News Roundup! Americans Are Winning, China Can Go Pound Sand, Don Jr. KILLS It On The View, Terrence Comments On the Show, Candace Owens Is Their Worse Nightmare, Lara Trumps’s Interviews Candace, Dan Scavino & Rudy Doing A Little Foreshadowing, Brad & Don Jr. Shine A Light On the Coup, Judicial Armada Has Expanded & More To Come, FLOTUS Is An Angel, Jeff Sessions Is Running…..

Unemployment claims dropped by 8,000 last week showcasing a very strong job market for all sectors of employment.  The U.S. Dept of Labor Report shows continued strong jobs growth embarrassing most economic pundits.

From the article linked above:

The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, consistent with strong labor market conditions and continued job growth.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits decreased 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 211,000 for the week ended Nov. 2, the Labor Department said on Thursday. 

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast claims would fall to 215,000 in the latest week.

The level of claims suggests solid labor market conditions. Employment grew faster than expected in October, with firms adding 128,000 jobs, even though a strike by workers at General Motors (GM.N) idled 46,000 employees at the automaker’s plants in Michigan and Kentucky.

From the article linked above:

The Dow and S&P 500 notched record closing highs on Thursday as the latest signs of progress in U.S.-China trade relations relieved investors, but a report raising fresh worries about the outlook for a deal limited the day’s gains.

China said it had agreed with the United States to remove tariffs in phases, while state-owned Xinhua News Agency said Beijing was also considering removing restrictions on poultry imports.

But indexes pared gains in afternoon trading after a Reuters report, citing sources, said that the White House’s plan to roll back China tariffs faces internal opposition and that no final decision has been made yet.

The day’s gains resumed the recent record run for stocks, which have been bolstered, along with trade deal hopes, by some upbeat earnings.

“Corporate earnings, while down year over year, are better than many had expected, and that’s a plus,” said Oliver Pursche, chief market strategist of Bruderman Asset Management in New York.

Texas is winning BIGLY!

Our President is carrying our economy!

China decided to announce that we agreed to roll-back tariffs. They jumped the gun!

Chinese Commerce spokesman Gao Feng claimed that U.S. and China negotiators were discussing a ‘phased’ roll-back of U.S. tariffs as part of a trade deal.

Our President and his KILLERS know that they have the Dragon by the balls. They can go pound sand before any roll-back occurs. We DON’T NEED CHINA. China needs us!

From the article linked above:

[…] The interim trade pact is widely expected to include a U.S. pledge to scrap tariffs scheduled for Dec. 15 on about $156 billion worth of Chinese imports, including cell phones, laptop computers and toys.

Tariff cancellation was an important condition for any agreement, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said, adding that both must simultaneously cancel some tariffs on each other’s goods to reach the phase one pact.

“The trade war started with tariffs, and should end with the cancellation of tariffs,” Gao told a regular news briefing.

[…]  “There is no specific agreement for a phased rollback of the tariffs,” said Michael Pillsbury, an outside adviser to Trump. “The American side has been ambiguous when and which tariffs will be lifted. The Chinese have some wishful thinking and are trying to soothe their domestic hardliners that the tariffs will someday come off.”

Trump last month outlined the first phase of a deal to end the trade war with China and suspended a threatened tariff hike, but officials on both sides said then that much work needed to be done before the pact would be finalized.

On Monday, our President’s approval rating was only 43% according to Rasmussen. Three days later he is back to 50%!

The picture in the tweet below truly captures what Don Jr. did to the hosts on The View yesterday.

You never lose when you have the truth on your side!

You can watch the full show in the video below (at the 8:25 mark they start with Don Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoye)

Here are some shorter video clips.

Terrence Williams had some fun commenting on the show.

Candace Owens is like kryptonite to the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. There is absolutely nothing they can do to shut her up from waking up Black Americans.

Duchess01 shred this video on yesterday’s thread. Worth the watch if you haven’t seen it.

