What Say You? The Theory of a Dem Defense by Staging a Soros “Color Revolution”

I started off on this whole business of Trump firing the Navy Secretary with almost a feeling of “WHO CARES?” – while the media meltdown only told me that the FAKE NEWS was even faker than before.

Indeed, I was starting to realize that the Fake News Media is pretty much toast. I REALLY don’t care what they think any more. They’re irrelevant.

Now – along the way, yesterday or the night before, somebody mentioned talk about these Navy brass possibly hating Trump – which I thought was weird, but hey – after 8 years of OBAMA – who knows – right?

And then THAT reminded me of some really wild rumor I had heard from some REALLY unreliable source, about a COUP against Trump. If I remember correctly, it was supposedly coming out of the Navy in southern California.

I had heard this MONTHS ago, and though to myself “This is absolute bullshit. It’s NUTS!”

But here we are – massive insubordination and LYING!

Well, TONIGHT I saw THIS on Gab:


So I go looking at the link.

And THAT led me to a VERY interesting blog post – not quite as DIRE as this Gab post here, but still a bit – well – just read it. You can go to these links, or read the following excerpt.

LINK: https://blog.jim.com/party-politics/draining-the-swamp-3/

The biggest and most important swamp draining operation was not investigating Democratic Party corruption, but rescuing warriors under attack by the most holy priesthood of Obama appointees in the military, who were seeking to break up the bands of brothers that so frightened them. The cucks in top military brass were and are after Eddie Gallagher because he was a right wing Christian. The prosecution kept changing its mind about what war crimes he had committed. When one war crime did not work, they would come up with another. When war crimes did not work, their reaction was the same as when Mueller found that the Russians were probably the only foreign power that did not interfere in the 2016 US election. They wanted to get him on something, anything, everything. The pursuit of Gallagher was priests getting antsi because they smelled a warrior priest, a paladin, of an enemy religion. If one thing did not work, they would try another thing. I don’t care whether Gallagher was guilty of war crimes, and as the case dragged on, it became increasingly obvious that the prosecution cared even less than I do.

Jim’s Blog, Draining The Swamp

In case you’re wondering WHAT, exactly, a “color revolution” is, here you go:


https://sputniknews.com/infographics/201411211017444407/ (see infographic below)

Foreign Affairs, of course, has a different view of this, getting picky about colors vs. flowers. (No toxic link provided.)

Given that the CIA globos were behind the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, perhaps they’re partial to flowers. Whatevs. Between the ex-Soviet Russian view and the proto-Soviet American Soros view, I’m just going to call all of these stirred-up and frequently inauthentic revolutions “color revolutions” and be done with it.


Back to the blog post theory.

I don’t know if this is true, but I will say this. The egregious behavior of the military brass in going after this guy Gallagher using dirty tricks more like the CIA was just WEIRD. They were OBSESSED with the guy.

NOW – quite honestly – I’m not actually CONCERNED about the OUTCOME of some crazy attempt by Democrats to stage a “color revolution” here. This can’t succeed. It’s guaranteed to be face-palm. Nevertheless – well, people could get hurt. And DEMS don’t CARE.

But are they crazy enough to try something really STUPID? Liddle’ Schiffty Schiff seems a bit desperate.

What do you all think? Are the Dems crazy enough to try something more than FAKE IMPEACHMENT?

Your opinions are welcome.


(Sputnik infographic. Beware of Russian cooties!)

144 thoughts on “What Say You? The Theory of a Dem Defense by Staging a Soros “Color Revolution”

  1. One thing that struck me with Gallagher’s letter was the very first person he thanked was GOD, and it was obvious that he is a Christian.

    That pretty much convinced me that he was under attack for that; considering the “master” of Øbama…

    I think Satan $oros and his minions have to go. Pull his Naturalization, and that of his familiy (enemies ot the state), and send them to Vlad’s rock-crushing spa…. or other, erm, solution…

    Great analysis (albeit gives one pause, indeed…).

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      1. Interesting, too, that all of the countries depicted in that “color chart” are either Communist or Arab/Moslem, in other words, ripe for a totalitarian government (or perhaps, conditioned is a better word)…

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          The Left sure loves branding. Inheriting a treasure of PR/propaganda techniques from WWII has worked well for them, from the Bolsheviks to 1930s Germany, to various awareness pins and activity flags, to the 2008 logo election to present.

          Made the observation many times with others that fascist movements need a color to rally around.

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    1. I was just thinking to myself today, these thoughts:

      (1) Was Ukraine PRACTICE for America?

      (2) To the post-Arab Spring CIA, inciting revolution is their biggest hammer and only tool. Would everything look like a nail – including Trump?

      (3) They’ve tried MORE with LESS skin in the game than they will have shortly. Thinking things could get frisky.

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      1. All that still calls things by their Fake Names. When the Names of Things reflect Reality, all support for falsehoods will be rendered insubstantial. The Chinese have seen several such cycles.

        I anticipate that things will get frisky — and not in the BS FF way we’ve been seeing — as the wheels turn.

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      2. I thought for a long time, until very recently, that with PDJT in charge we’d be able to escape a hot civil war other than possibly a few isolated antifa type events.

        But I think I was wrong. I finally realized the Commies have the bit between their teeth and they will NEVER quit. They were too close/are too close. They are in it to win it at whatever cost.

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            1. It’s PHC, isn’t it? ❤

              Here's three slaps upside the head! ❤ ❤ ❤ You done good, girl. You deserve a break and a while to not worry about stuff. You leave the worrying about inconsequential things to the rest of us for a while! ❤

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  2. “What do you all think? Are the Dems crazy enough to try something more than FAKE IMPEACHMENT?”

