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This Honoring Our Warriors Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Anwar Amr of MusicToday80, titled ‘Epicness’:



A heartfelt Thank You to all our Veterans, past and present. Our intrepid warriors fight for us and protect our freedoms that we enjoy. Their courage and bravery is an inspiration. We cannot thank them enough.



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  1. Shootings, blasts prompt Denmark to tighten border controls
    By JAN M. OLSEN Associated Press NOVEMBER 11, 2019 — 9:55AM

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark will temporarily reinstate border controls with Sweden and step up police work along the border after a series of violent crimes and explosions around Copenhagen that Danish authorities say were carried out by perpetrators from Sweden.

    The checks, which start Tuesday for six months, will take place at the Oresund Bridge between Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmo, and at ferry ports.

    Lene Frank of Denmark’s National Police said there will be both random and periodic checks of people crossing the border and officers will focus “particularly on cross-border crime involving explosives, weapons and drugs.”

    lol guess the Star Tribune keeps it’s somali population abreast of the Swedish violence

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  3. 3581
    New: Title TBD
    11 Nov 2019 – 6:23:51 PM
    “Calm Before the Storm.” – POTUS
    Month/Day ‘Q’ public campaign initiated?
    Month/Day ‘Durham’ initiated?
    What famous crime family did Durham target?
    “Also spearheaded mob prosecutions of the [Gambino], Genovese and Patriarca crime families.”,8599,1918738,00.html
    What AB[C] agency did Durham target?
    How are messages sent?
    [Dec 12 2018]
    “What if there’s another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority?” – Q
    Do you believe in coincidences?
    Be ready, Patriots.

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          America’s #1 Mafia Princess[/caption] Who and what is really running America. Have the original fears about a John Kennedy Presidency come to fruition under Nancy Pelosi? The parallels between Pelosi and John Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi are stunning. John’s father, Joe Kennedy, was closely tied to the New York and Chicago mafia. They were his partners during prohibition when Joe Kennedy used his diplomatic pouch to smuggle in Irish whiskey. Pelosi’s father was a hard core member of the Baltimore mafia and his little girl, Nancy, followed right in his footsteps. Thomas “Big Tommy” D’Alesandro, Jr., a five term Democrat US Congressman from Maryland and three term Mayor of Baltimore f Pelosi’s father was closely associated with the members of the “Baltimore Crew.” This faction of the mafia was closely related to New York’s Gambino crime family. Unlike John Kennedy, Pelosi has definitively acted in accordance with the Mafia agenda. This is not just a case of guilt by association. The D’Alesandro mafia ties can be traced all the way back to the Black Nobility. Who were they? They were the banking front men for the Rothschilds’. In other words, Pelosi’s family ran in very rarified air. According to Paul Preston’s research, the mafia ties also put them in the company of the Jesuits, the group, the Pope, that is dismantling the Catholic religion. Today, the Pope calls for the creation of Chrislam (Islam and Christianity combined and he is promoting climate change as well as mass migration by 3rd world immigrants into 1st world countries). Does any of this sound familiar when it comes to Nancy Pelosi?

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        1. Not impressed with Gutfield making any laudatory remarks about Tulsi. She’s still a Commie, ready to betray her country, We the People, and the duly elected President.

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            1. Glad to see her do it, but Tulsi would stab America in the back in a heartbeat. I’m especially negative about her because she is a veteran, like my husband and me!

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        1. In trying to create a hoax, complex lie, deception, or “whatever”, there are advantages in operating close to a STREAM OF TRUTHS, and REVERSING the NARRATIVE. It’s not the same as *actual* reverse engineering, where you’re trying to figure out how something works by engineering from WHAT IT DOES back to HOW IT DOES – it’s more like OBSCURING how something works. However, “reverse engineering” is something that people understand, which seems similar, so it will indeed help them understand what’s happening.

          Thus, Trump is investigating Biden getting paid off by Ukraine, and his LEGITIMATE PURPOSE excuses the fact that Biden is running for office AGAINST Trump. In fact, we know that all these Dems chose to run as a form of self-protection.

