News Roundup! Two-Faced POS, PDJT’s Bilateral Meetings & Luncheon At NATO Summit, Our FLOTUS Visits the Salvation Army Center In London, Professor Pamela Karlan Is A National Treasure, Our FLOTUS Goes After the POS Professor, Matt Gaetz Is My HERO, Terrence Shows His Cold Anger, Devin Nunes Interview With Tucker, No More Free Rides, Polling Data Is Bad For Democrats In Battleground States, Fake Polls Sometimes Tell the REAL Story…..

Our President was absolutely right for calling the POS from Canada two-faced! He and his country are going to pay dearly for this.

The POS didn’t apologize! He tried to justify his BS.

Bilat #3

Our President held a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the 2019 NATO Summit.

[Video and Transcript Below]

I love the fact that our President hosted a luncheon at the NATO Summit for the nine nations’ who are living up to their pledges of 2% of GDP financial support for the NATO military alliance: United States, Bulgaria, Greece, United Kingdom, Estonia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Bilat #5

Bilat #4 was a private meeting between our President and Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

Our President and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’ held a media availability prior to their meeting.

[Video and Transcript Below]

While our President was representing our country with the NATO assembly, our beautiful FLOTUS visited the Salvation Army in East London to create decorations and pass out Christmas gifts to kids.

Here is the NATO recap video put out by the White House.

Meanwhile the House Democrats gave our President and our country the greatest gift possible, Professor Pamela Karlan.

This POS decided to ridicule 13 year old Barron so that her friends and colleagues could get a good laugh in the room. What makes my blood boil is the fact that she had rehearsed it multiple times before today.

Our FLOTUS responded like a Lioness!

I believe our FLOTUS’ only reservation to having her husband run to be president was her concern for Barron. This POS brought that concern back to the forefront for her today.

That is why I think the Democrats hope for impeachment died today. Good luck with the suburban women after the stunt they pulled today. I truly believe they will never bring this to a vote now.

She is not only our President’s rock, she is our ROCK!

I will do everything in my power to help advance Representative Matt Gaetz’s career. What he did to that POS will forever endear him to me.

Below you will find the full questioning from Representative Gaetz.

Terrence normally gives me a good laugh. He was all business in his video tweet.

Representative Devin Nunes appeared on Tucker Carlson to discuss the impeachment events of the day. He also discussed the revelation that Shitty randomly started issuing subpoenas for telephone information.

No more free rides for Americans that are capable of working! 

Keep in mind that the U.S. government limits the amount of time adults aged 18-49, who do not have dependents or a disability, can receive food stamps to three months in a 36-month period, unless they meet certain work requirements. During BHO reign of terror, he provided waivers to extend the limits.

Our President has finalized a rule tightening guidelines on when and where states can waive federal limits on how long certain residents can receive benefits. Back to work freeloaders. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue explains the change and why it is appropriate:

From the article linked above:

As many as 750,000 will be cut off from food stamps under a new regulation set to be announced Wednesday.

The change will make it harder for states to receive waivers for requirements that certain able-bodied adults work or be enrolled in vocational training programs in order to receive benefits, Bloomberg reported.

Currently, states can request a waiver for work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps, if an area’s unemployment rate is at least 20 percent above the national rate. The national unemployment rate in October was 3.6 percent.

The change is expected to save some $1.1 billion in the first year and $7.9 billion over five years.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are screwed! It will only get worse as long as this circus continues.

From the article linked above:

Polls in key 2020 states show that support for impeaching President Trump is lower than in national impeachment polls, according to an analysis by the Washington Post.

Why it matters: The polls signal that pursuing impeachment could potentially hurt Democrats in states they need to carry to defeat Trump in his bid for a second term.

By the numbers: In a dozen October and November polls on impeachment in battleground states like Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin, an average of 44% of those surveyed supported impeachment, with 51% opposed, according to the Post.

  • In averages of national polls, 47% of respondents said they support impeachment, while 43% said they oppose it.

