20191113: Schiff Show Impeachment Hearings Thread

Are you ready? Are you ready for the live House of Representatives Special Committee on Intelligence impeachment show hearings, affectionately known as the Adam Schiff Show, featuring emergency replacement and actual national wrestling champion Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on the panel asking Democrat witnesses questions about what they claim to know, but didn’t witness as revealed in the transcripts of closed door depositions?

Guess what, the Schiff Show is about to go live, and We the People will be witness to history, the sort of history that will be turned into memes and soundbites for the next election cycle without any passing go. See, Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett tells us about the hole Democrats have dug for themselves, but refuse to admit.

At first, Schiff wanted the faux “whistleblower” who triggered the impeachment farce to testify. Then, suddenly, he didn’t. What changed? In the interim, evidence emerged that Schiff and/or his staff colluded with the “whistleblower” before the complaint was ever filed and then lied about it, earning Schiff “Four Pinocchios” from The Washington Post.

The chairman now wants to conceal his own role in engineering the pretext for impeachment and his subsequent deceit. This is why he has insisted that the “whistleblower” remain anonymous, despite no such right, guarantee, privilege, or entitlement written in the law, as I explained in an earlier column. Even though the undercover informant (reportedly working for the CIA) does not qualify for whistleblower status under the law as determined by the Department of Justice, any effort by Republicans to call him as a witness will be blocked by Schiff.

But Schiff’s machinations are more malevolent than masking the key witness. Those he will call to testify are already on record dishing up prodigious plates of multiple hearsay and rank speculation. It is obvious from the released transcripts of the heretofore “super top-secret” inquisition that none of them have any firsthand knowledge of a “quid pro quo” allegedly demanded by President Trump.

In other words, the Democrats have been running around claiming double secret probation without the benefit of any crime committed, or even a witness that can claim any material knowledge of what condiments President Trump had on his last hamburger. Not only that, they don’t want anyone to know who the whistleblower (Eric Ciamarella) is to the point that no one is supposed to utter his name in public. Well Republican Rep. Dan Bishop had something to say about that.

And…they’re holding public hearings today, apparently trying to relive the heady days of Watergate when a future Democrat candidate for president was actually fired from that fiasco for lying. (Funny that the little woman didn’t learn from that experience.)

Watch at any of the links provided. (More options for viewing will be dropped below when they come available.)

By the way, Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.

532 thoughts on “20191113: Schiff Show Impeachment Hearings Thread

  1. Further proof this impeachment inquiry is a farce:

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        1. Yep. We have a “travestie aktrice” known as “Wommy Wonder” who looks almost the same…

          No wonder “Frisco” has fallen so far… Heyyyy Schifftie, the I-Beam called, they’re looking for you. Seems you ordered a round for the House and you didn’t pay……..


      1. Taylor never realized that he is used as the stooge for impeachment. He would go into the history books and now realization hit him by the question .
        The State Department seems to be full of gossips and they say women gossip looks guys are worse.

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  2. That’s it.

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        1. Yep. Supposedly 200 percent. I have some Bacardi 151 here (not sure if it’s even sold anymore). Drinking everclear is something my ridgerunner™ ancestors did…

          I “enjoyed” a pitcher of Margaritas with my classmates after surviving midterms one year. After having my room rotate about its axis for the next 12 hours, I never did that again… :mrgreen:

          OTOH, everclear is great for cleaning off CPUs before remounting the HSF on a rebuild (doing three of them right now, suffering buyer’s remorse the whole time…)… sigh…

          Cheers, in any case 🙂

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            1. Sounds like a great idea for an ice cream sundae flambe 🙂 Or an unforgettable banana split… sort of like substituting yellow HOT peppers for yellow wax peppers (saved by a glass of milk…).

              Or (sans cherries) to make a Fondue do even more 🙂 (or Raclette) (with my luck the fire department will be called due to flaming “bratkartoffeln” covered with cheese)…

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  3. Thanks DPat & others. Watching a train wreck is far less palatable than riding on the #TrumpTrain. I appreciate knowing there is no “there” there.

    If ever there was a time for pitchforks and Sylvia’s shovel, we could use it now to annihilate these POS.

