News Roundup! Day 1 Was A Disaster For Democrats, It’s All About Stopping the Inevitable From Happening In 2020, PDJT Meets With President Erdogan In the Oval Office, Joint Press Conference, New Record For the DJIA, Wall Cam, Judicial Armada About To Grow, Cocaine Mitch Trolls Democrats, More Bad News For DACA Recipients & 1 Million Migrants, Draining the Swamp, Terrence Visits Shitty’s Office, Michael Coudrey Video & Thread, Boris Needs To Thank Nigel Farage…..

 couldn’t stomach watching the circus yesterday. I depended on Deplorable Patriot’s thread (comments) and reading people I trust on Twitter. Richard Baris is a straight shooter. He tells you the good, the bad and the ugly. Here is what he had to say.

Sunlight is truly the greatest disinfectant. Shitty and the two clown witnesses were completely exposed yesterday.

Representative Devin Nunes did a fantastic job in his opening statement. Rush Limbaugh during his radio show said that ratings for the impeachment hearing are tanking because most people turned it off after Nunes spoke.

The three best Republicans that got to ask questions were Representative Jim Jordan, John Radcliffe and Elise Stefanik. All 3 of them deconstructed the false premise advanced by Shitty’s impeachment crew.

Representative Jim Jordan pressed Ambassador Taylor on how he came to have a “clear understanding” that the U.S. aid to Ukraine was dependent on opening an investigation into the President’s political rivals. He said there was no “linkage” and Ambassador Taylor said he came to his “clear conclusion” based on what other people said about what other people heard about conversations with other people.

Representative John Ratcliffe reviewed multiple public statements made by Ukrainian President Zelensky that he was not pressured by the U.S. and had no knowledge of military aid being withheld from Ukraine.

Representative Elise Stefanik dropped the Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth by outlining Burisma. She focused on both officials’ statements on the corruption in Ukraine and Burisma.

Hunter and SleepyCreepy Joe must have lost their appetite after hearing this exchange.

The Democrats and Shitty aren’t going to sleep well after the day they had.

The POS Weissmann stated why PDJT needs to be removed immediately. They know the will be destroyed when WE vote in 2020.

It is all about stopping the inevitable from happening next year!

Our President is absolutely right!

You know it was bad for Shitty and Nancy when the POS Tobbin on CNN is calling out their BS.

Ken Starr decided to piss on the Shitty and Nancy parade.

While this BS charade was going on, our President was working on behalf of our country.

Yesterday our President Trump and FLOTUS welcomed President Recep Erdogan from Turkey and his wife to the White House.

Prior to bilateral discussions the two leaders held a joint availability in the Oval Office.

[Video and Transcript below]

After the bilateral discussions, our President and Turkish President Erdogan held a joint press conference.

[Video and Transcript Below]

The BS impeachment hoax can’t slow down the Economic Train!

GA/FL shared this in the news roundup thread from yesterday. I am sharing it here because I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see it. We are going to get a Wall Cam!

From the article linked above:

The White House is planning to livestream construction of President Trump’s border wall beginning next year to boost support for the barrier.

“There will be a wall cam, and it’ll launch early next year,” a senior White House official told the Washington Post.

Meanwhile the Trump Judicial Armada is one step closer to confirming our 46th Circuit Judge.

Cocaine Mitch decided to troll Senate Democrats.

DACA recipients and the one million migrants that get work permits annually got more bad news after reading the DOJ’s brief. American students will be the ones that benefit greatly.

From the article linked above:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has quietly told the Supreme Court that it does not have the legal authority to issue work permits to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) migrants and has effectively invited the court to block the annual award of more than one million work permits to migrants.

“If the [judges] make a decision, it would have a huge impact,” said John Miano, a lawyer who is seeking to end two of the many work-permit programs. Prior presidents created the two programs, which allow U.S. companies and Indian managers in the United States to annually hire roughly 150,000 Indians for technology jobs sought by American graduates.

The new DOJ language threatens the many administration programs, which award more than one million work permits each year to foreigners. If the court strikes down those programs, it will open up many technology jobs to the American graduates who are now locked out by managers’ favoritism for Indian workers.

Our President continues to Drain the Swamp!

