Snopes Racing to Help Adam Schiff on Pedo Rumors

Just sayin’.

Here is its, more fully. If you go there now, you can probably still see it.

When is reporting on leftist DEFENSE a form of wrap-up smear? Well, probably when something is so damaging to the left, they actually have to defend on it. Whatever.

For the record, Schiff is married and his wife is “not unattractive”. She’s named Eve, and supposedly they get a lot of jokes about the “Adam and Eve” thing.


Also, for the record, it’s a bit of karma that the left’s cynical pushing of the right’s REAL rumors of REAL Democrat pedophilia (you know – the tacky, sordid, normal, kind, like HERE) “over the edge” into “crazy, unbelievable, pizzagate” territory should now come back to bite Schiff – if these rumors are NOT true, but whatever.


Seriously – THE NEWS is THE NEWS now. So as SNOPES accidentally TWISTS THE KNIFE on Adam Schiff, WE REPORT and YOU DECIDE.

Personally, I think it’s incredibly stupid for them to aggressively defend on this unless Schiff is guilty. But then when it comes to stupid AND evil, the left excels, trying to hide the LATTER under the FORMER so often, we simply expect it.

For the record, I believe that something is up with Schiff, but I have no idea what it ACTUALLY is. Could be more along the lines of corruption involving China and the Long Beach port. I do suspect that he likes money and power more than little boys, but you never know.

How did I stumble onto this?

Pat Frederick posted an excellent meme this morning, here:


Way too funny. Would have gotten in trouble back in 1964, unless it was in PLAYBOY, and even then – probably trouble.

pgroup spotted it:

Just for the record, the WD 40 ad is a great fake. Notice the ” -” missing from the name. The product we all know and love is named WD-40.


You can actually go to WD-40’s site, and they debunk a lot of myths, but NOT this ad in particular, that I can find. Maybe a more diligent search would find this particular ad. Seems like a weaponized omission to me – make people search their site more deeply. AH, NUMBERS.


But anyway, when I “googled” using NOT GOOGLE, the SNOPES entry was already showing not merely the Schiff defense right through in the text, but even the ANTI-TRUMP.

If you look at the TOP ITEM (from Snopes), you can see the ANTI-TRUMP, and PRO-CHICOM stuff just leaking right through:

Nov 12, 2014 Is a 1964 WD-40 Ad Full of Sexual Innuendo? … Hundreds of fake account admins and 1,929 Facebook advertising violations only begin to tell the story of the Epoch Times-linked, pro-Trump empire …

search result:

This had the effect of reminding me of how, during the Trump campaign – particularly the PRIMARIES, there was an INCREDIBLE amount of MALICIOUS ADS targeting Donald Trump on INCESTUOUS PEDOPHILIA. Yes. NASTY. Pictures of Businessman Trump with his daughter Ivanka, insinuating very ugly stuff.

Remember those ads? They were too cringey to even take screenshots, although I wish I had. I was not as versed in the art of DISARMING psychological malware to STUDY THE BOMB back then.

Kinda like THIS, only in salacious ad form. I think they led to a lot of sites like these:

They were EVERYWHERE, and a lot of them went past ad blockers and privacy software, because they were FORCED onto conservative websites and blogs by Soviet CIA front companies that specialize in nasty politics by malicious ads.



Is Adam Schiff a pedophile? And is he still beating his lovely wife?



74 thoughts on “Snopes Racing to Help Adam Schiff on Pedo Rumors

      1. That dawsonSField thread leads to this PDF of a court case:

        Click to access SibelEdmondsDeposition_Transcript_080809.pdf

        Talk about a WTF!!! (Think General Flynn BTW)

        It seems several of the Turkish lobbying groups in the USA are ALSO spy operations for Turkey AND they had one of their agents slipped into the FBI counterintelligence unit by the FBI Security Background checkers. The spy then went on to try and recruit another Turkish immigrant working at the FBI.

        It is very long so I have not read all of it but these are some of the highlights of the sections I have read:

        My main primary agent for Turkish counterintelligence and I, we through various evidence and incidence became aware that she had worked for certain Turkish organizations and entities that were directly the targets of FBI counterintelligence investigations, and that she had lied in her application, and that for unknown reasons to us — I don’t know why — the FBI security background check had not caught that important information despite even her tax filing records.

