20191121: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Fiona Hill/David Holmes

How are you guys feeling about this by now? Have we had enough? It’s Fiona Hill on the box today. Please check prior posts for links.

Fiona Hill is from northern England only attended university in Scotland. She has a lot of opinions. She’s the one who said, Bolton said, “Drug deal that Mulvaney is cooking up”. She gave a stellar performance review to Vindman but also warned her replacement, Morrison, against Vindman – the leaker. Look for questions on that issue.

David Holmes worked at the Embassy in Ukraine. He will talk about the Saint of the State Dept, Marie Yovanovich. AND Holmes was at the dinner in Kiev, where he allegedly overheard the President talking to Sondland, “Big stuff” and “Bidens”.

Here we go again.

485 thoughts on “20191121: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Fiona Hill/David Holmes

      1. https://www.redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn/2019/10/06/smoking-gun-glenn-beck-releases-audio-ukrainian-official-admitting-interfered-u.s.-election-help-hillary

        Glenn Beck has just released an audiotape of the former Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, admitting he “helped” Hillary during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Sytnyk was convicted for election interference in December 2018 in Kiev. The court ruled that the publication of the “black ledger” documents “led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state.”

        On the tape, he tells his friends, “Kolya” and “Ivan,” that “I was in charge of the investigation of their “black accounting” records. We made the [sic] Manafort’s data available to general public.”

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            1. She re-writes, while denying. I’m just trying to follow some of her logic out with facts, and well, it’s pretty Damned psycho!! She’s one messed up chick!!! 🤯🤯🤯


          1. There’s a large community of well established Russian loyalists living in Ukraine 17% , primarily in Crimea. That and since the whole country was not long ago a satellite of Russia there are still many private ties to Russia through out the country.

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            1. That and since the whole country was not long ago a satellite of Russia there are still many private ties to Russia through out the country.

              That’s an understatement, in fact. It was an integral part of the Russian empire since the time of Catherine the Great (the 1790s) after it was carved off from Poland (which was once a very large country). It had a brief couple of years of independence after the Russian Revolution (the Germans propped them up, to weaken Russia), but the new Soviet regime reconquered it quickly. In WWII it was occupied by Nazi Germany.

              It was no satellite; it was basically a PART of Russia/the Soviet Union all that time.

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              1. St. Petersburg has a bunch of “Ukrainian restaurants”.

                The general portrayal of Ukrainians there was similar to the way people were portrayed in “Hee-Haw”. Ethnic dress, chewin’ a grass stem…..

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    1. Yuck! Looks like that creature from New Zealand…

      Why is it that libturd “women” (and I use the term loosely) all look like escapees from “Creature Features” (hosted by the late, great Bob Wilkins)…


  1. Seriously, these are kids that got kicked off the prom committee.

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  2. David Holmes claim Lutsenko did not deliver on promised reforms, protected his political buddies, and enriched himself.
    I’ll be the FIRST one to castigate Lutsenko, if they only gave me something specific.
    There is nothing.
    On the other hand, have half – dozen stories, and details about Yovanovich getting cases dropped, with names and case numbers.

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  3. Hold the phone. Fee Fee’s testimony is essentially manure.


    Beck said this tape has been floating around Ukraine for a while, but it was only recently translated into English.

    Here is a transcript of the tape. Scroll down for the audiotape (Sytnyk’s conversation begins at 4:00).

    Kolya: Did they, those Russians, help Trump? Your people?

    Sytnyk: I think they did. Yeah. I helped him, too. Not him, but Hillary. I helped her.

    Kolya: Yeah. Right. Then her position tottered, right?

    Sytnyk: Well, this is how they write about it, right.

    Ivan: Hillary’s humanitarian aid … [indiscernible.]

    Kolya: Well, I’m about … the commentaries. At the time, we were not [indiscernible.]

    Sytnyk: Trump … his purely inner problem … issue … they dominate over the external matters. While Hillary, she is — how shall I put it? She belongs to the cohort of politicians who comprise the hegemony in the US. Both in the US and the entire world, right? For us, it’s … sort of … better. For Americans … what Trump is doing is better for them.

    Kolya: Well, we have lots of those American experts here now … [indiscernible.]

    Sytnyk: Well, there, you see why Hillary lost the elections? I was in charge of the investigation of their “black accounting” records. We made the Manafort’s data available to general public.

    Kolya: So what?

    Sytnyk: He was imprisoned. Manafort then was the head of the Supreme Headquarter of Trump, right? Then he was dismissed, too, including due to the “black accounting.” After that, he was sentenced to 80 years of imprisonment term. How about Trump? Did he not give a s***. They have their system working there and it works smoothly.

    Kolya: Everybody worked smoothly there.

