News Roundup! It’s Just A Matter Of Time, Americans Continue To Win Under PDJT, The Judicial Armada Continues To Grow & Flip Circuit Courts, We Are Charging PDJT With Bribery, You Can Take Your Bribery & Stick It Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine, Winning At the Southern Border & With ICE, PDJT Raises $3.1 Million In 24 Hours, Rally Recap Video Clips…..

Germany’s 3rd Quarter real GDP rate came in at 0.1%. The fact that it was not a negative rate allows the German economy to escape being in a recession.

From the article linked above:

The German economy narrowly avoided an expected slip into recession in the third quarter as consumers, state spending and construction drove a 0.1% quarterly expansion in Europe’s largest economy.

“The German economy got away with a black eye: the technical recession could be avoided,” Deka bank analyst Andreas Scheuerle said. But he added that it is still too early to give the all-clear.

The economy is “suffering from enormous global political uncertainty” and its flagship industry, the automobile sector, is not running smoothly anymore, Scheuerle said.

Manufacturers, whose exports have been a bedrock of German economic strength for decades, are struggling with weaker foreign demand, tariff disputes sparked by U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade policies and business uncertainty linked to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

The automobile sector, a key driver of overall growth, is also having trouble adjusting to stricter regulation following an emission cheating scandal and managing a broader shift away from combustion engines toward electric cars.

There is absolutely nothing that will allow their economy to grow on the horizon. Their obsession with the climate hoax is actually going to destroy their economy. At the end of the day they will blame our President but it is their own stupidity that is killing them.

From the article linked above:

Tougher emissions rules will hit Daimler’s profits in 2020 and 2021, prompting the German carmaker to seek more than 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in savings from cutting staff costs at its Mercedes-Benz business by the end of 2022, it said on Thursday.

Management positions will be cut by around 10%, and company said it would also seek more than 300 million euros from cutting personnel costs – plus another 250 million euros in fixed costs – at its trucks business.

Daimler said it needed to sell more electric vehicles to meet tougher European Union rules which force carmakers to cut carbon dioxide emissions from cars by 37.5% by 2030 compared with 2021 levels, and following a 40% cut between 2007 and 2021.

Meanwhile our President tweets the incredible data reported by Walmart for the 3rd Quarter. He also points out that the tariff narrative is a complete hoax!

From the article linked above:

Walmart Inc raised its annual outlook on Thursday as a robust economy boosted purchases at its stores and website and the retailer picked up market share in food and other groceries, earning praise from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Consumer spending going in to the crucial holiday season remains healthy, Chief Financial Officer Brett Biggs told Reuters in an interview on Thursday. Retailers earn a sizeable chunk of their annual revenue during November and December.

“The consumer remains in pretty good shape, employment situation is good, fuel prices are low … wage growth is pretty good,” he said.

The Forgotten Men & Women are the ones that are benefiting the most under MAGAnomics.

Average wage growth is in the 3.5% range across all workers; however, the wage growth at the lower end of the scale is a stunning 9% for non-supervisory employees.  This is a direct outcome of internal U.S. economic growth that benefits Main Street.

From the link above:

Americans see a better job market these days and tend to think it will stay that way.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey shows that 44% of all American Adults believe the job market is better than it was a year ago. That’s consistent with findings over the past 18 months and up from the teens and 20s during the Obama years. Just 19% think the job market’s worse now. Thirty percent (30%) say things are about the same as they were a year ago.

The Judicial Armada has added another Circuit Judge (46th under PDJT) with an additional two in the pipeline.

Once the two Circuit judges are confirmed for the 11th Circuit, our President will flip another Circuit Court (more Republican appointed judges versus Democrat appointed judges).

Nancy Pelosi decided today to raise the lunacy level to a different stratosphere claiming that our President will be charged with “Bribery”.

Representative Jim Jordan shows Americans just how crazy Shitty & Nancy are!

Within the current ridiculous claim by Shitty & Nancy there is a baseline action that needs to exist for any “bribery” or “undue influence” claim to exist. Meaning there had to be pressure by PDJT upon the government of Ukraine to initiate an investigation of SleepyCreepy Joe Biden.