          So the DEMS reverse this. They start with the allegation that Trump is ILLEGITIMATELY investigating Biden BECAUSE Biden is running against him (creating a false premise EXTREMELY close to the facts), and then say “Look! Trump called this guy for a quid pro quo!”, when the facts are that ALL dealings with foreign countries that are not BFFs involve a kind of “horse-trading of *national* (not personal) interests” when there is not a MUTUAL INTEREST in the foreign side doing something.

          This is all very smart. The Dems and CIA didn’t try to create a hoax out of thin air. They used a REALITY which is subject to easy reverse interpretation, where Trump is the BAD GUY, not the good guy.

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  5. 3582
    New: Title TBD
    11 Nov 2019 – 6:51:58 PM

    MSM constant attacks?
    Ask yourself, why?

    New: Title TBD
    11 Nov 2019 – 7:21:54 PM
    [Jun 12 2018]
    “Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit?
    He did not have his updated phone number.” – Q
    Previous # tracked [SURV] by a select dedicated team?
    # breakdown pre/post POTUS elect?
    Do you believe in coincidences?
    Relevant to future upcoming events.

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  6. Pro tip for GREAT beef stew…yeah, I know they’re leftist hippies, but Penzy’s beef roast rub. Oh, yeah, babe. And home made bone broth. It hit the spot tonight with MODOT doing their usual keystone cops routine. This is about the third storm in a row the weather people got right, and STILL they and the employers and educators of this metro just won’t get started until flakes appear.

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  7. 3585
    New: Title TBD
    11 Nov 2019 – 7:49:10 PM

    Project Looking Glass?
    Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

    New: Title TBD
    11 Nov 2019 – 8:02:56 PM
    Once C_A always C_A?
    Former C_A elected to Congress?
    Former C_A running for Congress?
    Former C_A running for Senate?
    Former C_A elected to Senate?
    Former C_A elected to Presidency?
    Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
    Once C_A always C_A?
    @Snowden pre_NSA?
    @Snowden base of ops [geo location]?
    Whistleblower(s) vs. POTUS?
    Former C_A?
    Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
    What happens if rogue elements of US AB[C] intel agency target [to insert] US political system [President, VP, House, Senate, NSC, US Amb., etc.] in ‘black op’ designated to control friend vs. foe targeting [self-preservation]?
    NSA v C_A

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      1. C_A founded in 1947. Presidents from the farm?

        Truman – no
        Eisenhower – no
        JFK – God. no
        Johnson – probably not
        Nixon – doubtful
        Ford – doubt it
        Carter – jury is out
        Reagan – no way, Jose
        GHWB – company man if there ever was one
        Clinton – probably
        GWB – maybe, but my money is on flipped since
        BHO – most likely

        The clown factory needs to be dismantled. There’s nothing else to do with it at this point.

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        1. Don’t forget, GHWB was DIRECTOR of the C_A from January 30, 1976 – January 20, 1977

          And I doubt they’re in the habit of putting outsiders in charge of the Goose laying all their golden eggs.

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    1. Jordan Sather has some thoughts on Looking Glass.

      Reminds me of the scene in the Last of the Jedi when she dives into the “other side” hole on Luke’s island trying to find her parents and ends up in a hall of mirrors. What do these screen writers know???

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    2. Wolf, this should perk your ears up.

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        1. Alternatively…

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        2. The interview of Dan Burisch is wild.

          extracted from “Out From Under Majestic – Dan Burisch Uncensored – A Video Interview with Dan Burisch“


          K: …Stargates occur naturally.

          D: Indeed they do.

          K: So how do you close those?

          D: You don’t. And we don’t want to. We don’t want to. The history reads that the natural passage of us through this energetic space is a good thing. But it’s our use of technology which provokes the catastrophe.

          K: So it’s…

          D: It’s our enhancement of this natural system, inappropriate enhancement, which provokes the catastrophe. And so, no, we don’t want that to happen. I think that the energetics that we’re passing through is part of what’s happening to us naturally, that’s changing us in a positive way. It’s part of the loving cosmos that we’re part of. I think that’s probably one of the factors, not all, but one of the factors for the rise of these beautiful children, the Indigo children. And, and I’m all for it. I’m all for it.

          K: So we want to leave the stargates, the natural stargates. They’re leaving those alone.

