The Grand Energy Treason Conspiracy

When what is about to be exposed is fully exposed, people are going to prison all around the planet. Some nations and political systems will have to live down their roles in this conspiracy for CENTURIES. The Catholic Church will very likely have a new Pope. American politics will be changed forever. Science will be changed forever. News as we once knew it will not exist. Even the United Nations will either be reformed, replaced, or simply removed – all because it will have shown itself to be worse than a failure – an active CO-CONSPIRATOR.

And all of this is part of a GOOD THING.

The people who were part of this conspiracy were, at the top levels – MONSTERS.

They didn’t just betray their countries – they betrayed HUMANITY.

So how did this happen?


Check the LATEST Q Post:

The Armor of God
13 Nov 2019 – 5:21:13 PM📁
Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
For God & Country.
For Humanity.

Q Post 3594

Here is the specifically relevant section:

For God & Country.
For Humanity.


This is international – GLOBAL – in scope. You MUST go global to see it all.

The point that will become very evident is that the people behind this were not interested in the well-being of humanity. They were LYING to us – COLDLY – knowing the COLD TRUTH that they were deliberately HIDING FROM US by means of a DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED LIE.

These people CANNOT be left in power. No matter what happens, they must be removed.


We are seeing, in this impeachment defense by the Democrats, a pattern which I have talked about before – the attempt to “generate a conspiracy” or “generate a scandal” to protect a much larger and more dangerous one.

I’m an expert on this stuff. I SAW how this stuff worked – from the inside – and I LIVED to tell about it.

I was in a bush-league, multi-million dollar conspiracy, that I eventually figured out was CREATED by a bigger one – that would ultimately accrue trillions of taxpayer dollars over decades – to protect the monetary and political interests of all the players.

Quickly summarizing, there was a PROBLEM with the very beginnings of university-level affirmative action. There really shouldn’t have been. It was intentionally tested in places where it was DESIGNED TO SUCCEED. People were sympathetic with it. People were also instructed to “help it along”, one might say. Make sure it succeeded, more or less. Don’t get in the way. It’s been a long time, and I don’t want to get the exact words out of cryogenic storage, but that was the basic idea.

SO – when there was a PROBLEM with it, I recognized the problem. There was a “self-evident failure” – a dramatic proof that was basically a “no brainer”. Anybody confronted with the facts could understand WHAT happened and WHY it happened. A sympathetic person like me would look PAST racial stuff, to REAL CAUSES. I understood it, because I had seen it at a different university, which was dealing with a problem of privileged white American students “not ready” for freshman classes. I had even seen a FIX tried, by good, honest academics, and the FIX had WORKED. I *PREDICTED*, using SCIENCE, that the fix would work here, too.

And then I forgot ALL ABOUT THAT PART. For about 35 years.

That is when Democrats had two problems.


They never wanted this stuff to work. They wanted the MONEY. The FIX would have cut into the MONEY. Not a lot, but these are GREEDY PEOPLE. A few percent at that level could mean YEARS and BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Yes, out of TRILLIONS, but a percent or two is a percent or two! Depending on who would have gotten it, that’s a problem.

So – using some very stealthy but unethical ways to WRAP UP THE PROBLEM, it was WRAPPED UP.

But I LIVED, and REMEMBERED some things I wasn’t supposed to remember, and kept my mouth shut for almost 40 years.

You want to know something interesting?

The WHITE HATS knew a lot more about this, a lot sooner, than you might have thought.

This gives me comfort.

Anyway, during the TRUMP CAMPAIGN and now during the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, I figured out a LOT OF STUFF. One of the most important things was the PATTERN of the bigger conspiracies creating smaller ones as defenses. It’s rather ingenious. That is how I recognized what happened to me. Our little podunk “conspiracy” to defend ourselves was DESIGNED. Once I understood this, everything was explained.







Let’s look at THREE MORE Q POSTS from this afternoon. They all point out something very interesting.

Alexandra Chalupa, Ukraine & The DNC Plot to Link Trump to the Russia Hoax
13 Nov 2019 – 11:54:51 AM
Read carefully.
Re-read carefully.
Spy_insert [EC] known?
Re-read drops re: Spy_insert.
What do these people have in common?
Pelosi’s son
Kerry’s son
Romney’s son
Biden’s son
Hint: Geo location: Ukraine
Hint: Energy
When [GS] calls, D’s always answer.
Nothing can stop what is coming.

Q Post 3590

Paul Pelosi Jr. Served on Ukraine Gas Company Board Just like Hunter Biden
13 Nov 2019 – 1:32:54 PM
Follow the family.

Q Post 3591

Company Co-founded by Nancy Pelosi’s Son Charged with Securities Fraud
13 Nov 2019 – 2:04:59 PM
Follow the family.

Q Post 3592

Now ISN’T THIS INTERESTING. Top Democrats – including Mitt Romney – are all using their KIDS to somewhat secretly invest in Ukrainian fossil fuel energy. And yet – FUNNY – this is exactly the WRONG KIND of energy, according to Democrat propaganda.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) were joined by Democratic lawmakers from both the House and Senate on February 7, 2019, to introduce Green New Deal legislation.

If it were just one or two of them, I might let it slip. But we are now seeing FOUR of them. And maybe there are EVEN MORE! What’s up with THAT?

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

Ian Fleming, in “Goldfinger”

This is NOT coincidence. There are a bunch of Democrats, including Mitt Romney [What about Kasich? What about Kasich? What about Kasich?] who appear to be invested in Ukrainian “unclean” energy for some reason – while at the same time pushing phony “CLIMATE CHANGE” and phony “GREEN ENERGY” on us like we MUST accept it.

And there are simply TOO MANY OF THEM to think this is just a coincidence.

What’s up with THAT? Something doesn’t smell right. But WHAT IS IT?

We’re about to see. HANG ON.

So now we move on from IAN FLEMING to the MAMET PRINCIPLE…..

In order to continue advancing their illogical arguments, modern liberals have to pretend not to know things.

David Mamet, paraphrased by Sundance from “The Secret Knowledge”

First of all, there is the EVIDENCE. And there is a LOT. How are the Dems going to be able to deny all THIS STUFF?

As Daughn has said, it’s ALL ABOUT UKRAINE.

The Ukraine Meddled in the Presidential Election of 2016.

20191005: Glenn Beck Expose on Ukraine Corruption.

It All Comes Back To Ukraine

Ukraine: Same Scandal, Different Decade


Timeline for 1/1024 of an Impeachment Inquiry

And now get ready for what came out today.

And today, there was a real treat at the PHONY IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS.

People everywhere could SEE the Democrats PRETENDING!

Or THIS – a comment today, during the hearings:

Wait, George Kent had never heard of Crowdstrike????? What echo chamber under a rock does he inhabit? And hence, why should the Trump Administration pay any attention to what he has to say? About anything including how to cook borscht?

Deplorable Patriot, The Q Tree, here

This comment led to a bunch of realizations.

These people KNEW about the corruption. They were PROTECTING THEIR POLITICAL VIABILITY UNDER DEMOCRATS IN THE FUTURE. That is what this comes down to.


wolfmoon1776, The Q Tree, here

Remember, neither did Robert Mueller. He didn’t know who Fusion GPS was either. Who wants to bet Mr. Kent or someone close to him is on the PAYROLL of Crowdstrike. IT will come out.

prognosticatasaurusrex, The Q Tree, here

NOW – here is where we go to the NEXT maxim.

Aubergine’s Razor

“It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” -Aubergine I love it! Born from our discussion of Hanlon’s Razor HERE, I can neither vouch for the originality of Aubergine’s idea, nor will I even try. For MY purposes, this simply IS “Aubergine’s Razor”. Others can argue …Continue reading

What this is saying is that we should not think that what these Ukraine-investing Democrats are doing here is just stupidity. It is DANGEROUS for us to think this is merely stupidity. There could be GUILE and even MALICE involved.

