject public servants to appropriate discipline. Create an environment in which the worst performers cannot be properly weeded out and your bottom ten percent will set the tone for everyone else.

      A quick survey of police brutality cases, North and South, makes the problem starkly obvious. Here are a few examples of police abuse in the North with links to the case details and a summary of the outcomes:

      Ohio – John Crawford III – Killed by police in August, 2014

      Officers in the case were not charged with any crimes. They remain on duty receiving pay. The department still has time to pursue some form of disciplinary action, but will probably decline.

      New York – Eric Garner – Killed by police in July, 2014

      Perpetrator remains on duty. None of the officers involved in the incident have faced criminal charges or internal discipline. Only one officer is being referred for discipline, a black supervisor who never laid a hand on Garner. Deadline for disciplinary charges has passed. A civilian who filmed the incident is the only person charged with any crime.

      Maryland – Freddie Gray – Killed by police in April, 2015

      Officers on leave, but still employed and receiving their pay. Police arrested one of the people who filmed the incident. First of six trials of the officers resulted in a mistrial. Interesting note here, three of the six officers involved are black and one is a woman. Apart from a newly elected Governor, every official in the chain of authority all the way to the US Justice Department was a Democrat. All of the local officials, including the police commissioner, were black.

      By contrast, a few examples from Southern states demonstrate how justice operates where public employee unions cannot block accountability:

      Texas – Sandra Bland – Suicide in police custody after needless arrest in July, 2015

      Arresting officer has already been indicted for perjury. Termination proceedings have started. All of the officials involved at the state and local level are Republicans.

      North Carolina – Jonathan Ferrell – Killed by police after a car accident in September, 2013

      Officer was arrested the next day. He was suspended without pay and charged with manslaughter. Trial ended in a hung jury. City of Charlotte settled a claim with the family of the victim for $2.25m.

      South Carolina – Walter Scott – Killed by police fleeing traffic stop in April, 2015

      Officer who shot Scott was fired within days. Two months after the incident the officer was indicted for murder. Trial is pending. The state and local officials involved are all Republicans.

      These are only a few examples that demonstrate the wider pattern. How this problem actually works on the ground can be illustrated with a look at the union contract [ * ] that blocks the City of Chicago from disciplining officers.

      Officers cannot be charged with perjury unless they were first allowed to review prior statements and other evidence, making a perjury charge (as in the Bland case) virtually impossible. Officers under investigation get to know the identities of those who will interrogate them. They get to keep disciplinary proceedings private.

      Officers can’t be removed from paid status until an arbitration process has been completed. They can even decline a lie-detector without facing any penalty. Most importantly, they get to make their first statement in any disciplinary case in private, with their supervisor. It is virtually impossible to subject a Chicago police officer to discipline without the full cooperation of the department and the union. In other words, so long as an officer does nothing to upset his union hierarchy, they are beyond accountability.

      Why do officers in Chicago and other big cities enjoy this degree of immunity while public servants in the South do not? Southern states never developed powerful public employee unions. In the North, unions deliver enough of the political ground game to elect the public officials who will subsequently be on the “other side” of contract negotiations. And state laws force local governments to reach agreements with those unions, effectively blocking any escape. The Democratic Party to which black voters owe unquestioned loyalty is controlled by unions that will always place their own interests above black voters [ * ]. Checkmate.

      Southern states generally lack mandatory collective bargaining agreements and their public employee unions lack the political organization enjoyed by Northern peers. Southern states have plenty of racism, but the public will not tolerate extreme abuses. Much more importantly, the public possesses the power to hold police and other public workers accountable. Voters in Chicago or Baltimore may be less influenced by racism, but voters there have no leverage to hold police consistently or reliably accountable.

      If Black Lives Matter is serious about stirring up more than passion, they will have to find the courage to tackle the other half of the police brutality problem. For a movement on the Democratic left, tackling the white supremacy element of this problem is too easy to be taken seriously. There is no major constituency on the left committed to preserving white supremacy.

      So far, BLM is still pulling their punches when it comes to public employee unions, reflecting their weakness beneath the surface. The movement is rich in left wing performance art, putting on obnoxious shows at Sanders’ campaign rallies and blocking traffic. Yet their supposedly ambitious �?Campaign Zero’ [ * ] amounts to a polite request for police unions to remove contract provisions insulating abusive officers. They’ll congratulate themselves for shutting down the Bay Bridge, but when it comes time to confront a real political powerhouse, they are suddenly flush with pragmatism.