    They can’t stop what is coming. But at this point I think it’s pretty obvious that they will probably do just about anything to try and stop what is coming. President Trump and his family need our prayers more than ever.

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      1. Have you watched the interview with Doug Wead posted on CTH regarding his book – Inside Trump’s White House and the death threats he’s received. It’s facinating and adds clarity to what we all thought was happening with this conspiracy. This is a massive global conspiracy and the state department is right in the thick of things. Apparently Wead was a never Trumper but after interviewing Trump, his family and associates he now realizes what ‘s at stake.

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      1. And censure is toothless…basically a face-saving move that will only make them appear more weak.
        We need to scoff, laugh, make Memes and generally make laughing stocks out of them…something they can’t stand.
        And, wouldn’t it be delicious if the Congressional Republicans put forth a motion to censure Adam Schiff and/or any of the 6 selected committee chairs for abuse of their authority, etc. Need to follow the Trump method…COUNTER PUNCH. Message…your actions will not go without counter actions.

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  3. Watch for a narrative along the lines of ‘the Pentagon hates Trump’:

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    1. The phrase that stands out to me, more than they’re blaming FOX News, is “against the reasoned opposition – that’s similar to the minions out to the State Dept. who didn’t like POTUS because he wasn’t doing it their way. In Ukraine’s case – corruption and laundering of millions/billions of American aid dollars.

      These entrenched bureaucrats believe they’re in charge. Yes, even the upper echelons of the military are bureaucrats, and you only get those positions if you’re a political animal.

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      1. That’s what freaked me out about watching the impeachment testimony last week.

        What those people said completely turned what I learned in American History classes on its head.

        I was left thinking, ‘Wow. What powers does the President have, then?’

        I do not think this started just because of PDJT. I think it’s been going on for a number of years, possibly back to Clinton or Bush II administrations. Just my opinion, but, it seems to be an entrenched view.

        I also do not approve of immigrants — even if they have US citizenship — in the positions that Hill and Vindman occupy. Sorry, but one can never 100% do away with the culture and nationality into which one was originally born. Therefore, a senior post in the diplomatic corps or the military or any other high-profile public sector capacity for a dual national or naturalised citizen should be discouraged.

        I say that as someone with another nationality. Someone recently suggested I run for political office. I told them ‘no’ on that basis. We have MPs who have other European nationalities. One I doubt even has British nationality. (They all oppose Brexit. I wonder why.) Shouldn’t be allowed, but, again, there’s no law against it and it’s only my humble opinion.

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        1. Agree, and the fact that they Vindman and Hill occupied these positions was/is part of the globalists’ plans. Barack Obama cemented them in place.

          Going to take a jackhammer to break it up.

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        2. churchmouse
          I also do not approve of immigrants — even if they have US citizenship — in the positions that Hill and Vindman occupy. Sorry, but one can never 100% do away with the culture and nationality into which one was originally born. Therefore, a senior post in the diplomatic corps or the military or any other high-profile public sector capacity for a dual national or naturalised citizen should be discouraged.
          As naturalized citizen I agree with you !
          There is always a residue from childhood.one cannot deny.
          For instance listening to German Christmas songs open a door to my childhood.
          I waited 45 years to become a citizen and always found it strange that people after 7 years become citizens . One does not shake the old country off that quickly except people who came because of persecution or there was a bad time in their old country.

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        3. Well, ChurchMouse, I second your humble opinion with my humble agreement, and thank you for being brave enough to say it. I think you are absolutely right.

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      2. Exactly, Lady P. The more outrageous the Left’s position, the more words like ‘reasoned’ and ‘sustainable’ they throw into their narratives. There was nothing ‘reasoned’ about SecNav’s offer to POTUS that SecNav could ILLEGALLY RIG the outcome of an ‘impartial’ Review!!

        This has been one of the most alarming realizations for me – that our military is also an Obama-driven political weapon. Once again, the media was COMPLICIT in that weaponization by failing to report on the number of brass Obama fired and why, and what ‘persuasion’ of officers replaced them.

        It’s been stated that the military was long-involved in the years of prep for Trump’s run for office. WHERE ARE THOSE GUYS?? Surely Rogers & Flynn weren’t the only two. Were the others fired by Obama? Surely Trump would have known about that decimation. Can’t he bring back some who were unceremoniously dumped?

        It is uncanny how POTUS continues to thrive, but I am SICK that every week it seems we find another chunk of what should be gov’t carrying out its duties only to find them with a long history of anti-USA actions.

        Regarding color revolutions – I don’t see many of the countries in the images to be ‘free’ before OR after their so-called revolutions. Are they all just another case of cabal/CIA fomenting regional chaos so the world is in a constant unsettled state; economies so disrupted that middle classes can never gain a toehold; and money laundering, guns & human trafficking proliferating unabated?

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        1. Regarding color revolutions – I don’t see many of the countries in the images to be ‘free’ before OR after their so-called revolutions.

          This is a profound point. Indeed, the new freedom of some of these places seems FAKE AS HELL. It’s as if communist corruption simply decloaked and adopted new trickery.

          One of the most interesting PLAYERS in Ukraine and BURISMA is an “oligarch” (remember that is a FAKE NEWS term) who apparently STARTED amassing his power and influence while Ukraine was governed by a post-Soviet COMMUNIST government. Yes – the “oligarch” was launched in COMMUNISM. WEIRD, ISN’T IT? His power and influence continues to only GROW through all subsequent governments, most of which were PRO-RUSSIAN. His power continues to come out of PRO-RUSSIAN parts of Ukraine.

