20191121: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Fiona Hill/David Holmes

How are you guys feeling about this by now? Have we had enough? It’s Fiona Hill on the box today. Please check prior posts for links.

Fiona Hill is from northern England only attended university in Scotland. She has a lot of opinions. She’s the one who said, Bolton said, “Drug deal that Mulvaney is cooking up”. She gave a stellar performance review to Vindman but also warned her replacement, Morrison, against Vindman – the leaker. Look for questions on that issue.

David Holmes worked at the Embassy in Ukraine. He will talk about the Saint of the State Dept, Marie Yovanovich. AND Holmes was at the dinner in Kiev, where he allegedly overheard the President talking to Sondland, “Big stuff” and “Bidens”.

Here we go again.

485 thoughts on “20191121: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Fiona Hill/David Holmes

    1. I’m with you. The trouble is… all media circus clowns are reporting lies, not the truth. Alternate universes. Sickening. I get the print version of WSJ and they were just as bad today. It’s obvious they’re all trying to dirty up POTUS for 2020, and desperately trying to move the needle on impeachment in the polls.

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        1. Lemon is one thing, Wolfie, but the headline of the WSJ shocked even me today. They are openly lying, this isn’t just massaging the message, or being biased. It’s outright saying that night is day and day is night.

          I don’t know how we get around that. I remarked yesterday about alternate universes. My husband came in the door yesterday evening and noted the same thing. Hannity had said one thing, but hubby’s news’ app said the opposite.

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            1. “….Brace for it –
              break through it –
              sunshine on the other end.</strike"

              THOUSANDS of Indictments UNSEALED on the other end.

              They won’t be able to walk the streets…

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        1. It’s bizarre, so blatant. But a little scary too. They obviously think they can damage him with this approach. If there is anyone I’d like to see in handcuffs, it’s Schiffty.

          These people have/are participating in Espionage.

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    2. Volgarian8301
      “Ughhhh, I don’t know if I can stand another day of Schitt”
      Hang in thee if vaughn can do it we can do it 🙂

      I do to know how daughn does it having to be here putting all the stuff into writing.
      I was drained last evening that Sondland put me on a roller coaster.
      What a farce !!!!!!!!!!!
      There has to be punishment for Nanci and Schiff 😦

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    1. You will laugh…… The woman who testified last night, MsCooper. Husband was talking about her. I was thinking, if she were a girlfriend, what could we do to make her look better. There was nothing to work with.

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  2. I’m waiting to see if the President calls one of the Congressmen’s phones, engages in a conversation and then the Congressmen asks Holmes what was said……I know, won’t happen, but it would make for an interesting test of Holmes hearing……

    I am absolutely ready for another day of high comedy and propaganda…..:0)

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    1. This woman strikes me as a classic case of negatively controlled opposition. Predictable enough that Putin can make her dance in his sleep. People like this just make me roll my eyes. She has no business being in the same room with traitorous Democrats, much less passing judgment on Putin or Trump.

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      1. The problem is – her whole life’s work depends on Putin being the bad guy.
        She can’t imagine a world where we could work with the Russians on anything…… because it would HURT HER, and she’s too narrow minded to see a bigger picture.

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        1. Exactly. Weaker players can dribble her off Putin all day long behind their backs. “R MAN BAD.” Putin watches and says “OK – you want to play this way – I can use this, too.”

          Anybody who walks into the Russia-Ukraine dichotomy and doesn’t spot it for Scylla-Charybdis (twin dangers) is going to get eaten up. One CANNOT be polarized and step onto that field with any self-control.

          The REAL story (IMO) is that the corrupt American left has had a permanent Soviet Sad since the FSU firmed up under Putin, with his (to their tastes) too strong of a tilt toward Christianity, and away from old Soviet goals. Putin is able to maintain a rather ingenious balance which satisfies that portion of the Russian psyche which values its Soviet history, thus providing some stability, while rejecting Marxist ideas which would be incredibly damaging if self-inflicted again on Russia, to bring it back to a Soviet-type state.

          Russia is not an easy ship to steer. Let the man do his job.

          However – and this is where Trump is smart and others are not following, IMO – Putin is the perfect guy to move Russia into a “new world order” which makes sense, but is much more “international” than “global”. All these older leftist thinkers are stuck on the Soviet exit and perestroika PLOT to advance socialism in a post-overt-Soviet world, which is really a bunch of rotten floorboards that needs ripping up. It served Russian interests for a long time – going big on the I in MICE with these pathetic American leftists – but it’s OVER. That plan is not going to float any longer.

          These American socialists can’t even admit that their old plot exists, much less abandon it – how in the hell can we move past it? Meanwhile, old controlled opposition keeps playing the same controlled game it did before – even more dead weight.

          There is a sweet spot for “conservative progress” which Trump sees and others don’t, and it’s painful to watch SOME people not getting it, but either way, it’s coming. It’s like a replacement window for the sad broken Overton Window which has been pulled left and right in one fake dimension until it’s distorted and untrustworthy. The Trump coalition is – IMO – the best lens ever for bringing this thinking into focus.

