News Roundup! PDJT’s Presser, PDJT Presented Presidential Citizens Medal, What The Hell Do You Have To Lose, PDJT’s Remarks At the Black Voices For Trump Event, Jim Jordan Is Getting In The Ring, The IMF Can Pound Sand, PDJT’s Response To Rolling-Back Tariffs Against China, Many More Countries Will Be Like Germany, Americans Are WINNING, Great Job By Ambassador Grenell…..

Yesterday morning our President stopped to answer questions from the assembled press pool as he departed the White House for Atlanta, Georgia.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter video clips.

On Thursday night our President presented the Presidential Citizens Medal posthumously to veteran Rick Rescorla. Rescorla, who was head of security at Morgan Stanley, is credited with saving thousands of lives when he implemented emergency evacuation procedures during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

These ceremonies are always very emotional for me. Our President wears his heart on his sleeve and it always shows. The individuals and families are very appreciative of our President.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter video clips.

Three years ago our President asked Black Americans, “What the hell do you have to lose!”

8% of them went ahead and voted for our President. Many more will do so in 2020 because Money Talks & BS Walks.

Yesterday our President delivered remarks at the Black Voices For Trump Event in Atlanta, Georgia.

[Video and Transcript Will Be Added When It Becomes Available]

Here are some shorter video clips.

God bless Alveda King!

We may have lost the House in 2018 but the Republicans have never been more united than they are today. This move is massive! It would never have happened under the POS Paul Ryan. Kevin McCarthy got it done and deserves a big thank you for doing so.

Our President is changing the mindset of the Republican Party. Not all of them are happy but those that are working with our President are enjoying the fight for him, us and our country.

Representative Jim Jordan was an incredible wrestler in high school and college and he loves to fight.

The Democrats and MSM absolutely HATE Jim Jordan and understand that he destroys them at every single hearing. That is why they have resurfaced this BS again to block his security clearance. Didn’t work the first time and won’t work this time.

From the article linked above:

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan has been assigned by Republican leadership to serve on the House Intelligence Committee so he can participate in questioning in the open Trump impeachment hearings starting next week.

Under current terms, Jordan, as the top Republican on the Oversight Committee, has been in the room for most closed-door depositions. Because he is not a member of the Intelligence Committee, though, the Ohio Republican cannot ask questions.

Jordan, who has been a staunch defender of the president, in his current role, would not have been on the dais during open hearings next week to counterpunch. Republican leadership all week had been weighing the Jordan move,  and considering adding Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., and Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., as well.

The IMF, China, Germany, France, European Union, Globalists etc. can go take a shit in Macy’s window before our President and his Killers will roll-back tariffs on China.

From the article linked above:

An interim U.S.-China trade deal that rolls back some tariffs has the potential to improve the International Monetary Fund’s baseline economic forecasts, which show the two countries’ trade war slowing global growth significantly this year, an IMF spokesman said on Thursday.

During the presser with our President, he was asked about rolling-back tariffs against China.

From the transcript above:

Q On China, can you tell me whether a tariff rollback will be part of the phase-one China deal?

THE PRESIDENT Well, they’d like to have a rollback. I haven’t agreed to anything. China would like to get somewhat of a rollback — not a complete rollback, because they know I won’t do it.

But we’re getting along very well with China. They want to make a deal. Frankly, they want to make a deal a lot more than I do. I’m very happy right now. We’re taking in billions of dollars. I’m very happy. China would like to make a deal much more than I would.

[…]  Q Have you figured out where you’re going to sign the phase-one trade deal yet? Do you have a location yet?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re looking at different — assuming we get it. You know, I never like to talk about things until we have them. But it could be Iowa or farm country or someplace like that. It will be in our country, but it could be — it could be someplace like that, John.

Q Mar-a-Lago?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I don’t think so. I think we’d go more in the farm belt.

[…] Q Do you have a date yet — do you have date yet, sir, for your meeting with Xi Jinping? Is it definitely going to be this year?

THE PRESIDENT: We’ll see what happens. Okay? We’ll see what happens. We’re getting along very well. They want to make the deal far more than I do. I will tell you, they want to make it far more than I do, but we’ll see what happens.

We’re taking in, right now — and you know — as a reporter of finance, you know what I’m saying. They’ve devalued their currency and they ate this tariff. We’re taking in billions of dollars in tariff money from China. I like our situation very much. They want to make a deal.