        And not only that; Melek Can Dickerson and her husband, at the time he was a major with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Major Douglas Dickerson, and he was working for Douglas Feith’s office and was a coordinator with the State Department on the Turkey Republics in Central Asia; both husband and wife, Melek Can Dickerson and her husband, they were still associating and had working relationships with these Turkish entities, individuals and organizations that were the targets of FBI investigations…..

        A Correct. It means two sets of things. One set is the overt Turkish lobby that is classic lobbying for its interests, governmental relationship interests, commerce, et cetera, and the other category is the covert activities and operations by the lobby that many of which may not be legal.

        Q And when we talk about the overt Turkish lobby, can you identify the organizations you’re thinking about here?
        A There are so many….

        Q Okay. So when you talk about the covert Turkish lobby, what are you referring to there?
        A Activities that would involve trying to obtain very sensitive, classified, highly classified U.S. intelligence information, weapons technology information, classified congressional records, recruiting– recruiting key U.S. individuals with access to highly sensitive information, blackmailing, bribery. These are some of the ones that just perhaps — and there are many others that I’m unable to think of…

        Q Okay, and did you know at the time that the American Turkish Council was one of the counterintelligence targets?
        A Absolutely, yes.

        Q And did you believe Ms. Dickerson knew that as well?
        A She — yes, and the fact because her husband associated with American Turkish Council and she worked for them….

        And these are the SAME BASTARDS who did not want to give President Trump’s people security clearances. You just can not make this stuff up!

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        1. WOW.

          Not surprising. I’ve seen Turkish and Islamic orgs zoned EXTREMELY CLOSE to sensitive American LE, intelligence, and defense locations and installations. Seemed potentially intentional – now I am sure it was.

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    1. This is awesome stuff, and really demonstrates how RUSSIA-UKRAINE is a TWO-JAWED BEAR TRAP FOR EAGLES.

      If you call either side of the trap “good”, you’re an idiot. Whatever you do, don’t follow the Dems into the trap. Trip it with STICKS, preferably UNDER THE JAWS.

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          1. There’s a place here that sells decals (more like wallpaper) that you apply to your garage door: everything from fighter jets to Ferraris… but having an animated one like this is even better!!!

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  1. My goodness Wolfie,

    you don’t know he is a pedophile? QResearch Board had info on Standard Hotel in CA., photo of Schiff w/ young black boy and back story… small plane crash that killed mgr. of hotel…and his wife Eve is related to Soros.

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      1. I’m researching this now. I think there HAS to be some real stuff there – BECAUSE TRUMP TWEETS.

        Here is the original ” Liddle’ ” tweet:

        Here is Trump’s later response after the media firestorm:

        Q uses a certain type of disinformation that fools the cabal. Trump only uses TRUTH as disinformation, and in a very careful way, in his tweets, so that they ALWAYS age well. He will sometimes use MISTAKES to stretch the envelope.

        Both of these tweets are a MASSIVE TROLL.

        I will explain.

        SO look at these links:

        FIRST the MSM “pretending not to know” when they look at the Trump tweets:

        They act like Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing – BUT HE DOES.

        Trump is DEFINITELY BURNING SCHIFF on the “LiddleKidz” infant and pediatric massage organization.

        Here is an explanation of the “LiddleKidz” organization by a Pizzagate pedo hunter:



        Now – let me explain how the Trump tweet DOUBLES DOWN that he’s talking about LiddleKidz.

        Trump talks about a HYPHEN, not an APOSTROPHE. The media thinks this is BS, but it’s not.

        If you look at the LiddleKidz materials, and how they actually spell “LiddleKidz” as a neologism, they sometimes use a space, and most of the time use NO SPACE, and NEVER use a HYPHEN.

        I repeat – NO HYPHEN.

        Let’s analyze:

        “To show you how dishonest the LameStream Media is, I used the word Liddle’, not Liddle, in discribing Corrupt Congressman Liddle’ Adam Schiff.”

        First of all, “discribing” is a mix of “dissing” and “describing”. Brilliant neologism. Must give KUDOS!

        That is DONE. Proof that Trump is “high-leveling” this stuff. When the media doesn’t acknowledge this, it PROVES that they are going Mamet principle on it – pretending not to know.

        What Trump is saying is that THE MSM SUPPRESSED THE APOSTROPHE. And, just like the MSM says, the apostrophe is used to signify MISSING TEXT – a contraction.