From the article linked above:

Running for local office as a Republican in Parma is still an uphill battle, since nearly all of the current officials are Democrats.

But support for President Donald Trump in this Cleveland suburb — which favored the Republican nominee 49% to 45% for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 — remains strong exactly 11 months before Election Day. And the possibility of impeachment hasn’t changed their minds.

But weeks of televised impeachment hearings and five prime-time Democratic debates don’t appear to be moving many people in Parma from the positions they held in 2016, judging from a Dispatch visit last week.

“I was under the impression when the president was elected that they were already trying to impeach him,” Amanda Billy said.

The 37-year-old military veteran said she’s still technically registered as a Democrat even though she ran unsuccessfully for the city council as a Republican last month. She said she’s been watching the impeachment hearings, but nothing has convinced her Trump should be removed.

Sometimes their Fake Polls tell you the real story!

Once again Reuter’s/IPSOS tried everything in the power to show their is support for impeachment. The only way they could get to 45% was by only polling 10% of Independents.

The problem for them is that the percentage of registered Independents is currently sitting at 38% according to the latest Gallup Party Affiliation Poll.

If this poll had used the breakdown in the link above

  • Democrats – 31%
  • Republicans – 30%
  • Independents – 38%

They wouldn’t have come close to 40% wanting to see our President impeached. The percentage of not wanting our President impeached would have been closer to 55%.

It will only get worse for the Democrats!


114 thoughts on “News Roundup! Two-Faced POS, PDJT’s Bilateral Meetings & Luncheon At NATO Summit, Our FLOTUS Visits the Salvation Army Center In London, Professor Pamela Karlan Is A National Treasure, Our FLOTUS Goes After the POS Professor, Matt Gaetz Is My HERO, Terrence Shows His Cold Anger, Devin Nunes Interview With Tucker, No More Free Rides, Polling Data Is Bad For Democrats In Battleground States, Fake Polls Sometimes Tell the REAL Story…..

  1. You’re right, Flep. The dem/commies are horribly, horribly out of touch if they thought mean girl Karlan would sway anyone to their side. She probably single-handedly destroyed any chance they had at being successful.

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      1. Shades of Miley Cyrus in that horrid video, and the “maroon” Wile-E-Coyote… kinds of a Miley-Coyote-Ugly…

        What a disgrace to Stanford that dreadful excuse for a woman is… and to think how much money people drop on an “education” there…

        Then again, wonder if she realizes the founder of the University that employs her was considered to be one of the “Robber Barons”… hmmm… wasn’t she talking about barons…. she’s barren, indeed, and attempted a scorched-earth attack on VSGPDJT and his family. And, like Wile-E-Coyote, it ended up flaming back on her, one could say, at the “Acme (Industries)” of her profession…

        In that pic above (bottom right of Terence’s tweet) it does indeed look like the “woman” circled wearing a pu$$y hat in that demo (over on the daily thread)… those Eeyore lips and dowdy face are unmistakeable…

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    1. Adding some perspective to that. I normally monitor Melania’s twitter feed. She normally gets 2-30k likes per tweet with some surges breaking past 76k, sometimes beyond. This little flare up though has her currently at 242.5k as I post. Numbers still rising by 100’s every minute at this late hour. What’s more is that many of the likes are also transferring to her other posts as those are showing a sharp increase from what is normal.

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      1. With the likes transferring to other posts, it seems that Melania will probably be getting more followers, more attention, and more respect (it’s about time!).

        By making such a low comment, especially about a minor, innocent-bystander (and an upstanding youngster at that), Karlan has probably infuriated “fence-sitters” everywhere, and parents, too. No one likes that being done (and I rather imagine most Democrats don’t, either). Could be some interesting blowback on the way…

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    2. Terrence was just about as upset as I am with that idiot lefty bitch bringing a minor into this Democrat farce.