          And remember – Podesta’s friends and associates in Ukraine are the pro-Russian side, all the while they are using this mealy-mouthed anti-Russian stuff here in America as COVER.

          The WHOLE THING seems like a TRAP for the unwary. STAY THE FRACK OUT is my recommendation. Trust NONE OF THEM. Liars against liars.

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          1. ” It’s as if communist corruption simply decloaked and adopted new trickery.”
            Yes. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…………………….it’s the commies again/still/always, in one guise or another. Damn them.

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    2. What “reasoned opposition”? There is no such thing in the chain of command. Once the CIC has made his decision, there is only faithfully execute those orders to the best of ones ability or RESIGN. There is NO middle ground.

      People like Vindman and Spencer were CAREER blocked before Obama, and now there are nothing more than bureaucrats that THINK their opinions on policy matter. They do NOT. This is nothing more than the last desperate gasps of the Obama embeds in the military just like there were everywhere else in the government.

      This actually gives me HOPE. It means they are desperate, flailing, and FAILING, and by doing so they are REVEALING themselves AND their fellow travelers. It means that they ALL will soon be gone. If they were winning, they would REMAIN hidden and continue their closet subversion. The mere fact that they are so vocal and casting off masks, means they are losing and losing BADLY.

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      1. Glad you mentioned this ProgRex. The thought of the military going against PT was making me sick to my stomach because it all seems so possible.

        The Soros paid demonstration people seem to have played their bastardly hands already. What other distinct phases of the color revolution have been played so far?

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        1. Do not worry about the military, the enlisted are nearly 100% Trump and Maga, it is the command officers like Spencer that are the problem. If you notice, Trump is slowly, ever so slowly, and QUIETLY exposing and purging them.

          As for the “Color revolution” It FAILED. Antifa was a part, as was the “resistance” but their power, money, and influence is WANING except some last strongholds in CA, Washington State, and Oregon (Seattle). Even the BLM was a part, but they seem too busy WORKING REAL JOBS and basking in the Trump economy to care about Soros’s paid agenda.

          The last gasps was this “impeachment” “inquiry” The poling is MUCH worse than they let on, and notice that some of the dems are NOT going home to “face the music” Even Pelosi is going to Madrid to talk “climate change” With Greta Thunberg.

          In other words it was a DISASTER. The best part is it ISN’T finished cooking yet. Nadler will be like gasoline on a roaring dumpster fire…it will get WORSE.

          I think thie only play now is to say “impeachment”?…WHAT impeachment. In other words, they will just PRETEND it never happened, and try ot move to something else. Hoping that by election day we the people will have forgotten.

          I did not say it would WORK, I just think that is hteir only play. ANYTHING else digs the hole DEEPER, and should the obvious happen, and the “moderate dems” ABANDON Schiff and Pelosi, and vote NO, and NO articles are even BROUGHT to the Senate, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the Dems are BURNT TOAST in 202 with their base, hell Trump will not only win in a landslide, but hie coat tails will bring super majorities in the HOUSE as well as the Senate, then MAGA TRULY happens. NO SCOTUS, No leftist judiciary in the 9th circus appeals, FAR less radical judges who may well be IMPEACHED in a super majority Senate, and super majorities in the House and Senate would mean peace and prosperity for a GENERATION before we could screw it up again.

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          1. Everything you state underscores my gut feeling/thinking. The thing that bothered me was the possibility that the enlisted military would follow command rather than conscience. Thank you for your input I truly appreciate it.

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  4. People were warning about the Purple Revolution all the way back in November 2016. Pay close attention to messaging associated with Democrats, Leftist, feminist, and social justice stuff—they all use the color purple. Even the damn #MeToo Twitter icon is purple. It’s everywhere.

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    1. I totally agree, Sadie.

      And I think the SEIU ‘purple people beaters’ would figure prominently in their ‘Purple Revolution’.
      The SEIU would be their foot soldiers.

      They helped get HusseinO elected, twice.

      They’ve been forming partnerships with govt employees:


      I still think that the SEIU was involved in the Vegas Massacre, bigtime.

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      1. Yup. I am particularly behind this thinking b/c of KEY union involvement deep in the CA3 scandal in March 1981, nearly coincident with the attack on Reagan. Note the location of the latter – WASHINGTON HILTON HOTEL.

        Standard Hotels shakedown incident – convenient accident that began their slide into Cabal grasp as soon as Obama became POTUS. Perfect MMO (means, motive, opportunity) for SEIU involvement.

        PURPLE PEOPLE BEATERS is right.

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  5. Here is what I know is absolute FACT:

    1. The disgusting slime that comprised the Obama administration WEAPONIZED most (if not all) of the various departments of the government in the executive branch against their political opposition.

    2. That same vile, disgusting slime conducted an eight year PURGE of conservatives inside the US military and senior positions in the Pentagon.

    3. Chief Gallagher’s case is a STUNNING critique of the US Navy, the JAG, and it’s senior leadership. President Trump is unwise to leave Adm. Green untouched in this situation. Green as gotta go right along with Spencer.

    4. The Navy prosecutors against Gallagher were just as corrupt and vicious as the Mueller SC prosecutors. See: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/25/llong-fight-for-navy-seal-eddie-gallagher-ends-with-order-from-trump-navy-secretarys-firing/

    These are FACTS….not opinions….including #3.

    More broadly speaking….