          -reformist but not radical
          -conservative but not reactionary

          It’s like the flip side of the UniParty, because it’s driven by the American People and not by politicians, but it’s remarkably centrist at the same time.

          All the FAKE NEWS can do is wave their hands and try to distract us from it.

          TRUMP 2020. DEAL WITH IT!

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    1. Deplorable Patriot
      Fiona Hill, BRITISH BORN, American foreign affairs specialist.

      The deep state can’t find actual Americans to do their dirty work?
      I was thinking the same.

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  3. Judge Nap was on F&F spewing the Dems talking points, hosts were pushing back, but he still kept on. Wanted to strangle him thru the tube!! Now Schiff, again?? Please pray for me AND my 📺, thanks.😊

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  4. Holmes – Straight out of Hollywood casting.
    He needs a uniform —– one from the enemy camp, WW2 era. Handsome lad. Yet, from the definite genetic “set”. Bet he did not do well in Bogota.

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  6. OMG they are LYING and I KNOW they are lying about Yovanovich and the “retraction of Lutsenko” and the “do not prosecute list”.
    This is a SHAMPEACHMENT.

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  7. “Have to pretend certain things are not true”…………..

    I know I’m nobody special…. But the deep state is depending on propping up the myth of Russian hacking the DNC = Russia bad
    Lutsenko and Shokin are bad and corrupt.
    We have to pierce this myth.

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  8. My, my, my….Deep State sits before the committee in the form of David Holmes….
    Mr. Holmes is providing cover and misdirection regarding Marie Yovanovich and Holmes is leading the charge to dirty up Rudy Guiliani and Volker, Sondland & ???the third amigo.

    Pretty clear that the Burisma corruption poses a clear and present danger to the Dems….they keep calling it a debunked conspiracy and Nunes knows it’s a connection to the Russian Hoax….today might get very interesting.

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  9. They discussed “ marketing strategies for Sondland’s hotel business” over a bottle of wine at lunch???? 🤬🤬
    Anyone else have a problem with that??

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  10. There is no way in hell, Holmes, sitting across the table, in an outdoor restaurant…….. could be clearly heard.
    Especially given Sondland’s testimony yesterday (held it close to his ear and not on speaker phone)
    Not buying it.

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  11. Am I incorrect in thinking that the Dems won’t be asking about the phone call? The Dems wanted this guy to testify to much more than a phone call, the phone call is inconsequential, the phone call was used as a legitimate excuse to get this guy before the inquisition committee members.

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    1. Yeah, good thinking.
      Maybe he is MORE there to rehab Yovanovich.
      Remember, in the meeting with Lutsenko, January of 2017, the meeting where Yovanovich gave Lutsenko a VERBAL list of do not prosecute names,……. Yovanovich had one person with her
      and Lutsenko had one person with him
      They are witnesses.
      Wonder if Holmes was the one with her?

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      1. :0) You’re good…yeah, it is highly possible and if Mr. Holmes wasn’t in that specific meeting, I’m betting that Mr. Holmes attended a large number of similarly ‘slanted’ meetings…Holmes is giving a Political Diatribe…Scripted down to the last comma.

        IMO Holmes is more involved in this lawfare event than most lackeys we’ve seen so far….

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  12. He’s talking emotionally about the “Revolution of Dignity”, which is the one where Nuland was passing out cookies to the protesters.
    Our State Dept was angry about losing Ukraine, because Russia gave them a better 2 Billion dollar loan bailout deal.
    So they started a revolution and ran Poroshenko out of the country.
    In the malay, Russia took advantage and grabbed Crimea.
    We’re not going to war with Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine when the people in Crimea would rather be Russians.

    We lose 50-70K Americans every year to Chinese opioids.
    This is no longer a “hot war” in Ukraine.
    “Two people died this week” in Ukraine, despite a cease fire.
    These are bureaucrats who are desperate to protect their fiefdom.

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      1. They look at everything through their own prism. I suppose we all do, to a certain extent.
        Yet, the President’s job is to evaluate all needs = Big Picture.

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  13. Big T had a secretary, British, named Fiona.
    She also had an overinflated view of herself and was in love with my husband.
    Lonely-bitter, cat lady.
    Yep, that’s Fiona.

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    1. Wonder if she attended LSE (London School of Economics)… that would definitely identify her as deep state, and perhaps as a foreign agent… Rhodes’s Roundtables and all…


  14. Again, they think they’re in charge of foreign policy. Denying Ukraine election interference and refuses to discuss cuz Russia’s behind it. Warning and chastising Republican Congress members, What a pompous a$$ bitch!

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  15. From Schiff.
    Extensive Russian Penetration into 2016
    No one in the INTEL community dispute that
    HOUSE Committee report is an OUTLIER

    Trump in Helsinki
    Fiona claims “Ukraine interference” is a Russian op.
    No kidding.

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      1. Ahhhhh!!!!



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