20191120: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Gordon Sondland

Are you ready? Only Gordon Sondland will testify today, and he is a key player in the whole Schiff Circus. He spoke to the President on 5 occasions, at least that is what we are being told. After yesterday, we can expect the Dems to try to make up some lost ground. Oh, and don’t spend all your energy here ——- there is a Dem Debate tonight.

Yesterday, ThinkThinkThink passed me this photo and it’s perfect for today. Members of the swamp, all having fun together.

Testimony will be streamed from same places as yesterday.

Thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little more about Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the EU.

“Power couple” Gordon Sondland and Katy Durant

Gordon Sondland was born in 1957, based in Portland Oregon, born in Seattle, founder of Provenance Hotels and co-Founder of Merchant Bank Aspen Capital. He’s a multi-multi-millionaire, if not a billionaire. Interesting – he dropped out of University of Washington to start the real estate biz —- he did well. His parents were Jewish and escaped the Nazis. He’s been married to Katherine (Katy) for decades and their charitable foundation, which supports families, has been active since 1999. Until 2016, Durant was the Chairperson of the Oregon Investment Council, the body that oversees the over $85 billion Public Employees Retirement System Fund.[68] They have two children, Max and Lucy.

Sondland has been enormously successful renovating older downtown buildings and turning them into fabulous gems from Denver to Seattle, to Los Angeles and back again. A project like The Old Post Office in DC, would have been Sondland’s dream come true. When he was appointed as Ambassador to the EU, his wife took his place as Chairman of the Hotel Company.

There is a lot of speculation about how loyal Sondland will be to President Trump. Let’s look at Sondland’s political history to see if we can discern how he “leans”.

  • Sondland was a member of the transition team for Oregon Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski‘s administration and was appointed by Kulongoski to serve on the board of the Governor’s Office of Film & Television.
  • Sondland also served as Oregon liaison to the White House. (Under Bush)
  • In 2007 President George W. Bush appointed Sondland as a member of the Commission on White House Fellows.
  • During the 2016 United States presidential election, Sondland initially supported Donald Trump, but cancelled a fundraiser and repudiated Trump for his attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan
  • April 2017, it was revealed that 4 companies registered to Sondland donated $1 million to the Donald Trump inaugural committee.
  • On March 12, 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that President Trump selected Sondland to be the next United States ambassador to the European Union. (Confirmed June 28th, 2018)
  • Both Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) testified in support of Sondland.[33] Sen. Wyden suggested that Sondland’s “family history is both fascinating and instructive as to why he has the experience and understanding to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to the E.U.,” noting how his Jewish parents fled Nazi Germany before coming to the United States.
  • Sondland served as Co-chair raising funds for the George Bush Center.
  • Sondland has served as Trump Admin lead for coraling EU nations for Iran Sanctions, the SPV vehicle which skirts US sanctions, and has been a vocal critic of the Nord Stream Pipeline.

Because Ukraine (allegedly) wants to enter the EU, Sondland would be the primary lead guy in charge of Ukraine policy. Bill Taylor would answer to Sondland. Volker would answer to Sondland. There are two text message exchanges we will probably see today. Here they are.

Ukraine Bill Taylor: [12:47:11 AM] Bill Taylor: “As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.” This was seen as the “set-up” text message. It came AFTER the Politico article was released, and Taylor already knew the premise was bogus. Yet, here, he is trying to trap Sondland.

It took Sondland approximately 5 hours to reply to Taylor’s text message (because Taylor sent the message a 1:00am in the damn morning), and it was later revealed that Sondland had called Trump prior to writing a response, in which the president repeated the phrase “no quid pro quo” several times. Sondland responds:

[9/9/2019, 5:19:35 AM] Gordon Sondland: Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The President has been crystal clear no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign I suggest we stop the back and forth by text If you still have concerns I recommend you give Lisa Kenna or S a call to discuss them directly. Thanks


On November 5, the New York Times reported that Sondland had provided updated testimony stating that he did in fact view delivery of the aid package as contingent upon the Ukrainian government publicly opening an investigation of Trump’s political rivals as desired by the President. According to the testimony, he relayed this position to Ukrainian government officials. (note the phrasing from the NYTimes – it could be that the President merely wanted corruption from 2016 and Burisma and origins of the 2016 election investigated ——– which happen to be the Bidens)

Fiona Hill created the theme of “The Sondland Problem” whereby she chastised Sondland for pushing more investigations. “The Sondland Problem” was a trending topic on Twitter, yesterday.

