Dear KMAG: 20191118 Open Topic

This Mighty Warrior Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Michal Cielecki of Immortal Music, titled ‘Aurora XV 54’:



The Storm is here…but we’ve been waiting for it. We’ll get through it together.



622 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20191118 Open Topic

    1. Some military brass for sure as Obama purged the good ones. It is what the rank and file support that matters. Pompeo not so sure. But politicians tend to play the field to their advantage so they will say what is needed at the time.

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      1. Can POTUS recall any of the old fired ones into service or is that too political too? That blog person insinuated pompeo is “handling” POTUS. This is too far out there for me to believe.

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          1. Lol. I dont articulate as well as I could. Via the blog post I read which that writer himself proceeded to do the lurching where he accussed the military of working with the abc agency to promote the coup.

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    2. I doubt President Trump would move Pompeo from the CIA (one trouble spot) to the State Department (a second big trouble spot) if he did not trust him. He has certainly fired others!

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  1. There is a lot of information out there. They say everything on the internet is true. A problem sometimes arises when a site that is usually trusted prints a satire and it gets passed around as gospel. An example just from today is an article on the pardon of Nidal Hassan by the President. To say that it is incredible is an understatement. It almost becomes necessary to invoke the 48 hour rule before believing anything. The major media has become so unreliable we begin to believe anything is possible and there is no such thing as honor and integrity. It is a failure of accountability and leadership. Believe me, Trump is our only hope for restoring virtue to the public square. I guess I should start calling him President Kanobi.

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    This chik-fil-a move feels like a punch in the gut.
    Corporate bottom line is going to be bumped by embracing LBQXYZ ?
    All the times conservatives have rallied behind their supposed values, all the times they got slammed and conservatives swamped their stores to spend our money more in a show of support than wanting their chicken nuggets.
    Go ahead…git some drag queen servers and by all means open on Sundays now…MEH.

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    1. Looks to me like the Salvation Army supports LGBTQXYZ….so Chik-Fil-A is not pulling support from an ANTI LGBTQXYZ organization…

      FTA….they are concentrating on homeless, runaways and children who have been trafficked, education, and local food banks, eliminating multiyear commitments. They will evaluate their philanthropic and charitable efforts on an annual basis and make changes as they see the need. Projected to give 9M to the new initiatives.

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    2. Well it’s a CBS news report, so there’s at least a 90% chance that it’s either not true, or grossly exaggerated, or a purposeful hit job.

      But if it is true, then they’re done, and they deserve to be done.

      I don’t really even feel bad about these things anymore, and learning not to invest myself (intellectually, emotionally, cognitively, whichever) with corporate entities over which I have no control.

      Chick is a big business, it may (or may not be) family run, but it’s made up of thousands (maybe 10s of thousands) of people.

      If the people in charge don’t care enough about the beliefs they claimed to uphold, why should we care about those people?

      We don’t have any control over it, yet it demoralizes us when it feels like they let us down. If we didn’t invest ourselves in their corporate self-interest, it wouldn’t really matter to us one way or the other.

      I learned this through pro-football.

      I was a die-hard rabid fan all my life. I grew up in a family where people shouted at the TV all game long. Not just one person, everybody. Most of my friends were the same way.

      Problem is, the team we cheered for sucked.

      Didn’t matter how many 1st round draft picks they had (from sucking the previous year), didn’t matter how many times they changed coaches, didn’t even matter when they changed ownership.

      Didn’t matter when they slithered out of town and played in another city. The won super bowls after that.

      Didn’t matter when they came back.

      They still sucked.

      Not when my parents were young, they were great then, I heard all the stories. But my whole life, they mostly sucked. They could get to the divisional championship game once in a while, but they calls always went against them and they would lose by a field goal with seconds to go.

      The kind of defeats that will rip your guts out.

      Year after year after year after year (after year).

      One day it occurred to me that the games are all probably fixed anyway. And even if they aren’t, if the team doesn’t care enough to win, why the &^%$ should I?

      Who are these people, anyway?

      They’ve been sucking my life spirit dry every Sunday during football season for as long as I have memories.

      So like Fraud News, one day I just stopped watching them.

      It wasn’t even hard. I didn’t even think about it. Like Fraud News, when I stopped watching, it was almost a relief. Probably really was a relief.