      And now I see her “apology”, where she cannot even write more than two sentences without whining about President Trump again. He truly does live in these losers heads rent-free, doesn’t he?

      I hope she continues to live a miserable life and continues to wring her hands over PDJT. What an ugly person. Inside and out. She looks the part. Just like all those other wretched hags: Lovely Nellie Ohr, Lisa “Spread ‘Em” Page, Dr. Whitney Ford, the list goes on and on. Where do all these horrible dried-out creatures come from? I pity the poor fools who marry them.

      And if one squints their eyes, all these angry worn out witches look the same!

      Can you tell that I am pissed?

      I am so blessed with my beautiful wonderful conservative wife.

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  2. Total obliteration of Biblical proportions. Leave no anti American resistance organizations standing. Assembly line treason trials. Thats enough for me this Christmas. Ty Flep.. That woman who attacked Barron is vile. Her contempt seeped from every pore.

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      1. She was scheduled to be RBG’s replacement on the Supreme Court.

        I sense a real danger in this country and Israel from the ultra liberal Jews (in name only). They are leading the fight with Lawfare, Hollywood and media control. Coordinated attacks on Netanyahu and The President.

        I’m not sure how to classify them other than pagan’s following Baal. As a Christian, I am Pro Israel knowing they are God;s chosen people.

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        1. Read Revelation 2:9ff and 3:9ff. Those ultra-liberal “Jews” worship at the Synagogue of Satan, being every bit as lying and corrupt as the Pharisees, and their father, the Devil… I count Soros, Zukerberg, Zucker, Kissinger, the Rothschilds and their ilk among them. Bezos as well (as a convert to Satan’s synagogue)…

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    1. Might be worth rattling the cages of “Professor Wretched’s” management (department heads, Deans, etc.) and the Board of Regents of Stanford (especially if they’re conservative). And prominent conservative Alumni. THAT would really get their/her attention.

      Name ’em and shame ’em. Use their own tactics against them – just don’t be mean or vindictive…

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    1. Every time NATO meets, delegates should be on platforms based on their contribution to the alliance. If they contribute 2%, they should be on a six-inch platform. If they contribute 2.5%, it should be an eight-inch platform. If they contribute only 1.5%, they should be on a four-inch platform — and so on, with 2 inches per half percent of GDP (and if they don’t qualify for a riser, they can sit outside).

      For logistics sake, the maximum % of GDP should be in the center, with the rest arrayed in tiers around that nation, until the lowest % contribution at the periphery.

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      1. How about trapdoors for the less-than-two-percent-ers? Or maybe even a dunk tank?

        Then again, the NATO reps aren’t the ones actually making the decisions to short defense spending. It’s their idiot manglement, e.g. Merde-Kuh. Funny (not) how Germany can spend so much money on undeserving invaders, while not spending enough on national defense…hmmm. maybe there’s a connection there… many folks here think that Merkel was brought in to destroy Germany… she’s done a pretty good job, so far…

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  3. Speaking of Two-Faced – if these people were authorized by EU government – what is the purpose of NATO?

    Europe has a way of bending to its real enemies – Socialism, Islamism, globalism….

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    1. Actually, Europe’s real enemies are its people. The powers-that-be hate each and every one of us….. and that’s why they disarmed most of us, long ago… (cf Hitler, Mao, other dictators)…

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  4. I really enjoy your news roundup–did you get a press pass for the Hershey rally???
    I am so looking forward to watching the videos you posted!!!! (Have to wait till hubby goes to work…I can be quite vocal and in the case of the bully POS bringing up Barron, quite obscene…)
    I am surprised/not surprised that the media has no fears that Congress may turn around and subpoena any of their phone records…if the bad guys are doing it, what stops the good guys? yet…crickets…

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  5. Here’s a little tidbit to chew on. After the ‘professor’ Karlan brouhaha yesterday, I ventured over to the Stanford Law School directory and wrote a little email to their dean (Jenny Martinez – a diversity and inclusion expert) to express my displeasure.