          D: Right. We want to keep our hands off of nature. Pull our hands away. Get it away from the fruit of the tree of life, so to speak… get it away, and just let nature happen during this time. That will be a good thing. However, we also have people who oppose that because they want what they want when they want it.

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    3. First two parts of Jordan’s thread:

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        1. Oh, yes. Now I remember seeing that article before. I don’t recognize those names, and don’t know if those people actually got elected, but it’s significant. There’s infiltration not only into the White House but throughout the entire government. Huge job to clean all that out.

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            1. People walking in the halls of Congress…some of them have barely hidden wings on their backs, and every now and then one of them scurries out of sight.

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  8. Wyatt:

    I did misread “prestrump” as “pre Trump” but he is saying President Trump… he notes what we’ve remarked previously, FISA works both ways. I take it he is saying there are America First folks in the enemy’s camp? Interesting times ahead.

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        1. According to the people I’ve known on grand juries, what they essentially do is rubber stamp the police work and say that there is enough to actually prosecute. The accused may or may not know much about it. And everyone is under orders to keep quiet. I was on a probate jury and couldn’t talk about it. You’d be surprised about how many people can keep their mouths shut in those circumstances.

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  9. Trolling my own board, Trump style:

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          1. “As long as it doesn’t get this wierd…”


            If it does, wouldn’t it still be better to know, rather than not know?

            Imagine how interesting that would be, and the questions it would raise.

            Questions which I seriously doubt they could credibly answer.

            And imagine what lengths they would have to go to in order to prove it, since they can’t be trusted to be honest with even the most basic current events, much less something this big.

            Just because they ‘reveal’ something, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

            It means their claims would need to withstand credible scrutiny, and they would need to SHOW us, not the usual ‘just trust me’ garbage, which is the only experience they have when interacting with We the People.

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    1. He was a wonderful ambassador for classy courtesy and good manners …… a poor dancer but a great example. It was also nice to see that he was grateful for the encouragement of others.

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        1. “Why does the link from q map go to uk research board? Any us link yet?”


          I didn’t realize it did.

          When I clicked on a link just now to check, it took me to an web address.

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  10. Jimmy Carter emergency brain surgery…

    Posted by Kane on November 11, 2019 10:39 pm

    Former President Jimmy Carter was hospitalized on Monday for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain, caused by bleeding due to his recent falls, a spokesperson said.

    Carter, the oldest living ex-U.S. president, was admitted to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Monday evening ahead of the procedure, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday morning.

    A spokesperson for the family said he was “resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him.”

    Carter, 95, was recently hospitalized after fracturing his pelvis on Oct. 21. — the most recent of three falls this year.

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    1. Q drops, and mins later Alpha Bet soup media tells us Carter in hospital…

      Expect FF next 10 days Q says…

      Of course, need to cover up news of IG report dropping, criminal referrals… Some very wicked people have been running this world for too dang long…

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      1. How quickly things are escalating, pr – indictments coming – so it must be we need a funeral to clog up the news cycle – I do not think Carter is long for this world –

        Agree – evil is pervasive in the world – could be it was always there – we just did not know where to look or who was behind it – I think I am going to be sick, pr

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        1. Oh yes… there’s always been evil……………………..

          But not as much as there is today, and probably has been for hundreds of years. Some of us have talked about but we are attacked, called conspiracy theorists.

          They’re evil, but not very bright imho… have depended on keeping us ignorant.

          Stay strong Duchess… don’t allow it to make you sick.

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          1. Why – all of a sudden – are they flaunting it?

            I just listened to part of the video about Epstein – the Australian video – this man was disgusting – how many lives he has ruined is just appalling…

            Then – there is the Molech Statue – the Trans Story Hour – and on and on – has it always been this in-your-face?

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            1. No, I don’t think so.
              Perhaps during the zero years they were taking over so much control, advancing their agenda, that they figured by 2016 with assumption de beast was gonna come in and put a lock on it, they simply don’t care what we think? After all, they have the megaphone and social media is censoring us… they’re arrogant enough to think they can’t be stopped… they want us divided, reduced in number, etc. And they have certainly underestimated Donald J. Trump.

              Off topic, have you read of the crowd of people at Don Jr’s booksigning at Trump Tower? line for blocks… more than I’m sure and DIM could get in these times. We’re winnin’ Duchess.

