Volker and Morrison to Testify this Afternoon.

Please check prior post for links to PBS, CSpan3, and FOX.

And the mystery of the DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one believes Schiff:

333 thoughts on “Volker and Morrison to Testify this Afternoon.

  1. Media spent BILLIONS of dollars and 2yrs trying to convince of DIRE consequence of US President being influenced by foreign power (Trump/Russia), but SAME MEDIA is desperate to avoid investigation into Biden/Burisma when we have FAR MORE evidence.

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    1. This is a PRE-HIT before indictments arrive. The Democrats are trying desperately to portray – before the arrival of JUSTICE – that PROPER and ETHICAL PURSUIT OF CRIME is UNETHICAL merely because POLITICIANS are the CRIMINALS.

      JOE BIDEN – CRIMINAL – does NOT GET OFF merely because he is a politician.

      JOE BIDEN – CRIMINAL – does NOT GET OFF merely because he is a candidate.

      JOE BIDEN – CRIMINAL – does NOT GET OFF merely because his CRIMES are in a foreign country.

      JOE BIDEN – CRIMINAL – does NOT GET OFF merely because the President finds it necessary to ASK THE LEADER OF ANOTHER COUNTRY to provide EVIDENCE that we are having DIFFICULTY getting in “the usual ways”, because THE DEMOCRAT CRIMINALS are in charge of “the usual ways”.

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  2. Volker just said it.
    On conflating investigation into Biden as opposed to Burisma
    “We just didn’t want to go there”

    Meaning he didn’t want to touch Biden, and Biden was untouchable.
    But why?
    Why is it okay for a nonstop investigation into Trump but Biden is sacrosanct?

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    1. This is a good question. The ANSWER has to be that SOMETHING ABOVE BIDEN is being protected.

      IMO, that something is CIA-controlled foreign policy of Ukraine. Trump is simply not being allowed to change it. Biden’s corruption is part of it.

      My money is on Charlie the Tuna being the person who SET POLICY for BARACK OBAMA on Ukraine and Russia. He would have been like the real architect of policy dictates by Obama. He likely helped set up the sketchy family deals – which would mean KGB-CIA control of the top DEMs.

      Charlie is being protected by his FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER status. He is a BIDEN GUY – basically Biden’s “handler” vis-a-vis the FSU (former Soviet Union). But it’s not really about Biden. It’s more about protecting “Obama policy on Ukraine”, embodied in these very same jackwads who are being used against Trump.

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      1. IDK, something you mentioned elsewhere about ValJar and the handlers….

        It looks like what we are seeing exposed in these hearings is not so much the “deep state” but the “shadow government” that ValJar may well be running from the comfort of BHO’s mother-in-law suite. I’ll have to go back and look, but this exposure is JUST what the Trump DoJ needs to tick off the American people enough so that we would want further investigation. I mean, the subversion to a new foreign policy was admitted in the last few days. The idea, I guess, was to keep the status quo under the surface, and the VSG/military op used all the tools and toys to catch them in the act.

        The more I’m watching this…American impatience needs to be shelved. It SEEMS like a waste of time, but really, it’s a big, steel trap closing on the people wanting to make the USA just one more territory under a new world government/order/union, whatever they are calling it this week.

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        1. Amen!

          Yes – I think your point is really an overarching principle here. The Obama-world globalist idea of “We’re going to keep running your government, whether you like it or not” should really anger people.

          Worst of all – and I think our side is making this very clear – is the following.

          Obama (through ValJar, we will see) acted all “pro-Ukraine”, but who did he REALLY HELP?


          No lethal aid. TRUMP was the one who sent the lethal aid – finally – to make Russia have to actually dig in and stop. And yet Obama never did, but we’re supposed to think these double-dealing Democrats are REALLY the “pro-Ukraine” side?

          BULLSHIT! Call BS on their ACT!

          This is NOT stupidity. It’s MALEVOLENCE. This is straight-up Aubergine’s razor.

          Oh, Obama riled up the REAL “NeverTrump” useful idiot assholes like Volker about BAD RUSSIA and GOOD UKRAINE, but notice how Obama is just playing a communist reverso game here, honed over his whole life experience.

          It’s exactly the same as creating ISIS and feeding ISIS while pretending to fight ISIS. PURE OBAMA.

          Well, our wonderful Republican interviewers are showing this hypocrisy over and over and over, and eventually we start to see that the hypocrisy isn’t just a stupid byproduct of DUMB policy, but a malicious edge of a very intentional reality.


          Obama may TALK that way, but in the end he’ll back off in a very predictable, groomed, prepared manner, as he was TRAINED by the Kremlin, through years of exposure to their cultural agents.

          Trump may do the same – I may do the same – in terms of resisting WAR – but that is a very conscious thing. Sometimes we have to realize where mutual interests lie. But DEFENSE is not the same as WAR, and we changed the name of the department for GOOD SOLID REASONS that don’t mean we’re suddenly a bunch of commie or Russian stooges.

          So TRUMP – as a TRUE and INDEPENDENT President, can give Ukraine the lethal military aid it needs or wants – carefully – but (a) we need something back – no more one-way relationships, and (b) we ain’t gonna be stupid about what happens to the aid.

          Obama and all these REAL RUSSIANS / FAKE UKRAINIANS like Vindman and Yovanovich – note that both of them are NOT actual Ukrainians – this should tell people something.

          The assumption that the Dems actually had Ukraine’s back is just that – an assumption – and an unwarranted one, IMO.

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    1. Yes.

      Ukrainian MPs want investigation by Zelensky and PDJT of Ukranian MPs who have invested in Franklin Templeton Investments, seen to be tied to Democrats. Q message 3607:

      ‘Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No.7358318 📁
      Nov 20 2019 12:24:02 (EST)
      What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH [magnitude] re: [D] party corruption?
      What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH re: [FAKE NEWS] coordination w: [D] party to conceal, shelter, and protect those criminally responsible?
      Define ‘Projection’.