    Obama inbeds infest the entirety of US gov’t INCLUDING the US military. They must be purged and flushed out of the system. Imagine young, 20-30 something’s down towards the bottom of the DC ladder who are just like John Brennan, John Clapper, James Comey, and fucktards like James Mattis and William McRaven.

    Ideologues, every one of them. Some leftists, some neocons. All part of the problem and begging the solution of being thrown out on their collective asses. People just like Lt. Col. Vindman. And the US State Dept….shoot, it might be better just to abolish the whole place it is so corrupt and tainted.

    This (Below) is a very enlightening and important post from Sundance revealing how DC bureaucrats have monetized the US gov’t…..

    …all of these people are domestic enemies of the USA….All of them need to be rooted out, exposed, and removed from their jobs….PERMANENTLY….


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    1. So very correct. Obumma purged the command ranks of the armed forces to the point where one political views and flexible morals re dodgy finance/ treasonous trade acquisition of armaments were the only criteria for advancement. Same with Leo’s. Notice from the very start that Potus has made the point he is pro Leo’s and military

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  6. Also worth considering past military cases in recent years:

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    1. Remember how Obama killed an American citizen AND his sixteen year old son with a drone? Citizen got no due process, no outcry for murder. And the boy’s death? How does this get ignored?

      By the Leftist malignant media.

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      1. I remember that. Both the Muslim cleric and his son’s rights were completely ignored.

        When a US citizens commits treason against the US by taking up arms against our country, we are supposed to revoke their citizenship. Then we can send in the drones.

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      2. It is very likely Ø killed a lot of ‘moderate’ muslims – the good ones who didn’t want the Arab Spring barbaric massacre of Christians – that Øbastard did want.

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  7. i read quite a few headlines in the last few days about background checks for guns increasing in the last few months–perhaps due to the seasons (hunting, Christmas) but I believe it’s because we are preparing–as a country.

    The Dems debate were pure gold for our side–not saying we watched, but we can read headlines–and they’re all talking about grabbing our guns. And Americans are NOT. GONNA. LET. IT. HAPPEN.

    Obama may have instilled soyboy sissies at the top of the food chain in the military, but POTUS –the Commander-in-Chief– publicly stated he wanted to protect the WARRIORS–and he’s an ALPHA MALE. He’s a true leader–he inspires loyalty. Underlings have to obey their commander unless it’s an illegal order–I read that on the Spencer thread. I believe the underlings would follow THE COMMANDER (POTUS) instead of their immediate commanders simply because they recognize insurrection when they see it.

    (maybe I am naive, in fact that’s a strong possibility, but it’s like the FBI—CRAP leadership at the top–does that necessarily correspond to corruption from top to bottom or are the “field” employees the good men and women we’re being told they are.)

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    1. I learned a long time ago that most managers hired subordinates who are inferior to themselves in order for them (managers) to feel superior.

      If that’s true in the private sector, it’s probably doubly true in the public sector.

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    2. I’ll give you another one: I was at a local grocery store over the weekend and was purchasing a big bottle of adult beverage. The checker asked for ID. Well, it happens so rarely…usually they just look at the date and hand it back. Not this time. The bar code on the back of my DL was scanned before I knew what was happening.

      Guess what. For adult beverages, I’m going to make the trek into the city to the big booze store. If they scan, I’m raising holy hell with a friend who is a big wig in the Republican Party. This is Missouri. We have some of the loosest laws on alcohol – on purpose and despite the bootheal. There’s no excuse for this.

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      1. Uh, I wouldn’t let them scan my ID bar code or otherwise take data into their system.

        Walmart TRIED this a year or so ago when I was buying some ammo.

        Gal says ID please. (I look older than dirt). Hand her my ID and she starts keying into her register.

        I say STOP, what are you doing? She says entering your information that proves you can buy ammunition.

        I say, NO, give me my ID. AND tell her there is NO Federal or NV requirement to do so.

        So, no more ammo from Walmart. No loss. Normally I buy ammo in bulk, of which there is no shortage of sellers.

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          1. Me thinks, I’d shop elsewhere. Checking IDs one thing. Capturing data another.

            Then again, all the data they, big brother and companies capture off cell and Internet.

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  8. Here’s an interesting thread, excerpted:

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    1. Richard Spencer sounds crazy at this point. He certainly couldn’t possibly know what a “war fighter” is. He’s a Wall Street bean-counter, and POTUS brought him in hoping to fix the disastrous cost overruns happening on many of our defense contracts. For example, the U.S.S. Lincoln – the carrier where the electro-magnetic “power” isn’t working.

      You know what’s worse – the Navy is continuing to build this class of carrier!!! The problems inherent in the Navy (and other branches) are much worse than Spencer. He came after these plans were approved. Let that sink in.

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        1. I need to edit the ship I named, churchmouse. It’s the U.S.S. Gerald R Ford class of new carriers that is experiencing the issue. The Lincoln is delayed coming home because of the carriers who are to replace them. This is public news, but I don’t like to talk about it.

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        1. Yes, rank of Captain. Not saying he isn’t aware of military, he served, but that was a long time ago, and he has had many years hanging with Wall Street.

          Actually, at the time, he didn’t seem like a bad pick because POTUS needed a “numbers” man – a bean counter who could fix the massive financial issues confronting the military in their contracts, and their military hardware. The failures POTUS mentioned are not all Spencer’s by any means, they were there before he came in. Among other problems high up bureaucrats have – is accepting the input when something isn’t working or isn’t going to work, but going ahead and doing it anyway.