It it is already to late for Germany! Many others will be joining them.

From the article linked above:

It was meant to be a fleeting slowdown for Europe’s economic powerhouse, followed by a rapid rebound.

Instead, Germany has been stuck in neutral for a year with hopes fading for a turnaround, a situation that threatens to spread lasting economic gloom across Europe.

Its vast industry is in recession, a victim of shifting consumer trends, China’s economic rebalancing, and a global trade war. Investment spending is shrinking, sentiment is souring, job creation has stalled and productivity growth looks to have turned negative.

Compounding the pain, what was thought to be an unfortunate coincidence of one-off factors has turned out to denote deeper structural problems that will keep Germany, and by extension, the 19-member euro zone, weak well into the next decade.

“Germany is likely to remain in a zone between modest positive growth and slight GDP declines,” Commerzbank economist Jörg Krämer said. “Once the downturn is over, however, there is unlikely to be a strong economic recovery … the German export industry will suffer for a long time to come.”

Meanwhile our Economic Train is steamrolling and continuing to pick up speed!

Great job Ambassador Grenell! 

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    1. Hey..Flep… Really IS!!!! I don’t get to come here as I used to… But.. I read and tweet!!! AMERICAN treasure!!!

      You… are a National Treasure!!! so.. here’s a song!

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  1. MAGA Nation is so happy to have Richard Grenell on our team…..and wonders WTF drugs the LGBTQCAIPDQIYKWIMAITYD crew is taking when they keep squawking about “homophobes.”

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  2. 1d
    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic

    Tulsi Gabbard to Breitbart News: Democrats ‘Certainly Not’ Anti-war Anymore | Breitbart


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    She criticizes the Democrats for reflexively opposing everything Trump does, and then SHE DOES IT HERSELF.

    She opposed having troops in Syria.

    Trump said he’d pull them out.

    She opposed that.

    Trump didn’t pull ALL OF THEM out.

    She opposed that.

    Trump is making sure that Islamists don’t get Syrian oilfields.

    She opposes that.


    Thomas Wictor
    There’s no ethnic cleansing, slaughter, or imperialism.

    She denies that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, and she opposes our support of Saudi Arabia.

    No doubt: She’s the worst Democratic candidate.

    Her positions are utterly insane.



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  3. The media should be curious about HOW pres Trump caught the traitors involved in corruption. I understand why all these people are running to Schiff. They know Trump caught them….hat tip to Carlos Osweda and @ThomasWic
    I hope everyone goes out to vote against Democrats.because they deserve electoral extinction for their coup d’etat attempt

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  4. 1h
    Zionspilger @haithabu
    The Islamic state has been crushed, things are coming together in Syria and no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Yet things are continuing to unravel in Burkina Faso, what has been up to now a relatively stable society.

    I hope that the attentions of those who are engineering peace in the Middle East soon turned to those who are unleashing the dogs of war in West Africa.

    This from my sister:

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    1. Islam is Islam – Øbominable’s Arab Spring speech was a dog whistle that set the Middle East on fire from the west coast and the extreme southern tip of Africa, in all of Europe east to the border of India, and even riled the (insert expletives) jihadis in the USA. Possibly even riled the Islamists in China, which caused China to crack down so harshly on them.

      Øbominable is a monster and always has been – likely was involved with Ayers back during the Brinks armor car heist and the bombings perpetrated by the Weather Underground. Spit.

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      1. That top half is so succinct that it is quotable. A subject that will come up again and again when talking about our times. As to the bottom half it might benefit by a ‘quite’ before ‘likely’ as its definitely an of course.

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      2. Well, the Kenyan certainly holds to the ideologies of Ayers, the Weather Underground, and Alinsky—but not sure he was old enough in the late 60s—early 70s to be actively involved with Ayers’ movement? Don’t know how old Obama is, and frankly, don’t give a shit!!! More concerned about his death-date!

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  5. Emmanuel Macron is right: NATO is over
    By Jacob Heilbrunn

    On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and a scant month before NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary in London, Macron is disrupting the party.

    During an interview published yesterday in the Economist, Macron blew a loud raspberry at the military alliance, declaring that Donald Trump’s presidency has inflicted “brain death” upon it.

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    1. Perfect. Hope NATO dissolves, along with the UN.

