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Welcome to the OPEN THREAD! Happy Leftover Day!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. It’s time to decorate the Christmas QTree. Ready?

First lady Melania Trump tosses an ornament to a child across the table after he tossed one to her as she visits with children in the East Room among the 2017 holiday decorations with the theme “Time-Honored Traditions” at the White House in Washington, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

This ACTION NOVEMBER open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world.

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Please keep the President, his family and team in your thoughts and prayers. If you run into the President, SPEAK THE FIVE WORDS BOLDLY. “I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!




Our movement

Is about replacing

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With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

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I’ll leave you with the very best of us. Thank you, Clarence.

Note to all, this is NOT a fake photo, or photoshopped. It’s an official Getty Photo from the Hong Kong celebration for our Thanksgiving, and as a special thanks to President Trump for signing the Hong Kong Support Act.

Getty Image

It was the Scut Farkus moment for Hong Kong.

It’s time to bring on Christmas. Ode To Joy, in Honor of our President, our Troops in Afghanistan and stationed all over the world, the voters in Hong Kong, and……. America. Brings me to tears every time.

Just…………. sing.

343 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20191129 Open Thread

    1. 680WPTF AM, Raleigh:
      I heard the (female) democrat mayor of Raleigh stumbling through her “response” to reporters’ questions about this — sounded like an audio version of deer-in-the-headlights.
      “We need to be informed of these people coming here, so we can coordinate housing and other things fir them”, she says (paraphrase).
      Not a SINGLE word about objecting to the “human dumping” that New York is doing.
      Meanwhile, crime is SUBSTANTIALLY UP in the Raleigh-Durham area.

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      1. ,i>”…Meanwhile, crime is SUBSTANTIALLY UP in the Raleigh-Durham area.”

        As if the crime wasn’t bad enough to begin with.

        Now I know why we are starting to see homeless in our area of NC

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        1. I’d like to ‘unlike’ your response. The incestuous nepotism will ultimately stop if/when we can wake enough people about enough political graft.

          I still think tax-exempt NGOs, PACS, go fund me’s and all related money-laundering-hiding-making follow the money difficult legal schemes have got to be investigated and stopped.

          If POTUS does designate the Mexican cabals as terrorist orgs, that is a HUGE step in right direction. So is the Ukraine expose. Both are atrocious stealings of $$ from taxpayers that eventually end up in politicians pockets.

          God willing, what POTUS is accomplishing (and citizens like us are exposing) is in early stages. We have miles to go to save our Republic.

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          1. In this case, actually, it’s a matter of the state house being free enough to redraw the district lines. If the Republican line holds in 2020, there’s a chance. The 1st Congressional district in Missouri is gerrymandered. Plain and simple.

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  1. The gall of this “mother” to be upset at her THIEVING KID getting roughed up during a robbery is disgusting! When all else fails…play the race card! SMH!

    ““I think she went way above the law,” Smith told the newspaper, adding that she thought race may have played a role in the incident. “I just feel like if it was a white kid, she maybe would have cussed him out … but for her to go above and beyond.””

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    1. From what I read, not one word about the son being a thief. I’m going to take a wild guess here and suggest the “tackler “ is white.


    1. Fiona, for the love of the Almighty, my wax technician is not that expensive. We can take care of those brows and lip. And really, the people who work at Bare Minerals will help you with a make-over. Putting on your face takes less than 10 minutes. Really, love, it’s worth the effort to actually be treated like a lady.

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  2. What a Role Model ! What a terrific example of what one can do with twitter followers ! Pick a state, Go For It !

    Follow Scott’s model…………………. what do you have to lose ! ?

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        1. It’s funny, after the Blues victory parade in June, downtown was a DISASTER. Word went out that volunteers were needed to clean up, and it was done in less than an afternoon. Same thing happens in Soulard for Mardi Gras, and Dogtown for St. Patrick’s Day.

          The north side…that’s another story, although, Cass Ave. is getting cleaned up thanks to the new National Geospacial building going in. The cleanup, though, does not extend to the old Greyhound terminal where the really big mess is at 13th street.