      When reformers muster the will to challenge their union “allies” on the left, we may see an opening for real change. That kind of change could open up a new era of prosperity for Northern cities stunted by corrupt and unaccountable public institutions. Unfortunately, it is far more likely that this movement will simply be absorbed into the numbing static of the professional left, filling a booth between Code Pink and Occupy Wall Street at a future progressive bloggers convention. That would be a loss for all of us, left, right and center.


      Chris Ladd is a Texan in exile. After growing up in Beaumont and working for more than a decade in Houston, he moved to suburban Chicago, where he is a Republican precinct committeeman. He has a day job that he loves in the software industry. In his free time he has written for David Frum’s blog, the Washington Times Communities, the Houston Chronicle, and the Huffington Post. Back in Texas he interned at the Legislature, worked on numerous state and local Republican campaigns, and volunteered for a statewide PAC. Chris graduated from Beaumont’s Central High, earned a degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas (the Harvard of Williamson County) and received his JD from the University of Houston. He currently has a new book out entitled “The Politics of Crazy: How America Lost Its Mind and What We Can Do About It.” [ * ]

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          1. Short version= Union representation may account for a percentage of the reason it is difficult to fire officers in the north. I’ll give you that.
            I posit, larger reason is definitely the racial demo in the south. It’s impossible for a young “white” person to grow up without “black” friends. It cannot be done.
            As we grow up, our “races” are thrown together continuously, whether it’s school, work, CHURCH, or a weather tragedy. We cannot avoid each other and it would be silly to try.
            Pretty hard to be a racist when you have friends in that race.
            We usually hate/fear what we don’t know. We know each other.

            And when you live in those areas, you become conditioned to it.
            If I go home to Iowa/Illinois, it’s weird. There are no black people at the grocery store, at check-out, anywhere. It’s eerie.

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            1. And (speaking as a borderland person) the Yankee thing is to impose an outside view on the South and accuse it within that worldview – just like the SOVIETS tried to impose an outside view on AMERICA as a whole in regard to race with their OBAMA PLOT.

              The Tom Fife story (hearing about Obama in Russia in 1992) was really, really instructive in that regard. It was fascinating there to see the BIDIRECTIONAL “outside ideas about the other guy’s race problems”, and the resentment that those views caused both ways.

              My Opinion: Race issues are never really properly understood by outsiders. Outsiders THINK they understand everything – THEY DON’T.

              Just like where I live has a lot of racial intermarriage that other areas may not have. I don’t mind that there are other areas that don’t like it – just don’t tell US how to live, or that we’re doing it wrong. And I feel like we owe the same back. If other places like things different – THEIR BUSINESS.

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              1. “Outsiders THINK they understand everything – THEY DON’T.”

                Yep. Don’t get me started on all the unsolicited – and amazingly “it won’t fly here” – advice we got in the wake of Ferguson. You don’t live here, you don’t get it and butt out.

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            2. This sounds like a another grand Daughn story post waiting to happen 🙂

              Or maybe it did already and I forgot about it already…


    3. Reposting from July 30/31st daily thread…

      Wolf, this morning I remembered these articles, had a flash of inspiration to share them.

      Unfortunately it took me a VERY long time to relocate them…

      What they did was help me connect the dots:

      * Democrats
      * Police Unions
      * Corrupt Policing
      * Systemic and Institutional Racism
      * City Ruination

      One article in particular I’m having a hard time finding pointed out that when a McKinney cop acted in a manner that was considered racist, he was fired. Texas is a right to work state.

      But in many other cases, corrupt and racist cops were never taken off the beat despite incidents, and it always came down to the same reasons: The police chief was part of the city’s corrupt power structure, and the police were unionized supporting politicians with the union dues.

      It was an unholy alliance that happened in states that were not right to work, which incidentally means blue states.

      Where are the places with the worst crime? The worse racial violence? Riots and national news incidents? The highest poverty? The most out-migration by affluent people?

      Every single time it’s a city where the Democrats have power.