      Me thinks, EU schmucks, Merkel and Maroon calling for EU army may not be helping NATO cohesiveness. EU shitty treatment of any country outside EU doesn’t help. Heavy handed policies by Germany and France over EU members probably not helpful to NATO either.

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      1. Plus – the communist/socialist bent of EU leaders has made them more close to ISIS, Russia and China every day. Including UK jailing any critics of Islam.

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        1. Ya. Zero free speech in Europe, UK…

          We best staunchly defend First and Second Amendments. We need them all, but those are the bedrock for Bill of Rights, Constitution.

          So long as we have President Trump another five years, Courts keep going conservative, we have solid way ahead.

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      2. Macaroon is owned by the Payseurs and the ultra-rich, groomed just like Øbozo was. Any thoughts of a European Military are in vain, because almost none of the hardware works. “Choppers” don’t chop, subs don’t/can’t stay under (a couple were wrecked over the past few years), no winter clothing for the soldiers,yet PLENTY of clothing for pregnant infantry(!), transport planes don’t stay up, fighter jets mostly defective, and the rifles don’t shoot straight once they heat up. In fact, the manufacturer of said rifles is close to bankruptcy, and has been circling the drain for over a year now, looking for a buyer.

        Mehinks Merde-Kuh will suggest a Chinese buyer, but, hey, what do I know after watching her traitorous, NAZI idiocy all these years…

        Our economy is hobbled and all but destroyed due to her “Energiewende”, which has or will shutter ALL stable forms of power generation: Atomic, oil-fired, coal-fired, and probably natural gas, as well. Most of these sources can be put online quickly, which is critical for filling in the gaps and compensating for the inconsistent, unreliable, and unstable “renewable” wind and solar power (pity the poor sods who get stuck with recycling and dismantling these highly-poisonous pieces of equipment).

        No power = no industry = no future. And Merde-Kuh knows that. She was picked by the Globalists to destroy Germany, and she’s gotten way farther along that road than the demonic duo of Øbutthead and Hill-the-BEAST have/would have with the USA.

        We’re sort of Europe’s answer to Kalifornistan. The trouble is, we don’t have anywhere near the natural resources, and we’re stuffed full of rapidly-multiplying Islamists looking for a Caliphate to build.

        Maybe we should just give it to them. A hollowed-out husk of a once-great country, driven back to the sixth century by the “watermelon” Marxist Greens. Hmmm. Sixth century. The Moslems will feel right at home…

        P.S. The AfD, our deplorables, are working VERY hard to stop and then reverse this slide into irrelevance and oblivion, but are being fought at every turn by the lies and wiles of the deep state. Sound familiar?

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      3. Yep.let them swim in the sewer they have created. Hope Britain breaks free. They have a chance to quarantine themselves from the coming civilisations collapse

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  6. It’s laser versus drone in the latest round of testing for directed-energy weapons.

    And according to Lockheed Martin, the lasers won.

    The defense contractor said yesterday that, in recent testing with the US Air Force, its Athena system locked onto and shot down multiple small drones, of both the fixed-wing and rotary-lift variety.


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        1. Two things come to mind:
          A line from Tom Lehrer’s song “Wernher von Braun”:
          “Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down,
          That’s not my department, says Wernher von Braun”…

          and, all of the celebrations at Mohammedan weddings here by refauxgees, where they drive around in their wedding convoys (Korsos) and stop, and party ON THE STREETS AND AUTOBAHNS, blocking traffic. Often they shoot target pistols straight up (not too bright, inbreeding does that), and learn sometimes fatally that Newton was right.

          As Scotty is fond of saying, “Ye cannae break the laws of Physics, cap’n”…
          (those who tried were kilt…)
          (dodges flying Haggis, battered Mars bars, and EMPTY bottles of Glenfiddich)…

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          1. Believe it or not but the guy next doors father was killed at 96 in Lebanon while sitting on his front verandah by just such an incident. But there’s no condemnation or stopping it if it’s a Muslim wedding. Wtf?

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    1. ….and if McCain had ever been president and involved in a war – it would have been the same as Truman’s Korean war tactics calling back MacArthur, as Johnson’s Viet Nam tactics, and (insert expletives) Øbominable’s horrible war tactics (making sure the most possible Americans get killed)!!!

      Politics and PC should NEVER determine Rules of Engagement (ROE).

      PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is the best, most shrewd war tactician of any US President ever – since George Washington or maybe Andrew Jackson!!!