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              1. I can see clearly now – the fog has lifted – Thanks, pr

                No – I did not know that – about Don, Jr – that is wonderful – I bet the snowflakes are looking for ‘safe spaces’ to cry a river…

                We have been winning since President Trump decided to run for office – I love it when F Le’Pore covers the difference between the 2016 minority support and now – it demonstrates how much the landscape has changed – and the strong possibility of a landslide larger than the one Reagan had – yes?

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              2. Thanks Duchess… y’all might ck out what commies have done to FACT wrt to past elections. Did you know that Clinton WON the election in 2016? Number of states for most past have been reduced for Republican winners.

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              3. I did not know that Clutches won the 2016 election – cyborg malfunction – or temporary insanity – must have been the overflow rally attendance I missed – cannot imagine how fast our country would have been in ruins had that been true.


        2. “could be it was always there” . . . Yes. And I personally believe in a breadth and depth that, if we new the true extent, would dwarf whatever revelations are going to be made by PTrump and company.

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      2. Please don’t (anybody) take this the wrong way. I know the Deep State is evil and is fighting MAGA, but I don’t understand how, exactly, orchestrating illnesses and deaths at the precise moment they want it, works. Of course people can be, and are, murdered all the time, but this is different. Timing in the public eye is a major factor.

        NeonRevolt says, “Someone order up a distraction?” in one of his Gab posts.

        Exactly how would that be done?

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        1. There are various ways it could be done…and especially easy with someone who is elderly.

          Having healthcare personnel around him provides an opportunity for operatives to get close to him.

          The death of a former President is automatically a big distraction, and affords the enemedia an ‘excuse’ for ignoring whatever else is going on.

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        2. “Exactly how would that be done?”


          Well remember when GHWB died, I recall that it was suspected that he had been dead for at least a couple of weeks.

          Cabal knew something big was about to break (I forget what exactly, there have been so many feints and big reveals in this ongoing information war).

          When the breaking news was imminent, suddenly it was ‘revealed’ that GHWB was conveniently dead, and whatever the big news was, it was going to be put off for the next week-plus of tributes and ceremonies and the funeral, etc.

          It’s always about buying time, to make it to whatever new ‘squirrel’ that can be used to distract public attention.

          Almost like there is a super-computer analyzing public awareness of various issues with great accuracy, and there is a tipping point that can never be allowed to be reached. So as public awareness on any given subject rises to levels that need to be addressed, they do something (false flag, celebrity death, whatever) to divert public attention and the moment passes… the people remain sufficiently asleep.

          If public awareness ever reaches critical mass, a tipping point, and goes past it, the entire illusion and control will be shattered. So it’s as if they are constantly ‘managing’ public perception and awareness, to stay below a ‘safe’ threshold where the majority is safely ‘asleep’.

          The next example could be RBG. Considering the kind of people we’re dealing with, putting someone like RGB (or GHWB for that matter) on ice until it would be convenient to ‘reveal’ her death is not only possible, but predictable.

          And considering RGB’s own evil, is there any reason to doubt that she would be a willing participant? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, knowing her end was near anyway, she would even volunteer to participate in some false flag where she was assassinated, setting up some supposed Trump supporter as the patsy.

          There is literally nothing that is out of bounds for the black hats in this game, because it’s for all the marbles.

          And if we are correct about Satanic religion being involved, no doubt it would be a ‘high’ honor to sacrifice oneself for the cause.

          So there are many different ways such a ‘distraction by famous person’s death’ could be made to occur.

          The primary limiting factor in our perception is our reluctance to believe how far evil people are willing to go.

          For whatever reason, I don’t have that particular ‘filter’.

          I am not reluctant to believe that they would do anything to stay in control. So it is easier for me to ‘see it’, if in fact it does happen.

          I’m reminded of a quote from Massad Ayoob’s book, ‘Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense’:

          ” ‘Witness dynamics’ are a function of human nature. Basic truth: If we are not looking for something, we are very likely not to see it. If we are not listening for something, it is very likely that we will not hear it. And if we do not recognize or understand what we have seen or heard, it is as if we have not seen or heard it at all!” (page 86)

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          1. “The primary limiting factor in our perception is our reluctance to believe how far evil people are willing to go.”