The press has been after Sondland as well. They interviewed his general contractor who is renovating his personal residence. No kidding. And the press criticized Sondland for spending over $250K on the renovation of his kitchen. Word to the wise, if Big T was a billionaire – and as much as I love to cook – I could easily spend a MILLION dollars on our kitchen. Besides, it’s Sondland’s own money.

Here, we see Sondland standing next to Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry. Sondland has done a good job for the Trump Admin and probably NEVER expected this kind of scrutiny. The left will be desperate to disparage Sondland…. it’s there best chance for something substantive. Let’s hope he can withstand the barrage.

Sondland will only be available in the morning/early afternoon session. At 2:30pm Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Ukrainian and Eurasian affairs and David Hale, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs. We’ll do a seperate thread for them.

455 thoughts on “20191120: Shampeachment ~ Testimony of Gordon Sondland

  1. Sondland’s experience with memory is familiar. Some things just stick with you. He most likely did not know he was going to have to testify to this, how was he supposed to know to write this stuff down. The man is busy in his job. They won’t let this go. Other then knowing the records are unavailable because the State Dept won’t release them, this focus is ludicrous.

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  2. Nunes had a good point. On Saturday in the bunker they interviewed the guy in charge of releasing foreign aid who can enlighten everyone on all the when’s and why’s. Sondlund’s perspective/testimony might be different/clarified if he had all the facts. Schiff refuses to let that person testify or release the transcript. Rules say Republicans cannot introduce new info or ask questions about anything that hasn’t been released by transcript. Schiff is stacking deck, tying hands, controlling witnesses and manipulating the entire process. UnAmerican, Total BS!!! SHAMPEACHMENT!!!

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    1. It makes absolutely no sense for the procedure to occur in this way.
      How can we cross examine one witness when we do not have disputing testimony from other witnesses?
      You can’t.
      And AFTER all the witnesses were disposed, there should have been 4-6 weeks interim for the teams to put together their cross examinations, compare testimonies of others, and subpoena other witnesses and records for verifications.
      IF they were interested in the truth.

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      1. That’s why it’s a SHAM!! Schiff is a witness, a Judge with own rules, the Jury, and the Executioner.
        And they call POTUS a dictator?? 🙄🤦‍♀️

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      2. It has puzzled me all along why Repubs are even participating. There was NO vote in Congress either to hold hearings OR change precedent from prior impeachment process.

        Why didn’t they refuse to give this legitimacy – if they participate in a sham investigation why are they not defying Schiff’s rules and asking the right questions.

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  4. Wait, wait, wait……….. I’m shaking.
    Damn, this is huge.

    Read carefully.
    According to Interfax-Ukraine, MP Andriy Derkach announced at the same press conference that deputies have received new materials from investigative journalists alleging that the ‘family’ of ex-President Yanukovych funneled $7.4 billion through American investment firm Franklin Templeton Investments, which they claim have connections to the US Democratic party.”
    (Okay, this is the missing billions, some estimate as high as 30 billion funneled out of USA)

    “Last week, November 14, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO), unnoticed by the media, announced a new suspicion to the notorious owner of Burisma, ex-Ecology Minister Zlochevsky. According to the suspicion, the Yanukovych family is suspected, in particular, with legalizing (laundering) of criminally obtained income through Franklin Templeton Investments, an investment fund carrying out purchases of external government loan bonds totaling $7.4 billion,” said Derkach, adding that the money was criminally obtained and invested in the purchase of Ukrainian debt in 2013 – 2014.
    (Okay, Zlochevsky is the guy with the sapphire pinky ring who we keep posting)
    (Look for Soros here, especially in this time frame – he specializes in collapsing a currency of a country – and we had a State Dept Coup of the Ukraine in the fall of 2013)

    “The son of Templeton’s founder, John Templeton Jr., was one of President Obama’s major campaign donors. Another fund-related character is Thomas Donilon. Managing Director of BlackRock Investment Institute, shareholder Franklin Templeton Investments, which has the largest share in the fund. It is noteworthy that he previously was Obama’s national security advisor,” Derkach added.
    They have Franklin Templeton and Tom Donilon involved in this one?)
    This is far bigger than ever imagined.