      Social Justice Ideology & Its Contribution to Mob Violence in Baltimore
      Written By: Andy Woods April 30, 2015

      Concerning this week’s rioting in Baltimore, I found myself largely in agreement with one my Facebook friends, who opined: “What happened in Baltimore to the arrested man [Freddie Gray] was tragic and wrong. What is happening right now in the streets of Baltimore is even more tragic and wrong! Where are the so called ‘leaders’ and why aren’t they speaking out to stop this?”

      I began to consider, what was the true source of all of this seemingly stored up inner city wrath? Such pent up rage in so many in the minority community is the ripened fruit of the social justice agenda, which teaches that America remains, even today and in the year 2015, a structurally racist society. Those propagandized by this educational framework misinterpret virtually every wrong and injustice committed not as isolated, tragic incidents associated with living in a fallen world, but rather as part of a larger fabric known as societal institutionalized racism. This perpetual disinformation campaign causes large segments of the minority population to naturally simmer and seethe with revolutionary animus against the establishment as a whole, since they genuinely believe that the system at large is unfairly rigged against them. In such a tense environment, any perceived injustice (George Zimmerman and Traavon Martin, Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, Eric Garner, etc…) will surface this rage at the drop of a hat, which is always lurking beneath the surface and ready to explode at any moment.

      For today’s highly charged climate, we can thank the misery merchants and preachers of the institutional racism religion, such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Marc Lamont Hill, Michael Eric Dyson, Julianne Malveaux, Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Richard Fowler, Henry Louis Gates, Anthony Campolo, Jim Wallis, Michael Emerson, George Soros, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder. In this regard, we also owe a debt of “gratitude” to the cultural Marxists that have controlled the American educational system for at least the last half century.

      The Democratic Party also deserves much of the blame. In the very urban areas where mob uprisings have recently transpired, such as in Ferguson and now Baltimore, the Democrats have controlled the Mayorships, city councils, and school boards for generations. John Nolte well explains the contribution of the Democratic Party to recent events in Baltimore:

      Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America’s problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem. Like many failed cities, Detroit comes to mind, and every city besieged recently by rioting, Democrats and their union pals have had carte blanche to inflict their ideas and policies on Baltimore since 1967, the last time there was a Republican Mayor.

      In 2012, after four years of his own failed policies, President Obama won a whopping 87.4% of the Baltimore City vote. Democrats run the city of Baltimore, the unions, the schools, and, yes, the police force. Since 1969, there have only been only been two Republican governors of the State of Maryland.

      Elijah Cummings has represented Baltimore in the U.S. Congress for more than thirty years…

      Every single member of the Baltimore city council is a Democrat…

      It is the free people of Baltimore who elect and then re-elect those who institute policies that have so spectacularly failed that once-great city…

      You can call the arson and looting and violence we are seeing on our television screens, rioting. That’s one way to describe the chaos. Another way to describe it is Democrat infighting. This is blue-on-blue violence. The thugs using the suspicious death of Freddie Gray (at the hands of a Democrat-led police department) to justify the looting that updates their home entertainment systems, are Democrats protesting Democrat leaders and Democrat policies in a Democrat-run city.

      Poverty has nothing to do with it…

      Where I currently reside here in Watauga County, North Carolina, the poverty level is 31.3%. Median income is only $34,293. In both of those areas we are much worse off than Baltimore, that has a poverty rate of only 23.8% and a median income of $41,385. Despite all that, we don’t riot here in Watauga County…

      One attitude we don’t have here is the soul-killing belief that somebody owes us something, which, of course, is a recipe for discontent. Because if you’re not getting what’s owed to you, how can you be anything but angry? Democrats and their never-ending grievance campaigns; their never-ending propaganda that government largess is the answer; their never-ending caves to corrupt unions; their never-ending warehousing of innocent children in failed public schools — that’s a Democrat problem, not America’s problem.

      I might believe Baltimore was an American problem if the city was interested in new ideas and a new direction under new leaders. But we all know that will never happen. After Democrat policies result in despair and anarchy, Democrats always demand more of the same, only bigger. And the media goes right along. And things only get worse. I wish you all the luck in the world Baltimore. And I truly wish you had the courage to change. If you ever do, send up a flare. Until then, there is nothing anyone can do for you. You are victims of your own choices, and no one can make choices for you but you. As far as the good people of Baltimore trapped by the terrible voting of your fellow citizens, I suggest you buy more guns until you can move to a city not run by those who see rioting as part of the Master Plan.

