Threats of Personal Violence, Even Joking, Will Not Be Tolerated On Either Site

Several Announcements Will Be Made In This Post

Announcement 1:

Due to comments public and private, which have escalated to levels which could theoretically constitute evidence in criminal and civil trials, I have been forced to suspend posting by two individuals. Both the public and private comments are of questionable legality, and appear to be admissible in both civil and criminal proceedings.

Both the public and private comments are potentially usable to close this site.

Acting with an abundance of caution to preserve both sites, I am forced to suspend posting and preserve evidence. The final private message WILL BE MADE PUBLIC so that neither I, WordPress, nor this site can be accused of hiding evidence.

The policy of NUCLEAR SUNSHINE on private messages is posted HERE, on the “Contact” page, along with the instructions about how to send private messages.

Note that there is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY with private messages here. From the beginning of this capability, I have made it extremely clear that I do not like private messages, and believe that secrecy can be abused to create traps of various kinds. I have made clear that I can and will publicize private messages as needed to break up traps and leverage of various kinds. I will not hide or destroy evidence, and there is an abundance of the stuff now.

Although I know that federal officials are actively monitoring all information at this site, including “private messages”, it is important to remove all doubt.

I will post more information later and answer selected questions from any comments below.

I regret having to take this action. Not only does it tarnish our free speech record – it removes two posters whose interactions WITH ME have been enjoyable and rewarding. However, this is no longer a tolerable situation. When things get EVIDENTIARY, I believe it’s time to SHUT IT DOWN. No chances will be taken. NONE.



PS – comments on these actions must remain CIVIL on Q Tree, and LEGAL on U Tree. I shall remain the sole judge of both. Note that I may act in an abundance of caution on both as well.

Announcement 2 (20191118):

I regret having to go into more detail than I did earlier, but questions, concerns, and opinions from well-meaning people leave me no real choice. I have no “probably secure” means of privately informing members. It is precisely because I anticipated the need for this step, that I previously notified everybody of staged announcements in this post.

I had hoped I would be wrong about needing a second announcement, but down deep, I knew.

So here goes.

There are multiple SPECIFIC reasons WHY I took the actions that I did. Not all of them can be shared publicly, but ALL of them are important for the following GENERAL reasons downstream of the specifics:

  • the well-being of this site
  • my personal security
  • the well-being of people on the site
  • the safety of the people suspended
  • the future of the Q movement

To a careful and limited extent, I’m going to share information about the SPECIFIC REASONS so that people can understand how and why they are necessary in support of the GENERAL REASONS.

It’s easiest to start at the end of the list.

First of all you need to understand that there is an ongoing, persistent, and (in my opinion) DIABOLICAL effort to slander the Q movement as violent. In a strong and valid sense, this is a form of controlling the opposition, so that those who oppose us can manipulate our speech, our behavior, and our FUTURE. They are doing everything they can to COUPLE the ideas of free speech and violence as a means to GASLIGHT HUMANITY into a state of CONTROL.

This is all based on a contradiction driven by our animal natures, wherein speech drives emotion in dumbed-down humans. Every one of us can be finagled into “chimping out”, if the Communists are persistent enough to find the means, in their patient, Maoist way. When you see me HITTING CHINA HARD in the future, it will be in part because CHINA deserves push-back for what is happening here.

When in doubt where it’s coming from, HIT CHINA.

The disease is complicated, but the cure is simple. Yeah, I know that China is a front for others, but still – THAT is where best to address the BTFO. Stop China, stop their masters.

So why, then, do we need to ban some of OUR members? Isn’t that “helping the enemy”?

First of all, that depends on the specific member. There are different reasons here, and the different reasons known publicly have most of the people here championing the return of one member but not the other.

Without risking sources and methods, it is important for me to state that BOTH MEMBERS were strongly flagged as site risks in the final stage of Wolf’s Extreme Vetting. I chose to “note” but not to act upon those flags. I now believe that this was an error.

It is entirely possible that I allowed my PERSONAL FEELINGS to overcome my PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT by not acting immediately to either not approve or belatedly suspend memberships.

Based on what has transpired, it would be NEGLIGENT of me to ignore those same warnings again.

NOW – none of this is to say anything bad about either individual. Just because a person was accurately deemed by some method to be a potential risk to THE MISSION OF THIS SITE says nothing about them as a friend, an ally, a fellow American, a fellow patriot, or just a good person, made in the image of God. It’s all about THIS PARTICULAR SITE and THE FUTURE. Take that however you want to take it.

If you want to take it as “woo-woo” – take it that way. If you want to take it as just another coincidence, take it that way. All I know is that I am now forced to respect the prediction.

It was a predicted risk. I chose to ignore the prediction. It happened.


Now we get into the meat of why this matters.

When indictments and evidence begin to come out, the FAKE NEWS will do everything in its power to protect the COUP PLOTTERS and ATTACK PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Sites like this are going to be under fire like NEVER BEFORE.

WE are on the FRONT LINES. We are ON POINT.

If the FAKE NEWS featuring people like KFILE and WAKE-UP MAGGIE can help take out a “QAnon Conspiracy Site” as the next 8chan to harm President Trump, using a MERE-MINUTES LEAD on “violent” posts that miraculously pop up here while I’m away, do you think they might do it?

Do you understand now why I automatically moderate every new poster here?

Do you understand why very sketchy happenings in my personal life keep me on my toes?

I can’t afford a bodyguard, and the other side is taking all kinds of risks to find out how much and what types of security I *DO* have.

They have ALREADY spent a considerable sum to get PRESENT and FUTURE information.

But there is something that matters even more than ME. That something is YOU.

The other side will very COLDLY target and use innocent people to achieve its objectives. Those innocent people may be just bystanders, but they can also be PARTICIPANTS, used as TOOLS in complex political dramas. If the other side thought for even a moment that they could use ANY OF YOU as a way to get to me with 100% deniability and acceptable risk, and that plan required TWO BODIES on the slab, they would do it in a HEARTBEAT.

In my experience, in plots that I have busted, the other side has repeatedly set things up so that somebody who I had reckoned as THEIR PRIME ASSET either COULD or WOULD be eliminated in the process. Those realizations are always a bit stomach-turning.

In other words, in “Epstein vs. Prince Andrew”, BOTH are in danger.

This is NOT a game. I ask all of you to join me in DOING THE RIGHT THING – which is not always the EASY THING.

Let us all go where the path to victory takes us – because in the end – WWG1WGA.


183 thoughts on “Threats of Personal Violence, Even Joking, Will Not Be Tolerated On Either Site

      1. So am I one because I mentioned calibers of bullets? If so, well okay. Is that what you are saying, Wolf?

        And I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as private messages here! Am I over reacting because I mentioned calibers several days ago in jest and qualified the statement according to context? So if my post doesn’t post, I know I’m one of the two?

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        1. You just posted that comment – obviously you have not been suspended!

          NOW – this post you mention – which I may not have seen – without having seen it, I can’t really promise that it doesn’t cross the line.

          Let me put it this way. If sensible but reasonably cautious law enforcement might be concerned by the post, even if “just kidding”, then NOT A GOOD THING. If it’s clearly a JOKE TO EVERYBODY INVOLVED – nobody would be concerned – then it’s probably (but not guaranteed to be) OK.

