Shampeachment Testimony for Vindman and Williams. Volker and Morrison to Testify this Afternoon.

Here is the thread for Testimony to Schiff’s Committee this morning. Vindman has enormous problems in his testimony and Williams, on staff for VP Pence, was on the call.

We’ll get this up and going and fill in.

PBS is covering the hearings:

Cspan Three getting ready to start up in a few minutes:

And I think this is the Fox link:

Impeachment hearings losing public support, according to Politico’s poll.

Today, 47 percent of independents oppose the impeachment inquiry, compared to 37 percent who said the same one week ago.” The survey, which has tracked support and opposition for the inquiry each week, support for the investigation inched down 2 points — to 48 percent from 50 percent — while opposition to the inquiry ticked up 3 points — to 45 percent from 42 percent.

While I have the numbers in my head ~ According to FOX, 13.5 million tuned in the first day and 12.1 million tuned in the second day —- as opposed to Comey’s testimony, where 19.5 million tuned in.

Note: SD from Conservative Treehouse has an extraordinary thread up about Vindman’s testimony, starting at page 50, where it looks like Vindman made an actual attempt to change the official read out of the President’s phone call. Follow the thread, here.

From Vindman: ” “while i did have an account, it was not functioning properly, so i had to go analog and take a look at – get a hard copy of it -make some- annotate some changes to it”…

Vindman testimony.

368 thoughts on “Shampeachment Testimony for Vindman and Williams. Volker and Morrison to Testify this Afternoon.

  1. Bill Hurd – smarmy and leaving Congress.
    Get’s Vindman to admit it is not unusual for a President to veer away from prepared talking points.

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  2. Castro is up.
    Attempting to call Ukraine interference as Putin/Russian inspired conspiracy theory.
    At some point, someone needs to say “The emperor has no clothes.”

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  3. Castro describing an investigation into the Bidens as for his own political benefit.
    Why wouldn’t it be for the benefit of the USA.
    There’s over 7 billion dollars of IMF money missing.
    If we truly cared about the welfare of Ukraine, because they have to pay the money back, then we SHOULD try to help them recover the money.

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              1. Hey, I have a court order; I have to make one charitable comment this year regarding some leftist pusbag.

                That was it.

                OK back to saying what I really think.

                Though you just did, saving me the trouble.

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          1. And now Swalwell is giving out purple farts…

            Øbozo stopped at nothing to denigrate, emasculate, and destroy our military, indeed our country. I hope that soon every trace of of the damage Ø did is removed and corrected…

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  4. Yep, Nunes knows something.

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  5. Four More Dems on the committee rattling on about how Vindman is persecuted because he is a refugee, his military record, he’s a twin, rah, rah, rah.
    Nothing here.

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  6. Nunes, the circus is over for this portion, Dems are no closer to impeachment.
    ICIG has suffered long term damage.
    Supposed to be high crimes and misdemeanors.
    Dems refusal to acknowledge their role in in 2016.
    Yield back.

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  7. VERY interesting
    That’s about the third time Schiff has come back to refute specific testimony from Nunes.
    Apparently, Schiff thinks he has the responsibility to correct the record for what Nunes has said.

    Group is obviously more worried about Vindman than Williams.

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    1. In the Vindman opening statement, Vindman looked straight into the camera and addressed his dad, “Its okay dad, I know in your prior country I would be murdered for speaking out like this, but i am safe here”
      and he said to his dad – in effect, you did the right thing bringing us to the USA.

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      1. Uh, Dad. It appears I may have overlooked one thing. Apparently they have this weird “rule of law” thing here that citizens are supposed to follow. So, while I won’t be murdered here, I might be tried, convicted of treason and hanged.

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  8. Okay I’m laughing now
    Schiff made the claim —- to investigate what happened in 2016 or investigate the bidens would be asking for MORE corruption in Ukraine.

    And Schiff makes claim Yovanovich was the anti-corruption leader, champ, in Ukraine, but he recalled her.

    Thisis insane. Dems are denying literal facts and purposely misleading the people.

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    1. Leftists always either say the opposite of truth and reality or project their crimes on others, accusing them of their own crimes.

      That is EXACTLY what Schiff is doing:

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  9. Schiff
    and repeats
    That’s OUR fight too!

    Remember, even according to Taylor, who went to the front line, and weeped, looked across a bridge on the front line with RUSSAINS where 1-2 Ukraines die PER WEEK.
    When we have 50K dying from opioids every year – back in the USA.

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  10. Okay now watch this.
    It’s almost 2:00pm on East Coast.
    The best possible evidence/witnesses for the President are this afternoon.
    Morrison and Volker.

    Watch the change in tenor of the Chair and Dems.
    Almost trying to hide it in the afternoon.
    Most people would think this was end of the day NOW.
    Why more testimony?
    Why didn’t they have hearings yesterday?

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  11. Soooooo to summarize.
    Kent had a concern about Hunter Biden, so much so he talked to the State Dept about it.
    Ambassador Yovanovich was briefed by the Obama State Dept on concerns about Hunter Biden.
    Williams thought Biden presented problems for conflict of interest.
    Vindman thought Hunter Biden presented problems for conflict of interest.

    But Schiff does not allow us to hear from Hunter Biden?

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  12. That really is a scraggly looking group photograph. Only one man looks good in his suit – the older guy on the far right of the photo. The rest of them look awful in their suits with ties out of line, shirts peeking out the bottom under the buttoned jacket. There is a woman who looks like she was stuck in there by mistake peeking over everyone’s shoulders. The other woman should have put her hands down to her side like Melania does.

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