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      1. Sorry Flep – but I have no use for Harry Truman – share my mother’s and father’s disgust for his allowing the division of the Koreas….essentially surrendering half of Korea to ‘Red China’.

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        1. GA/FL, I agree wholeheartedly, although I think the pic (I assume that’s what you’re talking about) is more a demonstration of the fake news…

          The selling out, started out with Roosevelt handing Eastern Europe and half of Germany to Stalin, which gave the Reds an enormous foothold with which to fight the West. I also think it would be good to refer to China as RED China, rather than the euphemistically-sanitized “PRC” aka People’s Republic of China, which is a double lie, as it’s neither a Republic nor “of the people”… The same folks who do that are the ones who incorrectly label the USA as a Democracy, rather than as a Republic.

          These unending wars have to end. And I think VSGPDJT is doing a lot for that cause. It will help the USA, saving lives, money, and time better spent doing other things (like REAL progress).

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          1. Agree with every word. Communism has been infesting our country since even before FDR and his betrayal of Russia’s troops, sending them back to be murdered by Staling.

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      2. Donald trump read suntzu and Machiavellis the prince while still a teenager and has wielded his business empire on those lines. He is incredibly shrewd but also empathetic to all on his side and relentless in serving up justice to his enemies. The drumph is a facade

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  7. The things the Democrats did to the African American community in the United States are so aweful, so horrible, that there just aren’t enough words to describe it.

    Trump has made them win again!

    The Democrats who inflicted this sick scheme of destruction upon them need to be held accountable. Sooner rather than later.

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      1. Jeff Sessions was incredibly multifunctional. Not only did he plug all the leaks he started all the investigations, did the legal legwork to apply and enforce the law on illegals. If Potus hadn’t been dissing him the left would have been burning his effigy every night. Potus gave him cover and he used it brilliantly. Helps to look like a misplaced garden gnome

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    1. A slight correction. He IS a hero. He is everything a hero is, he did everything a hero does, and he is everything a hero should be. That he died in the process matters not a whit. He will be known by his honor beyond the grave. VSGPOTUSDJT has put this into governmental record — but his heroism would stand alone without an act of government.

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  8. BORDER WALL UPDATE – 11/9/19

    145.3 miles of top grade US Steel has been erected at our southern border – estimated according to number of days in contracts from start to completion dates.
    Link to maps, graphs of wall sectors under construction –

    CBP Chief reports wall progress on Mondays – and this is the last official report:
    78 miles of completed wall are up with lights, electronic surveillance and paved roadways.
    158 miles under construction
    273 miles in pre-construction

    Videos of all sectors of Wall Construction –

    The Yuma sector has been the hardest to build – due to light talcum powder textured very dry unstable clay soil. The builders have had to dig out large areas, mix the native soil with concrete and then wet it thoroughly to make a firm base, then let that dry, then dig the trench for the concrete wall foundation and by then the ground is so hard, it requires new backhoe blades at least once a day!

    On the border, our K9 heroes continue to do excellent work detecting drugs, humans being smuggled and they can even detect hidden money!

    CBP is hiring – named one of the 10 best companies for veterans!

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            1. That “sawzall can go through the wall” lie has been bouncing around for some time, and was swatted down handily by one of the CBP people, as well as a bunch of tradesken who commented on it. The typical sawzall, even the commercial/industrial versions have neither the capacity nor the mechanism (mechanical robustness, among other things) to say through the wall. And powered ones, although they could saw longer, and have more power available, are no better. Plus, where are they going to plug them in? Or get the hundreds of blades they need?

              Nah, it’s just another slap at VSGPDJT. Maybe put the fence at 10KV and watch the perps light up. Give them a power burst 🙂 (OK, OK, I know the wall is, by definition and construction, grounded) (gounds for a pun, no less)…

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              1. That didn’t stop you from charging ahead with your suggestion, did it?

                Fortunately, we have Flep to keep us up on current events, including the efforts of the resistance. With him and others like him we have the potential to replace the Yellow Stream Media.

                (And pro tip, don’t aim your yellow stream at an electric fence.)

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              2. Yep. As they say in the biz, that would be grounds for termination… have to know better than to try to WATTer the fence, which is an impedence, whether electrified or not…

                They’ll have to send Coloumbo to investigate 🙂

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    1. Anybody else noticed that the left has stopped screaming about the wall? They can’t use it to bludgeon President Trump with anymore, because it is working, so nobody says one word about it, not even the progress being made, the drugs being interdicted, or the crossings it’s eliminated.