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration reportedly notified hundreds of Interior Department employees Tuesday that they will have 30 days to relocate to western states or face the potential of job terminations.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is relocating 27 employees from Washington, D.C., to the agency’s new headquarters in Colorado and another 220 to field offices out West, Government Executive (GE) reported Tuesday. The relocated employees reportedly have until Dec. 12 to agree to the move; if they don’t accept the terms, then they’ll be fired.

I can’t stop laughing! Terrence is a gift to our President and our country!

Michael Coudrey has released leaked confidential documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office in regards to SleepyCreepy Joe and his son Hunter Biden.

In other news, Boris Johnson better thank Nigel Farage for putting his country before his party. There is an excellent chance that he will have the votes necessary to leave the European Union and remain as the PM of the U.K.

From the article linked above:

The median probability of a disorderly Brexit, where no deal is agreed, dropped to 20% in the Nov. 8-12 Reuters poll of economists from 30% in October, the lowest since a poll taken in May soon after the EU granted another delay to Britain’s departure.

“Brexit headwinds have dissipated as the threat of no-deal in October passed and the Brexit deadline was pushed out again. The focus has clearly shifted to the UK election campaign,” said Victoria Clarke, an economist at Investec.

Giving Johnson his biggest boost of the election campaign, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party on Monday pulled out of contesting 317 seats held by the ruling Conservatives in a bid to prevent opponents of Brexit controlling parliament.

That may help give Johnson a parliamentary majority in the Dec. 12 election and allow him to deliver on the June 2016 referendum result to take Britain out of the European Union.

Johnson’s Conservative Party edged further ahead of the opposition Labour Party during the past week, a public opinion poll by ICM showed on Monday.

198 thoughts on “News Roundup! Day 1 Was A Disaster For Democrats, It’s All About Stopping the Inevitable From Happening In 2020, PDJT Meets With President Erdogan In the Oval Office, Joint Press Conference, New Record For the DJIA, Wall Cam, Judicial Armada About To Grow, Cocaine Mitch Trolls Democrats, More Bad News For DACA Recipients & 1 Million Migrants, Draining the Swamp, Terrence Visits Shitty’s Office, Michael Coudrey Video & Thread, Boris Needs To Thank Nigel Farage…..

  1. Once this house gets sold, I need to spread some love around……and one recipient should be the Federalist Society, with Leonard Leo at the helm. They’ve been tracking judges who adhere to strict Constitutional principles for many dark years while the Bushes (Harriet Miers) whiffled and Obama sought to “fundamentally transform”. Leo has roared since, with the stellar judges that Trump has put on the bench, and continues to put on the bench.

    Trump is going to get all the credit for the last three and coming five years — and, frankly, rightfully so [had Hillary been elected, everything would have come to naught]. But a lot of the work in the trenches was done by Leo over previous decades. And it’s just the way VSGPOTUSDJT operates, it will be acknowledged.

    But I’ll be sending a check.

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    1. Yes. Totally agree.the federalist society has been watching and vetting the us judges for a long time. Sniffing out the wobblers and the progressive asshats. Potus has not nominated one they haven’t recommended.
      This, is the tide turning. The courts are no longer enclosed grounds. Next up the education/indoctrination system. It’s infested with lefties, militant unionists and batshit crazy political correctness

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      1. I think Betsy DeVos is all over the education thing. I railed against Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education when it was first set up. I remember just a couple of years ago Mark Levin on his radio show recounting how during the Reagan transition he found hundreds of copies of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals that were purchased by the Department under Carter and distributed across the country. The seeds of the sedition we see today were planted long ago.

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  2. That hearing was a fizzle. I know some of us wanted the Republicans to be more forceful but imo being reserved and measured was the right course, it speaks to the independents and political casuals. Also the Dems/Media live for outbursts and would have benefited more by an emotional escalation.

    Boris Johnson accepting the delays of the EU beyond Oct 31 is a great disappointment. Thank goodness for Farage’s will of steel with regards to Brexit, hopefully he can see it through.

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    1. ‘Boris Johnson accepting the delays of the EU beyond Oct 31 is a great disappointment.’

      How could he do otherwise?

      PARLIAMENT did NOT approve the programme motion: the timetable for reviewing the legislation!

      Boris sent a letter to the EU explaining that it was PARLIAMENT that was refusing to review the deal, that he personally was NOT seeking an extension but that he had to because of them!