A little foreshadowing taking place between Dan Scavino and Rudy Giuliani?

Brad Parscale decided to release this clip in his tweet where he calls out the COUP.

Don Jr. also shined a light on it as well.

From the article linked above:

You can’t make this…up.

Mark S. Zaid, the attorney for the whistleblower who reported the ‘Ukraine call’ is not a fan of President Trump.

Since January 2017, Zaid wrote that a “coup has started” and that “impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Then, in July 2017, Zaid remarked, “I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president.” Also that month, Zaid tweeted, “We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters.”

Amid a slew of impeachment-related posts, Zaid assured his Twitter followers that “as one falls, two more will take their place,” apparently referring to Trump administration employees who defy the White House.

“The whistleblower’s lawyer gave away the game,” the Trump campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh. told Fox News. “It was always the Democrats’ plan to stage a coup and impeach President Trump and all they ever needed was the right scheme. They whiffed on Mueller so now they’ve settled on the perfectly fine Ukraine phone call. This proves this was orchestrated from the beginning.”

The Judicial Armada added two more District Judges and one more Circuit Judge yesterday.

Cocaine Mitch filed cloture on another 2nd Circuit Judge yesterday!

Look what we still got left for the remainder of our President’s first term.

  • US Court of Appeals – 2
  • US District Courts (includes territorial courts*) – 86
  • US Court of International Trade – 2
  • US Court of Federal Claims – 8
  • TOTAL – 98
  • Of the 98 vacancies, 44 nominees are pending confirmation at this point (that includes Steven J. Menashi for the 2nd Circuit)

The Leftists are like a rabid animal. There is absolutely no rehabilitating them!

Our FLOTUS is an angel sent to us from God!

From the article linked above:

First lady Melania Trump was greeted by protesters during her visit to Boston Medical Center where she praised the hospital’s “care and compassion” for babies born addicted to opiates and mothers struggling to kick the habit.

She sat in on a roundtable where BMC doctors and staff told of a unique program where moms and volunteers cuddle newborns to help ease their pain of withdrawal.

She learned how some children born exposed to opiates in the womb turn to drugs themselves as young as 6 years old and overdoses are now the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths.

“As you may know, this is an issue I am very focused on,” the first lady said. “I hope today’s visit helps shine a light on programs like yours.

“It is so important to acknowledge and show gratitude for what you are doing to help,” Trump added. She later thanked BMC for “welcoming” her.

As I said in a post yesterday, I don’t know what to think about Jeff Sessions entering the Senate race in Alabama. Jeff Sessions made it official during an interview with Tucker Carlson last night.

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  1. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, on Silence in the Face of Evil

    “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future.

    When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1918-2008

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  2. Stop what you’re doing

    Buy this book

    Make the time to read it

    It’s so fucking important
    ( my apologies for all the expletives but my God)

    Just finished the first half of Gander

    Holy Shit…..

    The level of incompetence that took place is beyond comprehension

    The thing that sticks out to me the most is that with so many soldiers dying they just wrote it off as an accident and never reassembled the plane!

    They never reassembled the fucking plane!

    That’s right the NTSB never reassembled the fucking plane!

    I just can’t get past this point


    Michael J Morrison @WarriorPoet
    I believe they knew exactly who did it and why and just wanted to hide their head under the rug and hope it all went away

    Well it didn’t


    Michael J Morrison @WarriorPoet
    I don’t know really I’m just a meathead sitting on the sidelines

    But this whole thing smacks of way more than incompetence to me.

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      1. A loo ok back at the botched investigations conducted byCanadian and US authorities into the Arrow Air disaster of December 12th, 1985,in which 248 soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division and 8civilian crewmembers died; followed by an analysis of the terrorist group that claimed responsibilityand the rise of Islamic National Socialism with the complicity of Westernsocial democracies, with serious consequences for US national security that continue to haunt us.

