20191204 ~ Nadler Impeachment Inquiry

In 90 minutes, Nadler will gavel in the Judiciary and begin the next phase of the "Impeachment Inquiry". We begin with 4 law professors, three of whom are already on record, for years, as pro-impeachment. They're supposed to tell us, lecture us, why it's important to impeach the President. Jonathan Turley, often seen as a … Continue reading 20191204 ~ Nadler Impeachment Inquiry

20191204: NATO Summit ~ Day 2

I don't know how President Trump does it. What a nest of vipers, loud mouths with no ammunition to back up their bite. Weak and feckless leaders..... It's Day Two at the Summit of Toddlers. The EU/NATO knows they have screwed over the USA. NATO was either going to be an effective organization, modernized for … Continue reading 20191204: NATO Summit ~ Day 2