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        1. I do, and partially because of your reaction! But even with just the announcement of the indictment I knew it was big, but the details in the article you posted…that’s not a smoking gun, that’s a detonated nuke with tracer isotopes all over the Democratic party!

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    1. I want to also know how much of the $150 BILLION that was given to Iran was funneled into Swamp pockets AND other Global Swamp pockets, as well.

      Anybody else remember Iran threatening world oligarchs that they better take care of Trump or Iran will let the cat out of the bag?

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    2. Now what did I post yesterday. This was ALL about that IMF funding. NOW we get a hint where that money went, to the Dem and Obama slush fund. This is going to be H U G E. No wonder they don’t want Ukraine mentioned or investigated AT ALL. I bet that Crowdstrike server IS the smoking gun, THE money trail.

      Define Irony. The Cabal used Ukraine to try and stop Trump in 2016, and they used it to try and get him impeached by Mueller in 2017-2019. Now they are using it to try and impeach him in 2019 AGAIN. Only Ukraine, once exposed, and it WILL be, will bring down the ENTIRE CABAL.

      I have to wonder if those Red Cross cases full of CASH that Q showed us, were in fact the missing IMF $7.4 billion. He showed us that for a REASON. WELL in advance, just like everything else.

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    3. And that’s exactly why I believe this is taking so long to start the indictments. The threads they’re unraveling are currently never-ending.

      The impeachment “inquiry” is to dirty up POTUS for 2020, similar to what the Mueller Russian Hoax did for the 2018 elections, but bigger than that is the effort to stop the President/DOJ from finding and exposing the massive corruption the Democrats (and likely some GOP Uniparty) have been engaged in for years, decades.

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    4. Tom Donilon was in Obama Nat Sec Advisor position from January 20, 2009 – October 8, 2010
      Executive Vice President for Law and Policy at Fannie Mae, the federally chartered mortgage finance company, as a registered lobbyist from 1999 through 2005
      Donilon worked as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs from 1993 to 1996, and served as the Clinton administration’s Secretary of State’s chief of staff.

      He worked for several law firms. Joined Council on Foreign Relations, was Nat Sec Div when Osama Bin Laden was killed.

      Then —– are you sitting down??????
      You sure????

      Read this part.
      Donilon is the brother of Mike Donilon, a lawyer and political consultant who was Counselor to former Vice-President Joe Biden. His other brother, Terrence Donilon, is communications director for Roman Catholic Cardinal Sean O’Malley.[20] Donilon’s sister, Donna, is a nurse. He is married to Catherine M. Russell, who was Chief of Staff to Jill Biden, and in March 2013 was named the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues at the U.S. State Department. They have two children.

      So his brother is Joe Biden’s lawyer, and his wife is Jill Biden’s Chief of Staff……
      And Tom Donilon is at BlackRock when Ukraine government is overthrown, BlackRock is the largest shareholder of Franklin Templeton, and Franklin Temp is holding 7.4 BILLION of illegal funds/Ukraine bonds?


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        1. Sounds like some pretty cheesy stakes to me…

          Q said to watch the wives… looks like we have to watch the entire family… kind of like a GIGANTIC termite mound… saw a picture where they poured gasoline over a mound, and of course there were furious flames (and even more furious termites) snapping and crackling and popping… swamp could use the same extermination treatment… Looks like the Orkin man is needed 🙂

          Or at 4:00 AM or so: RAID 😀

          (Not RAID5, nor RAID50 or 60, but RAID 5000 or so…).

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          1. Ha, that fits…

            Wasn’t Paul Linde the one on Secret Squares that had the response to (question actually about UFOs):

            “Jackie Gleason is sure that he’s seen them, but cannot be sure. What are they???”
            Linde replies, “His feet”…

            The host for that, Peter Marshall, is a good ol’ West Virginian… from the hometown of my kinfolk 🙂

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            1. Paul Linde was the best center square ever. I’m too young to remember him live, but there’s whole highlight reels of his zingers…and then he’d give the real answer. This was not a dumb man.