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  3. Smart Man.

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    1. WHOA!

      I mean, you’d think it would be a healthy thing to be skeptical of an industry (vaccines) that is not allowed to be sued. SInce 1986. But, nooooooooo! You should hear my nurse friends and family on the topic. No disagreement or logic allowed.

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      1. The inconsistency of left-supporters / Democrats on vaccines versus all pharmaceuticals is very interesting, and strikes me as a form of mind control which is specifically interested in vaccines. Not sure what the logic is, TBH.

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    2. HA! This is bullshit. The reason Cankles made that tweet is because I dumped information about the murder of that CF vaccine gal on the thread about Jennifer Jaynes, when somebody asked if the Clintons were behind any of this stuff.

      The leftists immediately saw this stuff and got it back to Cankles’ and Schiffty’s forces.

      The Clintons have to be nervous as hell on this. That CF gal was a TARGETED KILLING I am certain.

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        1. Interesting how matter of fact they ask about how this will be dispersed…aerosol, they ask? as if that is a common means of releasing viruses into a population.

          Just what are these people capable of?!!!

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      1. We have learned that the fed gov is corrupt in almost every department/agency to the point of criminal conspiracy, being seemingly above the law and completely discounting the US citizen as an agency of free will and an independent free person. They have Zero respect for the boundaries the US Constitution is supposed to place around them.

        Why would the CDC, the vaccine industry and the military use of viruses and vaccines be Any different than Any of the other agencies? Why would that area of the gov and corp USA/globalist corporations be any different than the rest? How does one have Any trust in them after all that is already known about all else?

        The harmful ingredients in vaccines greatly outweigh the benefits … and yes, medical background and deep research in to the studies (not one of which was Wakefield, etc.) as shown on JAMA + damaged family members. Nope – not for us ever again. Family has backgrounding pharma research. Again, deep background studies.

        Be wise in your decisions – risks either way (to the diseases/viruses & from the vaccines). Either choices must be done in a fully informed way.

        BTW, could the use of a virus to infect the brain be considered biological warfare and even terrorist use of biological warfare? Is the area of the brain lighting up a violent response to religion and therefore a mutation of God’s design? Was that just anyone who holds deep religious convictions or only those prone to violence in the name of their religious convictions?

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        1. Well said MM..the advances can be a blessing or a curse . The problem for me is I no longer trust any of them. Are flu shots, shingles shots, HPV and others to help or for monetary gain.
          I don’t want any govt administering vaccines to curb extremeism by targeting the brain. We’ve slipped over the edge wanting to be God I think and to control other humans based on who ever has the pharmaceutical in their hand

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    3. Apparently there are (unconfirmed) reports that Ms. Jaynes KILLED HERSELF with those 2 gunshots to her head.
      My opinion: UNTIL it’s completely proven otherwise —
      I have a bridge to sell you. And —
      Ms. Jaynes had a visit from VINCE FOSTER.

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      1. Yes, the whole thing is uncertain b/c nothing is in the press – a VERY COMMON situation when there is suicide or APPARENT SUICIDE.

        I am particularly knowledgeable of a case of suicide that was determined to be a murder years later. Everybody who knew the victim KNEW it was a murder. When the murderer was arrested for OTHER murders, the connection to the victim was exposed, and it is now believed that this “suicide” was the very first murder by the perp.

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      1. I literally do not get how anyone can shoot themselves twice in the head. One shot and it would seem one would be immediately unable to function well enough to pull off the second shot. Takes strength and ability to shoot…is this even possible in real life?

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          1. I felt kind of dumb to ask because I don’t see how such a thing is physically possible. However, I figured that if it these cases are ruled suicide then it must not be impossible as why would they lie so blatantly? How could they not be called out by press and law enforcement on such blatant, absurd lies? Confusing … foster and now her and others….?? guess I was playing into their hands thinking it must be true of why else would everyone go along with it? Emperor has no clothes and everyone is scared to say it. Thank goodness for President Trump!