  3. Delightful comment by unseen. Master level snark
    Profile picture
    Profile picture
    Nov 9th 2019, 3 tweets, 1 min read
    Bookmark Save as PDF My Authors
    Wait, what?

    “Bloomberg has said in the past that if he ran for president he would be willing to spend $100 million of his own money. As of Friday, he was No. 8 on the Forbes billionaires list, with a net worth of over $52 billion.”

    Pollster: ‘Mike Bloomberg has more money than God,’ so he can be a 2020 contender any time
    “I would have argued, if I were advising him, that he should have run as an independent,” not a Democrat, says GOP insider Frank Luntz.
    That’s all? The man is worth $52 billion and he will only spend $100 million? He is not serious about wanting the job then. The man is 77 years old. It’s not like he has a lot of time to spent the other $51.9 billion on something else. If he really was serious he would be risking
    …it all to win. If I wanted to win every single resource at my disposal would be employed. Hell, Mike is saying basically he is only willing only to spend 100 bucks to be President if he was your avg American.

    Trump risked everything. He risked his money, his name, his brand

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    1. Recall that having an independent in the race enables more options for cheating on the vote. In WI, for example, the Hildabeast thought she had it locked up because there was in place some sort of mechanism to shift PDJT votes to Jill Stein. The failure of this mechanism, and Stein’s refusal to press for a recount despite massive funding to do so, is is why the Hildabeast recently lashed out at Stein.

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    2. Common sense reasoning by Chuck Woolery!

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    3. It’s even crazier than that.

      When they say he’s worth $52 billion, they’re probably rounding to the nearest billion.

      The amount of money he’s willing to spend is more than likely LESS than the rounding that takes place!!

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  4. Devin Nunes has changed thru these last three years. I remember seeing Devin as a very nice young farmer-congressman representing an agricultural area important to California. He spoke up for doing right when circumstances called on him. Nunes had clear eyes and kind demeanor.

    The Congressman soon found himself defending against a loaded ethics investigation, and his own Speaker and party leadership muzzled him. Nunes had to support the gag order they put on him. He looked embarrassed. I remember thinking Nunes has an abundance of courage and endurance, but doubted he could be the one to follow DJT as president.

    The other night I watched Devin Nunes interviewed at the Capitol and then later on the Laura Ingraham show. He’s a different man now. Have you noticed Nunes’ eyes and the set of his jaw?

    Mr Nunes is fully able to face down any Democrat, whether high noon or dark midnight. He has gunfighter eyes. He can’t be spooked or startled, or be tricked into an unwise or rash move. He is ready for the showdown and ready for its consequences afterwards.

    Devin Nunes has Presidential character. He can grow into that job. He may need seasoning as sheriff-enforcer, and in the executive’s position. Congressional culture is insufficient training for the Trumpian we want.

    The Democrats rotten soul and predatory deceit will be exposed to everyone’s light during P Trump’s second term. For 2024 we should run and elect Devin Nunes as the Governor of California.

    Recover California Living. There’s A Swamp To Drain Here Too.

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    1. Nuñes for California Governor or Senator – or SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!!!

      I think the latter would be awesome – if he’s got the guts, drive and desire to drum up votes, make deals, etc.

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    2. You may recall that one of Nunes’ staff died suddenly and unexpectedly “following a brief illness” during the time he was in the middle of the ethics investigation. This Ex-Air Force staffer had been a friend of Nunes’ since high school, and I think he was murdered to send Nunes a message. And that was before they began harassing his grandmother.

      These things may be why we see a change in his demeanor.

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  5. Flep–awesome roundup as always!!
    if i may suggest one edit? DePat (not Daughn) ran the hearing thread yesterday (along with the open thread).
    Daughn does great threads too–but DePat deserves the credit for yesterday!

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      1. Flep you and all the posters deserve a big thank you!
        Wold deserve one also for creating a space for everyone who supports POTS Trump..
        You are all a wonderful group thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I feel Blessed to be here.

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    1. There will have to be SEVERAL wall cams to capture the progress or move the cam around weekly – because there are currently multiple construction sites.

      Border Patrol is currently putting out updates every Monday.
      9/11/19 –
      9/4/19 –
      10/28/19 –
      10/21/19 –
      10/15/19 –
      10/7/19 –

      And Donaldus Magnus has a site with maps, graphs, a spreadsheet, etc. that records the progress.
      Link –
      Twitter –
      Videos by CBP –

      As of today, there are 81 miles of completed wall contracts with road, lights, electronic surveillance, etc.