    Congress has sunk to a new low and the bloated bureaucracy and its elitist conniving is all wrapped up in that obnoxious bow tie. HOW DARE THEY 🤡🤡🤡🤡

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      1. Sorry to hear about your Deep Freeze at the same time you have to watch Deep State. They both oughta be Deep Sixed 😂😂😂

        Now don’t give me the cold shoulder 💖🤓

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        1. Yep. Right now the only thing you need to support is ICE. Otherwise, a hot toddy will do quite nicely (Rum or Brandy)…

          Keep warm and dry!

          We’re headed for some Gore-bull warming… and it’s only November…


    1. The media will be spinning like mad. I don’t see this hearing changing any minds in Congress, unless some of the Dems would see voting “yes” as a liability for their next election. I hope the American people see it for what it is and howl at their reps to get busy on real concerns.

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    1. I happened to catch this, and a though occurred to me. Ratcliffe asked this question not only of Schiff, but also of the witnesses. I wonder if one of the witnesses was involved with Schiff’s prior discussions with the so-called whitleblower.

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      1. Here’s an idea. What if Schiffty Schiff and Charlie the Tuna know each other or had contact WAY BACK – back in the BEGINNING OF THE COUP? Alternatively, what if Schiffty Schiff became AWARE of Charlie the Tuna WAY BACK in the beginning of the coup?

        Schiffty Schiff would KNOW not to have contact with his PLANT during most of this. So he would route stuff through all these others, finally coming in through a trusted aide. THAT is why Schiffty Schiff has been SO CAREFUL with Charlie the Tuna. CAREFUL there’s not a SHORT CIRCUIT where we find out there were channels of communication and AWARENESS.

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      1. Remember when Q posted about auditing politicians families every couple of years? They knew then about Hunter, Chris Kerry, mittens son , and the others I can’t recall atm.follow the families indeed.seems there’s a pile of big bucks to be made in the energy sector hmmmmm……I wonder why since these same people are working very hard to take all fossil fuels away from the world ,well cept for them and there’s it appears. The serfs must walk. I am so beyond giving a damn about being a white, racist ,homophobe, hater and everything else they call us and this sham bullcrap inquiry is just that. No matter ,the truth will come out,hopefully before we lose the country to this bunch of evil,despicable ,criminals.

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    1. GA/FL posted on the open thread earlier…

      November 13, 2019 at 04:31

      Well…. there’s more – they were/are covering for Biden’s son, Romney’s son, Kerry’s son and Pelosi’s son…..

      Biden’s son
      Pelosi’s son
      Romney’s son
      Kerry’s son

      All are on the board of directors for energy companies doing business in Ukraine

      These are not coincidences

      — Red Nation Rising (@RedNationRising) October 6, 2019

      Covering up – accusing Trump of what they do – that’s what the Impeachment Crap is all about!

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      1. Pres. Trump’s sons and daughters are not involved in Ukraine oil and gas businesses. They have their own business connections where they actually earn money. It’s so obvious that Dems are desperatly pointing the finger to try to keep the attention off themselves. It’s playing out like the Streisand effect.

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        1. Yup. And this is bigger than people realize. Way bigger than impeachment – way bigger than normal corruption. The DEMS are going down in a big way, because this was part of their ENERGY TREASON.

          POST COMING.

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  4. Yes, it looks like getting Giuliani out of the mix one of the objectives for today’s trainwreck, and that’t the best description of it, that’s for sure.

    And more of Taylor’s infantry experience. Falling back on 50 year old activity? There’s nothing there.

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    1. ‘Cause Dems just love the military /sarc. I thought the emphasis in the opening statements on the military and dad’s military service was overdone. It does not help their credibility.

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  5. Fox News has the little box at the lower right corner of the screen that says “Soon: Trump Speaks”.

    Of course that could mean any length of time from minutes to an hour or more.

    But it will be very interesting to hear his response.

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    1. Yep. Waiting for the great pencil-sharpener to descend upon pencil-neck Schiffty…

      (great…now I have that Dr. Demento tune going through my head…pencil-neck geek…).

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  6. Please always remember and don’t ever forget…we pay these people…this is what they choose to do with our tax dollars. 95% of them should be thrown out of office and forced to live on the streets of San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago…

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  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here come the Kerrys

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        1. The more I’m watching the activity today, the more I’m getting the idea of surrounding the enemy. Between Q, twitter from a number of quarters and the hearings that Schiff can’t completely control, we’re looking at shades of the Battle at Saratoga.

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