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      2. OK – found my answer.

        “Four members of the CASB dissented, issuing a minority opinion asserting that there was no evidence presented proving that ice had been present on leading edges such as the wings, and the minority report speculated that:[3]

        “An in-flight fire that may have resulted from detonations of undetermined origin brought about catastrophic system failures.”

        The one piece of evidence that could have shown which one is correct was the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). However, this device was defective and failed to record anything. Also, the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) was an older model that only recorded 4 parameters. It was scheduled to be replaced a few weeks later.”

        “Willard Estey, a former Supreme Court of Canada judge, submitted a review of the CASB report in 1989, ruling that the available evidence did not support either conclusion.[8] As a result the Canadian public’s confidence in the CASB was undermined. The federal government responded by creating the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.[9]”

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  3. Now this sucks

    The daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood official who advocated Palestinian “jihad” & hired the al-Qaida imam who ministered to the 9/11 hijackers at radical Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center has been elected by Democrats to the Fairfax County School Board in Northern Virginia

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  4. Polonium Latte @BarleyMalt

    The guest is clearly in on NPR’s narrative. He continues, “we’re also seeing from the president himself, President Lopez Obrador, a more hostile rhetoric against the press not unlike what we’re seeing in the United States with Donald Trump labeling the critical journalists, labeling it as fake news, labeling the stories that are critical of the government or dare expose some kind of government corruption – labeling them as fake news.”

    Isn’t that ridiculous.


    MistyNan boosted
    Polonium Latte @BarleyMalt

    With all that in mind, check out how NPR set up this story on joutnalist killings.

    NPR starts out saying 11 journalists “have died”. (No, they were murdered)

    Then the guest says it’s NOT THE CARTELS doing most of the killing, it’s the gov’t. (That’s because the Mexican gov’t is riddled with cartel members. This never comes up in the interview)


    MistyNan boosted
    Polonium Latte @BarleyMalt

    Mexican drug cartels just killed 9 members of the LeBaron family, including infant children. They burned some of them to death in their cars.
    The cartel members believe indifference to suffering and death is worthy of respect so they try to outdo one another in brutality.
    The cartels have so infiltrated Mexican gov’t and security forces that El Chapo kept getting sprung from jail and his son was “under arrest” for all of an afternoon recently. Mexico is nearly a narco-state.


    MistyNan boosted
    Polonium Latte @BarleyMalt

    Eleven journalists were murdered in Mexico as of August 31, 2019, including 3 in the last week of July.


    MistyNan boosted
    Polonium Latte @BarleyMalt

    In the 6 months from September 2017 to April 2018 there were 82 murders of political candidates in Mexico.

    Throw this in a Communist Democrat’s face the next time they talk about open borders and the value of diversity.

    We don’t need another “authentic” taco stand that bad.

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  5. Rabidly Anti-Gun, Nanny State Aficionado: Will Bloomberg Enter the Presidential Race?

    November 8, 2019
    by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper

    In a last-ditch effort to save the Democratic party in the next election, former New York City Michael Bloomberg “is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary.” (source)

    It’s important to note that I’m not a fan of politicians in general, so rest assured, if you are a Democrat and you love these candidates, I’m sure it won’t be long until I’ll insult some Republicans, too. For some reason, we seem to choose the worst people in America to run for office and then insist people choose “the lesser of two evils.” But that is a rant for another day.

    The Democrats have offered some lackluster candidates while getting ready to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election. Let’s do a quick run-through of the front-joggers – because, let’s be honest, there are no front-runners. Remember, this is a quick rundown. I’m writing an article here, not a novel.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. “Then the guest says it’s NOT THE CARTELS doing most of the killing, it’s the gov’t. (That’s because the Mexican gov’t is riddled with cartel members. This never comes up in the interview)”

      And THAT is why I say HELL NO to our troops setting foot in Mexico!!!

