Testimony for Vindman, Hill, Kent, Taylor, Sondland, Volker, Yovanovitch, and McKinley.

Thought it might help us all to have the links and testimony in one place for reference.

I’m laughing. HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff has released the testimony of Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman and Dr. Fiona Hill, today. Conveniently for the knee-jerk media, the HPSCI Lawfare bad actors also release “key highlights” for each “interview”, as in – this is our joint narrative we want you to push to the people. Let’s go to an original source, read it over the weekend if we have time, and make up our own minds.

Here’s the one from Vindman.



And here is the one for Fiona Hill:



Here is Deputy George Kent (he was the #2 for Yovanovitch): https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/CPRT-116-IG00-D009.pdf


Here is Temporary Charges D’Affaires Bill Taylor: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/CPRT-116-IG00-D008.pdf


Here is Ambassador Sondland (Ambassador to the EU): https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/CPRT-116-IG00-D006.pdf


Here is Testimony for Special Envoy Volker (link is not working now, but go here): https://intelligence.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=785

Further text messages from Volker: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/CPRT-116-IG00-D005.pdf


The testimony of Yovanovitch (Link is down, found here): https://intelligence.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=757

FILE – In this Oct. 11, 2019, file photo, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington. The House impeachment panels are starting to release transcripts from their investigation. And in one of them, Yovanovitch says that Ukrainian officials warned her in advance that Rudy Giuliani and his allies were planning to “do things, including to me.” (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)


 Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State Ambassador P. Michael McKinley: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/CPRT-116-IG00-D004.pdf

We’ll add more as time goes on. Surely Schiff is not done.

70 thoughts on “Testimony for Vindman, Hill, Kent, Taylor, Sondland, Volker, Yovanovitch, and McKinley.

    1. Read that woman’s background! No way she should be NEAR ANYTHING! Her family history is Jussie Smollett red – one long security risk. What in the HELL was Soviet TOOL Obama doing?

      The only person sketchier are the X FILE EXCUSENIKS FROM MOSCOW. I’m counting that clone job as ONE PERSON.

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      1. No way she should be NEAR ANYTHING! Her family history is Jussie Smollett red – one long security risk. What in the HELL was Soviet TOOL Obama doing?

        Clearly a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer it anyway.

        To Obola, that wasn’t a bug, it was a qualification.

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    1. Homely women usually become DIMs,

      result of not having sex, which makes them even more homely…

      (oops, wrong thread? maybe should have gone to UTHREAD ?

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    2. “Do leftist women seriously work at being homely?”

      Oftentimes a leftist woman will voluntarily climb to the top of an Ugly Tree, lose their balance, and hit every branch on the way back down.

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        1. Cheers 🙂 That was a great line by Itswoot… and true…

          Really have to wonder about Madcow, who went to Castro Valley High School (hmmm different Castro, though), she looked normal, OK, pretty good there/then. Seems the libtardism kind of works its way from the inside, out… Sad.

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      1. Possibly, but from personal experience, most of them want the rest of us to dress like them, do our hair like them, wear no make-up like them, etc., so they don’t have to feel bad about they way they look.

        Last night, I had to explain to one such person that my lack of pants was a rebellion of sorts. So’s the long hair…and any number of other things that I’ve been questioned about by women who seem to think making an effort is just too much work. Not looking like a hag is one of my purposes in life.

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        1. I like being pretty.

          Tough, that’s just how it is. I’m 54 years old, and I want to be pretty when I’m an old lady, like old ladies can be.

          I don’t want plastic surgery, or any of that fake crap. I won’t even dye my hair. But I’ll wear cute clothes, jewelry, and makeup until I die.

          That’s just who I am. I think leftist women really are ugly on purpose, for some ridiculous feminazi reasons that I am incapable of comprehending.

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          1. You sound like my wife, who is aging beautifully at 52. She likes being feminine, likes dressing like a lady and enjoys the comforts of chivalry as long as I am nearby.

            No plastic surgery or fake parts for her, either. All 100% god given.

            And she likes her men to be men. Ok, I am not a lumberjack, but I sometimes dress like one. 🎶

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Conservative women are gorgeous.

            Conservative men are lucky guys.

            I feel sorry for male gimps that marry lefty women.

            …Wait… no, I don’t.

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        2. You weren’t wearing pants? In public.?
          You wouldn’t need makeup or a nice hairdo. In fact you could have a hessian sack on your head
          No one ,no one looks at the mantelpiece whilst stoking the fire


    1. The division is an illusion… created by those with the megaphone, i.e., the slimey media……………………..

      Pull the plug……………………

      In your everyday activities, interaction with others…………………. do you see division?