      Our press is pathetic. As an “enemy” they are pitiful.

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    1. No. NEVER!!!

      As long as there are independent journalists, and backup media and equipment (read: mirror sites), they will not be able to shut things down.

      And their “big-brother-enabled” 5G won’t help them, either…

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      1. 283,000 search results for Eric Ciaramella on Google says your right. The funny thing here is all the top sources going for pages upon pages of search results point to right wing web sites which mean right wing exposure! 🙂

        Same with other search engines but I can’t get a number on search results.

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  9. Received this in an e-mail from a friend who lives in NY

    A special message from New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and the Assembly Minority Conference.
    Is this email not displaying correctly?
    View it in your browser.

    For Release: IMMEDIATELY, November 1, 2019
    Contact: Mike Fraser, office: (518) 455-3751/cell: (518) 859-8518

    Legislative Column from Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua)

    New York is bracing for a public safety nightmare as we approach the New Year. Liberal lawmakers pushed through a wildly out-of-touch criminal justice agenda that will soon take effect and has many scratching their heads. With new “reforms” ready to begin, red flags are popping up and grim examples are surfacing for what lies ahead.

    Questions are coming from all sides, most notably from law enforcement officials and prosecutors. District attorneys from across New York have expressed serious concerns over the impacts that reforms will have on public safety. During a recent hearing on the subject of evidence discovery in criminal prosecutions, even the state attorney general’s office is unsure if they have the funding or manpower to meet the demands of the new requirements.


    * A recent incident offers a preview of what we can expect under a revised criminal justice system. A Canadian resident with outstanding arrest warrants recently led police on a 25-mile car chase in Warren County. The chase ended when the individual crashed his vehicle into another car, tragically killing the other driver. *

    The judge held the suspect without bail. But under the initial charges filed in the case, that will no longer be an option in 2020. Under new bail reforms, the suspect would have been set free and given a date for a future court date. Imagine being a family member of the deceased victim, and watching the individual responsible for their death walk free on the same day as the tragedy.

    There are dozens of crimes that will fall into the same “no bail” category. Some of the most egregious crimes that no longer allow bail include:
    Aggravated assault upon a person less than 11 years old;
    Aggravated vehicular homicide;
    Manslaughter in the second degree;
    Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds or criminal possession of a firearm;
    Specified felony drug offenses involving the use of children, including the use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense and criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child; and
    Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child.

    This terrible law fits the pro-criminal mentality we have seen in recent years, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo front and center, looking to score political points rather than create a justice system truly fair to all. The wave of misguided pandering started with proposing free tablets and taxpayer-funded college classes for inmates. Then, they added voting rights for paroled felons and hope to have the public fund a raise to inmates’ minimum wage. Now, a new proposal would make New York one of only three states to allow actual prisoners the chance to vote right from jail. Ludicrous.

    New York is on a troubling path; each law that coddles convicts moves us further from the sound, common-sense governance millions of New Yorkers rely upon each day to keep them safe. It distracts from solving the real issues everyday, law-abiding New Yorkers face – sky-high taxes, an unaffordable cost of living, finding job opportunities, earning enough income to raise a family and a host of others.

    The legislative process is supposed to work in tandem with the legal system, not chip away at it until it’s ineffective and unrecognizable. Something needs to be done now, before the calendar changes over and prosecutors in New York State are forced to cope with unworkable, expensive and dangerous rules.

    What do you think? I want to hear from you. Send me your feedback, suggestions and ideas regarding this or any other issue facing New York state. You can always contact my district office at (315) 781-2030, email me at, find me by searching for Assemblyman Brian Kolb on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter

    Contact Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb
    District Office: 70 Elizabeth Blackwell Street, Geneva, NY 14456, Phone: (315) 781-2030
    Albany Office: 933 Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248, Phone: (518) 455-3751
    Find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter
    To unsubscribe from this e-mail please click HERE
    Copyright © 2019 *, All rights reserved.

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    1. And yet the tears and anguish would be deafening if there was a sudden burst of resisting arrest struggles with the perp ending up deceased. IMO, such vigilante action would be a perfectly rational reaction to insane laws.

      I’d bet that no jury would convict cops accused of vigilantism. For example, see Subway Vigilante.