  5. Go Jordan!!!

    JJ – Did the meeting happen?
    GS – No
    JJ- How many people were at that meeting?
    GS – Confused look, what meeting?
    JJ – The meeting that didn’t happen!
    GS – 💡, None, BwaHaaa😂

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    1. NOW you know why the “bombshell” testimony narrative. To DEFLECT and IGNORE this news. Nothing to see here move along while whistling past the graveyard. This is going to EXPLODE on the dems, and they will have NO answer except Trump is bad… BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

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  6. Congresswoman was mad at Sondland.
    “How could you not think it was wrong to do what Giuliani wanted….. investigate Burisma and 2016?”
    Sondland was confused.
    Interesting that Ambassador Pyatt, Ukraine Ambassador under Obama, also requested a Burisma investigation in 2015.
    And we still have no answer as to why the Dems are obstructing the ongoing investigation into the origins of 2016, do we?

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  7. Turner for the GRAND SLAM
    You have to pull the video.
    He just cleared it all up.
    Sondland has no evidence of any condition of President placed on aid to Ukraine.
    CNN and Schiff are full of schiff.

    It was all his presumption.

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    1. Turner was a ROCKSTAR!!!
      Schiff’s mini-presser is a LIE. CNN’s chyron is a LIE!!!

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      1. BINGO. That is why one NEVER counts those chickens before they HATCH. Schiff just FUMBLED in his own end zone. He KNEW the MSM would run with HIS narrative, but that was only HALF the story, Ironically, by his “bombshell” press conference and grandstanding, MORE people tuned in to watch the Rpublican coss and DESTRUCTION of that narrative AND Soundland….Thanks Adam! Dumbass.

        Adam is going to need LOTS of ice for that groin punch and LOTS of preparation H for his sore ass.

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        1. I just heard now from Limbough that Sonderland was intimidated. A congressman Blumenauer welcomed Sonderland to the resitece.
          Blumenauer has threatened to lead a boycott about Sonderlan’s wife Hotel and real-estate.
          Blumenauer said he is calling it off because Sonderland joinend the residence.
          Why is that not witness intimidation?

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    2. Rush limbaugh just questioned ” who is pulling the strings of Sanderland, Vidman, Taylor and others.”
      “Who is it who seems bigger than POTUS or anyone else.”
      I found this interesting.
      When we find out who it is then it is over.

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    3. OMG.

      I had to be away all day today, so I have not seen any testimony until this piece.

      First, God Bless anyone here who has watched this and posted commentary, because you are saints.

      Second, WTF is a MORON like this guy clearly is, doing in any position of power or authority? Shouldn’t he be working as a Walmart greeter or in a McDonalds?

      Third, if this isn’t the end of this shampeachment, I can’t see that anything REAL will ever end it.

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    1. Bingo Wheatie, THIS is what a death knell looks like. Good thing Schiff went out at halftime, had a press conference, declared victory and a bombshell, so that more people could tune in to the SECOND half and see the comeback, and OVER RUN of the dems, their narrative and little man Schiff. I said it before he stepped on his own “member”.

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          1. Thanks!

            This is “unwelcome” news. The reason cattle mutilations ended for years, per Corso, was planetary exclusion – as in we started shooting down unauthorized craft. Not good if some of the damn pencilneck are sneaking in the back door.

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  9. Is there any statute in US law that forbids the President of investigating corruption, even the corrupt acts of an American citizen in a foreign country? No, it is his Constitutional duty!

    Is it not within the power and duty of the President to require cooperation of a foreign government as a condition to receiving aid from the USG? Conditioned on the basis that there is no personal or professional benefit to the President or his Administration for said cooperation from the recipient, other than the proper assurance by the recipient that the use of the aid provided by the USG will be lawfully administered by the foreign country for the intended purpose.