      [ SEE MORE: * ]

      Two References:

      Baltimore Is a Democrat Problem, Not America’s Problem [ MUST READ ]
      By John Nolte | 28 Apr 2015

      Sheriff CONFIRMS Baltimore cops said Freddie Gray trying to harm himself, also Mayor ordered STAND DOWN
      Apr. 29, 2015 10:59 pm by The Right Scoop

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    4. Reposting from July 30/31st daily thread…

      Baltimore as a Democrat City
      How Baltimore is now paying the price for being exactly like every other leftist-run big city in America.
      April 29, 2015 | John Perazzo

      A Child’s Memory Of White Flight From Baltimore
      Fear often turns into anger and hatred. There was plenty of that being stoked in the 1960s, but much more than racism caused white flight from Baltimore.

      Some eye-opening information about Baltimore’s problems.

      So many quotes, where to start?

      Miss Frieda’s house used to be graced with a lovely flower garden on her postage-stamp-size front yard. Overflowing flower pots lined the porch railing. She had been a Polish freedom fighter during World War II. She had survived the concentration camps. She came to America with her husband and settled in that house, where she raised her family, nursed her dying husband in her later years, and now lived alone where she wanted nothing more than to tend her flowers and visit John Paul II in Rome every few years.

      My daughters and I met her while she was tending her garden. She took a liking to my girls and even gave them intricate handmade Christmas ornaments she folded out of paper, a craft she learned in Poland in childhood. She was a joyful and generous woman in spite of what she had experienced long ago.

      Frieda was driven out of the neighborhood by local angry Baltimore youths who repeatedly stomped on her flowers, smashed her flower pots, broke a window, and finally made her fear for her safety. Imagine what this woman had survived in life, only to be driven out of her beloved home by uncivil, unsupervised, angry Baltimore teens, just like those who burned and looted Baltimore this April and who Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby appeased by saying, “This is your day.” Frieda’s escape was not white flight; it was flight from crime and uncivil behavior.

      Their supposed calls for dialogue are really a demand for monologue. The rest of us (meaning white people) had better shut up and accept the fact that we are all racist and everything is entirely the fault of white people, all white people. Then we should be made to pay (as Sharpton has so successfully modeled).

      So what is true? I can only speak to what I know, but if we start including everyone’s stories and not just the politically correct stories or those that support “the narrative” being pushed by the Left as the only truth that matters, we may get closer to the actual whole truth.

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      1. White flight is real.
        We have about a 100sq mile swath of Memphis which was abandoned during the tenure of Mayor Herington, 5 terms.
        The white community moved financial districts, warehousing, shopping, and corp headquarters outside the city.
        Amazing transformation because of bad leadership.

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        1. Why in Hades would you STAY in a place with High Crime and High Taxes and NO LAW ENFORCEMENT? We left the Boston are pretty much for those reasons.

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          1. The exodus was incredible.
            There are probably 10 couples in our aquaintance group who live here, because they moved out at approx same time.
            My best GF was one. Bought the home of their dreams, 4 bedroom, for about $158K in mid 80’s, Nice neighborhood.
            Had to sell in mid 90’s for about $70K.
            No one buying.
            HUGE mall closed.
            Amazing turn, and it gutted the tax base of Memphis.

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          1. Many blacks are WAY AHEAD of everybody on this. The problem is that the SOVIET FAKE NEWS is extremely good at squelching their voices. Even FOX NEWS couldn’t shut Ben Carson up fast enough when he started talking about cultural Marxism, on which he’s an expert.

            But guess which SOVIET excusenik diaper works at Fox? She’s a liberal, but she can quiet the entire corps of leggy “conservative” women with just a look. I found it remarkable, the first time I saw her “in control”. Some amazing psychology operating there, thanks to the powers behind FAKE NEWS.

            Gotta TURN IT OFF. Limit the dosage. POISON.

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    5. Michael, I agree 2016 was a huge spiritual black cloud – akin to the era of MLK/Robert Kennedy assassinations and the nationwide riots. I still believe Obama was an empty shell, directed by an as yet unknown puppetmaster. Nevertheless He and Holder are evil incarnate. They have so much innocent blood on their hands. They are 10 times worse than the Clintons.

      Clintons mostly driven by insatiable need for personal wealth and desire to be accepted in The Big Club.
      Obama and Holder wear their evil ideology on their sleeves.

