20191203 ~ NATO Summit Day 1

Trumps and the American delegation will be in England, on a world stage, with impeachment swirling on the homefront. Dems and US Press Corps will do their best to discredit our leader. Expect it, as the sun will rise in the east. The Trumps take it all in stride, goofing with each other.

On the way to England for NATO, December 2, 2019

Robert Lighthizer, USTR dropped a MOAB on France, completing their investigation with perfect timing to recommend up to 100% tariffs on anything French. Similar action is expected for Austria, Italy, and Turkey, who are also targeting USA companies. Yes, the “digital tax” is also being considered in Great Britain and Canada (It’s so easy to shake down USA companies). Again, we have another example of the expropriation of American wealth. Please consider, the recommendation comes AFTER the 7 Billion dollar ruling for America, against France, in the WTO for subsidies to AirBus, harming Boeing.

The U.S. government on Monday said it may slap punitive duties of up to 100% on $2.4 billion in imports from France of Champagne, handbags, cheese and other products, after concluding that France’s new digital services tax would harm U.S. tech companies.

The U.S. Trade Representative’s office said its “Section 301” investigation found that the French tax was “inconsistent with prevailing principles of international tax policy, and is unusually burdensome for affected U.S. companies,” including Alphabet Inc’s Google <GOOGL.O>, Facebook Inc <FB.O>, Apple Inc <AAPL.O> and Amazon.com Inc <AMZN.O>.


Meanwhile, the uber graceful Lady in Red, with the most beautiful feet in the world and a megawatt smile, has landed in London. She’s our FLOTUS, Melania. Expect a fashion roll out extraordinaire! Because Melania speaks so many languages, she becomes a secret weapon for President Trump when it comes to events with many world leaders. With that smile, Melania could STOP London fog. Wow.

Schedule for Day One is loaded with activity:

♦4:10am ET / 9:10am Local – THE PRESIDENT participates in a 1:1 meeting with the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, London, United Kingdom

♦4:30am ET / 9:30am Local – THE PRESIDENT participates in a working breakfast with the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, London, United Kingdom

♦6:00am ET / 11:00am Local – THE PRESIDENT departs Winfield House en route to the InterContinental London Park Lane, London, United Kingdom

♦6:15am ET / 11:15am Local – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the InterContinental London Park Lane, London, United Kingdom

♦6:30am ET / 11:30am Local – THE PRESIDENT participates in a roundtable with supporters, London, United Kingdom

♦7:05am ET / 12:05pm Local – THE PRESIDENT departs the InterContinental London Park Lane en route to Winfield House, London, United Kingdom

♦7:20am ET / 12:20pm Local – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Winfield House, London, United Kingdom

♦9:00am ET / 2:00pm Local – THE PRESIDENT participates in a private ‘restricted’ bilateral meeting with the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, London, United Kingdom

♦9:20am ET / 2:20pm Local – THE PRESIDENT participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, London, United Kingdom

♦10:30am ET / 3:30pm Local – THE PRESIDENT participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, London, United Kingdom

♦11:55am ET / 4:55pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Winfield House en route to Clarence House, London, United Kingdom

♦12:10pm ET / 5:10pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Clarence House, London, United Kingdom

♦12:15pm ET / 5:15pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY have tea with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall, London, United Kingdom

♦12:50pm ET / 5:50pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Clarence House en route to Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom

♦1:00pm ET / 6:00pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organization Leaders’ Reception hosted by Her Majesty The Queen, London, United Kingdom

♦2:35pm ET / 7:35pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Buckingham Palace en route to No. 10 Downing Street,
London, United Kingdom

♦2:40pm ET / 7:40pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at No. 10 Downing Street, London, United Kingdom

♦2:45pm ET / 7:45pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organization Leaders’ Reception hosted by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson, London, United Kingdom

♦4:05pm ET / 9:05pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart No. 10 Downing Street en route to Winfield House, London, United Kingdom

♦4:30pm ET / 9:30pm Local – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Winfield House, London, United Kingdom


Including the background info from yesterday for those who missed it. We’ll call it a bonus segment. If you’ve already seen it, please breeze by.


As financial contributions to NATO have been a subject for many years, let’s take a look at the 2.5 billion dollar budget. Not a much as we thought. “NATO Allies have agreed the civil and military budgets for 2019. At a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Tuesday (18 December 2018), Allies agreed a civil budget of €250.5 million and a military budget of €1.395 billion for 2019.” https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_161633.htm


What is the purpose of the North-American TransAtlantic Organization? It used to be the group were allied to defend Western Europe against Russia. Yet today, France wants to buy ships from Russian military and form a closer alliance with Moscow. Germany has been working on Nordstrom pipeline, to supplying 60% German citizens with LNG from Russia. Obviously, Western Europe does not perceive Russia as a threat.

