News Roundup! Day 3 of the Impeachment Circus Was Another Epic Fail, PDJT’s Cabinet Meeting, Independent Voters Will Be the Democrats Downfall, Prediction on NAFTA & USMCA, Foreman Mike Update, We Are About To Hit A Home Run At Our Southern Border, Fake News Got Caught With Their Pants Down, Judicial Armada Update, Epstein Isn’t Going Away…..

Representative Devin Nunes questioned Vindman about whether he had shared the contents of the phone call between our President and Ukraine President Zelensky with anyone outside the White House.

In responding Vindman stated “two people”, and then named State Dept George Kent, and a person from the intelligence community. Vindman refused to name the intelligence agency.

This non-answer makes Vindman the source for the CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella.

From the article linked above:

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman admitted to the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday to leaking information to the anti-Trump whistleblower at the center of the Democrats’ partisan impeachment proceedings.

When pressed on who Vindman spoke with about the call, Vindman said he spoke with two individuals not in the White House, including Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent and another individual in the intelligence community that Vindman refused to name before being cut off by Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff.

“We need to protect the whistle-blower. Please stop. I want to make sure that there is no effort to out the whistle-blower through these proceedings,” Schiff interjected. “If the witness has a good faith belief that this may reveal the identity of the whistle-blower, that is not the purpose that we’re here for. I want to advise the witness accordingly.”

Vindman testified under oath in a private deposition last month that he was unaware of who the whistleblower was. On Tuesday, Nunes pressed Vindman on how it is possible that he might out the whistleblower if he does not know the identity of the whistleblower.

“Per the advice of my counsel and the instructions from the chairman, I’ve been advised not to provide any specifics on who I have spoken to with inside the intelligence community,” Vindman said before being cut off by his own lawyer.

The three stars yesterday were Representative Ratcliffe, Jordan and Stefanik. They all delivered some of the most powerful congressional questioning yesterday.

John Ratcliffe Morning Session

John Ratcliffe Afternoon Session

Jim Jordan Morning Session

Jim Jordan Afternoon Session

Elise Stefanik Morning Session

Elise Stefanik Afternoon Session

The Republican’s Attorney gets an honorable mention for his role in the morning and afternoon sessions.

The problem for the Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. is the Independent voter. That problem is getting WORSE with no end in site.

Our President held a cabinet meeting in the White House yesterday. He delivered remarks and took questions from the press.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter video clips.

When our President spoke about the USMCA and what he believes Nancy is doing by holding up the vote in the House, he also referenced that Nancy is incompetent and that we all soon would find out why.

I believe that our President is going to take that card away from her relatively soon. My prediction is that within the next two weeks, he is going to sign the EO starting the 6 month clock to terminate NAFTA. The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. will cry and complain. The problem for them is that there is a bill (USMCA) that would pass easily in the House and Senate if Nancy would allow it to be voted on.

Our President will fulfill another campaign promise but more importantly take any type of win away from House Democrats when they finally vote on the USMCA.

Foreman Mike is back! here is his latest update on our Wall.

We are about to hit a Home Run at the border!

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration is set to harden the rules this week on those allowed to seek asylum in the United States, as it attempts to stem a wave of migration on its southern border with Mexico.

In a fast-track regulation set to publish in the Federal Register on Tuesday, the administration has created a framework that will allow asylum seekers to be sent to other nations that have negotiated bilateral agreements to accept them.

The new regulation states that asylum seekers may be sent to any other countries with which the United States has asylum agreements that permit such an action – even if they did not first transit through those nations.

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy counsel at the pro-migrant American Immigration Council, said the regulation could reshape the U.S. asylum system.

“If this rule fully goes into effect, virtually no one who arrived at the southern border would ever be allowed to ask for asylum in the United States,” he said.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration issued a rule on Monday that would allow it to send migrants seeking protections in the US at the southern border back to Guatemala under an agreement brokered earlier this year.

Under the rule issued Monday, the agreement will be used to deport migrants to Guatemala and, eventually, to El Salvador and Honduras, which have signed similar agreements with the US.

When it goes into effect next month, the joint interim final rule by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice will establish a new screening process to determine whether the US or Guatemala will process migrants’ claims for protection. It will apply both to immigrants who show up at US ports of entry at the southern border and those who try to enter the country without authorization between ports of entry.