          This happens all too often in government, not so much in private industry. Don’t doubt that there was feedback along the way regarding the concerns with the change in systems.

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          1. The defense acquisition subset of the federal acquisition system is a unique animal, and not one you can pick up readily. Given his lack of experience, Spencer would have had a hell of a time just getting up to speed on this stuff. Moreover, the inertia on the new military technology is formidable. That elevator system has probably been in the system, gaining backers, for ten years.

            Once a technology is this far along, the only options to “do away” with cost overruns are to change the specification so as to conform to whatever the contractor has delivered or to push the cost overruns back onto the contractor. And even this doesn’t make the overruns go away; this always involves a mechanism to recover the costs so that it merely pushes the costs into the future. They often get away with this because our government reports on a cash basis, so liabilities pushed out into the future are hard to find.

            The fundamental problem is the lack of competition for weapons systems. You cannot fire the contractor developing an aircraft carrier because there is only one in the US. You also cannot push too many costs onto them because you need them to stay in business.

            Clinton’s decision to do away with redundant capabilities in the development and manufacturing of weapons systems, which led to the obliteration of medium sized defense contractors all over the US, has had huge negative effects on the costs and quality of our military hardware. We need to split up the behemoths and go back to having a lot more competition in weapons procurement.

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            1. I Second that!!!
              As a QC Engineer I ALWAYS hated single sourcing. What happens if there is a fire, flood earthquake, snowstorm, strike? You are sunk and I dealt with continuous processes that could not easily be shut down. NOW add in the crack-head idea of Just-In-Time and you have a massive failure just waiting to happen….

              But what do I know, I am just a lowly QC Engineer/Lab Manager…. ERRrrrr, how many million dollar fiascos have I seen caused by this problem???? You really do not want to know. but there were more than one.

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    2. Oh, that is an awesome thread! THIS is exactly what I’m thinking:

      “Craziness is what’s costing the Democrats everything.
      They’re destroying themselves.
      Don’t throw them a lifeline by choosing this moment to go crazy yourself.”

      Trump is now cleaning out Ozero corruption. AMEN.

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  9. This thread is a good place to drop this…

    What if the shocked, almost numb Nunes look and demeanor had after coming out of the SCIF, and then speaking at the microphone, wasn’t just because he learned of the extent of “spying” that went on regarding POTUS, et al?

    What if he saw communications and plans regarding how deep Obama was involved in the overthrow of our Constitution? What if he saw how far along the bad guys were, and how pervasive and extensive their reach was?

    Tin-foil hat thinking? I’m not one who usually considers these ideas, but remembering Nunes and “What did Nunes see?” returned to the front burner (for me) these past couple of weeks.

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    1. The other shocked look to remember is that of Lyin’ Ryan when he saw “The Orb”, and likely intel that went with it. The White Hats (White Knights?) have plenty of great tools, too.

      And exposing the deeps state’s plans and deeds will be shocking, but cathartic. Cleaning and healing the wounds that the DEMONicRATS and the rest of the deep state have inflicted on the USA and our society for the last 100, if not 200 years (e.g. England never (mentally) having let go of the USA, despite the Declaration of Independence)…

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      1. Ah yes – the Orb.

        The network that has rendered FiveEyes obsolete. The Orb Network is the one on which DJT depends. FiveEyes is allowed to appear valid while left in place for use of feints and disinfo distribution. And leaks that DJT wants leaked.

        One of Q’s purposes is to put out disinfo scripts that the intel communities will accept. Designed to lull them into just enough complacency so that DJT does not have to fight them in real time. Meanwhile, they think DJT is at a place he has already vacated.

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    2. Never forget this:

      It did not matter if President Trump won or lost they were going to DESTROY HIM and anyone close to him.
      Think what they did to Paul Manafort with solitary confinement and what they are doing to Assange.

      THINK what they did to the Tzar of Russia’s family for interfering with their planned take over of the USA after we had exhausted ourselves fighting the civil war?

      We are talking about a very long lived Cabal who UTTERLY DESTROYS those who get in their way. I think Nunes saw their plans for President Trump’s destruction in that SCIF

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    3. I wrote in my book that what Nunes saw was Obama’s PDB, proving not only that Trump and his family WERE spied on, but also that not only did Obama KNOW, he ORDERED IT and was being kept apprised of its progress.

      Nunes knows WAY more than he has publicly revealed, and he has revealed A LOT. I have said it before, and I will once more. This ALL leads right to the feet of Obama, in the end, they ALL had only ONE boss.

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      1. I posted a thread ,I think from Dawson field that there are two ways to get a fisa. One through the courts and the other executive order from the president. Which would leave obumma with his butt hanging out in the breeze.

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  10. Gitmo operations have expanded as much as they have for reasons other than just treasonous politicians. Pretty obvious observation that leads to an obvious conclusion in my opinion. Flush them out, capture and cage.

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  11. Excellent synopsis Wolfe (as usual). The MSM freak out and dem reaction tell me that firing Spencer was ABSOLUTELY the right move. There will be NO color revolution, of that you can be sure, that WOULD lead to Civil War 2.0 and the DEATH and DESTRUTION of the left, starting with those that planned and organized it in a VERY public execution on the Capitol mall, including MSM members. So that is OUT, they are too afraid for their own skins to actually try it, though I do believe they were stupid enough to DICUSS it. Q even said as much when talking of an threat against the POTUS being revealed in Page and Strzok texts and other communications (Xbox or PS4 chats).