    To my astonishment, when I found Karlan’s contact info (so I could politely cc her on the email) – there was no phone number and no email listed.

    I thought: she doesn’t use a telephone? she does not have a Stanford Law email account?
    No, I think it’s more like she’d planned her charade in advance and did damage control up front, probably with the approval of said dean.

    By the way, she’s a female, bisexual Jew. She won the intersectionality prize for the day!

    Flep, many thanks for all your news posts. They are the Greatest!

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  6. They just keep on rolling out the BRAZEN LIES!!!!



    Just like their leaders, Pelosi, Hillrotten and Øbominable.

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  7. Will America Go the Way of the Banana Republic?

    December 5, 2019
    by Scott S. Powell, American Thinker

    Who would have ever thought the United States could lose its way and find itself on a slippery slope to becoming a banana republic in which political power is typically determined by coups rather than elections? But it appears that many in the Democrat Party are willing to go down this road and risk the nation’s continuity and stability in a desperate effort to regain power and control.

    Since there is simply no greater crime against the United States, its Constitution and its people than subverting the government that is duly elected by the people, Americans need to clearly remind Washington that the legitimacy of our government comes exclusively from the people.

    Think about it… why should Democrats in Congress be ignoring their legislative responsibilities, and wasting their time and the nation’s scarce resources with impeachment proceedings less than a year away from the next presidential election on November 3, 2020? And why would Democrats think impeachment a wise course to follow, particularly after putting the country through nearly two years of the Mueller investigation — which proved to be a hoax?

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  8. Since “climate change” alarmism has flopped, the same scammers are now toying with a new phrase they hope will sound more urgent

    December 5, 2019
    by Isabelle Z., Natural News

    Climate change alarmists aren’t quite getting the results they’d like with their current approach, so they’re doing what any smart business people would do when their product isn’t selling: switching to a new marketing tactic. Now, they’re trying to get a more urgent-sounding phrase for the issue to catch on – one that they hope will spur more people into taking actions that will further their political causes and line their pocketbooks.

    Writing in Ad Age, professional brand strategist Aaron Hall said that he feels terms like “global warming” and “climate change” are too neutral and don’t grab enough attention. He points to the example of the “hypothesis of the primeval atom,” a scientific term that never really resonated in the 1900s. However, a rebranding as the “Big Bang” a few decades later has made it a household term that most people are familiar with these days.

    Climate change isn’t really specific; climate, by its very nature, changes regularly. Global warming, Hall says, was initially favored by politicians because it sounded like a reason to worry, but it’s something that’s too easy to dispute because there are also times when our planet gets colder.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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      1. The problem is, para – no matter how often you do that – one thing remains the same – the rotten core on the inside – it continues to rot until it blackens the outside, too – reminds me of that character in Star Wars with the hood and the blackened eyes – don’t even know his name – or the story – just know he was a bad guy – lol

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  9. The crazy far left Democrats are losing more voters every day, hour, minute!!!

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  10. Franklin Graham on Twitter:

    “These impeachment proceedings are unbelievable. The truth has nothing to do with it. It’s about lying—& spinning the lies. I believe @realDonaldTrump did the right thing in asking questions & investigating corruption related to the Bidens. They want to impeach him over this?” 1/3

    “For three years, the President @realDonaldTrump’s enemies have been attempting to remove him from office, using anything they could including the FBI and the media, and now a phone call to the Ukraine. It’s maddening what they’re doing to our country.” 2/3

    “@RepDougCollins was right when he said the calendar is what is driving the impeachment push, not the facts. It’s all about discrediting President @realDonaldTrump before the next election. Everybody knows it, yet it still continues. The only hope for our country is God.” 3/3

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    1. “The only hope for our country is God.” Franklin Graham –

      God has been the only hope for our country since the first Bush took office – we have been through wars that killed our young – our hope for the future – C_A lies and operations worldwide that tipped the balance from life to constant killing and death – we had years of Islamic terror – they claimed if we did not it defeat abroad – it would come to the USA – while we were fighting these endless wars – they were setting up Islamic Training Camps in SA, CA, Cuba, Panama, and in the USA – while China was robbing us blind – and communism was taking its foothold in the Democratic Party – so tell me – when was God NOT our only hope?