The call transcript between our President and President Zelenskyy doesn’t show any such ridiculous request. As a matter of fact, the Ukrainian President said there was never such a request made by our President; and now Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko says there was never such a request made from U.S. Ambassador Sondland on behalf of our President:

From the article linked above:

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Thursday that the United States Ambassador Gordon Sondland did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

“Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigations,” Prystaiko said, according to Reuters. “You should ask him.”

“I have never seen a direct relationship between investigations and security assistance,” Prystaiko continued. “Yes, the investigations were mentioned, you know, in the conversation of the presidents. But there was no clear connection between these events.”

Our President points out the obvious.

We are winning Bigly at the southern border!

ICE continues to make our country safer!

Americans are showing their disgust with the Democrats by financially backing our President!

Our President had another incredible rally in Louisiana last night. Here are some videos clips from the rally.

We have the greatest WINNER in the world as our President!

144 thoughts on “News Roundup! It’s Just A Matter Of Time, Americans Continue To Win Under PDJT, The Judicial Armada Continues To Grow & Flip Circuit Courts, We Are Charging PDJT With Bribery, You Can Take Your Bribery & Stick It Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine, Winning At the Southern Border & With ICE, PDJT Raises $3.1 Million In 24 Hours, Rally Recap Video Clips…..

  1. Stuff like this gets me hot under the collar.

    Soldiers with top-secret clearances say they were forced to use an app that could endanger them

    By ALEX HORTON | The Washington Post | Published: November 12, 2019

    Soldiers in an intelligence unit with top-secret clearances were ordered by their commander to download an information app, triggering fear their secretive work could be harnessed and exploited by adversary governments, soldiers in the unit told The Washington Post.

    Army Col. Deitra Trotter, the commander of Fort Hood’s 504th Military Intelligence Brigade, told her soldiers in late October a new app developed for the unit could provide weather updates, training changes and other logistics. She then told the soldiers to download it onto their personal smartphones, according to the Texas-based soldiers in the unit.

    But the soldiers — many of whom have jobs in interrogation, human intelligence and counterintelligence — soon noticed that the app’s terms of service said it could collect substantial amounts of personal data and that the developer has a presence overseas.

    That caused widespread concern that a hack could put individuals and missions worldwide at risk, soldiers in the unit said.

    “We do top-secret work,” said one noncommissioned officer, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution by their chain of command. “If our personal information is being put out there to a foreign power, what can they get from our brigade?”

    Intelligence soldiers specialize in siphoning enemy communications and groom sources to deliver information about their foes, like their location and what weapons or capabilities they may have.

    When they deploy, some soldiers grow their hair out and wear civilian clothes to obscure their military roles and don’t disclose their work outside of close family, another noncommissioned officer in the 504th said.

    The app’s permissions — which suggested it could pull GPS location data, photos, contacts and even rewrite memory cards — frustrated soldiers who have taken extreme precautions they felt were glossed over by Trotter and other senior leaders.

    “Just being in intelligence, we are trained to be extremely paranoid of everything,” the soldier said. “This is serious operational security not being considered.”

    The worst-case scenario, he said, was “our cover might be blown.” While the app said permissions could be disabled, the soldiers said there was a failure of confidence it was secure. Senior leaders checked the phones of subordinates to ensure they had the app installed, soldiers in the unit said.

    More here…

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    1. Essentially all non-FOSS apps leak data. The only way to know what data is being leaked, to who, and when is to examine the source code and compile it yourself.

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      1. Can’t say how much time I spent years ago trying to reverse engineer assembly language dumps. Sometimes you just create versions that dump states and run the code over and over to observe behavior. I don’t really think I was smart enough for the job.

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        1. There is a huge caveat to the usual FOSS story w/r/t Android.

          Any idiot (raises hand) can create an Android app. But that’s using Android Studio and the relevant SDK, which are provided by Google and are closed source. And it can be imported as an app to any Android device (provided you enable the device to load from sources other than the Google Play Store). But God alone knows what cruft is inside Android Studio. So, you could write a perfectly nice app that does something specific and private and uses appropriate encryption to keep it so……and discover that it “phones home” twelve times an hour with an activity log because anything linked into Android Studio does that (this is a hypothetical). You just can’t know.