          Comments about famous leftists need to be rigorously free of violence. Those people have no senses of humor, or will PRETEND not to know it’s a joke. Don’t even joke about it. Our first ban is still out of here for two “joke” posts about violence toward leftists.

          My advice to people here is don’t even joke about shooting or hanging other people. It’s highly unnecessary.

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            1. Tarring and feathering is universally regarded as facetious! We’re safe there!

              There are two things that the leftists are attracted to in a huge way as “gotcha” material – GUNS and HANGING – the latter particularly of BLACK PEOPLE.

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  1. You tried to keep it open and free even to the point of going the extra mile and creating utter. Glad to see there is a limit and I a civilized society there must be limits due to man’s fallen nature. Our Founding Fathers knew that our freedoms would only work in conjunction with an educated, Christian society in which citizens exercise self control v. Needing gov control in that we might have a civilized society.

    Anyway, you gave absolute freedom and it was abused and mishandles to an extreme degree. Nothing else you could have done and much appreciate all that you do

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    1. I agree with you. I note, too, that the headline of the post is about “threats of personal violence.” I take that to mean violence against political figures, other posters on the site, or anyone.

      The question of civility is not as clear to me. I don’t know if name-calling could get this site in trouble, or if that is what is being addressed here. I hope more clarification will be provided.

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      1. Name-calling is a gray area. If we had a mute function, it would not be an issue. When it gets somewhat pathological, and begins to evoke pathological responses, then I think it’s time to do something. But I was to some extent beaten to that punch by the other issues.

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        1. I’m going on record here with what I consider to be my personal boundary.

          I do not want to be in an environment where attacking people personally is permitted.
          I’m fine with profanity, I’m fine with heated disagreement ABOUT issues… not about character defects.
          Calling another poster here, where we rarely have even a troll, a Shank Ho is not acceptable to me.
          Those kind of personal attacks are TOTALLY unnecessary. Nor do I think bashing a poster because they are of a different religious persuasion is acceptable. And please don’t say we have to prepare for attacks from leftist, commies. If they come HERE with that kind of personal attack I would expect them to be banned. If I encounter them in the real world, I think I can dang well handle them myself, have been doing so for 8 decades. As I stated, these are my personal boundaries. If it happens here again, without any monitoring I will leave. My choice, my boundaries. If some form of CIVILITY does not exist, the board will turn into a gutter brawl, which imho is what is happening at U-Tree. And there is no way to keep it at the U-Tree. Posters can go there, smear posters who post here, and sasshay over to the Qtree like nothing ever happened. That seems very unfair to me. I will not surround myself everyday with abuse… the kind of abuse one sees with SJW, Bullies, Antifa.

          There never in my observation was a problem on this board until about the last two weeks. Okay, I get that some don’t like so much religious ‘stuff’ … scroll past, or be more grown up, SAY so… in a rational way. Express the need for some compromise, balance. TOO many posts about religion can push new posters away. That doesn’t mean we can’t pray for POTUS, our country… neither does it mean we have to have scripture every other post.

          I’m being very outspoken here, but we have to address the elephant(s) in the room, or the boil will fester.

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            1. I’m not going anywhere, will certainly let the dust settle, more than a bit. I have been sitting with some of my comments, and am very grateful for the POST tonight, almost didn’t see it in the sidebar. Grateful that we were able to comment as a group in a thoughtful manner. Thank you Wolfie.

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              1. You’re most welcome. I am glad that there was, in general, so much patience with me on this, because I needed it to gain a fuller understanding of what we are up against, including things that may not be apparent to everybody.

                It is clear now to me that intense efforts will be undertaken to divide the site, and close it if possible. There is MASSIVE effort being devoted to the 2020 election by the enemy. Some of the enemy projects in my local environment have taken YEARS of planning on their part. Some of the BEST and kindest people I know are being manipulated as pawns. Imagine what we are up against, where the RIGHT people doing the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time can be weaponized against GOOD. If it wasn’t as scary as it is, it would be fascinating.

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              2. We recognize that you are between a rock and a hard place, that you are walking a fine line so to speak. I would not do anything to put this sanctuary at risk… and I do recognize that I could do so unwittingly, and I think that is one of the problems for more than a few here. For instance the question from Pete about using the word ‘calibre’ … we thought we knew the boundaries, the rules and most of us while fighters are rule-bound. But as Daughn says, even if one obeys all the rules, there’s a risk we’ll lose our sanctuary. That cannot happen. Nor can we allow division among ourselves. We’re open to changes, we need to know what the changes are, what we cannot do.

                If Elizabeth Carter can hold forth in her own gentile manner, with a couple of street fighters, then most of us can… problem is though, they didn’t attack her, they picked on people who would fight back, because they were… merely looking for a fight. Some of those fighting back had no idea the level to which some street fighters will go.

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              3. “…they picked on people who would fight back, because they were… merely looking for a fight. Some of those fighting back had no idea the level to which some street fighters will go.”

                It became pathological and disturbing and the other people were being bullied…and I am not one to coddle or throw the term “bully” around loosely and frequently but that is what I think was happening at the end.

                Merely looking for a fight – as entertainment. Reminded me of Romans and the coliseum – fighting for the sport of hurting v. the sport of matching strength, of being athletic and winning. Out for blood for for the sport of matching strength, the thrill of debate when words are used with precision, insight is being gained and one can feel one’s wits being tested, matched and pushed to the maximum.

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          1. PR, I agree with you about personal attacks, a really ugly thing to do, to say nothing of childish and immature. I also agree with what you say about the ohter place. I think it just gives permission for those sorts of attacks and will just bleed over here.

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  2. It’s all of social media.
    Our groups are getting hit like crazy on Facebook.
    I put up a post with a link for Steve Bannon’s new podcast, which is call ^^^ar Room, and I was flagged for violation of Community Standards with intent to cause harm?
    I’m the proverbial soccer mom.
    Never even been in Facebook jail.
    Bring home stray animals and feed wounded birds.

    I’ve appealed and written letters, but I’m arguing with a machine, it seems. Frustrating. And they have no sense of humor or the ability to understand sarcasm.

    Bottom line, we’re going to have to be very careful, we cannot lose our precious refuge.

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    1. Two sides:
      Leftist Trolls are on the a&&ack
      Leftist platform operators eager to ban

      They are putting the squeeze on everyone everywhere they can.
      Anything to stop MAGA.
      They are desperate because they know we’re going to win and they’re going to lose.
      We still have 12 months – it’s going to get MUCH worse.

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      1. “Going to get much worse”. …GROAN! A nice, semi-tropical island sounds pretty good right now for about a 12 month stay. (Will send in my absentee ballot, of course.)

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      2. I saw some comments over at the place we all migrated from today that, while maybe not over the line, I felt were pretty close, though they didn’t mention specific threats to individuals. I felt they were unwise. I like what marga mom said here. I’ve also decided our new page isn’t for me.

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      3. I had a troll/bot attack on (t) Wittier from the light in the loafers crowd the other day.

        Their technique is to suddenly swarm, make a false statement or accusation and ask you to defend yourself. Really smart, but if you are on to them it becomes a matter of Block at Will.

        I probably had to block close to 10 before it died down.

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          1. I don’t!! So many of them are straight up bots, and the trolls are just vile. They give you one or two somewhat reasonable comments, but if you counter well the vileness comes right on. I then usually disengage with a smile.

            When I’m feeling angry, I pretty much jump off social media. A few drinks? Stay away from social media! 😁

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        1. “light in the loafers crowd”

          hahaha, haven’t seen/heard that one for years.

