20191113: Schiff Show Impeachment Hearings Thread

Are you ready? Are you ready for the live House of Representatives Special Committee on Intelligence impeachment show hearings, affectionately known as the Adam Schiff Show, featuring emergency replacement and actual national wrestling champion Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on the panel asking Democrat witnesses questions about what they claim to know, but didn’t witness as revealed in the transcripts of closed door depositions?

Guess what, the Schiff Show is about to go live, and We the People will be witness to history, the sort of history that will be turned into memes and soundbites for the next election cycle without any passing go. See, Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett tells us about the hole Democrats have dug for themselves, but refuse to admit.

At first, Schiff wanted the faux “whistleblower” who triggered the impeachment farce to testify. Then, suddenly, he didn’t. What changed? In the interim, evidence emerged that Schiff and/or his staff colluded with the “whistleblower” before the complaint was ever filed and then lied about it, earning Schiff “Four Pinocchios” from The Washington Post.

The chairman now wants to conceal his own role in engineering the pretext for impeachment and his subsequent deceit. This is why he has insisted that the “whistleblower” remain anonymous, despite no such right, guarantee, privilege, or entitlement written in the law, as I explained in an earlier column. Even though the undercover informant (reportedly working for the CIA) does not qualify for whistleblower status under the law as determined by the Department of Justice, any effort by Republicans to call him as a witness will be blocked by Schiff.

But Schiff’s machinations are more malevolent than masking the key witness. Those he will call to testify are already on record dishing up prodigious plates of multiple hearsay and rank speculation. It is obvious from the released transcripts of the heretofore “super top-secret” inquisition that none of them have any firsthand knowledge of a “quid pro quo” allegedly demanded by President Trump.

In other words, the Democrats have been running around claiming double secret probation without the benefit of any crime committed, or even a witness that can claim any material knowledge of what condiments President Trump had on his last hamburger. Not only that, they don’t want anyone to know who the whistleblower (Eric Ciamarella) is to the point that no one is supposed to utter his name in public. Well Republican Rep. Dan Bishop had something to say about that.

And…they’re holding public hearings today, apparently trying to relive the heady days of Watergate when a future Democrat candidate for president was actually fired from that fiasco for lying. (Funny that the little woman didn’t learn from that experience.)

Watch at any of the links provided. (More options for viewing will be dropped below when they come available.)

By the way, Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.

532 thoughts on “20191113: Schiff Show Impeachment Hearings Thread

  1. Wait, George Kent had never heard of Crowdstrike????? What echo chamber under a rock does he inhabit? And hence, why should the Trump Administration pay any attention to what he has to say? About anything including how to cook borscht?

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  2. At this point, everybody sees it.

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    1. It is the ONLY thing that can both keep us sane and awake during this farce. I have seen infomercials on spray on hair that were more fun, entertaining, and informative. I had more fun at my last root canal. GOSH to have REAL comedians once more. Can you imagine what Robin Williams or Don Rickles would do with this? My kingdom for George Carlin to be resurrected just to do commentary on this.

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    2. Yep and I yelled out “You did not, You Weasel!!” right in the middle of the Toyota Dealership waiting room. Then I looked around glaringly for any challengers. 👀😂👀

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  3. Even the witnesses are in on the stall game. They’re supposed to be experts on foreign policy, but they can’t follow a lawyer’s question? Playing dumb when the opening salvo was a supposedly impressive resume is just NOT a good look.

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    1. The local radio MSM keep replaying the Taylor bite about the “two channels” on policy. One REGULAR, the other IRREGULAR. My ONE question. Irregular to WHOM…WHO sets US Foreign POLICY?…that’s right the POTUS…

      THAT is the REGULAR channel moron. The IRREGULAR one was the one that you, Yovanovich, Soundland, the whistle blower, and Vidland were doing…GET IT> CRIMINAL.

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      1. All I’m getting out of this is that these two clowns, and I mean that in the farm sense, were the ones the Deep State invested in for relations with Ukraine, and Trump wasn’t about to use them because of that.

        And, yeah, check their bank accounts. Chances are there’s some deposits of sketchy origin.

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        1. Very much doubt POTUS is ignoring…. he’s too smart to do that… he can meet and tweet at same time I hear………………

          As for Pence, he can’t ALWAYS be “in a meeting” ………………

          Sad the Trump sons have to do Pence’s job.

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          1. I do not believe that it is VP’s job to engage in twitter wars in this situation.

            POTUS’ sons are perfect foils for this. Have no problem with Pence staying out – not his role.

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            1. Plus, the DEMONicRATS want to take Pence down, which they have to do in order to hand the Presidency to Her Witchness Piglosi…

              I hope and pray that most, if not ALL Americans can see through this bull$hit. I rather doubt that most people under 40 could pass a Civics Final Exam from the 1950s… and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way: simply, the “innards” of government, and the Constitutional and governmental background for it is no longer taught, and hasn’t been for a long, LONG time…..

              Having said that, we need to pray that GOD shines HIS LIGHT on this madness, exposes the evil for what it is, and shows the WAY for TRUTH to be restored…

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      1. Pence is the president of the Senate. Maybe he is keeping quiet to avoid accusations of partiality. Of course he’s partial, but he will have a role to play if this thing proceeds. I’m fine with his not piling on right now.

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    1. They refuse or incapable to see that THEY were the irregular channel of diplomacy..not Trump, he SETS policy, ANY deviation of that is an irregular channel.

      They just DON’T get it. The President is the boss, the boss decides policy, if you DON’T like it you get a NEW job, not try to sabotage the boss because YOU think YOU know better. You can run around to ALL the lawyers you want and HR, but if NOTHING illegal happened, they don’t and WON’T care.