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          1. Exactly. How I HATE black boxes in code due to various “agreements”, etc. I was in a project to add a POSIX front end to a (at the time) well-known OS, where some of the (POSIX add in) internals were a black box. I had access to ALL of our internals, just not theirs. So getting things fixed when their code misbehaved (and doing the dump analysis to show it was THEIR code) was a major PITA. In the end, the POSIX front end was more hassle than it was worth, but it DID work, to the point that ‘orrible ran better on it than a number of other OS’s…

            Same thing happens with ancient code where the source has been lost. I rather expect banks have a jolly old time with that…

            Hmmm. GPS. Wonder if someone sniffing about would be able to spoof it? That would really be a mess. Wonder whose side that CO is really on?????

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    2. “Soldiers with top-secret clearances say they were forced to use an app that could endanger them.”

      Yes, infuriating. So much of this going on. We may need to go to an ‘assembly line’ method to speed up the justice process.

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  2. Why, why, why Rocket Man! They are going to put this as part of their charges against our President! He is now colluding with you/s.

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    1. Oh, geez. I can see the WaPo storyline now:

      Trump is a racist, sexist, white-nationalist homophobic Russian-colluding, Ukraine-conspiring, North Korean dictator loving p*ssy-grabbing tax avoiding emoluments-clause violating conspiracy-following Stormy-humping lying dictator-wanna-be who is going to destroy our democracy while bullying disabled reporters and ending free speech of the media along with his fascist family and deplorable all-white old men Walmart-shopping smelly low-IQ followers in fly over country from places that shouldn’t count once the electoral college is abolished and border control removed, all while taking credit for Obama’s economy which didn’t kick in until he left office.

      Did I miss anything?

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  3. Every so often, I roll my eyes at the Green Nude Eel BS and think back……

    Wouldn’t it make sense to take biological material such as turkey waste and corn stalks, and use cheap, clean nuclear energy to make it into, essentially, “crude oil”…..instead of reworking the already extant and efficient oil refining and distribution system into something electric? After all, the most efficient battery today cannot carry the same energy in the same space and weight as a gas tank.

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    1. Save the petrochemicals for use in manufacturing such as plastics, fertilizers and medicine. Use nuclear for as much of our energy needs as possible. I would LOVE to see a thorium powered car. Ships and trains are entirely possible given the research on the Aircraft Reactor Program.

      Also note that farm sub $$$ are for GRAINS NOT VEGGIES & FRUITS ==> this meant factory farms are competitive with pasture raised meat since they were getting tax payer bought grain for close to free. On a level economic playing field pasture raised is going to win.

      It used to be family farms were multi-use and animal waste went back on to the fields and pastures and crop fields got rotated. Also as late as the mid 70s the army was selling food waste aka garbage to pig farmers where it was cooked (sterilized) and fed to the pigs. It used to be garbage was collected by pig farmers in most towns. Trash (non food waste) was recycled with old clothes going to the paper mills to be made into high end paper.

      All that efficient use of resources changed when the US bureaucrats stuck their ‘regulation spanners’ into the works in the 1970s thus giving mono-culture farming an edge over the family farm. Mono-culture farming is bad for the land.

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      1. Mono-culture farming Government is bad for the land.


        There’s a reason that so many MASSIVE ecological disasters happen in the Western US. It has a lot to do with this map:

        If you’re in Tennessee (3.2%), and a neighbor spills stuff on your land that contaminates it, you can very easily sue them. If you’re in California (45.3%) and a neighbor spills stuff on your land that contaminates it, it can easily cost you $100,000 to find out which Federal idiot to sue.

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        1. Hmmm. Nevada is hardly its own state at all. Odd that the “majority federal land” states out west are pretty much the same ones that La Raza, et. al., are looking to take as their “Aztlan homeland” they feel was “stolen” from them… IIRC it was won and purchased fair and square…

          OTOH, Kalifornistan having so much federal land could mean that Gruesom is somewhat neutralized in his efforts to destroy what’s left of CA… (cannot bear to see what’s happening there)… having said that, the “ownership” imbalance is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands (e.g. Øbozo)…

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  4. This beyotch cannot be trusted – the law does NOT require anonymity!

    “On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” former Trump administration U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was quizzed by host Wolf Blitzer about the sanctity of whistleblower laws.

