20191113: Schiff Show Impeachment Hearings Thread

https://youtu.be/WvufFwdqMzg Are you ready? Are you ready for the live House of Representatives Special Committee on Intelligence impeachment show hearings, affectionately known as the Adam Schiff Show, featuring emergency replacement and actual national wrestling champion Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on the panel asking Democrat witnesses questions about what they claim to know, but … Continue reading 20191113: Schiff Show Impeachment Hearings Thread

Dear KAG: 20191113 Open Thread

Morning all. Hopefully, your pre-holidays weeks are going well. It's that time of year when roaring fires become cozy beacons...oh, let's face it. A solar minimum has us using the Crock Pots way more than normal. Please, stay warm. And now, how about something from the American Revolution. https://youtu.be/t7S_07E-9CA Okay, so here's the deal. This … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20191113 Open Thread