      From the link (excerpt):


      ‘KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.’

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      1. I generally roll my eyes at bobbleheads, but I think I’d buy a good dozen of the Schiffty Schiff ones to give them to friends. Especially if he was wearing a helmet with a big 45 or 17 and had the bug eyes!

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  3. Schiff is summarizing, this is worse than a root canal.
    All for an episode of Office Gossip, by people who work for our government, whom I’ve have a hard time respecting.

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    1. I agree.
      To me Vindeman had an agenda and he got the ball rolling.
      Office gossip can be dangerous gossip in general because when one shake out a feather pillow in the wind it is hard to retrieve the feathers.
      Vindman is learning that lesson and who knows where the feathers will land.
      He has damaged not only POTUS but also the country he professes to love.

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      1. “He has damaged not only POTUS but also the country he professes to love.”

        You’re exactly right. All this loose talk in these proceedings is hurting Ukraine in innumerable ways.

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        1. It hurts both countries. This what is said in open forum is bad. We come across to the world like a comedy show .
          How can POTUS govern effectively ?


  4. They’re still claiming Shokin was a corrupt prosecutor.
    Not so sure about that one.
    The only poor guy who ever left the prosecutor’s office.

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  5. Schiff defining Bribery

    Note: Attempted bribery is not in the statutes – otherwise husband would be in jail, “Oh honey, if you fold that laundry, I’ll buy you diamonds.”
    Never happened, and I keep folding laundry.

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  6. Is Schiff going all stompy foot?????
    He’s frustrated and acting.

    So, “QUid Pro Quo” is too big of a word for the midwest to understand, but “odious” is perfect, right?

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  7. The RULE that Democrats cannot be investigated for corruption while they are:


    is an absolute rejection of rule of law. It’s worse than monarchic. It’s worse than communist.

    The idea that Joe Biden’s corruption is a “conspiracy theory” is pure SOVIET bunk.


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  8. Okay folks.
    Love your participation today, thank you for sticking with it, leaving and checking back in. This was a tough one to follow.
    Thank you for your contributions.
    We love our POTUS.

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    1. Daughn…thank you from bottom of my heart for committing the time and effort on these threads. I wasn’t in position to participate but was able to read. We’re so blessed to have you and all the others who do so much for us. xo

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  9. Flip quickly, all eyes on IRan.
    Husband picking up reports that Iran Airlines have been ordered to reserve seats for Mullah family members.

    Could it be?

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      1. “… why would they seek refuge?”

        10 or 20,000 people with pitchforks and cell phones that don’t work.

        “Who will host them?”

        hopefully they’ll be Khadafied and we wont have to worry about it

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  10. Of all of the day of the hearings, today seems to have the most material to “deep dive” – between the “witnesses” backgrounds, their claims and the narrative the dems are trying to twist the “facts” into + facts being ignored (like actual Ukraine convictions for interfering into US 2016 election)…so much to discover and connections to make!

    the former ambassador has deep ties and much to be revealed about her as well. Time spent there would be productive – no doubt!

    Curious to me…
    the lack of discussion/questions of Crowdstrike,
    the lack of discussion/questions or even acknowledgement of PROVEN interference into the 2016 investigation by Ukraine by them investigating/digging up dirt on US citizen Manafort,
    the lack of discussion/questions questions about the possibility of Ukraine being the source of the Russian Collusion Delusion,
    the lack of asking Volker about Ukraine dropping the investigations into Burisma and
    the lack of asking all of them about their DEEP ties to the Very Corrupt former Ukrainian President and his administration and even before that into the 2014 coup, etc.

    Much of this would have been beyond the scope but that wouldn’t have stopped dems from referencing it if the shoe had been the other foot, so to speak.

    However, Crowdstrike was within the phone call, so was 2016 election interference (that covers Ukranian trial and conviction for same, Crowdstrike, Russian Collusion Delusions origins, etc.) + the Dems were constantly referring to the said interference as “debunked” and “conspiracy theories” and even Russian talking points!!!!

    All of that could have been and should have been addressed v. staying the Dem defined topics. Never let the Dems define the conversation!

    Why did this dog not bark? i.e. why were these points Not discussed and addressed by GOP?

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  11. The Army is prepared to move Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base if they receive threats following his contentious testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday.

    The Wall Street Journal first reported that the Army was prepared to make the arrangements.

    ‘The Army will make sure he’s safe, and the Army is actively supporting any safety needs as deemed necessary,’ an official told the Journal.
    Gitmo is an army base, no?

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    1. It’s a US Naval Base. The confinement facilities are a relatively small portion of the available land area but it is still large brig. It might be the biggest but there’s a good size one at the San Diego Navy Base.

      All brigs are run by the Marines. There will always be discipline.

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  12. Trump: Xi is backing out, get JP over here.
    *Powell rushed to private residence*
    Trump: Hey Powell, China is out.
    Powell: But our liquidity..
    Trump: Yeah, about that you’re going to need to pump more because I’m hitting Xi with more tariffs.
    Trump: And backing HK.
    Trump taking to all the enemies.

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  13. I watched most of today…my thoughts are..

    Nunes and Jordan proved Schiff and Vindman (leaker) knew who the whistleblower was after saying they didn’t…so stupid! Lied under oath (is Schiff imune?)

    The Republicans actually unearthed another ‘sleeper cell’ in the state dep/executive branch.
    If that’s the case, brilliantly done.

    Had a great day!

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  14. Daughn,

    This photo might have some names we have been looking for. It’s too late at night for me to think straight, but wanted to get this photo up for us.

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