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        1. I person offing themselves with two shots to the head – or, as in local lore ’cause this really did happen, hanging oneself with hands tied behind the back – is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Upon reaching St. Peter, and the pearly gates, we all *might* be gifted with eternal consciousness that tells us how this is possible.

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        2. There ARE cases where 2 shots take place, BUT they should exhibit certain very specific characteristics that are almost DEFINITIVE for suicide.

          However, not all suicides are the same.

          Sometimes people are coerced into suicide. Other times they are talked into it. Worst of all, thanks to the evil scientist work of the CIA and Sidney Gottlieb, there are neurotoxins (drugs) which can basically drive people to commit suicide, through induction of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, and the outward appearance is almost identical to organic mental illness and suicide. People who have been poisoned with these things have only one real hope if they can’t live with the damage without treatment – that is to get treatment and play along that it’s “natural”.


          1. Not sure they drink tea ! I’ve gone over several times… seems like the QTree, more academic discussion at UTree, ’til today when Wolfie busted out with this excellent article ………..

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      1. “Is venturing over there going to require a helmet and a flack jacket?”


        Nah… helmets are for sissies, and we dodge bullets like Neo in the Matrix, so as Phil Collins once said, no (flack) jacket required 😁

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        1. “Let’s just say that the suicide bomber and the anti-religious picket are both gone. But it’s still a bit of an “at your own risk” thing!!! ”


          I tried to help…

          I set a perfect ‘anchor’ or ‘brand’, and nobody caught on!

          Over on Utree, he replied to someone, and it was over the top as usual, and then ended with ‘bite me’. And I just started laughing. It was just so relentlessly offensive and juvenile that the image of Beavis popped into my head, and that’s when I figured it out.

          ‘Beavis and Butthead’ was a cartoon that I think used to be on MTV. Back in the 1990s, maybe.

          The “Beavis” character was constantly snickering to himself, constantly coming up with antisocial behavior, and constantly destructive… and of all people, his buddy Butthead — who had plenty of his own problems — was the moderating influence on Beavis.

          And that’s what I think he was doing. He was playing Beavis — or something roughly analogous. He wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, it was more like an inside joke. I think he wanted people to figure it out…. but on their own.

          After I posted in reply to his confrontational comment to someone else, I wasn’t able to ‘like’ his post to let him know, because I can’t figure out how to get my ‘likes’ to work on Utree. But he found my reply to his comment anyway. He didn’t say a single word in response. He just ‘liked’ it in return. Acknowledging it, but not wanting to draw attention to it by replying, because then everybody might ‘get it’.

          Once everybody ‘gets it’, the ‘game’ would be over, because people wouldn’t respond with shock or hostility anymore.

          He was playing ‘Beavis’, but not telling anyone he was playing ‘Beavis’, we were supposed to figure it out. That’s the game. Once everybody figures it out, the game is over.

          That was my theory, anyway.

          So when I replied to one of his harsh posts to somebody, I commented in an amusing way that he reminded me of Beavis, whose whole shtick was to be relentlessly over-the-top — that was the one thing we could always count on with Beavis.

          Whether I was right about it just being a game or not, that was Checkmate.

          He could either respond by attacking me and others, reinforcing the exact ‘brand’ I just gave him, or he could stop attacking people. Those were the only two possible choices.

          The stage was set.

          The next time he went off on someone, all anyone had to do was say “Settle down, Beavis!“, the classic retort to all of Beavis’ manic behavior in the ‘Beavis and Butthead’ cartoon series.

          It was perfect.

          It would immediately eliminate whatever tension his post might have caused, and replace the tension with laughter.

          And there is no way out of that trap, if it had been sprung. It’s a catch-22. If he fights it, if he complains, or if he continues the behavior, it only reinforces the ‘Beavis’ brand, and has people laughing at his posts instead of being upset by them.

          The only way to stop people from replying to EVERY nasty comment he makes with ‘Settle Down, Beavis!‘ would be for him to stop making nasty comments.

          Settle down, Beavis!‘ becomes the reply to any and every attack he could ever make going forward.

          And HE knew it.