It seems hypocritical to push phony green energy and invest in the alternative – right? Well, one way to interpret the hypocrisy is that it’s just DUMB. And Aubergine’s razor says NO – don’t assume it’s dumb. That’s DANGEROUS. Be careful. There may be GUILE or MALICE here.

So we’ll be careful, and keep looking.

But HERE is the real trick with Aubergine’s razor. To remain SELF-CONSISTENT, you have to apply it REPEATEDLY, every time you hit a stupidity.

And when you do this, you will be BLOWN AWAY by what you find.

All you have to do HERE is ask WHO is going to buy the Ukrainian gas.


And who is being deceived, more than ANYBODY ELSE, by the CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX?


And who had their very efficient and very advanced and very safe nuclear energy industry shut down by a former East German information warfare specialist who JUST HAPPENED to become a “conservative” Unified German politician after the WALL FELL?


Are you starting to see this stuff?




And then bear in MIND that it really seems like the FIRST attempt to impeach Trump, using Carter Page (ENERGY GUY) and George Papadopoulos ( ENERGY GUY) and Paul Manafort (UKRAINIAN ENERGY GUY), seemed to be all about ENERGY as well.


If – instead of just saying “Oh, those Democrats just wanted to make money.”, we actually FOLLOW THE MONEY – well – we might see that they’re not just PRETENDING not to know – they VERY WELL KNOW – and are probably acting in a spirit of guile and/or malice.

But it gets worse.


Have you noticed how the entire NATION just got COLD AS HELL for the phony backfiring impeachment hoax that is about to send hundreds of Democrats and their criminal friends to JAIL?


I could say that God showed this to us. However, I know that sounds crazy. So I could also say that KARMA showed this to us – in a kind of probabilistic inevitability. But I think it’s even neater to say that SCIENCE showed it to us – because it did!

Science that is WAY BETTER and WAY STRONGER and WAY MORE RELIABLE and WAY MORE PREDICTIVE than all the hoaxy “climate change” bullshit, pardon my French.

Yes, humans can LIE and LIE and LIE, but because the LIE depends on DIVERGING from reality, all that is needed to burn that lie is for that REALITY to come crashing back – by PROBABILITY and REAL SCIENCE – to thereby give HUMANITY an excellent demonstration.

It’s not magic – it’s science. But God – well, He invented THAT, too. And it works GREAT with the universe!

The phony explanations about how “global warming” and then “climate change” were causing hurricanes and whatnot – all that stuff is either WRONG, inconclusive, or tenuous at best. Even the proponents of AGW and “climate change” don’t really want to go there. You will see most of these arguments from NON-CLIMATE scientists and lay people. The climate scientists know that they can’t go there. The data don’t support it. And now that OTHER scientists are politically more free to SAY there’s no proof of even a connection, you’re hearing it a LOT MORE OFTEN.




The science on SOLAR heating and cooling is STRONG, WELL-UNDERSTOOD, and operates well on short time frames.

It is NOT rocket science. Reduced solar activity – reduced temperatures on Earth. EASY.

This is the simple, well-known science that politically driven hoaxing “AGW / CC” Fake Climate Science was able to SHOUT OFF THE STAGE.

Yes. The simple, easy-to-understand answer was shouted down by politicized FAKE SCIENCE.

But OMG – there are still some brave souls who survived Obama!

From the VERY recent article:

Take a look at the graphs. They are VERY self-explanatory. We are right now ENDING cycle 24, and beginning cycle 25. Cycle 25 is being predicted to be DOWN EVEN FURTHER.

I urge you to go back to that link and read the context of these graphs. Not only does the article context hint at prior politicized science in the NSF *FAILED PREDICTION* of cycle 24 being stronger than 23, which even an UNTRAINED EYE sees as CURIOUS if not UNBELIEVABLE – there are much more believable assessments of the ACTUAL data, demonstrating that we are heading into a solar minimum which may EVEN be of “little ice age” character – a truly HISTORIC minimum.

More tweets:

Here is an EXTREMELY useful video on the prediction and effects of solar heating and cooling, and in particular, some discussion of the INFAMOUS “Maunder Minimum”.

So now we are finally back where we were before. Aubergine’s Razor.

Who is her handler?


If it’s not clear as day what is going on here, let me spell it out.

These people have LIED TO US. They have FOOLED US. They have run a monstrous HOAX on the entire world. We are very likely going into MASSIVE GLOBAL COOLING – reduced solar activity – cold that will REQUIRE fossil fuels and nuclear energy – and what have they done to America?

  • Sold 20% of our uranium to Russia.
  • Pooh-poohed thorium.
  • Shut down nuclear.
  • Bashed coal and gas.
  • Tried to ban fracking.
  • Hooked us on solar and wind.
  • Sent everything to RUSSIA and CHINA.
  • Helped China pollute without consequence.

ALL of this stuff seems to be setting America up for a fall. And yet…

  • Invested PERSONALLY in UKRAINIAN FOSSIL FUELS which will be valuable and controlling when the solar minimum hits this planet.

In short, they are setting up the planet for an “accident” and then reaping on the DESIRED consequences.

Yeah. I know something about people who would do that to MAKE money, PROTECT money, or BOTH.



193 thoughts on “The Grand Energy Treason Conspiracy

      1. Scott Adams was on it for almost a year. Heavily researched over and over and over again. He was like a dog with a bone.
        Oddly, Rick Perry, our energy sec likes it, and we are developing it.
        Go figure.

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      2. Wolf, thank you so much for the grand explanation! I was puzzling it out yesterday and even posted my muddled thoughts out trying to put into words what I was seeing in my mind,and you have shown us the 40,0000 foot above picture. It is humanity ,we had better be prepared for the day of evil as it’s coming at us like a runaway train. Thank you again for the grand explanation

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        1. You’re welcome!

          Yes, the short version is very stark.


          They’re criminals and they just don’t care. We can no longer afford to pretend everything is wonderful. The psychological prison of LIES these people kept us in with their FAKE NEWS is WORLD-HARMING.

          Time to fix it.

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      3. The question I have about this is will ruling class allow the people of the third world countries to loft themselves out of serfdom by implementing this.

        I have been waiting for decades for useable fusion technology but this Gen IV technology may make F & F both obsolete except on the sum. 🙂 Perhaps.

        This is exciting.

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        1. Back in the 1970s, before socialist crooks derailed American energy under the Carter dupe presidency, which was ONE HUGE PSY-OP, we had smart thinking about energy which included fusion as a holy grail, appropriately DOWN THE ROAD. One of the key pieces of the strategy was moving through advanced nuclear like what we are beginning to see now.

          The fact remains that fossil fuels are limited, although technology allows their continued extraction. The fact remains that fission-based NUCLEAR fuels are limited, even though they offer lots of energy for a fairly long time.

          One of the reasons I could tell that the pre-Carter, pre-Soviet scientific thinking on energy was solid, was that it was using long-term BOUNDARIES and RATES realistically. Hundreds – thousands – hundreds of thousands of years. It wasn’t all “used car salesman crisis-crisis-crisis” about some things RIGHT NOW, while downplaying other things, like we have seen with climate change hoaxing.

          The pre-Dzhimmi Kharter thinking was very honest about our coal – how many centuries we would probably get out of it, and the fact that we needed to use it, to buy time to advance nuclear to where IT needed to be. But KHARTER stalled and attempted to shut down nuclear with what was mostly PSY-OPS, half of which were run out of HOLLYWOOD, the other half out of WASHINGTON.

          One of the fascinating ideas was that all the people looking for a SINGLE magic bullet were wrong – the smart strategies involved using all the resources wisely and together WITH A TIMELINE TO GET TO FUSION.

          Once you get to fusion – HOWEVER THAT WORKS (it’s in the future, so we don’t know yet) – there is plenty of fuel for a very, very long time. But you have to keep your eye on that ball, and look at all the other resources as INVESTMENTS that get you there.

          We were specifically warned – DON’T just burn stuff up and not do the necessary research – use every step wisely to BUY TIME to advance technical understanding on FISSION FIRST and FUSION NEXT.

          One of the interesting effects of the energy is on information. USE ENERGY TO GET INFORMATION. USE INFORMATION TO GET ENERGY.