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      1. We pulled the plug 7 years ago,I threw out tv out the front door. My mother in law passed a lil over a year ago and we inherited her tv and only have youtube videos and DVD’s that we choose.
        Where we live we dont get any channels and refuse to get dish tv,win,win for me lol.

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      2. Amen! I accidentally turned on CBS and it sounded like BLUTO’S LIST.

        “TRUMP IS FINISHED! FINISHED, I SAY!!!” screamed the breathless fake news hen.

        Yeah, right.

        Go to hell Soviet Fake News. Brezhnev is dead, and your ideology will be, too, soon enough. The FAKE NEWS SHILLS ain’t makin’ it.

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          1. Here it is.

            “The Securities and Exchange Commission is the sheriff of the financial industry, looking for crimes such as Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, but a new government report obtained by ABC News has concluded that some senior employees spent hours on the agency’s computers looking at sites such as naughty.com, skankwire and youporn as the financial crisis was unfolding.

            “These guys in the middle of a financial crisis are spending their time looking at prurient material on the Internet,” said Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland and former director of the Office of Economics at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

            “It’s reckless, and indicates a contempt for the taxpayer and the taxpayer’s interest in monitoring financial markets,” Morici said. – MORE “

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              1. My problem is that I can remember concepts but not specifics.

                Even with scripture, the concept imbeds in me, but I cannot quote. I’ve always been like that.

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              2. Concept is better than the quote… I’ve known folks who could quote verbatim, but didn’t have a clue what it meant.

                I used to be able to understand and tell you where or find it myself… now, I’m lucky if I can remember enough key words to find it online! It’s okay, learning to accept it.

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      1. Wolf, I agree that I’d like to see them walk out – but, my concern is that someone from our side has to be there – otherwise, they can tamper with anything said in there. Essentially make up stuff and put it out in a “transcript.”

        Also, don’t want to give the Dems the narrative, well the GOP was invited and they didn’t want to participate. As much as this is a sham and scam – we have to keep an eye on our enemies.

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    1. Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt overthrew the duly elected government of Ukraine.
      Nuland is ON VIDEO, in the Oliver Stone Documentary: Ukraine on Fire
      She’s passing out cookies to the protesters.
      December of 2013.

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  2. For instance, Kent acknowledged signing an April 2016 letter that asked the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office to stand down an investigation of several nonprofits that had received U.S. aid, including the AntiCorruption Action Centre of Ukraine, or AnTac.

    Kent also confirmed my reporting that AnTac was jointly funded by the State Department and one of liberal megadonor George Soros’ foundations.

    Kent also acknowledged the embassy pressured Ukrainian prosecutors about backing off investigations into a top law enforcement official named Artem Sytnyk and a former journalist named Vitali Shabunin.

    “As a matter of conversation that U.S officials had with Ukrainian officials in sharing our concern about the direction of governance and the approach, harassment of civil society activists, including Mr. Shabunin, was one of the issues we raised,” Kent testified.


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  3. Leaves this with some unqualified general observations having looked over the Vindmen testimony.

    Seeing any of the transcript from any of these closed door hearings of the HPSCI is an event that 99.99% of Americans are likely never going to have experienced, yet from these hearings it’s to be determined whether or not an elected President is to be impeached or not. Having got a glance, thank you Dawn, it’s quite clear that Democracy really Does Die In Darkness and is obviously a motivational pitch for would be Tyrants and Democrats, they being roughly the same.

    What seems equally appalling and readily apparent by just glancing these transcripts is that the Democrats have to stoop to turning over, under the cloak of darkness, their share of questioning to unelected Law Warfare lawyers. Apparently too stupid to do it themselves, they’ve relinquished their powers of thought and persuasion to ‘the Adam Schiff knows best for them rule of governance’ no doubt because he’d be too embarrassed to have them on live TV questioning any of these witnesses. That and apparently Impeaching the President is something too important to leave to imbeciles.

    What’s also sad is that our side as demonstrated at glancing the transcripts is actually doing a very good job in disarming the reasons for this Impeachment as they question each witness but we and the elected’s constituents don’t get to witness this and are thus robbed of which they pay for.

    All said though a great opportunity in the teaching of civics exist in the class room. One simple suggestion would be to pass out the transcripts, preferably on a Friday, assign parts, and then do a reenactment in class on Monday.

    Sorry, started off wanting to write about Ratcliff’s little quip to Swalwell where Swalwell interupts Ratcliff and Ratcliff responds with “yes president Swalwell” which in my opinion was every bit as good as Nunes’s “Shut Up”, but alas couldn’t find a way to get it in.

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