    A “bribe” is an illegal or unethical gift bestowed to influence the recipient’s conduct. Who is receiving “an illegal or unethical gift”?? The President of the United States—the president of the Ukraine? Is the legal investigation into corruption back in 2016 with Americans possibly involved in the Ukraine in some way illegal or unethical? According to the Democrats it is!!!

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  10. Rep Conway brings us news that a Dem Congressman is abusing his office and being a bully by telling his constituents to boycott Sondland’s businesses in Oregon. This is causing protests, business disruptions, and lots of threats to him and his family. Sounds like witness intimidation to me!!
    Rep Jackie Spiere dismisses by deflecting and saying President Trump is a bully too and does the same thing and moves on. 2X! With the gallery applauding. These people are sick!!!
    The Dem Rep needs an ethics complaint opened.

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  11. Here it is! Remember this?

    Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has just warned Western politicians that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all officials who accepted bribes to pass the disastrous deal in the first place!

    ALSO, notice the use of the term Western Politicians—now we begin to really see the size of this corruption and that it goes far beyond the Democrats, the DNC, Obama, RINOs—IT IS GLOBAL!!! The EU’s resistance to Brexit—they cannot permit rogue economically independent nations to exist.

    These Western Oligarchs are siphoning the wealth and prosperity out of their countries in the lust to become Global Oligarchs.

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    1. “If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.”

      ^^^ AND, some wonder why the European countries so ardently support the BS Iran nuke deal. It’s all about the $$$$$ they were bribed with. Imagine, $1,500,000,000.00 cash arriving unannounced in the dark of night. Betting, disbursements were swift, AND disbursements also under cover of darkness;-)

      AND, wondering here, how much money over the decades European politicians received to support Palestinians, Hamas assholes and ALWAYS oppose Israel.

      Hoping all of what I suspect, comes out.

      Great times we are witnessing!

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        1. I could just see Øbozo mincing along in a pink polyester leisure suit, saying,
          “I bought this house with NO MONEY DOWN! Actually, I bought this house with no money at all… of my own… Gee, isn’t socialism and cronyism great? Eh, Daddy Mr. Soros?…”

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    1. This clip precedes that one:

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      1. KABOOM!!!

        Sondland is charitably a dope. It’s as if Sondland thinks his “presume” is evidence of fact, admissible, actionable. How the f@ck do these people get to be placed in such important positions, Ambassador, and be so f@cking ignorant.

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    1. Republicans continue to nail it…forcing witnesses to state clearly ZERO FACTS support the quid pro quo Ukraine narrative…impeachment hoax.

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      1. Let the crimes pile up and then prosecute on one crime. If he wriggles out of that, prosecute on a second and on and on until you find one that sticks.

        IOW, the team wants him to commit career suicide before going that route.

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    2. But, WAIT…

      In the clip above, Sondland testified that no one ON THIS PLANET told him that Trump was tying the aid to the Biden investigation.

      But, what about people not on this planet? THAT wasn’t ruled out!

      Quick CNN, run the presses! Sondland just testified that someone could have possibly told him that President tied the aid to the Biden investigation.


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    1. Solomon just said on Hannity paraphrased ” why have the so called Ukrainian expert not told POTUS that the investigation into Barisma had begun some time ago and there is no need to ask.”

      Of course we do not know what was told POTUS but to me it looks like an imperfect setup because in my eyes it failed.
      Now lets see how corrupt anyone is on the Senate site.
      To me it is astounding how little these people knew except gossip and on gossip they try to impeach the President and that is very sick.

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      1. This is a very good point. There will almost certainly be circumstantial evidence that Charlie the Tuna and Windbag tried to set up POTUS. I would be MONEY on it. Sins of COMMISSION and SINS OF OMISSION.

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  13. Two different Worlds.

    One is reality, and one is the made up fake news. As I’ve caught soundbites here and there, and even a little of Ken Starr on FOX (Brian’s radio show played the clip) one would think that the Dems had proved everything they’ve been saying. Every news report is saying POTUS is guilty, guilty, guilty, and these witnesses have confirmed it.

    The Lefty news organization are all tweeting the same narrative.

    Yet, in my conservative twitter feed, and conservative sites (like here) – the opposite is being reported. People like Richard Baris, Cates, Larry Schweikart, etc. all are reporting how the Dems have been destroyed, their narrative burned up in these hearings.