          Notice that the same people are trying to control both energy and information in ways that make most of humanity stupid and in the dark. WHERE IS THAT COMING FROM?



          Avoid any “BLACK” future movies from Hollywood. All these dystopian flicks with people wearing black leather, filmed in darkness, etc. They’re all psy-ops. AVOID.

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          1. I have been amazed at how effective Three Mile Island and Jane Fonda’s “China Syndrome” were at utterly devastating nuclear power development in the US.

            Worse yet, the Dzhimmi “malaise” has hung over our perspective on energy ever since. We can’t even dream about a world where energy is cheap and abundant; instead every discussion devolves into a bunch of pablum about how the only way to save mother earth is to cut back our energy usage.

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            1. YUP. Totally the result of communist psychology, aided and abetted in the STRONGEST WAYS by Soviet Democrats.

              Carter was one of the most significant victories of controlled opposition to ever take place on this planet. REAGAN was the authentic American reaction to the HORROR of sniveling, groveling, useful idiot Jimmy Carter.

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              1. I once protested her. She was speaking at a community college in Illinois and I and a conservative radio talk host got us groupies together for a protest. My sign read, “ Hanoi Jane deserves Commie style justice.” Yea, my mug hit the newspapers again.

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          2. Thanks Wolfie, I remember all that crap, only too well, and knowing it was all b.s., however, aside from the “ it’s gov b.s.,” I didn’t know to what extent it all was a super con on us serfs.

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    1. Sorry for the de-socks-ing, but glad you found it to your liking! 😀

      Yes – I think they really are despicable. They know. They know what they’re doing, and they don’t care. They’re criminals. We just have to face that and BE READY.

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        1. You’re most welcome! 😀

          It’s actually kinda funny when that happens. You really need a video. Things start falling into place – I start uttering a bunch of half-sentences and exclamations – pacing and gesturing – stopping – turning around – like I’m arguing with myself – laughing – making all these hand motions – throw in a bunch of “HOLY MACKEREL” and F-bombs.

          It’s…. interesting! 😉

          A few times when I was in a really good mood and kinda joyous about a realization, I basically did an end-zone dance. Sometimes that’s in the shower!

          The face you really need to see is my WIFE’S!!! as in…. 🙄

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          1. I’m sure it’s an awesome awakening…like my granddaughter when she figures something out for the first time–the look! it’s priceless!!!

            I’ve seen the “spouse look”—every weekend when I’m reading stuff and yelling back at my computer…LOL

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      1. So they propagandize the world that we are heading into a global warming while behind everyone back with their criminal cronies they invested in Ukraine energy?
        We all would be sitting in the cold the coal industry shut down oil not flowing and middle east in turmoil where most countries get their oil.
        I now understand the wars. Can anyone imagine how they would have been able to blackmail countries?
        Why the war between Ukraine and Russia “why was US interested in that part of the world my brother as?”
        Maybe this is deeper than I can comprehend.
        Thank you Wolf for this excellent work you are doing to inform us.
        No wonder Rudy was beside himself he unearthed the whole shamble.

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        1. Yes! No wonder about Rudy – why he was relentless. And no wonder they are DESPERATE to go after Rudy!

          Energy is not just power itself – it’s political power. Dems and other communists are all about CONTROL, so they will naturally control energy with their “superpower” – LIES!

          One of the things I have found most fascinating and horrifying about the climate hoax is the psychological effect on people. It has made some extremely bright people literally incapacitated by fear. One person I know – a decade ago very smart, balanced, wise – is now almost DISABLED by climate fear.

          Many ideas this person has, to live with their climate fears are no different than my own thinking, just to be a good steward of the planet.

          Live small.
          Don’t be wasteful.
          CONSERVE resources.
          Work for peace.
          Be a good neighbor.
          Don’t be irresponsible.

          But the fact is, I do all of that without believing the very questionable mantras from the left, which the left says are “settled”, but which I know SKIPPED OVER 1000 THINGS that were never debated publicly, and are not in evidence. Unhook from fake news and the world is no longer scary, because you can see that so much of the fake reality we are given is an intentional HOAX.

          The undermining of FREE SCIENCE by POLITICS is perhaps the GREATEST PROBLEM created by socialism. Socialism INHERENTLY says that solutions have to be forced, and that LIES are an OK way to do that. FREE SCIENCE says only TRUTH ITSELF has a right to do that.

          Time to get the SALESMEN OF SOCIALISM as far away from science as prison walls can get them, either by putting them inside, or scaring the HELL out of them to that effect.

          A few of these CLIMATE CROOKS in jail will work wonders.

          CROOKS. That is what they are.

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          1. Thank you Wolf for your post.
            I never bought into the climate saga.
            I do know many people are very serious brainwashed.
            Taking care of the earth encompasses all and the Bible gives us good information on the how too.

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  1. Ya’ know.
    The more we dig, the more we find.
    We’re about 7 iterations ahead of the press in the USA.

    Yes, it’s about the money. Money is finite, it simply cannot disappear. I has to come out of one person’s pocket (US Taxpayer) and into someone else’s pocket (George Soros).
    Ukraine reminds me of Columbia in the 1980’s, forget the drugs, it’s energy money, anything goes.

    People like Deripaska get my nomination for “Most interesting man in the world”
    Forget television with desperate New Jersey housewives or naked people eating bugs on an island.
    Put the cams up in Ukraine.
    Far more educational.

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      1. Wolfie, I’m telling you. This guy George Kent is running NABU on behalf of Soros.
        The Ukrainians hate him.
        Kent is like a movie star about town in Kiev.
        I’m smelling a rat who is so big, he’s bigger than Texas.

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          1. Different culture.
            Took me a long time to wrap my head around doing biz in South America. They pay for protection, take what they want. No consequences.
            By the time I grew up, doing biz in India, I had no qualms about hiring Polish group to come in and “accomplish” what I needed to be done.
            “Madam Don”
            My girlfriends were aghast, but that’s the culture, not for the faint of heart. Completely antithetical to what we know and love about the USA, because we know how much it adds to the price of goods sold.

            But here’s the deal.
            Look at what we are seeing lately.
            Alinsky methods.
            Look at Hillary and the FBI
            Those entrenched in state dept, where third world rules are like a second skin…….
            …. I’ll be darned if they aren’t bringing that kind of corruption BACK to the USA.
            Has to be squashed.
            Economically inefficient.

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          1. National Anti-Corruption Bureau.
            It’s the brainchild of George Kent.
            The reasoning was Ukraine was so corrupt, they needed a parallel org to prosecute cases that were CLEAN.
            Going after Mykola Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma, was the first case. Keep in mind they formed NABU in 2014, and first case was not brought until 2016 — and only for 23 million in assets on British soil.
            State Dept spent a small fortune to set it up.
            Sounded wonderful
            Head of NABU, guy named Syntyk, was the one who was caught on audio tape admitting to helping Hillary in 2016. He was found guilty in Ukraine court but overturned on appeal because of “standing” and “statute of limitations”.
            Nonetheless, he admitted to it on audio and the audio went VIRAL in Ukraine.
            LOT of angst towards Kent, he seems to work way to closely with ANTAC — which is an NGO, funded by our State Dept and Renaissance which is George Soros.
            ANTAC did all the social media work for the Maidan revolution, pushed through Facebook and other media.
            Kent is a tool of Soros.
            BIG fat dead fish.

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            1. Daughn, NABU sounds sort of like that Consumer Finance Bureau that Comrade Warren established under Obama and wanted to run herself – NO accountability to any of the 3 US govt branches. That is likely one small example of how they are ‘legitimizing’ the corruption here to eventually overwhelm our Republic.

              Sickening. No wonder Michelle Obama is ‘finally’ becoming proud of our country…

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          2. Based on reporting that I found from John Solomon and the Marketswork, NABU executed a MOU with the FBI in Feb 2016 to place an FBI agent in the Ukraine thru NABU. NABU reportedly leaked the black ledger and Nellie reported same to Bruce in May 2016.