          My Mom used that when we were growing up. She apparently had something for shoes.

          One of her favs was Andy Williams and whenever he came on TV she’d always say:

          “Hmm, he could put his shoes under my bed anytime”

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          1. Mom used to say that about Perry Como! Perry happened to live near us in Florida and we belonged to the same golf club. He always had a corner window table in the dining room overlooking course that became “Perry’s table.”
            Shortly after we became members my widowed mom came to visit and we had Sunday brunch at the Club. Well, as luck would have it, Perry was there at his table and I thought my mother would faint.

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    2. Yea right, tough as nails Daughn, the proverbial soccer mom; yep I’m convinced!

      Yes ma’am, I really believe that one….

      …and next you’re gonna tell us that you really admire Marie Yovanovich for being such a strong woman and then start crying!

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      1. Amen Miss Sylvia and it is always clean,sharp and ready.
        You just holler and I will go yonder to the tool shed and bring it for ya.
        Night and God bless Miss Sylvia.

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  3. I went over there and saw a lot of this…

    …and assorted other nasty name calling. Can I assume all the threats of personal violence happened in private, or did I somehow scroll right on past them?

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    1. I have not seen everything that happened in public, so I’m not sure if I caught all of it.

      The public stuff led to a private message which was multiply problematic. It’s public now. It HAS TO BE.

      And with that, I’ve ended the possibility of further escalation on this site.

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        1. The fighting took place on both sites. The nastiest stuff was probably on U Tree. The PM was made on Q Tree. I will provide more specifics in the second announcement, later.

          The PM was problematic in that it set me and this site up in multiple ways.

          (A) It asked me to remove evidence exonerating the other party, and that showed that we had NOT allowed doxxing to take place. What Party 2 was doing could be construed as doxxing, absent the evidence that the information was MADE PUBLIC by Party 1. Yes, I want to be a nice guy, but NO, I don’t like destroying evidence that exonerates not only somebody else, but US, TOO. Remember – WordPress doesn’t have to BE RIGHT about things to censor the site – they can “pretend not to know”. It’s what they do. ANY removed material makes it harder for third parties to figure out what went on.

          (B) The threat of violence – retracted by /s – must be put in the context of worst-case scenario, particularly not knowing the true mental state of all parties. It is my DUTY TO WARN, even if *I* think it’s not serious. There are no private warnings here, and I don’t want them. The PM cannot be kept private.

          Because this whole thing is increasingly putting the site at risk, and is escalating toward illegality, I simply had to end it.

          You can see the PM here:

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          1. Some people seem to be assuming this was about uncivil discourse, but that link provides clarity. That said, I am saddened to see that person go as I enjoyed and gained from her posts. It’s interesting that, without the requirement of civility, things broke down quickly.

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              1. ” You just can’t let a comment like that go unaddressed.”
                That was my thought process as well….. spiraled down from there…..
                My apologies (again)

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          2. I should note, also, that WordPress states: “The WordPress open source project has evolved in progressive ways over time — supported by skilled, enthusiastic developers, designers, scientists, bloggers, and more.” [ ]

            Which effectively means that they’re controlled by the same bunch of collectivist globalist utopians that we all know and love from entertainment to finance to politics to diplomacy to government bureaucracy….and are as likely to change from “love, kumbaya, freedom, brotherhood” to rabid dogs as all the rest of them. Fortunately, their work is FOSS under GPLv2, and could readily be forked.

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          3. I see exactly what you are thinking and why you did what you did. My guess is that the request was made at a 2D checkers level, truly regretting sharing personal info and wanting to prevent future abuse of personal information and family pictures (v. the insightful and long term reasoning you posted re delteting evidence that this wasn’t doing) and the “joke” was just that … But how would one know that for sure? Sine we don’t really know each other and the nastiness has been bitter…what else for you to do but be on the safe side? Tough situation … why didn’t they just focus on MAGA? 😦

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            1. She was an easy target for someone who likes to jerk people’s chain. A tough, smart woman wearing her heart on her sleeve, vulnerable at times. One who struggles and yet chooses to be a follower of Christ. Similar profile to other targets of the one doing the provoking.

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              1. Well said TTT. When someone becomes the personal punching bag of a virtual stranger that’s bad enough but when the attacks begin to widen out using family members..most especially deceased’s gone into staking territory in my opinion. Those “facts” and pictures had to be searched out for ammunition.
                The mental anguish of anticipating and worrying about whether or not your beloved dead child would be the next target…I get that and it would tear me to shreds inside. Just admitting that makes me feel vulnerable because anyone who dared to defend NF also was denigrated.

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          4. Thank you, Wolf. We all watched it happen, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was pissed that YOU were being put in a position where you had tried to do what you thought would work (set up UTree) only to have it damaged by two of the very people you were trying to accomodate.

            I don’t know what the future of UTree will evolve into – so far more of a circular firing squad for a few regulars – but I concur with Phoenix Rising’s comment upthread. Being able to diss folks personally (rather than issues) on UTree, then commenting at QTree as if nothing happened has to STOP. Everyone on QTree has remained civil to those offenders in the face of that occurring, but biting our tongues only works for so long.

            Kudos to everybody for patience, understanding, and supporting Wolf. I really believe we must stay united against all that is coming.

            Regarding Daughn’s remark about Facebook, perhaps it’s time we set a specific day when we can all try to reach each other again on GAB. It was awhile ago that most of us set up our accounts; some things at GAB have changed; and I cannot locate the ‘group’ we established on GAB. What do you think, Wolfie – a practice confab over there to keep us up to speed ?

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            1. Gab is supposed to get the chatrooms back “soon”, but not sure when. As soon as they do, we’ll likely have to set up again, although maybe not.

              U Tree continues to be a work in progress. We’ll see where it goes! I appreciate your helpful comments! 😀

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  4. One of my daughters teaches at a private school that specializes in children with learning disorders, primarily autistic children, but rarely severely autistic. She talks to me about various children, and lately has been talking about a child with oppositional defiant disorder, and how she has successfully been dealing with this child. It is not a common disorder. Most of the staff had (family did move) trouble dealing with this child, but she is VERY good at figuring out solutions for various problems. Anyway, the last time she talked to me, and looking at what went on here, rang a bell with me concerning one of the parties. TO BE CLEAR, I understand the problem with all the parties.

    Anyway, if anyone is curious this is a link for a definition of oppositional defiant disorder, maybe not the best, but the best I could find for adults.

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  5. Well, I have an over-abundance of curiosity, so I am, of course, really interested in what happened. I will wait to see it when it is made public!

    That said, I am sorry you had to go to these links to maintain our tree, but some people just don’t seem to have enough restraint to know when they are red-lining. Too bad.

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  6. Good riddance, I say.

    Thank you for nipping it, Wolfie. For your protection and ours. For two days I’ve feared the QTree being dragged into the gutter merely by association, and we cannot afford to lose the quality of analysis so many of you bring.

    #WWG1WGA Let’s keep pulling together, not apart, no matter which thread we choose to inhabit.

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    1. That’s why photos of pies, shared memories, music, etc, are a necessary part, IMO…..balance. It’s a tough environment out there, one that I would say most of us never experienced the majority of our lives. And, it can be overwhelming, depressing and frightening at times so a little levity adds a bit of sanity when the dark clouds are over us.