    Blitzer asked, “Do you agree with the president that the whistleblower should be named and identified?”

    Haley said, “I mean, I believe in whistleblower laws. I think you have to protect a whistleblower, and then I think in turn they have to abide by those laws — the fact they don’t allow any sort of partisan leaking or anything like that to happen. We don’t know that’s happened either, but until then, I do think we should always protect the whistleblower.”

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  5. “A federal court has partially reversed a lower court’s decision to prohibit prayers being broadcast on loudspeakers ahead of Christian schools’ sporting events, ruling that the ban violated free speech and free exercise rights.
    The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) rule prohibited prayer at the Citrus Bowl prior to a state championship game between two Christian schools.

    In Wednesday’s decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit ruled that Cambridge Christian School’s argument has merit and litigation could continue, a press release from the First Liberty Institute, which is representing the school, said.

    “No one should be shocked that two Christian schools would want to start their game with a prayer over the loudspeaker before kickoff, Jeremy Dys, special counsel for litigation and communication for First Liberty told Breitbart News. “The FHSAA’s categorical ban on prayer is the type of hostility toward religion the First Amendment forbids.”

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  6. “WOLFSBURG, Austria, November 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― An Austrian diocese has confirmed that an Austrian priest presided over a church service for two women in a civil union.

    A series of photographs of Fr. Michael Kopp with two women in wedding clothes in a Catholic church in Austria have been making the rounds on social media since last week. A spokesman from the Diocese of Graz-Seckau has confirmed that Kopp indeed held a service for the women.

    “The basic question is if homosexual people can feel themselves at home in the Church,” Thomas Stanzer told German Catholic news site this Monday.

    “Family spiritual advisor Michael Kopp answered ‘yes’ to this question,” he continued.

    Stanzer said Father Kopp “celebrated a liturgy of thanksgiving with two civilly married [sic] women who are both believing Christians and who had both found their way out of personal crises with the help of the Catholic Church.”

    The diocesan spokesman underscored that this was “not a sacramental liturgy,” and quoted Pope Francis’ controversial encyclical Amoris Laetitia.”

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  7. Here is a Silly Wild Ass Guess via Murky Dot connecting.

    In order of uncovered dots:
    1. Skuttlebutt is Chief Justice Roberts adopted 2 Irish babies in South America when Ireland forbids foreign adoption of their children. [LOOK a squirrel???]

    2. Celebrity Brazilian healer ‘John of God,’ once featured by Oprah is arrested in December 2018, and faces accusations from dozens of women, who alleged sexual abuse, including rape. “Allegations have also surfaced of poor young women who were paid to bear babies for adoption overseas.

    3. “…An elected official in Arizona has been indicted for his role in a scheme to recruit pregnant women overseas and sell their babies on the U.S. black market.

    Paul Petersen, an adoption lawyer and county assessor in Maricopa County, Ariz. who was arrested on Tuesday, is alleged to have orchestrated an illegal scheme in which dozens of pregnant women from the Marshall Islands were recruited to give birth in the United States, then sell their babies to adoptive couples for as much as $40,000. As many as 70 pregnant Marshallese women may have been involved, according to prosecutors….”

    4. In the Australian 60 minute interview a Epstein victim tells how she was told to have a baby and sign a contract giving up all her rights….

    5. An old tweet by President Trump surfaces hoping Chief Justice Roberts never comes back to the USA.

    SWAG —
    What if Epstein was also part of the adoption schemes.
    What if the adoptive FATHER is the BIOLOGICAL FATHER… (A very attractive idea for many Elite men whose wives do not want to get pregnant)
    What if Chief Justice Roberts BOUGHT his adopted daughters from Epstein?