          HE recognized it. It would have been most obvious to him.

          That’s why he ‘liked’ my post and backed away. I think it was a game to him, and he knew I had figured a way out.

          I went to bed LAUGHING that night, just thinking about how PERFECT it was.

          I tried to TELL you about it, over in the ‘Authors’ thread, when I asked T3 if it was a private thread or if everyone could ‘see’ it. I was looking for a way to ALERT you to what I had set up, so you might not ban him before it had a chance to work, but there is no way to contact you privately without risk of having it published, which would have blown the whole thing.

          A day or two later, I found out he was banned, and when I checked the Utree thread, NOBODY caught onto the ‘Settle down, Beavis!’ reply that I had teed-up.

          It was right there, ready to be knocked out of the park — the stuff of legend, lol!

          But that’s how it goes sometimes. Like a comedy team, sometimes the straight-man misses the cue, or vice-versa.

          The best laid plans of mice and men. 😁

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          1. I think you’re right.

            But just add this thought. There are things which are perfectly deniable and excusable and “innocent” in the absolute and theoretical – or when examined legally – which become guaranteed to work an opposite effect in reality. Such things are WEAPONS. The spy world, and the world of the political operative, LOVES THAT STUFF.

            “Oh, but yeah, there is just a wee bit of friction.” At which point it BURNS UP ON RE-ENTRY.

            Same idea.

            Ultimately, this could not be “Suicide Bomber Showcase”. We cannot get all the atoms and molecules of air out of the way. Even with all the secret messaging in the world (Maxwell’s Demon), which just opens up NEW avenues of attack.

            Brilliant and beautiful statistical psychology. Which others understand, and I have to fight every fucking day.

            Sorry, just ranting at the job. Q calls these people stupid, but it’s all relative. They keep me busy! 😉

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  4. 700WLW, 2:30PM news report:
    And, guess what, just like that — POOF — now it’s this: “The suspect who was shot and killed in the latest incident on London Bridge was found to be wearing an explosive vest. The police are treating the attack as an act of terrorism.”

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    1. It turned out the vest was fake, but the attack is still being treated as an act of terrorism.

      Perp had been convicted in 2012 for terrorism then released (by a judge) a few years later with an electronic tag, in accordance with the laws at the time.

      The conference he and other early-release crims were attending was one for prisoner advocacy for early release. It was sponsored by a learning unit at Cambridge University.

      Interestingly, the first victim to die was a Cambridge graduate who helped organise the conference.

      I will have more on my site on this today (Monday).

      The general public did beautifully in tackling this guy and wresting his knife away before the police dealt with him.

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      1. No doubt the ‘general public’ is getting tired of the UK’s muslims as well as the laws protecting the muslims from any negative remarks or judgments of their barbarism.

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        1. Thank you for the link.

          Yes, that made the news here, too.

          Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, wrote an editorial about these sentencing laws for the Mail on Sunday.

          Only the new lot of Conservatives can fix this mess that the old lot of Conservatives and Labour got us into.

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    1. Too bad the idiots do not know we live in a REPUBLIC and the electoral college elected President Trump. (We voted for who the electorates from our state would vote for)

      Maybe we need a test before a person is allowed to vote. You know like we have to take to get a drivers licence…

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    2. Good for Grenell.
      Gainor is an idiot.
      Here’s a primer for him. Can you spell C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N-A-L R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C?!


  5. Don’t know if this has been brought to the table but, I sure missed it.

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    1. Q warned us about flips… some of those who previously supported would flip, and vice versa…

      The Cabal is evil… remember the protesters who stood outside his home, his wife hiding in a broom closet?

      Don’t you think they have threatened him with regard to his family?

      Folks will do anything to protect their family.

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      1. “Folks will do anything to protect their family.”


        I never understand that… I mean, I guess I do, but it’s just so strange. When I was a kid, if you did something wrong, your family were the LAST people to back you up, and your neighbors weren’t any help either, LOL!

        Your parents were the first people who would rat you out!