Newly declassified documents paint a CLEAR picture of the promise from George Herbert Walker Bush and his admin, to Gorbachev of Russia around the time of the of the Berlin Wall. The promise made was that NATO would NOT expand past the East German Border, “not one single inch”. In effect, if the Soviet Union was to disband, there was no further purpose to NATO. Yet, various interests in the USA and Europe were reluctant to give up the fiiefdom of NATO. In fact, over the last 30yrs, NATO has expanded to include 13 former Soviet Bloc Nations, and advance all the way up to the Russian border. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/newly-declassified-documents-gorbachev-told-nato-wouldnt-23629 RT points to the 30 documents as proof of a broken promise. https://www.rt.com/news/413029-nato-gorbachev-expansion-promises/

Here’s the link to the actual documents, fascinating read. https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/russia-programs/2017-12-12/nato-expansion-what-gorbachev-heard-western-leaders-early

Of course, IF the USA and NATO broke their promise to Russia, it would still be fresh in the mind of Putin, who was stationed in East Germany 1985-1990. AND it would explain his objections, nervousness, as NATO absorbed more and more countries, placed Patriot missiles in Poland, and probably why Putin would object to our involvement in Ukraine.

Again, we come back to Ukraine. Funny, eh?

Yet, this particular NATO Summit is fraught with high stakes drama from all sides.

December 12th is the “Snap Poll/Election” for Boris Johnson/Brexit/MPs in the UK and the most unpredictable in a generation and a true showdown. It’s the first time Brits have gone to the polls for a December election since 1923. Try these links for more background to get “the feel” of drama for Brexit (or check on our own Churchmouse who has many excellent posts on the subject). Tories have been thrown out of the party. Decoupling from the EU is main driving point of the election. Will they leave or remain? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/29/uk-general-election-confirmed-for-12-december-after-brexit-stalemate https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-general-election-held-december-20752583

A NATO Summit the week before the election gives Boris Johnson a chance to take the stage as a world leader. Look for President Trump to try to help him as much as possible.

Added to the drama is our squirrelly ally Macron of France. He gave an interview to the Economist in November and his comments were “scary” as to the future of NATO’s alliance. He doubted if the USA would show up for a conflict in Europe and said NATO is experiencing “brain death”. https://www.economist.com/europe/2019/11/08/allies-aghast-at-emmanuel-macrons-dismissal-of-nato The Allies were “aghast”, as The Economist points out, they were sure it would be Trump who would make the incendiary remarks. (Sigh).

The Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, fired back at Macron in an article for The Financial Times, picked up by Reuters, here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-poland-nato-idUSKBN1XL13B

(Photo by Michele Tantussi/Getty Images)

Interesting little tidbits fall from the article:

French President Emmanuel Macron’s critical remarks about NATO were “dangerous”, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview published on Sunday evening by the Financial Times.

Macron told The Economist last week that NATO was experiencing “brain death”, citing a lack of coordination and U.S. unpredictability under President Donald Trump. (Got that? Macron waffles on NATO – but blames Trump)

“I think President Macron’s doubts about (NATO’s commitment to mutual defense) can make other allies wonder if perhaps it is France that has concerns about sticking to it. I hope that we can still count on France fulfilling its obligations,” Morawiecki was quoted as saying. (Morawiecki puts the blame back where it belongs)

“France is spending below 2 per cent of GDP (on defense) . . . I think it’s worth asking why certain aspects of NATO do not look as we wish. And it’s not for the lack of U.S. commitment to the alliance, but rather the lack of reciprocity on the part of some European allies,” he said. (Ouch, that one hurt, but Morawiecki is correct)

France has traditionally had an ambivalent role in NATO, taking no part in its strategic military planning from 1966 to 2009 despite being a founding member. Still Macron’s comments – a month before NATO’s Dec. 4 summit in London – were unexpected.   


Wait……… What do you mean France takes no part in strategic military planning and hasn’t since the mid-60’s? So, France contributes less than 2%, complains about it, and has absolutely no idea how their country is defended? Did France just become the 14yr old teenager, consuming more than they contribute?

In 2017, France looked to expand their relationship with Moscow and Beijing. https://www.wsj.com/articles/france-looks-to-deepen-trade-ties-with-russia-and-china-1514808000

In 2018, Macron was still looking to cozy up to Moscow, despite tension in Syria. https://www.latimes.com/world/europe/la-fg-france-russia-talks-20180209-story.html

Again in 2019. https://punchng.com/putin-at-chirac-service-as-france-seeks-closer-ties-with-russia/

With friends like France, who needs enemies? Of course, everything is relative and media cannot be trusted. Many times leaders use hot rhetoric to their domestic audience which does not play well on a foreign stage.