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      1. The Clintons are Satanic Black Magick (note the “k”) Illuminised Witches, of which Hill-the-BEAST is the highest-ranking ON EARTH… with Bubba trailing… (see…

        The only ones more dangerous and damaging are Satan Soros, and his DEMONIC masters one and two levels above him. They’re the ones which Dutch Financier Ronald Bernard spoke of having child sacrifices in their meetings…

        THEY are the DEVIL’S representatives on earth. Øbunghole and Holder are just mere amateurs, dare I say JV-team, in comparison to them…

        Remember Ephesians 6:10-18. The Klintoons are in direct contact with the “thrones and powers”. We need to pray and fast in order to fight that evil…….

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  8. I’ve just briefly looked at this thread this morning so far, but the one thing that leaped out is that OBAMA (and family) might well be the biggest hoax of all! Maybe the other cases were test cases to see how far the envelope could be pushed.
    Maybe Sharpton has never been held accountable, never had to pay his back taxes or reduce his lavish lifestyle because he has been protected in his role of hoax playing.
    Very interesting this hoax topic comes up now as exposure might be in the near future. Perhaps the concept of past proves future/future proves past (I personally think they are interchangeable) is being used to pill-pill and prepare the public for the Great Awakening in regard to Obama.
    Tin hat was right there in my closet this morning!

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    1. A big risk in running a hoax, is that when they’ve been doing it a while, even if they pull a small hoax, is waking people up that there is a hoax, and risking collapsing the whole house of cards.

      A single VERY BIG HOAX, they can fool a LOT of people. People will go along with it for a LONG time.

      But if they rely on a VERY BIG HOAX, and then keep nickel and diming people with lots of little hoaxes that don’t hold up or keep falling apart…

      …they risk people suffering too much cognitive dissonance. They risk people waking up to the other hoaxes.

      People start seeing a pattern of things not adding up. Of gaslighting. Of fabrications. Of lies.

      And suddenly the VERY BIG HOAX is called into question.

      The Covington incident is going to be a painful lesson.

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    2. It is my opinion that the “Obama plot” long preceded even the 1992 admissions by the Soviets to Tom Fife. Part of my reasoning is based on the extraordinary level of investment that was made in the CA3 plot in 1981, which DIRECTLY enabled the RISE OF OBAMA.

      Thus, I believe that a CONTROLLED, and more preferably a HIDDEN COMMUNIST BLACK PRESIDENT was planned even at the time MLKJ was killed. I think STALIN may have even originated the plan.

      Obama may have been their lead contender to fill the role, but I think there may have been others, too.

      NOTE that “post-Soviet” Russia never revealed the Obama goods. They COUNTED on the REAP.

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  9. Thanks for doing this one, wolf. It’s past time for the adults to take over the sandbox and separate the children from fighting with each other. Evil is evil. To manipulate others into believing lies and falsehoods while destroying individual lives as a systematic method of control and gaining financially is the epitome of evil. May God and justice rule in these instances. May the Lord’s mercy be given to those who are beaten down from those who abuse.

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  10. The Trayvon Martin case was a textbook example of what Leftest/Liberals had been doing previously to weaponize victimhood as part of their plot to subjugate America.

    One direction, multiple avenues.

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  11. Interesting times…

    I found my way to the CTH during the brutal Jessica Chambers murder. It was such a horrific crime…and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t being covered by the national media…especially when they seemed to find plenty of time to cover so many other ridiculous topics. The CTH filled that void.

    If you search Trayvon Martin, the Wikipedia page will be the top result…multiple pages with many paragraphs of (false?) information. Sadly Wikipedia, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have any information on the Jessica Chambers murder. If you try to search that topic you’ll get an article on a fictional comic book character named Jesse Chambers…because, well, I guess Wikipedia is fictional when they want to be…right after they beg you for a donation.

    As we’ve been saying repeatedly here at the Q-Tree, the media is our biggest enemy, and this cannot be stated emphatically enough. By coincidence I just started reading this book that has been on my shelf for some time:

    It’s odd how few people are even aware of this case. Funny how we’ve all heard of Charles Manson, the Zodiac killer, the Unabomber, Ted Bundy etc. etc. etc… These cases are well known by everyone…dozens and dozens of books, documentaries, movies…you name it. I think there may be two books on the Zebra murders and I’ve never seen a main stream outlet tackle this topic in any kind of format…and you can forget about Hollyweird touching this in a movie. Ain’t gonna happen.