      Family members would call and rant about another devastating loss (or more often, blowout), and I would just smile and be grateful that I was no longer a part of that maelstrom.

      I’m still glad when I hear that they have won a game, that’s nice, but it doesn’t affect the whole rest of my week when they lose (or win).

      I just no longer give them the power to control my emotions.

      Because really, after the way they abused their fans for 50+ years by not caring enough to win, they don’t deserve my loyalty or my support. I gave them my time and attention for at least 40 years, and they gave me mostly nothing but heartbreak in return.

      It was bad enough when I played team sports, that no matter how well I did personally, anybody on the team could screw up and blow the whole game for us. But at least I had control over my position, and if I did what I was supposed to do, we had a better chance to win.

      I don’t have any control over a professional football team, I’m just emotionally invested and screaming support (or anguish) into the void. The thrill of victory (almost never) and the agony of defeat (almost always).

      But no control either way.

      And the same is true for any big corporation we ‘invest’ ourselves in, for whatever reason.

      There are forces involved that we don’t know about, can’t know about, and even if we did know about, we couldn’t do anything about.

      Fortunately I had other sports interests that actually cared about winning. My favorite college football team is consistently excellent, across the decades, regularly winning championships, no matter how they rig the rules.

      My race driver drove the black #3 car, and he won for a lot of years, some of the most amazing come-from-back-in-the-pack victories that you could ever hope to see, at Daytona and Talladega especially, but he won everywhere they put on a race.

      One of his nicknames was ‘Ironhead’. He was old school. Back when bumping other cars out of the way if necessary to win was part of the game. When they started to sissify the sport, he kept driving the same way he always did, and his fans loved it 😁

      And the powers that be couldn’t do anything about it, because he had more fans than anybody else, and his fans were more vocal than anybody else’s 😁

      He owned the track whenever he was on it, and everybody knew it. A lot of people hated him because he was just that good. But a lot more people loved him for it.

      That was a rare thing though.

      Sort of like Michael Jordan, or Larry Bird.

      You probably won’t ever see another one like him.

      And I guess that’s all I have to say about that 😂

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        1. Thank you T3, that’s very kind of you to say.

          I’m happy if anyone enjoys my comments.

          I am also grateful to those who don’t care for my posts… but who allow me to do it anyway. 😁

          And I always appreciate those who question or challenge or disagree, because without that feedback, or the contest of words and ideas, without having to defend what we believe and why, this whole thing we do here wouldn’t be nearly so interesting 👍

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      1. Sounds like we have a great deal in common. I was a Browns fan when they were winners. Jim Brown, Bobby Mitchell, and Lou Groza. But the Bengals came to town and the disappointments followed. Now my team is the Buckeyes. I can understand why the President likes winners.

        What comes to mind when I say Art Modell?

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        1. Yep, Browns and Buckeyes.

          When I was a little kid, Brian Sipe was the Browns quarterback, Paul Warfield for a year or two (1976-77, apparently he played for the Browns from 1964-69 too), I still remember the TV announcer saying “And there’s the bomb to Warfield!”, and I thought that was funny because of ‘bomb’ and ‘Warfield’. 😁

          Ozzie Newsome (no. 82) was the tight end. Bernie Kosar gave us some good years, but the calls never went our way in the championship games.

          Woody Hayes was coach and Archie Griffin (2-time Heisman trophy winner) was the running back for the Buckeyes when I was a kid (and his brother Ray). Tom Skladany (No. 1?) was the kicker. I remember Randy Gradishar, Pete Johnson, Jeff Logan, and Rod Gerald (no. 8, I think).

          The Cincinnati Reds were winning the World Series back then, with Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Dave Concepcion, George Foster, Caesar Geronimo, and they brought in Tom Seaver for pitching. Along with Johnny Bench and Pete Rose, Concepcion was my favorite because I played short stop 👍


  3. So deep….~~~~~~~

    High Profile ‘Kidnapping’, ISIS Leader Arrested In Ukraine Bust, Suspected Links To Yovanovich, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, And Romney

    What’s more curious is that on the date of the “raid” (the end of November 2017), the local residents of the 9-story apartment building where the raid took place told media that the presumed Chechens who lived in the apartment didn’t speak Georgian. That is highly suspect because Russian Born Akhmed Chatayev and Guram Gumashvili, who were deputies to Georgian national Abu Omar Al-Shishani, all spoke fluent Georgian.

