News Roundup! PDJT’s 3 Bilateral Meetings At the NATO Summit, Justin & His Country Will Pay, Wilbur Ross Interview, Judicial Armada Will Add 8 District Judges This Week, Foreman Mike Update, Governor DeSantis Approval Rating Is MIND BOGGLING, Governor DeSantis Is Supporting ICE, Nunes Sues CNN, The Swamp Is Draining Itself, NBA Ratings Are Nose Diving, Terrence Dances For Kamala, Clintons Have An Epstein Problem That Isn’t Going Away…..

What an absolutely incredible day for our President and our country at the NATO Summit.

Our President began the 2019 NATO Summit with a meeting with General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg. President Trump took numerous questions from the media.

[Video and Transcript Below]

NATO Bilat #1

He then met with President Emmanuel Macron. With the background of new U.S. tariffs expected against French products ($9.9 billion dollars).

[Video and Transcript Below]

I thoroughly enjoyed this!

NATO Bilat #2

Our President’s last meeting of the day was with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Ezra is absolutely right!

If you thought Canada was screwed prior to yesterday, our President is going to destroy Trudeau and his country! The POS Trudeau went to a NATO reception at No. 10 Downing Street and was caught on mic disparaging our President with French President Emmanuel Macron.

While our President was taking care of business at the NATO Summit, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appeared on CNBC yesterday to discuss the status of U.S-China trade discussions, the latest issues with tariffs on French goods and the bigger picture issues within the EU.

Our Wilburine highlighted that the additional tariffs on China scheduled for December 15th are currently still planned to take effect unless something substantial changes in the position of China. He also points out that the tariffs that will be imposed on French products totals $9.9 billion dollars (WTO ruling against Airbus in the amount of $7.5 billion dollars and the tariffs imposed by USTR Lighthizer in the amount of $2.4 billion dollars).

Our President decided to drop a MOAB on China while speaking to the press.

The Judicial Armada is going to grow by the end of this week with the confirmation of 8 District Judges.

Foreman Mike has an update about our Wall.

More polling evidence that shows Governor DeSantis will be our 46th President. These numbers are MIND BOGGLING (especially the Black & Hispanic approval percentages)!

Checkout what Governor DeSantis is up to when it comes to supporting ICE.

From the article linked above:

Florida’s new agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will allow a small group of trained prison guards to perform some immigration law enforcement functions, including identifying criminal aliens who are in custody and considered a public risk.

The program, Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, will effectively deputize state correctional officers as ICE agents. Currently, there are similar agreements with Sheriff’s Offices in 14 Florida counties, according to HealthNewsFlorida.

The officers will be authorized to interrogate any person in custody, serve warrants of arrest for immigration violations, take and consider evidence deemed necessary to process, administer oaths, prepare charging documents and Notices to Appear, detain and transport illegal aliens to federal detention centers.

“I believe public safety is important to maintain the best quality of life in our communities which is why I am extremely pleased that the Legislature gave me a sanctuary city bill I signed into law,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a statement.

DeSantis banned sanctuary cities in Florida last year and is working to make E-Verify mandatory statewide in order to discourage illegal immigration, while increasing the wages of American workers, reported Breitbart.

By the time Representative Devin Nunes is done suing CNN, he is going to own them.

From the article linked above:

Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, has filed a $435 million defamation suit against CNN over a story that alleged Nunes met with a fired Ukrainian prosecutor in an effort to dig up dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Shortly after the report was published, Nunes said it was “demonstrably false” but declined to elaborate. In the lawsuit, Nunes has provided the details.

Nunes did travel between Nov. 30 and Dec. 3. The lawsuit says that on those dates, Nunes was in Libya and Malta. Nunes traveled to Libya to “discuss security issues with General Khalifa Haftar,” the suit says. In Malta, Nunes “met with U.S. and Maltese officials, including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, and participated in a repatriation ceremony for the remains of an American World War II soldier missing in action,” according to the suit.

The Swamp is Draining ITSELF! This put such a smile on my face.

From the article linked above:

There are no official numbers yet for 2019, but one former career foreign service officer I spoke with offered a telling piece of data that speaks to the unease. Last December, this ex–foreign service officer created a Facebook group aimed at connecting fellow FSOs looking to transition out of the service and into the private sector. In less than a year, this former FSO told me, the group has accumulated over 1,000 members. In the two months since the impeachment inquiry began and Trump started smearing career FSOs like Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and Jennifer Williams, more foreign service officers have begun looking for an exit. Another 100 FSOs have requested to join the Facebook group since the impeachment proceedings began, the source told me, asking other group members to help them dust off their résumés or meet them for informational interviews.

Daughn shared this article with me. When you decide to put China ahead of our country, Americans will make sure you pay dearly for it.

From the article linked above:

TV ratings for the National Basketball Association have collapsed this year, a season that kicked off with the league bowing to communist China.

League officials were not the only ones in basketball to take a knee before China. Many of the players, including star LeBron James, came to China’s side over the rights of the citizens of Hong Kong to live in a democracy.

Now, two full months after the NBA’s 2019 season launched, TV ratings have crashed over last year’s numbers, according to John Ouand.

On Monday, Ourand tweeted the “NBA’s TV scorecard so far,” and the numbers are not good.