    There well may be mutinous factions in the Navy and other Military branches, but my bet is they do NOT percolate to the ranks, it is only a few at the top brass, which is bad enough. It think you are NOW going to witness the PURGE of that brass. Just as Obama stacked the upper ranks with like minded leftist bureaucrats, so now will Trump remove them and replace them with patriots, just like he did the judiciary.

    I recall you back to the q posts, showing a missile launch at SEA when POTUS was on his way to the first NK summit. That leads me to believe that there WAS a rogue faction at work. I think that faction was eliminated with EXTREME prejudice, but the were still embeds, like Spencer, and some in the JAG board. I suspect that the “reckoning” for them is upon us. There WILL be more. Some have ALREADY happened, Mattis and McMaster anyone?

    This is where stealth Flynn comes in. I am POSITIVE he knows the bad apples, and I would bet my gopher suit that he IS in contact with POTUS, and there IS a list of the bad apples, and they WILL be purged.

    As for Soros and his color revolution, he has a day coming soon too. As does the Cabal. They are desperate, but it is going to get WORSE. Separation of powers means they CANNOT arrest another branch, and should they try, there WILL be blood, and a LOT of it..on the Dem side. The people, whether or not the MSM will report it ARE with the President, and we WILL act if necessary.

    I suspect Trump knows just who and WHAT he is dealing with on ALL fronts. I think he IS executing a plan to weed them ALL out, he started in the judiciary, he has done some in the military, he has exposed dozens in Congress, the MSM, and the bureaucracy, there will be more. I think the heads HAVE been isolated, and removed from their powers (false flags) the time for the reckoning is nigh!

    Liked by 12 people

      1. My personal wish is that Trump, in a gesture of “good will” to Putin and Russia, extradites or delivers Soros to Russia to face justice for his crimes. The lefts heads would explode, and well deserved.

        Putin would probably give back Crimea just to get Soros in his hands who what he did to the old Soviet block and Russia.

        Liked by 9 people

        1. Good point. Much better for Soros to be delivered to Putin or one of the countries that suffered from his Evil. A country where they still have old-fashioned ideas about “justice” and punishment. Nothing wishy-washy.

          Liked by 7 people

        2. I really like the idea of handing Soros over to Putin, in part for its shock value. We are going to need a few shocks if we are ever going to rethink the level of hostility we in the US have towards Russia.

          I rewatched the Bezmenov interview Wolfie recommended a few days ago regarding how wildly successful communist infiltration in the US has been, and one of the things Bezmenov commented on was Russia’s relationship with the US. Recalling WWII, he said things changed abruptly right at the end of the war. One day the US was our friend and ally, and the next day they were our number one enemy.

          Liked by 7 people

        3. My levels of Suspicious Cat are way above yours. I believe that Putin realizes the obvious truth. SOROS helps Russia by hurting the West. All Putin has to do is keep the doors locked and let Soros rampage over here. Simple!

          If we gave Soros to Putin, his smart move (what “Wolf Putin” would do) would be to simply say “Drop all sanctions or I release him”.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. To which I reply, covertly of course, is should some “unfortunate accident” befall ol Georgie, like falling on his neck, we would be HAPPY to remove the sanctions AND work on new trade deals. Yes, Soros is that bad where Putin is the LESSER of two evils.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Rex and Wolf, does anyone know what’s happened to those billions of rounds of ammo that Obama stashed in the EPA, Enterior, HUD, hell, all the departments? Have the cabinet heads siphoned out their armaments and routed it to Defense?

              Liked by 4 people

    1. At the right time, we really need to know about that apparent missile launch off Whidbey Island, WA.

      Transparancy IS a major aspect of fixing these traitorous actions.

      Liked by 7 people

  12. One comment made by my EX who went thru OCS:

    During the Vietnam war, MANY of the bad officers were shot in the back by their OWN troops…

    Scuttlebutt is Obama shorted the military on bullets…. Could this be one of the reasons?

    President Trump has given ammo back to the troops AND got rid of Obama’s ridiculous Rules of Engagement. The WARRIORS are on the President’s side. The VETS are on the President’s side.

    Obama and some of the mayors & governors made the LEOs sitting targets for criminals, then got the Blacks riled up and that got LEOs killed. President Trump has tried to undo that situation.

    Finally Americans who are ARMED are on the side of the President and not the Commies.

    The Commie hope was to get the majority of people thinking President Trump was a Nazi, a Tyrant, and an idiot. The exact opposite has happened. President Trump has ‘engaged’ the American people and (at least to the Commies) has become a Cult figure with a YUGE ACTIVE FOLLOWING. Don’t let the polling numbers fool you his popularity is well over 50%.

    Did Soros and Hillary hope for a Purple Revolution?
    Yes I think so. I think it was to start and then the UN and China were to step in and restore order. Hillary would become ‘President’, a NEW Constitution would be written and the USA as a free country would cease to exist.

    OUR UNFAILING SUPPORT for our president, I think has spiked their plans. President Trump’s systematic cutting of the money strings has spiked their plans. China now has major internal problems making it less likely to jump in.

    They are STILL Trying to gaslight us though….

    Hillary Clinton leads Trump in a new Fox News poll. Yes, in November 2019.

    November 4, 2019
    A Fox News poll released Sunday did not have great news for President Trump. His approval rating was 42 percent, with 57 percent of registered voters disapproving of his job performance and 46 percent strongly disapproving. A year before the 2020 election, he is behind all of the top-tier Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden (51 percent to 39 percent), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (46 percent to 41 percent), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (49 percent to 41 percent). Even worse, Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton, who isn’t even running, 43 percent to 41 percent….