        Today, kids get in trouble, caught red-handed, and all the parents do is make excuses and blame everyone on the planet except their precious delinquent — who Mommy swears up and down has never down a wrong thing in his or her entire life, despite the extensive sealed records… 😁

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    2. Since the video does not present the full context, I thought it was possible that Tucker presented what others say in order to refute them. But I don’t think that’s what happened.

      A little research yielded this article, which says that Tucker was defending Pres. Trump by saying everyone knows he’s a BS artist, and that it’s when Pres. Trump tells the truth that they are most offended (like his comment about the caliber of immigrants being sent here, “not the best”).

      I get tired of articles that largely support Pres. Trump but have to insert at least one criticism or snide remark. To me, what Tucker did here is that, on steroids. IMO, it is inexcusable for a Trump supporter to disparage him in such a gratuitous way that would make his enemies cheer (not that Tucker has to be a supporter, and at least we know who he is now).

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      1. Don’t believe Tucker is MAGA or Trump supporter. More Libertarian, I think. Tucker commonly calls out the stooopidity and hypocrisy of D-Rats and deep state. That and facts drive Tucker to speak well of President Trump normally, as President Trump has delivered sterling results for nearly three years.

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      2. I watched the whole clip yesterday, and Tucker was basically calling the President a huckster, and one with B.S. and car salesman skills. I was disgusted. Carlson was a condescending jerk.Wanted to tell him he should return to his bowties, more in line with his clown style.

        Tucker is working for FOX masters, and isn’t going to let his paycheck be threatened. He’s a libertarian, but that doesn’t excuse being an idiot or ignorant.

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      3. In fact, that headline, “Donald Trump BS con artist” is what Drudge ran as his big headline yesterday. I despised Tucker for his trashing POTUS like that. He deliberately gave the Left ammunition.

        Tucker lying himself. Nothing the President says in B.S. Tucker doesn’t get DJT. Hope POTUS stays away from Tucker and his clown gang at FOX.

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    3. Trumpismine, I agree. Caught that clip via CitizenFreePress, and was ticked off. Never had much regard for Carlson, though I thought he was better than this. Now he can return to his bowties and clown shows.

      Very disrespectful. I’m glad someone called him out. Here’s my input.

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        1. The second part of his opening does bring up the Left and their bad behavior, but I was shocked at Carlson’s portraying POTUS essentially as a carny barker, a car salesman, a blowhart, etc. Tucker, and his smug little lack of self-awareness isn’t any “friend” of this President or us!

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      1. Yep. That was a couple of days ago.

        Germany has requested from France the assisance of Inspector Closeau….

        And when they find the perps, they’ll be put away in the Psychiatire, along with all of the rest of our “Kulturelle Bereicherung”…

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    1. busy weekend for the religion of peace – is this a special holiday for them or is this in “honor” of our Christmas or some other reasons for so many activated at once?

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        1. It’s not a holiday over here, so just another “normal” working day. One BIG thing, however, is many demonstrations for “Fridays for the Failure, erm, Future” are going on. Some folks were worried that Aunty Fa might show up, but since “she” and the Watermelons (Green on the outside, RED on the inside) are on the same side, there’s no cause for Antifa to act up…

          Sunday’s first Advent, so maybe the tablecloth-snatchers have a problem with that. Even though they’re getting their own “Sharia Swim Center” (no westerners allowed)…

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    2. FWIW, not impressed with “explosive device” found in Paris. Nor do I know the “explosive device” country of origin. I do see the blue paint on it. Blue paint on US ordnance, indicates practice ammunition. Sometimes the blue is a strip a few inches wide. Sometimes most or all of the item is painted blue.

      The US uses something that looks similar. Again, the Paris “explosive device” is NOT of US military origin. An example is MK 76 or MK 33 BDU (bomb dummy unit). When the US uses a MK 76, a small smoke device is screwed into the nose. An aircraft drops the MK76, as if it were dropping a gravity bomb (not laser guided bomb…). On impact a poof of smoke marks where the bomb hit. Used in training.

      So, while not definitive, I suspect the Paris item is no big deal from an “explosives” perspective. I am NOT EOD, but have worked with Naval ordnance of all types for ~30 years.