Ourand posted that the NBA’s numbers are a sad story so far this season, with TNT down 23 percent and ESPN off 20 percent over last year. The league is showing “double digit drops nationally.”

TNT down 23%
ESPN down 20%
RSNs down 13%

Kamala Harris made Terrence a very happy man today!

The Clintons, Royal Family and every other POS has an Epstein problem that isn’t going away!

From the article linked above:

Nine more women have come forward with claims that they were sexually abused by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, with one accuser saying she was just 13 when the abuse began.

The lawsuit, filed in New York state court in Manhattan on Tuesday, alleges incidents of sexual abuse between 1985 and 2007. The accusers are listed as Jane Doe I through Jane Doe IX and their claim is against Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, the executors of Epstein’s estate, which is valued at $577 million.

59 thoughts on “News Roundup! PDJT’s 3 Bilateral Meetings At the NATO Summit, Justin & His Country Will Pay, Wilbur Ross Interview, Judicial Armada Will Add 8 District Judges This Week, Foreman Mike Update, Governor DeSantis Approval Rating Is MIND BOGGLING, Governor DeSantis Is Supporting ICE, Nunes Sues CNN, The Swamp Is Draining Itself, NBA Ratings Are Nose Diving, Terrence Dances For Kamala, Clintons Have An Epstein Problem That Isn’t Going Away…..

  1. Our VSGPOTUSDJT was workin’ it today!!!! The riff with Macron was utterly perfect — press cur (to VSGPOTUSDJT): “what’s the status on France taking back captured ISIS?” VSGPOTUSDJT: “Haven’t gotten around to asking. Yo, Emmanuel, how many do you want?”

    I suspect a certain press cur can look forward to coal in its stocking.

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  2. Flep, thanks for the round up as usual. So appreciated. I have to say that Trudope reminds me of the little kid at the playground trying so hard to be popular with all the other little kids. He is a pathetic, immature, jealous little backstabber. Also, wasn’t that Boris Johnson standing right there listening in? WTH??? I expect Macroni and Dope to behave this way, but Boris should have walked away.

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    1. “Boris should have walked away”. Yes, but if you need to understand the other “leaders” that you’ll be working with and against in the future, it might not be a bad idea to hang in there to experience their strengths and weaknesses a bit more.

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      1. Bako – you may be right but I think the optics on this are terrible. I also think that Johnson should know what he’s up against already with these two maroons. I think he should have walked away. Also, Princess Anne sitting there listening to gossip? Give me a break.

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  3. As a further note, there have been some months where we’ve been noticing that VSGPOTUSDJT seems to be getting younger while in office (while many of his predecessors went grey). This trip, Melania also seems to be getting younger.

    Then, again, the Lord granted Noah 950 years of life because there were things He wanted done.

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  4. great roundup as always Flep!
    how in the world did Schiff subpoena all those phone records? the President’s lawyers? a fellow Congressman (Nunes)? who in the blue blazes does HE think he is?
    He needs to be tarred, feathered, and dropped into cartel territory…

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        1. I sprinkled diatomaceous earth on a couple of fire ant beds close to walk by my house and they either died or went away. Going to try it again and see what happens.

          I’ve tried Surrender and the old stuff called Amdro and the ants just moved. I don’t see any signs of that with the DE….yet.

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    1. This is obviously a place where the steel wall is up, but lighting, surveillance and roadway isn’t yet complete….

      ….and the drones aren’t yet deployed….to give this smart-ass a little kiss on his behind with lasers, focused microwave energy, bullets, etc.

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      1. I’m also seeing horizontal lines behind? through? In front of? that barrier. I wonder what those are, and if they make it easier to climb, I’d imagine they’re temporary.

        If those top metal plates could have been put on insulating standoffs, that’d be the way to electrify the wall. They get all the way up there then ZAP!!! Crispy critter.

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    1. This is the kind of vulture capitalism Mitt the Twit would play – destroying jobs, pensions and whole communities!!!

      Spit on Mitt the Twit….and Singer and Soros.

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  6. I love your news roundup Flep,the like button wouldn’t load in the time I was here.
    I just love how when President Trump leaves the country dems act like lil spoiled kids when mom and dad leave.POTUS is not the parent you wanna piss off,and look what he has done,he went on a world stage and throat punched em all.
    God bless you Flep your a ROCKSTAR in my world.

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    1. Wow, does this sound like a group of 7 year olds making fun of the teacher during recess or what?
      Guess that’s what these fools are — manchildren wearing “big boy” clothes.

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  7. Voters Question NATO’s Worth

    Wednesday, December 04, 2019

    NATO was created after World War II to protect a war-ravaged Europe from the communist Soviet Union, but 70 years later voters here question whether U.S. taxpayers should still pay the biggest bill and wonder what they’re getting for it.

    The United States currently contributes nearly one-quarter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s $2.5 billion annual budget, and just 35% of Likely U.S. Voters believe America should continue to give more money to NATO than any other member country. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 49% disagree and say the United States should not give more money than any other member does. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

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  8. Democrat law professor mocks Barron Trump – Matt Gaetz annihilates her…

    Posted by Kane on December 4, 2019 4:21 pm

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  10. All Re-Tweeted by President Trump

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