    The most alarming statement revisiting the Georgian ISIS raid on November 17, 2017, is the one Nino Giorgobiani of the Georgian Security service below.

    We know that the U.S. State Department that helps promote Democracy through the USAID program paid the rent of the apartment that these “Chechens” lived in. We have communicated with our American Colleagues to clarify why the apartment rent was paid by an individual named Yovanovich for almost 10 years (Lease prepaid in 2009) from the U.S. Consulate in Armenia.

    Georgian Press Conference November 22, 2017 – Giorgobiani

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  4. It appears that they finally got around to banning me at CTH.

    I’ve always been careful to be respectful and contributory in my reactions there. Accordingly, I can only conclude that I’m being banned not for my behavior, but for my associations. What a sad stain for an otherwise very worthy site to wear.

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      1. The only social media I am on is blogs. And not on anything Disqus. And my smartphone has essentially unmodified and uninitiated factory apps. My email on Google Play Store is different from my email here, which is different from the email I use in other circumstances, which is different from the email provided by my cellphone carrier.

        I had an identity theft incident in 2015, dropped on me from a fellow AoSHQ Moron, that included a keylogger that allowed said Moron to read my Discover account during two weeks I had no functional computers. He also got into my email, which is why I dumped the email I’d used for 20 years.

        But I don’t know Charlie Kirk from a hot rock.


    1. “I’ve always been careful to be respectful and contributory in my reactions there.”


      The only way to be sure to not be banned at CTH is if you never stand up too strongly for what you believe.

      Even on another forum.

      Think about that.


      “Accordingly, I can only conclude that I’m being banned not for my behavior, but for my associations. What a sad stain for an otherwise very worthy site to wear.”


      The worst thing about CTH is that you could never go 100%. You could never give it your best effort, you always had to hold something back, couch whatever you were trying to say in way so as not to give the tyrants a reason to ban you.

      That means your arguments are never what they should be, and your points are never as effective as they would be, because you’re always fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

      And that’s lousy.

      Anybody who does that to their own people doesn’t really want to win — and worse, doesn’t want their people to win, either.

      I don’t miss that at all.

      Look at all the people here who fight every day for what they believe in, who encourage each other and bring our attention to a whole spectrum of topics and ideas and information.

      Look at all the people here who author articles on a regular basis.

      Look at the guy who made this place possible and keeps it running smoothly.

      Good people. Leaders. Exactly the kind of people you WANT on your team, if you want to win.

      Those are the kinds of people CTH didn’t want.

      Think about that for a second, let that sink in.

      Just locked them out one day, one by one, without explanation or cause.

      Like they just did to you, apparently.

      So welcome to the banned. 😁

      If you wind up here, that means you’re doing something right 👍

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      1. I’ve been here for a while. I’m even active on the U Tree. But the red line for my participation at CTH was whether I would be banned even if I played by the rules at CTH. If I were a contributor at CTH and a contributor here, and both let me post, then I could respect both by abiding by the rules of each. If I can be banned on CTH for behavior elsewhere, then why should I respect the site at all?

        Mind you, I’m reacting to something that has happened over the last few hours. Perhaps it’s just a glitch. Right now it’s not looking good.

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        1. “I’ve been here for a while. I’m even active on the U Tree.”


          Yep, I know, I read your posts every day 👍

          I can ‘like’ posts here, but I haven’t been able to get the ‘like’ button to work over at Utree yet.


          “But the red line for my participation at CTH was whether I would be banned even if I played by the rules at CTH.”


          I could never figure out what the rules actually were at CTH — not the stated rules, but the rules in practice — because they were arbitrarily enforced.

          The nature of knowing there is an ‘out of bounds’ but not knowing where the boundaries actually are due to passive / aggressive (or selective) enforcement causes people to second guess everything they want to say, to walk on eggshells. To self-censor.

          The nature of being restricted can’t help but cause pushing back in response, it’s just the nature of containment.

          So a lot of people end up being close to the edge or gray area of what may (or may not) be ‘in bounds’ most of the time.

          Which makes it easy for TPTB to move the boundary just enough to eject you from the game whenever they want.

          That whole environment is all the things CTH is supposed to be against.

          It’s supposed to be “The Last Refuge”, a “Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits”.