    At this point I’m not sure they should considering how divided the country is…divided and misinformed by the Main Stream Propaganda Industry…done on purpose and with malice to tear this country apart. It might give some of the lunatics in this country some very bad ideas. Remember the DC snipers? Same mindset. This is what the Nation of Islam has to offer. And why this case is never mentioned when that evil organisation pops its head out from under whatever slimy rock they dwell under is a travesty in and of itself.

    Amazingly Wikipedia does have an entry for the Zebra murders. I just started the book by Clark Howard so I cannot say how accurate Wikipedia is here. It will be interesting to find out. Wikipedia also has an entry for the Nation of Islam but good luck trying to find any mention of the Zebra murders there.

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    1. I am not saying Islam was not part of the DC Snipers case but …

      If you saw the divorce/custody case file on Muhammed, you could understand why I believe the divorce/custody industry set him off. He might have had some support from Muslim beliefs but it is NOT (IMO) what provoked his rage.

      I have the entire court file in digital form in case anybody wants to read it. Drop me an email pgroup at blarg dot net and I’ll send you a copy.

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  12. Yes, that is how I, too, found CTH – – truth was being spoken with no agenda (other than to promote truth), was without emotionally driven bias laden with emotional baggage of not getting All results one wants, how one wants and when one wants/expects those results. President Trump is fantastic but he isn’t Santa Claus.

    And, yet I who am I to criticize when I have no idea what SD has been up against personally to do what he has done?

    We ALL have our limits and frailties. CTH was a Tremendous blessing to me, to many others, to MAGA and to the conservative movement over the last 8-9 yrs and truly was a force of nature in the 2015-16 campaign and election of President Trump. I admire much that has been done in relation to the witch hunt as well…and know he will produce more good things in the pursuit of truth.

    I wish him well, am grateful and appreciative and know TCH contributions to MAGA are far from over.

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  13. Classic Example of Black Lives Matter being shown for the front for white (and all other ethnicities/races) of far left socialists that it really is.

    White man interrupts black, locally elected leaders (they are elected in their community so do have the right to the title of “leadership” even if not nationally known) AND steals the mic, takes over the platform and puts them down as not being “real” black people

    To me, it is notable that these particular black local leaders are trying to vocalize support for far left Pete…who isn’t far left enough for the Bernie Bro that did this.

    Why he is the leader of the BLM protest group in the back? Is that group not a true, local, grassroots group? Of course, not! Few BLM groups have been actual grassroots movements with local leadership inspired and initiated actions and organic organizing.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Pete’s IN campaign staff comments to last night’s situation. Maybe she will continue to wake up and #walkaway! I know Dem candidate Williams had her eyes opened a little bit more about the realities of who the Dems and esp. the DNC really are. Same for more African Americans who were directly involved and who see this as it goes viral across the nation. They are tired of fake promises that lead to fake “help” from the Dems and a cycle of dependence on the gov. through the Dems. Many are being tired of being treated as Blacks v. as People, individuals and as Americans. MAGA does just that … WELCOMES them as fellow Americans, People, Individuals!

      Liked by 5 people

        1. Yes, I saw the DM article and was STUNNED. Checked SD and saw nothing up yet other than the film thread. Sundance isn’t always one to toot his horn, so I did it for him. BTW, good to see Brian Cates backing him up (without naming him), but there are pro Eeyores out there right now trying to stir up a fight between Sundance and Brian, so watch out. This is a big threat to the Democommies. They want us shooting at each other.


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  14. If one is convinced the world is full of racism and racists, little can be done to correct that. You’ll have your own confirmation bias.

    If you (as a Black) deal with a grumpy White in a convenience store, you are taught to ascribe it to him being a racist; it won’t occur to you that maybe he’s just in a bad mood, a bad employee, or just doesn’t discriminate–he hates everyone. No, he must be racist. You’re being taught to assign motives to people’s acts on the basis of little evidence.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Exactly!!!! I’ve said for years that blacks are taught every bad behavior by a white is racism directed at them. Sadly that us what the BGI successfully indictrinates.