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  7. I guess it is kind of like our own US gov and Constitutional freedoms in that Yes, we want everyone to be free and we want to stick by Freedom but now at the cost of giving those who hate us freedom to destroy us.

    We want free speech, freedom to curse (which seems to be a fav) & freedom to soundly & thoroughly disagree but still shake hands like gentlemen and mover forward after that disagreement. But even that takes civility as we have long defined it in Western Civilization, maturity, self control and, often, Christian based morals.

    When maturity, self control, manners and civility are not exercised then one needs rules to constrain them or exclude them.

    As I have taught my children: You manage your or I will have to manage you. You be your own boss or I will be your boss. I will stop being your boss as long as you handle yourself but I am ready to step in and remove your freedom and independence as needed. With freedom comes responsibility. Someone has to manage you and its always best if it can be you v. me.

    Even as toddlers they understood to exercise self control or I would impose control over them. “You boss you or I will boss you but somebody has to boss you!” Basically telling them to exercise self control and grow their own wills strong enough to act right on their own and be responsible.

    I don’t know if we had a mole here intentionally stirring up trouble or if he just had issues but some posts were getting to the point of stalking + creepy, grew uncomfortable to watch the mental aggravation toward others, to the point of cyber bullying like I have never seen between adults – way beyond a disagreement or needling.

    Glad its stopped.

    Was the person a mole to disrupt so that posters and this site weren’t effective or as effective as we otherwise would be or to discredit this site and have it shut down? I almost hope it was the work of a mole as its tough to think an adult would torment another adult just for fun/kicks.

    No chances. Big work to do and only getting hotter in the political “battle”.

    You did what you had to do. Sad that it had to be done.

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    1. Last comment on this (obviously this has bugged me!)…
      Even arguments among men often have unspoken rules and responsibilities. Even the roughest of guys won’t just pick a fight on an invalid or a child. Even toughest fights one is expected not to fight dirty. After the fight, it is expected of men to man up, shake hands and let it be settled, moving on.
      Civility must be maintained or we will live in a devolved leftist barbaric society.
      We don’t sacrifice for freedom to see it misused.

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  8. I am active (for political activism only) on fb. I “attack” full throttle, fact after fact, stat after stat, all with links, etc. But other than “silly” or “great example of the looney left”, etc. I do not curse, call names or make it personal. I do look at the profile to see if we are being trolled by out of staters but I don’t comment on personal stuff – that would be weird!

    Now the leftist do call me horrid names and many curse up a storm…but I don’t.

    I have actually had a number of leftists reach out to me to comment that while they often/usually disagree with that they appreciate my style of writing, my consistent commenting on facts v. smack talk, etc. That is from leftists !!!!!! compliments on social media! Who knows what seeds I have planted that might sprout a 2020 Trump vote next Nov!! 🙂 I have even earn respect from some.

    Why do I say these things? Not to brag – no one knows me by my real name here so its no like I can actually brag and get real recognition. I am sharing to say that one can disagree fervently and even occasionally with a little snark and some gentle ridicule but still stay centered, civil, fact based and Effective!

    I argue Hard – but why act ugly? What does that accomplish?

    And why would someone pick at others acting ugly almost as a sport/hobby? Is there life that empty? Can they not actually engage the left on social media and put their idleness “cleverness” and “wit” to work for MAGA? I just don’t get it!

    More flies with honey than vinegar and surely we all have more to do than sit around tormenting others!

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    1. Wonderful response!

      I, too, argue hard, and will even get a bit snarky if it seems appropriate. But some of the verbal assaults around here lately have seemed pathological to me. Downright hateful, vicious, and you said it, UGLY.

      We can win, we can MAGA, and we can withstand the vitriol from the other side without descending into the cesspool with them. And I really don’t want to feel like I need a shower after an interaction with someone who is supposed to be, at least theoretically, an ally.

      I continue to believe that as soon as you resort to ad hominem attacks, you’ve lost the argument.

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      1. I miss everything lately. Even missed the rally last night until the end. Been extremely tied up in rushing to simplify our lives. Didn’t know that was so much work. It’s as if I don’t hurry, there won’t be time left to sit back and enjoy the simplification. LOL

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        1. Same here. School has me against the clock, family matters happening, and this niggling idea that we need to stock up on essentials and get ready for…something.

          I can feel the evil ramping up. It’s a spiritual thing, but it’s very oppressive. I’m of good cheer though, as Jesus Christ has overcome the world. 🙏

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          1. Yes He did.
            I don’t know if I am untuned, or what. But I don’t have that stock up, get ready urgency feeling except for the simplification thing we’ve got going. I may be missing something, or my thoughts may just be focused so much on the freedom from “stuff” or still trying to get well.

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            1. That’s the beauty of walking with Him who is Wisdom. Each one has the perfect advisor with advice tailored for that individual.

              I recall all the people getting into prepping before the dreaded Y2K event. I asked in my heart, is this going to be a problem for me or my family? The answer was a solid, “no.” Just for fun I prepped in a minor way but was not worried at all. I wanted 3 things. Light to read books by. Toilet paper. Potable water. Oh — and a few cases of chocolate bars for bartering in case I needed something from a neighbor.

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              1. We didn’t think much about the Y2K thing either, but DH had to be at the steel mill that night just in case. I really couldn’t run the generator that we got after the ‘98 outage. Sudden power outages make for huge costs in equipment damage. So they had to do controlled stoppage of various plants under his control. He had to be on site.

                We had been out of power for 8 days in early March in ‘98, was horribly ill, and on meds that I learned after the fact that I didn’t need and actually did more harm than good. When the doc who was treating me with those antibiotics finally sent me to an infectious disease specialist he cut the pills immediately. I did not have cellulitis and was really ill from the pills. I actually have PTSD from that bout. I wound up with an A1C of literally 15 from that trauma.

                We have a well so no running water, and no way to flush the toilet if there isn’t accessible snow to melt on the gas range. So right before midnight ET, I again scoured the toilets and put a supply of plastic bags in the bathroom to place over the rim, under the seat if need be. We did stock up on water in gallon jugs. That next summer I made a lot of sun tea with those gallons. Hee, hee.

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    2. “why act ugly.”…because they are nameless, faceless and take no responsibility for their words or actions. Not any different than the black masked Antifa or the KKK before them. I am strongly in favor of immediate arrests for anyone wearing masks in a street protest…no exceptions.
      Just a couple of comments….while we all undoubtedly benefit from sharing our opinions, thoughts, beliefs and personal experiences here…this and any other like forums cannot be a personal therapy place. I think this happened and someone who obviously gets pleasure on tormenting perceived weakness in others took full advantage of the situation. IMO, both individuals exhibited bi-polar characteristics…..and both had a disruptive effect to the general well-being of the group. There was a little tree mold beginning to show.
      Glad you assumed the adult in the room role, Wolf….but, heck that’s why we pay you the big bucks, right?

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        1. Truthfully, I thought afterwards I shouldn’t have shared that, but it’s based on personal family experience, now second generation, and many years of living with roller coaster personalities. To me the symptoms were fairly obvious… especially one individual…but sorry, if I was out of line.