    I know what’s right. But by the news being reported, you’d think we’re losing… not winning.

    I’m looking forward to some handcuffs being placed on these bad actors – including in the media – maybe charges of espionage might overcome their 1st Amendment protections. They’re as complicit in this hoax business – even more so than the Dems. The Media IS the fascist Left.

    Think about it… Paul Ryan just joined FOX – he’s as intent on destroying America, as old Schiffty eyes up there in that hearing.

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    1. That is my original point. This is a smear campaign..that’s it. It will be followed by other challenges to his presidency. Flood the zone.

      It truly is a race against time. When does the hammer come down?

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        1. Too much noise in the channel from all directions. I keep thinking something big is about to happen. Maybe I am wrong..but the news churn is flat out amazing

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      1. Maybe we’ll get there yet, NYGuy.

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        1. So Sonderland’s a cropper
          Burisma guy’s locked up
          Prince Andrew’s soon for hiding
          Trump’s 4-8’s big and Gallup
          Leads biteme in Wisconsin
          Epstein’s guards charged now they are

          Guy54 where areeeee you 😀 ?????

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  14. Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney is acting like a smug jerk. He is demonstrating the frustration the Dems have with this witness. They are looking desperate at this point.

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  15. Quick reminder – Polly has really dug up a lot of nasty on Vindman, Yovanovich and CIAramella. VERY criminal. The reasons they are sensitive on this stuff are RIGHT HERE. The STINK of KGB-CIA-MAFIA is strong on these people.

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      1. Oh wow…this just happened.

        It was playing just fine a few minutes ago!

        This is how Youtube is censoring vids…by marking them “Private”.

        Polly was mentioning the whistleblower’s name, Eric CIArmarello, and a lot of other stuff that Youtube doesn’t want exposed.

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      1. I have a feeling she ripped him fore to aft. She is from a different time, a different ethos, and certainly a different sense of morals (despite the idiot Prince Phillip, who I think is partially to blame for this).

        Similar to Prince Harry, Andrew was not directly in line for the throne, so he saw fit to “sow his oats”, It seems that others in the British Royal family also did that (remember the scandal of Edward VIII that led to George VI assuming the throne)… “Randy Andy” has been a problem for almost as long as I can remember, and an embarrassment to the Queen. He has put her, and the royal family (OK, they’re royals, but they’re STILL A FAMILY) in a very awkward position, and she has (likely) repeatedly warned him.

        I would not be surprised if the Queen lets Andrew stew in his own juices (as the Brits put it)… it’s sad, but sad for the victims, not for him. He’s only a victim of his own pride, lust, and ego… Will be interesting to see if he “mans up” and owns up to his misdeeds…

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        1. He is incredibly snobby and until the birth of William was second in line to the throne. Super sensitive re his and his girls(princesses of the blood) regal status. Travels everywhere with 6 staff. Gets 20,000 pound naval pension and 250,000 from mummy. But wants to live the life of absolute luxury. Been selling his royal patronage since he got out of the navy. That’s how Epstein roped him in. He’s greedy. He owns a Swiss chalet with 6 staff worth millions, his house in England was brought by an oligarch for 3 million over asking. His ex got a 5 million dollar loan from Epstein that somehow he managed to pay back.
          Same story . Follow the money

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          1. I remember when Prince William and Kate got married. Randy Andy’s daughters were (apparently) dressed by a Martian Mistress… One of them had a hat on that looked like it was purloined from a bowery shop… Pearly Queens not included…

            Owwwwww…. Garn….

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              1. Makes me think of Cinderella (or Cinderfella 🙂 )…

                It looks like he’ll get his comeuppance…

                I hope and pray that William and Kate restore some sense (and reality) of normalcy, decorum, honor, integrity, faith, and honesty to the throne.

                Prince chuckles I won’t address. I had hopes, as a cellist, that he would be normal, constructive, wise, and a contributior to British History.

                I was wrong (it’s all your fault, Life Magazine from 1964)…

                Every time I see the Queen I’m reminded of my Mum (RIP), five years older, but similar in appearance and voice (and decorum). One of the last vestiges of a time gone by (like a Vaughn-Williams folk-song suite); something and someone to whom we owe much, and hope to honor and emulate…

                Many people criticize the royals; but look at the DEMONicRATS: are WE any better???