      Will search out other reports on the Paris incident to see if I have missed something significant.

      ^^^ IMO.

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  6. Pineal gland determines when you are at rest (no light/radiation) in order to release the chemistry used by your body during your sleep to fight cancer and repair the body.

    In case you weren’t aware of the sources of these pineal toxins, common ones:

    aluminum: anti-perspirant, geo-engineering sprays (gets into waterways)
    glyphosate (round-up): herbicide, sprayed on harvested wheat as a drying agent (found in wheat products)
    fluoride: toothpaste, tea (amount varies with type), municipal water sources
    wifi: home routers, ISP installed hotspots, cell phones, baby monitors, security cameras, some toothbrushes

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      1. Paging Gail….

        Fluoride in toothpaste has always been termed “industrial waste” (or byproduct), though there are some cases where (Sodium) fluoride is helpful (Otosclerosis – middle ear bone problems).

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        1. As it happens, everywhere I’m looking, it’s CALCIUM fluoride that is natural and not harmful. SODIUM fluoride and one other base from the first column on the periodic table are what you have to look out for.

          It makes sense when you think about it since fluorine is in pretty acidic territory.

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      2. I have not looked.

        However remember fluoride is an element and just like its close relative chloride (Cl) it can take many many forms. We put NaCl (table salt) on our food but HCL gas will kill you (burn your lungs) and conc. HCL (aq.) will burn the heck out of your skin. And yet our body uses HCl to help digest our food and kill of microbes that we ingest.

        Fun Fact. Humans need a wee bit of arsenic…

        Please Pass The Arsenic… And the Boron shaker while you are at it…

        Also remember the Dave Janda interview a few days ago where the doctor he interviewed said there were 60 minerals we need in our diet and that we do not get. —

        (I really really wish they had the listing)

        (I will go checking the tea thing out since I drink a LOT of tea. I will report back later.)

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        1. Redmond Sea Salt out of Utah supplies many of those minerals. It is also much more pure than regular sea salt, which, if it comes from today’s ocean, has many contaminants. It’s also cool that it’s an American company. Himalayan salt is good, but you know, China.

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    1. Here is partial answer on fluoride:

      What is the Difference Between Natural Fluoride and the Kind That is Artificially Added to Our Water Supply?

      Specifically, most people still do not know the difference between the naturally occurring calcium fluoride and other industrialized forms that are added to water supplies in North America (but not throughout most of Europe, and many other high-tech countries).

      That’s because the term “fluoride” is often thrown around without making a distinction between these substances.

      There are three types of fluoride used to “fluoridate” water supplies: Fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate and sodium fluoride.

      Fluorosilicic acid is the type most often used for cost reasons, and it is derived from phosphate fertilizers according to the CDC’s website.

      The other two are created by adding either table salt or caustic soda to the mix.

      Fluoride Corrodes Town’s Pipes
      These types of fluoride can be quite corrosive, as one town found out the hard way when the fluoride they used to add to their water supply began corroding pipes and damaging city vehicles. Officials from the town, Buffalo, Missouri, voted to stop fluoridating the water supply recently due to these issues.

      In contrast with these types of fluoride is calcium fluoride, which is a much safer version of fluoride.
      Calcium fluoride is considered the “least toxic” and in some cases “relatively harmless” according to the site, and that’s because of its high insolubility.

      Magnesium and especially calcium are known as minerals that counteract the effects of fluoride, an example of how nature often pairs antidotes with poisons or designs complete foods that mitigate harmful substances for the most part.

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      1. On the subject of fluoride and tea.

        As usual the answer is it depends….

        The fluoride is from the drinking water (large amount if fluorinated) and from the soil.