            The FBI and NABU also PLACED A SERVER IN UKRAINE IN FEB. 2016 according to NABU’s own reporting.


            …The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has provided the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) with computers, advanced analytical software, and high-speed scanners which can digitize paper documents and make them electronically searchable. Thanks to this equipment all physical documents can now be digitized which will enhance investigative abilities by providing a means to search through disparate data and link clues from various sources. The FBI will also provide the NABU with a database server that allows for advanced analysis and a platform for shared resources.
            As told by Keith Hall, an FBI Supervisory Special Agent, a team of the FBI experts will come to the NABU to provide training and support on these tools.
            “My colleagues and I will be providing consultancy to the detectives, analysts and IT specialists of the NABU. We will conduct training sessions on the proper usage and maintenance of the equipment and software provided” – said Hall.
            The arrangements on cooperation with the FBI in the sphere of conducting collegial investigations were made in the course of a working visit of the Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine to Washington, D.C.”

            Follow the links to view PHOTOS OF THE EQUIPMENT.

            This was my comment:


            Some important events to add to the timeline from John Solomon and the Marketswork:

            Jan 2016 meeting in DC between a Ukraine delegation and representatives from the NSC, DOJ, FBI, etc. Biden meeting with Ukraine president.

            Feb 2016 FBI executes MOU with NABU to place an FBI rep in Ukraine with NABU.

            April 2016 Jacoby meeting at WH.

            May 2016 NABU leak of black ledger, and Nellie Ohr report of same to Bruce Ohr.

            June 2016 Biden negotiation and announcement of $220 million USAID funds for MERP (municipal energy reform program), including a project with Burisma?

            Based on this themarketswork report:

            Apparently, the MOU was executed in June 2016, not February as stated above.

            But the server report is from Feb. 2016.

            Another important NABU link:

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        1. Daughn, you are amazing. So is our Wolfie. Wolfie, best post ever, though I’ve said that to you before. Wow, all the lights came on for me. I finally get it. Thankk you.

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      1. The easiest way to control energy is with ARMS, at the source.

        Also, weaponry is the most efficient way to CLEAR SITES that allow International Building Codes that control energy use at design, to be implemented on a mass scale thru urban RECONSTRUCTION.

        Ever notice how WMD are NEVER part of the GREEN EQUATION?

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        1. We’ll just have to disagree about the POWER OF DISINFORMATION! 😉

          I respect arms, but I respect the power of LIES to make people give them up.

          China got so much winning – including arms – with a simple combination of LIES and PATIENCE.

          Failure to respect the power of LIES and DISINFORMATION makes people turn over their arms when they shouldn’t, or hold onto them when it will get them killed.

          Arms are wonderful. After you’ve protected them against LIES.

          The real secret is they’ve got EACH OTHER’S BACK! 😀

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    1. Okay, throwing in another component….does anyone remember the Bush family buying a huge trac of land in South America (think it was Argentina) that has vast supplies of good water? At the time it was one of those scratch your head things, like, why would they spend $$$ on that…….now I’m wondering if this isn’t….


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  2. Did our man, Rick Perry fall into the scheme, due to pressure, weak character or did he leave the office due to threats to his family by the energy scheme devils?

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      1. Well, the rumors of Perry’s compromise may not be true, as we have learned. His stepping down could be strategic to keep the folks you are writing about off balance and out of control.

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        1. Agreed.

          Perry has .mil background – AF to be exact – and he was in charge of some important stuff (nuclear) and top secret labs including a lot of WOO-WOO stuff.

          I tend to think that any attempt to compromise him would be dealt with professionally and ended quickly.

          At least, I would hope! 😉

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          1. Never forget….. As Governor of Texas, Rick Perry attended the Build-a-burger confab…. He was also all in for the North American Union (NAU). Trans America Highway connecting Mexico to Canada bypassing the US. Ports were to be in mexico and NOT in the Us. Evil scheme IMHO.

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            1. ,North American Union and trans America highway ,..
              Jerome R.Corsi explains it all in his book ,

              “The Late Great USA “.. ..very informative , he names names and plans .. worth the read .

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        2. People have a negative impression of Perry because he had had back surgery, was taking pain killers, and was not sharp when he began his presidential campaign. I am willing to give Perry a chance, despite his stumbles when he first hit the big stage.

          I suspect Perry is going to continue to be part of the plan, but with a role outside the Administration. In a thread here the other day about the Iranian student in MI who was selling nuclear secrets I commented that we are going to need to change how we fund development of strategically important technologies in order to better protest them from theft. I could see Perry getting involved in something like that; he would already have a baseline understanding of some of our most valuable technologies, and of our needs.

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            1. Yeah, given how much of our vital technology has been sold and/or stolen, we are going to need to spend big money to build our fortress up again.

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      2. Why did Peri ask POTUS to call President of Ukraine and that is the call that was used by the deep state to impeach POTUS?
        Why did Peri abruptly quit after he suggested for POTUS to call Ukraine? He vanished just vanished.
        Was he not in a picture in Ukraine with some of the deep staters? I saw something like that like Vindman.
        By the way Vindman means Wineman its origin of name is British. Just some useless info 😦

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  3. Awesome thread post, boss!

    Yes…it’s all about the Energy.
    Because without it, we are back in the stone age.

    I’ve thought for a long time that the long-term plan of the DemComs here, was to keep our own oil & gas resources tamped down and under developed…until they could nationalize them and take control of them.

    Maxine Waters even let slip something about that one time, in a hearing where they were grilling some oil executives.
    Remember that?
    Something like…”We will just nationalize it.”

    With the SoComs it’s all about control…and controlling our energy supply is a prime way of controlling us.

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    1. And food production as well. Is that why Monsanto pushed Round-up? Destroy our food production – happening as we speak. How many farmers have gone out of business just this year alone? ALL being taken over by the corporate farmers. Our farmers are hurting here BIGLY, especially after this year’s floods. They can only take so much. And so many of them got sucked into buying these huge behemoth tractors and such, with WIFI, A/C, computerized, fancy crap that they are now on the hook to pay for.

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      1. Pushing Round-up went hand in hand with Round-Up resistant seeds. I don’t know that it was so much to reduce the food supply, as it was to plump up the stock price with two products that essentially act as one.

        And…destroy the organic, individual farmer at the same time.

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              1. Probably true. But how many lives were saved by abundances of crops?

                The ORDER OF TERMS and their weighting in calculations is critical. Then being open and honest, and admitting new terms to the calculations when needed, and letting somebody else do the calculations and show their work, if they don’t like how you’re doing it.

                The communists got us to invert priorities, using all kinds of sneaky methods, including the fake news. We have to expect deception as well.

                But I will say this – any SMART global solution that does not allow the purely natural path to proceed as an alternative – if only as a VOLUNTARY REFERENCE – is highly suspect. Which is why you see this chem-lover being a radical defender of Natural News, anti-vaxxers, and the “natural” position on every issue. There is CORE WISDOM in it. Everything else is – to some extent – out to sea and risky.

                The NATURAL POSITION as a back-up is always a good reference.

                Why? Because NATURE is intelligent, and trusting that an intelligence operating on a different scale can VALIDATE and warn against MISTAKES is a conservative position.

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              2. Abundance of crops can be accomplished without permanently damaging the soil, and the food supply, which is what happened.

                The really smart global solution is to return quite a bit of land that is now used for cereal grain crops to grazing grasses and raise livestock for meat.

                But, that would defeat so many globalist plans it’s not even funny, including making us sick, smaller, infertile and more.

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              3. If it’s less carcinogenic than bacon, steak, and blackened redfish, and organics are freely available and well-protected by law for those who want them, I’m good!

                I’m not an absolutist on carcinogenicity.
                That only leads to communist ruination of a nation, IMO. Thus, IMO, benzene as a solvent should never have been outlawed [Carter EPA’s first hit job] over *maybe* 6 deaths per year, then switching to a substance (toluene) which was substantially more acutely poisonous and dangerous as a neurotoxin. Nobody knew what that change meant. They just pushed it through. Bureaucrats flexed their muscles, and it began. The SLIDE of activist bureaucracy. Now almost everything is labeled as a carcinogen in California. To me, it’s the same thinking that got us into the climate hoax.

