May Our Beloved Patrick Rest In Peace!

Sylvia Avery

November 19, 2019 at 1:08 pm Edit

Hello, my dear friends………..

My heart is aching to bring you this news. It isn’t unexpected, and yet I still needed some time to even comprehend what I was reading.

I received an email from Patrick’s son. It said that he saw his dad for the last time on Sunday, and that he asked him to notify me when the time came. And the time has come.
Patrick passed in his sleep yesterday.

Patrick came to me yesterday in the way that he had. He “zapped” me as he called it. I saw him before me smiling at me and holding out his hands. This was normal for us. We had a happy moment together and then he left, and I was reassured—he was still with us. Now I realize that was him saying his final goodbye.

Marica is working on arrangements for a celebration of his life later today, so please stay tuned.



November 19, 2019 at 1:08 pm Edit
********************************INCOMING ANNOUNCEMENT*****************************


November 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm Edit

Dear Friends,

At 6:00 PM EST will put up a special post to celebrate the life of our most special PHC!!!

Please spread the word…

161 thoughts on “May Our Beloved Patrick Rest In Peace!

  1. PHC – In Remembrance

    Though it’s hard, try not to be sad,
    But remember the times we had.
    He’s with Christ now, not alone,
    Our Patrick Henry has gone home.

    Free from pain, present with our Lord,
    Awaiting now our final reward:
    Worshipping God in joy and peace,
    Where His wonders never cease.

    Heaven’s not a place for sorrow,
    But boundless joy through all tomorrows.
    Gates of pearl, gold streets to be trod,
    Count him blest, home now with God.

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      1. yes, I was doing ok and then BakoCarl uses his talent and the tears pour, again.
        thank you for helping us grieve, maintain perspective and celebrate
        Patrick Henry deserves all of three from us

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  2. Homecoming

    From the QTree, deep in the dell
    Looking upward to God’s throne
    A soul wings its way toward heaven
    PHC is on his way home

    Our days on earth are numbered
    Filled with tears and wracked with sin
    But our future’s guaranteed
    By God’s Holy Spirit within

    Many QTreeps in our tree
    Though saddened deeply by the loss
    Are left with a clearer meaning
    Of Christ’s power and His cross

    Bells of joy above are ringing
    God’s angels gather for to see
    It’s a welcome they are singing
    To our beloved PHC

    One day soon we’ll be together
    With our loved ones gone ahead
    Made certain by Christ’s promise
    And the precious blood He shed

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  3. His walk on earth has ended as has our time with him on earth. But death has lost its sting. His body has died but he continues to live and has just transition to his next, wonderful phase of life. Happy for him, sad for us. Not goodbye….just see you later. on as usual. Cried again…but mourning is healthy and a God designed relief, process.

    Thank you for all I learned from you, Patrick Henry! Very generous to share your end of life journey with us.

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        1. Patrick was an amazing MAN, and he is lucky to have a friend like you, Sylvia. Not many people have such a dedicated supportive friend to walk that last walk with them.

          Watching my father’s last months was very similar to Patrick’s. You live in constant stress and fear, hoping for the blessed relief and dreading the moment at the same time.

          Please take some time for yourself Sylvia to grieve, rest, and let the smiles and the tears come whenever they need to. And know that you have a lot of support here when you need it.

          R.I.P. Patrick and thank you for sharing your life and your wisdom and your humor with all of us.

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          1. Constant stress and fear………..very true, Katie. If for some reason I didn’t hear from him for more than an hour or two I would be gripped by fear and anxiety, wondering basically if he was still alive. That is hard to live with. But it was also offset with great joy.

            You offered a lot of wisdom, Katie. Thank you! 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤

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  4. We are blessed to have had Patrick with us, and to have Marica, Sylvia and so many friends shower him with love & support during his time in hospice. He has been such an inspiration, and I know a multitude of angels have prepared for his arrival.

    I hope Patrick’s family is at peace knowing his suffering is over, and I pray for his dear wife who is enduring her own chronic illness. May God be with her.

    Sylvia, my heart and sympathy go out to you. May you find solace knowing what a positive friend you were to Patrick, and a huge source of cheer & prayer for many of us.

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  5. The greatest healing is death through Jesus Christ. Patrick is free of pain and in the Loving Arms of God.
    His family and friends will miss him and rejoice in memory of his life he was lived and the love he has shared.
    Rip Patrick a friend to many and will be deeply missed.

    Sylvia thank you for letting us know and hugs to you and all the friends Patrick spend his Internet time with.

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    1. Deep peace of the running wave to you
      Deep peace of the flowing air to you
      Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
      Deep peace of the shining stars to you
      Deep peace of the gentle night to you
      Moon and stars pour their healing light on you
      Deep peace of Christ the light of the world to you
      Deep peace of Christ to you

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    1. Thanks, TJ! Very thoughtful!

      Just a quick word – by replying to you, you will be able to post here, but take care not to offend CTH by what you say or what you “like” HERE. If you do, you will be banned there. Your behavior here is watched from “OT” (over there). No backbiting if you want to post in both places. Speech is a lot freer here, but be careful how you use it. Also, DO NOT talk about this place, or people who have been banned, when you are on CTH.