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          1. You are free to speak! I just wanted to clarify my “like.” We all bring a different set of experiences to our analysis. Yours are just as valid as anothers. I have years of up close and personal experience of both Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (in the same family member!). And yes, I’ve witnessed Bipolar as well. My thought is that the same anti-social behavior can come from different places of brokenness or incomplete development in different people. I have personally refrained from offering a diagnostic label for those with anti-social patterns here. Most of the time when dealing with people online, the more useful thing to do is to make a record of actual behaviors over time (with links) so that patterns can be observed. We may have Dx labels that help us speed up the analysis, but tracking the anti-social behaviors are what will get more traction.

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          2. Free speech here includes armchair diagnoses – as well as crowdsource diagnoses. I was part of the crew working #HillaryHealth – very important work, IMO. We just have to accept that armchair diagnoses are potentially correct but not professional grade, even by professionals. Crowdsourcing can increase probabilities, but without real medical data – and there was a lot of disinformation RE Cankles – it’s impossible to be certain. However, the probabilities can be shifted strongly by a team effort and lots of evidence!

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  9. Yikes.

    I missed what went on…but it doesn’t sound good.

    Sorry you’re having to deal with this crap, boss.
    It takes time away from more important things…like fighting our real enemy, the forces of darkness that are trying to enslave us.

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    1. Yes. And we lost two good fighters. Two of our BETTER fighters, actually. It’s a loss for the site. Period. But I simply have to cut our losses. Their fight is a huge risk to this site.

      I hope they will find *new* MAGA sites – separately – and make the best of it.

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        1. Yes. The PM forced my hand for reasons at the 4D chess level, even though it may have been intended at the 2D checkers level (thanks to MAGA Mom for that metaphor).

          With the level of outrageous verbal assault against the party who mentioned violence, we were approaching “fighting words”, which is a somewhat nebulous concept, and not necessarily constitutional, IMHO, because it relieves people of responsibility for their violence.

          But no matter that, the mere mention of specific violence in the manner it was raised, with a dubious negation, in response to verbal provocation, forced my hand to publicize the PM.

          Likewise, I cannot hide or remove the posts leading up to it. My policy, which has worked well, has been to freeze accounts where actionable posts are made, and to leave all the posts public for all to see.

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          1. I was talking to my husband (with children listening and occasionally chiming in) this morning about the various splits, forced & unforced, as well as additional outgrowths of the treehouse sites. good conversation on freedoms, freedom of speech, just because one can say something doesn’t mean one ought to say something, and where do other’s freedoms end and our freedoms begin? what is the balance?

            Talked to him about what I saw happening here and about the specific comment re: road trip if daughter’s picture began to be used, etc.

            He agreed that it probably was made completely offhand and as a joke, esp. since no real names, addresses, etc. and said it was a joke kind of like the jokes about shotguns/daughters/dates. And I reminded him that I have Told him NOT to make those kinds of jokes any more. Just can’t do it.

            Plus, what if something horrible and criminal happened that demanded self defense and someone drug up evidence or witnesses of these old silly jokes or casual obviously sarcastic comments? And that is where you went with the comment, Wolfmoon1776.

            Many of us lean libertarian in our thinking, fiercely independent and want total freedom…but reality is we Need gov and even a strong central gov has its pros (national defense, infrastructure, etc.). Hard to think of ourselves as the recipients of our pioneer ancestor’s freedoms and yet, are we that free? how free were they? (the longhunters, the trappers, the mountain men, the initial pioneers and settlers – but even they were not as free of all rules and laws as we often imagine).

            There is a conflict between how free we want to be and how free we want others to be.

            There is a conflict between my vision of how freedom will play out and how it actually does play out. Idealism v. Reality. Total freedom meets the need for law and order.

            Anyway, in context of the big picture, yes, how what happened had happened had to be preserved…but I would have never thought of that like you did Wolfmoon1776! I would have just been thinking as a commenter, “Wow, I revealed too much and was way to personal on a public forum that felt so cozy, small, warm and welcoming with only friends and civilized people hanging out. I forgot myself and made a huge mistake by posting personal info. I now regret it and will you please take it down?” And that is as far as I would have thought. But, that does remove the trail in case of further, worse issues and would raise its own questions.

            Lesson I have learned? Many and most are obvious to all but this one to mention now: Never host a blog! I am not up for it and don’t think big picture enough to take on that responsibility!

            PS: I re-read some of my above comments to husband this am and so sorry for so many typos. Was on a cell phone (Very unusual for me) + not feeling well. Reasons but no excuses. I will be more careful in the future.

            Time for me to move on. Wish he had been ignored. Never feed a troll, right?

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            1. Just when I say I will be more careful about typos I accidentally hit post early!
              Post is by MAGA Mom. Now for my coffee – should have made and drank that first. Made everyone’s breakfast, had deep discussions, but still haven’t gotten to my coffee! Moms – take care of yourself first! 🙂

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      1. The thing that gets me is that name-calling other posters isn’t even 1-D checkers. Five year olds do that. And what’s with the excitement of feeling free to use profanity?

        I mean, if people are going to do it, they’re going to do it, but it’s kind of weird for people in the age group that seems to be a majority on this board to make such a big deal out of it.

        Name-calling and profanity for the sake of profanity isn’t even a matter of whether it is ‘appropriate’ or ‘uncivil’ or not — it’s just bad strategy.

        It makes the person doing it look bad.

        It can never lead to one person causing the other person to withdraw in defeat. It might cause them to withdraw in disgust, but how can that be considered a victory for the other person?

        You can’t ‘win’ the audience to your side with personal insults, the best you can ever do is a Mexican standoff while the other person just does the same thing. It’s bad strategy.

        This ‘game’ can be (and is) so much more fun if we don’t make the obvious kiddie pool mistakes, and swim over to the deep end (or at least deeper end) instead.

        If someone is calling us names on a message board, that shouldn’t make anyone angry, it’s an opportunity. Somebody has just invited us to play, and if that’s their opening shot, you should be smiling, because you’ve already won. All you have to do is let it play out, and when they expose themselves particularly well, drop the hammer. That doesn’t mean swearing at them or calling them names, it means waiting for the right moment and making a post so devastating and effective (or humorous… ridicule is man’s most potent weapon — Alinsky) that any reply your opponent could make only makes them look worse.

        They withdraw because you left them no other option. Because you set up a ‘check mate’ scenario.

        Calling each other names just cheapens the whole experience! 😁

        Anybody can call names. So do something different. Do something they don’t expect. That’s when the game is afoot… and that’s no time to be trading insults, lol!

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          1. I have a lot to learn from everybody. Some days I do better than others 😁

            The whole ‘dealing with trolls’ or other Internet opponents is just something I learned or adapted to out of necessity. I wanted to get in the discussions, but nasty Leftists were always derailing interesting exchanges.

            So to stop that from happening, I just did what I would do in person, I cracked jokes on them until they stopped or went away. When you do that, others see it and often join in (safety in numbers), which is also fun.

            Pretty soon it became like a sport, and it was as much fun as (or more fun than) the discussions I had wanted to participate in, in the first place.

            The first time I really went after someone who was just causing trouble, the moderator called me a ‘Troll Hammer’. I didn’t know what that was, I didn’t know it was a compliment, I thought he was attacking me, so I attacked him next for calling me a ‘Troll Hammer’, until it occurred to me what he meant. 😁

            The best training ground in my experience is forums where there are plenty of Leftists. They’re nasty, they play dirty, and there is always someone to fight with, day or night. From watching what other people (good guys) do that works, and trial and error on your own part, you begin to see patterns and basic personality types, and various techniques or strategies that work best with certain types of people. Nothing extensive is needed, more like a basic tool set of 4 or 5 different ways to deal with the several basic types of opponents you would regularly face. It’s not very complicated in practice, once you get used to it.