    Sytnyk: And when they carried out the elections, a week before the elections, the FBI reopened the investigation in respect of Hillary. So her rating dropped for 7 percent and that’s why Trump managed to win the elections at a pinch.
    I’m still unable to understand why he’s fighting with the FBI. They try to catch him on the hand. If it were not the FBI, he would not have won the elections. They torpedoed Hillary’s ratings for 7 percen

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    1. This woman is an idiot. Anybody who doesn’t admit that there were all sorts of Ukrainians pulling out all the stops for Cankles is just denying the obvious. This woman indicts herself as useless with every breath.

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      1. The Ukraine was a money laundering center for the Democrats. The Ukrainians got a cut too, so why ever would they NOT try to get Hillary elected?

        My take is Hill and Holmes are dirty and up to their eyeballs in the corruption unless proven otherwise at this point.

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      1. It’s worse than that, Rudy, once upon a time was a BAD ASS prosecutor in the SDNY. He took down the NY/NJ MOB…well too. These fools cannot intimidate him. I suggest the Cabal look up the law term R I C O. Rudy to Laura Ingraham…” Laura, do you really think I would come out here on national TV against a former VP without ALREADY having the evidence to PROVE what I am saying.” “I have the PROOF.”

        Translation, these people are FOOKED.

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  4. Frankly, this back and forth is making unloading the dishwasher appealing.

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  5. Kash Patel was an aide to Nunes during the Russian investigation.
    Patel is the one suing Natasha Bertrand of Politico AND Adam Schiff for defamation.
    25 Million Dollars.

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      1. 😄I know I should not laugh…but I have felt many times in recent years that it just simply has to be declared. These F’ers are EVIL!

        Sometimes, I almost have this weird admiration of how blatant it is…and how they seem so confident that they know a significant portion of the population is simply oblivious to it.

        That’s why I keep repeating to people…THIS IS THE FIGHT!!! WE ARE AT WAR FOR OUR EXISTENCE!!!

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    1. Q told us to pay attention to the name

      Rod Rosenstein Threatens House Intel Committee Staffers Investigating DOJ and FBI
      12 Jun 2018 – 8:08:43 PM
      Kashyap Patel – name to remember.

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  6. We didn’t receive an explanation for the HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No one is talking to me!!!!!!!!
    I’m important!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why are they giving me a read out!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m supposed to know everything!!!!!!!!

    That’s all I hear.

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  7. Did you run and tell Eisenberg about the meeting?
    I certainly did!

    😩 They’re making changes I don’t like! 😩 I’m gonna tell!!

    This woman has no idea how juvenile she appears.

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  9. THE BEST ever statement on this farce:

    It’s an old leftist trick – dating back to Stalin and his people…maybe even Hitler – accuse others of what you are guilty of doing.

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  10. Lol, OANN reporter giving update, talking about Republicans requesting testimony of WInd Blower. Realizes his error, tries to correct and says Wind Blower again! 😃 The truth always comes out!

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  12. I hope the Republicans rip the snot out of Schiff and these 2 clowns!!🤡🤡🤡
    I know 🦋 dreaming again, wake me up when break’s over.

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  13. MSM already backstroking….talking now about censure… if they can’t achieve their pie in the sky impeachment. Isn’t that what they have already been doing since the day he announced his campaign??!

    Translation: we don’t like you, we don’t want to share any toys with you, we gonna tattle everything you say. We gonna stomp our little feet and pout and set our hair on fire and run around in circles and scream


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  14. Oh Daughn ….. all you guys watching for the rest of us deserve the civilian equivalent of Purple Hearts. Especially listening to the self-inflated opening statements.

    There is NO way these shells of humans could make it in the real world where wine spritzers and Embassy gossip are not considered ‘productivity’. Sadly their power to ruin countries and get our warriors killed is more entrenched than ever, as we are seeing by this shampeachment farce.

    I love the suggestion about POTUS calling in !! All your comments are much appreciated Treepers!!

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  15. Well this sounds like a good thing. 👇

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    1. In reading the Minority Witness Rule, it looks like, to me, that the Chairman and majority of the committee still have plenty of wiggle room for skullduggery. They can exclude some witnesses as not directly pertinent to the committee hearing, add additional witnesses of their own to take up time during the day granted to the minority and leave the minority with very little time and a reduced number of witnesses to call. So the minority then bitches about that and goes to the press who yawn and then on to a few talking head shows who also yawn. We’ll see.

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  16. Can you imagine ‘ordinary’ citizens tuning in fir a couple minutes and hearing this crap?

    To paraphrase Michelle … “All this for a foreign country?”

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    1. IMO It’s worse. Hill has tunnel vision. She can’t see above her task. Her epiphanies come late. Ruling out corruption/collusion (which I’m not) this also seems endemic through out State.

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  17. So it was FiFi who nixed Vindman’s attendance at meetings, not POTUS retaliation, because she didn’t believe he could handle politics.

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      1. She was making decisions based on a what if he was going to stay In the Army or not???? Behind his back, Vindman should be pizzed.
        I’d be pizzed if my boss, employer, co-workers, were controlling me based on supposition of what I may or may not choose do in my future!!!


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