        LiddleKidz going to Liddle’ would fit perfectly. So THAT is the first part of the Trump Troll. He is linking Adam Schiff to LiddleKidz.

        “Low ratings @CNN purposely took the hyphen out and said I spelled the word little wrong. A small but never ending situation with CNN!”

        It’s not a hyphen – it’s an apostrophe. This was RED MEAT to set the MSM on fire, chasing ghosts.

        But what is Trump saying? There’s no hyphen in Liddle’ – and that is true in LiddleKidz, too.

        In my opinion he’s CALLING ATTENTION to the apostrophe. It’s not a mistake. He means “LiddleKidz”.

        Now – besides ALL the pedo evidence cited in the links above, I want to add this BEHAVIORAL evidence.

        I ran into a pedo once, trying to take pictures of kids in a public portable (trailer) restroom at an big event. Multiple parents and other adults saw this and reported him to the police on duty. The police actually had to phone it in to their command, because THE GUY OWNED THE JOHNS, and (very conveniently) had all kinds of “proof” that he owned the johns, advertised his services, and used kids in the ads (of course, those were only the “wholesome” pictures). Headquarters had to LET HIM GO.

        The bottom line is that PEDOS try not only to create the conditions for contact and grooming, but they also make sure they have some kind of proof of an EXCUSE that will stand up in court to show that they had reason to be in contact.

        These CERTIFICATIONS are what the pedos NEED.

        These CERTIFICATIONS are a MONEYMAKER ON PEDOS. This is why the company uses (or used – have not looked at current site) the pedo signs and symbols – to BRING IN THE PEDOS and BRING IN THE BUCKS.

        Bet they charge a small fortune.

        Not everybody who has one of these child masseuse certifications is a pedo, and not every pedo has “infant or pediatric massage” certification, but I will bet that there is a MASSIVE Venn diagram overlap between pedos and LiddleKidz certification in areas where it is or has been offered.

        Trump always Tweets the real stuff. The Tweets age well. Schiff almost certainly has connections to LiddleKidz, and if so, then he probably has a certificate, and if so, he is very likely a pedo, IMO.


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        1. excellent breakdown of POTUS’ trolls Wolfie………….. thank you.

          methinks the manager of the Standard Hotel who died in the small craft had proof… 😉

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            1. Yes, and then they use that act/deed as even more leverage to control him, except he’s more than willing to do what they want, what with his Soros connection through his spouse.

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              1. Now about Soros – is there a solid GENEALOGICAL DIAGRAM of that relationship to Soros? After disproving that Schiff himself is related to Soros through either of his parents – even by marriage, I feel like the people behind the idea of a Soros connection have simply moved the goalposts of the allegation.

                Once bitten, twice shy!

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              2. I was under the impression that Eve is connected, ol’ brain is stalling on me at the moment… will get back to you on that..

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        2. Ok…I’ve waited to see if anyone else would broach this but, looking at that Potus tweet “leakin’ monster of no control” I’m sorry but there are two components to that which aught to elicit a different response from those conversant with aspects of excess in the “light loafers” crowd.
          Being intentionally opaque here to not offend. Seems implausible but there you go…

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          1. If you’re saying this matches up with that horrifying story about Schiff and the boy, I tend to agree. “Leakin'” monster being a double entendre squared, and “of no control” being about right. Second use of the “omitting apostrophe” doubled down on what’s missing in “Liddle'”.

            This is a real shot across the bow.

            Publicly, he’s saying “Thank you” for Schiff admitting the truth about Obama (somewhat sarcastically), but underneath he’s telling Schiff “WE KNOW”.

            And here is the deal – he HAS TO DO IT for the tweet to age well. WHY? Because THANKING CHARLES MANSON before he’s arrested is TRICKY to say the least.

            This is huge, IMO. But once I realized what Ed Buck is actually doing – that he’s part of the “drug ’em and rape ’em” crowd – the absolutely most toxic end of the “light in the loafers” crowd – and Adam Schiff is hanging out with the guy – and that Ed Buck has that “look of Satan” about him – oh, all this is making sense.

            The CHINESE have to know this. Adam Schiff, on the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, has this bad of a problem?


            Trump keeps telling him to resign and he’s not listening. He needs to listen.

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              1. Yes!