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      1. This is insane, p – puts the entire population in jeopardy – it is like the police do not want to bother with the paperwork or something – to me – this is scary and frightening – no one will be safe anywhere.

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  10. Re-Tweeted by President Trump

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              1. Yes, I agree – for you – smitten is something into which you grow – for me – it is like that goofy attraction without a thought – something from afar that is totally innocent.

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    1. Gerard Van der Leun (American Digest) has a great article on the fire, looking back. One could say that his whole life (70 years) up to the point of the fire went up in flames.

      An excerpt:

      November 8, 2018 to November 8, 2019

      The first day they let us back in I drove through fog as dense as the smoke that had driven me out. The burned hulks of cars and the opened guts of houses lined the roads along with the cleanup crews in their yellow vests. They gestured for me to stop and show my identification proving I could see the ash pits of my life. They gave me special coveralls and masks and shoe covers in case I felt the need, like some demented Scrooge McDuck, to start plunging into my personal ash bin, my no-money bin, to pull out whatever did not melt, which was — it turned out — hardly anything.

      Driving to where my house had been was like driving through…

      like driving through some updated and hellish medieval landscape…

      like moving through some small town after it had been destroyed from the air in some sort of Satan’s pyre.

      Everywhere was ash. Here and there whisps of smoke rose and twined with the fog that covered the corpse of the town.

      And then I came to what had been my home and I saw what I knew I would see but until I saw it could not comprehend it… a small wall of bricks in a long rectangle and inside that rectangle, everything I had owned was just a pool of ash. Everything. Here and there ceramic and iron items had survived and poked their shreds above the surface of the ash-like skeletal fingers of a drowning man…

      but it was gone. It was all gone. Seventy years just reduced to ash soup.

      When I got out of the car I noticed that the woman and man who had been my neighbors across the back fence were standing looking at their yard and their ash pit. The woman was just standing transfixed looking down where her three small children had played and laughed in the afternoons.

      I walked over to her and she pointed down at the ground to the remains of three tricycles in three different sizes; small, smaller, and smallest. The fire had burned so hot that all the rubber and plastic had evaporated and the metal parts of the tricycles had been welded like steel into the earth.

      She looked up at me and said the most chilling thing I’ve heard in the last year, “What if the fire had come at night?”

      At night? At midnight? At four in the morning? There was no air raid siren that the town could hear. There was a “phone tree” but hardly anyone knew about it. In the high ridges and deep canyons with their hundreds of thousands of dry pines the cell phone coverage was always hit and miss.

      At night? The fires would have taken not 86 lives but thousands. I would be a name on a list in an archived copy of the Chico Enterprise-Record. (end excerpt)

      The whole article, indeed the whole site, is WELL WORTH READING). What the idiotic, communist Greens, tree-huggers, and leftards have done to California, its citizens, its history, and, sadly, its future, is nothing short of criminal. The poor forest maintenance, the mismanagement of natural resources and human expertise and labor, and the implicit worship of the creature over the Creator has turned the once-golden state into a mountainous ash-covered trash heap perfumed by the excrement of thousands of hopeless homeless, condemned to and trapped by a communist system of enforced dependency and compliance.

      Folks in CA, in March you have your opportunity to take a big step in solving this problem. RECALL governor Gavin Newsom. That’s one ‘peach’ we can all live better with…

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      1. Excellent story, Cuppa! I have my own thoughts – but – alas – I will keep them to myself – one thing I will say is – this was all intentional – TPTB wanted these people out – for their own selfish reasons – unfortunately, the money upon which they were relying to allegedly rebuild will not be forthcoming – so what will they do now? How will they support their illegal population who lives on the dole for free?

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        1. Look up “rewilding”, a diabolical scheme hidden amongst the turgid prose of the sub-sub-subparagraphs of Agendas 21 and 2030 (and 2050 or something like that in Africa!)… Gail’s an expert on that… (still looking, btw)..

          How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm, after we’ve burned their trees…
          (and not seen Paree)…

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          1. Ok, Cuppa – I suspected it had something to do with “compact cities” – loss of individual freedom – no cars – convenient shopping – and ‘automated’ (high-risers) living quarters.