Richard Calderone, litigation counsel at the Tahirih Justice Center, said in a statement, “And if fully implemented, it will effectively end asylum and related protections in the United States for everyone except unaccompanied children.”

Fake News got caught with their pants down thinking they had a juicy story about our President and the detention centers.

It is poetic justice that the DNC got played by Fake News!

While the House continued their impeachment circus, another Circuit Judge was confirmed today. This is the 47th Circuit Judge that has joined the Trump Judicial Armada!

Another Circuit Judge was moved forward and will be confirmed tomorrow (# 48).

They have an EPSTEIN problem that isn’t going away! They thought that by killing the POS, folks would no longer focus on Epstein and all the POS that were involved. The problem is only getting worse. RICO!

From the article linked above:

The FBI is reportedly looking into a possible “criminal enterprise” involved in the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

According to Fox News, Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer testified on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, revealing, “The FBI is involved and they are looking at criminal enterprise” in his death.

The two guards who were on duty on the night of Epstein’s death are reportedly expected to be arrested this week due to allegations of not checking on him.

Guess who has all the videos and photos.

From the article linked above:

Jeffrey Epstein’s victim says he told her he kept a safe filled with surveillance camera footage filmed inside his Manhattan home

  • Maria Farmer told CBS Epstein kept surveillance footage tapes in his safe 
  • The tapes were from pinhole cameras set up in bedrooms and bathrooms in his Upper East Side mansion
  • Police will not say whether they form part of their ongoing investigation into his conduct 
  • Farmer claims Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell sexually assaulted her in 1996
  • She says Maxwell then threatened her life afterwards and left her traumatized
  • Maxwell issued a statement in August to issue a blanket denial on other allegations of misconduct 
  • On Tuesday, two jail guards were arrested for failing to check on Epstein the day he died in jail  

74 thoughts on “News Roundup! Day 3 of the Impeachment Circus Was Another Epic Fail, PDJT’s Cabinet Meeting, Independent Voters Will Be the Democrats Downfall, Prediction on NAFTA & USMCA, Foreman Mike Update, We Are About To Hit A Home Run At Our Southern Border, Fake News Got Caught With Their Pants Down, Judicial Armada Update, Epstein Isn’t Going Away…..

  1. “If this rule fully goes into effect, virtually no one who arrived at the southern border would ever be allowed to ask for asylum in the United States,” he said.

    Pobrecito! Mi corazon esta sangrado para ti!

    Liked by 12 people

    1. There are many embassies and consulates where candidates may apply for asylum.

      Storming the border was a plot by leftists and the cartels to overwhelm the US system.

      President Trump has answered with:
      – the Wall,
      – agreements with Mexico, Guatemala and other countries to stop the migration or lose aid and trade.
      – new immigration policies and rules
      – stepped enforcement by Border Patrol, National Guard, US Military – and ICE!
      – adding DNA testing to detect false families and child traffickers
      – stepping up prosecution of child trafficking rings
      – K9s and other drug and human smuggling detection technology

      The WALL is going up day by day.

      152.6 miles of top grade US Steel is in place at contracted Army Corps of Engineers/CBP construction sites.
      Maps, graphs –
      Videos –

      83 miles of completed wall contracts with lights, roads, surveillance. –

      509 miles of wall are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.

      We Build The Wall completed 1/2 mile of wall this year on private property and began construction at another site on Veterans Day, with 2 more sites in planning.

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        Thank you USBP officers – both human and K9!!!!

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        1. PS – President Trump says he likes the ‘Acting’ status – because either they ‘act’ as they are supposed and needed to act – or they are liable to hear the famous Trump statement – “You’re fired!”

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      3. Did the Butterfly group stop WeBuildTheWall construction?

        From the daily thread:

        November 20, 2019 at 03:11
        We Build The Wall ordered to halt construction…

        Posted by Kane on November 19, 2019 9:32 pm

        McALLEN, Texas (Border Report) — The private nonprofit advocacy group We Build The Wall has been told to stop building a border wall on private property in South Texas on the Rio Grande, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez, and an official with the International Boundary and Water Commission told Border Report on Tuesday.

        “The government is going to stop them from building the wall. There’s apparently been a violation.”

        [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  2. love all the clips of our Warriors!!
    thanks for the good news Flep!!
    I keep reading no one wants to watch this impeachment crap drag on and on…three years of bullshit–the American people know a winner when they see one–POTUS is that winner!!