            The arguments over on Breitbart didn’t usually involve a lot of profanity. The opponent might, but he usually figured out pretty quick that strategy wasn’t going to help him. It usually involved factual corrections with lots of mockery and ridicule thrown in, because that’s what the Left understands and hates.

            Their peers are always watching or participating, so ridicule them in front of their peers. If they don’t withdraw immediately to go look for an easier target, just keep ridiculing them. Most Leftists make it pretty easy to do. Eventually they get angry or frustrated and blurt out some Leftist ideological idiocy. Anybody here at WQTH could easily destroy their talking points, then end with a large dose of ridicule. They hate that, and most of them can’t do it well enough themselves to try to do it back, they just run away. They look for someone easier to pick on, someone who won’t make them look bad.

            One of the most effective tactics was to just tread water for a while in the give-and-take. Even after you have developed a few ‘go to’ plays or techniques, you can’t always tell which one would be most effective until you study your opponent for a little while. You can even let them get the better of you for a while. It boosts their confidence and makes them careless. It’s sort of like ‘rope a dope’. They keep attacking, but you’re not tempted to react emotionally to their attacks and lashing out back at them. You’re studying them, seeing what they ‘give away’ in their comments that you can use against them. That takes you out of ‘reaction mode’ and puts you in more of what might be called a ‘hunter’ mode. You’re not taking anything he says personally, you’re testing or prodding or just keeping the conversation going long enough until you spot an opening that you can exploit.

            Instead of getting angry (which makes it much harder to get the better of your opponent), you’re smiling. You’re giving them rope to hang themselves with. Keep the back-and-forth going long enough to learn a little about your opponent. Whatever he gives you, whatever he reveals about himself, there will usually be things that can be used to ridicule him later. Let him do it, and wait for him to make a serious mistake, something you can nail him with.

            They always do make a serious mistake, some just take longer than others. If they are taking too long, you will have observed them long enough (by that point) to set a few rhetorical traps to speed the process along.

            When they do make a mistake, when they expose their neck (i.e., some weakness), that’s the moment to strike. Most of the time they never see it coming. They don’t ‘know’ you, you’re just a random Internet person. But they remember your screen name afterwards. You will know they do, because they almost never test you twice. They’ll avoid you. They’re looking to demoralize or just take their anger out on conservatives, and getting ridiculed or humiliated by a conservative accomplishes the exact opposite of what they’re trying to do. The new guys won’t avoid you (and there’s always new guys), because they haven’t learned yet, but the regulars learn.

            If you are using humor to mock them, once you see other conservatives chiming in with ‘laughing’ emojis or other encouragement, so you know even their own people must be laughing at them, then you laugh at them too. Don’t let them off the hook, rub it in. By then they usually have lost all composure, which only makes it easier to mock them. It’s like chasing somebody downhill at that point, and they leave rather than continue to be mocked.

            In all the time I was playing that game, very rarely did someone came at me a second time after an experience like that. It’s like a hustle, and they know when they’ve been had, and they don’t want that experience again.

            Another effective technique is arguing in the form of asking questions instead of declarative statements. Especially if you can include jabs or ridicule in the process. You don’t want to go full speed on them right at the start, you want to draw them in, let them get comfortable and overconfident, and they’ll get sloppy.

            It’s easy to convert a declarative approach to an interrogative approach. For most people, debate by declaration or decree is human nature. You see it all the time. I do it myself (and try to catch it and fix it before I hit ‘post’). All you have to do is take your declarative statement and put a question mark at the end of it, and then change the first couple words to make the statement into a question. It is much harder for your opponent to attack a question than a statement, and it interrupts their entire thought pattern. It puts them on defense instead of offense. They can ignore your questions, but after they do that a couple times, you can use that fact against them too. Mock them for their obvious inability to answer simple questions.

            Every opponent is different (which is good, otherwise it would get boring), that’s why you have to tread water for a while, let the argument or debate develop long enough to figure out the best angle of attack. After a while you develop a general outline response to the 3 or 4 most common opponent types, so you’re not starting from scratch each time, and then tweak it or personalize it to your specific opponent, based on what your opponent reveals about himself during the fight. You have an idea what direction you’re going to take the discussion more quickly after you do it for a while, so you don’t have to spend so much time analyzing the opponent. You learn to recognize what kind of opponent you’re dealing with quicker.

            One of the best strategies is to make yourself less vulnerable to counterattack. Get in the habit of arguing against your own points as you type. When you instantly/habitually argue against your own points as you write your replies, you see how the enemy will probably attack your points too. Recognize the openings your opponent is likely to exploit, and then either reword your reply to remove that vulnerability, or take the opening away by answering that ‘objection’ yourself pre-emptively as part of your reply. And if you can’t re-word it or make it less vulnerable to counterattack, delete it. It’s better to just not say it, if you can’t say it without leaving yourself open to counterattack.

            Attack your own replies to see where the weak points are, and shore them up or fix them if necessary, before you click ‘post’. It is very frustrating for an opponent to not see any obvious angle of attack. If you combine that approach with asking questions, then he’s on defense. Add humor or subtle (or not subtle) mocking, and he’s getting hit with multiple tactics in combination, with no easy way to counter.

            It becomes second nature after awhile. It doesn’t take long before it becomes habit. You begin formulating your replies without leaving chinks in the armor, making it hard for the opponent to score a point. The less time you spend on defense (because you purposely didn’t leave any easy openings for your opponent), the more time you can spend on offense, and offense is a lot more fun, once you have sized up your opponent and baited him into making a mistake.

            Most of all, it’s a challenge that is also fun. Almost like a sport. And people almost always get better at things they enjoy doing, so don’t forget to have fun with it.

            When someone attacks you, and your involuntary response is to grin because the game is on, you’re on the right track 😁

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  10. Wolf,

    I am as surprised you didn’t see this coming as I was that you chose to create the U tree specifically to accommodate the #1 offender you had to suspend today. I encourage you to simply let him go permanently. As I said to him repeatedly….”you will stop either voluntarily or involuntarily”. Future proves past and…

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    1. I suspected this might happen, but I wanted to see if we could find a stable solution with a separate, truer, free speech site.

      We could not. The last resort failed.

      Since I do not believe that the needs of either party will change in the future, I’m not planning on changing the status of “gone”. Once violence enters the equation, the accounts must be frozen and kept public as evidence. It’s too bad that happened, because the loss might have only been ONE in that case, but what we had here was one individual cunningly pushing another into trouble. I’ve been there. I understand that. I understand being the victim of such evil play. When I say there might be demonic activity involved here, I’m not kidding.

      We cannot afford the RISKS of allowing any of this back on the site. This serves as a sincere and sympathetic warning to people now. Guns holstered or concealed. I don’t want to see them out – PERIOD. Pushing anybody to deholster for the infraction goes out the door with them.

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      1. One was pushing the other for reactions, seeming to take pleasure in causing emotional pain and mental anguish. It was beyond the pale and, very sadly, succeeded, I had seen argume tactics behavior from him at OT but never what seemed me the sadistic nature of the posts I was seeing from him against the other poster who will be missed.

        Why act like that v. spending one’s time productively – esp. at such a time as this!

