20191204 ~ Nadler Impeachment Inquiry

In 90 minutes, Nadler will gavel in the Judiciary and begin the next phase of the “Impeachment Inquiry”. We begin with 4 law professors, three of whom are already on record, for years, as pro-impeachment. They’re supposed to tell us, lecture us, why it’s important to impeach the President. Jonathan Turley, often seen as a FOX Pundit, is the other Constitutional Lawyer chosen by the Republicans.

Let’s see what happens.

The hearings will dominate the news today, with cable channels going wall-to-wall coverage. Special pundit panels have been brought in. We can use this thread for comments and I will add details to this thread as we go, to use as a resource for later.

The Cipollone Letter to Nadler in response. Matt Whitaker claims this is the best explanation and worthy of a read. The Cipollone letter has been roundly picked apart by the Lawfare sect, which means it must be good. https://www.scribd.com/document/437787363/White-House-Response-to-HJC-Impeachment-Groundwork-Hearing#from_embed

Federalist #65 by Hamilton is often referred to as a guide for impeachment, and a warning to NOT make the procedure political. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalist_No._65

According to Alan Dershowitz, the problem Hamilton addresses is that the accuser of wrongdoing as well as the judge of the accusation are both political bodies. Hamilton warned that the process of impeachment might become political, causing factions to polarize further away from each other in their defense or prosecution of the impeached individual. He rejects the notion that the Supreme Court should judge impeachment due to its small size. His recommendation is for the Senate to conduct impeachment proceedings as apolitically as possible.[1] In the end, Hamilton concedes that this is an imperfect solution, but the best one available.


Actual text of Federalist #65 “To the People of the State of New York……” https://www.congress.gov/resources/display/content/The+Federalist+Papers#TheFederalistPapers-65

They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated POLITICAL, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself. The prosecution of them, for this reason, will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused. In many cases it will connect itself with the pre-existing factions, and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence, and interest on one side or on the other; and in such cases there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.

Federalist #65 Hamilton Essay (emphasis mine)

Federalist #66 goes on to discuss a trial in the Senate. We’ll review that one at a later date.

We an expect highlights for youtube fundraising from members of the Judiciary Committee. Links for various members of the Judiciary Comm go straight to the Open Secrets website, so you can easily view their primary donors. Have fun!!!

Jonathan Turley’s Opening Statement, “Dems are Setting a Horrible Precedent” https://www.scribd.com/document/438232920/Read-Turley-Testimony#from_embed or within the Breitbart article here. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/04/jonathan-turleys-impeachment-testimony-democrats-setting-terrible-precedent/

566 thoughts on “20191204 ~ Nadler Impeachment Inquiry

      1. OMG, wait, wait, wait.
        I got it.
        What is her name? Help me.
        Sally Moyer, the greasy haired chic………from DOJ, who was having an affair with the younger lawyer, who changed his email on the FISA stuff….
        She needs to get together with Karlan.

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    1. Bill and Dave are probably rolling in their graves wondering what happened to Stanford… as well as the US…

      They were conservationists in the truest sense of the word; but by NO MEANS were they greens!!!

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    3. They keep digging the hole deeper and deeper. The hearing might have been boring, but the comments here are not. A popcorn day, as the Dems continue to expose themselves to America.

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  1. Have you ever seen a child engage in behavior that they know is going to land them in hot water and guarantee they would not get what they wanted….like throwing a temper tantrum when told “no!”….

    …..and when you ask them….”why did you do that knowing you were only going to get in trouble and not get what you wanted?”….they answer…

    ….”because it makes me feel better”…..??

    THAT is today’s political left.

    This anti-Trump temper tantrum isn’t about anything real…..it’s about adult children trying to make themselves feel better about a reality (voters rejecting leftism since 2010) they hate.

    In 2010, when they lost the House after just 2 years of uncontested control of the federal gov’t, they mollified themselves with “Well, we still have the WH and the Senate”.

    In 2012, when the dim party was slaughtered on the down-ballot across the nation at the state and local levels, they mollified themselves With “Well, we still have the WH and the Senate”.

    In 2014, when they lost the Senate and didn’t regain the House, they mollified themselves With “Well, we still have the WH and Obama, and Hillary will win in 2016”.

    And then 2016 happened, Hillary lost a 2nd time….and they went total Luke Crywalker…


    The progressive left is having a historic hissy fit….a three year, ongoing temper tantrum….

    ….and it is going to cost them what they realize now that they’ve already lost….the political middle.

    This isn’t about beating PDJT….they now know they can’t do that….

    …this is all about their “feelings” and acting out in a way that makes them feel better…

    ….just like a spoiled, over-indulged, petulant child does….regardless of the overall cost to him/herself.