    Liked by 8 people

    1. Fox is run by the Murdochs who were caught and prosecuted for spying on opponents in the UK. Like Soros, they came to the US to wreak that same corruption and destruction here.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. AND they teamed up with Prince Al-Waleed who owed a chunk of the Fox mother country and Citi bank.

        Remember they are NOT Americans. They are Aussies and can have their American citizenship removed for cause.

        Liked by 10 people

    2. Fake polls run by a lesbian couple who are AVOWED Trump haters, do not a narrative make. There is an old axiom. It is called GIGO. Garbage In Garbage Out. When ones biases lead one to MASSIVELY skew the electorate to just barely achieve the desired result. Notice there is NEVER a 50% rating for ANY candidate and the numbers NEVER add up to 100%. That tells you there is MASSIVE skewing and monkeying around with numbers to FINALLY achieve ones desired bias. The Fox libs slip is showing.

      Liked by 7 people

    3. “Don’t let the polling numbers fool you his popularity is well over 50%.”

      Yep, definitely.

      I think it’s around 65%…and that’s why the Dems are freaking out, doing such desperate things.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. The Dems have already said they have ZERO chance to win against President Trump. I think they hope to dirty him up enough that he doesn’t sweep the House and Senate to super Majorities while he is at it.

        Liked by 4 people

  13. I’m going to go out on a limb here and hypothesize that the military was the last part of the government to be corrupted overtly, and when it was…that’s when you saw the high brass purged. Why? Because honest high brass being cuckholded WILL turn the tables.

    I go back to KOREA. AGAIN.The Korean conflict was then and still is a UN operation. Battle plans were submitted to the UN for approval, and in the field US forces – the people who took back western Europe and the South Pacific and Japan all at the same time not even ten years earlier – were getting slaughtered in the field. So, the high brass submitted false plans, and that changed.

    And THAT was when the NSA was signed into law. 1952, just five years after the CIA. Q DID confirm that CIA v NSA is part of it. I’ve said this before, behind the scenes, THAT’s the big battle and every now and then we see it surface, like when Edward Snowden, C_A asset, stole sensitive information from the NSA.

    Now, what we are seeing, if all of this is taken together, that Obama didn’t so much weaponize the military high brass, as neuter it from the American perspective, with intentions to replace command level people with – and this is strictly a guess – those who will turn on regular Americans. That may well have been part of Hillary’s mission. I hate to say it, but….

    I don’t think the job of cleaning out the Pentagon was complete from the Cabal perspective, though. They still had not rooted out the ones who will keep their heads down and do the job like real Americans would. Those were the brass that were a danger to them, not the people at the top. If the US military was the last remaining truly patriotic branch of government, that is a definitely possibility.

    As for the sleepers seeded in government, it took time to smoke them out. If Fiona Hill was one of the last at State, and guys like Vindman are kept on the payroll for court martial purposes, rather than being fired…the fact that they haven’t been arrested is making them bold, and they will make mistakes.

    That will benefit us in the end.

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    1. Okay, thought this guy was dead, seriously read he died of cancer many years ago, apparently not. Wanted to find an article he did in Military Review about 20 years ago about ethics in the Military. It painted a very dismal picture of where the military was headed as far as it’s officer corps is concerned and was using the West Point Cheating Scandal as a back drop to make a lot of points.

      Anyways, remember him as a FOX News military analyst. Before that I remember him as one of my instructors at the Army’s Inspector General Course at Ft. Belvoir VA.


      Finding it very strange this guy does not have a wiki page.

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  14. Thoughts, she has.

    Where we are as a country right now is a crossroads. Do we have a President who is a co-equal branch of government, or a figurehead as the left wants? Is the military to be a co-equal branch of government, or is it under the control of a Commander in Chief? Are the intel agencies really just “controllers” for our own populace, or do they work for US?

    Fundamentally, I think most of the enlisted military understands that the President is the ultimate authority, and would obey his orders in the end. But in the advent of a civil uprising, what might those orders even be? I think quite a few enlisted would abandon their post to join the fray, most of them on our side.

    Where I personally have come to is that I have two options, and two only; worry that the country is doomed (because so many voices that I used to trust are SO negative and afraid), or trust and believe that Trump actually does understand the game board, has prepared for all the possible outcomes (up to and including actual civil uprising) using game theory and the military, and he has it under control.

    I am choosing to trust Trump to maintain my daily sanity. I am prepared, however, if it all goes to shit, because
    “be prepared” is literally one of the greatest and safest positions to be in. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

    Liked by 9 people

    1. The left has no problem with POTUS being an unchecked king, when it’s their person in charge.

      Once their guy isn’t in place, and starts reversing all their advances, they flip out about Presidential power.

      The gaslighting is transparent, at least in part comical.

      * POTUS 44 creating DACA without the will of Congress by executive order was good and necessary.
      * POTUS 45 doesn’t have the authority to rescind DACA regardless of its constitutionality.

      Just one example among many.

      And stunning, too, because a President reversing a prior administration’s overreach is 100% appropriate. They are trying to convince us that POTUS doesn’t have the authority to pull back and shut down an illegal program. Astounding, really, how far they are willing to go for any expedient outcome.

      On this business the left doesn’t care if what they say is true – they only care if their fake story will stick with people. Their goal isn’t to be right but to manipulate as many people as possible so that events swing their direction. Cultural gaslighting, resulting in public dramas and crazy-making writ large.

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      1. I believe Obama WAS a figurehead, he was just THEIR figurehead.