                The combination of my background in science and an understanding of relative hazards has inoculated me against FEAR. The BACON STANDARD – loaded with known carcinogens – PROVEN – numbers freely available – just punctures every kind of Alinsky fear for me. Which is exactly why I’m more wary of toluene than banned benzene. Can’t fool me with numbers.

                I suggest that everybody pick a sensible value – for me it’s cooked meats – and live with that level of risk. Others can choose more or less. I gave up smoking. Won’t give up BACON! 😀

                I’m very careful when I use roundup. I treat all this stuff with respect! Even BACON!!!

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              4. Love me some BACON!

                On a personal level, someone dear to me moved from condo to house, started using round-up for weed control and then developed ulcerative colitis. Struck down in the prime of their life, they now suffer daily from both disease and the other issues brought on by the drugs used to treat it. You probably are aware that round-up in the gut acts much like an antibiotic, upsetting the typical levels of microbiota found in the GI tract in ways that may explain the evidence implicating it in autism, colitis and cancer.

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              5. Based on these two articles (the first is GMO-prop, the second more balanced), I think the person should keep looking for an ONGOING culprit. Even if we accept the idea that the person absorbed enough roundup to whack their gut hard, it would be less than normal systemic antibiotics. The lack of recovery (which we would expect even with powerful gut-bug-kill) just strikes me as an ongoing assault of some kind.



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  4. YEPPPITY YEP – it’s all about energy.

    And they want to control it all – nationalize it so it’s under the thumb of socialist/communist oligarchy – just like Russia.

    They want to force us away from evil ‘fossil fuels’ to rely completely on electric/nuke/battery power – so they can turn it on and off at will.

    Just like California.

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    1. California is an experiment and who is the Governor? No other than Pelosi’s nephew,
      One wonders now why all the forest burning all at once?
      What riches are in that land to drive people out? What riches we do not know about.
      I had something like that before but do not remember where . I thought it was some conspiracy but now rethink .

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      1. Rewilding. Agenda 21 and 2030.

        They want to push people into the cities, and leave the wildlands for the elites to have their playgrounds.

        Meanwhile, the Mexicans want to take back their supposed “homeland” ot Aztlan, which is basically the left, erm, west 1/3 of the US. There are maps floating about the web with this info, and Gail Combs posted a few times with tons of information about it.

        As far as global cooling, and an impending Maunder or Dalton minimum, has been talking about it for three or four years now (along with WUWT). There are a number of articles posted there the last few days about it, as we’re hitting the deep freeze here in Germany, but Merde-Kuh appears to be vacationing in de-nial… Highest electricity prices in the world, gas held captive to Schröder’s crooked Nordstream deals, and everything FAR more expensive due to energy prices which seem to have become a multiplicative factor in overall costs and pricing.

        Just look to Germany to see what “Gruesom” will try next. We don’t have (as many) forest fires, but they’re chopping away the forests so they can build ever more bird-chopping windmills to make the power grid even more erratic… Interesting how Russia was cutting supply to Ukraine a few years ago because of some payments dispute (which then cause Germany and some other EU countries to draw down reserves to almost nothing; replacing those with far more expensive gas at current prices – evil trick, eh)… Wonder if the Bidens, et. al. (and their master Satan Soros) had anything to do with that payment dispute? And if they skimmed money off the top?

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  5. Just to add a little fuel to the fire….

    Last night, I found out a colleague is moving to South Florida. There are a number of reasons why (no income tax in that state was not mentioned), but one of them had to do with weather. To an extent, these people are wimping out, but with health issues, it’s understandable. The litany of his issues is longer than the Nile, and where they are heaping mounds of snow are a reality.

    Anyway, as I was reading this, two previous discussions that caused quite a lot of rancor and division here popped into my head. The Agenda 21 efforts to push humans into smaller and smaller spaces, and the number of times south Florida has been hit with major hurricanes thus generating BILLIONS and BILLIONS in losses that even the reinsurers have trouble covering. The truth of the matter is the number of people living in south Florida, basically moving there for the weather and no income taxes, is an Agenda 21 dream come true. Given the location, the actual sand bar that is Florida really is not ideal for large scale human occupation. On a number of levels.

    And yet, it is allowed.

    Those of us who remain in the interior, OTOH, will be paying through the nose for energy just to make it through a cold winter – and solar and wind aren’t going to work when the turbines are still and the solar panels are covered in snow. In the cities, we have natural gas and pretty reliable electricity so long as there are minimal ice storms, but those who do agricultural work don’t always have that luxury. Propane and oil are their lifelines. Not even getting into electric cars at this juncture when it comes to that.

    And the families who want to run the rest of us are looking to corner the markets and create a monopoly that essentially imprisons billions of people who are not living in areas prone to being destroyed by major storms that may or may not be subject to manipulation by unscrupulous actors would very much be at their mercy.

    Wow. Other thoughts on that I’ll keep to myself, as I go straight to a place that just causes too much arguing.

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    1. If I can add my 2c worth. I have been a climate sceptic for a loooong time. I’ve read jo nova (watts up with that) and other s epic sites. They are real scientists and quote real stats. We may be only seeing half the picture here.
      During ice age and even Maunder Minimum the livible and arable land is reduced to a band around the equator.
      So. They need to control that land and stop ordinary people from going there.
      Flood first world nations with ferals from Africa and s America.
      This sets up the first world populations for a death match on their own turf with the invaders when resources get scarce. It also decreases population in desirable places .
      I think we are looking at a planned cull of all the non cabal and their minions to a level required to service the overlords. There could be no other reason to attempt to destroy whites and western civilisation.
      When shit gets real the local populations in the warm ,the arable was areas wil be Ruthlessly assessed, sorted and only the dumb, worker bees will be kept. Those with no knowledge or tradition of education, independant thought or human rights.

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  6. So yesterday was a dumpster fire for the Dems. Schiff could not have been more incompetent.

    How do I know? My lib friends were texting me yesterday, “are you watching the impeachment, you need to watch it, very important. Trump is going down.” By the end of the day, they couldn’t be bothered. Said not one thing to me. Well my one friend said she thought Schiff was a loser. Then she changed the subject and asked me to help fix her laptop.

    Moving on. Pelosi is probably wondering how she can get out of this mess. Now it is just PR crap designed to smear the President. Fail there too.

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      1. Ed , I have to agree.
        .. other than exposing what an incompetent farce the whole peach hearing was,
        It did offer a great example why the left should never be in charge of anything important
        If they ever are , they should be restricted to toy plastic/ foam “safe for children ” gavels .
        Don’t worry about the wrong thread. Glad to hear you are doing better ..

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    1. Glad to see you! You’ve been missed!

      Please let us know if you need HELP on the PC front – we’ll see what we can do.

      I’m not as active on here now as I was. Have a lot going on between work and home life. But let us know and we can see where we can help out.

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            1. I hesitated to say it, but that’s where I am, too. Lenovos are nice, but China wants in here badly, and half the world figures they’ve backdoored Lenovos somehow, or at least have a leg up on us by building in design weaknesses they know about and we don’t.

              There are a lot of excellent laptops out there for cheap now, and they take Linux really nicely. Since a laptop with a monitor makes an excellent desktop, my recommendation would be to buy a laptop.

              Many Linux distros offer disk encryption in the mom-and-pop set-up procedures for laptops, and THAT is a good way to increase security. Also, laptops can be stowed in safes and lockers very easily. Just pull them out, hook them up, and you have a desktop, even if you don’t go with some kind of special docking setup. Just plug in some external devices and instant desktop!

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              1. I agree with the laptop as computer concept. You can use a USB hub to attach your own keyboard/mouse and pick whatever kind of cable the laptop provides as a video interface and you’ll have a quieter machine that isn’t dependent on the power in your house working. Add a battery backup (UPS) for your router/modem and you might have a setup that stays working even if utility power is sketchy.