            I should have said “A limiting factor…” instead of “the primary limiting factor…”.

            It is one of many limiting factors. I suspect it’s the primary limiting factor, but of course there’s no way I can be sure.

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          2. I have no problem believing how far the evil will go. My issue is the logistics, which I think most people ignore. It’s as if a fairytale is presented, and everyone sets all logic aside and just believes it.

            I don’t believe it is possible to fool people who know RBG into thinking an imposter is really her. I also don’t believe GWBush’s entire family went along with “putting him on ice” until the cabal needed his death as a distraction. And I don’t believe Hillary has a double.

            I’m talking about the nuts and bolts of everyday life, involving those who know the person well, those who would genuinely be grieving if they had already passed, those who would recognize an imposter in an instant (which most people inexplicably turn a blind eye to), the family members who would have to be in on schemes to hide a person’s death, etc.

            The only possibility that makes any sense to me with Jimmy Carter is what wheatie said above, where a caregiver would do something to him. And that is contingent on his having that kind of a caregiver at home who is that close to him and would have the opportunity.

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            1. “I have no problem believing how far the evil will go. My issue is the logistics, which I think most people ignore. It’s as if a fairytale is presented, and everyone sets all logic aside and just believes it. ”


              I understand exactly what you mean. I will try to do a better job of communicating, because I did not set logic aside!


              “I don’t believe it is possible to fool people who know RBG into thinking an imposter is really her.”


              I agree. If it was a photo, or video, or even an open casket (people often look much different after being embalmed), I think people who know RBG could be fooled — but not alive and in person.


              “I also don’t believe GWBush’s entire family went along with “putting him on ice” until the cabal needed his death as a distraction.”


              Okay, but that is a matter of belief, no different than an opposing belief.

              I think GHWB entire family would go along with whatever they were told to do, because if they are as connected into the Cabal as many suspect, this isn’t a game. And the families involved know it.

              Suppose you’re a member of the Kennedy clan, or the Bush clan, or any famous, connected, ridiculously wealthy family. Do you think the patriarch (or matriarch, as the case may be) doesn’t have control, if push comes to shove?

              Do you think the patriarch of the family would hesitate to say to any child or grandchild, “Georgie boy, you know I love you and I always will, but this situation is much bigger than just you, so here’s what we’re going to do. And if you don’t, everything that we have worked for, everything we have accomplished, our entire family and our family name, will be lost. And that means you lose everything, too. Understand? So just keep your mouth shut, don’t talk to anybody, and this will all blow over in a few weeks.”

              Do you think that can’t (or wouldn’t) happen?

              My grandmother would have had no trouble at all making that speech, and she wasn’t even a member of any political dynasty 😁

              Or do you think there’s just too much love and honor and integrity among the Bush family to ever participate in anything so scandalous as letting pops accomplish one last mission for his beloved C_A?

              Almost certainly with GHWB’s approval and insistence?

              And all of that is if they’re NOT participants in some kind of Satanic pedo religion.

              If they ARE, then obviously, there is no limit of any kind to what they would do.


              “And I don’t believe Hillary has a double.”



              Why wouldn’t she?

              It would be a very valuable thing to have, and could be obtained for what, $100K or less per year? The Clintons have that much pocket change between their couch cushions.

              The couch on the porch, in the guest house.

              Think about it. These are multi-billionaires. Money means nothing to them, compared to survival.

              And billionaires tend to be more than a little eccentric. And paranoid. And psychopathic, for that matter.

              I have no trouble believing Hillary has a body double. Or more than one. I would have more than one if I was her. What if your body double is sick, or gets in a car crash, or who knows what else? Contingency plans go hand in hand with billionaire paranoia.


              “I’m talking about the nuts and bolts of everyday life, involving those who know the person well, those who would genuinely be grieving if they had already passed, those who would recognize an imposter in an instant (which most people inexplicably turn a blind eye to), the family members who would have to be in on schemes to hide a person’s death, etc.”


              Again, it sounds like you are (quite naturally) projecting your own expected reactions onto people you don’t know, and who may be radically different than their public personas.

              Do Satanists grieve?

              Do psychopaths?