        I think many past presidents were figureheads, too. Clinton and Bush, for sure. I think ALL future presidents were meant to be, including Hillary.

        But she LOST.

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    2. Aubergine,

      Remember Sun Tzu: First WIN then go to war.

      If you look you can see glimpses of the hidden wins.

      ANTIFA: They had a riot when President Trump was sworn in. The government was allowed access to the board where that riot was organized. No one was stuffed in jail. They were turned loose.

      That ticked me off… However if you want to trace the threads back up to the Puppet Masters you let them THINK they are free. Thomas Wictor had a video showing someone with VERY, VERY good skills, preventing ANTIFA from hurting people…. Professionals monitoring???

      Notice the call for riots through out the USA Nov 2017(?) NEVER HAPPENED? We have had some riots, some injuries, some FF but they are a lot less than I would have expected.

      The White hats are cutting $$$ lines, tracing command lines and figuring out just WHO are the people in charge.

      Maurice Strong — Dead
      David Rockefeller — Dead
      McStain — Dead
      CIA Bush — Dead
      Epstein — Dead
      NXIVM — Headed for jail
      Rothschilds, pulling back & selling off
      Al Waleed + Dirty Princes — BLOCKED
      100s of CEOs and bureaucrats — removed from power

      It is slow but it is happening

      Liked by 7 people

  15. We in Wolfdom don’t believe the MSM, but millions of our fellow citizens still do. This is my major concern about any Swamp countermove. Whether it is the arrest of Senator Grassley or allegations of a scandal against Nunes, or another FF operation, or something else, their propaganda is still very good. Millions of our fellow citizens are not equipped to see things the way we do, and millions more fervently do not want to.

    As to what they might try to do, it might be helpful to look at what the Swamp is fighting for. In looking at the manner in which Hussein’s Administration mucked around in Ukraine, it is quite clear that a multitude of US politicians made tons of money skimming off of (or getting kickbacks from) US aide, not only there, but around the globe. Indeed, I think US aid funds much of Soros’ activities. China and Saudi Arabia have lavished money on our politicians to influence how they vote. Academia, the MSM and huge law firms have created revolving door jobs for swamp dwellers. Benefactors have given away sweetheart land deals, book and movie “advances” and other forms of graft. The college admissions scandal was primarily about payola to various grifters that enabled their children to attend prestigious schools.

    Scores of our politicians have been blackmailed into doing things from which they cannot turn back, and console themselves with the benefits they get from this system. And the bulk of our federal bureaucracy consists of mediocre people who are vastly overpaid for what they do.

    These people do not have skills that translate well into honest work. Moreover, they have raised their children for Swamp work, and without a Swamp to infest, their children’s future is bleak.

    The stakes for them are very high indeed. I expect them to act accordingly.

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  16. This is definitely food for thought. It is always best to be prepared for what the enemy might do and not to underestimate them. But they are not going to arrest Pres, Trump and his family. Pelosi represents herself as someone who upholds the Constitution, but no matter what spin you put on it, you will not find a passage that says to arrest our president and people who have not been charged with crimes. (I realize that in a revolution, none of that matters, but I just can’t see it happening.)

    In addition, for all their tough talk, the Left are utter snowflakes who don’t know how to fight (with a few exceptions, like violent Antifa). Some in the military might go along with it, but they would be in the minority. Our Constitutional, republican form of government is too strong and too firmly entrenched for anyone to think they could get away with it. They also know that millions of patriots would not stand for it. And we have the 2nd Amendment backing us up.

    So many of Pres. Trump’s actions have far-reaching significance, and it is eye-opening to see the possible messages being sent in this case.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Bull shit. I’ve been over Barr’s speech several times and I posted here specifically on the portion of Barr’s speech relating to Boumediene. These was no mention of a no-prisoners policy in that speech. It was not extensively discussed; it was not discussed at all.

      The pablum this author puts forward is nothing less than defamation of the men and women who serve in our military. And it is a smear on the US to state that it has adopted rules of war that are contrary to the Geneva Convention and contrary to Western values.

      The summary execution of captured enemy combatants is a war crime. Moreover, it is paramount to the protection of our men and women in uniform that we uphold the principle that prisoners of war must be humanely treated. Ask any WWII veteran who fought in the Pacific Theater about this. The visceral hatred they still carry toward the Japanese derives in large part from the inhumane treatment by the Japanese military of US prisoners of war.

      Don’t fall for this insidious left-wing propaganda.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. The Mullahs have to know that an attack of that kind would almost certainly be met with a regime-ending response, but as they get more desperate, who knows.
    by Stephen Green

    Top U.S. General: It’s ‘Very Possible’ Iran Will Attack Again
    Foreign Policy
    Show thread


    RPL @RPL
    HMM: Top U.S. General: It’s ‘Very Possible’ Iran Will Attack Again.

    McKenzie shed new light on the threat, saying he is particularly concerned about the possibility of a strike involving large numbers of drones and missiles—much like the Aramco attack, which used dozens of Iran-manufactured cruise missiles and drones to devastate Saudi oil infrastructure.

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  18. Brit Hume (@brithume) Tweeted:

    Difference between Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren/Bernie
    Sanders is that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money and Warren/Sanders are trying to buy it with yours.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. Understated.

    @Techno_Fog: “Flynn Update: DOJ files Joint Motion to Abate Briefing Schedule due to upcoming IG report.

    ‘The parties expect that the report of this investigation will examine topics related to several matters raised by the Defendant.’

    CC @SidneyPowell1 @molmccann”

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