                The new laptop that SteveInCO has referenced is interesting from a security point of view. They claim to have secure low level firmware to prevent backdoor access at the hardware level. Ships with full disk encryption already installed. You give the passkey during setup. They also have hard-wired switches to control wireless radiation and camera/microphone.

                PRO: new, secure, craftsman level quality, all drivers already verified to be working, long term support for hardware & software

                CON: more expensive, need to learn new user interface

                Most everything explained here:

                Two sizes of laptop and a phone.


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        1. Or, if you must have a PC box to use your keyboard and display, and drive your disk drive, printer, I have one of those, too, but I’ve got to find the paperwork on who built it to my specs.

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        2. I’d really have to have a lot more information about what you plan to do with it to make a specific recommendation, but I will make a general one — think way outside the box.

          If you want a new computer, but use it mainly for web browsing and occasional spreadsheets and quick documents, and already have keyboard, mouse, and video……consider a Raspberry Pi 4 – 4G for $55.

          If you want a beast that can double as a space heater, consider an off-lease Dell Precision T5500 from Ebay. Yes, you can get 8 Xeon cores on 12G memory for under $200. You can host virtual machines or do cross-compiles or video editing. BYO keyboard, mouse, and video.

          If you want something new in Windows, just get a cheap laptop with a big screen. I wouldn’t recommend this, because Windows is now 50% operating system and 50% spyware.

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    2. That’s a great piece of intelligence – matches up to exactly what I saw – it all changed in the 1970s. I mentioned that up-thread, before seeing your comment.

      The climate hoax is very smart – pure psychology. They just play whack-a-mole with our reality, using human herding to make disinformation stick.

      One of the greatest powers of FAKE NEWS is not the fake stuff – it’s LOOK SQUIRREL, the more exciting version of LOOK HERE. But even more powerful than LOOK HERE is DON’T LOOK HERE – the BACK-SIDE of LOOK HERE.

      LOOK HERE, NOT THERE. The climate hoax is largely based on this.

      Fake news took our eye off the simplest, working, important part of “climate change” – the solar cycles we already understood. They weaponized against it using REVERSO on carbon dioxide’s true relationship with heat – the fact that heat increases CO2 – the primary interpretation of that data in an interesting but disinformation-vulnerable relationship due to CO2 being a “greenhouse” gas (great place for some academic study, BTW – the science of the vulnerability of science to control by disinformation – and the KINDS of scientific relationships that are must vulnerable to malicious misinterpretation). They avoided at all costs looking at LONG-TERM PLANETARY OUTLOOKS, much less discussing those.

      Gotta get science FREE of these political creeps who abuse the INNOCENCE of science.

      Interesting how [some] RELIGION protects SCIENCE – isn’t it? Protecting the most basic respect for TRUTH is a whole lot more important than the SIDESHOW CONFLICTS that fake news highlighted.

      Yes. Very interesting. And notice how the lying Marxists REVERSED THAT TO GET IN. They controlled the psychology of all Americans, to make them believe religion was [always] the enemy of science.

      Subtle. They are subtle liars, but very good ones. They made the Galileo fight look like SIMPLE religion vs. science, when it was more about the role of science inside religion – how religion needs to be AGILE in responding to science – how religion does not always have FAITH that science will REVEAL THE HAND OF GOD, as more and more truth is known. Modern Catholicism has largely worked this out – until they were controlled by simplistic Climate Change Hoaxing, using a kind of “moral FOMO” (fear of missing out) which the communists are so good at creating in those they wish to control.

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      1. Galileo was more like he pissed off the pope on a completely different matter, and that particular pope used the solar system as revenge. For better indications of the search for truth via religion, please, see Albertus Magnus who was a Dominican friar, Gregor Mendel who was an Augustinian monk, Sr. Mary Ann Volk who was a Franciscan Sister of Mary, and any number of others. Mendel and Volk are two of the most important scientists in the study of genetics, bar none.

        And then, of course, there was Dom Perignon who put the bubbles in champagne.

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        1. There is a real culture battle in science right now, where POLITICS is being proffered in a sneaky way as the replacement for ethics. I know it started long ago, but we’re at the point where SOROS is actually quite open about what he’s doing.

          So my question would be, WHO among the living and the religious, other than communist dupe Francis, is providing ANY leadership? And if we drop Francis – POSITIVE leadership?

          Francis Collins? Or did he end up being controlled opposition? Stephen Hawking ended up sounding like he was *somebody’s* mouthpiece by the end.

          Scanning the field with much side-eye….

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  7. WOW! Wolf, I am blown away! Once you see it….

    I want to add one thing to the mix. I know it is about the MONEY, but I also think they want to KILL US.

    Agenda 21, then 2030, is partly about reducing the world population. If we don’t have energy resources, some people will literally perish. On top of that, the colder climate WILL reduce the food supply. One of the only ways to combat that is indoor growing, which requires ENERGY.

    The evil here is stunning.

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    1. Agree! IMO, this is one of the most significant articles ever posted here. It ties everything together. And you are correct that they want to reduce the population.

      I have long believed the motives are evil and not due to ignorance or stupidity — at least the motives of those in the know who are pulling the strings. Some of the “useful idiots” are just brainwashed.

      Almost every day, I see schemes backfiring. I know a lot of people are praying that the evil ones will fall into their own pit. More people are experiencing a Great Awakening, and I think Q and his team are just getting started. This weather situation, as difficult as it will be, is exactly what was needed.

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        1. Thanks! And consider THIS – I didn’t even TOUCH George Soros – who is deeply involved here.

          I have “not watched” years of fake news in order to remove “fake normal”, and now I can almost see things as clearly as I did when I was a college student BEFORE Carter.

          What’s wild is that a combination of forces (.mil, free journalists, citizen journalists, social media news distributors, Trump and allies all isolated inside the Deep State) have been able to get past the array of controls (fake news, Hollyweird, CIA, DNC, SES/DS, globo-scum) on Ukraine and see what these people are doing – BETTING THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CLIMATE HOAX.

          The people who pushed Ukraine (Stranahan, Rudy, Daughn) were right. THAT was the PATH IN to see (as much as can be seen) where the massive corruption is actually taking place.

          Now I have to say this, too. STRANAHAN was right that Ukraine is the big deal. He was one of the earliest adopters on Ukraine’s importance. But he has also been saying that SOROS is actually less important than KHODORKOVSKY.

          My prediction is that once THAT PART becomes more clear, things will REALLY GET HOT.

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      1. HA!

        I’m totally in agreement that the SUSPICIOUS CAT HAIRS must be raised whenever the word “sustainable” appears. But I’m actually a big fan of the IDEA of sustainability. I just believe in using SCIENCE to address the challenge, OVERCOME IT, and create RADICAL ABUNDANCE as a response.


        Not “sustainable”? MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE!!!

        Don’t fear sustainability challenges – ENGAGE THEM. Make common what we WANT and NEED.

        Sustainability is used by the left to create Alinsky fears, regulation and CONTROL. So we have to make the problems go away.

        Use FREE AND HONEST science, scientific resource management, and SERVICE TO HUMANS to make things sustainable!

        What is one of the most important parts of sustainability? FARMING. And the initiator needs to be SMALL – FAMILY – AGILE – not just big and corporate, which won’t properly take RISKS and serve SMALL MARKETS.

        Trump sees all of this stuff, BTW. Why does he lean in so strong on farmers and especially small farmers? Why does he stand with them? HE KNOWS HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE.

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  8. If anyone has a suggestion for a computer $200 – $400 range, suitable for a computer illiterate that will take Linux I would be grateful. Hubby has been dithering for MONTHS. ARGHHhhhh!!!!

    Grrr, This computer is messing with me…

    On the California Fires the test case was: The Demise of Christ Church New Zealand.

    The Eilte used the earthquake as an excuse to FORCE an Agenda 21 type city in the rebuild. Perfectly fine properties were condemned….

    California is another test case.
    Allow debris to build up, forbid fire roads and return to ‘natural’ PLANT EUCALYPTUS!!!