          But it’s not a refuge, it’s a dictatorship. And it’s not a bunch of misfits — by design, it becomes a bunch of conformists — because if they don’t conform to the dictator’s wishes, they’re banned.

          Look at the header at the top of every page, with the Breitbart quotes. I used to quote them to SD, when I knew he was getting pissed about my stand on some subject or another.

          Here are a few of them:

          Question Political Correctness
          Fight the System
          Defy the Establishment
          Question Liberal Authority

          I don’t think those are Breitbart quotes.

          Why would we only ‘question’ political correctness?

          Shouldn’t we DEFY political correctness, as a matter of course? The very nature of political correctness is coercive mind control, it’s grade school peer pressure used by malicious adults to manipulate people who aren’t in the habit of thinking for themselves.

          And what about “Question Liberal Authority”?

          Shouldn’t we reject any claimed ‘Liberal Authority’ outright, as a matter of principle?

          Given the modern meaning of the word ‘Liberal’, can a ‘Liberal’ even possess legitimate ‘authority’?

          I don’t believe so.

          I asked SD about this once, shouldn’t we be questioning so-called ‘Conservative’ authority?

          If any ‘authority’ is legitimate, why would it have any fear of being questioned?

          But if we question ‘conservative’ authority, then we will question SD too, and that is definitely not encouraged at CTH.

          The quote with the biggest print of all at the top of every CTH web page is ‘I Want You To Be Andrew Breitbart!

          Was Andrew Breitbart a timid henpecked little creature who self-censored and kissed ass in order to remain in the good graces of TPTB?

          Or would Andrew Breitbart have been kicked out of CTH — just like the rest of us?

          Faster, even!

          The last thing CTH wants is for anybody there to be like Andrew Breitbart, to ‘defy the establishment’ or question the ‘Authority’.

          The truth is, they wouldn’t have even let Andrew Breitbart in.

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          1. I am flattered and embarrassed by your kind words. It does strike me as odd that a blog that highlights Andrew Breitbart would engage in groupthink.

            Still, we are in the early hours. There is time enough to have things settle so that they might be better read.

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        2. On a quick scan…..not looking good. It’s also kind-of annoying that I’ve been “de-platformed” without any notification — I’ve had to put an email address in with every comment. Couldn’t I get an email when I’ve been declared a nonperson?

          At this point, I’d be looking at gab if I ever twittered. I’d be looking to qtree if I ever CTH’d…..except that I’ve been here for a while.

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          1. “Couldn’t I get an email when I’ve been declared a nonperson?”


            That would be recognizing your personhood… after declaring you a non-person…

            See how that works?

            No person — no email necessary 🙂

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  5. Wheatie,

    My heart is aching to bring you this news. It isn’t unexpected, and yet I still needed some time to even comprehend what I was reading.

    I received an email from Patrick’s son. It said that he saw his dad for the last time on Sunday, and that he asked him to notify me when the time came. And the time has come.
    Patrick passed in his sleep yesterday.

    Patrick came to me yesterday in the way that he had. He “zapped” me as he called it. I saw him before me smiling at me and holding out his hands. This was normal for us. We had a happy moment together and then he left, and I was reassured—he was still with us. Now I realize that was him saying his final goodbye.

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    1. Thank you for letting us know, Syl.

      Sorry for the late reply…I was away.

      This is sad news, even though he generously prepared us for it.
      💔 It breaks my heart.

      I’m glad you had some final moments with him.
      Thank you for keeping him company through his ordeal.

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      1. Hugs, wheatie. I needed to let you know. I’m grieving. I am so glad I decided to walk with him through this. It lasted much longer than I thought and he and I became much closer than I could have imagined, and I spent way more time with him than I envisioned, but I’d do it all again in a heart beat. I am better for having known him, and being with him was a delight. At least he has no more pain now. Thank God for that mercy. Hugs.

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        1. Thank you, Syl.
          We are richer for having known him.

          And yeah, I was thinking the same thing…it’s a relief to know that he is no longer in pain.
          God bless him.

          Thank you for being there for him and spending so much time with him.
          I’m sure you helped him in unmeasurable ways, to get through his ordeal.

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          1. He thought so. He expressed gratitude for my company and he often said I brought his pain levels down by distracting him and relaxing him. But really, I think I got so much more from it. Every minute I spent with him was a gift, truly.

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