      These fools have an over inflated sense of self worth. To quote the Rock…(to Jabroni) “What do you think?” Jabroni: I thinnn…Rock: “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!”

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  5. And this is the day after the “Days of Our Lives” cast was laid off. Yeah, this is not going to improve ad revenue at all.

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    1. Ohh Lordy…………………….

      The DIMs keep up with the SOAPS…! otherwise they would have scheduled to begin this crap yesterday, and get in a full week’s work…………….. ya know, Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning…………….

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        1. no i believe he’s saying ZAID is saying POTUS started a COUP (to control the whole govt) and that coup could only be stopped thru impeachment—
          but I’m not buying Reilly’s interpretation—ZAID IS referring to the coup to overthrow POTUS–not the other way around

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          1. That doesn’t hold water. If Zaid was talking about the president starting a coup, Zaid would not know it was “the first of many steps.” It would be bizarre for him to say that. The only way he would know about the “steps” is if he was in on it. Nice try, though.

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      1. It doesn’t matter why the Coup started, the fact that Zaid calls it a “Coup” from the beginning indicates that it wasn’t a legitimate action. Zaid and gang always intended to take out POTUS. Yates firing, perhaps, was simply the signal.

        People serve at the President’s pleasure, not their own…

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        1. And a coup is, part and parcel, SEDITION!

          So when the trials and PUNISHMENT begin
          (gosh, that rope looks a little short),
          WE THE PEOPLE, and eveyone else,
          will know why…

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  6. Man, they are focused on Giuliani and yet they don’t know him, are not privvy to his communication records, or anything else….

    Is HE the main focus of this? To discredit Rudy before he is instrumental in some sort of investigation that exposes whatever operation they were running?????

    That would make a lot of sense.

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  7. At the moment, Schiff for brains is concentrating on the president wanting info on the Bidens trying to turn it into a political question rather than a criminal one.

    As if the American people are too stupid to know the difference.

    Frankly, pencil-neck, we see that YOU are the one trying to spin gold out of lead.

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  8. Exactly:

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    1. Erm, dipshit Taylor, there’s a REASON why it’s called the ADMINISTRATION:

      THEY are in charge, NOT YOU!!!!!

      Don’t like that? Well, then, get off yer hiney and run for PRESIDENT yourself… cupcake…
      (apologies to all legitimate and Nutella-laced (I’m looking at YOU, Milka) cupakes out there)…
      (yes, they’re HORRID…).

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  10. And Schiff cuts off the witness in the middle of answering a question. Now we have some dude named Himes pontificating bull$#!+ on how the Republicans are trying to get answers to questions from people who are not material witnesses to whatever crime they are looking for.

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    1. LOL Schiff and that guy just GUTTED himself AND his witnesses. “the Republicans are trying to get answers to questions from people who are not material witnesses to whatever crime they are looking for”

      BINGO…NEITHER are YOUR witnesses MATERIAL witness to the crime YOU are looking for on Trump, it is ALL HEARSAY

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    1. boy you can tell he was told to stall and draw out the clock…
      no, no linkage on the first 2…repeats dates of mtgs…but on the third…repeats mtg date…then Jordan has to say no linkage…and then the idiot says no linkage…versus the time it would take to say..no, no linkage on those dates…so obvious!

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    1. Hey Bill,

      even we Trump Supporters know about ‘smear campaigns’ … in our world one gets rewarded for smears…

      calling someone a shank ho will get you big rewards.

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    1. If only someone would start digging and look at SATAN SOROS and his connection to Ukraine and the various “Color Revolutions” then and afterwards. He is the one who is at the Satanic bottom of it, even if he isn’t the one who is actually funding it (Payseurs, Rothschilds, Billionaries Club: I’m looking at YOU LOT for that)…….

      Soros fancies himself as THE SAVIOR. And so he undertakes to make and cause changes at a NATIONAL level, something that few others have ever had the hubris to do. Remember, he was called “the man who broke the Bank of England”…

      The root of the Schiffwreck leads to Satan Soros…

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    1. Schiff’s eyes almost popped out, and for him, that is saying something…..he turned that lovely “oh shit” shade of red,,,I bet Pelosi, when she gets off her drunk, will RIP Schif for this farce. The dems are the Titanic, and they are running headlong for that iceberg, full speed. Schff is the ensemble playing on deck. . Lastly, I LOVE me some Radcliffe. Thank God he was left where his is.

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    1. That’s what I think. He’s been letting them stew ever since he announced it. The Dems obviously have no idea what’s coming. POTUS is trolling them, IMO.

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    1. She called for a vote on what the illegal hearing is doing, right?

      No? Well, bless her heart, she’s not the tough bitch she thought she is, is she?

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    1. They haven’t had a vote in the House YET for an Inquiry, much less Articles of Impeachment…

      Jes cuz a handful (what Dim Committee members? No, jes the Chair Dick actually) of people want to impeach Donald J. Trump, doesn’t mean they WILL…

      My mama always told me “People in H311 want ice water too, doesn’t mean they’ll get it.”

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  11. A situation developed in the US over recent decades that the State Department and the Courts and the Speaker of the House have gotten more powerful than they should be in the US Government – more than they are allowed to be under the constitution. Especially with Chief Justice Roberts establishing Øbamacare as a tax. Especially with Vindman, Taylor and Kent in the State Department bringing complaint about their policies not being implemented….and Pelosi and Øbominable wandering around the world undermining the President of the USA.

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