      Had President Trump not run for President and won – where would we be now? I shutter to think what will happen when he leaves office in 2024.

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    1. The perpetrator was a 16 year old Mexican male who was caught almost right away – thanks to surveillance and detection technology alerting Border Patrol. The Mexican government is hunting the other two subjects.

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      1. The wall isn’t intended to be impenetrable. Such is impossible.

        It’s designed to slow them down, make it possible to detect illicit crossings done in spite of it, and thus enable apprehension.

        Now we just need the trebuchets to chuck them back over it.

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  11. Democrats can’t handle power without abusing it.

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  12. About that Impeachment business….

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  13. Damn I am gonna need MOAR popcorn and beer.
    President Trump has a approval rating of 52% it just keeps getting better.
    Flep you just keep hitting em out of the park on a daily basis,we are so bless to have your News Roundups on a daily basis, God bless you and yours.

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  14. It’s ALL politics! There are no high crimes or misdemeanors.

    President should take this to SCOTUS and let them impeach the impeachment!!!

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  15. Um-hmmm – now it comes out!

    “Ukrainian Prosecutor provides evidence showing Ambassador Yovanovitch blocked him from providing evidence of her ‘Untouchable List’ to U.S. Authorities.”

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    1. Yovanovitch lied under oath !!!

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    The Democrats will print their little Impeachment Dossier and post it online – but they won’t actually vote on it.

    They will call it an impeachment, but it will just be a fake impeachment, like their fake news, fake indians, fake everything else.

    Next up – there will be an avalanche of real incriminating evidence and real indictments and it will bury them.

    Those indictments will expose every corrupt act and scheme of the Democrats from Pelosi to Adams to Waters….and there will be resignations, removals, indictments and arrests.

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        1. I watched some of the coverage on BBC Parliament (Vindman, Sondland and the female diplomat born in England).

          It was mind boggling.

          How could the House, crazy though it is, pass impeachment on testimony based on ‘I thought’, ‘My impression was’, ‘It seemed to me …’?

          What the heck is going on?

          Am praying that the Senate will fix the House’s wagon — and good.

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          1. Truth is they cannot – it is NOT evidence! Mitch has already said what he thinks – PT wants his day in court – and the Dumb Dims have no idea what a deep hole they have dug for themselves – Pelosi held back the Articles because she knows what will happen in the Senate – they will be made the fools they are!!!

            If any body of government can set this mess all straight – it is the Senate!

            God will fix this mess! Of that I am certain!!!

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            1. Me, too.

              In every PDJT event, God has helped him through.

              No exceptions with further impeachment proceedings, either.

              Even here in the UK, many people who didn’t feel one way or the other about PDJT are asking, ‘How can he be impeached?’ Others are saying, ‘He’s a great American president. He delivers on his promises.’ The silent majority — Boris voters — in the UK support PDJT.

              I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, Duchess!

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    1. Cardinal Zen’s sentiments were predicted back in 1996, if not before.

      Yet, secular Brits said everything would be ‘just fine’. Mainstream media assuaged their guilty or lazy consciences — most falsely.

      I had always doubted Britain’s handing over of Hong Kong to China and was criticised for it privately when calling it a very bad move, indeed.

      What did I know, right? The BBC said it was effing great.

      Events have proven me right, but a few of my British ‘friends’, who spent comfortable lah-dee-dah holidays there that final year, opposed me — and would never apologise now.

      My prayers are with the protesters.


  17. One of my all time favorite tweets – PDJT ain’t having what Pelosi is dishing out.

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  18. Jonathan Turley speaks out… They’re trying to get me fired…

    Posted by Kane on December 5, 2019 5:24 pm

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Absolutely agree.