      And there are 148.6 miles of top grade US Steel in place, estimated by start and finish contract dates.

      Great job, Mr. President!!!

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    2. REMEMBER:

      Communists have to have walls – to keep honest hard working people in.

      Capitalist countries have to have walls – to keep crooks and violent people out.

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            1. Saw something interesting yesterday about our favourite teddy bear(Mr Barr). He has informed the sc that the doj can’t issue green cards etc to illegals including DACA. Like this is really hard ball. I’m trying to find it to post it

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              1. I was once married to a Canadian. She had a green card, issued when her parents moved to US with their minor children. It’s title back then was Permanent Resident Alien, printed right on the card. It was the only green card in existence back then – an alien had to enter the country and profess an intention to gain citizenship in order to get one AFAIK.

                I wonder if green cards today have the same title. If so, handing them out like candy is also handing out constitutional rights like candy.

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  6. Just a cautionary note… we all watched, or have viewed these dynamic clips of the hearings – and clearly heard the truth – not only from our Representatives, but the players themselves, Taylor and Kent. The print malignant media is not reporting what we saw with our own eyes, or heard with our own hears.

    My local rag, The Virginian-Pilot, who draws these stories from the AP, headlined their article, “Impeachment goes public with new testimony vs Trump.” The article itself blatantly lies and distorts what was said, inferring and implying. They quote Taylor as saying foreign policy “out of irregular channels” and the President “orchestrating” everything through Guiliani.

    The WSJ’s headline, Page 1, above the fold, “Public Hearing Surfaces New Claim” – and then goes on by insinuendo, and out of context, to present the same content. Both papers also make a big deal, (must be same sourced talking points) about the 4th impeachment “inquiry” in U.S. history. They’ve already made the transition to conflating “trial” with “inquiry” – this is the Democrats’ intention.

    They’ll spend the next year talking about how how the President was under investigation and impeached.

    I only note this because Steve in Colorado (I think it was him) made a good point about viewing everything through our conservative “bubble” – and he’s right about being careful.

    That said, we are winning, but it’s good to remember that the Democrats will never portray that they are losing, and the MSM, despite being Fake News, still holds sway with the messaging and narrative. That’s the battle we have to wage – not just what’s happening in the Halls of Congress.

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    1. I was talking with a friend who gets too much of his news from CNN, and we got into an argument about impeachment being a political process. He stated his view that the Dems can make up whatever impeachment rules they want, and toss PDJT out of office if they have the votes to do so. I replied that impeachment is a constitutional process and that is why what happens in the Senate is a “trial.” It is not merely dependent on political muscle and the process he describes would be illegitimate. More importantly, it would completely disenfranchise PDJT’s supporters. I then commented PDJT’s supporters will not accept his removal from office for any reason, because his removal would mean our system of government works only for our opponents and does not work for us.

      Alas, he is brainwashed enough that this thought had not occurred to him. The bubble on the other side hasn’t allowed for this possibility.

      And so, this I intend to be my primary talking point on impeachment going forward:

      Removal of PDJT from office is the same thing as nullifying the votes of his supporters. And PDJT’s supporters will not continue to support a system in which they are completely disenfranchised.

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      1. IMO – Impeachment is a legal process in which proof of malfeasance – that is according to the constitution – specifically – high crimes and misdemeanors must be produced.

        NONE has been produced.

        Only thing produced is difference of intention, agenda, ideology, financial interests.

        Corruption and high crimes, pay for play, etc. have been proved committed and many examples abuse of power by Øbama, by the Bidens, Clintons, and others…but nothing has been done about all of that.

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      2. “To impeach” means the same as “to indict” if I recall Constitution.. which states that neither a POTUS, VP or Congress Critter may be indicted for a crime while in office, right?

        House serves as a “Grand Jury” votes on Articles of Impeachment (similar to charges in an ‘indictment’)
        which if passed go to Senate, where Senators act as ‘prosecutors’ and the Senate itself acts as a Jury, which brings the verdict. To be impeached is not the same as convicted, but is the same as ‘charged’, indicted.