  6. Well what an honour and a delight it has been to have known Patrick , even through the internet. His intelligence and wit were legendary. While we may miss him intensely I think of him on overwatch and enjoying every moment. I’m sure he was grateful that he got to see POTUS Trump wresting control of the ship of state and turning her around. It must have been a great comfort that his beloved USA is in such good hands. He has only made a hole in our hearts because he made himself a big space there. RIP

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    1. “I’m sure he was grateful that he got to see POTUS Trump wresting control of the ship of state and turning her around.“
      Yes, no small consolation there! Many thanks for that…I think of all those patriots who have passed (before The Donald took the reins of our nation) and had no clear idea from where resolution would come.
      Bless PHC for fighting the good fight.
      (It was in following him that I found my way here.) 🙏

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  7. I wanted the President to know that one of his ardent, Deplorable Patriots had passed, but not before having had the joy of knowing DJT was President.

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  8. Somehow he was so dear to me.

    He remained a source of support for all of us and a loving brother in Christ we could count on no matter what he was going through personally. I felt more secure just knowing he was on our side.

    It is painful to think that he had to deal with so much, yet did so with such selfless grace.

    He will be so missed.

    And he will remain an inspiration and a part of us always.

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    1. I second your heartfelt sentiment.

      Looking forward to when we can meet PHC face to face in the shining glory of Heaven. Looking forward also to meeting everyone else on the Q Tree. By then, politics won’t matter one iota.

      May eternal Light shine upon our dearly departed friend, and may the good Lord bless Patrick’s family and friends.

      My prayers go especially to Mrs PHC, who is enduring her own health issues. May the Lord bless her this day and always. Amen.

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  9. I have no fancy words for times like this. I do, however, want to reiterate what others here have said about what Sylvia and Marica did to make Patricks precious time here a little more comfortable. Knowing that he had friends who never even met him display such love and understanding must have meant a great deal to him.

    This applies to the others that were there for him doing the same. I didn’t get to spend much time at the other blogs so please forgive me for not mentioning your names here. Beautiful people doing beautiful things makes life worth living.

    Rest In Peace, Sir Patrick of the Two Trees. You will be missed.

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    1. Harry,, thank you. Everything we did, we did out of love for him and because we were honored and privileged to spend time with him. Serious. A patriot. A hero. A warrior poet. An artist. Loyal, brave, and true. And no better friend to those who needed a hand.

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  10. Rest in Peace, dear Patrick.

    Our lives are richer for having known you.

    *cough* 🥺😢
    This is sad news.
    Even though he generously prepared us for it, the news of his passing is still hard to take.

    I’m grateful to dear Sylvia and Marica, and the others who spent their time keeping him company while he was going through his last days.
    Bless them for doing that.

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  11. I was thinking of Patrick all weekend… Now I know why. 😥

    Thanks for letting us know, Sylvia… He was a very special guy.

    Goodnight, sweet Patrick, sleep well. 💖

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  12. Heaven is a little happier tonight as they welcome PHC home 😇. What a legend he has been!! We are all better for having “known” him, and most especially those closest to his heart. Prayers for his family as they mourn the loss of a man who was truly larger than life. ❤

    Fly high PHC, till we meet again🦅

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      1. Yes you can, but be careful – you may be BANNED from CTH for posting here. Be VERY careful what you say. Don’t “like” any posts that are critical of CTH or SD. Don’t comment about Q, etc. Most importantly, don’t badmouth CTH or anybody there. And NEVER go back there and talk about ANYTHING here or ANYBODY who has been banned. You have to keep up the appearance that we all left voluntarily and just disappeared. That’s the rule, if you want to keep posting on CTH.

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        1. I was banned already… When i tried to find out what was going on with Patrick after he went to hospice. banned.. I still do not know why…. My posts kept being deleted then i culdnt post at all… No reply t my emails either. So i can only assume it was because i asked about him. All very upsetting at the time. Ah well… Life goes on.

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          1. Well, then, you are welcome here! We got a big wave with Patrick at that time. We also have a second site ( that is just starting – speech there doesn’t have to be as civil as it is here. Just FYI – I suspect you’ll like this site better!

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  13. Thrilled to have been on an incredible journey with you, pat! An honor! And we thank your lovely bride and family for sharing you!

    And now it is no longer about the shoes, but the wings!

    One pair…in Whisper White. Made in Heaven!

    See you on the flip-side, pat.

    ❤️ 👠.

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      1. Bless you, churchmouse! You are very sweet!

        I am certainly not the sharpest knife, but I love a cunning visual!!

        It was very sad to see such a great force of a group scatter at OT.

        Thank goodness Wolf forged anothr harbor.

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        1. ‘Bless you, churchmouse! You are very sweet!’ Gosh, thanks!

          I’ll never forget that day so many of us arrived here just over a year ago (Nov. 11).

          We are all so grateful to Wolf for being so generous with his time and with this space.

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          1. And mouse, I was so oblivious to the entire event, I literally had no idea until maybe two to three weeks afterward.

            I read at different hours and cannot go through all posts, so I missed whatever blow up there was.