          The Q Tree members’ private Christmas prayer intentions must be a mile long by now. I will remember as many names as I can at ‘midnight’ service later today (11:30 p.m.) but will cover with a wider prayer for those whom I forget to mention.

          May our good Lord and His only begotten Son protect all those in material, physical and spiritual danger.


  19. The 10 most important revelations to expect from the Russia probe FISA report

    DECEMBER 4, 2019 | ADMIN

    Next week Americans will finally get their most complete accounting to date of what the FBI did right and wrong in the Russia collusion investigation that probed President Trump’s campaign with a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant at the end of the 2016 election.

    Predicted to span more than 500 pages and 100 witness interviews, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report Monday will provide a comprehensive catalog of what offenses, mistakes and oversights the FBI committed during one of the most politically polarizing investigations in recent history.

    As such, it will serve as a non-partisan roadmap for a much longer process of holding the investigators to account, a process that now includes a criminal probe being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham and investigative hearings by Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  20. The Democrats’ Massive Impeachment Fail

    Kurt Schlichter Kurt Schlichter |Posted: Dec 05, 2019 12:01 AM Share (528)

    Well, the gibbering, babbling left wanted an impeachment, and now they’re getting it good and hard. To the surprise of no one who isn’t a blue city pol, a media hack, or an insufferable Fredocon sissy, the American people are not particularly impressed by the genius idea of replacing our president a year before an election because he allegedly expressed curiosity about why the coke-sniffing, stripper-impregnating, dead brother’s wife-trifling, Navy-rejected loser son of Vice President Gropey O’Definitelynotsenile scored a $50K+ a month gig on a Ukrainian gas board. And it’s just dawning on some of them they maybe this impeachment brainstorm was not the bestest idea there ever was.

    They think the optics of the Schiff hearings were great. They weren’t great. Yeah, let’s get a bunch of Deep State suits to come in and explain how the guy we elected to shake up the foreign policy elite’s decades of utter failure is bad because he is shaking up the foreign policy elite’s decades of utter failure. And then you have That’sLieutenant Colonel Bratwurst – if you’ve been in uniform, you know there’s one of those guys in every unit, and the wise commander has him off inventorying combat boots at the CIF, where he can’t provoke the troops to hang him by his skivvies from the flag pole out in front of Division HQ. You look at this parade of smug, over-credentialed bureaucrats with delusions of competence and a track record of screw-ups and, to cite the popular meme, you realize that Trump was elected to fire people like them.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

    (not bad for Townhall)

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    1. As early as December 20, Conservative MPs were mooting changes to voting.

      In the run up to the election, they were talking about producing future voter ID, already piloted in some areas, but the bigger issue, in reality, is proxy voting by postal ballots — especially vote harvesting.

      They are proposing that one person can handle proxy votes for only two voters maximum, which would help clear out the fraud in Labour constituencies, whereby one person can receive dozens of ballots for various voters sent to the same address (as I understand it). Said person then asks those who registered for a postal ballot to sign it and leave the voting intention blank. The receiver of the many ballots allegedly fills in the voting intention and posts them back in return. (Ahem.)

      Those affected are not native English-speaking voters, by the way.

      There is also, if I am not mistaken, a move to limit how many times a person can request a postal ballot. (Great news.)

      We in the UK are acting now.

      Republicans need to continue to press forward with reform of what we would call voting ‘irregularities’.

      Some progress has been made, thanks to Judicial Watch and a few states, but MUCH more needs to be done before November 2020.

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      1. Oh, I could not agree more, church – and I think the only way the Dims won seats in the house is because they recorded the irregularities – and because there was a larger agenda in play – so – they think they got away with it – but – they did not.

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    1. Sorry about that – Instagram has gotten stingy and won’t allow us to post photos directly!

      Fortunately, there is now at least one Melania fashion thread on Twitter!


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