    Eucalyptus is tailor made for burning out communities and they are Genetically modifying it so it can grow further north. They are EXPORTING IT to the North East and to Africa. It is a VERY NASTY INVASIVE TREE. Very hard to get rid of and NOTHING grows under it except poison oak. Even goats will not eat it.


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    1. Good to see you back, Gail!

      Eucalyptus is gasoline disguised as a tree. The Oakland hills fire (as well as many in Australia) was a terrible disaster in large part because of Eucalyptus, and insufficient “fire break” space between trees and houses. It’s also not native to Kalifornistan, having been brought over in the 1800s by ship from Australia, in hopes of having a drought-tolerant wood suitable for furniture that basically grew like a weed (Jarvis and Mayhews cf. “Two Years Before The Mast”).

      Trouble is, the grain twisted due to the change in hemispheres(!), so the wood was useless for furniture, and practically everything else, except for burning and creating a mess beneath itself (and ruining car finishes). There used to be a huge grove of Eucalyptuses (Eucalpyti?) in Newark CA (now the Ardenwood Preserve/Patterson Ranch) that has been radically reduced over the years. Smells nice, but otherwise useless. Poison Ivy with a trunk, it seems…

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    2. On the PC front, a refurbished off-lease PC would be the fastest to get back online. They can be picked up at pretty easily for about $200 – $300.

      If you want to run Linux rather than Windows that’s a whole other discussion, but I don’t know that you’re up for that.

      Another option is a Chromebook. The downside is that the whole system is very Google’d. But they are extremely reliable and almost no maintenance. If you have a problem, generally you just reboot it.

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    3. Gosh, several years ago the state of Florida mandated removing all eucalyptus trees and proceeded to do so. It was commonly used along roadsides (and railroad tracks) as visual barriers. In many cases extensive ( and expensive) plantings had to be undertaken to replace vast areas where it ( as well as a type of invasive holly) was removed.
      Ironic that California is now planting it!

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  9. Excellent analysis! I started thinking about a lot of different ramifications, some of which people have already addressed. (That’s what happens when there’s a 3 hr difference in time zones!)

    My first thought was about the fires in CA, WHY? And I thought for growing food, but it didn’t seem like the right areas, and then I see Gail Combs commenting about Eucalyptus. There’s a two fold reason for the Eucalyptus apparently.

    Another thing the globalists have wanted is to reduce the population, and being un-prepared for a solar minimum will cause that to happen. Now I wonder if those underground cities were designed for the solar minimum, and not a nuclear disaster. Unfortunately, there’s going to be an attrition of “homeless” people due to freezing weather.

    There’s some other factors that will affect daily life for us. Shopping, for food and other necessities, won’t be as convenient as it has been. Maybe that ‘s why Amazon has been trying to corner the market on EVERYTHING, and why there’s been a lot of interest in drones for delivering packages.
    Clothing – the trend for the last few years, at least for women, is the “layered” look which I have always despised as it requires several layers of very thin pieces of clothing to be warm if you don’t live somewhere the temp is always 70 degrees or more. I’ve noticed that it’s harder to find good, warm clothing that is durable. Maybe that’s why FLOTUS wears so many coat-dresses? A way to make staying warm look fashionable.

    The push for people to reside in large cities does not encourage self reliance. One HAS to be self reliant if one does not live close to problem solvers or ready to purchase solutions. There’s going to be a need for people to be more self reliant.

    As an aside, several years ago I made myself a nightgown, if you could call it that, from a piece of fleece. It’s roomy enough that a few times over the years when it’s gotten pretty cold, I’ve just put it on over my clothes. So, I think I will be making a pattern and making a garment that doesn’t look like a nightie to wear over clothes, but won’t have the bulkiness of a coat, for wearing inside. I really hope that more textile industries come back to the U.S.

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    1. I’ve been thinking about your post seeing as how I am now layering and not disliking it, but not being really comfortable with my current layering choices.

      I think there are a number of intersecting issues in this matter that may not be all that easy to untangle. One is that most warm, lightweight clothing available is synthetic material and, when it’s inexpensive, poorly made. Another is a decided lack of sheep farmers in this country, anyway, where the one natural material that does keep one warm in lightweight form is produced. There’s a reason why quality wool garments are expensive. Even local sourced yards for craft projects that are wool or mohair run $25+ for a skein.

      I don’t know that there’s an easy fix to this.

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      1. I started sewing again a few years ago mainly because the clothing choices are very limited in my size range now (very petite). Also started making my own patterns for the same reason. I may go looking at coat-dress patterns or some of my old patterns, but will have to do alteration no matter which way I go; the new patterns don’t come in my size, my old patterns are from the 70s and 80s, and I’m not as tiny as I used to be!

        I used to haunt our local thrift stores for fabrics, but most of the fabric that shows up now is either for quilting or upholstery.

        I know that the wool skeins are pricey. I crochet, but lately I’ve mostly been crocheting with plarn. I have a stash …… of bags!!!

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        1. I haven’t sewed in so long, I’ve forgotten how.

          I actually am two different sizes on the bottom and the top, so I do a lot of skirts with knit tops, as that’s the bigger end, and empire dresses that I can accessorize or put a jacket over it depending on the situation.

          That’s the thing about layering, if you get hot, you can always strip one off.

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    2. I have some CudldeDuds (sp?) that one can get at Walmart. When it gets very cold, I put a long-sleeved top and pants on under my normal clothes. It’s like a top and pants but made of slip-like material. Wash them but hang them to dry. They’re wonderful for staying warmer when the temps drop down into the teens and below.

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      1. Remember wearing Cuddledown and similar garments when staying in Europe, and especially in Ireland, or other non-central heating places.
        Regarding very petite sizes I often think about all the ethnic (Asian, especially) people who live in the US and wonder where in the heck they find clothes. If you look in low-end big box stores, it’s rare to even find a small size…most are in the multi-X sizes (as are the customers, I guess.)
        Jamcooker, I think you could accomplish the same warm nightgown-type solution with a simple zip up fleece robe. I have an old one and have been known to slip it over my clothes during really cold weather to wear in the house.
        Growing up in the PNW, we had 2 space heaters for the entire (1level) house when I was a child. Many of our friends had potbelly stoves right in their living rooms (I can’t even remember what they used for fuel). You could probably equate them to fireplaces in older days. No heat in bedrooms (memories of hot water bottles!) nor the bathroom. Fun times getting dressed on cold mornings!
        Having lived through 3 hurricanes and no power for several days, we do have a never-used kerosene heater here for winter emergencies.

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        1. When our children were small, we had a stove insert that heated our whole house. There was one Thanksgiving that for some reason was just my parents-in-law coming, and the electricity went out. For some reason, we had decided to have ham that year rather than a turkey, and boy were we glad we did. Finished the ham in a dutch oven on top of the wood stove, and everything else as well!

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  10. President Trump is moving to FL.

    IMO, I think he is:
    moving the government to the “Summer White House”,
    moving a lot of Government Employees out of DC and spreading them across the country,
    Q is set up with the DOD because it will be our secure communication and news source as the MSM and social media are taken down,
    taken our ports back from China,
    setting up our farms for maximum production,
    made us the number 1 energy source in the world, and
    secured our borders.

    We will have personal defense, military defense, secure communications, enough food and energy for ourselves and others.

    Things are moving fast and our preparations are ready. We will not just survive, we will thrive.

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  11. I have about 3 cord of wood for my wood burning stove and every available 5 gallon gas can is full for my generator’s, it really sucks having to pay $32.00 for the California approved gas cans.
    Just had 3 loads of manure spread over my acre garden,I guess I can say fuck the system that is out to get me.