            Still not sure if it was Sessions, Q, or just too many possible trolls attacking the site. I do know that SD mentioned that he would concentrate on financial news because he was getting some heat. I still do not know what that meant.

            Someone may have threatened to shut the place down. I guess we will never know.

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            1. He had a thread up on Nov. 10 or 11 last year stating that he did not want comments about Q. I saw it on Nov. 11.

              There were, IIRC, 1,100+ comments to that post before he or someone there stopped comments.

              One that was still there had a link to the Q Tree. Wolf gave us a very warm, generous welcome and we’ve been here ever since.

              Most of us who commented or liked comments OT were banned, as we were no longer allowed to do either. I was let back in between mid-December and the New Year, then banned again.

              Haven’t been back since and have no desire to do so.

              I find it irksome when someone posts a link to SD and says we should read it. That is their prerogative, of course, but I quickly skim on to the next comment instead.

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  14. I hope everyone will forgive me for saying so…

    I am delighted with this news!! Praise the Lord!!

    A fine man who was suffering greatly has been set free from his suffering and is unquestionably gone home to where the rest of us hope to go as well. And what is parting…even if for 100 years…in comparison to eternity??

    If I know PHC like I’m sure I do, he’d not have us mourning over his departure but rather celebrating his arrival….in Heaven. As I said to him the last time we exchanged posts….

    This isn’t goodbye, this is ONLY see you later. And tell my mom I love her and miss her everyday.

    We are not human beings who happen to have a soul…we are eternal souls living a human moment in time. Our physical bodies are the exact same as an astronaut’s space suit. Exactly no different.

    I cannot possibly feel sad that PHC has been relieved of his bodily suffering and gone on to where there is no such thing….the court of the King!

    And I envision him reuniting with old friend friends and family….such a joyous celebration that my mind can scarcely wrap around it, so great is it.

    Last but not least……parting is necessary so that we can have the joy of greeting one another again. The pain of the parting is what makes the reunion so great and glad.

    Ride on, MAGA warrior. We will meet again on the sunny slopes of the King’s Court in Heaven! You will be missed but we celebrate you and will follow in God’s own time!

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  15. Thoughts and prayers with his family. PHC you will be missed.

    Thank you for letting us know Sylvia and Marica and everyone else.

    Side note: I wish I had been on this site when my father passed away. I could have used you guys. 🙂 Beautiful messages from the heart. I just need a tissue or eight.

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  16. I just got in touch with rumpole, who was very sad to hear but also glad that pat’s sufferibg is over. He is still not sure why he was banned at the last place. So for Wolf and Marica, don’t be surprised if you see him lurking in a couple of spots.

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          1. Hi, mouse!

            Rumpole has a voice and a demeanor from another part of the world, which I believe is needed. I may have missed some of the flying fur (HA!, and don’t take this personally), but I too miss him. And Blaze. Strong voices but always made me think.

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              1. CM…..have you been to Marica’s blog before? I’m asking because I think I’m the only administrator to pull you out of the bin. The first two posts are moderated so I’ll have to free you from the bin. If you come over now I can take care of that before I go to bed.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. Thank you kindly, Sylvia. I do appreciate it.

                Have just checked for comments now (three hours on), so I hope you went to bed.

                Am still catching up on Q Tree reading, so I probably won’t be by until tomorrow or the weekend.

                Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Hope you had a good night’s sleep.

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              1. I bet it does…even when you are bad! Or maybe that is Edward with the middle name attached!

                I grew up thinking that is what middle names were FOR, growing up. Just so your parents could create a ‘stern’ underlying emphasis!!

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        1. That is so funny, mouse! Rumpole has emailed me three times today, and still does not and would like to know why he was banned… “butthurt after supporting CTH.”

          Asked if I could find out for him.

          I am such a dunce that it took me awhile to EVEN know that people WERE BEING banned! Then it dawned me a lot of people were missing. It’s the day job that gets in the way.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. From what I saw, he and Howie were really disliked.

            I enjoyed them both.

            They provided some cynical comic relief — welcome dark humour.

            People OT just didn’t understand it. Rumpole, IIRC, was from NZ. They have a British sense of humour there. At least, some do.

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          2. I miss lots of the people OT.
            Always enjoyed your comments and found them right up my alley in agreement! I think I was banned for asking after PHC a couple times.

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Rumpole has his own site…of course he his very nonchalant about bothering if anyone even posts there, but he may enjoy the company.

        I don’t think he would mind!

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    1. That’s it, GA/FL!!!!!!

      Have at it, Pat. You will be the new word darling of the angels! And at the same time, teach ’em how to rope a atretch limousine without getting anyone’s wings all oiled up!!!!

      Apologies for the pun….ish.


  17. So sad to hear about PHC’s recent passing- and count myself lucky to have known him through this board. Someone mentioned up thread, that we should celebrate his entrance into Heaven….and to that I agree, and am standing on two feet doing a dance of joy and singing God’s praises with some tears on my cheeks with a joyful smile on my face that God has welcomed him home. May he rest in eternal peace, and send us a wink and a nod every once and a while.

    He will be missed.

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