    “Mark Taylor, a retired fireman from Florida began to receive messages supernaturally from God in 2011. The first one was that Donald Trump would be raised by God to become President of the United States. The prophecy detailed as to why God was going to do that. Since then, Mark has received about a dozen more prophetic words, many of which have begun to unfold on target. Examples are that the USA would become energy independent, the elimination of ISIS, and the replacement of 5 Supreme Court Justices

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      1. Imma thinking they have been cloning for a while. Now this is out there but I’m also thinking head transplants. I know , we aren’t there yet.supposedly. But there are spinal regeneration trials ongoing. Proven re enervation in rats where they got function in 6 weeks.
        Your clone=biological identical. No need for immunosuppressive treatment.
        Cooling of the heart has been round for heart surgery for decades and brain cooling also.
        The hitch has been the spinal regeneration.
        Now imagine. You face certain prosecution and prob death.
        Take the chance. Get your head transplanted onto your younger, super healthy self
        Your old body and the head have a tragic accident or suicide. Shotgun, both barrels to the head . All DNA matches. Old fractures and surgery scars are there. Your teeth are dust.
        Best odds on offer


          1. No. Just logic. Where we are plus some. Rats have regained full movement with complete surgical severage and then reconnection later. Now we have stem cells and from young identical clones plus an unlimited supply of young blood from the spare clones. The new bodies would have different fingerprints . All their wealth could be transferred to the new person.
            Stem cells can form any of the cell types. It may not be perfected but it’s the perfect escape.(identical twins have diferent fingerprints)


    1. Trump tweets on John Roberts:
      Jun 26, 2015 11:38:33 AM
      If I win the presidency, my judicial appointments will do the right thing unlike Bush’s appointee John Roberts on ObamaCare.
      Jun 26, 2015 09:06:22 AM
      Once again the Bush appointed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has let us down. Jeb pushed him hard! Remember!
      Jul 18, 2012 08:25:10 AM
      Congratulations to John Roberts for making Americans hate the Supreme Court because of his BS
      Jul 5, 2012 03:42:35 PM
      John Roberts arrived in Malta yesterday. Maybe we will get lucky and he will stay there.

      From searchable Trump Twitter archive –

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  8. The more they attack our President – the MOAR his poll numbers and donations go up, Up, UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s been this way since he announced.

    The American people are tired of anti-American attitudes, and extremely tired of socialist foreign and domestic policies that hurt jobs, families and children – and they are tired of politicians and media propaganda, leaks and sedition that hurt our national security, sovereignty, stability and sanity!!!

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      1. “We gardeners make everything green”… looks like an ad for Dehner, a large gardening/nursery supply chain over here. Merde-Kuh’s actually a green (indeed a Commie) pretending to be a Christian Democrat (CDU) though she is neither… still a Hitler Youth at heart…

        Hmmm. Chia cars?

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      1. People here in Germany are starting to see the green lie for what it is: which is why the AfD are growing by leaps and bounds. (Pierre Gosselin’s site) has more and more articles about folks protesting the destruction of forests in order to put up windmills (aka bird and bee-choppers).

        It’s taken a while, but maybe St. Greta the Greenhearted woke folks up. The so-called bee-colony-collapse is actually a byproduct of insects (not just birds) flying into the rotors. The additional load and wind load (due to the assymetric profile of the bird and bee debris) actually reduces output, up to around 30 percent or more… So much for “sustainable” energy… and it’s getting REALLY cold here…

        Businesses, especially those that need large, reliable sources of electricity, are looking to move out; in the case of aluminum refining/processing, they’re already gone… in the case of steel, we sell our used steel to China for pennies on the Euro, and buy it back as “Cheap Chinese $#!t” at ludicrous prices… thanks, Mutti (not)…

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  9. Caught this little tidbit in PDJT
    I’m thrilled to be back in the beautiful Bayou State with thousands of hardworking American citizens who believe in God, family, and country.” -@realDonaldTrump
    Q post 3593
    For God & Country.
    For Humanity.
    We FIGHT!

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  10. TODAY – 2 PM – President Trump will speak on transparency in drug and health care pricing/costs:

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  12. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    Friday, November 15, 2019

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.

    The latest figures include 37% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -5. (see trends).

    The president’s overall approval has been tracking up since Wednesday, the first day of the House impeachment hearings. It was at 46% on Wednesday morning, then rose to 48% yesterday and is now at 50%. Two of the three nights in today’s survey follow the highly-publicized hearings.

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    1. I’m hoping that POTUS named all those names for a reason… maybe they’re on the DOJ’s list! Glad he put Mueller’s name on the list, I’d like to see him indicted.

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  14. One-liner from Senator Kennedy cracks up the crowd…

    Posted by Kane on November 15, 2019 12:40 pm


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