      WRONG!!! Much bad behavior by whites is just whites being assholes. To anyone they encounter! 🙄🙄

      Liked by 7 people

        1. Yes. One of the reasons to be on Gab and NOT mute the ACTUAL (and even the cheerleader fake) “white nationalists” is to get a load of what THEY are taught.

          Q is SO right about this stuff. THEY want us divided and they do it by infecting opposing sides with falsehoods.

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    2. “If one is convinced the world is full of racism and racists, little can be done to correct that. You’ll have your own confirmation bias.”


      I’m reading through this thread saying to myself, all of what I’m reading is pretty much confirmation bias in and of itself that was and is perpetuated by media coverage of these events. I live less than ten miles from Ferguson. What was destroyed up there was a two square block area that was predetermined to have the biggest impact. Everything was in place for the inferno the night that Bob McCullough (the most honest man in STL politics who was primaried last year) announced there would be no charges against the officer. There was already confirmation bias against him as his father was killed by a black man, and blacks always pushed the idea that McCullough couldn’t be unbiased which everyone who knows him says is not true.

      Two blocks were burned. That was it. The rest of us watched, a lot of stuff was closed the next day, then there was Thanksgiving, and we went on with life. The national media, however, splashed all these images that really made it look like the whole thing was a bigger deal than it was. In fact, AFTER Ferguson, race relations in these parts got better, at least where I live. Nothing has changed other than do gooder liberals putting signs in their yards, and it’s the same people who live and breathe city hall gossip.

      Five years ago, once the circus realized that the people in these parts weren’t going to play along with their plans for racist agitation, they left. They honestly had no clue what they were dealing with.

      As for white flight…in these parts there are fraidy cats who ran west, but for the most part it was over school districts.

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  15. Great post, Wolfie. Provocative topic, well-stated and researched. Think how many more active citizen reserch and analytic websites have ‘grown up’ since original Martin case. SD’s early probes will be a boon, and many others will have eyes on this case. I don’t think the BGI will be successful in misconstruing the intent of Zimmerman’s civil case.

    The new generation of black leaders & voices will see this for what it is because it proves how far the victim hoaxes have gone to protect that lucrative industry at the expense of genuine EDUCATION and OPPORTUNITY.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Exactly! Notice how the ANTI-KING LURE of NEW ADVANTAGE instead of TRUE EQUALITY was used as toxic bait for FAKE LEADERS.

      We always wondered WHY there was never a new King. WHY nobody ever filled his shoes.

      WELL….. NOW WE KNOW.

      Just like WHY there was no new Reagan. Until a guy named TRUMP figured it out.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. I agree. Much harder in these times to get a good jury. The OJ trial was very important as a bellwether. It showed that RACIAL GRIEVANCE as “social justice” could be used to subvert ACTUAL, individual justice.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Agreed!

        As long as the judge doesn’t help the other side with sabotage of the jury. Sadly, an “Obama judge” or analogous can do that. There was a case recently where this happened – some guy named Roger Stone.

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    1. In that article by George Zimmerman, he states this:
      “More than anything else, this lawsuit is for the America I grew up in and still believe in, an America of equal justice for all, where race hoaxes and fake witnesses have no place, an America where the content of one’s character, not race, is the basis for one’s judgement of another.”

      That link also has the 3-minute trailer for Joel Gilbert’s film, which appears to be excellent.

      I’m so glad the truth is coming out.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. That is SO AWESOME!

        Mentioned in another reply – we need to be very careful. The only way the Democommies can get out of this is to make our side start shooting at each other over bullshit like “priority” and “credit”. FUGEDABOUDIT! Do not fall for it. There are many people who did work on this – I don’t care who they were, I learned it from Sundance – whatever. The point is NOW to bring the TRUTH FORWARD by all means possible!!! The MEDIA must be CLEANSED.

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  16. I’m so sorry I missed this article this morning.
    Didn’t see it until if hit Daily Caller.
    But yeah, it’s big alright, if it is true.
    Yes, unwinds the grievance industry.
    And yes, Trayvon is how I ended up at Treehouse as well. Those were the days!

    Biggest question, still, is was their FED involvement or only kept at state level.
    We need the mother’s records, all of them.

    Remember when the Feds, HOlder Justice Dept, Civil Division, sent over 100 people to Samford and turned the police Dept upside down?
    Correct me if I’m wrong…..
    …… but wasn’t it Samford which beget the overturn and FED activity in cities like New Orleans, Memphis, etc?
    It killed policing.