        I had seen your discussion with daugnworks247 and was just waiting for him to clearly show himself while encouraging her to ignore by seeing him for what he was. Sad it all worked out the way it did.

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    2. I have to confess that I also had such a suspicion about the existence of the U Tree. We’ll know more if it now withers away…..

      OTOH, I am also pleased that our Gracious Host has followed Clausewitz’s First Principle to ensure the security of our base. […..which just happens to be a tree.]

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    3. I remember when you reamed the offender out, FG&C, and was grateful you did so. At the same time, I feared you might have been the person who had PM’d Wolf and had to be banned because you had indicated you wouldn’t let the offender get away with it.

      I’m greatly relieved you are still here; you are definitely a warrior I don’t want to lose.

      I have little sympathy for either of those who were banned. Most of us have overcome great challenges to mature into emotionally healthy adults, and we have no idea how severe those challenges were. It is incumbant on every single one of us to control our emotional responses or we have no business being here.

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    4. The thing is…when all hell broke loose, it wasn’t just the one person. Others piled on. True colors came out both then, and when apologies came from some, but not others.

      At the time, though, bodily harm was not threatened.

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    5. As I said to him repeatedly….”you will stop either voluntarily or involuntarily”.

      Yeah, you made that statement simply because he decided to mock some people for posting (what he deemed to be) excessive religious-themed posts. Go pat yourself on the back, you’re a true prophet.

      He didn’t get banned for that!

      Your statement struck me as a SEVERE over-reaction at the time (and still does, even if he proved himself a total immature asshole later).

      All that for someone mocking someone else’s faith?

      Do you realize that that happens ROUTINELY in this country to people of OTHER beliefs?

      Suck it up, next time.


  11. I posted this on the Utree and I am posting it here.
    Thanks Wolfmoon,
    I was really excited when you did this site. As this process accelerates we are going to need to be able to discuss ideas.
    I felt very sad when it was becoming a “David Letterman” comedy show. I always considered him to be an excellent example of 4th grade humor.
    Then it degenerated into 4th grade playground fights. I thought you might just be waiting to see if “self control” would kick in. It didn’t.
    I don’t know how you could have been kinder or more patient. It was putting us all in danger to allow it to continue.

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  12. Wolfie – you are a wonderful generous reasoning and amazingly tolerant blog host!

    I REALLY appreciate and respect that you do not have hidden, unwritten rules and allow folks to differ in opinions even with you or the moderators.

    That kind of humility and honesty was completely lacking at the old treehouse.

    Honestly, I did not, do not see the need for the UTree.

    What is the reason to allow people to get unleashed in vocabulary, visual images, arguments or style of arguments?

    The one quick the very first day, a certain person was attacking me, with vile language and accusing me of lying and all manner of character faults and evil motivations, was enough for me to know I would/could not tolerate that atmosphere. It was too much like my neurologically damaged daughter’s behavior – I could even picture her foaming at the mouth in rage.

    Then came Sunday when several folks got up on the wrong side of the bed, came to the Q Tree with hurt feelings over happenings at the U Tree, and anger and accusation of too much religiousity and judgmental-ism reigned for a while.

    The only comfort was knowing these gripes and griefs would fade like they have before and we would all bury our hatchets and pitchforks, and revert back to WWG1GWA once again.

    I’m willing to love folks who disagree with and don’t like me, on the basis of their support for PDJT – but I’m not willing to be attacked by them.

    I’ll scroll by their ad hominum attacks and obscenities, but maybe mildly ask folks to stop posting dirty jokes and pictures, just because that brings down the caliber (is this use of caliber ok?) of this site and of our conversations – and diminishes seriousness of our purpose – to seek truth and support our President and his efforts to drain the swamp, protect our national security, and restore the nation to an honest, trustworthy Constitutional Republic!

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    1. Correction – “The one quick *peek* the very first day….”

      Sorry – I’m getting old and before the 3rd cup of coffee tend to leave out words.

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    2. The U Tree may or may not disappear, but it gives me some “operational freedom” that I did not have before.

      You are quite right that they will try to divide us. WWG1WGA matters.

      The FAKE WORLD wants to be back in control. They will try every trick they can to do it. The thing is, they manipulate some of the best and nicest people as human shields. Failing that, they manipulate others to bounce off of the nice people, made to stand still. It’s just TRICKY.

      I trust in God to see us through. BOTTOM LINE!!!

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      1. You and the Authors have done a fabulous job with this place !!! Love flows most of the time.

        I even love both of those neat people you have had to ban (just guessing) and can’t remember what caused the bad feelings between us. This place has been my refuge in a time of trial and learning to relate, overcome a lot of stuff. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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      2. I wondered at the time what the Utree was going to be like, but the feel was definitely different. I understood it was to be a place for arguing and disagreements, but the times I read there, it seemed…from some…. more like attack, provoke, insult, and just generally be an ass. I wonder if there was something in particular that triggered the “change” in tone, along with the verbal abuse directed at several posters. Seems to have been ramping up recently, too. Hate to see our tree under attack, but honestly had a hard time trying to keep up on both sites. Thanks for all you are doing to keep a safe, secure place for all.

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        1. You’re welcome! 😀

          I continue to study and reflect on the whole episode, so I can learn from it.

          Yesterday’s U Tree open thread had almost 100 comments, so I think the site may continue to be viable – particularly for those who simply prefer a different / more secular / more Disqus or CTH tone. However, if it does remain viable, I do expect more frequent bans (most likely on future new members) simply because of the lower civility requirement leading more frequently to illegal or platform-risking speech.

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  13. Sorry to hear it had to come to this but it is CRITICAL to be very very careful as we approach the 2020 elections. The ‘Opposition’ will try like crazy to get us angry . Why? Because when we are angry we do not use our logical mind and then they can manipulate us using our emotions. They WANT us to lash out on-line so they can BAN US.

    I normally try to ONLY use facts backed up with links. It is a lot safer and even then I got BANNED by DISCUS at American Thinker and Breitbart (within days of each other) in late 2015. My ‘SIN’? I was defending Candidate Trump. Since I used links to back up my facts I was ‘Banned for spamming’

    If we ALL keep in mind that we are being closely watched by the enemies of President Trump, we will all be better off.

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    1. Yep – I know what you mean about unreasoning banning over civil, evidence-based comments.

      In 2015 – using logic, evidence, links, supporting Trump and not Cruz got me banned at the Right Scoop.

      Posting links, evidence, etc. re: LBGTXYZ got me banned OT.

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      1. The Elgiebt crowd will go after anyone who isn’t 100% surrendered to their agenda.

        They are also rabidly pro-abortion.

        I have also noticed tactics that include swarming (if you make a questionable comment), and the newest (if they can’t get you to escalate) is to send in ‘friendly’ trolls/bots who try to egg you on.

        It’s all designed to get you to lose it and say something that will get you banned.

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    2. “Sorry to hear it had to come to this but it is CRITICAL to be very very careful as we approach the 2020 elections. The ‘Opposition’ will try like crazy to get us angry . Why? Because when we are angry we do not use our logical mind and then they can manipulate us using our emotions. They WANT us to lash out on-line so they can BAN US.”


      Having a Gab group for back-up would be a good idea too. Just in case.

      WP (or those who squeeze them) could shut us down here, but if I understand correctly, Gab has set itself up in such a way that it is no longer possible to deplatform Gab (after the first time, they chose a whole new system), and Gab is quickly making itself the ‘freedom of speech’ site, specifically by doing the opposite of what all the other platforms are doing to conservatives.

