20191121: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Fiona Hill/David Holmes

How are you guys feeling about this by now? Have we had enough? It’s Fiona Hill on the box today. Please check prior posts for links.

Fiona Hill is from northern England only attended university in Scotland. She has a lot of opinions. She’s the one who said, Bolton said, “Drug deal that Mulvaney is cooking up”. She gave a stellar performance review to Vindman but also warned her replacement, Morrison, against Vindman – the leaker. Look for questions on that issue.

David Holmes worked at the Embassy in Ukraine. He will talk about the Saint of the State Dept, Marie Yovanovich. AND Holmes was at the dinner in Kiev, where he allegedly overheard the President talking to Sondland, “Big stuff” and “Bidens”.

Here we go again.

485 thoughts on “20191121: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Fiona Hill/David Holmes

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    1. “The embassy in Ukraine refuses to give visas for three witnesses, two present prosecutors and the former Prosecutor General, who have direct evidence of major Dem corruption in Ukraine in 2016. They will show how Embassy there did nothing to protect @realDonaldTrump. Obstruction?”


      Well here’s an idea, Rudy.

      Why doesn’t the PRESIDENT fire everybody who is INSUBORDINATE at our Ukrainian embassy?

      Oh, right, the ‘firing’ game, I forgot, nobody in government can be fired, and you guys just play along with that because, I don’t know, I guess you think we’re stupid. Either that or you’re stupid, because you can’t figure out how work around a freakin’ CLERK at a U.S. embassy who (apparently) can put the brakes on the entire world.

      So since you can’t fire anybody, maybe YOU could send PERSONALLY ENGRAVED VISAS, by OVERNIGHT COURIER, to the 3 witnesses in question?

      Oh, I forgot, that could be portrayed by the media as interference or some bullshit.

      So since you can’t fire anybody, and you can’t send them VISAs for fear of the terrible fake news, why don’t you grant them diplomatic immunity so they don’t require a VISA, and fly them on over here?

      Oh, I forgot, that would violate some other imaginary concern that only pertains to those who seek justice but who are forever hamstrung by evil people who contrived all the rules to their advantage and then trained all the conservative lawyers to be afraid of them.

      So since you can’t fire anybody, and you can’t send VISAs, and you can’t grant them diplomatic immunity (or something similar), why not just bring them in as illegal aliens and give them the red carpet treatment like the Left does for tens of thousands of illegal aliens 24/7/365?

      Oh, I forgot, Republicans never do anything that would actually achieve any objective they talk about supporting publicly.

      Since you can’t fire anybody, and you can’t send VISAs, and you can’t grant them diplomatic immunity (or similar) and you won’t bring them in as illegal aliens…

      Why don’t you just post on Twitter about your incredible impotence and incompetence and inability to do get the job done, and gin up outrage?

      If there’s one thing we can never have enough of, it’s definitely outrage, Rudy.

      Definitely outrage.

      Moar outrage please.

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          1. “p.s. – why do all these feminazis look like really ugly men?”


            Well, it’s just a guess, but clearly feminazis hate everything ‘feminine’, which only leaves men for them to emulate.

            And based on observation, clearly the only men feminazis ever aspire to look like or be like are elder male Leftist apparatchiks.

            So as a natural result, the feminazis pretty much end up looking like aging drag queens, because they can stop being feminine easily enough, but they can never quite pull off the masculine with any legitimacy.

            Fortunately this still has the hoped for benefit of sexually repelling actual men, so the feminazis can focus on their bitterness and anger undisturbed.

            And the longer they do it, the more angry and bitter and drag-queenish they become. So it’s a whole self-reinforcing thing.

            Guess I’ve worked this theory out a little more thoroughly than I first thought… 😁

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  3. Sorry, Daughn, thank you for the great thread — BUT — and it’s a BIG BUT — Fiona Hill said in her introduction that she is from the north of England — not Scotland.

    She made a point of emphasising that she came from the area that George Washington’s family came from.

    America’s first President came from Sulgrave, in Northamptonshire.

    Fiona Hill was born in Bishop Auckland, in County Durham, not so far away.

    She attended university in Scotland, at Saint Andrews — as did the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — but none of the three is Scottish.

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      1. On the contrary, hats off to your nephew and congratulations to him for his hard work.

        Saint Andrews is hardly to be sneezed at.

        After Oxford and Cambridge, it is the third oldest university in the United Kingdom, having been founded in 1413.

        During the past few years, it has ranked in the UK between first and third in many university categories.

        It is among the world’s top 50 universities in several categories.


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        1. He has an PhD in Economics and is a big banker. He used to work for a bank in London but after his kids were born moved back to Germany. His wife is American. He went to school in Botswana and Private school in India. He speaks at least 6 languages. My kids and my brothers kids used to be in competition academically. Mine did not wanted to be called stupid Americans and they held their own.

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            1. Yes my brother lived in many countries. One child was born in Botswana the youngest in India and lives now in Luxembourg. My family has been scattered around the world.

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  4. Just this little tidbit before I hit the sack. From Ukraine:

    Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.

    Read the rest here:


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