              I don’t know. I suspect they take death a little more easily than the rest of us, especially when a big inheritance is part of the deal.

              Maybe I’m just more cynical than you, but there is nothing I put past evil to do. I mean, the things you are talking about are literally NOTHING compared to what these people would be willing to do in order to keep their secrets, their wealth and their access to power.

              They wouldn’t even BLINK in hesitation.

              And you probably wouldn’t either, if you were in their shoes. Neither would I, because I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I would be one of them.

              Suppose we stipulate that close friends and family would recognize the corpse, whether it was the real deal or not.

              The family isn’t going to have a public soap opera display, going before the cameras and blabbing something like “This just isn’t right, my poor Pappy was a great man, and now my family is using his death to protect our family name and fortune!

              They’re going to shut up and do exactly as they’re told. Like they have always done. Because they know where their bread is buttered.

              Throw in the knowledge that RBG (or GHWB) would certainly approve, and may have even gone along with the plan, one last dramatic sacrifice for ‘the cause’, in the effort to win the war (or at least the current battle)… or in order to SAVE the family… you think they wouldn’t do that?



              “The only possibility that makes any sense to me with Jimmy Carter is what wheatie said above, where a caregiver would do something to him. And that is contingent on his having that kind of a caregiver at home who is that close to him and would have the opportunity.”


              I think it depends on his mental capacity.

              If he is on his death bed, and knows it, and still has his wits about him, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he (or RBG, or GHWB, etc.) would volunteer to ‘go’ at a time that helps ‘the cause’, rather than hang on another week, or month, probably in pain, with a poor quality of life.

              If he was not in his right mind (or if he was, and refused to cooperate), as you said, the decision would be made for him, and he would ‘go’ when it was expedient.

              Or he might expire prematurely. What would keep people like this from keeping it quiet, putting his body on ice, and saving the revelation of his death for a useful distraction at a time of the Cabal’s choosing?

              Concerned about how the corpse will look?

              Was GHWB’s casket open at the funeral?

              Was McShame’s?

              We don’t even know if anybody was IN those caskets.

              Remember, if these people are even 1/10th as bad as many of us suspect they are, the depth of evil is off the charts.

              The immediate and extended family members will do exactly what they are told, either for financial reward, or loyalty to the deceased (not to mention loyalty to ‘the cause’), or due to physical threat against them, or all of the above.

              This ain’t no game of bean bag, lol!


      1. Think like a DEMOCRAT – what a way to undermine Trump. Weaken Trump by turning Haley against the SoS. Dispose of Haley as a “female POTUS candidate threat” and/or get leverage on her. All kinds of trouble by setting those two against each other. I smell DEEP STATE all over that situation.

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      1. thinkthinkthink,

        Thanks for the story link. I’ve bookmarked it to refresh my memory on why I need to get back to walking as I often did for most of my life, mainly in pastures, fields and nature trails.

        I’ve noticed more and more lately the effects on my health, both physically and spiritually, of not walking. For sure, I won’t have the stamina for miles-long hikes that I once had.

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    1. “So…8kun routes through the DoD server.


      For some reason, that’s not supposed to be a big deal. I don’t understand the technicalities, but they have talked about it at Neon Revolt a week or so ago.

      Something about how the DoD owns a huge chunk of the available addresses (like phone numbers) and they are off limits to the public. But for large corporations and other business entities, these DoD addresses can be used, so long as they are for internal business use, and not public.

      Why does it make a difference?

      I don’t know.

      I wouldn’t want my business’s internal internet routed over government DoD servers, but I don’t claim to understand how a lot of that stuff works. It probably doesn’t matter anyway, because the government snoops on every Internet connection, whether it’s public or privately owned DoD addresses.

      So, my understanding is that 8kun routing through DoD servers isn’t a big deal, that it’s just a case of the public not being aware how NOT unusual that is.

      But I could certainly be wrong, and if so, someone please correct me!

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      1. I just think that it’s pretty cool if 8kun is now under the protective wing of the DoD.

        And this…taken together with our VSG saying that “we now have a forum where we can talk”…makes me smile.

        I hope it means that the site will be under the watchful eye of Cyber Command so that they can see who is doing the attacks on 8kun…which will surely happen, since 8chan was attacked on a regular basis.

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