                Now imagine what Schiffty must be thinking, as Trump calls for him to TESTIFY in the Senate trial!!!

                Is Ed Buck relevant? Is CHINA relevant? Schiff is the HEAD OF THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE.

                My ___ – on what PLANET does this even happen?

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    1. Then…there is the story circulating that Anthony Bourdain was accidentally witness to Schiffy’s pedo activities.

      And that’s what got Bourdain suicided.

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      1. The Bourdain story sounds interesting and possible – but that story alone ain’t gonna put Schiffty in jail.

        We’re approaching a TRIAL of TRUMP in the SENATE. It’s time to start DEMANDING EVIDENCE on people like Adam Schiff. RUMOR ain’t good enough.

        I think RUDY has evidence. I’m thinking 50-90% of the pedo story may be CHAFF. Why? To steer us wrong. Keep us occupied on BS, while all these Dems SKATE on their real crimes – including REAL PEDO.

        They distract us with WRONG RED MEAT.

        Yeah, Sessions was pulling in REAL PEDO. But I’m starting to get very jaded on some of the more extreme allegations, without evidence.

        Part of this comes from having investigated SOME Schiff stories myself – in particular SOME alleged relationships to Soros – which were simply NOT TRUE. They were FAKE NEWS.

        What if Snopes is trying to HELP SCHIFF? Prove false a falsehood, to save his ass. It explains why they would do the nonsensical of RAISING HIS PROFILE ON PEDO. It means we’re NOT looking at Ukraine.

        Schiff is bad news – dirty as hell – nasty guy. But I think RUDY may have the real story, and the PEDO was – for some of these guys – actually COVER.

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  2. I was screaming about this to my neighborhood soccer moms in 2009. Nobody believed me.

    I just did a search on Gateway Pundit for “Kevin Jennings” – he was appointed by the USURPER as the “Safe School Czar”. There are so many stories on there I can’t list all the links here. This has been in the works for a long time.

    Here’s JUST ONE article with the reading list that pervert forced into schools. Warning – explicit language.

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    1. Agreed – sounds right for Schiffty.

      It’s a hell of a story, but it makes sense.

      Let me put it this way. If a SCHIFF video comes out, and Twitter tries to ban it, and Schiffty immediately calls it a “deepfake”, then I will likely start to believe this.

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    2. Pretty interesting opinions in there, too, as well as advice:

      If I were Schiff, I would be applying for citizenship in New Zealand like Comey did. Historically, Australia and New Zealand was where the CROWN would send their criminals to. They would moor a boat and just set them loose. (ARTICLE ABOUT THAT HERE:

      (Reminds me of “Sue Thomas, F.B.I Eye”, where Miles is always teasing Bobby about Australia being a former penal colony…).

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              1. Melanoma is a bitch. New treatment are coming but it’s really relentless.
                Ot we have the highest rate in the world here. White peoples in a hot country

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        1. I’m sure you do them proud 😀

          (tie me kangaroo down, sport…).

          (OTOH, any country that can produce a group like “The Seekers” is a good’n…).

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              1. Yep. I prefer the beers that cannot be seen through, and have bits of peat floating in them, like Stingo or “Das Schwarze” from Schwaben Bräu… upwards of 5.5%… Though Öttinger Export will do, in a pinch…

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  3. Thank you for the honorable mention, wolfmoon.

    It’s always nice to be recognized by those higher up in the foodchain.

    If I was running PR for the WD-40 company, I’d never deny that “ad”. Look at how much free advertising it has given the company. As a matter fo fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I might trip on down to the local starbucks and post it on reddit every few months just to keep it alive.

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  4. I remember some of the nasty stuff about Ivanka. Supposedly at some point, PDJT had made some comment to the effect of her being beautiful, and that if she WEREN’T his daughter, perhaps he would be dating her…..something along those lines.

    The left took that and turned it into all kinds of ugly, repeating and expanding on it for months. I know someone IRL who is an admin on a lefty site and they had an absolute field day with it…..BTW I still check that site periodically to gauge how the wind is blowing and the mood has definitely changed over the past few weeks.

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      1. Schiff in the wind… one toe in the water, and the other foot in their mouth… I hope and pray they’re greeted with a tsunami of justice soon…

        Considering that Randy Andy has been clipped, so to speak, I would imagine that other glitterati will be similarly outed…

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