    Liked by 7 people

    1. I am really ready for some JUSTICE in America,this shit has gone on for far to long.
      The USA is hot right now and I really feel the time has come or these traitors will go all in with BAMN.
      Pray for our Country and POTUS.
      We are in scary times right now but God always wins.

      Liked by 7 people

  3. Wondering.

    My understanding is the Whistleblower Act protects the Whistleblower from government retribution, punishment, etc. for the act of whistleblowing. But not remaining anonymous.

    If I am correct, wondering why Republicans don’t push back during the hearings and openly challenge what I believe is a blatant lie by nervous Nancy, shitty, Schitt, crying Chuckster…
    – Demand a quote from the Whistleblower Act that requires Whistleblower remain anonymous.
    – Blast this out at the faux hearings. National audience, granted the viewership numbers are small. Would be great at pressers, TW…

    Am I incorrect?

    Liked by 10 people

    1. It is know as giving them enough rope to hang (perjure) themselves.

      The fight is really about the independent voters and the Demonrats just keep digging the hole they are in deeper and deeper. That is why some of the more intelligent Demonrat CongressCritters are starting to break ranks.

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  4. I tried to watch the full Mark Levin – Nunes Utube F. LePore posted yesterday. It is now 1 second long. you get two words before it shuts off. I looked at the clips posted by dirty truth and then tried the URL he posted of the whole show. Again I got two words.

    Looks like the censorship is increasing

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  5. Vindman is SOOooo screwed and he knows it, that is why the go-fund-me for legal fees was started yesterday BEFORE he goes up against a military tribunal.

    As an active officer he DOES NOT get a nice DemonRat Judge and DemonRat jury. He doesn’t even get to run to the Ukraine and take that nice job offer since the new President would probably be happy to gift wrap him and hand him to President Trump as a Christmas present.

    Liked by 9 people

  6. Flep, can you help me interpret President Trump’s 303,000 October jobs number that he tweeted on November 1 when the BLS report came out at 128,000 for October? I see the +95,000 that came from August and September upward revisions, but that still leaves 80,000 unaccounted for in the President’s tweet. Trying to explain to a family member who believes Jim Acosta’s accusation that the President lied.

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  7. The MAGA movement wont be stopped.
    God is back in the White House,and the power of prayer is stronger than anything the dems can throw in front of the Trump Train.
    Buckle up its gonna be a bumpy ride.

    Liked by 6 people

  8. Why isn’t this news all over the television? I guess that’s a dumb question.


    Biden, partners receive $16.5 mln in payments stolen from Ukraine – MP Derkach

    KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Some $16.5 million received by Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, as payment from Burisma was stolen from Ukrainian citizens, member of parliament Andriy Derkach has said.

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  9. BREAKING: DNA testing has established that Hunter Biden is the father of an Arkansas baby, according to a motion filed Wednesday »… #ARnews #ArkDG
    @ComfortablySmug: “The Dem who wishes Joe Biden congratulations on his newest grandchild at the debate tonight instantly wins this is the rule

    Liked by 3 people

  10. WTF?
    “There are 35,000 foreigners working at Energy Dept, 10,000 from China.

    Some joined China’s payroll after getting their jobs, brought over other Chinese agents, and set up a cell inside DOE (which does nukes) that was “insular,” beholden to China, and didn’t speak English.”

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  11. “The FBI is reportedly looking into a possible “criminal enterprise” involved in the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.”


    It’s like Wile E. Coyote reportedly looking into whether ACME, Inc. is responsible for repeatedly setting him up for devastating injuries…

    The most hilarious part is that the government generally, and the FIB specifically — the supposed premier investigative law enforcement agency in the world — is the only entity on the planet still pretending that Ⅎ˥ƎSWIH ˥˥I⋊ ⊥,NᗡIᗡ NIƎ⊥SԀƎ.

    They have quite literally fooled NO ONE on EARTH.

    Has that ever even happened before?

    How bad do they have to suck, that they didn’t even fool ONE PERSON on the whole planet?

    They assured us he committed suicide, for months, under circumstances so ridiculous you couldn’t even make a cartoon out of it.

    And now they’re investigating… LOL!

    Our government is pathetic.

    The people in our government are mostly pathetic.

    They don’t even care enough to put the effort into coming up with a plausible ‘story’.

    They didn’t even phone it in.

    They just said &^%$ it and walked away… 😂


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