        Risk Assessment of Fluoride Intake from Tea in the Republic of Ireland [RoI] and its Implications for Public Health and Water Fluoridation — This is a lengthy article with a lot of info. (Black tea only)

        …. Notwithstanding the contribution of fluoridated water, even when prepared with deionized water, 96% of the tea products had fluoride concentrations that exceeded 1.5 mg/L. Overall, the lowest fluoride levels were found in pure tea products sourced from Assam, India. These products are lesser known brands not widely available or consumed in the RoI. The fluoride level in tea infusions from six decaffeinated black tea products tested ranged from 1.6 to 4.2 mg/L when prepared with tap water and 0.8 to 3.2 mg/L when prepared with deionized water. The lowest fluoride level was found in organic decaffeinated tea from Assam, India.

        Of the four caffeinated organic tea brands tested, the fluoride level was found to range from 2.0 mg/L to 4.2 mg/L when prepared with tap water. The highest fluoride level was present in an Irish blended brand, originating from Kenya; the lowest level was found in organic Clipper Assam tea from India. The study identified differences in fluoride levels across the same brand, with different blended teas containing variable levels of fluoride. …

        In the EU, the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for fluoride has been established at 1.5 mg/day for children aged 1–3 years, 2.5 mg/day for children up to the age of eight years, 5 mg/day for children aged 9 to 14 years and 7 mg/day for children older than 15 years and adults [110]. Considering that the average person in the RoI consumes 4–6 cups of tea per day and that drinking water is artificially fluoridated to a concentration ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 mg/L (reduced from 1.0 mg/L in 2007), this would strongly suggest that the majority of the population in Ireland are at risk of chronic fluoride intoxication…..

        This study looks at different types of teas and herbal infusions:
        Assessment of fluoride concentration and daily intake by human from tea and herbal infusions.

        … It is found that brewing time (5, 10 and 30 min) does increase the fluoride content, which in infusions of black tea (5 min brewing) was higher than that in the other types of tea, with contents ranging between 0.32 and 4.54 mg/l for black tea to 0.37-0.54 mg/l for white tea and with even lower values for herbal tea infusions of 0.02-0.09 mg/l. …

        On the right side are listed several other related studies in both links.

        If you are a tea drinker it is best to switch to white tea (or green if you can not get white) White has the highest level of anti-oxidants anyway.

        DARN!!! I really like my black Cuppa in the morning.

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        1. I’m a tea drinker as well. STL water actually is lower than the national average in fluoride. It looks like I may have to use spring water to brew. The big issue there is cleaning the tea kettle. The mineral deposits from heating spring water are worse than tap here, that’s for sure.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. That’s a good motivation to shop for a glass tea kettle, especially if you have a gas stove. Almost like being back in chemistry classes again. Glass is easy to clean and you can see when it needs a vinegar soak.


    2. I read recently that one simple way to help your body eliminate aluminum is high-silica water.

      The cheapest and easiest to get is Fiji Water, which I know is connected to the Bronfmans. But somebody is gonna drink it, and I wanna live. And I don’t want Alzheimer’s.

      There are more expensive alternatives you can order online.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. They also have (or at least used to have) Warsteiner…
          Beer 🙂

          We used to buy both when we were over in Kalifornistan in the late 90s… I miss Trader Joes and their “Fearless Flyer”. Also their mexican quiche, salads, and IIRC Fogcutter coffee beans… A lot of stuff there is from here (Germany) so we still buy it. Sometimes they have things at ALDI here that are labelled Trader Joes! And Gerolsteiner is great…

          They still don’t wear Hawaiian shirts at ALDI, though 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. We have an Aldi in our small town but it is a dump.
            Columbus OH has two Trader Joe’s and I also found a nice one in Cincinnati.
            They sell Gerolsteiner per case why i like. Whole Foods has it sometimes.
            I stay away from most German sweets for Christmas. My husband has diabetic 2 and I am careful not to bring things in the house that is not good for him since he keeps his diabetic in check with diet.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Ironically, a soon-to-be-paroled murderer was out on a day release (walkabout, basically), and tried to save the woman from being killed. Comments on that are wild; perhaps he was trying to make up for what he did many years ago…

      The religion of pieces are really getting out of hand. The perp in London has two knives, one of which was duct-taped to his hand! Wonder what the “Khan Artist(e)” will have to say… How he got to be mayor of the City of London is beyond me; I rather expect vote harvesting and other cheating was involved… can wait for him to be booted out of office…

      Liked by 8 people

    1. Yes, I talked to my Aunt in Sweden the other day and even she has started to notice the issue. By the way, medical cuts are MASSIVE.