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    1. Yet another reason to get to EVERYONE and explain to them and convince them that the DEMONicRATS have nothing else nor anything less in mind than the end of the USA as we know it; and the imposition of a North-Korean- or Venezuelan-style dictatorship: no freedom, no real life, no hope.


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    2. I actually thought Feldman just as horrible as the female “professor.” He came across as an arrogant, dishonest and not terribly bright “professor”with about as much knowledge of the Constitution as Obama had.
      I’d also like to know the real status of their faculty positions….in the old days, the title of “professor” actually meant something….number of years, committees, published, etc. it appears even if you are a part-time. Adjunct lecturer (like Obama) you are now considered a Constitutional Scholar and a Professor.

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    1. Hmmm. Hope there aren’t any drivers fromt the “religion of pieces” driving along while she’s crossing…

      In France, being a pedestrian is a contact sport…

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  2. Wow! Have only heard clips of Turley.

    Me thinks, Turley has absolutely torched No Nads and the D-Rats. Including the slam dunk on artificial race to impeach…is a failure in the making.

    ^^^ AND that absolutely contributes to my thought, the D-rats will NOT vote to impeach any time soon.

    Faux impeachment “inquiry” will drag on and on… D-Rats lurking and making innuendos for months and months.

    AND, come September or October 2020, we’ll have our October surprise. It’ll be pure BS, but D-Rats will bet the farm on their BS October surprise.

    THIS faux impeachment is nothing moar than a continuation of three years of endless TDS, bent on destroying President Trump. AND wrestling power back to D-Rats.

    We are living the C rated movie, Nitwit Nancy’s, MOTHER OF ALL SMEARS.

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    1. Yesterday I saw a clip of Pelosi saying that Pres. Trump is pushing impeachment to whip up his base. I think she will use that as an out: “If Pres. Trump wants impeachment, we’d better not do it.”

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      1. And, then there’s the Dims on the Committee who were totally tuned out….emerging from their comas on clue to spout their written lines.
        But, WTF is it with Turley? How can he sit there and listen to the garbage and not run to the nearest location to change his political affiliation, to still support Hillary, to want his name associated with such hypocrites?
        yes, he’s the voice of reason, and did our side a good turn today but I cannot respect him when he refuses to remove his blinders.

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    1. SOVIET TOOL. Right there.

      “We have to stick America’s arm REALLY STRONGLY into the bear trap! Right HERE in the middle, where there’s that little metal plate! See that part? It’s critical that we push REALLY HARD RIGHT THERE. That is how you fix it! Don’t use a STICK. Use the ARM. And maybe holding a stick of dynamite, too, just to be sure!”

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  3. I want to know who is responsible for bringing these “witnesses.” Is that person (or people) in the hot seat tonight with his/her fellow Dems? After the 2016 election, with the success of Trump rallies, and with all he is doing for the economy and the country, someone seriously thought *we* would identify with an arrogant, Trump-hating, attacking, entitled professor who thinks it’s cute to invoke the name of Barron Trump? They must be out of their minds if they think this will help their case.

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    1. They ARE out of their minds – it’s called TDS – a fairly new psychosis, but apparently a very serious one. Makes blithering idiots out of formerly somewhat rational individuals.

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    1. I think Karlan got a tiny taste of having to face those she attacks today, with her remark about Barron. I doubt she has gotten much pushback on her comments and behavior before. She is now having to face the people she disparages, and turnabout is fair play. She will be relentlessly mocked with memes and tweets, and her attitude and beliefs will be revealed to all.

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        1. Nahhh…she will join her pink hat friends, drink some wine in the hot tub and talk about how clever she was with her Baron line. Giggle. Giggle. No shame or remorse at all.

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  4. Missing most of this great snark highlighting the dem B.S. is killing me. Trying to get ready for the Christmas home invasion (which I really do love BTW) of all the kids, trying to seniorize our home, trying to get doctor stuff for two major issues out of the way, and preparing for the first of the knee replacement in January and then hopefully the other knee in April, is time consuming. I’d rather be here and at Marica’s full time.

    Keep up the great job all you comrades and thank you for the fun informative comments. Thank you all you brilliant enlightening thread bearers.

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    1. Hey, PJ – I have had two people close to me get knee replacements recently. Make sure that you get the long term nerve/pain blocker procedure done with the replacement surgery. I can’t tell you what a complete difference it made in these individuals’ recoveries. One had it and the other didn’t and the difference was astounding.

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      1. Absolutely good advice OW21.

        And as hard as it will be, DO THE Physical Therapy?

        Plus, once your incision is free of stitches and completely closed, get some Vit E and frequently rub/massage it into the incision scar area and surrounding tissue. You need to massage that skin to keep it from adhering to underlying layers. The Vit E helps move the tissue around and reduces the permanent scar.