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  14. Ha! I outsmarted that WP Bassturd!!!
    Wolfe, for last 3+ weeks my posts go directly to bin on ALL YOUR threads on Qtree. Very annoying. I posted a welcome to Gail on this thread and it’s in the bin.
    This post is from my cell with WiFi OFF. That means the trouble is IP related. Your threads do not allow my home IP, but have no problem w/my carrier’s IP. Are you using any spam filters that could be causing this issue?

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    1. WordPress uses the Akismet spam filter, which is a mixed blessing. It does a pretty good job, but it makes some odd mistakes.

      Your home IP may have been assigned to a SPAMMER in the past. The spammer has moved on, but the Akismet filter has not!!!

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      1. Understood. But Akismet does NOT filter me on other Authors – Just You Only on Qtree. I am able to post on your Utree threads. I wonder if you modified any Qtree Admin settings recently? Definitely buggy, for sure.

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        1. I can’t really change much of anything – and I have almost NOTHING being filtered, except banned users (3) and my private message string.

          Here is my theory. I think you are being hit for quoting Charles Stanley stuff in big posts. I think that Akismet is calling that “spam”. ESPECIALLY if you post that anywhere else.

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          1. CS posts are from Nikki not me. I’m not on board with some of his theories. 😳
            It’s actually a bit funny, throughout my career, if they’re there, I’ve always encountered the bugs AND been the one responsible for getting them fixed.
            🥴 I’ll keep sniffing around. At least for now I’ve found a work around! That makes me 😍!!

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Sorry about that mis-ID. I know that Duchess got nailed on Garrison images, and then on daily blessings. Scott467 also got sent into the bin like CRAZY for a while, and the spammer IP theory would explain that, too, although the timing on his was very suspicious.

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  15. Wolfie – your stewardship of this place has been and continues to be outstanding. I appreciate the time and energy you spend on this little haven. I learn a lot here, and your handling of this mess was another lesson for me.

    I had concluded that there existed a group ethos here that people would accommodate and that would alleviate the need for a U Tree. Indeed, I had seen numerous posts from people here that reinforced my understanding of this ethos and in contravention of some of the behavior that was exhibited here well before the U Tree was announced. When that behavior persisted, I determined that one of our members was a problem. I decided to mentally skip over this person’s posts. I then started skipping entire threads where they were engaged, anticipating the aggravation of having to read their comments would negate any value I might obtain from the content being discussed. I tried U Tree even thought it seemed to have been created to accommodate one person’s desire to act up and attempt to bring out the worst in others. I had quickly concluded it was not for me and so I missed the denoument.

    It’s not for me to say how things should run here, but I think splitting this group would be unwise. Better to expel those who cannot, or will not, abide basic decency.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. “Plus, all those new posters seemed to disappear.”


        Yes, that was curious.

        I didn’t recall seeing any of their screen names before, and didn’t see them much after, either.

        And I didn’t really understand what was ultimately supposed to be different at Utree that would cause so many lurkers here to participate there.

        I still don’t understand.

        People are who they are, so it seems strange to think they would behave radically different on a forum advertised as being a ‘wild west’ version of a place that already doesn’t have (or need) many rules anyway (i.e., WQTH).

        If anything, a place without any/many rules requires one to be more on-guard, more observant, more careful — not less.

        But then, that only really applies on a forum where there are adversaries, i.e., Leftists. It never really made sense that we needed a place where people on our own team could go after each other 😁

        Liked by 3 people

    1. I pretty much did the same, Afortius, and I agree with what you say. It became very unpleasant when that person was commenting, just colored everything in a bad way.

      Liked by 5 people

  16. Eric Ciaramella, Eric Ciaramella, Eric Ciaramella!!!!

    Andy Oregon and Nebraska!!!

    I posted once on U Tree, right at the start and within the thread when these two started getting into it! I haven’t been back!

    Enjoyed the insight of both these two on the Q Tree for the most part, but things between them went way south early on at the other site! Sad.

    Hopefully, they will continue to support PDJT and KAG on other sites, and ask forgiveness one to the other! Tempers can get out of hand when we are in a war with the Left to save the Republic; however, we cannot afford to war with each other, but must forgive and agree to disagree at times, and move on in peace!

    We all fall short of the glory of God! And but by the grace of God, there go I. God bless all who remain here, and the two soldiers we lost!

    Liked by 3 people

        1. LOL.. WP is a pain…not that I wanted to run with the pack at U Tree but it (WP) finally allowed me in as Molly and then the other day kicked me off. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get back in there.
          Musta been a sign for me to stay at this side of the tree

          Liked by 3 people

    1. Don’t worry, I missed it too.
      After reading the link and all the comments on this thread I think I can piece it together pretty easily though. No need to go into details.
      I am sorry to see one of them go, but not the other. Sorry, not sorry. We have enough things in our lives that cause division and strife, I don’t need to be a part of any more drama.
      I stepped over to the U Tree once and that was enough. I DO appreciate our gracious host giving us options, but abusing each other and being rude is not really my cup of tea!

      Liked by 5 people

  17. After our discussions this morning as a family, 2x we have dealt with personal interactions around the house today by “scrolling”. Made me LOL. But, at the same time, valuable life lessons in choosing when to/not to engage.

    Children aggravating me…husband says, “just scroll on by, honey, they are just pushing buttons”.
    Child heard muttering to himself when he was annoyed, coaching himself, “Just scroll, Daniel, don’t feed the troll.” (name changed) and he just walked away from the potential minor family squabble.

    Life lessons – don’t let others push our buttons, choose purposefully when/with whom to engage and we are in charge of being offended/aggravated or not. We can ignore and let it roll off like water off of a ducks back.

    (Obviously, I didn’t let children read or tell them exact insults, etc., but the general gist and principles of what was happening. Life lessons – rather they learn now and they learn from others than their own experiences

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Heh, heh. I like the ‘scroll by’ technique MAGA Mom. Our tradition is to say, “Well, THAT was annoying…” under our breath and then shrug it off 😊

      Liked by 3 people

      1. LOL….we have good friends, married 55 years, and still very active. He was a high school coach and when his wife “gets to him” in an argument, he gives the old nullify play signal.
        “okay, that’s it…I’ve had enough of this discussion.” Works for them…and tickles us!

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Turning people off of an otherwise valuable site, turning people away, diverting attention for MAGA, distracting, hijacking entire threads….This was a destructive pattern of behavior instigated by one person that was Damaging the functionality and mission regardless of other “contributions” made.

      Glad its over.

      With the utree perhaps can be tossed off of wqtree faster next time.

      Or, and even better, with the rest of us that much wiser, perhaps no one will feed the gremlin troll and it would grow to be such a problem in the first place. Scroll past the troll…just scroll

      Hope you come back soon, Thomas!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. MAGA Mom, some of us are sheep dogs by nature. We notice the status of the sheep. Our hackles rise when we sense a predator. Discernment is the gift that demands wisdom in how to act (or not) on what we are sensing in the atmospheres around us. Back on OT there were misunderstandings and even annoyances but some posts carried spiritual payloads that very dark. Same words by different person would just be in bad taste. When the posts are pumping darkness into the site many will leave. Maybe only for a while or maybe for good. If this is allowed to prevail, you get the mess that OT has become.

        Liked by 1 person

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