    And Michael Brown was the icing on the cake.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. You are NOT WRONG. The Obama DOJ CRS always came in and poured GASOLINE on these events.

      Holder set it up.

      I will posit RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW that the reason there was little objection by Democrats to Betsy DeVos shutting down all those “Promise Programs” [which Obama and Holder set up to undermine due process, for both Trayvon (BLM) and Parkland (gun control)] is that the Obama conspirators were DEADLY AFRAID that a deeper look would tie the Obama DOJ with SETTING UP these things so that they could micromanage propaganda events – LENGTHENING them for POLITICAL PAYLOAD.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. The American Thinker article, open letter from George Zimmerman was specific.
        DOJ came in an organized protests which he alleges led to his arrest.
        Now THERE are some phone records we need to see.

        Liked by 5 people

    2. Michael Brown….

      The plan was all written out, and “they” were looking for an incident to graft it on. I’m convinced.

      There’s a lot about that that never made the national news. First off, the county executive, a pretty dishonest black guy, was primaried earlier in the week. There was tension over that. And then the incident just happened to take place in the area where the displaced residents of Kinloch ended up. That’s a chapter of STL history all of us would have liked to see be different. Kinloch was a black muni that was bought out for airport expansion that never happened because American Airlines pulled out the hub, the one that used to be TWA. There’s more to that story that has to do with a gate that was between Kinloch and Ferguson in the old days, but nobody really wants to talk about that. So in the first 72 hours, there was some damage done by people from out of town, and then the pros swooped in.

      I really wish the truth would be told on all of it. And, talk about cleaning up, the leading agitators who actually lived here are now, conveniently, all dead.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. I may have checked in, but I wasn’t commenting there. We were all so disgusted with the views from the cheap seats being spewed, we kind of ignored the national stuff.

          I don’t remember. I know I was on FB a lot as I have a number of friends whose husbands and dads are cops and firemen. They were organizing snack drives, and all that. All of them had to change their online names for security reasons.

          It’s different when you are in the middle of it.

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        2. Honest to God, Wolf, I remember walking down Delmar in the Loop where there are a lot of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating one day, and hearing “it doesn’t fit the narrative” over and over and over again.

          Actually, I think the “die in” on the street was in front of the Tivoli in the Loop. And then they walked down Skinker to Wash U, and on the national feeds “FERGUSON” was splayed everywhere. Skinker and the Forest Park Parkway where the Wash U engineering buildings are is in the city.

          We in STL were all stunned the national news people didn’t give a rat’s backside about details.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Wow DP I did not know that.

            Wasn’t that the time the Delray guy come to STL from MN? to who got to be a very well paid spokesperson?

            I recall the local story about Michael Brown being in the newspaper and suddenly it took off with the narrative ‘of hands up’ and young photo’s being shown. That people were told to take the protests happening in stores and blocking streets.

            How they had the media show the ‘family finding out’ and telling people to burn it down. Don’t forget his mom going to the UN was it?

            I think I read they were threating a store owner to this day. That he needed to make a scholarship and give people free stuff or give up his business.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Looking back on it its becoming more clear that these people were being bused in.

                And then you feel sorry for the town who never asked for this in the first place.

                I recall the MO peace keepers coming in to guard places and that’s when it dawned on me WHY we have the 2nd.

                Liked by 2 people

    3. Oh, and another thing about Michael Brown, while the county prosecutor got all sorts of flack, the medical examiner’s office who did the original autopsy and determined that he was killed via self defense did not other than a second autopsy being done. Why? Because the pathologist on duty that night was black. Great guy, have known his family for decades. When I saw who had done the autopsy, I cheered.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. Brian Cates has a THREAD –

    and more from the THREAD

    Liked by 5 people

    1. “Clearly there was something completely odd about Jeantel.”
      It was painful to watch. She seemed unable to understand what was said, and then she could barely come up with answers. Something was definitely off, and now we know why.

      Liked by 4 people

  18. There are going to be some big losers as a result of this, and I hope the media is one of them. They should have been investigating, but instead played along and promoted the race hoax.

    Some attorneys should be disbarred. I agree with what Zimmerman said in the American Thinker article linked by A Fortiori above. This is not just for him, but for America.

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