                Better a benevolent Christian monarch than a despotic, Satanic DEMONiCRACY…

                (and don’t get me started on Merde-Kuh. We just had a horrid stabbing here, von Weizacker’s son, a renonwed surgeon and expert Internist, killed by a 57-year-old (supposed) German – I suspect a false flag – on wonders what is next…).

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              2. The queen has comported herself with dignity and perfect impartiality throughout her reign. Sadly she took her duties so very seriously that she neglected her maternal duties. This, however, was the norm, not just for royalty but the nobility and wealthy.
                I posted a link to a comrade fudge article which spelled out brexits doom for the eu, China and Africa. Europe needs to get its shit sorted and kick out the culture enrichers ASAP. The financial burden alone will be insupportable.


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    1. LOVE Soland’s expressions when being told what Schiff and CNN are saying about his AM testimony.

      LOVE GOP bringing in Schiff’s press talking points to be rebutted in real time

      Fight, GOP, Fight & Fight to WIN

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  17. Okay, so I just wasted my morning listening to most convoluted pile of discrepancies that I have ever heard. That gets topped off with Adam Schiff portraying himself as Hamlet and spittling his words ‘The Meeting, The Meeting, who gets to determine the Meeting”

    This charade is absurd.

    Question: Can the parliamentary rules ever be suspended?

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  18. Info pouring out of Ukraine now.
    This is MP Andriy Derkach, the guy who brought the case against MP Leshchenko and Sytnyk, Director of NABU.
    Leschenko leaked the black box docs which got Manafort fired and everyone thinks are fraudulent.
    Sytnyk is the one who we have on audio, admitting to helping Hillary.
    Well…… they were convicted in Dec of 2018
    Jan of 2019, case was overturned for “issuing part not having proper standing” and “statute of limitations”
    March of 2019, Derkach appealed.
    New trial started in October 2019.

    Flood of info on Burisma and Bidens included here.


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  19. Just posted on the Open thread…

    The US Navy announced this afternoon that the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier battle group just transited the Straight of Hormuz into the Persian gulf yesterday, ratcheting up the pressure on Iran by a factor of about 100.

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  20. With all the news coming out about Burisma indictment & Franklin Templeton money laundering, if ever there were a time our foreign aid should be tied to anti-corruption investigations, it is NOW.

    Schiff pulled the thread; he can’t rewind it now. We’ve known ‘forever’ that IMF, World Bank, USAid etc. are mostly giant scams transferring our tax dollars to globalists & govt agencies. I always thought Africa was example #1. Turns out it’s Ukraine. Let’s start there & rip them apart.

    We can’t break up the bureaucracies via our votes, and we can’t stop the laundering by refusing to pay our taxes. I’m beginning to think there is no peaceful option for draining the swamp. We need arrests. Lots of them. Throughout our intelligence & state departments. We need drastic downsizing & firings. We need an end to Obama’s SES designated ‘lifer’ appointees – how the hell can he unilaterally establish a personnel designation that a future President can’t overturn. It’s like the damn DACA designation.

    Pissed. Pissed. Pissed. 😡😡😡

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    1. I know! Brian (Idiot) Kilmeaded played Starr’s nonsense on this radio show. Almost word for word said that this looked bad for Trump. What universe are they living in???

      Sickening, because the low-information voters who only catch a soundbite or headline, will believe it.

      I want handcuffs on these people.

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  21. Saw it a few minutes ago, now spreading like wildfire
    DNA test confirms, Hunter Biden is daddy of child born to the Arkansas Cocktail Waitress.

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      1. You know, you get coked up, and you’re like a f*cking rabbit, jumping from hole to hole! First, his sister-in-law, then a waitress in Arkansas—who’s next??

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    1. Great post and thread…

      That JD will get you every time 🙂 Pecan pie makes a great antidote (Aunty-dote???)….

      Take Care, and howdy to big T (Mr. Big T. ???)…
      (or Ciao (bello) to Tomaso)…

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