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  11. No link yet. Kurt the Cyberguy on F&F – From 164ft away Hackers can’t point lasers into your home and issue commands to all your voice activated devices, Alexa, IOS, etc. They can then manipulate all connected devices, “unlock front door, open garage door, increase heat”. They can even issue commands to purchase things, move money. No fix yet. For now, move your voice activated controllers away from windows, deep in home. Put extra codes on accounts to require entering of code before completing transaction.
    YIKES!!! 😳 😬 😱

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  12. “A teacher in Cambria County, Pennsylvania has found themselves in a giant pot of self-heated water after giving her middle school students an assignment telling them to practice packing their bags in case Trump “takes control of the United States” and sparks riots in the streets.

    “President Trump is trying to take control of the United States! There are fights in the streets! You have to pretend that you are a refugee being forced to leave your home, never to return,” the assignment began.

    The activity instructions then devolved into some semblance of non-English that’s embarrassing for any teacher, regardless of the ridiculous nature of the homework itself.”

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  13. Thanks, Flep. The ceremony honoring Mr. Rescorla was very moving.

    Heart of a Soldier by James B. Stewart is a comprehensive, well-written book about Rick Rescorla – not merely his military career and incredible heroism on 9/11, but his (sadly futile) efforts to alert our government to the probability that the ’93 bombing would be repeated with an attack on the Towers by air. He absolutely knew, but was rebuffed by those in powerful positions.

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  14. After the big game, President Trump and First Lady Melania will be heading for NYC and Trump Tower.

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  15. A couple of days ago, I posted about an article on the possibility that Deutsche Bank is in real trouble and may collapse. Yesterday, there was an article in the Economist wherein Macron warned ominously that Europe is “on the edge of a precipice” in part because of a growing rift with the US. Then today we see this from the Reuters article that Flep quotes above:

    Compounding the pain, what was thought to be an unfortunate coincidence of one-off factors has turned out to denote deeper structural problems that will keep Germany, and by extension, the 19-member euro zone, weak well into the next decade.

    In speculating about why some of the more recent false flag operations have been less successful, I speculated that we may be seeing the results of PDJT going after cabal money.

    I don’t claim to know a lot about how the Rothschilds in the 19th Century created cross-border financial instruments so as to ensure their wealth could remain beyond the reach of any one of the major European governments, but I wonder if this latest spate of gloomy economic news from Europe arises from PDJT closing down financial escape routes for cabal money, putting them on the defensive.

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    1. I think it’s multi-layered, and this is where the conspiracy world may lend a hand.

      One of the things I picked up over the years is that the majority of the world’s currency traders – at least before Trump was president, I don’t know about now – worked in the Pentagon. Apparently, we long used currency manipulation as a tool of control of other parts of the world.

      In addition, there is the tale of Lee Wanta, a secret service agent who supposedly saved President Reagan from one of the many assassination attempts that were never reported. Word out on the internet is that Reagan knew all the deficit spending was going to come back to haunt us, and he had Wanta take $150 billion in US gold, bankrupt the Ruble, and create a nest egg for which he would be the sole trustee. This was in 1981. Supposedly, by 1988 it was worth trillions.

      So, that gold was supposedly deposited in the 39 banks worldwide that actually carry bullion, and Wanta is or was if what I suspect is true happened the only person on the planet to hold the code keys to get into the accounts. This includes one in Switzerland where Wanta just happened to meet Vince Foster the week before he was found dead. They didn’t even make it into the bank, and Wanta was tossed in a Swiss dungeon for fourteen weeks.

      There’s a lot more to the whole story, and more people than Vince Foster ended up dead in connection with it. Here’s just one website. There’s a lot more information out there.

      What makes this compelling for me is that back in December 2017, there was a 12 hour blackout at the Atlanta airport. Word on the chat sites was that a queen had been pulled off the board. At the time, Soros surfaced first, but Wanta’s name came up as well. Then Q was asked “Do we have the gold?” on a Q&A exchange, and Q came back with “yes.” Were some of the special forces missions to retrieve that gold? I mean, the central banks would have preferred absorbing it rather than giving it up.

      It’s all rather curious. As for cabal money, I don’t think we’re going to know until it’s all over.

      As for Deutche Bank…if you haven’t seen it, there’s a one our video on Youtube by a James Corbett regarding 9-11. Deutche Bank was one of the institutions with massive computer issues that day. If they’re in trouble it might be related.

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      1. DB has been circling the drain for a few years now (looking to shed even more people), and has a revolving door of (non-German) high managers. The last German high manager was up to be head of the EZB (ECB), but Draghi got the nod because the German was too conservative fiscally (and in general), and didn’t agree AT ALL with the course Draghi took (and LaGarde seems poised to accelerate…off the fiscal cliff).