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      1. Agree – our fight is at the border – not inside another country – we have been everywhere in the world – protecting others – it is high time we protected ourselves – we have no business sending out soldiers inside of Mexico – it is their problem – always has been – they allowed the criminals to have free reign.

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    November 8, 2019
    by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan

    Mainstream media has become nothing more than government propaganda outlets, as evidenced by NBC‘s obvious promotion of microchipping. The media outlet is hailing the benefits of getting implanted with a microchip, negating the need for your wallet.

    NBC‘s segment on microchipping began by pointing out that people who have taken the chip do not need to carry keys, ID, credit cards or money. It points out that embedding microchips in humans have long been a feature of dystopian fiction like Black Mirror, but that in Sweden “the microchips are already here.”

    The piece also celebrates how the same contactless technology has “made cash pretty much obsolete in Sweden.” But it also opens the door wide for tyranny, tracking, mass surveillance, and ultimate government control. Your life could be ruined in an instant for the “crime” of not wanting to be a government slave and no one seems to be pointing this out.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  7. Must See!… Mark Levin UNLOADS on the Schiff Sham: “We Need the Whistleblower to Testify, We need Schiff to Testify because the Whole House of Cards Will Collapse” (VIDEO)

    November 8, 2019
    by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit

    Mark Levin UNLOADED on the latest Democrat impeachment attempt tonight on Hannity.

    The best selling author, radio and TV host unloaded on the whistleblower Eric Ciaramella and the fake news reports on his anonymity.

    Mark Levin: I want to explain to the American people, in a way that that even Joe Scarborough can understand what the law is here because you’re hearing a lot of lies from Schiff, the Democrats and these phony legal analysts… The whistleblower statute DOES NOT apply to the president of the United States. Does not apply with conversations the president of the United States with leaders of other countries. And it does not apply to foreign policy. So the whistleblower statute does not apply to the president or this phone call. Number one. I hope Richard Burr is listening the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee which is really not a very intelligent committee. Number two, the so-called whistleblower does not have statutory protections. He doesn’t meet the statutory elements… Number three the law does not guarantee anonymity to a whistleblower. Only the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community is to keep it confidential with certain exceptions. The President can release the name, Congress can, the media’s not bound. Interestingly enough, the intelligence community did release his name. Adam Schiff did release his name by accident last night… How can you impeach a president, a process that was triggered by this guy who is a political hack? Without the House, the Senate, the president, scrutinizing his motives, his credibility and his veracity… Adam Schiff, like a good mobster, decided that you can’t call this guy as a witness, you can’t call me as a witness because I won’t give you approval. So the head mobster decides, “I’m in charge of who the witnesses can be.” So it’s a grand cover-up… The law is on the president’s side. The facts is on the president’s side… We do need the whistleblower to testify, Shiff to testify because the whole house of cards will collapse because the American people will see what? That this was an outrageous unconscionable attack by them on the president!

    [Excerpt] View Video below…

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    1. Incredibly sad that islam has managed to grow into the menace that it truly is and revolting that the lie that it’s ideology is one of peace and love has been amplified louder and louder that so many believe it.

      It’s a murderous cult.

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      1. And like all cults calls it’s followers the chosen ones and promises that they are special in gods eyes. It’s special distinction is that whilst micromanaging the adherents behaviour to other adherents is that it allows every depravity to be visited upon non believers thus appealing to every secret desire in men and women’s hearts.yes women too, because if she follows the rules she can lord it over the her husbands sex slaves.

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        1. Yup…amazing how entertaining abusing/maiming/killing or condoning any of that is to people who have seen it from the cradle as normal.
          Too, there are many that will point to neighbors or family that are everyday muslim people but I guarantee that if those same people were slowly surrounded by stricter more extreme fellow believers they would go along with whatever atrocity because they KNOW there is no tolerance for disagreement on any subject and if they don’t adhere….punishment will be severe

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