      There was a shooting on her street as well. So yes good luck with that. She did ask about Trump saying that the Swedish new’s papers are all anti of course.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Y’all remember those 3,000 fake drivers licenses that were seized? Guess where they came from? CHINA

    Liked by 12 people

    1. They may also be replacements for old fakes that needed to be REAL ID compliant. Oct 2020 is the deadline I think.
      It will be needed to ~ Accessing Federal facilities
      Boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft
      Entering nuclear power plants

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    2. Wolf Moon’s Trade Deal would have a special 5% for 5 years tariff boost to pay for investigation and countermeasures of any trade violation which threatened American security. That whole category (printed materials) would get the 5% boost. We would not accept a similar measure on the Chinese side because they are now CULTURALLY BORN LIARS and would self-hoax on it. NOPE. THEIR CRIMES deserve THEIR PUNISHMENT.

      All nations are not equal. Chinese liars must pay the price of their sins. HERE and NOW.

      Liked by 6 people

    1. With the African Swine disease wiping out the Chinese herds and President Trump wiping out China’s piggy bank (containing OUR money) it may be back to a bowl of rice a day….

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Plague is another problem. Right now, the victims are eating wild rabbits, the fleas being the carriers. And you know what, once I got to thinking about it, we never had flea issues in this part of the city until the rabbits moved in. Now, we have to have the dogs on flea and tick preventative year round. Our lab was the first one we had to have fleas. These two…this last infestation exascerbated a skin issue in one, and she’s still not done with anti-biotics.

        Liked by 4 people

  8. Liked by 10 people

        1. Yes. I believe that one of the disarmers was also a parolee out on good behavior.

          Human control by televised kabuki. It would be admirably ingenious if the purpose were not evil.

          This stuff will be played back in a post soon! 😀

          Liked by 5 people

            1. Churchmouse, please help me.
              Need your valuable input. You’re the guy!
              I put up a post this morning about the NATO Summit. Noted it was a good chance for Boris to look good – called for your comments.
              I’m WAY out of my realm on Brit politics and you are the pro.
              Any thoughts you might have would be most appreciated and would help all of us understand the background.
              Thank you, Sir!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. You’re welcome!

                I haven’t had time to read further than Nov. 30’s Q Tree posts yet, but will tune in now.

                Sorry, there’s so much to read and so little time!

                To answer your question, however, journalists say that Boris will be avoiding private meetings with PDJT in No. 10.

                First, such a meeting, if it took place, would only fuel Labour’s rumours that Boris was planning on selling the NHS to the United States.

                Second, almost no one — and I mean no one — in the public eye here likes PDJT. We don’t know about the Queen (hence ‘almost’).

                The electoral polls are already tightening, as they did in 2017. Boris has to distance himself from PDJT.

                If he distances himself from PDJT, he has to do the same with the other NATO leaders WRT private meetings at No. 10.

                Boris has the perfect excuse, though: elections on December 12.

                Have posted this on your admirable post — beautifully done!

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  9. Liked by 9 people

    1. read a thought provoking question…how much of a surprise was this? Did the usual suspects at the State Dept & WH know or did he bypass them all but a few? That would mean the usual prep that we heard so much about was not done by the deep state, etc.

      Liked by 8 people

    1. It really, really, really never does get old! Love it. Can watch it again and again.

      My favorite used to be the melt down of the Young Turks. However, since that night they channeled their frustrations and disappointment and immediately began accomplishments that they said they would do that night.
      I have to tip my hat to the Young turks as they have accomplished much via hard work, unity and determination. We shared and wrote on that a while back – esp. daughnworks247.

      However, I still enjoy all the rest and this specific mash up was new to me. Thanks.

      I had thought the screamer in the yellow jacket and black hat was guy but just now hear “her”? voice and sounds like a female! weird.

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