        Problem is most Americans are ignorant to the process and the C_A controlled slime media, and the Democrat House Speaker (who has allowed DIM members of a House Committee, along with a criminal member of the House (pencilneck) to recklessly hold a Kangaroo Court, which they have labeled ‘quietly’ an INQUIRY to Impeachment (Hearing) but which is being touted through their megaphone of slime and social media as IMPEACHMENT HEARING. The most recent in a series of illegal and unknown acts in our Republic’s history, this farce will set precedent wrt future presidents if allowed to go further.

        my two cents of course

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      1. Or firing squad. I’ve got a voluminous supply of .556 and .308 I’ll share. There would be an endless supply of volunteer shooters…just sayin’!!! Not advocating lawlessness—everything “by the book”!!

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              1. The trap door method is worked out on the persons weight/length of rope. Older methods the noose was pulled to lift them from the ground so they choked. Not as comfy

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    1. And according to report, BERNIE SANDERS stated that AOC “would have a significant position in my administration”. Right. As the next “Colonel House”, controlled by George Soros.

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              1. A columnist here invented the grievance Olympics. To settle all disputes by the rankings of various disadvantages one lays claim to. It’s satire but it’s also real

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              2. Many a truth is said in jest, ozzy! Going to extremes to create ‘equality’ is a liberal thing – remember how well affirmative action worked? many qualified individuals could not be hired because they were the wrong color – they cannot legislate equality – but, they did – and all it did was tip the scale in the opposite direction – then – there were the quotas – what a mess!!!

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              3. And people with qualifications but who were black or whatever were given the side eye because it was suspected that they got the “charity fuck” because you couldn’t fail a black, couldnt not hire one and every fuck up had to be excused or someone else’s fault

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              4. They degraded the achievements of those that did achieve by giving out degrees /awards based on race etc. ie big mikes admission into college was a rethink after the racial discrimination bogey man was invoked

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            1. He thinks before he speaks – and corrects their misconstruing of the facts – there appeared to be an April-like woman who took an individual case and tried to present it as commonplace and horrific – how in the world could a man in his position be knowledgeable about individual cases – the questions from the press demonstrated their ignorance – and certainly not his.

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  7. This kind of slipped through the cracks yesterday.

    Ken Cuccinelli Elevated To Second-Highest Position Atop Homeland Security

    Ken Cuccinelli was promoted to the second-highest leadership position within the Department of Homeland Security, establishing the immigration hardliner as a key player within the Trump administration.

    Cuccinelli, the former acting director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, was named the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, according to a staff email obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. His promotion coincided with Chad Wolf’s swearing-in as the latest acting secretary of DHS.

    “I’d like to announce that Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli will serve as the senior official performing the duties of the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security,” Wolf wrote to staffers on Wednesday. “Ken Cuccinelli has been a constant and vocal advocate for the men and women of the Department who are protecting our borders and restoring integrity to our immigration system.”

    Cuccinelli, the former Republican attorney general of Virginia, first joined the White House in June when President Donald Trump appointed him as the acting director United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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  8. 106.1FM Talk Radio, Raleigh, 12 Noon news report:
    Where in HELL does NANCY PELOSI come off making a statement (I heard this on the news report) that “If the President has evidence that shows his innocence, he should bring it forward”???
    There’s no TRIAL going on here.
    She sounds like HENRY VIII about Catherine of Aragon when he wanted to divorce her — he set up a kangaroo rubber-stamp “Star Chamber court”, she presented the REAL “evidence” in the trial about her virginity on their wedding night (her direct statement to Henry VIII that he KNEW that she was “intact” on their wedding night and he REMAINED SILENT). And in the end, Henry VIII got the divorce he wanted (even though it was not sanctioned by the Church until later, if really at all) so he could marry Anne Boleyn.