But then……. there’s Merkel of Germany. Merkel lambasted Macron for his comments on NATO, https://www.dw.com/en/angela-merkel-condemns-macrons-drastic-words-on-nato/a-51154583

Take a look at Germany’s Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen ……. the petite blond to the right of Merkel, and Kramp-Karrenbauer, known as “Mini-Merkel” the brunette to the left of Merkel….. thought to be Merkel’s successor…. a “coronation in waiting”. The woman on the far right, wearing red, is German Politician Julia Kloeckner.

Germany has pledged to bump defense spending to 2%……. but by the year 2031. They hope to get to 1.5% by the year 2014. No kidding, they’re waiting until 2031. According to Kramp-Karrenbauer “A country of our size, with our economic and technological power, our geostrategic position and global interests, cannot just stand on the sidelines and watch,” she said. 

The Bundeswehr should be deployed proactively abroad, the defense minister said. She has pledged to bump defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2031, which could make Germany the third largest defense spender in the world.


In other words, Germany wants a seat at the table but for the USA to pick up the tab. President Trump believes this is unfair to the USA taxpayers….. but apparently President Trump is a brut for asking his allies to pay for their meal.

Merkel has problems with her health, the videos of her shaking violently are still fresh on the minds of others. She also has problems with allowing free speech in Germany, her most recent contentious policy stance. Merkel is on the way out. It will be interesting to see if her “replacement” accompanies Merkel and is introduced to new leaders. Watch the makeup of the German delegation.

According to AP, the USA will pay less for NATO in 2019 and Germany will pay more. The U.S. spends more on defense than all other 28 allies combined. Macron refuses to increase France’s portion, citing the death of 13 French soldiers.

Macron said France won’t increase its contributions for NATO’s in-house budget and referred to the 13 French soldiers killed in a helicopter collision as they were fighting Islamic State group-linked extremists in Mali.

“If anyone wants to see what they call cost sharing, they can dome to the ceremony that France is organizing on Monday,” he said. “They will see the price.”


As Eastern EU nations are still fearful of Russia, western EU nations look to strengthen ties with Russia. Eastern nations strongly object to the dangers of nation security which come with more immigration from the Middle East, while Germany/France/Belgium and Spain embrace more and more migration. Trade/IP theft/National Security and surveillance from China and problems with radical Islam present new problems.

Whatever happens this week in England will surely make headlines.

218 thoughts on “20191203 ~ NATO Summit Day 1

  1. Macron is mad at Turkey, blaming Turkey for buying Russian system
    Obama screwed it up
    Yet, Macron points out they could have bought a Euro system which could have worked and was NATO compliant.

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  2. We can get along with Russia
    Macron wants to get along with Russia
    Trump points out Russian people might like it too….. quickly points out threats come from all over

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  3. Watch today———
    Now that Trump defends NATO, which he always did but was adjusting the payments and focus of NATO to include terror and NAT SEC on surveillance from China, and Macron is questioning NATO………….
    watch the press/Dems turn to attack NATO, because Macrom is

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  4. HeHeh, Reporter asks POTUS if he’s talked to Macron about taking back ISIS fighters, he says no, not yet, then he turns to Macron and asks “Would you like some ISIS fighters?”

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            1. But…but….but…

              The inherent alliteration of Pasteurized Processed Cheese Product (almost like Hertford, Hereford, and Hampshire, from Professor Dr. Henry Higgins 🙂 ) is without rival in the “better living through chemicals” world.

              It is, in short, The Cheese That Would Not Die… (Zombie Cheddar 🙂 )…

              However, without that gluelike, gelatinous consistency, Movie Theatre Nachos would cease to exist; as no other substance can bind tortilla chips (yet another chemical wasteland) and Jalapeno slices with such unparalleled efficacy…

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      1. MAY IT DROP 4000 POINTS, your globalist monsters, until the FEAR OF GOD’S WRATH tells you that THIS WILL BE YOUR FATE IF YOU PERSIST.

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  5. He asked Trudeau what his number was on defense and Trudeau didn’t know/didn’t answer
    Trudeau said we talk about a 70% increase.
    Ahhhhh yes, the ability to lie with statistics.

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    1. HaHa, POTUS did not let that slide. He follows up with “And where are you at right now?” Justin hems, haws, and someone in the audience (Probably a POTUS team member w/actuals 😉) says 1.3, 1.4. Then Justin repeats 1.4, gotta agree with that highest extra .01% to make himself look better doncha know?

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  6. POTUS clarified the Iran comment. He thought they were asking if we were supporting the protesters “financially”, in which the answer is no. We DO However, support them in their quest for freedom and riddance of the Mullahs.