        Best wishes, Jane. Hubby has had knee replacement and my sister just had her second one two days ago. You will come through like a champ ‘cuz we’ll all be praying for you 🥰

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        1. Aw thanks Alison. I told the young doc with the $300 shirts and leather suspenders that I intend to kick butt. 🙂

          I asked about donating my own blood ahead of surgery, and they told me in over a thousand joint surgeries done by their outfit, no one has ever needed blood. He does minimally invasive surgery.

          I am in a positive frame of mind about this as long as they don’t nix the surgery because of my still swollen lymphs on my neck. I am working on getting them checked out again.

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      2. Thank you bunches. Sounds like that might be something that would be utilized to keep people willing to exercise their implanted knee. Haven’t looked it up yet, so I’m speculating.

        The ortho guy who is doing it-provided I PASS THE IMPACT exams- is an engineer who developed using computers and 3D printing for surgery. I will ask him about this.

        Am hoping after both knees are done I can do the Limbo again…LOLOLOL

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    2. Jane,
      I have very large women in my family on my mom’s side–they have ALL (6 of them) gotten either one or both knees replaced–and they recovered quickly and completely. They would not hesitate to recommend the surgery to anyone.
      We’ll pray for great results for you!!!

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      1. Thank you Pat. I used to be large for about 10 years before I learned I was diabetic. I was juggling so much at that time, I had no time to pay the slightest attention to me. That took it’s toll on my knees along with many falls. Then I started speed walking and Atkins and dropped 60. Yo-yoed 10 pounds for a while, and now am 20 pounds over my married weight. If I could get back to walking and get the thyroid straightened out, that would come off. I’ve been on Keto long enough that I should have evaporated already. LOL.

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        1. ironically, there’s no diabetes on my mom’s side–just my dad’s–so of course I got it. I do walk a lot during the day and climb the stairs frequently. I cannot stay on keto…I just balance what I eat with my activity to keep my blood sugar level.
          I hope you sail thru these surgeries as my aunts have!!!

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              1. Plain Jane you might look into Selenium + Iodine to bump up your metabolism. It has really increased my energy levels and decreased my weight (along with Atkins)

                Selenium take WITHOUT food… (I take it a couple times a week.)


                Discussion at chiefio…

                Bromine, Iodine, Prostate and Breast Cancer

                It can be strange where a particular “data dive” might lead you. I was looking for some information on disinfectants, wandered down Iodine Lane, and ran into Bromine as a subtle metabolic poison. (It is nearly ubiquitous in brominated biphenyls and related fire retardants, also in your food…)

                Then there were the folks showing that too little Iodine and too much Bromine was causing cancer, adding a lot of Iodine to diets and leaching out the Bromine, sometime cured it (and always reduced rates)…

                Japanese have dramatically lower levels of breast cancer and significantly lower levels of prostate cancer; while having 25 times the dietary intake of Iodine (thanks to a lot of fish with much of it wrapped in high Iodine seaweed).

                It is hard to think “flaky story” when confronted with “existence proof”.

                Furthermore, Japanese who adopt a western diet, get western rates of breast cancer, so it isn’t genetic. Further furthermore, in the USA, the rates of cancers (several kinds) go up in the “goiter belt” where soil Iodine is low. Then there were the stories of folks cured with elevated Iodine intake….

                I always pay attention to the comments by sabretoothed THEY ARE VERY INFORMATIVE.

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    1. Ozzy….all your headlines/links tell us the story of those tens of thousands on sealed indictments we’ve been hearing about the last 2 years. Very encouraging.

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    1. I wonder about Nadler’s health. He had a fainting spell not too long ago. I don’t think he can handle the stress of these hearings as well as Schiffty can. I have also thought the stress of the Trump presidency is rapidly aging Pelosi, too, in real time.

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  5. I loved it when Turley was reciting all the groups that were mad about the impeachment fiasco. He got to his kids and said, “my kids are mad … even my dog is mad (which got a little giggle from the gallery) … and she’s a golden-labradoodle and they never get mad.” The audience really laughed out loud at that one.

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  6. Guys, we had a really good day.
    Look at it this way.
    Today, while the Pres and FLOTUS were flying back to us, we took over, with the House Repubs, and defended the realm.
    We did a good job, too.
    We kicked their buttocks.

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    1. KUDOS to the team of GOP committee members who were so prepared and counter attacked brilliantly! Not enough great things can be said about their efforts.

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  7. Word of the day —-
    I’ll admit, I learned something new today.
    Gotta save this word for future use.

    nec•ro•man•cy nĕk′rə-măn″sē►
    n. The practice of supposedly communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future.
    n. Black magic; sorcery.
    n. Magic qualities.

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      1. OW, the Bible uses that term.
        When King Saul was panicking ab some dumb thing he did, Samuel was dead, and God did not answer.
        He went to the Witch of Endor, and she called up Samuel…who was quite irritated.
        Involvement in necromancy was a Capital Offense in the Old Testament.

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