        The deep state is running scared with DB and other banks over here. And there seem to be a lot of manglers mangling themselves…sad… LIke that Dutch Financier Ronald Bernard said, you have to freeze out and wall off any conscience and fear if you are to rise to the top of the financial world…

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    1. That’s terrible (Gullyberg, HOW DARE YOU). I rather expect if it had been of Epstein, Biden, or one of the other deep-state pasedos getting frisky with Greta and her grand-spanking, Zuck-the-cuck would’ve spread the cartoon far and wide.

      Time for the censorship to stop.

      Zuck looks like a Martian. Something is really REALLY wrong there… Maybe check if he answers to Daneel Oligaw… then again he couldn’t be. He doesn’t follow ANY of the laws of Robotics, or humans, either…

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      1. Clones do break down – you know – tissue plus metal do not work well together – imho

        Agree – they do not look human – whatever Gurtie is getting out of this is anyone’s guess – free boat rides – free food – free clothes – do not have to go to school – whatever – it is a total waste of time for any of us to pay attention to this tripe – but, hey – that is just my opinion.

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        1. A clone is 100% human; I think you’re thinking of a cyborg, part man, part machine.

          R. Daneel Olivaw (whom Cuppa Covfefe referenced) was a robot character from a number of books by Isaac Asimov, and (if real) would be entirely a machine.

          But Zuckerberg looks a lot like Data, who was an android (basically a robot built to look human).

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          1. Oh, I see – yes cyborg – I agree – Z looks like Data – for sure – however –

            I remember an altercation with the press where HRC allegedly ‘malfunctioned’ – they claim ‘she’ may have had a mild seizure – but – I doubt it – uncontrollable head movements do not constitute a seizure – imho – whoever this ‘person’ was – ‘she’ was definitely having difficulty maintaining control of her head – I do not think that was HRC – she looked too young and polished.

            While a clone may LOOK exactly like the original – I think something is lost or missing in the cloning process that causes a loss of physical control – and maybe even mental alacrity – it could be this was a ‘person’ (imitating HRC) who had a programming problem – remember the rock star who went berserk and shaved her head?

            Incidentally, when I think of a clone I think of Dolly – the sheep – cloning humans may not be as easy as cloning a sheep – imho

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            1. The other issue with a clone is it’s basically your identical twin–made from one of your cells. As such, if a clone is made from you at age 30, it’s going to be 30 years (and nine months) younger than you, and will always be.

              I doubt whatever is going on with Hillary has to do with a clone taking her place or anything like that…though I COULD see a clone being made and then used for spare parts! One wouldn’t have nearly as many problems (maybe no problems at all!) with rejecting organs taken from a clone. (Huge ethical issues there to say the very least.)

              As far as I know a human clone hasn’t been done, but who knows what has happened clandestinely.

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              1. Originally, I was not thinking of a physiologically human clone – I was thinking more of a psychologically programmed look-alike – physically, they would look as much like the real person – but, there are nuances that need attention when creating and/or utilizing a clone – I understand this is how the elite can be in two places at once – and – because I, too, do not believe a human clone is yet a reality – however – we really do not know – since it is alleged ‘they’ are at least 25 years ahead of us – more scientifically advanced – how they are able to extend their lives – most people would not have survived what RBG allegedly has.

                There is so much deception coming from TPTB – they are not transparent – they do not want us to know what they know – it helps them feel superior to us.

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              2. RBG’s case could (very speculative) have been organ transplants off a cloned cadaver. But honestly I can’t consider that any more than wild speculation without some sort of evidence.

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              3. I think she is dead – and whoever is impersonating her – does quite well in short soundbites – it annoys me – because I am tired of the games the left plays – their behavior is so bizarre – I would not put it past them to keep her alive (through a double) to deprive PT from nominating and seating another SC Justice.

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  16. Re-Tweeted by President Trump

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    1. They are both wrong, albeit in different ways.

      EVERY American with a private sector job who participates in a retirement program has a direct connection to the stock market. No private retirement benefits package has enough principle to pay out all of its obligations; ergo, the fund MUST invest in the stock market in order to generate income to be added to the principle.

      This is why the economy takes a big hit when the stock market takes a big hit. Just not at the same time.

      DJT is exactly correct to repeatedly tout the stock market trends as proof of his policies.

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