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  7. Daughn – tremendous serendipity to have you ‘discover’ the live presser and have time to post about it. You are SO TALENTED at the play-by-play 👏👏👏

    Every time I hear Sec. Ross or Trade Guru Lighthizer talk about discovering violations of Section 301, I think “damn; what I wouldn’t give to be working on one of their teams.”

    If I’d specialized in forensic accounting instead of plain old accting/finance, think what you and I could have teamed up to do as Lighthizer secret weapons … or even tracking down all of #Where’sHunter ‘s ill-gotten funds 🤓 Where’s that emoji with a green eye shade 😊

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    1. You are so right, Alison, I would give just about anything to be in the room with a guy like Lighthizer and watch him work his magic. God’s work. America first. Noble cause. Stirs the blood. GOGGOGOGOOOOoooooo

      Forensic accounting was my thing. I could find patterns so easily. It is not hard, just takes time and attention. And the numbers never lie. The money HAS to go SOMEWHERE.

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      1. Every time they lie to the US people there should be consequences for them. They lie outside of the house. Why can they deceive and if we the people do it we get locked up. Lying doing harm is not free speech. Truth is free speech no matter how rude.

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  8. I told ya so………..
    It’s been awesome today!

    He has the press on the floor. What an incredible man.
    Three pressers and we’re not done yet.
    This guy is with the WaPost and he’s tired.

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      1. But, I saw the photos of POTUS/FLOTUS going from the tea to Buckingham Place, and he looked as tired as I’ve ever seen him…also very sober.
        The burden is incredible.

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        1. I don’t think we can even begin to imagine…

          He was in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving… Rally before that… and he has to always be on alert for harm to him and/or his family. It would wear out most people, I’m sure… and juggling all the balls in the air wrt economy, trade agreements… No, I can’t even list, much less live the concerns he must have. He must be surrounded by Angels.

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    1. 🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉 So long; farewell; auf viederzein; adieu.

      Best part is she & her sister ran the campaign out of $$ so she’s not got a slush fund for personal use.

      Honestly, every time I saw her, I thought she was intoxicated.

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        1. She’d better make hay while the sun is still shining . She’s getting a bit long in the tooth to pull the big $. Next she’ll be on a street corner fighting out territory with a crack whore

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      1. Done with hil de beast… but no one’s told her… (replay of the false reports to her on internal polls in 2016)

        and she’s supposed to be so smart…

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  9. POTUS and FLOTUS, who’s absolutely gorgeous in bright yellow, have arrived at Buckingham Palace For reception after having tea w/ Prince Charles at Clarence House. All the events are way behind schedule. Is that cuz POTUS had 3 separate hour long pressers and dominated the World today??😂

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      1. okay… having a brain-free day, can’t remember how to allow ads with Opera… I go to Daily Mail but CAN’T see because I can’t allow them to show ads…

        can someone show photos here ?

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    1. Oh my gosh, that yellow cape is a Rolls-Royce. If I could still wear heels, I’d find a way to copy the cape, and never take it off. The shoes, I might be able to mortgage my house to buy them just to look at.

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  10. Thanks, Daughn, for another excellent NATO post!

    You covered everything we needed to know. Sky News covered the same, but you did it better:


    Video of the Trumps arriving at 10 Downing Street:

    NATO group photo. The Queen looks as if she’s really hemmed in. Jens and Boris should have moved over:

    This story has a bit about the protesters at the Palace:


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  11. NO WONDER President Trump blasted Schiff today!!!

    Democrats are costing our country BILLION$$$$$!!!!!

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    1. Imma thinking( and no I haven’t been drinking) die hard 1. Hans Gruber “ if you commit the crime of the century they will never stop looking for you UNLESS THEY THINK YOU ARE DEAD”
      Emphasis mine.
      Are they shifting identities and wealth?
      Yes two died there on the bridge but how easy to substitute ids.

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  12. I really, really don’t give a shiz about what Macron, Merkel or even Boris has to say. They are nothing but tools for the Cabal. I do care about a few of the others like in Poland. Between NATO and the UN we have been throwing our tax dollars and debt dollars away for major corporations to get rich at We the People’s expense. Sick of it and want it to end.

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  13. Tomorrow should be good. POTUS is gonna have lunch with ONLY the leaders who are paying their 2% dues. Pretty wicked (In a good way) of him! 😜 He’s rejecting and hopefully calling out those who don’t. Did y’all catch Blackface and Macaroni talking smack behind his back while Boris watched?? I Bet POTUS heard about it. If he honors precedent, we may get an Epic wrap up presser in the afternoon. 👀 on POTUS tomorrow. SCREW the DC Circus!!! 🤩🤩

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