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    1. Rodney, many years ago we bought firewood by the cord for 3 fireplaces in our house, living in NJ. It was not cheap back then..but, the source wasn’t close by, either. I’m curious how much a cord costs these days where you live (Northern California?).
      Our last 2 homes have gas fireplaces, but I still miss a “real wood” one…even though they are messy and require attention.
      I remember in Oregon, you could buy a permit for practically nothing that allowed you to remove fallen wood from specific state/federal land. I had newly married (and therefore limited budget) cousins that used to have “wood gathering parties” in the Fall with their friends on weekends to gather their winter’s supply. A lot of sweat labor but you do those things when you are young…well, at least once upon a time you did.
      Actually, it was pretty smart because it cleared a lot of fire hazard debris from the forests.

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      1. Hot wood like Fir goes for $200-$275 a cord and hard wood like Madrone or oak goes for $300+ a cord.
        I have a buddy here who just turned 73 who sells at least 5 cords a day,he is from the Bay area and moved downriver back in the late 60s.


        1. Wowser, Rodney….can hardly wait to tell DH. If I remember correctly, we paid about $125 a cord…but as I said, it was a long time ago. I do know it was hard wood.

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          1. If my buddie delivers to the coast he adds $200 to the cost for delivery, the people in Eureka buy alot of firewood from my buddie


    2. The thing about the “Little Ice Age” is that it lasted for several hundred years. Three cords of wood ain’t gonna do it if you don’t have a source.

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      1. I am surrounded by 248,000 acres of Redwood National Forest, live on the Yurok Indian Reservation, if a person gets cold here it’s because they are lazy.


      1. EXACTLY.

        I am very careful not to try to discern whose interest is served in FSU (former Soviet Union) countries. The whole thing is a messy ball of deception and obfuscation. A TAR-BABY. If you try to say “Russia good, Ukraine bad” or “Russia bad, Ukraine good”, you have just BOUGHT the first part of the deception.

        Russia got rid of [overt] Soviet communism. They did NOT get rid of DISINFORMATION, in which they were one of the world’s experts. Nor did they get rid of greed, corruption, and many other problems.

        And NOW they have Ukraine as a LAYER-TYPE OBFUSCATOR. Almost nothing should be trusted where Ukraine is concerned. I hate to say that, but every modern deception is run out of the place.

        Hell – how does one even know that Ukrainian gas came from Ukraine?

        YOU DON’T.

        THAT could all be a HOAX to sell Russian gas. It’s way easier than the climate hoax. FAR FEWER moving parts.

        Angela Merkel worked very hard to make Germany dependent on Russian resources. Trump hits this VERY HARD and ALL THE TIME. That’s why I like to say that she is winning the cold war for East Germany – long gone, but MAN, she is programmed like it ain’t gone.

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  12. Oh Wolfs, just a few short points:

    First, energy is a prime-mover necessity for everything. At the simplest level, what ever we want to do, we have to add energy to it or it di without. We must “feed” it, “cook” it, or “heat” it. Fuel/energy is required for food and water, shelter, transportation, building/production, communication, and medicine.

    A small tax on energy spreads the burden across everyone in society. A large tax soon prevents access to necessities and economic liberty to the masses, Gasoline taxes cause Europe’s middle class to ride bicycles.

    Second: Merkel’s Germany is a part of the scheme to to subjugate Europe during the coming cold dark winter. That’s why the Russian natural gas is piped under the ocean to Germany, without passing thru any other nations. It’s also the reason they oppose an Israel-Cyprus-Greece-Italy undersea pipeline.

    Third: I dream of Texas and Oklahoma redrawing the national electric grid sectors to make TX-OK a stand-alone electric sector set up to export power to the national electric grid. TX-OK Electric would be set up on natural gas, wind, and coal. (PDTrump said coal is the ONLY source of electricity that can be stockpiled at the use site and can not be supplychain disrupted.)

    Why TX-OK? Because these two contiguous states can connect every home and business to an underground natural gas piping infrastructure. Wealth deriving from economic activity is protected when it’s connected to the primary direct heat source. See First point above.

    Texas and Oklahoma produce the gas at low costs. We should use it to increase our wealth. When the gas POWER is connected to the PEOPLE there is protection for the culture and the individual. With gas to the home, A) you always have hot water, even without electricity. B) With gas you can have home heat and cook your food, even without electricity. C) With gas, you can refrigerate/ freeze your food, even without electricity. D) With gas, you can make your own electricity, right at home. E) With gas, you can fill the tank of your CNG car in your own garage.

    With gas, electric power stations can be built on the local and county level, without giant power line towers marching across hundreds of miles.

    With gas, a home or business, a town, a county, a region, a state can be protected against some terrorist or government department turning off your Smart Meter.

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  13. In honor of this thread, I plan to go see Ford v Ferrari this weekend, and to remain totally oblivious to the massive amounts of fossil fuels that are consumed in pursuit of nothing more than winning an automobile race.

    And I am going to revel in the can-do attitude Americans used to have in the days prior to Jimmah Cartah. And to allow myself to hope that just maybe, we can be that way again.

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  14. Great work W!

    It was the climate hoax that got me started. I went down that rabbit hole, found myself asking questions about the politics.

    I moved to remote area as couldn’t put my finger on why things weren’t right in the city.
    I also decided to move to an area that by law can’t get mains power, to have complete control over power, water and access to food sources. Finding out about the solar cycles was like a confirmation of hype being thrown at us.

    Then Trump came into the picture and I was hooked. Q came into the picture and I’m all in.

    You’ve brought together the biggest questions of each…Climate Hoax and Deep State.Why?

    Seeing this big picture is a revelation in that it makes sense with all we’ve discovered about corruption, agendas and the people/countries involved.

    This is great stuff, thank you

    Liked by 5 people

    1. You’re most welcome! 😀

      Yes – as citizens, we’ve had to take back control of our lives, but now we’re at the point where we have to take back control of government. And VSG POTUS TRUMP is just the guy to lead the charge!!!

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  15. Great Post Wolfe! Just like “civil wars” in other countries, foment agitation, create unrest, create a vacuum, fill vacuum with a puppet, steal the targeted country BLIND financing weapons for BOTH sides. Didn’t Dr Seuss write something about this called Sneeches?.

    Another thing about the oil in Ukraine tie in. It is ALWAYS about the oil. I wrote an article on my blog which discussed the original purpose of ISIS was to clear the road in Syria of all those “pesky” Syrians so that a pipeline for oil TO Europe coming from Iran and Russia, and through Syria (ports) and Turkey.
    Trump blew ALL that up, costing the Cabal TRILLIONS.

    That pipeline, of which I believe George Papadopolous WAS a part of, went through Israel and Cypress INSTEAD.

    I also believe that the oilfields in Ukraine, which I posted about here a few weeks ago, was a TRAP to get Baghdadi OUT of hiding. That oilfield was the source of ISIS’S cash flow. Look here

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  16. GREAT article and makes so much sense. Wolf rocks my brain!

    Always look to Ca for the early energy scams.

    We have the natural gas ban growing by the minute. No more gas heat, gas stoves. The links are mostlybehind my ad blocker but they’re there.
    Use a fireplace? Not so fast…from 2013….Smoking chimneys could go the way of smoke-filled restaurants under proposed smog rules aimed at curtailing the use of wood-burning fireplaces in Orange County and the rest of the Los Angeles basin.

    Regional smog regulators today will consider banning the installation of traditional wood-fueled hearths in new homes, limiting sales of wood-burning devices, and, by 2013, even placing mandatory limits on burning wood in home fireplaces during heavy smog episodes.

    PG&E To Become A Public Utility Under Proposed Legislation
    Senator Scott Wiener will introduce the new bill early next year.

    By Evan Symon, November 12, 2019 3:21 pm

    Under a newly planned bill being written by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), PG&E would become a public utility through the state of California.

    May 31, 2019
    Mary Nichols, the powerful head of the California Air Resources Board, didn’t even need to explicitly threaten a ban on gas-powered cars last week to get the attention of carmakers.

    Nichols is making it clear that if the Trump administration follows through on threats to hamstring California’s ability to police tailpipe emissions, the state will need to find another way to keep the air clean. That will affect people and industries, including car manufacturers.
    Remarks written for the workshop said the rollbacks could force the air board to look for other ways to curb pollution, including “an outright ban on internal combustion engines.”

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