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    1. To be clear: it was Catherine of Aragon who confronted Henry VIII with the statement that he knew she was “intact” on their wedding night, and he remained silent (he knew she was telling the truth).
      And here’s another tie-in with Pelosi/Schiff:
      When Catherine of Aragon’s first husband (Prince Arthur, the older brother of Henry VIII) married her, he boasted that he “entered the field” at least twice on their wedding night. But since Prince Arthur was at that time not yet fully pubescent (he was 15 years old), that boast was most likely not true.
      After Arthur died of a fever several months later, Catherine wrote to her father (Ferdinand, of Ferdinand and Isabella) that their marriage was unconsummated and she was still a virgin.
      It was FERDINAND, when the marriage negotiations were started to get Catherine married to Prince Henry, who wrote to the Pope (who had to provide the dispensation for the new wedding) that Catherine’s virginity was PERHAPS still intact (the word he used was “forsitan”, Latin for “perhaps”, and that Catherine herself didn’t know if she were still a virgin).
      Tie-in to today: Here’s VINDMAN, Amb. TAYLOR, etc., giving their “impressions” and/or “feelings” that POTUS was engaging in unethical conduct regarding Ukraine. POTUS is releasing the TRUTH (conversation transcripts, etc.).
      So — it appears that Pelosi/Schiff are hell-bent on being the modern version of HENRY VIII.

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    2. 106.1FM Talk Radio, Raleigh, 1PM news report:
      So NANCY PELOSI issues a statement to “clarify” her comments,
      She now says that the Schiff Show ARE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS, not an “impeachment inquiry” — even though the House has NOT come up with OR voted on formal Articles of Impeachment.
      Here’s the kicker — Pelosi tries to wrap herself up in the American Flag by saying that the hearings are “an important part of our democracy and will let the American people know what the President was doing.”
      Not a single word about the conversation transcripts released by POTUS, or the fact that NO “witness” has anything but 3rd-hand hearsay and/or their personal feelings / animus toward POTUS.

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        1. That’s VERY speculative.

          And at his advanced age, unless they let him live his last hours in a state of horror, it would hardly have been worth the bother. Better to shame him publicly with a trial, or to watch half his family go on trial (if actually merited).

          Either way…he wasn’t in jail.

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              1. No, I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to tell you how to respond. Just trying to suggest we don’t KNOW if he rec’d justice… there’s different interpretations of what justice might be for each of us. He apparently loved his sons… they might have some karma comin’ … or, he may have learned his legacy would be destroyed, his crimes exposed. For an old man, the threat of jail time or even death by unnatural causes might mean nothing.

                Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut 😉

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  9. So, friends of Mike Flynn may recall that in November 2016 Flynn published an article in which he stated that “The primary bone of contention between the U.S. and Turkey is Fethullah Gülen, a shady Islamic mullah residing in Pennsylvania whom former President Clinton once called his “friend” in a well circulated video.” Flynn went on to recount how Gülen’s 160 charter schools in the US are not benign educational institutions, but rather they are part of a larger network, and as to the network: “Gülen’s vast global network has all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror network.” Obama was reported to have been incensed by this article.

    During the course of yesterday’s interview, Turkey’s president stated that he delivered to PDJT documents that show that Gülen is a terrorist, and that also show Gülen’s involvement in the attempt to overthrow Turkey’s government. He went on to say that he wants Gülen brought to Turkey to be held accountable for the deaths of 251 Turks.

    And this guy is reporting that the documents will also show that Turkish coup attempt involved the same “elements” that orchestrated the Yanukovych coup in Ukraine:

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  10. What’s in those documents Erdogan gave to our dear POTUS and Barr???

    Feels good man!

    -GENERAL FLYNN GETS JUSTICE: Turkey’s Erdogan Provided President Trump Documents on Terrorist General Flynn Wrote About Connected to Obama and the Clinton Foundation!-

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  11. 106.1FM Talk Radio, Raleigh:
    Well, it now appears that ANOTHER Civil War monument is going to be removed because it’s now not PC: this is the one at the CHATHAM COUNTY NC, courthouse in Pittsboro. The statue was donated in perpetuity over 100 years ago by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to commemorate those who fought and died in the Civil War. The UDC still has a pending lawsuit for a permanent injunction to prevent the statue’s removal.

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    1. Dang, one bitchslap after another…

      we’ll have to invent a new word, a higher level, for STUPID…

      what do you expect when a P/Resident fills his administration with donors, puppets, uninformed?

      Previous admins have tried to limit appointing de Stupid to ambassadors…

      Not only did zero bust that MO to extend to all, he weaponized ambassadors (probably became C_A) along

      with so many others.

      She wasn’t supposed to lose, was she?

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  12. wrt Larry’s tweet above relocation of Dept of Interior to the ‘interior’ from D.C.,

    that’s 300 less DIM votes (more if you count spouses and extended family)

    in the D.C. area…

    winnin’ winnin’ winnin’

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